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Slut’s First Time

Category: Gay Male
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I had signed myself up for an adult website on a whim. I was just really horny one night and stumbled across it. Before I knew it, I had the confirmation email and I was browsing through pictures of hot girls and couples going at it. The pictures that really got to me were the ones where the girls were sucking on a big cock or had just got a wad of cum all across their face.

I found myself being more and more attracted to the cock in the picture than the girl. When I started browsing through people near me, I’d of course check out the hot girls, but I’d also click on the cock pictures from guys and just stare at them. I read a few from guys who just wanted to suck cock and guys looking for other guys.

I had to make a profile for this site and I wasn’t sure what to put. Not wanting to put “actual” desires, already having a steady girlfriend, I decided to make myself out to be a bisexual guy looking for some male- male action. In my description I said that I wanted to be fucked in my ass for the first time and take a big cock in my mouth and eat some cum. I said I was looking for someone to break in my ass and let me suck their cock. I was honestly just trying to catch some guys attentions for some good pics and late night chat. I got a few responses at first from weird guys, so I decided to spice it up a bit. Under my description, I said I was an 18yo submissive looking to give bj’s/ receive anal. Not that that was untrue, but it wasn’t the whole story.

Anyways, then I found out that there were tons of other questions I could answer. I started getting really descriptive, talking about how I wanted a cock in my mouth and one in my ass and cum all over my face, various fantasies all revolving around being a submissive bisexual male.

Finally I started getting the emails I was looking for. I got some pictures of guys, but most letters simply were trying to introduce themselves and try to make friends. Then I got one that really caught my eye. Attached was a picture of a beautiful, large, shaven cock. The letter basically said “yeah, you know you want to suck on that cock and taste my cum.” It was like he had read my mind.

Not really taking the request seriously, I responded like a slut, talking about how I need a big hard cock and all that, just toying with him, trying to get some pictures of his cock with cum dripping down or something to get me off. Every time I got a reply though, it made me instantly hard and the pictures of his cock were making me want it so bad. Jokingly, I told him it was too bad he wasn’t from Boston.

Then one day I got an email that said “I’m in Boston, come to room 408 at the Hyatt at 8 tonight if you want some of this.” He attached a picture of the bottom of his shaft with his big meaty, shaven balls. At first, I just blew the email off. But after looking at the picture and stroking my cock a few times and rereading the email, I got to thinking that it wasn’t such a bad idea. Before I knew it, I was getting ready to go out. I shaved almost everything from my waist to my knees, got myself nice and clean, and put on a nice shirt and pants before catching the T to the Hyatt.

My thoughts raced as I walked in the front door, stumbled upon the elevator and pushed the 4 button. As I approached room 408, I paused, went to turn, but couldn’t. I got to the door and found a note. “Pour yourself a drink and get comfortable.”

In a burst of confidence, I pushed the door open “No turning back now” I thought, looking around for my mystery date. I found the bar first and poured myself a double shot of vodka to calm my nerves. A couple minutes passed, so I decided to grab another one.

“Hey James,” said the man as he rounded the corner. I could barely make him out in the dark, but he was around 30, well cut and very masculine. He wore khaki pants and a button down shirt too.

“Hello….” I responded, “Sorry, I … uh, didn’t catch your name”.

“It’s sir,” he replied quickly.

“Excuse me?” I asked.

“You will call me sir, I have no first name”

“Yes sir,” I replied, feeling my body tingle.

“What are you here for?” he asked.

“Because you told me to come.” I replied

“No, why are you here, James?”

“Because I wanted to suck your cock.” I said reluctantly

“And do you still want to?”

“More than anything, sir”

“What do you want?” he said, with a raised voice.

“I want to suck your cock, sir, and I want to taste your cum.” I told him forcefully. I couldn’t believe what had just come out of my mouth.

“Perfect,” he said as he walked toward a chair and sat down. “Well?” he demanded.

“Sir?” I asked, not knowing what to do.

“Get to it, slut.”

Embarrassed that I hadn’t understood, I started to walk over.

“On your knees” he commanded.

I quickly dropped to my knees and crawled over.

“Take off my pants” he said when I had come up to the chair.

I reached up and undid his belt and zipper, pulling his pants clean off. I noticed a bulge under his boxers that I couldn’t wait to see.

“And the boxers,” he said.

I obliged, pulling his boxers off so that he was naked from the waist down, his semi- hard cock resting on his stomach with his balls sitting on the seat of the chair. It was bigger than I had imagined.

“Is this your first cock, slut?” He asked me.

“Yes sir it is.”

“Well I want you to suck it like the only thing you want right now is my cum.”

“It is, sir,” I replied, as I leaned in and my lips met the bottom of his shaft. I started giving soft kisses all along the bottom, then licking all along the base of the shaft. I then moved down and started tracing small circles around his balls with my tongue, then sucking them long and hard. I covered his whole sac with my saliva until he grabbed my head and pulled me up.

“Suck my cock, now,” he commanded.

I willingly grabbed his cock firmly with one hand, pulled it towards my face and let it part my lips. He pushed my head down as far as I could take it. I felt him grow to full hardness inside my mouth. Just when I thought I couldn’t go any further, he pushed me again and I gagged. Seeming to know this would happen, he just pulled my head up. Before I knew it, I was back down his cock, further this time, but still a few inches from the base of his massive member. When he pulled me up this time, I gasped for air.

“You like that, bitch?” he asked.

“I love sucking your cock” I told him. With that, he pushed me back down. After a minute of him forcing me down his cock, my throat loosened up and I was all the way at the base, inhaling his scent at the bottom with my nose buried in his crotch. By then, he didn’t have to hold my head any more. I was willfully impaling my throat on his cock, saliva dripping down. I occasionally took short breaks to suck on his balls and jerk him slowly.

When I got down to the base of his sac, he pushed himself forward a little and pulled his balls up to give me better access. I took this as an invitation to go further. I licked all the way down to his ass and started rimming him, tonguing his ass. After a minute of this, he pulled my head back up and pushed me down his cock again. I loved it. I was using one hand to help me, coaxing his cum out from his balls, kneeling on the floor in the middle of a hotel room.

Suddenly, I felt his cock begin to twitch a little bit. “You’re gonna love the taste of my cum, slut” he told me. I prepared myself by sucking harder and massaging his balls with my fingers. His cock soon erupted into my mouth. I loved the smooth salty taste as it filled my mouth. The first spurt hit the back of my throat and I quickly swallowed. He kept releasing spurts into my mouth until I couldn’t swallow fast enough. Cum started leaking down my face. He pulled out before the last 2 spurts and hit me across the face. I felt like such a dirty slut and I loved it. “mmm” was all I could muster as I swallowed what was in my mouth, licked my lips clean and licked my fingers clean and smiled at him.

“Don’t just sit there, clean it off” he said, motioning to his cock. “Yes sir,” I said eagerly as I licked the remaining drops off the tip and jerked him slowly a few times to get all the cum out. I swallowed each drop willingly, hungry for more.

“Strip down, lie on the bed and close your eyes,” he told me before I had a chance to recover from my first cock suck. I obediently complied and was lying naked in the bed in no time. I felt like such a whore with cum still dripping across my face. A few minutes later, I heard some doors closing and some rustling.

“Look at this little slut I got,” I heard the man say. Then there were a few noises of approval. I somehow kept my eyes closed though I was very anxious to see what was going on. “Let’s see if he’s ready” one said. I then felt hands on my legs, propping my knees up and one cool, lubricated finger slide into my ass. At first I resisted and it was somewhat painful. But once the whole finger was in it felt incredible. He began moving the finger in and our slowly and I was pushing my ass back into it.

“This slut loves it in his ass, doesn’t he?” the man said.

He proceeded to use a second finger then. Again, it hurt a bit at first but soon he was fucking me with them and my cock was rock hard.

After the fingers were removed, I felt someone’s knees against my shoulders and a cock up at my lips. “Open, bitch,” I was told. I did so willingly, opening as wide as I could. After teasing me a little bit, rubbing his cock all over my face, the man went straight down my throat with his cock. I was happy that my throat was still relaxed and I could take a big cock like his with ease.

I felt more hands near my ass, examining it and voices that I couldn’t make out. I was too busy sucking this big cock, enjoying the feel of his balls slapping up against my chin and the taste of his fresh cock. He then pulled his cock out and moved off the bed. I was lifted up by many hands and carried to the floor, where I was told to get back on my knees.

“Open your eyes, James,” the man said who had invited me.

As I did, I saw 5 men standing in front of me, all with big cocks at fully attention. They were lined up from left to right in size order, the first one being About 7 inches, and the last belonging to a large black man that was probably closer to a foot. It was the biggest cock I’d ever seen and I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to take it in my mouth, let alone my ass.

The first man stepped forward. As I went to lower myself onto his cock, he pulled it up and had me lick his ass forcefully. In the meantime, he rubbed his cock across my face. Finally he pulled away and commanded me to get to work on his shaft. As I hungrily devoured it, taking him down my throat with ease, the others crowded around. I had my hands wrapped around his ass, pulling him into me. Suddenly I felt another cock on my face. I pulled myself away from the first cock and started massaging the second man’s balls and sucking his cock hard, with my other hand still pumping the first man’s shaft vigorously.

Soon everybody was crowding closer, cocks in my face. I was pumping a cock with each hand, sucking one and sometimes 2 at a time, jumping back and forth between the 5 amazing dicks in front of me. One moved away and a few seconds later I felt a cock sliding across my ass. A pair of hands grabbed me by the waist and pushed himself against my hole. I didn’t respond, having too much fun sucking those cocks, and not even sure that I wanted a big cock in my virgin ass. However, at that moment, what I wanted really didn’t matter. I was their little fuck toy cumslut then. He bent me over and told me to stick my ass out. I did so and he slipped his head into my ass. I winced in pain as he split me and paused my sucking for a moment. He held himself there, letting me get accustomed to his size.

Meanwhile, the other men forced me to keep sucking their cocks while I was getting fucked. I tried hard to pay attention to the task but every inch was a new threshold of pain slowly blending to pleasure. After one small push, I felt the man’s crotch pressed against my ass and his balls hanging next to mine. After a moment of his presence there, I felt amazing. My dick was at full attention, I was pumping three cocks and one was deep inside of me.

The man then began to move himself in and out of me, slowly and in small increments. After a few minutes, he was entering me again with each thrust, opening up my hole and slamming his balls against me and thrusting all the way to the hilt. Then he pulled out. I sighed and pushed my ass back into the air.

“Look at this little slut,” I heard the man say, “I think he want another cock”. With that the man whose cock I was sucking pulled away and moved around behind me. He was slightly smaller and began pumping right away. I was easily accustomed to cock at that point, and had no problem taking him all the way inside me. The two other men then took their turn behind me. The first one held onto my hips and thrust deep inside, further than the first man, giving me intense pleasure. The next one spun me over and laid me on my back. My fully erect cock was faced up my stomach and my legs were being held off the ground. The man fucked me like that, hitting other spots of me and grazing my balls with each thrust.

Meanwhile, Men were kneeling over me, having me lick their asses clean, thrusting themselves down my throat and I still had a cock in each hand. The man with the largest cock, a black man, was now seated on my chest, placing his shaven balls into my mouth for me to suck. Then he edged back and parted my lips with his enormous cock. I was hungrily devouring him, struggling to get all of him inside of me. Abruptly, the man fucking my ass stopped and stood up. “your turn,” he said, to the black man. With that, the two switched places. The man’s cock went straight into my mouth where I licked it clean.

The black man pressed his cock against my hole and slid inside of me inch by inch. He was much thicker than the others and had to widen my ass for himself. With just an inch or two to go, I felt like I couldn’t go any further. He pulled back out of me quickly, I raised my head to look up at him and he thrust himself all the way inside of me. It was the most intense pleasure of my life. After holding himself there for quite some time, he started moving bit by bit until he was fucking me like the dirty slut I was. He would pull all the way out, rub his cock against my hole and make me beg to have a cock in my ass, which I did willingly. The other men were still fucking my throat forcefully.

Suddenly one man said, “Watch out, guys”. He shoved the tip of his cock in my mouth and I sucked on it like a lollipop. With my other hands, I was massaging him and jerking his shaft. He quickly tensed up and shot his cum deep inside my throat. I didn’t swallow yet this time. I wanted to be a dirty slut. I let it fill my mouth. Before his last spurt, I pulled my mouth back and let him shoot one burst across my cheek. I pushed the rest of the cum out the side of my mouth. It ran down my chin and across my cheeks.

“Oh my god, what a slut,” another man said, as he put his balls over his mouth for me to suck. He was jerking his cock quickly, ready to explode too. I opened my mouth wide for his cum, and he shot it all over my face and neck, not getting one drop in my mouth. “Mmm,” I said, “I love it when you cover my face with your hot cum.”

The next man, without hesitation, shoved his cock in my mouth. “I want you to swallow my cum, bitch,” he told me. I immediately took his cock down to the base, deep-throating him. Within a few thrusts, he couldn’t hold out any longer and shot his load down my throat. I swallowed quickly, getting every last drop down my throat. I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue to show that I had done his bidding.

The black man, at this time, stood up and moved over to my face, while my original man, “sir”, walked down to my ass. With the short break, I took the opportunity to start stroking my aching cock. The man looked down at me. “Slut, you don’t cum until I cum.” I immediately stopped.

He then lowered his cock to my ass and began thrusting furiously without warning. The other man had me sucking on his balls and the tip of his dick. The other three watched in amusement. The man inside me began pumping faster and faster. His cock was swelling up. The black man in my mouth, too, was getting ready to unload. I couldn’t stand the buildup and began to pump my cock with one free hand.

Suddenly, I felt a burst of hot cum fill my ass. Almost instantaneously, the black man pulled his cock out and shot ropes of cum all over my face and upper body and my first gob of cum shot all the way up my chest. When our cocks were all empty, the black man brought his cock to my mouth to suck clean, as did the other man. His cock was coated in a this layer of his cum. I licked it all off as I felt a drop of him slide out of my asshole.

I then began to move my hands across my face for cleanup, licking each one clean individually. When all the cum was off my upper body, I swiped my fingers across my ass and licked them clean too. The men watched in awe as I swallowed of their cum like the dirty slut that I had just become.

They all walked out of the room slowly as I cleaned the last drops of cum from my body. “If you’re interested, we’ll be back in a half hour for round 2, with more surprises for you,” the man said. It took little convincing to get me to stay…

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