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Becca sat alone in her home enjoying a relaxing day of nothingness. She had done her housework for the day and had nothing to do over the weekend. Plans could be easily made, but could they compare a lazy day of sitting around her cozy apartment sans clothes? The ability to lounge around in the nude had to be high up on the list of reasons to live alone.

It was barely dusk outside and Bec stretched out on her couch drinking a glass of wine and contemplated the evenings entertainment. Should she browse around the internet looking for some random guy to flirt with, should she pop in a porno and order pizza, or should she just relax and let her mind drift off into some fantasy land that held all of her secret desires? Decisions, decisions. She giggled to herself as she thought of ordering a pizza and answering the door buck naked and having a porn playing in the background.

As she lay back on the couch, she moved the hand that was resting on her stomach up to play with her nipples. She had firm, rounded breasts with pert little nipples. She flicked her taut nipples with her fingertip as she pondered the possibilities of which pizza delivery person would actually show up at her door. She ran her hand down her body and brushed her fingertips lightly over her mound, teasing her fingertips with her soft pubic hair. She sighed as she thought to herself that the whole pizza delivery boy fantasy had to be a bit played out.

She continued to stroke her fingertips over her mound aimlessly and thought about calling an old lover to come and satisfy her. Easy, carefree, mindless sex. It would ease the tension she knew, but she had to admit to herself that she was getting rather bored with him. He was awfully pretty and built just how she liked her men.

The sex was good, but becoming a bit stale. Same positions, same technique, same everything. She knew that if all else failed she would be calling him later, but for now she thought she would try to find other ways to entertain herself.

She had finished the wine in her glass, so she went to the kitchen to pour herself some more. She held up the bottle a bit bemused to discover that it was empty. Well, that would explain the yummy tingle that was floating through her body she thought. She shrugged her shoulders and grabbed another bottle of wine out of the refrigerator.

Ah to have nothing to do, and nowhere to be. She poured a glass and swirled it in the light. She looked again at the empty wine bottle and her mind immediately thought of what it would feel like to fuck herself with it. She shook her head and laughed. Cold, it would most likely be cold. Nothing wrong with that necessarily, but she was more in the mood for some hot, throbbing cock.

Stephanie made her way back to her living room and thought, fuck it, and put in one of her favorite pornos. It involved mostly random group sex settings, and never failed to stimulate her. She lie back on the couch and stretched, raising her arms above her head and enjoyed the sensation of the soft, plush sofa against her bare skin. She let one foot drop down to the floor, and raised the other foot so that it rested along the back of the couch. This position left her legs wide open, perfect for letting her fingers search and play.

She drank a bit more of the wine as she watched the couples on the TV start to fuck furiously. She sat the glass of wine down on the floor, and arched her back so that her breasts were raised and cupped them with her hands. She squeezed her lush breasts, and twirled the nipples with her fingers. She continued pinching and twisting her left breast and took her right hand and slid it down her body. She ran the fingers of her right hand along her slit and smiled to herself when she felt the slick wetness of her cunt. She teased her fingers along her slit, swirling her fingers in her wetness and bringing it up to her clit.

Keeping her fingers flat, she ran her hand from the top of her pussy to the bottom. She paused on the upstroke to tease her pussy hole, slowing inserting one finger and squeezing it with her pussy muscles. She brought her fingers back up to her clit, and slowly rotated them around and around enjoying the sensations that were starting to course through her body.

Becca brought her left hand down to her cunt and slid two fingers easily into her wet snatch as she continued to circle around and around her clit with her other fingers. She could feel the tension building in her body and knew it was mere seconds before she would cum.

Just as she was about to play out her favorite fantasy in her mind, the one that would send her over the edge, there was a knock at the door. She started with a bit of guilt. She looked around for something to throw on and laughed to herself that a grown woman could still feel guilt at the thought of being caught masturbating. Her robe was draped over a chair so she grabbed it and ran to the door.

Without a second thought she flung the door open. Her very handsome, and very attached neighbor stood in the doorway. He was smiling that smile that men do that automatically made her tighten her robe. She smiled expectantly at him and waited to see what he wanted. He asked if he could come in for a moment to discuss something with her.

She shrugged her shoulders and stepped back to let him in. She thought for a moment of how she must look, flushed from the wine and the almost climax. She wasn’t sure if she would be pissy about it or not. Damn, so close. She had forgotten about the porno playing until Matt, the sexy neighbor, looked at her TV and back at her with some speculation. Becca started laughing and tried to act nonchalant about it. She wanted to jump for the remote and turn it off as fast as possible, but as she thought that would make her appear foolish she opted to walk over to the remote and push pause.

She turned back to Matt as asked him what was up. Matt ran his eyes down her body and back up to her eyes, which excited her as much as it made her uncomfortable. They had not been neighbors long, but she liked the attractive couple that had moved in next to her. They seemed full of laughter and love and for him to be looking at her like that made her think she didn’t want to shit in her own backyard by fucking him – although it would be fun.

“Look Becca, I don’t want to embarrass you or anything, but I thought you would like to know that I can see you from my house because your curtains are open. Don’t get me wrong; I am enjoying the view immensely. If it is intentional that is fantastic, but if it isn’t then I figured I would give you a heads up.” Matt said. Becca stood for a moment completely mortified. “Ah, I see I have embarrassed you by the bright red you have turned,” Matt said quietly, “That truly wasn’t my intent. Listen Bec; I think you are absolutely beautiful. As I was watching you I was completely transfixed by the raw passion that is in you. I would like nothing more than to be able to share in that with you, but I would never want you to feel uncomfortable.”

Seeing no reaction one way or the other Matt walked closer to Becca and ran his finger along her jaw line. Becca wasn’t sure if it was the wine she had consumed or her already ramped up sex drive, but she could feel herself wanting to indulge him. To indulge herself, because Lord knows she has had several fantasies about him. She closed her eyes and swallowed hard as she felt his fingertip glaze over her neck and down the V of her robe, teasing her cleavage.

“Let me please you Bec, let me burn with you,” Matt said as he glided his lips lightly along her neck, parting the robe slightly to expose more of her full breasts. Becca moaned lightly as she submitted to his request. She knew somewhere deep in her mind that it was a bad, bad idea, but the sensations he was bringing to life in her deafened her to her own sense of logic. He guided her to the sofa, teasing her mouth with his lips. He nibbled and sucked on her bottom lip, always a weakness of hers that small simple pleasure.

Her heart started beating faster as she let him take the lead and direct the course of events that were about to unfold. He eased her down on the couch, and she was shocked to discover that her robe had completely disappeared. She smiled coyly at him as she pulled him down to her, tugging on buttons as she did. They both fumbled for a moment, but in no time he was as nude as she was and she simply could not get enough of his rock hard body. Her first glimpse of his cock had her mouth watering, so hard, thick, and ready to be fucked.

He brought his hand up, and in it was the sash to her robe. “Care to play a game beautiful?” he asked. Becca bit her lip as she looked at the wicked look in his eyes and slowly nodded her head yes. Matt took the sash and tied it around her head to cover her eyes. Becca was panting at this point with heightened excitement. She had never been blindfolded before.

He pushed her back on the couch so that she was lying down completely. He teased her nipples with his tongue, concentric circles around the hard buds until he finally took one in his mouth. She moaned with the exquisite pleasure she felt course through her body. She knew her cunt was dripping, and didn’t know how much longer she could stand his teasing. He lavished one breast and then the other. Becca arched her back, greedy for more.

matt took a fingertip and lightly circled around her bellybutton. Stephanie could feel her whole body tense in anticipation, wanting him to move his hand lower and offer her some relief. He bit lightly on the side of her breast and chuckled, “not yet beautiful, not quite yet,” he said. Becca made a move to bring her own hand to her pussy, when he grabbed her hands and tsked at her.

Matt began to lick on her nipples again when Stephanie heard her door open. She moved to get up, but Matt held her in place. “Shh, relax. Enjoy. Nothing to worry about, trust me okay?” he asked of her. She wasn’t sure now what to do. Matt continued licking and sucking on her nipples, holding her hands on her stomach and her firmly in place. Her breaths were coming in quick pants due to nervousness at what to expect and the sexual tension that was steadily building.

Matt licked his way up to her ear and gently nibbled for a moment. His hot breath whispered to her to open her legs. She parted her legs; similar to the position she was in earlier in the night. One foot on the floor, the other draped over the back of the couch. She felt the couch dip near her legs, indicating that someone had sat down. Matt was still nibbling around her ear, so it couldn’t have been him. Becca could feel herself getting tense again, and was about to rip off the sash so she could see just what the hell was going on.

Matt anticipated this and again she could feel his hot breath in her ear as he whispered to her, “relax beautiful, no harm will come to you. Let us please you, let us fuck you until you cant think. We have watched you several times, and this is all we have fantasized about for many weeks now. Please, let us make it a reality. I promise you wont regret it.” Just then Becca felt lips encompass her clit. Oh God that felt good she thought. Soft, small lips. Fuck, it had to be courtney, Matt’s girlfriend.

Becca felt small nimble fingers tease her pussy hole before quickly entering her cunt and fucking her with a smooth and fast rhythm, as her clit was being suckled and licked. Bec could feel her body ready to explode, not being able to see what was going on she was locked into a world of pure sensation. Matt was back to sucking and licking her nipples, while his fingers teased over her taunt stomach. Becca couldn’t take it anymore, and exploded as wave after wave of pleasure washed through her body.

Becca screamed out her release as her thighs locked around Courtney’s head. The harder she came, the harder Courtney fucked her with her fingers and sucked on her clit. When Becca was done, Matt untied the sash and Becca watched as Courtney withdrew her fingers from Becca’s cunt and brought them up for Matt to taste. Courtney smiled at Becca before diving back into her cunt to lick up the gooey wetness. Becca could feel the tendrils of desire start to build again as she stared at Courtney’s pretty face buried between her legs, and oh the sensations of her wicked little mouth on her cunt.

matt watched for a minute, and started stroking his cock. Courtney licked her way up Becca’s body, nibbling lightly on her stomach and pausing to give each nipple a long stroke with her little pink tongue. Becca’s gaze kept going back and forth between matt and Courtney. It had been awhile since Becca had been with a girl, and while she had never been adverse to the idea, being smack dab in the middle of an encounter left her feeling somewhat off balance. She could feel Courtney’s hard, little breasts smashed hard against her own soft, ample ones. The feel of their nipples rubbing together was intriguing as Courtney traced Becca’s mouth with her tongue.

Becca could taste herself on Courtney’s lips, and while the feel of feminine soft lips against her own was a pleasure she had thought she had forgotten about, it didn’t stop her from bringing her hands up to pull Courtney down harder on her. She started kissing her back, wrapping her tongue around Courtney’s quick little tongue. She undulated her lush body along Courtney’s tight, hard body and marveled at the sensation.

Matt went down to the end of the couch, and spread both of their legs and started to feast on both Courtney and Becca’s pussies. It felt so odd, but so good at the same time. Courtney and Becca continued kissing and rubbing their bodies together, as Matt fingered and licked both of their cunts. Becca could feel Courtney tense up, matt must have felt it too because when Becca glanced down at him over Courtney’s shoulder she could see him ram his hard cock into Courtney’s cunt. Courtney moaned out her release, and sank onto Becca.

Matt smiled at Becca as he removed his cock from Courtney’s cunt and got off the couch. He stood beside Becca, who was still weighed down by Courtney and with cock in hand, cocked his eyebrow at her questioningly. Becca grinned at him and licked her lips. Courtney slid down to the end of the couch so she could watch Becca and Matt.

Becca reached up and took Matt’s cock in her hand and wrapped her lips around the head of his cock. She could taste that wonderful musty, man flavor plus what could have only been Courtney’s cum dripping off of his cock. The flavor was exotic and wonderful and Becca eagerly sucked his cock down her throat, twirling her tongue around and around the shaft to lick up every bit of flavor she could. matt sighed his pleasure as he ran his fingers through Becca’s hair and eased her mouth off of his cock.

“Perhaps you would like to get a taste directly from the source” Matt said as he glanced over at Courtney. Becca raised herself and smiled devilishly at Courtney, who was sitting at the end of the couch languidly with her legs spread wide open and her pink little pussy was dripping wet. Becca brought herself up so that she crawled down to Courtney and dove face down into her sweet little cunt. Becca was on all fours on the couch, and her thick, squeezable ass was in the air.

Becca inhaled the smell of Courtney’s cunt, and while it had been some time since she last licked a pussy, she was game to try again. She figured she would do all the things she liked, and maybe try things that she had thought of. She licked Courtney’s pussy from top to bottom, spreading her cunt lips to tease her cunt with her tongue and lick up every bit of cum she could. While she was busy exploring Courtney’s cunt, Matt was behind her rubbing his cock in her slit. She could feel the head of his cock teasing her clit as he reached around her and started squeezing and pinching her breasts.

He continued pumping his cock through her slit while she feasted on Courtney’s wet, sloppy cunt. matt took the head of his cock and placed it at becca’s opening and slowly entered her, inch by torturous inch. He wanted to let her get used to his thickness before ramming into her like he truly wanted to. Becca moaned into Courtney’s cunt, sucking on her clit furiously as she rotated her index finger in and out of her wet, little pussy.

Once Matt was fully entrenched into Becca’s cunt he paused for a minute and just savored the feel of her hot pussy tight around his cock. He slowly started to rock in and out of her, pushing her face harder against Courtney’s cunt. The sight of her bent over his girlfriend, and of his cock ramming in and out of her clutching, slick cunt was almost too much for him.

He began to fuck her harder, faster, drilling into her as he could hear becca’s moans of delight and his girlfriend’s cries of ecstasy. All three bodies tensed on the couch, as a domino effect occurred. courtney gushed into Becca’s waiting mouth as becca’s cunt clutched tight around Matt’s cock. Matt feeling Becca cum slammed his cock hard into her dripping cunt and shot his load thick and deep into her.

All three collapsed on the couch, lightly on top of each other. Their breathing was labored and harsh, their bodies slick and wet with a mixture of sweat and cum. Slowly they came to their senses and looked at each other somewhat shyly. For matt and Courtney it was a fantasy come true. For Becca, it was a mind blowing, unexpected pleasure that seemed to come out of nowhere. Becca was the first to speak, laughingly, “and here I thought I was going to enjoy a night home alone.”

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