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Two Plus One Is Thrill

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It had been a very pleasant dinner – until she kissed me at the end.

On the sidewalk, just before Adrienne got into the taxi, she pressed her luscious body into mine, giggled for a second deep in her throat, and then kissed my lips passionately. Her sweet wet tongue darted into my mouth and explored.

After the initial shock, I kissed her back, drawing her to me, feeling her nipples hard under her silk shirt and flimsy bra.

As the evening light faded around us, our passion ignited rapidly. All I knew at that minute was the feel of Adrienne’s soft body in my arms, and the ache of my hardness pressing into her soft body. In the middle of downtown Washington DC, with cars whizzing by and people hurrying on their way around us, we kissed each other in the private bubble of the moment.

Except for the fact that her long-time boyfriend was standing right next to us, watching us with a smile on his face.

“I have to go, Alex, I … we’re late,” Adrienne said finally. “Are you ready, George?”

“I was ready to leave,” he replied with a grin. “But you seem to be ready for something else.”

“No, I … not today. We do have to go. But,” she paused while getting into the cab, looking back at me with her thousand-watt smile, “We’ll see you in a month, Alex?”

“I’ll be counting the moments,” I murmured as the cab zoomed away.

As I walked away, I thought about our dinner, as well as the promising end to it. I had enjoyed the dinner very much. The restaurant was exceptional, and we had a table in the corner of an airy patio where we still had some privacy. This was our first meeting, after I had seen a brief ad by them on the internet and had responded – and it had been agreed that all that was on the menu, besides the chateaubriand and the good champagne, was finding out more about one another.

And I liked what I found out about them – and it was clear that it was mutual. As our conversation ranged from politics, to literature, to light flirting, I discovered that Adrienne was an amazing woman with a learned, yet deliciously perverted, mind and a ravenous body. Her man, George, was urbane, sophisticated, but equally inventive in his desires. Both were highly successful in their fields, each with a PhD, epicurean, hedonistic, and plain fun.

At one point, Adrienne looked at me over her glass of champagne, her eyes brightly mischievous, and said, “I wonder how it would be to have three PhDs in bed together – do you think we can discover something new?”

George and I joined in her laughter, and I felt a pleasant coil of anticipation curl in my belly. These two were people who I would have found charming company, both intellectually and socially, in other circumstances. Add to the fact that we were casually discussing joining each other in bed …

But nothing happened that evening beyond the flirting and the risqué conversation. Nothing, that is, except for that kiss that left me limp-kneed and hard, all at the same time!

Over the next few weeks, we started emailing each other about how exactly we would ravish and delight her – emails between George and myself, but read by Adrienne as well. She teasingly called it “boy talk” – and enjoyed it as a voyeur, listening into the plans that we made for her pleasures, and letting her own anticipation build over the weeks. In the emails, George essentially offered her to me, to have and to ravish, till the night did us part. George wrote to me that he would watch her read our emails at the computer, her pink tongue darting out between her lips, her hands firmly between her legs – and thanked me for the great sex that they were already having!

We began by discussing how she should be dressed for me – what were my preferences, my desires? Should she be naked and waiting for me, or clothed? Should she be only in her lingerie? If so, what color — tarty red, mysterious black, or virginal white? Should she shave her pussy for me, so that it was peachy soft and smooth for my licks and caresses?

And then, how should we begin? Should she put on a show of disrobing for me? Or, instead, would I rather want to disrobe his love in front of him? He also wrote to me what she liked done to her – and what she would want to do to me … some of her experiences with him and with others, and their plans for the two of them with me …until we were all at the peak of anticipation.

Five weeks later, we met in their room at the Four Seasons. I had brought champagne, and we drank the chilled bubbles, she beside me, he in a chair facing us. Our conversation was relaxed, but I could sense her heat beside me.

Just once, I lifted her wrist and placed a soft kiss on the inside of her wrist with my champagne-chilled lips. Adrienne hummed in appreciation, and George chuckled. “She’s hot for you, Alex,” he said.

“Yes, I am, Alex … very hot,” she whispered, “And hot for you, too, baby.” She stood up at went over to George and planted a soft kiss on his lips. I was aroused – and amazed, at how comfortable they were in their love for each other, and in expressing their desires.

Then she walked back to me, and stood before me, legs slightly parted, hands on her hips. She was wearing sexy business attire – silk blouse, short formal skirt, stockings, and heels. The silk was draping sensuously over her bra-less, firm breasts, and even in the relative heat of the summer day, her nipples were evident and hard against the soft, shiny material. Her legs were lovely below the skirt – long, perfectly shaped, perfectly turned in the heels. Her blonde hair shone in the diffused light in the room, and her elusive scent drifted its way into my nostrils.

“Now, Alex – would you like to take off my clothes?”

I didn’t waste too much time in admiring from a distance. I closed the gap between us until I could feel the heat from her, and then gently pulled her to me, feeling the hard nubbins of her nipples poking me though our shirts. She moaned deep in her throat as she finally felt my body all along hers – a low growl that excited me.

Possessively, I ran my hands firmly down her silky back, to cup her butt – feeling the hot softness beneath her clothes. With one hand still softly kneading her ass, my other hand went down along her leg, and slowly lifted her skirt so that her beautiful ass was exposed – to George, watching, and to me, in the mirror behind. Her tight, white ass was barely bisected by the lacy strap of her thong disappearing between her cheeks, and the curves went down to her stocking tops in a rich, smooth expanse.

Fully dressed, yet so exposed, she stood pressed into my warm embrace, feeling my hands caress the buttery-soft skin of her ass. She parted her legs involuntarily, to allow greater access – but I wanted to wait. Finally, still with my hands there, I grazed her lips with mine, and nibbled at her full lower lip. She moaned my name and threw her arms around me, grinding herself into me.

But that was too quick for me, and for George. I met his eyes, as he was sitting on the sofa. His eyes were alive with lust, and his hands were at his lap, playing with an obvious bulge there.

He smiled encouragingly at me, and said, “Take her skirt off, Alex.”

That was easy – a snap, a zip, and it was pooled around her feet. She stood, blushing a bit, before the two sets of admiring male eyes. On her own accord, her hands reached for the buttons of her blouse.

“Wait,” I said sharply.

She stopped. I looked at George, and said, “Would you like to help me?”

He didn’t need to be asked again. Seeing him approach, I bent down, my hands still firmly on her behind, and slowly kissed my way down from her lips, to her neck, to her right breast – through the silk shirt. Wetting the material, teasing her nipple through the wet and sensuous fabric. I saw that George had begun doing the same thing on her left.

She arched and shuddered as she felt the administration of her two lovers at her breasts – a blond head and a dark one, tending to her in two very similar yet different ways.

George was more impatient than I was – he straightened up, and quickly unbuttoned her blouse so that her breasts were uncovered. Her nipples were dark red and hard as they stood out against her small, but very firm breasts. Together, we tasted the bare nipples again. She was delicious – taut and elastic.

“Oh, yes, suck them!” she moaned, as her hands grasped both our heads and pulled them to her breasts, like suckling twins. At the same time, with my hands still on her butt, I was feeling her hips beginning to grind on their own, as she had begun to gasp with the excitement.

“Take your shirt off,” she ground out to me.

George and I stood back, and she shrugged off her own shirt. Then, naked except for tiny white lacy thongs, stockings and heels, she tore at my shirt, popping a few buttons to get it off quickly. Then she ravenously attacked my bare chest – moving from tiny nipple to nipple, biting, licking, flicking, while rubbing my hard cock through my jeans. I was intensely aroused, but determined to stretch this out.

George had, on his own, stepped out of his shirt and pants. His cock was clearly poking out his underwear, and he watched us, stroking himself a bit. As he saw his lover reaching for my belt, he growled, “Do you want him, sweetheart?”

“Oh, yes, I do, I do,” she replied, flushed and breathing hard.

“Then show us – both of us – how much you want him.”

At this, a sweetly evil smile lit up Adrienne’s face.

“Mmmm, I’d love to,” she said, and walked up to a high table at the wall. Then she leaned over it, displaying her taut, perfect ass to us. My breathing quickened – I do so love a beautiful ass. And hers was close to perfect – smooth, unblemished white skin, fully rounded and tight, the strap of her thong barely hiding the pink between her cheeks.

But then, my breath became even more rapid as I saw what she was doing.

Bent over, she reached behind her and slowly, sensuously, moved aside the scrap of thong separating her globes. As she did so in her bent-over position, she slowly exposed her lovely pink asshole, and below it, her glisteningly wet, smooth-shaven pussy. With the tips of her fingers, she traced the length of her pussy, and then lifted up her finger, gleaming with her juices. Sensuously, she sucked her finger, licking up her own sweet fluid. Again, she did the same. Again. The more she touched herself, the deeper she rubbed.

I was enthralled at the vision, my cock painfully hard in my tight jeans. I glanced over to George, and his face was red as he fondled his thick tool – the undies had long gone. Adrienne, on her part, had seemingly forgotten us. She had moved from just her pussy to playing with her tight asshole with her now well-lubricated fingers, and had begun moaning in accelerating rhythm.

I could stand it no longer. In a couple of strides, I had crossed to where she was, and kneeled down before her beautiful backside. Moving her hands gently aside, I inhaled the sweet perfume of her arousal, moved my hands around to the front of her drenched pussy, and plunged my tongue deep into her core.

At the touch of the tongue deep in her, she came – bucking her ass in my face, screaming her pleasure, “Oh yes, oh yes, ohhhh yesss!” (I found out over time that she was extremely vocal–one of the things I enjoy about her).

I struggled to keep up – my fingers at her clit, my tongue flicking from her drenched pussy lips to her tight, clenching asshole. The orgasm rolled on and on, until she gave a final shudder, relaxed, and pushed me away from what had clearly become a very sensitive part of her.

“Now it’s my turn,” she said with a smile. Turning to George, she asked, “Would you like to see me suck him?”

George came over to her and gave her a long, lingering kiss on her mouth. “Yes, baby, I would love to see you take him deep in your throat,” he replied.

Adrienne came over to me, and kissed me deeply, much as her own lover had just kissed her. Then she led me to the bed and gently pushed me onto my back. Efficiently, she pulled off my shoes and socks, and then, opening my belt, she unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans and pulled them down. Next went my underwear, without ado or fuss. She was single-mindedly seeking my cock.

As she pulled down my briefs, it sprang up in all its hard, dark, veined glory. “Beautiful,” she whispered, and then went down on it in a smooth stroke, before choking a bit and coming up for air. It was, for me, an intensely erotic sight as well as feeling – seeing this beautiful blonde look me in the eyes, the root of my brown cock protruding lewdly from her pink lips.

The next time, she was able to take its entire length deep into her throat (one of her many amazing skills), for a moment before the gag reflex set in. As she did so, her lover stood beside her, feeling her neck, clearly enjoying how amazingly it was filled with my cock.

Then she began sucking me in earnest, while feeling and caressing George’s rock-hard cock as he stood beside her. I scooted up on the bed, and she followed, astonishingly never letting go of my cock in her mouth. George climbed up in bed beside us, caressing her breasts and face as she sucked me. Intensely excited, I was close to coming, so I lifted her by her hair away from my cock. The engorged penis sprung from her lips with a “pop”, and stood darkly glistening with her saliva before her.

“Nooooo,” she wailed, but I laughingly told her that I was about to come, and that I wanted to wait.

“But I want to taste you,” she said, and then smiled devilishly again. Holding onto my cock with her hands now, she started licking my balls, swirling her tongue around, popping a ball in her mouth to suck it gently, until I was a morass of pleasurable sensations. She didn’t stop there, but went lower, swirling her tongue down my perineum to my asshole. I surrendered to the sensation of her expertly rimming me, much as I had done to her a little while ago.

“My turn,” said George, who had been waiting patiently.

“Yes, my poor sweetie,” she answered with a smile.

Then, not relinquishing her hold on my cock, which she kept on pumping gently, she swallowed George’s shorter but very thick cock. As I watched her go down on him, I realized that she did this with intense concentration, as if sucking the cock in was her only goal in life – which, of course, it was at that moment.

I disengaged my cock from her hands, and moved down the bed. Her lovely ass was in the air, and as I went lower, I saw that her pussy was not unattended.

As she sucked George’s cock, she was deliciously, determinedly, frigging herself. Two fingers were pistoning in and out of her soaked, shaved pussy as her hips undulated in rhythm. I wormed myself down below her so that my mouth was at her pussy. Her fingers stopped in anticipation, but I gently began moving them again.

She understood, and resumed fucking herself an inch away from the eyes of this stranger. I stuck out my tongue, and gently licked her clit.

She jumped sharply, and moaned, “Ohhh yes!!!” Her fingers sped up even more.

We continued like that for a few minutes – her mouth filled with her old lover’s cock, while her new lover licked and sucked at her clit as she pumped herself.

Then I heard George’s groans, and realized that he was about to come. I wriggled out from under her, and watched as, her eyes bright, she brought him to the edge. Then, her hands curled around his fat cock, she jerked him quickly with one hand – until white clouds of sperm flew out to hit her face, her chest and the bed.

“Yummmy,” she purred, and licked the cum off her face.

Then she turned and gave me a dazzling smile.

“Soon, baby,” I promised her. “But now, finish what you had started, hmmmm?”

She frowned, but then, after a moment, grinned to herself and lay down again, her fingers under her as before, her ass in the air. Soon, I saw her fingers change their rhythm. As she did so, her movements began to get more erratic, and I knew she was about to come. I heard her screams mount, and watched her fuck herself to the edge of coming. Just then, I lifted my hand and delivered a sharp slap to her tight bottom. That sent her over the edge, in a screaming orgasm, as my mouth began to become drenched with her juices. I spanked her butt again and again, and each slap triggered off a fresh spasm, until she collapsed on to the bed.

Her bottom was red, and I could see the faint red marks of my fingers rising against her fair skin.

“Now fuck me, Alex!!” she begged – and I could wait no longer. I plunged my cock into her waiting wetness.

It was so tight. It clutched me and clenched me with its wet fire. At the same time, I plunged in my thumb into her tight, lubricated ass, so that she was filled up tight fore and aft, and I was enjoying the incredible sight of my cock plunging out of her shaved pussy below her reddened ass.

I plunged in hard and fast, and soon she was whimpering, then screaming, and coming again.

George moved over to squat above her face, his flaccid cock slowly stiffening as he intensely watched his lover getting screwed. Adrienne reached out and grabbed his cock again, and stuffed it into her mouth.

George groaned, and I did as well. The sight of this gorgeous woman laid out under us, filled simultaneously with both our cocks combined with the tightness of her wet pussy to bring me close to the edge of orgasm.

“I’m going to come, Adrienne,” I gasped.

“No, not yet – in my mouth,” she gasped in return. Quickly, she let go of George and scrambled up. My cock popped reluctantly from her pussy, but she quickly replaced her pussy with her warm and wet mouth.

I came.

Explosively, blindingly, spurting my cum into her mouth – and then, as she gagged a bit and let my cock slip out, over her neck and chest. White rivulets of semen dripped down her chin and smiling mouth as I finally finished and collapsed next to her.

She purred a bit and then lingeringly rubbed the fluid into her breasts, playing with her boobs and teasing her nipples. Adrienne had an amazing capacity for pleasure, and she had no embarrassment about demanding it from her lovers, or for giving it to herself.

“It’s very good for the skin,” she said, a gurgle of laughter emerging deep from her throat. “Isn’t it, sweetie?” she continued, turning to George, lying on the other side of her.

“That’s what you keep telling me, but I think that’s just an excuse – you just get off on men coming all over you,” George smiled back – and then kissed her, oblivious of the fact that another man’s sperm was drying on her face.

“Mmmm, maybe,” Adrienne purred again, and kissed him back, her body turning away from mine and snuggling deep into him. For a minute, it was as if I did not exist – the two of them were locked in a deep embrace, kissing slowly and lovingly, George’s hands caressing her back as she pressed herself to him.

And then she broke out of the embrace for a moment, took my hand, and put it on her bottom. Understanding her invitation, if a trifle confused, I gently caressed her soft butt, massaging the globes and then running my fingers up and down her ass and lower back. Contentedly, she wriggled a bit under my ministrations, and then went back to kissing George.

For the next hour or so, after we had each cleaned up a bit, we all basked in the afterglow of the fantastic sex, chatting pleasantly and desultorily. Adrienne lay on the large bed between the two of us. Her sparkling wit was still very much in evidence, and she turned from one of us to the other as she spoke, sitting up in excitement if she felt particularly strongly about something, and then lying back down between us as she relaxed.

Occasionally, she exchanged little kisses with both of us, though her kisses with George sometimes lasted longer. And she ran her hands along both our bodies, caressing, sometimes massaging, and sometimes scratching gently.

“I love this, you know,” she said. “Lying between two handsome men, feeling both of you, so very different – the different textures of your skins, the different smells, the different tastes …”

Towards the end of the hour, my languor was disappearing, and the eroticism of the scene was getting to me again. As my cock began to swell slightly, I noticed that one of Adrienne’s hands had left me, and was now between her own legs, a finger running along the lines of her pussy. She wasn’t actively masturbating, but seemed to be just enjoying the sensations. And her other hand had drifted to play with George’s cock, tickling it, slowly jerking it into fullness.

It was late, and somehow the intimacy of the scene suggested to me that I should now leave the two of them alone. I slowly got off the bed, and walked over to where my clothes were lying in an untidy pile by the floor.

“Are you leaving, Alex?” George called out from the bed.

Before I could answer, Adrienne called out, “No, not yet! Wait a minute.”

She came fluidly off the bed, and pressed herself along my naked body. “I want to feel your body properly before you go.” The air-conditioning had been on high, and now, with the heat of our passions dying down, I felt the goose bumps on her skin prickling against mine.

She kissed me slowly, taking her time to explore my lips and mouth with her tongue. As I kissed her in return, I breathed in the sweetly acrid post-sex scent of her. At the same time, though, the sensation of her body against mine brought back my familiar arousal, and she giggled a bit as she felt my cock grow against here belly.

George came over and joined us, moving naturally into a hug with her from behind. She wriggled her bottom into him, and turned to kiss him as well. And then she looked at each one of us in turn, and said very seriously, “You know, this is one of my favorite sensations of all – to be sandwiched between two gorgeous men.”

George and I both smiled at her, and, unbidden, both of us started to move slowly against her, grinding our bodies – and hardening cocks – against her soft body. Her nipples were hard as they rubbed against my chest. My cock was fully hard, and I quickly slipped in a hand between us to lower it from rubbing against her belly to teasing the front of her pussy. At the same time, I was sure that George’s equally hard cock was rubbing against her ass or pussy from behind.

“Oh, that’s heavenly,” she sighed, and I agreed. My hands were cupping her face as I stole deep kisses, while George held on to her hips. Once again, I reached down and adjusted myself so that the tip of my cock was right at her clit. Then slowly, I began to hump my hips, so that my cock rubbed against and titillated her clit.

Her answering gasp was all the response I needed, and I continued rubbing at her clit with my cock. She moved her face back from our kiss, and threw her head back, eyes closed, as she enjoyed the sensation. Her nostrils were flared, and her skin flushed, as she seemed to be swimming in the sensations George and I were providing her.

I saw her face flinch for a second, and then light up with a sensuous smile. At the same time, I felt her hips moving forward to hit my cock – George had put himself into her pussy. As I looked over at him, inches away, he was concentrating on holding her hips and slamming his thick cock into her in firm, deep strokes. And at the bottom of each stroke, her clit was thrust onto the tip of my own cock.

As low groans began to issue from Adrienne’s mouth, I lowered my mouth to her breasts, and caressed them, licking and sucking her nipples and flicking them with my tongue. At the same time, I held my cock in place with my hands, so that it hit her clit regularly.

Her groans mounted, in a loud crescendo, “Ah, ah, ahh, AHH, AHHH, YES, FUCK ME …!”

And she screamed, her whole body shuddering, as wave after wave of her orgasm overcame her. She wrenched herself away from both of us and fell onto the bed, still quivering, and I saw her whole body tense at the aftershock of an orgasm that hit her just then, without even being touched.

After a minute, flushed and wild-haired, she opened her eyes, and said, “Oh, thank you, boys. That was just wonnnderful …”

George and I looked at each other. ‘Boys’ we certainly weren’t – but two men, standing over this delectable creature with hard cocks pointing straight at her.

She noticed.

“Ohh, but now I have to do something about these, don’t I?”

Without waiting for an answer, she knelt on the carpet between us, and began to lick and suck at us in turn. Sucking my cock deep into her mouth, she would let it pump for a couple of strokes before leaving it and moving over to do the same to George’s hard prick. And while one hand guided the cock-du-jour into her mouth, the other would play with the cock of the man not being sucked.

Again, the sensation was incredibly erotic, if a little frustrating for me – as the sensations built up towards potential orgasm, only to die down a bit as her mouth moved away to the other man’s cock. I was left quivering near a pinnacle of pleasure, just unable to reach it fully.

And then, she solved the problem – by pulling us closer and taking both our cocks into her mouth simultaneously.

Not deeply, since her mouth was clearly not big enough for that. But she held both our cocks firmly, one in each hand, and sucked simultaneously on the two heads, occasionally flicking her tongue from one to the other.

It was a weird sensation, to have my cock feel such intense pleasure from the sucking, but at the same time feel a bit strange at it rubbing so intimately against that of another man. But the feelings drove any such conflicting thoughts from my mind, as the growing need to come made me try to drive my cock ever deeper into her wet and willing mouth.

George pulled away first, and stood over her, rapidly jerking his cock. Adrienne let my cock out of her mouth as well, and quickly lay down on the floor below us. Realizing what she would have us do, I took hold of my cock and began rubbing up and down its wet surface as fast as I could.

Within seconds, it seemed, George came, his come spurting out to cover Adrienne’s chest and belly. As she began to moan and rub the spunk into her breasts, my own cum boiled up and hit her in the belly and pussy as well. She used a finger to taste it, and then pulled us both down on the floor beside her.

As she lingeringly kissed our mouths and our flaccid cocks, she laughed in hedonistic joy.

“I can’t get enough of your cum, my men.”

Lying back in pleasant exhaustion, I thought that I couldn’t get enough of this wonderful woman, and this amazing couple.

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