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Kevin reached for the keycard when his mother handed it to him, and fought the urge to grin.

Her guilt trip had been working. After a month of insisting that he had to go on one last family vacation, because he would be going off to college and they were never going to see him, he was ready to cave. If she’d waited until he got home that evening instead of calling his cell with the offer to give him his own room, he’d be bunking up with his younger brothers.

“Meet us in the hall as soon as you drop off your suitcase,” his mother instructed as she grabbed the handle of her bag. “This is the last time I’ll have all my babies together, and I’m not missing a minute of it.”

“Okay, Mom,” Kevin responded, managing to avoid rolling his eyes until she’d turned her back to head toward the elevator.

The several days allotted to Disneyworld probably weren’t going to be all that bad. Going to the beach was a completely different story, but he figured that he’d get through it.

A group of girls exited the elevator as he approached. They were all dressed in clothes that showed off plenty of leg, midriff, and cleavage — every inch perfectly tanned. His mother made a disapproving sound after they’d passed.

Glancing back over his shoulder at four hot butts in tight shorts, Kevin had to heartily disagree.


Lying in bed that night, Kevin groaned and covered his eyes with the crook of his arm. The trip to the beach had been absolutely torturous.

There, a woman lying on her stomach with her top untied, the bare sides of her breasts impossible to ignore. A few feet away, another girl soaked up the sun, her pussy lips outlined in her skimpy bikini bottom. Out in the water, girls in soaked bikinis with hard nipples poking at the cloth were everywhere.

All the while, he was saddled with his parents and brothers.

Should have jerked off in the shower, he thought as he lay frustrated and half hard on the bed, unable to sleep. He briefly considered the box of tissues on the nightstand next to the bed, but it was just too weird.

Giving up, he turned on the light and flipped back the covers to swing his legs out of the bed. The clock turned over to one in the morning as he glanced at it. He muttered, “Fuck,” knowing that his mother would rouse him early for day one at the Magic Kingdom.

When he grabbed a bottle of water out of the mini fridge, it sparked a memory. One of the machines in the concession area had some over-the-counter medicine packets in it.

Maybe there’s some sleeping pills, he thought with some hope, and picked up his clothes from where he’d tossed them on the floor. Out in the hall, he turned the corner toward the machines and slowed.

“Damn,” he muttered under his breath.

Her dark blonde hair was shot through with lighter highlights, not quite reaching her shoulders. She was short, perhaps tall enough to come up to his chest, and curvy in all the right places. It was the way she walked that hypnotized him, though.

There was just something about the way she held her hands, swinging easily at her sides, and the subtle sway of her hips that screamed sexy. For some reason, he thought that it looked natural, as though that was just the way her body moved, instead of a practiced strut designed to attract attention.

He followed, thinking, This isn’t fucking helping, but unable to take his eyes off her. She turned into the same glass-enclosed room that was his destination, the motion of reaching into her pocket just as seductive as her walk. He got a look at her face, which was just as good looking as the rest of her, and guessed that she was probably in her thirties.

Got MILF? He silently quipped, hoping to drown the arousal in humor a bit.

It didn’t really help.

Neither did walking in just as she bent to retrieve her bottle of water from the soda machine. Her butt looked incredible, and her legs were smooth — shapely — somehow looking far longer than her height would account for. Walking past to the machine with the medicine, he stole a glance at her as she stood. She was wearing a white top, her bra peeking out from behind the straps holding it up. She had large breasts, the globes stretching her top and providing an eye-catching display of cleavage. He tore his eyes away rather reluctantly to pull out his wallet.

“Hello,” she said pleasantly as she opened her water and he fed a bill into the machine. Her voice was deep and sultry, almost giving him shivers.

He responded, “Hey,” and nodded, doing his best to look casual while punching in the numbers for the little packet of sleeping pills.

“Can’t sleep, huh?”

“Yeah, and I have to be up early in the morning.” He bent down and retrieved his pills.

“Know how that goes. Well, good luck.”


She turned after a finger-waggling wave and started back down the hall, that same unbelievably sexy walk making his cock throb.

The sleeping pills never got opened, but the tissue box was a little lighter when he drifted off to sleep.


The line inched forward.

Thankfully, the day wasn’t overly hot, so the long waits in line to get on the rides wasn’t too unbearable. Knowing that his parents couldn’t see him any longer, Kevin flipped the bird to his younger brothers, who had run ahead to get a place quite a bit ahead of him in line. They returned the salute, and then moved forward again.

As luck would have it, somewhere between him and his brothers, the train for Thunder Mountain filled up, which was perfectly fine with Kevin. It meant that he had a few minutes worth of escape from the family.

“Well, hello again.”

Kevin recognized the voice and turned around to see the woman from the night before, back a few people behind him in line. “Hey,” he greeted her, thinking that she looked even hotter out in the sunlight.

“I thought that I recognized you, but I wasn’t sure until you turned just now.” She tapped the man standing in front of her and asked, “Do you mind if I sneak up there?”

He shrugged and let her past, as did the other couple of people between them. When she was standing next to him, she asked, “Get some sleep?”

Kevin prayed he wasn’t blushing as he thought about what had put him to sleep — masturbating with fantasies about her dancing through his head. “Yeah.”

She cast her eyes downward for a moment and brought her fingers to the bridge of her nose. “I just realized that we don’t even know each other’s names.” She laid a hand on her chest, just above the cleavage that was drawing his eyes like a magnet. “Felicia.”

“Kevin,” he responded, and then moved forward when she nodded to indicate that the line was moving.

“I’ve always loved that name. So, where are you from?”


Her mouth dropped open and she made a surprised little sound. “Me too. Well, close enough. I’m about fifteen minutes from U.I.C.”

Kevin chuckled. “I’m going there in the fall.”

“Well, what a small world.”

Letting out a groan, Kevin said, “Don’t remind me. I still can’t get that song out of my head.”

Felicia laughed, the sound deep and rich — inherently sexy. “I wasn’t even thinking about that. Were those friends of yours?”

“My brothers,” he reluctantly admitted.

“Ah, family vacation, huh? Well, if it makes you feel any better, I’m here by myself. How depressing is that?”

Kevin smiled and chuckled while part of his brain piped up, No husband or boyfriend.

“Did you go to the Taste this year?”

That started a chat that lasted through the rest of the line about the Taste of Chicago and the lack of fireworks that year. Kevin couldn’t help but smile when she got into the two seat ‘train car’ with him when their turn to board arrived.

The ride lurched as it went into motion.

“Here we go,” she said with a wide smile, flipping her hair in a gesture that he thought just might be flirtatious.

Felicia screamed and laughed through the relatively sedate roller coaster ride, the sound so infectious that he ended up joining her. The way her breasts bounced and jiggled with the rattling motion of the ride was mesmerizing, and it was all Kevin could do not to stare at them. When the train rounded a sharp corner, immediately followed by a jolting dip, she cried out and slapped her hand onto his thigh, the momentum throwing her against him and pressing her breasts against his arm.

Kevin thought he was going to bust straight out of his shorts.

The train came to a stop long before he was ready for that ride to end. She climbed out, and he nearly went into a panic as he scooted on the seat toward the platform, because he was still rock hard. Not having any choice, he climbed off the car and walked beside her toward the exit. Thankfully, she didn’t seem to take notice of his embarrassing problem.

“That was fun,” she effervesced. “It’s been years since I did anything like this.”

“Yeah, it was pretty cool.” Kevin’s cell vibrated in his pocket, and he pulled it out to see a text from his mother.

“The family, huh?”

He nodded. “They’re waiting over at this restaurant.”

“Well, maybe we’ll see each other again. Try to have fun.”

“You too,” he responded, and then returned her wave before watching her walk away, just as entranced by the way she moved as the night before.

He only snapped back into reality when she vanished into the crowd.

“I really need to get laid,” he mumbled under his breath as he went to meet his family.


Though he kept his eyes open all day long, Kevin never caught sight of Felicia again in the park. He struck up a conversation or two with other women while standing in lines, but his mother was always nearby, turning to narrow her eyes any time the topic turned to something interesting.

In the end, he was once again restless and frustrated in his room — the clock creeping toward midnight. Finding nothing on television that he wanted to watch — save for a pay-per-view movie that he didn’t dare rent because it would show up on the room charge — Kevin clicked the off button and tossed away the remote.

He’d finished the last of the soda and water in the fridge a bit earlier, and decided to head down to the machine for more. As he picked up his keycard and wallet, he daydreamed about running into Felicia at the machine again, which put a spring in his step. There was just something about the thought of getting in an older woman’s pants that turned him on.

He didn’t even manage to put more than one foot outside his door before he saw two girls walking down the hall. They were both dressed in tight lycra workout clothes with small towels slung over their shoulders. One of the blondes turned around when she heard his door open, and smiled. A second later, she whispered something to her friend, who also glanced back, and then they both giggled.

There certainly wasn’t anything wrong with girls his own age.

Kevin went back into his room and changed into a muscle shirt, his plans changed. He still stopped for a bottle of water, but his real destination was the fitness center. He hit the elevator, running possible ways to break the ice with the two girls through his head, and psyched himself up.

The elevator doors opened and Kevin turned toward the gym, only to see the two girls walking back his way, wearing scowls. They pointedly ignored him as they passed and walked into the open elevator.

What the fuck? He thought in defeated frustration. The fates seemed to be conspiring to throw hot women at him, and then snatch them away in some sort of cruel cosmic joke. Resigning himself to the tissue box again, he turned around and pushed the button to call back the elevator.

A familiar voice drew him up short as he stepped into the elevator again.

“Kevin, wait.”

Felicia walked toward him, her pace quick and her expression troubled. She was dressed much the same as the two girls who had drawn him up here, her lush curves bound in lycra, and her hair tied up in a little tail that bounced from her gait.

The elevator door started to close on him, and he slapped a hand against it to make it retreat. As soon as she was close, Felicia asked in an anxious whisper, “Are they following me?”

Kevin saw two men emerge from the fitness center as he moved to let Felicia in the elevator. “There’s two guys coming out.”

“Oh god. Close the door before they get here.”

A quick press of the button set the doors in motion, and Kevin just saw one of the men step in front of the door before it completely closed. Felicia breathed a great sigh of relief and hugged her arms around her. “Thanks.”

“You okay?”

She shrugged, her expression still clouded. “They were hitting on me, and really starting to creep me out. You don’t know how good it was to see a friendly face.”

Kevin paused, carefully considering what popped into his head. Affecting a bit of an angry tone and a scowl, he asked, “You want me to walk you to your room?”

“Could you? I just…” She shivered.

“No problem. Maybe you should call the desk about those two.”

“Maybe. Right now, I just want to get away from them.”

The elevator doors opened, and Kevin stepped out right behind her. “Which way is it?”

Felicia looked up at the lights above the second elevator and said, “Oh no.” She then snapped her gaze to Kevin and asked, “Could we go to your room instead? I’m really worried about those creeps knowing which room I’m in.”

The numbers above indicated that the elevator was only a few floors below. “Yeah. Sure,” Kevin responded, nodding toward his room.

His heart nearly skipped a beat when Felicia slipped her arm into his and urged him along. A look back when the elevator doors opened proved that her fears were at least somewhat founded. The two men stepped out of the elevator.

Kevin ran his card through the reader — keenly aware of Felicia on his arm — and opened the door to let her in first. He scowled toward the two men milling around by the elevator, but one good look at their bulging muscles made him think twice about going any farther than that.

“You’re a lifesaver,” Felicia said as he shut the door, her worried expression finally fading away. She then looked around. “I thought you were with your family?”

“Got my own room. They’re down the hall a ways. You can call and complain about those jerks if you want.”

“I hate to do things like that. I could have just been imagining things, anyway.” She rolled her eyes. “Wishful thinking.”

Now that the sudden flurry of activity was over, Kevin noticed that beads of sweat dampened her brow. Her skin was flushed, and he assumed that she’d actually got in a bit of a workout before the two men had interrupted her. Her nipples — which were quite large — poked provocatively at the stretchy material of her top.

Wishful thinking, indeed.

Before he got caught staring, he asked, “Do you want to sit down?” Remembering the bottle of water he still carried, he held it out to her as an afterthought.

“Thank you.” She sat down on the bed, rather than the chair where he would have expected, and unscrewed the top from the bottle. After a couple of swallows, she sighed. “Oh that’s good.”

The sound of her voice made the words seem to mean something far different, and chills ran up Kevin’s spine. Another cold tingle accompanied blood rushing between his legs.

Felicia waved her hand toward the door. “The thought of having to go back out there makes my stomach go sour. I’m going to be seeing those two around every corner for the rest of the week.”

“They didn’t really head this way. Maybe they saw us together and got the wrong idea. Could have chased them off.”

She grinned a bit sheepishly. “That’s why I grabbed your arm. Hope I didn’t startle you.”

Kevin shook his head. “Nah — it’s cool.”

Felicia wiped her brow and made a disgusted sound. “I need to get out of these clothes and have a shower.”

I’d love to help. “I could go make sure that they aren’t around, and then walk you down to your room.”

Her lips pursing, Felicia seemed to consider it. “I’m still a little afraid to go back out there.” Her eyes brightened and she asked, “Think you might do me one more favor?”

Kevin shrugged and smiled. “Yeah.”

“Could you take my key and get the clothes laid out on the bed? I could take a quick shower here, if that’s okay? Maybe my nerves will have settled enough to make a run for it by then.”

The fight to keep the surprise and excitement out of his voice when he answered made him pause for a moment. “Yeah, I can do that.”

Felicia unzipped a small pouch and moved an MP3 player out of the way to retrieve her key card, which she then held out. “Thanks so much. I’m in five-fourteen.”

Kevin took the card, already daydreaming about her in the shower — his shower. “Back in a minute or two.”

The halls were empty and quiet as Kevin kept his eye on the room numbers steadily descending. He swiped the card when he reached her room and entered, feeling for all the world as if he was sneaking into the girls’ locker room.

Her clothes were laid out on the bed as she’d told him, but it was another outfit that drew his eye first. He recognized the shorts and top that she’d worn to the park that day, along with two articles that he hadn’t been able to see. The bra was hanging over the arm of a chair, while her panties lay rumpled on the seat.

Curious, he leaned in close to the bra to look at the tag. He let out a little grunt of surprise upon seeing that the size said C-cup, thinking that they looked bigger than that.

Too bad they’re not laying on the floor next to my bed, he thought as he straightened. A pale pink pair of panties lay atop the neatly folded pile on the bed. He couldn’t resist running his fingers over the satiny crotch of the panties, and the sensation pushed him over the edge from half-hard to throbbing. Beneath them was what appeared to be a pair of men’s boxer shorts and a t-shirt with a much faded picture of a teddy bear on it.

Kevin folded the bundle over in half with the boxers on the outside, tucked it under his elbow, and headed back toward the door. He softened his steps while passing his parent’s room and his brothers’. Though there was no reason to believe that any of them were up, he wasn’t taking chances.

The sound of the shower running greeted him as soon as he opened his door. His eyes widened and he immediately looked over to see Felicia’s workout clothes lying on the bathroom floor.


“Yeah, it’s me. Found them,” he answered, quickly closing the door behind him.

Felicia peeked out from behind the curtain, her hair wet and dripping. “I couldn’t wait. Just lay them on the sink.”

He sat the bundle down as she’d indicated, and backed out of the room again, reluctantly pulling his eyes away from her.



She chuckled. “Close the door.”

He laughed nervously. “Oh yeah. Sorry.”

Felicia slipped back behind the curtain as he pulled the door closed.

“Oh my fucking god,” he muttered under his breath, adjusting his throbbing erection as he walked away from the bathroom. As if she wasn’t sexy enough, now she was naked and dripping, only a few feet away.

Gotta chill. She’s already freaking from those guys. White Knight. Play it smooth.

He flipped on the television in hopes of a distraction, plopping down on the foot of the bed, but there was even less on now than before. Half of the channels were switching over to infomercials. It did pull him away from things just enough to soften his raging hardon and keep him from noticing the sound of the shower shutting off.

Thus, he turned with a little start of surprise when she emerged from the bathroom. All the work of turning his mind away from her vanished in an instant. Her hair was damp and her nipples stood out against the material of the t-shirt, which was stretched between her breasts in eye-catching wrinkles.

Those can’t be Cs, he thought as his cock reversed course once again.

“Oh, I feel so much better,” Felicia remarked as she walked over to drop her workout clothes on a chair.

She bent to pick up her shoes, and Kevin couldn’t keep his eyes off her butt. Even though it was shrouded in the pleats and folds of the boxers she wore, it still looked great — as did her bare, gorgeous legs.

Felicia sat down near the head of the bed and let out a little groan. “I left my hair band in the bathroom. Could you get it for me?”

Kevin hesitated for a second, keenly aware of his hardening cock.

Paused in the act of lifting one sexy leg to put on her sock, she said, “It’s okay. I can get it.”

“No, I got it,” he quickly countered, doing his best to keep his hips angled to hide the growing bulge in his shorts as he popped off the bed and headed for the bathroom.

By the time he returned with the hair band, Felicia had already pulled on her socks and bent to tie one of her shoes.

“Here you go,” Kevin said, holding out the band while keeping his hips turned away from her still.

“Thanks,” she said as she finished tying the bow. Her head moved forward just enough as she straightened to bump his outstretched hand. Kevin instinctively slid his foot backwards and withdrew his hand.

“Oops,” she laughed, and then reached out for the hair band. “I can be…” Her eyebrows shot up as she trailed off and then muttered, “Oh.”

There wasn’t the slightest ambiguity about what she was looking at, or what had brought her up short. Her eyes were locked on his tented shorts.

Kevin quickly walked to the foot of the bed. “So, do you want to head back to your room now?” He glanced back at her to see a little flush in her cheeks and just the faintest hint of a smile, which encouraged him to keep facing the wall.

“It’s okay — really,” she said as she tied her other shoe. “I mean, at your age, it probably happens every time the wind blows, huh?”

Kevin couldn’t manage more than a slight croaking sound, having no idea how to respond to that.

“Oh god, now I’m embarrassing you. I’m sorry.” Felicia stood and picked her clothing up from the chair. “An old lady talking about your…” She gestured toward his hips. “Well…”

Completely off balance, Kevin said the first thing that popped in his head. “You’re not that old.”

“Please,” she argued, the word full of self-effacing sarcasm. “It’s nice of you to try to make me feel better, though. I think I’d better get out of here before I embarrass myself any more.”

“I’ll walk you down there,” Kevin offered and turned toward the door.

“Oh, you don’t have to do that,” Felicia said while reaching out to lay her hand on his arm.

“No, it’s cool,” he said as he looked back at her. His eyes were drawn with almost magnetic intensity to her nipples, which were pointing at him as if in accusation. He snapped his gaze away — just a little too quickly — and saw a flash of curiosity in her eyes.

“That isn’t for me, is it?” When he winced slightly, she continued, “It is. Oh, now I feel even worse. I’m walking around here half naked, getting you all worked up.”

Kevin shifted nervously from foot to foot, but when his eyes met hers for a second, something smoldering there caught him and held him.

“Now you’re all hard and horny, and I’m just going to leave you like that. You must think I’m such a bitch.”

Kevin shook his head, unable to even manage the word no.

“I’m just going to feel terrible about myself — and after you’ve been so nice to me.” She took a step closer, a crooked grin turning up the corners of her mouth. “Is there any way I can make it up to you?”

No fucking way, Kevin thought, but she didn’t give him a chance to actually answer.

Felicia’s fingers curled around his cock through his shorts and she let out a short, high-pitched moan. “You are hard. Is that all for me?”

Kevin groaned and answered, “Yeah.”

Her moan this time was deep and long as she squeezed, making him throb in her grasp. “I have a little confession to make. Those guys didn’t really worry me that much, and I knew you had your own room.” She released him just long enough to tug down the front of his shorts and wrap her fingers around his naked cock. “Can you forgive me?”

“Maybe,” Kevin played along, tugging upward on the tail of her t-shirt.

Taking the hint, Felicia pulled off her shirt, freeing her breasts. She let the cloth drop negligently behind her and folded her arms atop her head, prominently displaying the large globes, each capped by a light brown oval and the largest nipples he’d ever seen.

“How about now?”

“A little closer.”

“Then I’ll just have to try harder.” As she spoke, she sat down on the bed, grabbing the waistband of his shorts at the same time to pull him toward her. As soon as he was close enough, she tugged down his shorts and the boxers beneath in one smooth pull.

Kevin made a half-conscious attempt to push his shorts down the rest of the way while she stroked an incredibly soft hand up and down his twitching shaft. Felicia looked up into his eyes, biting her lower lip as she grinned, her other hand slithering beneath his shirt.

He took the hint, just as she had, and pulled off his shirt. Felicia purred, stroking him a little faster as she let her fingertips glide over his abdomen. “Oh, you’re gorgeous,” she said in a breathless whisper as she leaned in to kiss his stomach.

She traced kisses all over his chest and abdomen, pausing for a few moments to suck on his nipple, all the while pumping her hand over his turgid manhood. Kevin managed to drop his shorts to the floor and step out of them, still pretty much in disbelief. Felicia leaned back as he stepped on the heels of his shoes and switched hands. Her breasts jiggled from the motion, and he couldn’t resist reaching down to squeeze them.

“Mmm. You like my tits?” She switched from stroking him to teasing the head of his cock with her fingertips.

“Fuck yeah,” he answered as he pinched both nipples at the same time.

“Ah!” Felicia whimpered from the shock, and then threw her head back as he caressed her breasts, teasing the tips every so often. When she looked back up, her lips were slightly parted, and she licked them with the tip of her tongue. She reached up with her free hand, and he leaned down to kiss her.

Kevin was a little surprised by the hunger in her kiss. Her fingers twined tightly into his hair, and her tongue explored his mouth. The hand wrapped around his cock squeezed tight, making him throb powerfully. It was like nothing he’d ever experience before — primal and needy. When their lips parted, she gasped and pushed him back slightly. A translucent drop of pre-cum had welled up from his swollen purple tip as she squeezed him, and she leaned down to scoop it up with her tongue in a sudden movement.

Kevin shuddered and grunted as her hot tongue brushed the head of his cock. His left hand found its way to the back of her head. Felicia moaned, her tongue darting out to flick under the rim of his cock helmet. Once, twice, three times the torturous little touches made him twitch, and then her soft lips engulfed him.

“Fuck,” Kevin grunted as she sucked on the head, swirling her tongue over it. She pulled back in almost a kiss after a few seconds, looked up into his eyes, and took him deeper.

Felicia moaned around him as she sucked up and down his shaft, her hand still pumping at the base. First, her lips slid slowly over a couple of inches below the head, and then she switched to a fast bob of her head that made his fingers tighten in her hair. The next suck went even farther, all the way down to her now stationary hand.

Kevin breathed hard, his gaze rapt upon her worshiping his cock — when he could keep his eyes open. He never once felt even the slightest scrape of her teeth, and her tongue was doing things he couldn’t even begin to describe. No girl had ever sucked him like this, and he felt the itch of impending climax starting to build.

But she wasn’t done.

The hand curled around the root of his cock moved to his balls, cupping them, and then she did the most amazing thing he’d ever seen in his life. Felicia swallowed his cock, a little croaking sound escaping her as her nose nestled in his pubic hairs.

“Holy fuck,” Kevin cried out as she opened her mouth wide and snapped her head back, trailing thick strands of saliva from her lips to his cock.

She sucked in a quick breath, swallowed, and then looked up to him to ask, “Like that?”

“Hell yeah,” he responded, his voice deep as he tugged on the back of her head.

“Anybody ever done that before?”

“No way. That was…” He couldn’t find the words.

She smiled up at him and wiggled her tongue over the head of his cock. “Better than all the girls you’ve been playing with?”

“Way better. Damn, you know how to suck dick.”

“I love it. It turns me on.” With that, she engulfed him in her hot mouth again.

Kevin was panting for breath only a few seconds later. She sucked him hard and fast, only to take him in her throat again after a few sucks. Over and over, she would bring him close to the edge, and then pause to lap him with broad strokes of her tongue or swallow his cock.

“Getting close?” Felicia asked in tones that suggested she already knew the answer, in between swipes of her tongue over his balls.

“Uh huh.”

“Do it.”

When she took him in again, Felicia’s lips slid over about half his length with surprising speed. It wasn’t long before the tiny itch in the tip of Kevin’s cock spread throughout the stiff organ. Feeling him swell in her mouth, Felicia moaned, “Mmm hmm. Mmm hmm,” the sound rising in pitch as it hummed around his cock.

Kevin’s fingers fisted into her hair and he let out a growling roar. His hips twitched forward even as he pulled her toward him, but a restraining hand on his hip and a stiffening of her muscles kept him from pushing his cock into her throat.

He came so hard that the sensation was almost like peeing, the slit tingling as cum erupted from him in a long, hard blast. Spurt after spurt, he filled her greedy mouth with cream. She coughed once, but otherwise continued to suck for every drop he had to offer. The sensation was so strong that he tried to pull away, but her nails suddenly dug into his butt, keeping him from escaping.

By the time she let him go, his knees were trembling beneath him so badly that they bent and thumped into the mattress. Felicia lay back, and he fell onto his hands over her.

Still panting for breath and letting out pained-sounding grunts, he couldn’t help but smile at her licking her lips as she stroked her hand over his back.

“Oh my. You must have been saving that for a while,” Felicia said, and then chuckled.

Kevin mumbled, “Didn’t… Didn’t think I was going to stop. Holy shit.”

She brought a dribble that had escaped her when she coughed to her lips with a quiet, satisfied moan. “So, do you forgive me?”

“Uh huh,” he replied, his cheeks growing warm when the words jumped in pitch as he tried to push them out through his tight throat. His arms were starting to feel as weak as his legs, so he rolled off to the side with a groan.

Felicia shifted on the bed, and with a little tugging, managed to maneuver him until they were lying side by side on the pillow. She kicked off her shoes, but left on her ankle socks. Even in his post-orgasmic lethargy, he couldn’t resist reaching out for her breast.

“I like having them sucked. Love it, actually,” she suggestively hinted.

“Oh yeah?”

“Mmm hmm. It makes me so wet.” Then she lifted her breast toward her lips and licked the stiff nipple.

“That’s so fucking hot.”

Affecting a pout, Felicia said, “It’s not the same, though.”

Though he was still a little weak, that was enough to push him into motion. Kevin rolled onto his side, cradled her right breast in his hand, and sucked her nipple hard.

“Ah! Oh — gently.”

Relaxing his lips, Kevin suckled the stiff bud, and indulged an impulse to swirl the tip of his tongue over it as well.

Her back arching, Felicia moaned. “Oh yes; I like that.”

Encouraged by her reaction, Kevin continued to experiment. He traced the dark oval of her areola with his tongue, enjoying the bumpy texture. Then he curled his tongue around her nipple and heard her breaths deepen.

“Don’t make the other jealous.”

Kevin leaned over her chest and gave the twin bud capping her other breast a fast, broad stroke of his tongue. Remembering something that she had done, he blew out a puff of air at the moistened point, and Felicia rewarded him with a shiver.

Always before, this particular activity had been nothing more than a brief bit of foreplay before going down on a girl. The way Felicia writhed and moaned from his ministrations encouraged Kevin to continue lavishing attention upon her breasts. He licked, sucked, and kissed, alternating between the globes whenever the whim struck him.

“Harder now,” Felicia moaned after a while, one of her hands moving to the back of his head.

Kevin complied, though still not matching the intensity of his first suck.

“Harder,” she said again, louder this time.

A sharp, high-pitched groan accompanied him latching onto her nipple with feverous desire. He pressed his tongue hard against it as he sucked, making her writhe even more. The sounds emerging from her lips brought a twitch of life to his soft cock.

“More. Oh yes. Harder,” Felicia pleaded as he sucked first one nipple, and then the other.

Caught up in her sexual energy, Kevin opened his mouth wider, sucking not only the nipple, but also the dark circle around it between his lips.

Her cry warbled as she stiffened beneath him, “Ohh god yes!”

Still sucking hard as he rode her bucking body, Kevin slid a hand down her stomach and beneath the boxers she still wore. Once again, he slipped his fingers over the crotch of her panties. Then, they were cold from lying on the bed in the air-conditioning. Now they were warm — even hot. A little pressure pushed the satiny material into the cleft of her nether lips.

Her intimate muscles twitched, pinching his finger even with the obstructing cloth in the way. Felicia wormed her arms beneath him to tug her boxer shorts down to her thighs. Kevin flattened his finger along the parting of her lips, pressing even harder to feel the heat increase, and just a hint of dampness.

“Please. I need it. I’m so hot.”

Giving a growl, Kevin wiggled his head back and forth, her nipple still clamped between his lips. He let it pop free and sat up, grinning as Felicia forced a hand beneath her panties. She whimpered; trembling as her fingers touched her need.

Kevin rose to his knees and grabbed the boxers, pulling them down to her ankles, where she kicked them off while her hand still worked beneath the pale pink cloth. She only pulled her hand free — two fingers glistening with wetness — when he hooked his fingers beneath her panties.

Revealing her slowly, Kevin first saw the neatly trimmed triangle of curls on her mound. Felicia lifted her bottom off the bed, and the cloth slipped down to reveal her smooth-shaven nether lips. Then she swung her legs to the side to avoid him and stretched them straight up.

Kevin pulled the panties up her legs and finally tossed them away. As soon as her ankles were free, Felicia bent her knees and parted her legs wide, revealing the moist, dark pink folds between them.

He was leaning in before her feet even settled on the mattress.

The musky scent of her arousal was intoxicating, and Kevin wasted no time in pushing his stiff tongue into her wet heat. The heady taste of her abundant juices prompted him to devour her from the very first touch of his tongue.

Felicia twined her fingers into his hair, an explosive, but otherwise indescribable sound passing her lips. She held him against her pussy — not that he needed any more encouragement — and swivelled her hips, tickling his nose with the surprisingly soft patch of hair.

“Yes, Kevin! So good!” she cried out.

For a fraction of a second, he was concerned about how loudly she was expressing her pleasure. The excitement in her words soon overcame worries about the volume, and he reveled in it instead. Spurred on equally by her reactions and the taste of her, he explored every inch of her with his lapping, probing tongue.

Felicia guided him somewhat with words of encouragement and subtle tugs of the hands lying atop his head, but she mostly ground her pussy against his face, seemingly desperate to come on his tongue. He was quite happy to oblige, improvising a few sucks of her folds amongst the swirls and laps while sliding two fingers inside her.

Kevin shagged his fingers into her, his cock hardening as he felt how tight she was — especially when she squeezed. He kept his concentration on his tongue, though. It wasn’t difficult when she tasted so good.

Immediately following a long, quavering gasp, Felicia yelped, “My c-clit. Suck it!”

Closing his lips over her hood and the throbbing bud beneath caused Felicia’s legs to clamp down tight around his head. Her pussy squeezed his buried fingers tight, and even the muffling of her thighs pressed against his ears couldn’t completely drown out her cry of release.

Kevin just kept sucking.

Once the first wave passed, Felicia’s legs snapped apart and she cried out again. The sudden movement pulled her clit from his lips, but gave him the opportunity to thrust his fingers inside her again. Felicia writhed in the throes of orgasm, whimpering and gasping every time Kevin managed to catch up to her with his tongue. He only relented when she weakly pushed against his head with trembling hands.

Felicia slapped a protective hand over her quivering pussy and snapped her legs together. A loud whimper burst from her lips and she curled up, her muscles contracting from another shock of orgasmic bliss. His lips and chin coated in her juices, Kevin squeezed his cock for a bit of relief and just watched her come.

When she finally uncurled, Felicia’s arms fell limp to the bed and she loosed a long moan. A moment later, she looked up at Kevin, smiled, and let out a sound reminiscent of a bark. He couldn’t help but chuckle.

“Oh god, that was good,” she groaned, shivering from an aftershock.

“You got off fast.”

“I was excited. And you and that tongue and… Oh my.”

A little overwhelmed by how much she’d enjoyed it, Kevin asked, “Was I really that good?”

“Mmm hmm. Enthusiasm made up for anything you didn’t know.” Seeing him holding his cock, Felicia’s eyes widened for a moment. “You’re hard again — already?”

“You fuckin’ turn me on.”

Felicia gave her breasts a squeeze and moaned. “I love young cock,” she said to the ceiling above.

Taking that as an invitation, Kevin grabbed her ankles and pushed them apart. His erection twitching in anticipation, he knee-walked toward her. Felicia bent her knees, one hand sliding between her legs to part her nether lips. A final gasp and shudder from her previous orgasm claimed her.

Kevin pushed down on his cock as he moved into position, taking careful aim. Felicia’s muscles tensed as the head settled against her nether lips, keeping him from penetrating immediately. A moment later, she relaxed, and he slipped inside with a deep groan.

“Oh my god,” Felicia moaned, her eyes almost comically big as his balls settled against her.

His cock buried deep inside her, Kevin gasped from the feeling of her hot pussy wrapped around him. The earlier hints of her tightness as he’d fingered her were pale shadows of reality, but she was so wet that he had no trouble pulling back to thrust again. Gripping her thighs, he leaned forward and drove his cock home.

“Yes,” Felicia cried out. “Give it to me.”

It took tremendous amounts of willpower, but Kevin stroked her slowly at first. Her clinging walls caressed every inch of him, awakening a primal urge to pound her with every ounce of power he could muster.

“God, that pussy’s good,” he grunted through clenched teeth, still struggling with the animal instincts growling within him.

“Oh — and I love your cock,” she responded. “It’s so hard. So big.”

Kevin pumped his hips a little faster, unable to resist any longer. He was pleased and surprised when he didn’t feel the itch already starting. Though she felt incredible, there was a sort of odd numbness in his cock that he recognized. It happened whenever he jerked off again not long after coming, and it always took longer to get there the second time. Encouraged, he added even more power to his thrusts.

Felicia looked up into his eyes, the words tumbling from her lips. “Yes. Like that. So good. Oh yes.”

Pulling on her thighs every time he thrust, Kevin slammed his cock home with increasing speed. Claps sounded every time their bodies collided, and Felicia’s breasts jiggled from the shockwaves. Her sounds of pleasure grew louder, her features tightening as she gripped the edge of the mattress with one hand and moved the other between her legs.

Felicia’s fingers blurred over her clit as she rubbed them back and forth at a furious pace. A series of long whimpers escaped her, rising in both pitch and volume by the second. Then, the last ended in a croak as her walls contracted around him. Her fingers froze in place and she half sat up, a squeaking scream pushing through her tight throat as she came.

Kevin tried to keep thrusting, beginning to feel the first tingles of his own orgasm, but her wild thrashing made it virtually impossible. Only his grip on her thighs and the tight squeeze of her pussy kept him from slipping free. He’d never seen anything like it — not even in porn.

Her face turned bright red as she screamed and lashed her head on the pillow. The hand she’d used to rub her clit slapped to the mattress, fingers curling into claws. On and on it went, until she at last let out a pained-sounding groan and her head thumped to the pillow.

Kevin leaned over her, and she screamed again, her socked feet thumping into his back as she wrapped her legs around him. Her forehead was dewed with sweat despite the chill of the air conditioning, and she gasped desperately for breath.

Felicia rolled her head toward the nightstand and fumbled with a trembling hand for the bottle of water there. Kevin grabbed it and then slid a hand behind her shoulders when she lifted her head to drink. The first sip made her cough, but she managed to swallow a few mouthfuls before holding out the bottle to him.

“That was fuckin’… Wow,” Kevin said, and then chuckled.

Felicia nodded her head and grinned, “Uh huh.” Her pussy tightened around his still buried cock and she let out a long moan.

Kevin’s cock throbbed angrily, and he had to assuage it with a rock of his hips. Felicia yelped, her eyes going wide, but then she wrapped both her arms and legs around him, pulling him close.

“Yes. More,” she moaned.

It took a couple of attempts before he found the sinuous rhythm that would let him stroke his cock into her hot pussy again. Felicia used her arms and legs to shift him ever so slightly forward, and then screamed as he slid into her. “Right there. Faster,” she pleaded.

It didn’t take long for Kevin to feel the wicked itch. He grunted, clenching his teeth and fought to stay in control. His body was demanding release, but he wanted to last long enough for her to get there as well. Closing his eyes to shut out the sight of her flushed, pleasure-filled face, he concentrated on the humping of his hips.

Hope surged within him a couple of agonizing minutes later. Felicia’s nails dug into his back and she whimpered, “Yes. Yes. Oh. Oh god. I’m gonna come. Come again. Don’t stop. Yes. Yes. Ye-ahh!”

Kevin grunted, his breath blasting between his teeth. She pulled him against her, climax-fueled strength holding him in place as she came. Kevin’s hips bucked against her as his seed surged up.

Felicia suddenly gasped, recognizing the intensity of his grunts. “Wait, don’t come inside me,” she said in a rush.

It was too late.

Kevin roared as he exploded inside her.

“Oh no,” Felicia moaned, feeling him pulse in her depths. Then her tone changed and she locked her ankles in the small of his back. “Just give it to me. Fill me up.”

Not having any real choice in the matter, Kevin twitched and gasped as he filled her full of cum. He collapsed atop her as the last weak spurt concluded, panting hard. Once he finally had enough breath to do so, he apologized, “S-sorry. Shit. Couldn’t…”

Felicia let out a languid moan. “Don’t worry about it. That’s what the morning after pill is for. It felt good.” She moaned again. “Really good. It was worth it. You ever done it before?”

Kevin shook his head and grunted as her pussy contracted around him. His sensitive cock protested mightily from the stimulation.

His scrunched up expression made her laugh, and she kissed him. “I like being the first. I should probably go tinkle though.”

Kevin took several deep breaths, preparing for what he knew was coming. He still let out a loud, inarticulate cry as he pulled his half-hard cock free, and then collapsed on the bed next to her.

His eyelids were heavy as she swung her legs out of the bed and stutter stepped to the bathroom with a hand between her legs. The next thing he knew, she was handing him a warm washcloth to clean up with, followed by snuggling up next to him. He drifted off to sleep with a silly grin on his face.


Kevin started awake the next morning to see Felicia grinning mischievously, her hand pumping up and down his morning erection. As soon as she saw that he was awake, her grin widened.

“Good morning,” she said, and took him in her mouth.

Half expecting it to have all been a dream, he grunted in surprised delight. “Uh huh.”

Felicia moaned around him, her hair bouncing as she bobbed her head over his lap. She wasn’t playing around, and her talented mouth soon had him edging toward climax.

The phone rang.

Letting him slip from her lips, Felicia nodded toward the phone. She kept her hand wrapped around him, slowly pumping over the slick shaft.

Trying to keep his voice under control, he picked up the phone. “Hello?”

“Are you up?” His mother asked.

“Yeah, I’m up,” he answered, looking down at Felicia, who nodded her head and stroked him a little faster. A little groan escaped him before he could contain it.

“Are you okay?” his mother asked.

“Just a little kink. I’ll go get in the shower and get ready.”

“Well, don’t dally. Meet us in the lobby.”

“Okay, Mom. I’m coming. Bye.”

“Not yet, but I’ll fix that,” Felicia teased as she wrapped her lips around him again.

A minute or so later, he was shooting a few weak spurts into Felicia’s incredible mouth. She gave the tip a final kiss when she let him go, and then slapped his bottom.

“Go, before your Mom decides to come see what’s keeping you.”

The thought of his mother knocking on the door with Felicia lying naked on the bed beside him spurred him out of the post-come lethargy. “Shit. Yeah.”

Felicia was dressed when he came back out after a quick shower. It only occurred to him that he’d filled her mouth full of cum after she kissed him, and the feeling of her soft lips actually chased away that disquieting thought almost as quickly as it arose.

Nodding toward the door, Felicia said, “Go make sure the coast is clear. I need to go get cleaned up and find a doctor.”

She walked with him as he peeked out, finding the hall empty. “Nobody out there.”

“Call me as soon as you get in this evening?” Felicia asked, fluttering her eyelashes.

“Oh yeah.”

“I can’t wait,” she responded, gave his cock a squeeze, and hurried out the door.

Kevin waited a minute for her to get down the hall a little ways, and then started toward the lobby, whistling as he walked.


Though he was a bit bleary-eyed for the rest of the week, Kevin endured the trials of the family vacation with a grin that wouldn’t go away. His mother was a bit concerned about the dark circles under his eyes and weary posture, but accepted it in light of his cheery disposition.

On the last day, Felicia had to leave before daybreak, as she had an early flight home. She hadn’t left him empty-handed, though. His cell now had her home number, cell number, work number, address, and email all programmed in.

Since they had a late afternoon flight, Kevin was sitting at Sea World watching the Orca show with the family when his cell buzzed in his pocket. He pulled it out and angled the screen so he could see the text.

The first thing he saw made his eyes pop wide open. It was a picture of Felicia lying on a bed, wearing nothing but Mickey Mouse ears, a pair of her little ankle socks, and a sultry expression. He quickly scrolled down before one of his brothers looked over his shoulder and chuckled as he read the text.

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