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A Wager for a Stranger

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Dillan didn’t know the specifics of a gale-force wind, but by the force of this wind, he thought it should have qualified. He wiped the fine film of sand from his clean-shaven face. “Forget it,” he told his companion, who peered up the boardwalk. “It’s a stupid bet. I call it off.”

“What?” Joel said, turning to him. “You can’t do that! You made a deal, man.”

“Yeah, well, I don’t feel so desperate anymore. This wind is bumming me out.”

“Keep your hopes alive, my friend. There’s one coming now.”

Dillan followed his friend’s gaze and saw her, way down the boardwalk, walking slowly towards them.

“It’s definitely female,” Joel said. “I can tell by the sway of the hips.”

“Yeah. And the skirt.”

“You’re going to do it, right? You’re not going to chicken out on me, are you?” Joel pressed.

“Fuck off. You’re lucky I’m a nice guy.”

Joel smiled in his regular way, oblivious of Dillan’s unease. “Just be grateful I understand a hungry cock. And this is a great evening, feel the passion on the wind, all stirred up. Real romantic. Just what this woman likes. Why else would she be walking along the boardwalk right now?”

Admittedly, Joel seemed to have a deeper understanding of a woman’s psyche than Dillan himself did. “Why don’t you get out of here, then? She’ll think we’re planning a gang-rape.”

Joel snickered. “Sure. See you later, dude,” he said and trotted off to his car, parked a short ways away, and left.

Dillan went around to the other side of the nearby tree, for a shield from the wind and sand, his back to the lake. He could bend his head forward slightly and watch her approach. She was slim, at least, and possibly older, but it was impossible to tell from this distance. He thought of Joel’s comment, and wondered why she would be out here in this crazed wind, as another wave crashed on the beach. Maybe she was passionate, maybe she was out and thinking about a fuck.

She wore a wide-brimmed hat, really wide-brimmed, which was mostly flipped up along one side where the wind struck her. It was surprising that she hadn’t lost it yet. Her hand came up and touched it, then fell to her side again. She wore a long, colourful skirt, which was being tugged behind her, like the wind wanted to run off with it, and consequently the curve of her hip was clearly outlined, even the long slender space between the darker lengths of her legs, lit up from the setting sun behind her, and he swallowed. She stopped on the boardwalk, turning slightly, her hand once again on her hat, and she seemed to be surveying the turbulent lake. Would she turn back? Her top and skirt clung to her front under the force of the wind, clearly outlining the roundness of her breast, flatness of her belly, and length of her leg. His cock had lifted to life. He could only hope she continued toward him.

She turned to him, and carried on walking along the boardwalk towards him.

The sun’s shape distorted as it descended towards the distant crest of the lake. It cast a golden band across the water and the beach, straight to me as I paused in my walk up the boardwalk. It felt warm on my skin, its weakened rays still persistent as they passed through the thin cloth of my shirt and skirt. It helped me to think: I had to decide if I would walk all the way to the end of the boardwalk and then beyond, which had been my plan when I prepared to come out. Two men had stood by the trees as I had been walking, their silhouettes tense, like they were having an intense discussion. One of the men suddenly loped off to the slight incline next to the boardwalk, got into a car, and left, while the other man remained by the tree, although behind the trunk. That was when I had stopped to look at the lake and the setting sun.

Should I continue on, or turn back and head home?

I hated the idea of cutting short my walk-time because of a possible threat from someone; I hated to be considered a victim. My arms tensed; I had my martial arts training. I could defend myself. And besides, maybe the fellow was harmless, just out enjoying the windy beach. My steps resumed on the boards, and I looked straight ahead, keeping my neck tall.

The shadow of his head bulged out from the straight line of the tree periodically, as I continued my steps to the end of the boardwalk. My hat brim flipped up, the wind tugged on my long full skirt, pulling it up by the hem, but I held my hand at my hip and extended my fingers to keep the thin fabric down.

Beyond the boardwalk the shadows deepened through a grove of oak trees, then the small forest — a ‘green space’. The oak that the man stood behind was furthest from the forest, and closest to the boardwalk.

He stepped from behind the tree as I approached, and I sucked in my breath through my nostrils. He stood there on the sand and ran a hand through his tousled dark hair.

He was young, probably early 20’s, and very good-looking in an angular way. He wore an over-sized red t-shirt and colourful bathing trunks. His arms and calves were tanned and well-muscled. He turned toward me and gave me a nod. I nodded back, smiling slightly.

“Nice night for a stroll,” he said somewhat hopefully, a twinkle in his dark eyes.

“Yes, lovely night.”

He smiled and looked down at his feet, a brief moment of a bashful schoolboy. I swallowed and continued past.

The boardwalk ended in a few steps. My apartment was on a street back the other way, at the other end of the boardwalk. A path was worn down through the oak grove and disappeared into the forest. I rarely met other walkers down this far, or in the forest. I heard the young man’s steps on the boards behind me.

I carried on along the path, the ground softer than the boards thus slowing my pace. The cool air of the grass wafted around my ankles, spreading up my legs to my bare bottom, refreshing my freshly-shaved labia. I paused just off from the trail and faced the lake, my legs askance; the fabric of my skirt pushed against my crotch, into my folds, and I was grateful that the thin fabric was patterned with colourful flowers; moisture wouldn’t show as spots.

In my peripheral vision I saw him. He had slowed along the path as he approached. I turned, and made eye-contact. He stopped and smiled, and it was perfectly charming smile.

“Sorry, I –” he started. I waited.

When he didn’t finish, I said, “Is there something you want?”

He smirked and wiped a hand over his smooth face. “Just to get out of the wind. So much sand blowing about.”

My brows drew in. He needed to follow me to tell me this? “There’s still a strong wind here. Maybe in the forest,” I suggested, motioning that way, but not wanting to take my eye off him. (If I’d been a much younger woman, I certainly wouldn’t have wanted to.)

“Good idea,” he said, and he kept his brown eyes on me. “Do you know the trail?”

My muscles stiffened. “Yes. It just meanders around, and there’s a trail that goes up to the golf course on top of the hill.”

“So you come here often.” He cleared his throat nervously.

“Well, sometimes,” I said.

“Maybe –” he started, then stopped again abruptly, as though he thought better of finishing his sentence. “I’m… looking for — something,” he said, faltering.

“Good luck, then.”

He smiled mischievously. “I have that already.”

I turned to head back to the trail, ignoring his cockiness, and continued to the shadowy forest. I didn’t have to try to decipher what he meant. If I showed I was strong, he’d be dissuaded from trying to take me by force, if that was his intent.

“Mind if I join you?” he asked from behind me.

“What?!” I exclaimed and spun around. I hadn’t heard his steps on the path. I looked up into his face, and silently cursed him for his impressive appearance. “That’d hardly be wise of me.” My voice sounded hollow in my ears, as I took in his shoulders, his chest, his arms, and his sheer magnetism.

“I promise not to hurt you,” he said softly, and I looked up to his softly curling lips as he spoke; his eyes were tender.

I made a noise in my throat. Sometimes,I heard in my mind, hurting is nice. I gave a nod and started walking again. He fell in behind me.

“But, this thing you’re looking for,” I said.”It’s in the forest? Or was it just shelter from the sandy wind?”

“No, it’s not shelter from the wind. It would be nice if I found it in the forest, but I’ll take it wherever I find it.”

“Speaking in riddles now,” I said. But I didn’t need mental exercises to figure out what he was looking for. By his actions, I gathered he was quite bold and didn’t stop at much; or, he was simply desperate. But with his looks?

“Yes, but you look like the kind of woman who could figure out a riddle.”

My cunt pulsed with a dull ache. I stopped and turned to face him at the trailhead.

“Then, let me figure out your riddle. You perhaps waited for me from behind that tree, you approached me, followed me, stopped near me, asked if I’d show you through the forest… and you’re looking for something, but following me… perhaps you’re looking for…”

But why approach a woman in her 40s for sex?

“What?” he pressed, edging closer.

“I was just thinking, you probably are looking for — looking for –” I knew I shouldn’t be blunt — “a quick release, of a sexual kind. But I could hardly be what you’re looking for.”

His teeth were bright. “Why not?”

“I’m old enough to be your mother.”

“Barely,” he said. His eyes travelled down my body. “But you’re right. I am looking for… a sexual release. How about you?”

“What?!” I said, flabbergasted.

“You wouldn’t be out on a super-windy walk by the beach, smiling and talking it up and agreeing to show me through the woods, if you weren’t looking for something, too, would you?”

He was standing very close to me, just beyond arm’s reach. He appeared athletic, and intelligent. Strange that he mentioned walking in the wind… I hadn’t intended on looking for sex while on this walk, (that was an outlandish idea, although I had fantasized about it), and I had deliberately washed and shaved beforehand, so I could better feel the sensuous force of the wind and the beach, never planning on more than fantasies.

“I don’t know. It hasn’t happened before.”

“I’m not the type to take by force. You don’t have to worry about that.”

My eyebrows shot up. “That’s supposed to put me at ease. Except a rapist wouldn’t keep his word. And look at you. You could over-take me easily.”

“Except I wouldn’t. Unless you asked me to,” he sniggered. “But, honestly,” he pulled the t-shirt up, showing his muscled torso, the underside of the ridge of his pectoral, “you’re right. I am strong enough to over-take you, if I was evil. But I’m not. I love women, and I’m here for your enjoyment.” He pulled the shirt over head.

I felt my eyes tingle as I stared at his sculpted chest. I clumsily untied the ribbons holding down my hat, quickly looked up to his smiling eyes as I pulled it off, and spun around, heading into the forest.

I was out of my mind! I screamed at myself; did I just give him the signal for acceptance of his advance? He is a stranger, I heard sternly. A warm rush spread across my thighs. My cunt pulsed again, reminding me how long it had been since it had been touched by a man. Not that there were none showing interest, only none I’d wanted. But this one, more beautiful and younger by nearly two decades than any other who had made their interests known, was somehow interested in me? Offering me his body for my enjoyment? Who was I to say no? Even if he was half my age? He was so damned gorgeous.

We came to a fork, where a faint path joined the main one. I knew it well and often came this way as a divergence from the city; there was a large rock not far along, sheltered by bushes and trees, where I often went to sit.

“Where are you taking me?” he asked softly behind me. I slowed my pace, until he was just a couple steps behind me.

“Are you afraid?” I asked.

“Not yet,” he said.

There was a crack from up ahead. I stopped abruptly, and he stepped up behind me, stopping against my back; my skin tingled everywhere. He didn’t touch me, but I felt the heat from him on my arms, his presence close to my back. There was no other sound. The rock was just ahead.

We had to step slightly from the trail. “This is a nice spot… to sit,” I said. I started to climb up the rock to its flat crest but my skirt had to be hiked up first.

“What are you doing?” he asked.

“Help me to get up here, please? We’ve already decided that you’re strong enough.” I held a ball of my skirt and the ribbons of my hat in one hand, lifting a leg to climb up.

He steadied me on his knee, his hands lifting my hips up, then cupped under my ass, causing me to jump lightly to the top. I thought I felt his face against the backs of my thighs, but then I had steadied myself and he climbed up easily. I wiggled over to make space for him.

“It’s a nice spot. Kind of secluded.” He stretched his arms out behind him, muscles rippling across his bare chest.

“Should we tell each other our names?” I asked with trepidation; I wasn’t sure I wanted to know.

“Do you want to?”

My cunt pulsed, feeling hotter. I spread my legs and the fabric lifted from them, allowing some of the breeze to rush up my limbs. I shivered with pleasure, turned on by my complete lack of propriety, my willingness to abandon myself to this stranger.

“No,” I said.

“But, do you want a sexual release, with me, now?” he asked cautiously.

I swallowed and nodded slowly. “All of the above. But only because you are you,” I whispered.

His eyes glimmered in the deepening twilight, like the surface of two dark pools under the moon-light. “Touch me,” he said softly. “Show me you mean it.”

I did. I reached over to him, tracing a line through the thin curling hairs between his pectorals, down his abdomen, swiftly into his navel, continuing down to the waistband of his shorts.

“Will you un-do them?” he asked.

I pulled on the drawstring. “You’ll have to stand.”

He nodded, but remained where he was. “Will you let me touch you now? Gently, I mean. On your leg.”

“Yes,” I said under my breath.

His hand was warm around my ankle. My heart beat strongly. I heard him breathing hard.

“Will you kiss me?” I asked tentatively, my breath catching in my throat.

He bent his head to mine, I stared into his dark eyes. His soft lips touched my cheek, sliding to my mouth, gently over my lips so they parted as I tried to catch my breath. He murmured, “I would kiss you everywhere, if you’d let me.”

“I do,” I said quickly, and gasped.

His hand had moved warmly up my calf, over my knee, the skirt riding up further and further on my thigh.

“You have nice firm legs,” he said admiringly, as his mouth moved over my jaw and down my neck.”You smell wonderful, too.”

I had gone to some pains with my appearance before going out on my walk, leaving off underwear and carefully tying down my hat, but I hadn’t put on any perfume.

“What do I smell like?”

“Like a beautiful, healthy woman,” he said. His lips grazed my shoulder, and he sat up, got to his knees. His trunks slipped along his lean waist. The waistband caught on something, stopping where the hair across his belly dipped into a V.

“Will you help me? They’re stuck.”

I pulled lightly on it, gliding my finger along from the side to the middle, just below his navel, and pulled harder downward. The shorts slid over his muscular thighs, my finger extended out to slide down the long hard shaft of his cock, standing firm with a slight curve. It wavered slightly against my finger, so I curled my hand around it to keep it steady. He groaned deep in his throat.

“Thanks,” he said. “What do you think of your present?”

“My present?”

“Me. What do you think?”

“I think you’re the most beautiful man ever to make a pass at me. You also have guts and style. And incredible good looks.”

He smiled. “I hope you’ll enjoy me, then.”

I stared into his dark eyes, trying to read them, searching for some sign he was lying. “Thank you, whoever you are. And, um, I hope I’ll please you too.”

“So far so good.” He looked down at me, as I continued to hold his cock, moving my hand up to the head, then sliding it back down again. “But I’m basing that strictly on what I’ve seen of you, what I’ve tasted of you, and what I’ve felt of your leg so far. That’s all.”

I released his cock while holding his eyes and started undoing the buttons of my top, then the front clasp of my bra.

“You do want me,” he whispered, sounding very pleased.

I gave a small lurch as my cunt jolted with a strong pulsation. “Um, yes.” I looked across his chest, the tightness of his arms, and at the base of his rippled belly, that beautiful deep tanned cock, the head gleaming from faint light left in the forest.

He touched my hair lightly, tracing a line with his fingertips from my ear to my chin, and lifted my face to look into his eyes again.

“What do you want to do with me first?” he asked.

My throat tensed and I couldn’t utter a word, the reality of what I was doing strangled my sensibilities. I had no more control over them, as long as I continued as I was. And I knew I had no intention of stopping. I shivered involuntarily.

“Are you cold?” he asked.

My voice returned. “Not quite. Are you?”

“A little. But it might be you making me shiver.” He sat back down on the rock, with a hand going to my face. He cupped my jaw gently, his thumb passing over my lips.

“My sweet stranger,” he said softly, “I’m giving myself to you tonight. Will you take me in, and enjoy my gift to you?”

I smiled at his eloquence. “Yes, I just told you,” I said.

He looked at my mouth. “But you still seemed apprehensive. I want to make sure you’re sure.”

I considered this. “I suppose I would have seemed apprehensive… but only because I didn’t want to seem — lecherous.”

He laughed. “I don’t mind. And I’m starving for you. This caginess is more than I’m used to,” he admitted.

“But that’s where all the fun is!” I said. “A mature sexual being will have discovered the trick to prolonging an experience, holding at bay a single sensation –” I had lost count how many years I had held it at bay.

His arm had encircled me and brought me against his hard chest, his mouth kissing my neck with hot damp lips, his hand pushing aside my shirt and bra, briefly exposing my breast to the cool twilight air.

“I’ve got so much to learn. Tell me more,” he murmured against collar-bone. His warm hand slid up from my waist, over my ribcage, inching up around my breast. My breath caught in my throat, my bare nipple tightening in anticipation and exposure-shock. But his mouth lingered above my nipple with his breath warming me.

“Move slowly, savour every moment…” I murmured.

“Like this?” he asked.

“Yes, exactly.” I put my hands over his arms, feeling the young muscles beneath my fingers. “Oh, you’re very nicely shaped. A god in his youthful form, ahh,” I moaned, when his mouth finally descended on my nipple, his tongue teasing it vigorously, his hand gently massaging my breast. I start to lift my leg over his. His hand slipped to my knee.

“Wait. Let me taste you a while. Remember, I said I’d kiss you everywhere. It’ll teach me how to prolong the sensation.” He spread out his t-shirt on the rock and lowered me carefully before warming my skin again with his breath and lips, covering both breasts and my torso. He lifted the hem of my skirt. “It’s time,” he murmured against my pelvis, his breath hot through the fabric. My hips writhed in anticipation. I heard him snigger. “I see it works. I can smell your excitement. Oh, yeah,” he said, the skirt now pulled right up to my hips, the cool air over my bare skin, his finger approaching my labia.

We gasped together when his finger reached its destination. “Oh, sweet stranger, I can’t believe it,” he muttered, chuckling, while lowering his mouth to kiss my cunt. He lifted his head slightly. “I thought at first you had on pale flesh-coloured underwear.” He laughed, then his mouth settled over my cunt and his wonderfully soft lips and tongue began prodding and sucking on it like a creature feeding with growing intensity. I lifted my knees, spreading my thighs wide; his hands tilted me up to better feed his mouth, as a great tingle spread through my cunt and I stifled my cry of ecstasy so it sounded like a deep-throated groan. “Oh you like that,” he breathed against me. “Such a horny stranger. I can’t believe you go out walking like this. Lucky you ran into me.” He pulled his head back and looked at me.

“I think so, too,” I managed. My pelvis gyrated, trying to lure his mouth back.

“Not had enough?”

“Barely,” I said. His mouth covered me again, then his finger circled my opening. His tongue darted in, his lips soft and hot, twitching about in me. I moaned and pulled his head in to me. His finger flicked over my clit, his finger slid back in; it felt like two. His mouth covered my clit and sucked, as yet more fingers filled my opening, pushing in, turning about when my hips danced invitingly, pulling out, sliding back in. I moaned again.

His mouth came away, he climbed up over me, his smooth cock-head sliding up between my folds.

“My super-horny, sweet stranger,” he breathed as his hand slid over my chest, taking a breast and squeezing the nipple between his fingers. “My sweet slut, so open to me. Here, I’ll fuck you now. Do you want it?”

“Mmm…” I had known him about half an hour at the most and I was already being intimate with him. This was not like me; but this was unlike any experience, and he was unlike any man that I’d had before.

“I’ll only give it to you if you want it. Really want it.”

I wondered if he could hear my struggle, or if he struggled as well? But he seemed genuinely turned on. My hands slid over his chest, tweaking his own nipples, my hips rising up over the head of his cock, feeling it roll like a glorious ball against my clit. My hands moved down and behind him, grabbing his firm ass-cheeks. It promised to be sweet, but even this was beautiful…

“I do. Especially from you.”

“Yeah? You want a good fucking like only a young buck can do?”

He buried his head against my neck. His cock-head slid down, deliberately avoiding entering my cunt, his own hips moving against my thighs, his cock sliding lower and over my anus. His cock shaft slickened with my juice.

“A young buck never gets enough. How much can you handle?” His cock pressed alluringly at my anus.

I spread my legs up higher and wider, moving my pelvis against him. “I doubt I’ll have had enough after one run. But –”

“So maybe you can keep up with me?”

“I’m debating –” I shifted my pelvis downward and upward, while between my fingertips I twirled his small, tight nipple “—how much I should hold you off, since this anticipation is –”

“It’s good, very good. I see the appeal. But I thought you really wanted a good hard fuck?”

“Mmm, I do.” I lifted my head to the free nipple and flicked my tongue over it. My pelvis tilted at such an angle that the length of his cock was swaddled by my labia. I slid up and down against him; he moaned against my neck. “But I love this, feeling you, feeling this crazy passion. It’s so hot, I love this heat, and this ache, it happens so rarely… I’ve not felt such desire for so long, and when it happened before, I let it end so soon after it started.”

He lifted himself on his hands and looked down at me. “That’s very beautiful,” he said, looking over my face and my chest; his cock slid languorously up between my labia. “It’s like poetry.”

I slid my foot up against his calf, his hair soft and silky between my toes. “Sex is like poetry, it’s an art that stimulates the mind, all the senses, and can be — spiritual, when it’s done patiently, tempering and controlling the passion.”

His cock stopped its motions, his eyes stared into mine, flicked to my mouth, then back to my eyes. He lowered his mouth to mine, kissing me slowly, then his tongue delved inside, tasting me; his hips began to move again, sliding his cock between my labia like earlier.

“Mmm, yes, tasting the fruit is the experience, not just racing to swallow it down,” he said, when he’d moved his mouth from mine.

“Yeah… You’re getting cold. Should we move from here?”

Surprisingly, he agreed. “Will you show me more of the forest?” he asked, pulling on his trunks. His erection pressed out in protest against the nylon.

“Of course,” Is aid, and began doing up my bra and buttons. He helped me get down from the rock.

“Can I make a request?” he asked.

“What is that?”

“Can you lift up your skirt as we go, so I can watch your ass?”

I giggled, but lifted it up as he asked. I started to the trail, but he caught my hand. “Hold on, my nameless slut. Let me tuck this up for you.”

He knelt behind me, his hands sliding up over my thighs, my buttocks, then parting my cheeks as he buried his face between them, his tongue trailing between each hole. I tilted my pelvis back and up, arching my back, and felt his tongue reach up my cunt, and I rocked against his mouth.

He stood up behind me and pulled me against him, pressing his cock between my buttocks.

“You’re right, you know,” he said, bending his moist mouth to my neck. “Once we’re ready, this fuck is going to be incredibly sweet.”

We started on the trail, which had grown darker with the setting sun. As we walked along, I’d feel his hand caress my buttock, glide over it, his fingers reaching between my thighs. I slowed my pace, tilting my ass towards him, allowing his finger to slide up inside me, and I made sure to lower my body onto his hand, then, to my surprise, he slid a finger into my anus. I gasped, and stopped. He pressed against my back, one hand sliding up my shirt to unclasp my bra and cup my breast while the other groped deeper into me, and I bore down against him. Inside me, his fingers pressed together. I gasped again, writhing against him.

“Oh, my little slut. I love how you squeeze me… you like this?” His fingers wriggled up and down in both holes. “How about just this one?” His finger slid from my cunt while the other slid higher into my anal canal. I moaned and pressed against him.

“You do, don’t you? Then think how much you’ll love this,” he said, pressing his stiff cock against me, just beneath where his hand was. “Imagine this, way up inside you, and you riding on it, and fucking it hard and deep… it will be nice, won’t it?”

I swallowed hard. It had been a long time since I’d been fucked anally. And it had been interesting, although my partner at the time had found my request too strange to perform more than once.

My breath caught in my throat. “You’d like to do that, too? You’re not just teasing me?”

He chuckled. “I would not tease you about that. My cock is burning to get up your tight ass. I just wanted to make sure you’d be into it.”

I turned around, causing his hand to slide away over my hip. I slid my hands in different directions over his body, one spreading between his pectorals, the other sliding under his waistband and enfolding his stiff cock; it quivered in my grip. “I am,” I said, and he lowered his mouth to mine, his hands cupping my ass and pulling me against him. His tongue flicked over mine.

“You’re too much,” he murmured, pulling away. I turned back to the trail and started off again, slowly. My thighs and ass shivered from the cool air, while my swollen labia pressed between them and ached for the touch of this stranger’s hand, or mouth, it didn’t matter which.

We were a long time wandering the trails, stopping from time to time for him to suck my clit and press his fingers into my cunt and anus, and again for me to explore his cock and scrotum, under the rising moonlight. My hand slid vigorously up and down his cock’s shaft, my tongue had licked away the clear drops emerging from the slit, and we were ready. I had even stopped worrying if someone would come across us on the trail, and hoped instead someone would, just to be caught in this very mis-behaving antic. I wasn’t terribly into fucking while standing, as there was nowhere to recline. But he pulled away. “As much as I’d love to fuck you right here, if anyone came along, they’d probably think I was raping you…”

“I don’t live far away. Come with me,” I said.

“Yeah? You’d like having me in the privacy of your own home?”

“Yes, it’d be more comfortable, if you agree, of course.”

He pulled out the hem of my skirt and let it fall, then pulled on his t-shirt. He pulled me against his long hard body. “I agree. I’m here for your enjoyment.” He kissed my mouth softly. We headed for the boardwalk, his arm around my waist and his hand warming my skin under my shirt, his fingers flicking over my skin. My cunt pulsed fiercely, with my juices bubbling from between my labia as we walked. A young couple passed us walking the other way, and I grew more excited as my partner pulled me closer against him.

The back entrance to my flat was in shadows. His hand caressed my ass as I fumbled with the key in the lock, then we climbed the two sets of stairs to the top floor, and my flat. I let him in.

“I live alone,” I said, closing the door behind us. “It’s a sturdy house, and the floors and walls are well-insulated. It’s hard to hear anything through them.” I showed him around. “Welcome, stranger,” I said, as we entered the living room.

“Thanks. Your place is so… dignified. Are you sure you’re the same horny slut I met on the boardwalk?” he asked, leaning against a doorframe.

I dragged my hands up through the fabric of my skirt, and planted my hands on my hips. “Why don’t you taste me and find out?”

He approached me and untied the string at the waist of my skirt and it slid down my legs. He dropped down to his knees, burying his nose between my thighs and prodding his tongue into my cunt. I sighed.

“It is you. Here, let me bring you somewhere more comfortable for playing with you. Like here.” With one easy move, he had lifted me into his arms, one under my knees, the other under my shoulders, and he had carried me easily to the white plush sheep’s skin rug in front of the double-French doors that opened onto the balcony. He lowered me carefully, pulling a pillow close for my head. His fingers started undoing my buttons, and he waved away my fingers when I made to help. He smoothed my shirt aside, pulling it gently from my shoulders. His strong hands gently caressed my shoulders, pulled off my bra, pinched each nipple into tight nibs, then lowered his mouth to each, flicking them with his tongue, then pressing them between his teeth. I moaned and pulled at his shirt, and he pulled it off and quickly shed his trunks. He stretched out next to me, pulling me close against him. His cock seared my pelvis and my cunt pounded achingly for it.

“Do you think it’s time yet? I’ll just prime you a little first.”

His lips trailed kisses over my body, all culminating at my cunt, which he tilted up to his face as he knelt between my knees, and he began sucking and lapping at my cunt as I writhed against him.

“You have a beautiful mouth,” I said. “I love how you feed on me; I love how juicy you make me.”

“Mmm, juicy all right. Ohh, and it’s so hot! Could I open the doors, and let in some air?” he asked.

I chuckled. “Sure. But there’s a pervert across the street who sometimes looks in.”

“Even better,” he said, and rose to open the doors. A fresh scent of roses wafted in.

He lay upside down to me, crawling along until his mouth had reached my cunt and he started fucking me with his tongue. I spread my legs wide, tilting my pelvis, while my head tilted upwards, and his cock slid into my mouth. My tongue traced the outside of it as the head bored into the back of my throat, and he moaned deep, his fingers thrusting into my cunt and anus. His hips began thrusting his cock in and out of my throat, I felt my throat squeeze on his head, his scrotum bounce against my lips; I moaned. His fingers fucked me in rhythm with his thrusts into my throat, and when I thought I would burst, I felt him shudder, then a hot stream sprayed into my throat. I slid my mouth back, circling my tongue around the exploding head of his cock, caressing it with strokes. The hot cum sprayed again across my mouth. Quickly, he had pulled himself from me and spun around, his mouth covered in my juices, plunged into mine, his tongue lapping his cum from my mouth, our musk mingling over our faces.

“Are you ready now?” he asked and I nodded.

His cock, despite its recent ejaculation, still entered me stiffly, pressed easily through my slippery lips and right up, as I raised my hips to him.

“Oh, god, you are most sweet. Mmm, I love how I fit you, you can take my full length, like this,” he said and pressed up into me, I gasped and sighed, he extracted his prick, then plunged down deep again. “That’s so sweet, my slut, listen how wet you are, ’cause I’ve not come again. I’ll save that for your sweet ass, okay?”

He bent down to kiss me, his hand against my cheek.

“Okay,” I said.

“But first, I promised to fuck you like a buck.” He started thrusting in and out of me with more intensity with each thrust, his pelvis slapping against my thighs as his eyes closed in concentration. I writhed over the plush carpet, as the heat concentrated in my cunt began to trickle to my clit, and finally I wasn’t thrusting back at him, just vibrating and quivering against the sound of his grunts and the slopping of my cunt.

“I’ve got to taste you,” he said, extracting his cock swiftly so I jumped, his mouth landed on my cunt and started feasting again. My clit began a pleasant explosion of its own.

The spray misted past his tongue, and he exclaimed in surprise, but held his tongue down and I writhed in ecstasy, moaning, and felt the gush explode again; he closed his mouth over my cunt and clit, his tongue sliding into my cunt, his fingers slipping up my anus and beginning to thrust in and out. I gasped, writhing, and felt the blissful explosion rock me again, my clit burning with rapture as it fed this beautiful young stranger.

“Oh you sweet slut!” he said. “I’ll fuck you some more, just to show my appreciation. Open wide for your buck now! I’m bigger than I was a while ago, feel?”

He definitely was, with his rock-hard cock pushing to get back into my spasm-ing cunt, but it did, and I groaned as he filled me with his length and breadth, my head thrashing about.

“Let me roll over,” he said, and went onto his back. “Want to sit on my face? I bet a slut like you loves a good face-ride…”

I did. “Alright,” I said, lowering my cunt over his face, and his tongue resumed licking and fucking my cunt, my mouth reclaimed his delicious cock and felt him once again fill my throat. The angle was perfect, with my legs spread and his cock thrusting into my throat. I moaned, pressing my clit into his mouth.

“Now a cock-ride… I’m getting ready to explode again.”

I spun around, climbing back onto his cock with my dripping, stretched-out pussy, the spasms squeezing him, until his own head thrashed from side to side.

“Oh fuck, you’re good. But if we don’t switch holes I’ll end up cumming…”

I eased off him, and, still suspended over him, I then pressed myself down with my anus over his cock. For a last preparation, he sunk a finger into my cunt then slipped over and into my anus until it glided easily.

I moaned in bliss, while my cunt throbbed with heat.

“Let me fuck you like a real buck does. Are you ready? I’ll go slow, you’re so tight, my sweet slut.”

I relaxed, exhaling deeply. He held his cock at a perfect angle, and his entry was soon completed; once the fatter head had squeezed in, the thinner shaft eased in with a deepening thrust. We moaned together.

“I haven’t done this in so long,” I breathed. “It’s good that you’re so open-minded.”

“It’s better that you’re so tight. Holy fuck, I’m about to explode again!” he said, thrusting madly up into me, so I needn’t have moved at all. His dark head thrashed, his hands pulled on my hips, as his spilled long and hard into my depths.

When I looked up and out through the opened doors, I saw the man sitting near his window, slightly to the side, his silhouette darker against the dimness behind him.

“Now I want to fuck you from behind, with you already full of my cum,” my lover breathed heavily, his hands closing over my breast.

He held me captive against his rock hard chest, while his searing cock re-entered by ass, again slowly, but gliding up easily through his self-lubricant. Kneeling together, his hands squeezed my breasts, mine gripped his hips behind mine, and his cock fucked me long and hard. His pace had slowed a little, but it just made the strokes intense, and soon I was aching and twitching from orgasms. Then he began to thrust quicker, harder and deeper, faster, and I cried out, leaning forward and bracing against his arms. He fucked me madly and furiously then he cried out and his cock gave a lurch inside me and my ass filled with a steamy heat. He pounded hard again into the mix, his cum squishing loudly like lather, and my cunt quivered with another orgasm of its own, my hot cum spewing from my clit and rolling down to sweeten his own.

Dillan’s cock was swollen the next morning when his nameless slut awoke and started preparing to go to work. He fell back to sleep, and regretted it when he heard the door close as she left.

He sat up, looking around, and finally swung his feet to the floor. He passed his hand through his hair and looked across the bed he’d just woken in.

What the hell had happened last night?

Dumbfounded, he recalled the events following his meeting with Joel. He reached down to grab his cock, then quickly retracted his hand. “Fuck,” he muttered. It was tender from the hard use during the night. He wandered to the kitchen when he found a note to him.

“Sorry, duty calls. Lock the door on your way out, please. It was a great night, thanks, stranger. Maybe I’ll see you again, sometime.”

“Fuck!” he muttered again.

He had a shower, using her soap, her shampoo, rubbing himself, rinsing, scrubbing again. He realized he wanted to prolong his experience of her as long as he could, even if it was only to be near her stuff.

“What are the odds?” he asked himself. “Not high at all,” he said, as though in response.

He was exhilarated, more than he had ever been with any other girl, including the few he’d thought himself in love with, only to find out he wasn’t. But this stranger, this older woman, had accepted his bold offer, and now had left him alone in her apartment; had trusted even to take him to her home, sharing with him the most private aspect of herself, while he had only acted on a bet, a mere wager. Well, he had taken the lead; but he felt no excitement about telling Joel.

When he saw the time, he cursed again. He a class at 10:30 and didn’t want to miss it. He went to straighten the blankets on the bed. When he checked his appearance in a mirror over a dresser, he noticed the sheet of paper, with Municipal Library Schedule: Julie Blake. Today’s date was circled. Hmmm. Julie Blake.

Part of the mystique vanished, but he found he wanted to hold her even more now, so he could whisper her name to her.

I couldn’t wear underwear; my labia were swollen and raw. I wore a daring light-weight skirt that ended above my knees. I put on lipstick, which I never wore, and left the stranger sleeping in my bed.

The streetcar was packed, but I pushed my way to the back. The seats were filled, so I stopped to hold a bar. Next to me sat an older man, glasses at the end of his nose, reading a newspaper. With the swaying of the streetcar, my leg occasionally rubbed his arm as he held the paper. He wore a summer suit jacket and eventually removed it, his arm brushing against my thighs as he did so, at which point he looked up, somewhat abashed, and muttered, “Excuse me.” My labia ached, my clit burned, my anus ached, all irresistibly craving more. A drop of fluid escaped from my anus and began a slow descent down my thigh. The car swayed forward coming to a stop, and in the bustling of passengers, I leaned over him, against him, and felt his fingers tickle my knee, and slide up my thigh.

I should have pulled away, should have moved elsewhere, although the space didn’t open up around me. The droplet trickled down my thigh, and would have arrived at his finger. I knew I was bad, allowing this past night of unchecked sex with a complete stranger, whose name I had refused to find out; now secretly allowing another stranger’s hand to rest on my thigh under my skirt on this crowded, early morning public transportation? I squeezed my thighs as though to counter the need to make sense of myself, catching the man’s finger’s, then I moved my outer leg forward and crouched slightly, as though interested in something out the window. He took the opportunity to slide his hand up higher on my thigh, his fingers stretching until the tips collided with my labia, and I inhaled with surprise, then stood up, and the hand slid down. Under cover of the newspaper, suddenly his hand appeared, then approached his mouth as though in concentrated thought, and I watched as his tongue touched his fingertip lightly. His watery eyes rose up to me — I caught them briefly, before turning away to make my way to the door; my stop was coming up.

The Municipal Library was a large building, with several floors of books, audio and video, and private alcoves where readers could take refuge. It was just three blocks from campus, and Dillan had been looking forward all through the lecture to going there when it was done. He had started a list of subjects he needed to research, while thinking up how to find Julie Blake at the same time. He had ignored the folded bits of paper that kept appearing on his notebook.

At the end of class, Erica, a sexy brunette he’d romped with on occasion, sidled up to him, sliding a hand up over his arm. “How are you doing, Dillan? Joel says you’re desperate. Need some time down and out, hun?”

He felt his blood-pressure rise in his neck, and stiffened. “No thanks, Erica. Joel doesn’t know what he’s talking about.”

Joel at the moment clapped him on the shoulder. “So you get lucky last night, my man? She was nicely shaped, if not a little older, eh? So was she a cougar? You have that satisfied glow about you. Come on, man! Don’t leave me hanging. Is our score still even, or are you one screw up on me?”

Erica laughed. “What kind of deal do you guys have going now? Look, if you needed points, you could always call me instead of chasing down strange, older women.”

“But that’s part of the hungry-dick wager,” Joel said proudly. “To convince as many older women as possible into a satisfying fuck with a buck. Young women don’t count; they’re too willing. And a hungry buck is best satisfied by the sweet acceptance of a horny, older woman. Isn’t that so, Dillan?”

His mind was back to the erotic images in his mind, with the smell of her passion still sweet in his nostrils and on his tongue.

Joel laughed heartily. “See the dazed look in his eyes? Bet he’s re-living the night right now! Nothing like the flavour of a mature woman, is there?”

Erica made an annoyed expression and stormed off with a jerk of her long brown mane.

“Man, I can’t believe you were right. I didn’t expect it at all,” Dillan finally said.

“So you got the point? Any bonus marks?”


“Yeah, remember? Extra points for each fuck over the night, five extra for anal, each time.

Dillan counted in his mind. “Well then I did pretty good. What, four rounds a piece.”

“Fuck! I hope I have the same luck as you on my attempt.”

“When you doing yours?”

“Tomorrow, downtown.”

“Good luck then, especially since you’ve obviously waited so long. I’m going to try mine again today, in the Romance section of the library.”

Joel laughed. He waved, heading off in another direction. Dillan headed to the exit, and into the sunny day. After leaving Julie’s apartment, he had gone to his own room in a house he shared with four other students. He had changed into an open-necked white shirt and loose khaki shorts.

He headed down the busy street to the library. It was just past 12:30. The library was cool and dark compared to outside. He approached the information desk, but didn’t see her. A middle-aged woman approached, attractive, with dyed blonde hair.

“Is Julie in today? Julie Blake?” he smiled.

“Yes, normally she’s on the third floor, in classical literature.”

He thanked her and headed to the stairs. The stairwell was warm as he climbed. He heard giggling ahead, and on the next landing he saw two teen-age girls who blushed when they saw him. One said Hello, and he did, too, but carried on to the third floor. “Don’t forget we’re here, if you’re looking for a good time,” one girl called after him, and he chuckled.

“Sorry, you’re too young for me,” he said, and continued on up the stairs, then emerged on the third floor, where he decided to stroll around.

He went to a terminal and typed in the subjects he wanted to research, so he’d have excuses to wander the aisles. He jotted down call-numbers and headed down the first aisle. As he walked through the aisles he could see through the book shelves to the next aisle, and he used this to look for her. He didn’t see her. Eventually, he approached the information desk. She was sitting right there, straight-backed, angled away from him, as she studied the computer screen.

“Excuse me, I wonder if you might help me find something,” he started, then looked down at his note sheet, “I’m cross-referencing psychology and erotic literature, and wonder if you might make some suggestions?”

He saw from his peripheral vision that she had looked up at him, but he’d kept his head tilted down, while still certain she’d seen it was him.

“Sure, let’s start down here, with D.H. Lawrence.” She came out from behind the counter and walked past him to an aisle, and he followed her. The tight pink skirt she wore hugged her shapely ass, and he swallowed as he watched it sway from side to side as she walked.

“How… deep into classical literature do you want to go?” she asked, and he smiled at her innuendo. “I mean, what range are you examining? How early, how late?”

“I was thinking up to the ’70’s, like L. Cohen. But 1800’s that’s early enough. Does that seem too broad?”

She shrugged her shoulders. “Depends on the subject, I suppose, and how detailed you want to be.”

He followed her to the next aisle, then to another, which became more and more secluded.

“Here we go,” she said, turning to a shelf and sliding her finger along, and extracted a book. “Madame Bovary by G Flaubert. Did you think you’d fool me?”

“No, I was hoping I wouldn’t. But I am researching a paper. Lucky to find you, eh?” he smiled, feeling foolish.

“Yeah… what were the odds…”

He smiled. “Well, since I’ve run into you, I should tell you, I — I had a terrific time with you… I mean, I thought I’d dreamt it when I woke up…”

She stared at him dully, without saying a work, while he felt his smile dissipate.

“Maybe you did.”

“Obviously I didn’t.”

“Maybe I made a mistake.”

He felt like she’d hit him in the solar plexus. “I don’t think you did.”

“Well, listen. It was foolish, giving in to you. I can’t believe I did it. I don’t even know your name.”

She paused. He said quietly, “It’s Dillan, Julie.”

Her face reddened and she turned on her heel and marched off to the end of the aisle. He chased after her.

“Wait, Julie! Please!”

She slowed her step.

“I’m sorry,” he said. “I know it was… out of the ordinary… but, I would like to see you again. Will you?”

“I’m not sure yet. You must leave.”

He tried to assure himself the devastation would pass, this after a night of heavy drinking and wallowing in his sorrows, with a young woman vying for his attention, which he denied her. There was only one woman completely filling his mind and he couldn’t think of anyone else.

Joel took great joy from his friend’s demise. “Don’t worry about it. There’s more waiting for you. Why don’t you try selling yourself? There’s all kinds of wealthy dames looking for boy-toys.”

“Right. Fuck off. If it weren’t for your brilliant wager, I wouldn’t be feeling like this.”

“It’s Fate, my friend. It doesn’t make sense to try to fight it.”

The last thing Dillan wanted to admit was that Joel was right, again. Then he corrected himself: the last thing he wanted to admit was that Julie didn’t want anything to do with him. Next to that, he really didn’t care if Joel was right or wrong. It didn’t matter, and nor did the money they’d wagered.

I deliberately didn’t return to the boardwalk for several days. I didn’t want to chance that he’d be there, that he was trying to pick up other women. I watched my street from my balcony, until I was certain he wouldn’t happen by. Instead, I saw only the voyeur-neighbour, stealthily retreating from his window when I glanced his way.

It didn’t matter, I tried telling myself; it’ll drift away and become forgotten, like a wave on the beach. I wanted desperately to forget him, but my cunt suddenly gave an angry kick in protest. But I had told him I had made a mistake. He would have moved on by now, and eventually that shocked, disappointed look of his face when I told him those cold words would evaporate from my memory. Eventually.

Then I decided to return to the boardwalk, to watch the waves on the beach.

The evening was cool, clouds blew in from the south across the lake. It was an excuse to dress warmly. I didn’t want to chance attracting another man of any age, as I seemed to be attracting more of them lately.

Even as I pulled on long pants, I recalled clearly Dillan’s body sleeping naked in my bed, his young flawless body all mine to enjoy for the night. I had foolishly allowed myself to let him in, get under my skin. I had to purge him, even as my body ached for his touch, to feel his hot strength, his youthful energy. I wanted him more than ever, yet I had told him to go, and I didn’t know how to find him.

If you love someone, let them go…

It rhymed off in my head as I walked to the boardwalk. The wind was cold and strong. Beyond the clouds, the sun was setting, and the waves crashed onto the beach with tumultuous intensity, throwing themselves with cascading spray across the sand, rolling up onto the beach over each other, then retreating as one back to the lake, the surging beast.

Sounds of a jazz band reached me across a park, and with the wind’s encouragement I headed off, away from the boardwalk. Beyond the park, on the busy street, the lights of a bar beckoned, and I headed to it.

Joel was trying to even his score with Dillan, who still moped, and worse, wanted to call off the wager.

“Let’s check out the jazz ensemble. Sure place to find hungry older ladies.” He instructed Dillan about what to wear, eventually convincing him that a black shirt and dress pants were better than blue jeans and a t-shirt.

“And don’t tell me you don’t care. You’ll be thanking me later.”

Dillan didn’t even bother cursing him; he was in it till tomorrow, and Joel had gained twelve points this week. Tomorrow was the deadline. And if Joel got lucky again tonight, he might be the winner, and then Dillan would be stuck paying the $1000. If he lost he might have to consider Joel’s suggestion of prostitution for wealthy older women just to make it through the next two years of his degree.

He was disappointed to see the same neighbourhood where Julie’s flat was. But at her memory, his cock began to engorge.

“I’ll get the first round,” Joel said, and Dillan looked around, willing his cock to relax. The place was already filling up. The band was between songs, and preparing to start up again. Joel presented him with a drink and turned to peruse the crowd. He casually pointed out potential prospects for the evening, and planned the most advantageous places to make the most of the prospects. Dillan just stood alongside him, watching the band. Presently, Joel went back to the bar, and when he returned he reported on a beautiful lonely woman at the bar, definitely a prospect for one or both of them.

“I’m thinking she’s got a wild under-current, and might be into a threesome with a pair of roguishly handsome young bucks,” Joel laughed. Dillan reluctantly followed, unsure he was much into a threesome with anyone much less Joel and a strange woman.

Joel slowed his pace and leaned close to Dillan’s ear to whisper: “Let me approach her first. You go stand over there, and I’ll give you a signal when to come over.”

Dillan nodded, and went to stand where Joel had instructed. He glanced quickly at the woman and frowned. She was seated on a stool, with her back to him at the moment. She was plainly dressed, in beige top and bottoms, her dark hair was held back loosely with a clip. Joel had engaged her, was ordering her a drink; they conversed for several long minutes, while Dillan began wondering if he should look for a table. Finally, he saw Joel’s signal. He approached slowly.

The music was swinging and lively, with daring trumpet lines that made my shoulders want to shimmy seductively. It wasn’t lost on the young man who gallantly offered to buy me a drink; my magnetism was persisting. I decided it was still fun, and I would somehow, eventually, forget about the night with the stranger named Dillan.

Joel, this other young man, was smooth-talking and terribly handsome, perhaps more so than Dillan, but contrasting him with his golden hair and green eyes. He was in all honesty perfect to look upon. My cunt betrayed me by beginning to pulsate against the tight crotch of my pants. I had chosen then for their lack of sexiness but perhaps that had no affect over fate. If Joel hadn’t approached me soon after I had come in, two other men had signaled their interest in me. Joel was by far the youngest of these men, and the most handsome. Until Dillan, the men I’d had sex with had been my age or slightly older. But Dillan had out-shone them all, and I still couldn’t get him from my mind. The idea of trying out another young man certainly appealed to my lower senses. I smiled at him, before looking away.

He was making an endless stream of chatter, about the band, his studies at university, his love of beautiful women, then asked my thoughts on younger men, and if I thought one had a chance with an older woman; I said, probably. I saw him look over my shoulder.

“What kind of chance would two have?”

My eyes bulged. “Two?” I took a drink.

He smiled, and motioned beside me, as another young fellow approached the bar and stopped next to me. I turned his way. No doubt, the shock was plain on my face.

“Dillan,” I said, re-gaining my composure. He looked better than I remembered, and more dashing than Joel tonight.

“Julie. How are you?” he asked, clearly shocked as well.

“What? You know each other?” Joel asked with a laugh.

“Yes, well…” Dillan started, his cheeks reddening.

“Yes, we met last week,” I answered, replacing my glass.

“Last week? Dillan, this isn’t the woman you’ve been so love-sick over, is it?”

Love-sick? I looked up at Dillan.

Before he could answer, Joel was laughing again.

“You have no idea, do you?” he asked me.

“Idea about what?”

“What you’ve put this lad through!” he said. “Here we’re supposed to be rescuing beautiful, lonely women with our, um, energetic youthfulness, and you end up occupying his thoughts so he won’t consider anyone else, not even young beautiful girls!”

“I had no idea that you were on a mission.” I cast a wary glance at Dillan.

“You must have had your suspicions, though,” Joel said, sending my heart to fall inside my chest. I felt the anger about being foolish begin to grow in me again.

“I had my suspicions, yes,” I admitted. “Is that why you tracked me down at the library?”

“You’re a librarian?” Joel practically cried, clearly finding this amusing. “But what about my original question, then,” he went on, looking at Dillan expectantly. “You enjoyed one young buck, what would you say to two?”

“No, Joel, don’t –” Dillan started.

I put my hand over his arm. “It’s okay, Dillan. He can ask.”

“And you can answer?”

“Let me think about it,” I said, and took another drink.

Joel gallantly ordered me another drink when mine neared empty. Dillan stood by awkwardly. He was quiet until Joel excused himself to the men’s room.

“So I blew your mission,” I finally said. He reddened and my cunt gave a pulse.

“No, I did.”

“How so?”

“You heard Joel. I… got in over my head.”

I turned the ice in my drink. “Wasn’t it the other way around?”


“Your head… got in… deep.”

He coughed. “Yes, I suppose it did.”

“I’ve never had it… so deep.”

His eyes widened. “So you did like it?”

“I couldn’t deny that,” I said low, and he heard me, despite the whooping crowd as the band finished their set.

“But, what was really the point of your mission?”

He took a deep breath. “That was Joel’s idea…”

“Which was –”

“Um, well, it kind of goes with the adage of young men being more suited—sexually—for older women, based on the sexual peaks…”

“I see…”

“And, when a young — man — can’t find anything — satisfying, well, he starts to consider other — options…”

“So, how did you come to be on the boardwalk that night?”

“That was Joel’s idea, too…”

“Talking about me?” Joel interjected, having returned. “Hope it’s all good?”

“I was just asking Dillan about your ‘mission.'”

“Oh, yes? And he’s still winning. I’d just like to even the score,” he said. Beside me, Dillan shifted uncomfortably.

“What’s the score, then?” I asked, smiling.

“Let’s see… at last count, what, 24 to 16? Isn’t that right, Dillan? After you, he took the lead.”

“Oh, I see.” I caught Dillan throwing Joel a menacing look. “So, what’s the point of keeping a score?”

“We made a deal. A wager,” Joel said, still smiling amicably.

“Well, what’s the wager?”

The two exchanged glances.

“Just a deal between friends,” Joel finally answered.

“Mmm… and how will your points add up if I accept you both?”

Joel chuckled. “That depends. But it would probably still leave Dillan in the lead.” Each of us was silent for a moment. “It almost sounds as if you’re considering it.”

“Almost. But an old gal like me tires quickly. And the band’s on a break. I think I might head home now. School night, you know. Thanks for the drinks, Joel.”

They exchanged puzzled, yet disappointed looks. I stood up from the stool, took my jacket from the back, and said good-night to them both before I took the chance of deepening this confusion. My cunt spasmed as I headed to the door, and I jumped involuntarily. It wasn’t happy.

Dillan hadn’t waited long after Julie’s departure.

“Secrecy was part of the pact. You told her there’s a wager. Consider it moot.”

“What do you mean? I was going to whip your butt,” his friend managed the slightest implication of guilt but Dillan wasn’t as worried as before, and Joel knew he was right, and was graciously succumbing to defeat.

“Uh huh,” Dillan muttered, swallowed back his drink in one shot, then put the glass down firmly.

“You forced me into approaching her in the first place, and if I ever marry her, I’ll ask you to be my best-man. But for now, I’m going to get her. See you.” He left his friend gaping after him.

She was already ahead by two full blocks and Dillan picked up his pace. She crossed the street and he followed, just beyond her vision. Traffic was sparse. He slowed to a walk as he approached her. She stopped before he had made his presence known, and turning, stepped backwards. She turned her eyes on him, glaring at first, then softening to a near-smile and look of relief, which transformed into annoyance.

“It’s you.”

“Hi. I thought I’d walk you home. Keep any potential trouble at bay.”

“Hmph.” She let her gaze, under a frown, drop to his feet and move up him again to his dark eyes. “What do you want?”

He straightened his back, his chest expanding. “You.”

“And how much is that worth to you? Because I doubt young fancy bucks like you and your friend make wagers for nothing.”

“No, you’re right, it was for a sum of money, but it’s off now.”

“How convenient.”

“No really. When he told you, he blew it. Anyway, that still sounds — insensitive. The whole thing was, and I was trying to get out of it, but he wouldn’t let me.” He looked down at his hands. “I know, that’s not very redeeming. But it’s the truth. You know what happened after that.”

He searched her eyes boldly. “And, I don’t know how I feel about it. I mean, it was supposed to be emotion-free. But, what you did to me was… deeper than emotion-free. I’ve never felt like this before. Before you. So, I guess I have to be thankful that everything turned out as it did, or I wouldn’t have met you.” He impressed himself, was astounded by the quiver that pinched his chin, the burn in his eyes as they teared up. He blinked quickly. She came towards him, looping her arm through his.

“I’ll let you walk me home.”

“Yes, it was a strange way that we met,” I said. “I couldn’t have done that with anyone else. And I never did before.”

“Well, I might’ve purposefully met a girl for the sake of sex, but it was always at parties, you know. Never on the boardwalk. I didn’t want to do it.”

We walked in silence for a while. I was barely aware of the city around us, fully focussed on the feel of Dillan’s arm against mine, the side of his chest against my arm, his intense energy that was warming me.

“But you’re much younger than me.”

“That’s not fair,” he said, grinning. “What of it?”

“You’ve had less time to have kept carrying out your mission. I, on the other hand, have had many years to enjoy debauchery.”

“I’m not going to argue with you,” he joked. “It was still a new experience for you –”


“—and a pleasant one –”


“—and satisfying –”

I said nothing. We turned down my street.

“—and? Satisfying?”

Still, I said nothing.

“I see. You’re too kind to admit it. But admit what?” He rubbed his chin. “Not satisfied? Or satisfied?” he held out his hands, turning the palms up, as though weighing each possibility on them.

“Could I have satisfied you in one night? No. You told me yourself it would take a lot.”

“Did I say that?” We turned on to the walk-way to my apartment.

“Yes, you did,” he said from behind me on the front steps.

When I turned to him with the door held open, I saw he was looking across the street, and I followed his gaze. Dillan’s hand came up in a wave to the man, whose shadow ducked from the second floor window of the house across the street. He was in for another gratifying night.

Dillan had just closed the apartment door and turned around when he found himself with the arms of a woman clutching his shoulders, her lips on his, his mouth opening to be probed by her tongue. He closed his eyes blissfully, his hands settling around her waist as he let himself fall against the door under her force. Her hands groped fiercely over his chest, impatient with the fabric of his shirt as they tugged on it.

“Hold on, baby. Let me get the buttons. This shirt was expensive.” He undid the cuffs and pulled the lot over his head. “There.”

Julie was upon him again, caressing his shoulders, then scratching her nails down his arms, arousing him quickly. He ran his hands over her arms in return, bending his head to her neck and sucking on her skin. When she clawed his shoulders, arching her chest into his, he let his teeth sink into her skin slow and hard. She groaned deep. His cock pressed against her belly. How he wanted to be in her again.

He pulled himself from her, and with a quick grip he had pulled her shirt apart, buttons popping and flying, and it fell open. He reached under her knees and lifted her up easily. He pressed his mouth into hers, his tongue darting in to taste hers, and carried her to the bedroom. As he lowered her onto her bed, her teeth caught his lip and she bit.

“Ah!” he cried, his lip still between her teeth.

She let go to say, “Were you going to ask me if I wanted to take you to my bed?”

He looked down at her beautiful mouth and said, “Absolutely. But my lip was in your teeth.” He gently touched the wound. “Would you care for a nice fuck in your bed, Madame?”

She sat up straight, pulling off the torn shirt and examined it. “I’ve had this shirt for 18 years, and no one’s ever done that to it.”

“I was… inspired,” he said, rubbing his arms where she had clawed him.

“Oh, look at you, you pour baby. Let me lick you.”

When she had licked his chest, she lowered her focus to his dress pants. “You look so — debonair in black. Sort of, dangerous.”

She stood against him, kneeling on the bed.

“Are you afraid?” he asked, as he unclasped her bra carefully.

“No. Not exactly. I was hoping for a bit of danger. Something that might even… hurt a little.”

He pulled back in surprise. “Really?”

“It goes with the anticipation, the intensity.”

“Ah, yes.”

She had quickly darted her hand to his waistband and deftly undid the button and zip, then her hand managed the same with her own. He had them torn from her in a second, and was crawling over her, his cock easily finding her pulsating cunt, already slick — and it swallowed his cock. He felt her soft labia swelling around the base of his prick, and when he slid out, then in, the cool air and her hot interior, and her labia seemed to kiss him. He moaned when she squeezed hard on him, with the head of his cock pounding deep inside her.

Her slim hands grasped his forearms as her head thrashed about wildly. He felt the gush of her passion flood against his pelvis, and as he continued to rock against her intensely her wetness made delightful wet noises.

She vibrated against him, her legs twitching as though an electric current ran through her.

He held himself over her, supported on his hands. “That was fast. It’s barely been three minutes.”

“Sorry,” she said, her eyes glazed with bliss. “Guess I was over-excited.”

“Keeping too much bottled in, maybe.”


“But I’ll help you let out all that pent-up passion. And then, I’ll patiently teach you to let yourself fill back up again.”

“Oh? How will you do that?” she asked, her eyes focussing on him more clearly now.

“By helping you to temper your passion, discipline your desire. You’ll enjoy this even more, and your orgasms even wetter when you master the art of prolonging the experience, of riding the sensation.”

She laughed a light sweet sound in his ears.

“How do you plan to teach me that?”

“I’ve already waited this week before finding you again.”

She wrapped her arms about his neck, drawing him to her, while her legs coiled around his, and her cunt squeezed him hard. “Yes, a week takes much patience to get through. And I was so bad in the first place. I should never have told you to go. My cunt was very unhappy with me.”

“That must be why she’s so welcoming to me now. Doesn’t seem to want to let me go.”

“No, she’s very greedy.”

“So she’s bad too. Well, I better get to work teaching you and your cunt some discipline.” He pulled his cock from her as her cunt clamped down on him. He rolled her over and had her raise her ass into the air, bringing her knees up beneath her as she did.

The flat of his hand smacked her ass, close to her pussy, with a loud abrupt smack, and she jumped even as she felt her cunt give a quiver of delight.

“That made you hotter, didn’t it, you slut?”

“It did, but only because it was from you. Will you — will you smack me again?”

His hand hit her ass and cunt again, and she sighed. His mouth then covered her cunt, his tongue plunging into it, then darting into her anus.

“Oh, the neighbour,” she said, gasping in pleasure. “He can’t see us while we’re in the bedroom.”

He smacked her ass harder. “You fucking slut,” he murmured. Her clit swelled madly. “We’ll give him a show later. But for now, you need a solid ass-fucking.” He pressed the fat head of his cock against her anus and pushed, and with a delightful plop, his cock pressed inside, and she moaned in ecstasy, as another night of insatiable fucking began again. With a slight difference.

“Oh, Dillan…”

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