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You Know I Can See You, Right? Ch. 03

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We texted back and forth the next day, and the day after that. I was like we were afraid to Skype again, for fear of, … I don’t know what. Afraid it would happen again? Not really, I wished it would. Afraid that she would be forever freaked out, once she had come back to reality? Very!

On Friday afternoon I had just gotten home from work. I was going to see Marianne later. She had to work late, but we were going out at about 10:00 PM. I was undressing and down to my shorts and dress shirt when my Skype went. My heart leapt into my throat when I saw that it was Mom calling. I sat down and hesitated before pushing the button.

“Morning sweetie.” She said cheerfully. “How are you? How was work?”

“Good. I just got home.” I said smiling. “How was the presentation?” I knew that she had given her Powerpoint the day before.

“It was so great! Everyone was very impressed! I told them my son had helped me create it, and they thought that was really sweet, especially from overseas.”

“Well, you know I’d do anything for you.” She looked incredible in this cute little white sweater top, with a dozen tiny buttons down the front. I notice the top two were undone,

I hadn’t meant anything by it, but a funny look flicked across her lovely features. “I know sweetie. I love that.” She visibly relaxed. “Any plans for tonight?”

“Marianne and I are going out later.”

“What fun. Where are you two going?”

“Don’t know. Some little hole-in-the-wall down by the marina. She has to work, so not until around 10”

“Well you be careful.”

“Careful of what?” I asked her, chuckling.

“You know. I don’t want some pretty little French baker getting pregnant, just to catch a well-to-do American husband.” I was a bit surprised by that.

“Well, …first off …” I started

“No, no. Don’t get me wrong …”

“It’s not like that. We’re not … I haven’t … she’s just a friend.”

Mom had a look that was skeptical, but something more than that. We shared a long look that was a bit uncomfortable. She looked a bit … just a tiny bit, jealous.

“Don’t be jealous of Marianne.”

“Jealous?!!” she countered, genuinely surprised. “Jealous? I’m not jealous” She looked to be rolling the thought over in her head. “Am I?” she quietly added, almost to herself.

“Are you?” I finally, gently asked her. She continued to ponder.

“Maybe?” She said in a tiny voice. “Just a bit?”

“Oh please, don’t be. Please don’t be. I love you! I’ve always loved you.” I told her emphatically. But I was speaking to my mother; of course I loved her. I began to realize though that I was also speaking to Judy, who, I realized, I also loved. I loved Judy in a way far different than the way I loved mom. “I really do love you.” She was hearing my words as “Mom”. We shared another long look. She looked only slightly relieved.

“I love you Mom. And, …” I added slowly, meaningfully, “I love you, Judy.” She came fully alert at that. “I love you as my mother, but, ….”

“Oh please don’t” she blurted.

“I think I love you, … as Judy.” She began to shake her head. “I love you as, … a lover.”

“No. You can’t. We can’t. We mustn’t.”

“I can’t help it.” I told her. “I want you that way.”

There was a long silence where she kept slowly shaking her head. She looked like she was trying to convince herself more than me.

“I would love to be your lover. Take you to my bed. Make love to you.” She continued to listen, shaking her head the whole time.

“Since I saw you nude, I realized that I really do love you completely. I always have. You are perfect for me, always were, now even physically, sexually. I love you and want to make love to you so badly.”

“No sweetie. We never could, we never can! Over Skype is one thing, but in person? … I’m your mother. We can never be like that for real. Please understand, sweetie, you’re incredible! You would be, … incredible in bed, but not with me. It’s so wrong.

“I WOULD be incredible in bed. So would you! You would be amazing to make love to.”

“No. stop. You can’t say those things to me.”

“Why? It’s so true. You would be amazing in bed.”

“No. Not with you.

“Why? You can’t be with someone that you love so much? Someone who loves you back, so much? Someone who adores you, … body and soul, who wants to take care of you and pleasure you in all ways?”

I noticed that her nipples were starting to show through the top. It was so sexy! She was obviously not wearing a bra. “Someone who is wildly turned on by you?” I continued. I began to unbutton my shirt.

“No. Don’t do that.”

“What? Change my clothes?” I asked her. The shirt was now unbuttoned down the front and I began to undo the sleeves.

“Yes. No. You can’t undress in front of me.”

“I have to change.” I said, now pulling the shirt off of my bare chest.

“I’ll hang up.” She threatened. I wondered if she would.

“You’ve seen me before. You didn’t like it?” She was silent. “I’ve changed clothes around you a million times. I’ve still got my underwear on.” I pushed back from the desk and stood. “See?”

I realized that my tight white briefs were doing a poor job of hiding the bulge of my growing erection. Mom was just watching with a slightly panicked look on her face.

“By now,” I added quietly, “You’ve even seen me nude, … and, … excited, so what’s the big deal?”

I just stood there. She just watched. I slowly brought my hands up, hooked my fingers in the waistband and waited a beat for her to respond. She said nothing. I was going to do it again, I realized. I was going to show my beautiful mother her son’s raging erection.

“What if I told you,” I asked quietly, “that I was just for you? That this cock,” I slowly drew the shorts down until my penis bounced out freely, “Was yours and yours alone?”

Judy just sat there watching. She was in a mix of panic and wild arousal. I moved closer, stepping out of my shorts, taking hold of my penis and showing it to my own mother.

“What if I told you,” I continued quietly, “that you would be the only one to hold this cock, to stroke it and caress it? That your mouth, your sexy luscious lips and tongue would be the only one to kiss and lick and suck on this cock? That you alone would taste my dripping precum. That your gorgeous pussy, your slick, tight, wet, luscious pussy would be the only one that this hard cock would slip inside, spread open, fill up and fuck so good, so hard, so deep?”

She was staring and panting.

“I want you, and you alone. No other. Just us two. Just you, … my mother, … and me, …your son. Alone together, in all the world. The perfect couple. The perfect love?” I took my seat again. She looked wildly flushed.

“You want me too, don’t you, … Judy?” She nodded slightly. “Yes. I want to be your only one as well. Your mouth is for me to kiss. Me alone.” She nodded. “You nipples are for me to kiss and pleasure. Me alone.” Her nodding continued. “Your pussy, …your beautiful pussy is only for me?”

“It is.” She finally whispered.

“Oh Judy.” I moaned. “I adore you!” She smiled, her eyes rolled closed, and she continued nodding. “Oh lover, look at your nipples! They are so hard!” Her hands came up to her tits and cupped them. “Yes! ‘My’ breasts. All mine.”

“All yours.” She repeated.

“Show me.” I said. She began slowly to undo the many buttons that held the sweater closed. Her cleavage grew and spread as she reached the lower buttons.

“Only for you Andy.” She said as she pulled to sweater open and took it off. “These breasts are yours. Yours alone.” I was moaning at how beautiful they were, so full and round and perfect. “Oh sweetie, suck my nipples. I want you to suck on these nipples. Like you did when you were a baby.”

I had a wild flash of what that must have been like.

“Oh Andy, you used to suck on them so hard. Drinking my milk, feeding you with these. Your perfect little mouth just sucking on these full tits. I loved giving you my milk. I wish I could give you my milk again.” She was tugging her nipples now, pulling them hard and letting them slip through her fingers, to bounce back on her chest. They were perfect.

“Oh yes, mom, feed me that sweet milk.” Her eyes rolled closed and her head fell back.

“Yes baby! It was sweet! It was so sweet, my milk. You would drink it so long. I would get so wet feeding you. My pussy would get so wet, ache so much, when I would nurse you.”

“Oh God help me! I want to ride your big cock and nurse you again. Suck my nipples as I ride that big cock.” I moaned loudly and stood again to show her my hard meat. “Oh yes baby! That cock! That beautiful cock. ‘My’ cock. Fuck me and suck me at the same time! Oh yeah! Pound that big dick in my pussy and bite my nipples!”

I dropped back into my chair.

“Show me my pussy. Show me where.” Mom jumped up and shucked of a pair of shorts and white panties. She put one leg up on her desk creating the lewdest display imaginable, but incredibly sexy.

“Right here lover!” She said spreading her swollen lips. Her clit was hard and poking out. “Right in here sweet lover.” I watched finger slip into her vagina.

“Oh mom, you look so tight! Let me fuck you! Take my fat cock in you!”

“Oh yes baby, ram it up in me. Oh yes baby! Just lay me down or bend me over, I don’t care, just fuck me so fucking hard and fast.” Her finger were a blur over her clit and in her opening. “Fuck me! Just fuck me, Andy! Flood me with your warm sperm!”

Taken by her orgasm, she began to cry out. I was still sitting back in my chair and splashed cum all over myself. The first big splat, hitting my left cheek, another right under my chin. My chest and stomach were shortly covered in cum. I continued to stroke, watching her come down and then sit down.

“Ooh you naughty boy! You’re covered in cum.” She said finally focusing on me. “There’s cum on your cheek!” she said smiling. “Taste it for me. I wish I was there to drink your sperm.” I reached up and gathered on a finger and then slowly placed the finger in my mouth. I had tasted my own cum before, many times and found it curiously tasty, salty and thick.

“Mmmmm. How’s that? Taste good?” I told her that it did. “Oh sweetie I want to taste it. I’ve always enjoyed a man’s cum. I want yours. I want mouthfuls of your warm cream. I want your cum all over my nipples and my breasts.” Leaning forward she said, “I want to feel your manly sperm dripping out of me. Just oozing out of my pussy after your have fucked me and flooded me.”

We shared a long, causal, comfortable gaze. “I wish that, … all of that, could be true.” She finally said. I frowned, confused.

“What do you mean?”

“We could never, … I could never hold you back from finding a true love.” She admitted.

“You are my true love.” I insisted.

“No sweetie.” She continued earnestly. “Besides “US” being so wrong, I’m too old for you, I’ve lived my life, you need someone your own age.”

What followed was a long argument, gentle, quiet, but an argument nonetheless, over how she was not too old, had not yet lived a full life, and was perfect for me.

“I’m just not sure,…” she started, changing the subject, “how this impacts my visit in June.” We had already made plans for her to come visit me in June. She was going to stay at a local hotel as opposed to in my small flat.

“Not at all.” I told her.

“We are not going to be lovers, Andy.”

“I want you to know,” I told her earnestly, “I would love to be your lover, but would never force you into a position you couldn’t live with.”

“Thank you sweetie. I couldn’t live with that.”

She sounded so final, so decided, that I felt broken hearted that there was no way of even discussing it further.

“In fact, what we did the other day, and again tonight, was so wrong. We mustn’t let it happen again. We just can’t do this with each other.” I sat pondering the loss of this new and wonderful experience, this new connection with my mother, the only woman that I truly loved. It really was heartbreak on a massive scale. What could I do though, she was right.

“Don’t say anything right now sweetie. Let’s just talk in a day or two.” I agreed and we signed off. I cleaned myself up, laid around a bit and then got ready to go out with Marianne.

Mom and I Skyped again three days later. Nothing unusual happened, we didn’t broach the subject. For the next few weeks, our Skype sessions were nice, as they had been before, but they were lacking a key element that now connected me to my mother. We stopped being lovers.

Our life and relationship returned to normal and stayed so, … until she came to visit.

To be continued …

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Chris wrote

I’m really having a blast reading these stories. I love the series so far! 👌