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Banana Surprise

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“I have a special dessert for you, sweetie”, Christina said to me as she cleared the dinner table.

“I was wondering where all this was headed” I replied. My wife Christina is a complete ass-play freak, and tonight she prepared a wonderful dinner for me while dressed up as a sexy french maid. Her curvy figure was accentuated by a jet-black satin corset with white lace edging.

The stiff material pushed up her ample breasts into a creamy shelf of flesh that giggled lewdly as she picked up the dinner plates. Her golden blond hair was kept up in bun under a cute french maid hat that matched her elbow-length lace gloves. As she walked to the kitchen I watched her naked ass peek out under her wispy excuse of a skirt-apron, and her dangling pussy jewelry clicked softly with her steps. Between her perfectly round cheeks peeked her sparkling jeweled anal plug, hinting of the dessert to come. Her corset had long garter straps connected to thigh-high black fishnet stockings, and her seven inch heels sounded sexy over the marble floor.

Christina disappeared into the kitchen. As I heard dishes clanging I wondered what was in her devilish mind tonight. As I mentioned already, my wife is heavy into ass play. Every morning and evening she gives herself deep enemas, which inevitably results in mind-blowing orgasms. She keeps a butt plug stuffed in her ass in all day, even during work under her business skirt. Her collection of anal toys is extensive, and her creativity for ass play is positively deviant. My mind wandered at all they kinky things we have done with her wonderful, stretchy ass. I loved every minute of it.

After several minutes of daydreaming myself into a massive erection, Christina walked back in and moved the last of the table settings so the diner table was completely clear. As she climbed up onto the table, I asked “What’s for dessert?”

She crawled across the table on her hands and knees and positioned her beautiful round ass in front of my chair. Christina looked over her shoulder with a naughtly look in her eye and replied “Banana surprise”.

“Mmmm, I love banana surprise…” as I stared at her ample ass cheeks, noticing that the rosebud jewel was now gone. She put her chest on the table, spread her knees wide and reached back with both hands. Grabbing her ass cheeks, she lewdly pulled them apart to reveal her perfect puckered asshole.

“Bon appétit,” Christina whisper and I knew exactly what to do. Still sitting, I leaned forward and ran my tongue broadly wiping from her from her pierced labia, over her quivering rosebud to the top of ass crack. She let out a gasp, as her anticipation suddenly escaped her. Her pussy was hot and I licked her several more times to wet her entire bottom. Every time I parted her pussy lips, her wetness leaked out copiously. After a few licks, her the tiny chains to her jewelry were dripping with my saliva and her pussy juice.

I began focusing on my dessert, planting wet kiss directly on her anus, which brought out moans from Christina. They got louder as I began poking my tongue into the center of her hole, and I tasted a sweet stickiness. After a few minutes of probing, her sphincter relaxed and opened up. A mixture of heavy cream and a sweet syrup flowed out whenever I penetrated her bottom with my tongue. She had clearly injected herself with a creamy frosting, using a pastry bag. Mixed in was sticky syrup, possibly caramel or butterscotch. I ate her ass vigorously and she began pushing her dessert out into my face. With my tongue deep in her ass, I locked my lips around her anus and sucked out her sweet treat. Her moaning suddenly got louder, and when something solid pressed up on the tip of my tongue, I realized why. I kept my tongue deep in her ass as it got closer and closer.

I pulled back to watch the banana crown through her now red hot asshole. Her puckered lips were now swollen my my sucking, and gripped the protruding tip of the banana tightly. The sight was erotic beyond description. Christina moaned deeply and the banana’s cone inched out further. It was a large banana and she was having to push hard. She regrasped her ass cheeks and pulled them farther apart to open herself up. Then she let loose a grunt and I watched her stomach muscles tense. The banana eased out a couple more inches, and now the full width had passed. Her anus was now stretched out, tightly clamped around the large object now firmly lodged in her asshole. She gasped with every breath as she tried to relax from her accomplishment. I licked the banana, sucking off the cream and syrup. I sucked until the protruding three inches was entirely in my mouth and my lips touched her hot, thinly stretched anus grasping tightly around the banana. She screamed and I felt the quivering deep inside her. I licked and sucked on the banana like it was a short, thick cock. This turned on Christina so much that her tension pushed another inch into my mouth. I bit off the banana and with a scream the remaining fruit loudly slurped back into her. She came hard, and squirted all over the table and my chest. Her swollen anus tried to close up but only made it halfway: holding the thick banana had gaped her asshole open. I could see still see the leftover banana a couple inches inside her. Christina was gasping and out of breath.

I chewed the banana and marveled at how warm and tasty it was. Then it occurred to me that the banana was thoroughly warm, almost hot. She must have inserted it hours ago to be this warm. That explains why she had such a hard time passing it: her anus had completed recovered and was tight again when she served me. Given the early dinner hour, she must have insert the banana while at the office, which must have been pretty difficult given it’s size. I know she couldn’t insert something that big without having an orgasm. Like I said, Christina loves ass play. The woman is just plain crazy.

I swallowed my mouthful and went for more. Now with her asshole gaped I could insert my tongue and touch the banana inside her. She cried out and the tension made it go back a couple inches deeper up her canal. She spread her cheeks and began pushing again. The banana passed much easier out of her anus this time, despite being much blunter from being bitten off. I licked and sucked her while she pushed several inches into my mouth. I bit another piece off and this time she kept the banana from retreating. With her ass loose, she could control the movement much better and she fed me more. A few inches as a time, I ate my dessert. She toyed with me an teased me, sometimes giving me just enough to lick but not bite. This went on until she pushed out the last bit. By my guess, this was a monster of a banana, perhaps nine inches long. I bet she picked it out carefully at the grocery store. With her ass empty and her anus completely gaped and distended, I gently massaged her with my tongue.

After a few minutes of feeling empty, she looked over her shoulder and said “Now fuck my ass”. I thought she’d never ask. I dropped my pants and my cock was as hard as a rock. I inserted it her ass easily, as the banana was larger than I was. Her canal was hot and sticky and I began pumping her. She moaned out and gripped the table so she could push back. My hard thrusts were met by Christina throwing her ass into me. It didn’t take long, and I began to spurt a massive load up her ass. She felt the jets of hot cum like a forceful enema and that drove her over the edge. Her orgasm was absurdly long, and she was still spraying while the last drop my semen flowed out of my cock. I fell back into my dinner chair and Christina produced a medium size butt plug that she quickly shoved in her ass before any of my massive load leaked out.

Christina got off the table and said “That’s your snack for later” and walked off to take a shower. As exhausted as I was, I knew I’d be eating my own cum out of her ass later tonight.

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