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The Present

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It was a rainy Friday evening and I was in the process of setting up my furniture in my new apartment. I had gone out for half an hour to get a quick dinner. Imagine my surprise when I returned and found a lovely girl sitting on the edge of my unmade bed, her arms tied behind her and her legs bound together at the ankles and knees.

“Whoa, where did you come from?” I exclaimed.

She did not answer, but just looked at me expectantly. There was no indication that she was in distress or pain, so I felt no need to rush to her aid. In fact she was well groomed and made up, almost like she was being posed for a photograph. Her luxurious dark hair flowed over her shoulders, framing a pretty face enhanced with bright red lipstick and heavy eye liner. She was wearing a tight, white blouse that was tucked securely into an equally tight short beige skirt that had ridden half way up her thighs.

Her legs were bare, and even though she was not wearing shoes she positioned her toes on the floor like she had on high heels. The effect was to tighten her leg muscles to show them to the best advantage, which was very good indeed. And the way her arms had been tied behind her forced her chest forward and outlined her sizable breasts in the snug blouse. Whoever had tied her had known what they were doing

My guess was that she was about thirty years old, and her dark hair and complexion indicated that she was a Latina. I love the look of young Latin women, with their sultry eyes and their lush bodies invariably displayed in tight fitting clothes, and this girl was no exception.

All of this I took in as I waited for her to say something. But all she did was to take a deep breath and continue to look back at me. Finally I noticed a small white enveloped pinned to her skirt with the words “read me” printed on it.

“Ah,” I said. “I see you have come with instructions. Maybe this will explain the mystery.”

I removed the envelope and opened it. Inside was a hand-written note:

Dear Frank,

You were so nice to take over my lease on this apartment that I wanted to leave you a present. I used my key after you went out to leave you this token of my appreciation. Her name is Celia, and she is yours for the weekend. She is willing, but untrained, and I have told her that she can trust you to break her in properly and not hurt her (too much). Her safe word is ‘uncle’. Have fun.

Love and kisses,


My skin literally tingled as I read the note. Elizabeth was a bi-sexual friend that I enjoyed playing with from time to time, and I knew she was into the BDSM scene. She had decided to move in with her boyfriend at the same time I was looking for a bigger apartment. Her rent was more than I had wanted to pay, but she talked me into it. Now it appeared she was paying me back.

I looked up at Celia. Her eyes told me that she knew what was in the note. She was apprehensive, but also excited at being placed under the control of a stranger. I decided to play my role to the hilt.

Pulling up a chair I sat down in front of her. “Well Celia, you have been given to me for the weekend as a present. You are going to learn to obey me without hesitation. From this moment you will address me as ‘sir’, and I only want to hear ‘yes sir’. Do you understand?”

She licked her lips and breathed deeply. “Yes sir.”

“Very good. How old are you Celia?”

“Sir, I am twenty nine.”

“Do you have a husband or boy friend?”

“Not at the moment sir, no one special.”

“Have you been tied up before?”

“Yes sir. Elizabeth has tied me up a few times. But this is the first time with a man.”

“I see. You prefer women?”

“No sir. I like both men and women. It’s just that a man has never tied me up. Elizabeth said I would like it and that you would be a good man to show me. I was unsure, but she insisted.”

“Do you always do what Elizabeth tells you?”

“Yes sir. If I don’t she spanks me.”

My cock had been slowly growing as I questioned her. Now it jumped to full attention. I leaned forward and ran a finger tip along the top of her exposed thigh, nudging the skirt higher.

“Do you like being spanked, Celia?”

Her eyes widened and she twisted slightly on the bed. “Sometimes,” she said. “I like it afterwards.”

“Does Elizabeth ever use a whip or strap on you?”

She hesitated. “Yes sir, she has a little whip she calls a quirt. It really stings.”

At that moment I wished I had some BDSM toys to use on her, but alas I had to make do with what was available. I stood up and slowly removed my wide leather belt. When I doubled it back on itself it turned into a short wicked-looking strap. I slapped it resoundingly against my palm and spoke to her in a stern voice.

“This will sting worse than Elizabeth’s sissy little quirt, and I will not hesitate to use it on all parts of your body if you disobey.”

She shuddered. “I understand sir. I will obey you.”

I sat back down and deliberately pushed her skirt up to expose her panties. She gave a little gasp but remained still. I then used my right index finger to begin lightly probing her pussy through the silky fabric. I wanted to let her know I could touch her anywhere I wanted.

“Ahh..” She let out a little moan and closed her eyes. I could feel her heat and wetness on my finger.

“Well you are a hot little thing,” I teased. “Let’s see what these big bulges under your blouse are made of.”

Moving my chair up closer I used the tips of my fingers on both hands to trace the contours of her tits. I was glad to find that they were real and very firm. My hands moved in a synchronous circular motion around both breasts, carefully avoiding the nipples, which to my delight were growing rigid and dimpling her blouse.

I completed my preliminary exploration by putting my hands under each tit and pretending to weigh it. “It must be tiring carrying these monsters around all day,” I said. “What size are they?”

At first she did not answer, as if this were too personal a question. It was an act of defiance that I had to deal with immediately. My fingers closed on her nipples, steadily increasing the pressure.

“I asked you a question.”

“Okay. . okay… I’m sorry sir. They are 35C, not really that big.”

I released her nipples and began undoing the buttons on her blouse. “Umm, maybe they just look big because this blouse is so tight. Let’s see..”

The last button popped open and I pulled her shirt tails up and out from under her skirt. Like a mother arranging a veil on a bride I swept the blouse back and over her shoulders. Her breasts seemed to explode out and up, now restrained only by a lacey white half bra that cupped her at midpoint, just above her nipples. The deep valley between the mounds of soft flesh invited exploration, and my hand obliged by sliding into her cleavage and pressing against the soft walls.

“Nice, even if they are only 35C”, I said. “It’s the shape and sensitivity that matters.” I pressed the back of my hand against her left tit and looked into her eyes. “Tell me, are your tits very sensitive.”


“Yes what?”

“Yes sir, they are sensitive.”

“Do you have puffy nipples?” I wanted to humiliate her by making her describe her body to me.

“I don’t know what you mean by puffy…sir,” she said.

“I mean large areolas with thick long nipples, shaped like a well-liked ice cream cone with a cherry on top.”

“Oh I don’t know sir.”

“Well, I guess I will just have to see for myself.” I didn’t bother trying to reach the bra clasp at her back, but simply pulled the cups down so that her tits sprang free. She had been too modest. Her nipples were the puffiest ones I had seen in a long time. I couldn’t wait to get them in my mouth and test her sensitivity.

It is hard to describe how vulnerable and sexy she looked, sitting there completely helpless with her arms pulled and tied behind her and her legs bound so that she could barely move. Her tits were exposed to whatever I wanted to do to them, and her skirt was up over her panties, leaving her pussy outlined for my perusal.

I was still sitting on the chair in front of her. “Stand up so I can suck on your tits,” I ordered.

She scooted her ass to the edge of the bed and managed to stand on her bound together feet. I helped her maintain her balance by grabbing her ass and pulling her toward me. Her tits were now at the level of my mouth and I wasted no time in sampling their texture. Her nipples seemed to grow even longer as I sucked and nibbled, moving from one to the other, treating them like Spanish olive with delicious red centers.

“Ohh godddd…..” she moaned.

I loved the feeling of power that I had over her, not only because she was bound for my pleasure, but because I knew I could bring her to the boiling point and then deny her release . To heat her up more I began to lightly massage her pussy through her panties as I sucked on her tits. Her hips began to twist and push back against my hand, as strange noises came from her throat. I waited until her moans became a constant drone, and then stopped.

“These saucy tits of yours need to be punished for the way they stick out and entice men on the street,” I said as I pulled back and looked at the wet and swollen nipples inches from my face. “Get down on your knees.”

My command was reinforced by grabbing a handful of her abundant black hair and jerking her downward. I bent her head back as she fell on her knees in front of my chair. With my other hand I picked up my belt from the floor and grasped it near the end so I could use the leather tip as a tit whip. By leaning over I could flick the leather flat against a breast, or hit it a glancing blow that mostly stung the nipple. I took aim, pulled hard on her hair, and let fly with the belt.

“Auaggwwww..” she cried, surprised by the sharp sting. Again and again I lashed her, while she squirmed and twisted helplessly.

“You little slut,” I said, baiting her. “You like to tease men, don’t you? DON”T YOU?”

“Godddd… that stings so.. Please stop… please…..”

“When I’m good and ready. Now tell me how you use these naughty tits to tease.”

“OHHHH… please…… okay…. okay…. You’re right. I wear tight tops and like it when men look at my tits.”

“What about women? Do you tease them too?”

“Yesss… damn it… you know I do… Elizabeth loves my tits…”

“Does she ever whip them like this?”

“AWWWW…. no… never this hard…”

“What does she do to you?”

“Usually she makes me kneel in front of her and lick her pussy while she uses her quirt on my ass.”

“That sounds like a good idea, only I am going to give you something else to lick instead. Do you know how to give a good blow job?”

“Yes, but not while tied up like this.”

“You can do it. But first let’s get rid of this skirt. Now stand up.”

I helped her struggle to her feet with one hand in her hair and the other pulling up on the bra that was still cinched under her exposed tits. To remove her skirt I pulled down the zipper in the back and then worked it down over her hips and ass. When it was bunched around her bound ankles I wrapped my arms around her waist and lifted it her up and shook her until it dropped off.

“There, that’s better,” I said. “Those are very sexy bikini panties and I think I will leave them on, at least for now. But you would look even better in some high heels.”

As I said this I saw her eyes dart over to a corner of the room, and there sure enough were a pair of spike high heels. Elizabeth must have tossed them there when she was tying Celia’s ankles.

“Well, what do you know? We do have some high heels. Sit on the bed so I can put them on you.”

In spite of the fact that her ankles were bound tightly together, I was able to slip the shoes on her bare feet. I pulled her again into a standing position and stood back to admire the effect. In my opinion women look much sexier when they have on some clothes, and Celia was no exception. Her body personified the word ‘voluptuous’, with her big tits, wide hips, and round ass, all set off by a waist that curved in like the inside of a water slide.

I stood back and walked around her, admiring her body from all angles. She was remarkably composed and seemed to like the way I was studying her. Finally, unable to resist I slid my hand down inside the front of her panties to feel her mossy nest, which was as expected wet and hot. My hand caressed her lightly before slithering around her hip to cup her ass under the panties.

“Ohhhh..'” she moaned and shifted her weight from side to side as much her bindings would allow. She was obviously craving more stimulation, but I was determined not to let her off that easy. I wanted to torment her, break her down and make her beg. She was after all my present.

Her sense of balance must have been very good, because she was able to stand upright in those high heels with her legs squeezed together and her shoulders forced back. A strong breeze would have blown her over, but fortunately there was no wind in my apartment. As I looked at her helpless body with all that flesh on display I felt the need to find something to use on her beside my belt, something that could be carefully aimed and test her ability to maintain that composure.

In a corner of the room was a big pile of stuff I had brought from my old apartment. Sticking out near the top was just the thing—a light weight metal curtain rod, the type that telescopes to fit different sized windows. I pulled at it, and the rod came apart, leaving me with a flexible metal tube that made a perfect whipping cane.

I knew from past experiences that for most submissive women the threat of pain was more erotic than actually experiencing it. It was the feeling of helplessness and loss of control that was the real turn on, and being threatened with pain gave them an excuse to give up resisting. A few swishes in the air with my new device had the desired effect on Celia. She sucked in her breath and for the first time looked fearful.

“Imagine how this is going to feel on your nice round ass,” I said as I dragged the tip of the rod down her body, tracing the curve of her breasts and hips. “I think you need a taste to show you what will happen if you fail to please me.”

Returning to my pile of household goods I extracted a couple of colorful throw pillows. I placed both of them in a line a few feet apart directly in front of her. Then looking into her wide open eyes I wrapped my left hand in her glorious hair, while in my right hand I burnished the menacing metal rod.

“Kneel on the pillow,” I commanded, reinforcing my order with a downward pull on her hair. She collapsed her legs and dropped her knees on the first pillow. I continued pulling downward until her face turned to the side and lay on the second pillow. Her ass was now thrust upward, and with her legs tied together and her arms bound behind her, there was no way she could rise from that position.

Her ass was stretched tight and threatened to burst the seams on her bikini panties. It was a very erotic picture, and my cock was pressing hard against my pants. I needed to feel her lips on it soon. But first I wanted to take advantage of her situation. Putting down the rod, I began to ease her panties up over the bulge of her ass and then down her thighs.

“Now let’s see what we have here. My, my, your skin is tight as drum. I think I’ll just run my fingers over it like this….”


“Umm. Your legs are tied so tightly together I can barely get my finger in here….”

“Godddd…..” She was starting to squirm.

The narrow groove at the top of her thighs was wet with her juices and seemed to suck at my finger. I teased her pussy lips for a few seconds and then drew my finger back up through the crack in her ass until it rested on her hole. Not surprisingly it was pulled open by the tension on her muscles. She knew that my slippery finger could easily penetrate her.

“Ohhh… noooo… please not there… ”

I laughed. “Me thinks thou dost protest too much.” Slowly but steadily I pushed my finger up into her ass, not stopping until it was buried up to my knuckles.

“Arrgghhhhhh…..” Her hips were really twisting and squirming now. I had her pinned in place and shook my hand to agitate her more. She was panting into the pillow under her face like a dog just back from a run.

“You like this don’t you Celia,” I teased. “You like my finger up your ass.”

“Yes… I mean nooo… goddddd…. Ohhhh….”

With my other hand I reached for the rod. It would be interesting to spank her while I held her with my finger. I would have to be careful not to hit myself, but the fleshy part of her lower ass and upper thighs made a safe and tempting target.

Whap…. whappp… whappp..

“AhhhhHHHHH…….” Her ass muscles clamped on my finger as she tried to move out of the way of the rod. If I had not had her skewered she would have rolled over onto her side, but as it was she could not escape the stinging blows.

Whappp… whap… WHAP…

When I heard her start to sob I decided that was enough for now. I wanted her in control enough to do a good job on my cock and balls.

“There.. there..” I said as I withdrew my finger. “That was just enough to show you the importance of being obedient. Now let’s get you back on your knees so you can use those big lips to please your master.”

Kneeling in front of her, I pulled her panties back up and helped her right herself until she was back on her knees with her face level with mine. Her eyes were hot in spite of the wetness from the little tears. She looked so sexy and vulnerable that I couldn’t help leaning in and putting my lips on hers. Hungrily she kissed me back, opening her mouth and seeking out my tongue. I felt pleased that so far I had brought her along just right. She was on the crest of the wave of her lust, ready to do my bidding.

Reluctantly withdrawing from her soft, wet lips I stood and began to remove my clothes. First came the shirt. All those hours of working with weights paid off in moments like this when I could see the admiration in a woman’s eyes as she looked at the muscles in my upper body. Celia knelt with her back straight and looked at me up and down as I stripped for her.

The last item to come off was my boxer shorts, and I made sure I was standing close to her when I shrugged them down to the floor. My cock was stiff and hard and bounced upward only inches from her face. She let out a little gasp but did not pull back.

“Use only your tongue and lips until I give you permission to put it in your mouth.”

“Yes sir,” she replied as she leaned forward.

It is an interesting fact that a person’s lips are one of the four areas of the body that contain the most nerve endings, the others being the finger tips, the genitalia, and the feet. Maybe that’s why oral sex is so popular. In any case, Celia seemed to genuinely enjoy exploring my cock with her lips and tongue.

She began by licking the under side, bottom to top, three or four times. Next she reached lower to lick my swollen balls. Somehow she managed to get her tongue clear under almost to my ass hole. I helped her maintain her balance with a light hold on her lush hair. It was exquisite and I let her know by purring like a happy tomcat.

At this point my cock was so hard it was bobbing up and down. Precum was leaking profusely from the end. She pulled back and looked up at me with a knowing smile. Then those big moist lips descended on the tip and began a light kissing motion. It was too much; I felt a tingling in my balls and knew I had to cum. I clamped down on the hair in my hands and pulled her mouth over my cock.

“Suck it.. suck it good,” I gasped as I felt the tip hit the back of her throat. She did as she was told and in a few seconds her mouth was filled with white fluid. I let her breathe but kept my cock in her mouth so she could keep licking and sucking as wave after wave of sensation swept over me. Some orgasms are better than others, and this one was one of the really intense ones.

Finally I withdrew and collapsed into my chair. Celia kept her kneeling position on the pillow, but sat back on her legs. Her eyes were hot with desire. My cum was on her lips and chin, and she couldn’t do anything to remove it. She twisted her body and shimmied her tits at me, daring me to do something else to her.

“Woe,” I exclaimed. “You are a hottie. If I untie you do you promise to be good?”

“Yes sir. I will be good and obey your every command.”

“You’d better,” I said. “Okay, let’s get you back sitting on the bed so I go to work on these knots.”

I put my hands on her waist and lifted her off of her knees so that she could sit on the edge of the bed. In order to get at the ropes around her ankles I pulled up my chair and place her feet in my lap, right on top of my still sensitive but no longer stiff cock. The minx smiled at me and managed to squeeze my cock between her bound feet.

“You really want to be fucked, don’t you?” I said.

“Yes sir. My friend Elizabeth said you would give me a screwing I wouldn’t soon forget. I am ready.”

I laughed. “Well then, I guess we’d better remove this rope so we can get your legs apart. By that time I will be ready too.”

The knots were tight, but the rope was coated and slippery enough so I could work them lose without much difficulty. Once her ankles were free I reached up and untied the binding at her knees. Her legs fell open.

“That’s better,” she said.

In response I slid my hand up the inside of her bare thigh onto her panty-covered pussy. She squirmed.

“Ummm…. ”

“Still hot and wet I see,” I said. “Now turn around so I can get your arms loose.”

Ropes were wrapped around her upper arms and her wrists, and it took me several minutes to free her. Just as I did so, my cell phone began to ring. It was in the pocket of my pants, which were on the floor across the room. I left her on the bed and went to retrieve it.

“Not the best time for a call,” I mumbled as I shook my pants to dislodge the phone. Celia rubbed her wrists and watched me, running her eyes unselfconsciously up and down my naked body.

“Hello,” I said when I finally got the phone up to my mouth.

It was Elizabeth. “Well hello,” she said. “How do you like the present I left for you?”

“You naughty woman,” I laughed. “You left this poor girl tied up on my bed, knowing that I would have to punish her for being in my apartment uninvited.”

“Of course I knew that. That’s why I did it. Celia needed a good punishment, among other things. Have you done it yet?”

“I have begun. Your call has come right after the first phase.”

“Wonderful. You must tell me what you have done so far.”

“Elizabeth, shame on you. You want me to tell you so you can play with yourself, when you really should just come over here and help me.”

“Maybe I will. But first tell me. Celia was in such a state of anticipation when I left her there.”

“Well, let’s see. Up until a few minutes ago I left her tied just as you had bound her. She looked so fetching with her blouse stretched tight against those big tits and her shirt pulled up high on her thighs. And that glorious black hair framing her pretty face with those pouty lips.”

“Don’t tell me you left all her clothes on.”

“Not exactly. Eventually I opened the blouse and pulled her bra down under her tits. And I managed to get the skirt clear off of her. She is wearing such cute bikini panties. In fact that pretty much describes the way she is dressed right now, only the ropes are gone, and so is the blouse.”

“So how did you punish her?”

“I haven’t really punished her yet, just a little whipping of her tits with the end of my belt and then a light spanking on her bare ass with a metal curtain rod.”

As I said these things Celia shook her head like she thought she had been punished rather severely. For her part Elizabeth breathed into the phone and sighed. “How delightful. I’ll bet it turned her on.”

“Just like hearing about it is turning you on. Am I right?”

“You know me too well.”

“Yes I do. Would you like to speak with Celia?”

“Maybe just briefly.”

I walked over to the bed and handed the phone to Celia. When she began talking I sat down beside her and put my ear next to hers so I could hear what Elizabeth was saying. At the same time I began to play idly with her bare tits.

“Hello Elizabeth,” she said.

“Hello Celia. How do you like being a present for my friend, Frank?”

“He has not been very nice to me,” she whined unconvincingly. “He left me tied up, made me kneel with my ass in the air, pulled down my panties, stuck a finger up my ass, and spanked me—really hard. Then he made me lick and suck him until he came in my mouth.”

Elizabeth laughed. “And you loved every minute of it.”

“That’s the problem,” said Celia. “He has me hotter than burnt toast but hasn’t fucked me. Right now he is playing with my tits and my pussy is drooling all over the bed.”

“Maybe if you beg him..”

“I don’t think so. He is going to do what he wants, when he wants.” There was a pause and she looked in my eyes as she said in a low voice, “I promised to obey him.”

My limp cock twitched at that comment, and it gave me an idea. Snatching the phone away from Celia I spoke firmly to Elizabeth. “That’s right, she has to do what I say. And if you know what’s good for you, you will take your fingers out of your pussy and get your ass over here.”

There was a quick intake of breath . “Yes sir,” she whispered. “I’ll be there in an hour.”

I put down the phone and stood up. “I need a drink,” I announced and walked toward the kitchen. “If you want one too, put on your high heels and come with me.”

The first thing I had moved into my new apartment was a twelve pack of beer, which was now waiting for me in the frig. The cold can felt sharp and clean in my hand. I leaned my naked body back against the hard granite counter and took a long swig, while at the same time I looked over the top of the can in the direction of the bed. A sexy brunette was slinking slowly toward me in spiked heels, swinging her hips as she moved.

God I love seeing women in revealing clothes and high heels. In this case the clothes consisted only of a brief bikini panty and a bra pulled down and bunched under a pair of full tits with stiff protruding nipples. The spiked heels forced her body into a sexy arch, and I felt that familiar tingle in my stomach. Her eyes were hot and locked on mine. It was clear she was still highly aroused and offering herself to me in any way I wanted.

“Your friend Elizabeth is coming over soon,” I said. “We don’t have much time.”

Her response was to smile and continue to display herself to me as provocatively as she could. She turned and bent over like a stripper showing off her ass before removing the last garment. Then she straightened and faced me with her hands behind her head and her hips thrust forward. I saw her eyes focus on my slowly rising cock. Her smile broadened and her hips began a slow rotation.

I sucked in my breath. A primal, animal-like lust was building in my body. The room was charged with a sexual energy that made everything else irrelevant. The female creature before me was giving me all she had, begging to be taken and used, yet completely submissive to my will. Instinctively I knew that the more I humiliated her the more she would like it. My cock was now fully engorged and ready.

“Come here you little slut,” I barked.

With her hands still behind her head and her body thrust forward she shuffled up to me. I put my hands on her waist and lifted to sit her on the end of the counter. Her tits were level with my face, the nipples pointing slightly upward, asking to be sucked.

“I am going to make you cum like you never have before, and then I am going to fuck you in the ass.”

“Ohh goddd…..”

My mouth descended on her left nipple. I was not gentle as I sucked and nibbled on the sensitive nub. At the same time I slid a finger under the edge of her panties and onto her wet pussy.

“Ahhhhhh…. ohhhh…”

“Now for the other one,” I mumbled, moving my mouth to her other nipple and biting down hard. Simultaneously I pushed a long finger up into her.

“AWWW…. godddddd…. yesssss…… mooore….”

Her hips began to buck on the counter like an outboard motor dragging across a reef. She was so ready, but I wanted to prolong it and tease her until she completely lost control.

“Now lie back,” I said, keeping a finger in her pussy while I used my other hand to grab her hair and force her down on her back. The counter was long enough for me to position her flat on her back with her legs hanging over the end. I stood looking down on her.

“It’s time to get rid of these panties. Raise your hips.”

She obeyed and I pulled her panties down over the curve of her ass and off of her legs. Then I pulled over a stool.

“Open your legs bitch,” I commanded. “I want to examine you.”


Her thighs parted so I could sit on the stool between her legs. My face was now inches from her pussy, which seemed to be twitching in excitement. It was fairly clean shaven with a film of moisture that invited licking. The odor of arousal was strong and intoxicating. I wanted to bury my mouth in her, but I held off, only blowing lightly to let her know how close my mouth was.

“Tell me what you want slut,” I said.

“Godd… I want to feel your mouth on my pussy… please……”

“How bad do you want it?’

“Really really bad….. I am so hot….. goddddd… lick me….. Fuck me……”

“Like this?”


My tongue began to work on her, moving lightly over her lips and probing for her clit. Her hips jumped around so much that every few seconds I had to stop to let her settle down.

“Hold still bitch. I can’t hit my targets with you moving so much.”

“I can’t help it..” she wailed. “It’s driving me crazy….”

“In that case I am going to have to do something else,” I said. Her position and need reminded me of something I had wanted to try. Weeks ago I had bought a set of artists’ brushes, some with incredibly long and soft bristles. My horny mind had seen them as possible sex toys. It occurred to me that this was the perfect opportunity to see how they worked.

“Don’t move,” I ordered as I stood and walked over to the bureau where the box of brushes was waiting in the top drawer. “I have a special treat for you.”

She lay still but turned her head to watch as I returned with the box. I came up to the edge of the counter and opened the box in front of her face. There were six brushes held in place in the box by little elastic bands. Her eyes opened wide as she imagined what I might be planning to do.

“What are you going to do with those?”

“I am going to drive you out of your mind.”


One of her arms was hanging down from the counter right where I was standing, and I couldn’t resist pressing my hard cock up against it. She immediately took my cock in her hand and began to rub her thumb lightly over the tip. It felt fantastic.

“You really know how to please a man, don’t you bitch?”

“Yes sir. I will do anything to please you,” she said as she began stroking my cock up and down.

I laughed and pulled away. “Not so fast. First you. Now open your legs again.”

Back on my stool I was ready to try out my new toys. I chose first the biggest brush, about three quarters of an inch across, with long bristles. This I intended to use to stimulate the entire surface of her pussy to heat her up before the main event.

“Now try to hold still while I spread your juices all around….like so…..”


It was like painting the base coat on canvas. I used long smooth strokes, up and down her mound from her ass to just below her navel. Then I painted back and forth with just the tips of the bristles.

“Ahh… that feels sooo gooood….

With my left hand I gently pulled open her lips so I could run the brush along the inside edges. Her juices were percolating upward like water from a hidden spring. She began humping the brush, and I had to push down to keep her ass on the counter.

“You’re a horny little slut, aren’t you Celia,” I teased

“Goddd….. yes…. I’m a horny slut… you’re driving me crazy….”

“Stop squirming. There is one area I haven’t painted yet.”

She froze in place and spread her legs wider, tensing her body in anticipation of a new sensation. I opened her up and began lightly dabbing her hole with the soft bristles. Then I inserted the tip half an inch and began to twirl it.


“Steady now…. Just a little more…..”

But she could not help herself. Her hips came off the table like she wanted to suck the brush into her. I held the handle steady and let her fuck the bristles. The entire head of the brush disappeared into her pussy.

“You wanton bitch. Look what you’re doing to my new brush. The bristles are going to be all bent and out of shape. You are going to be punished for this.”

“Ohhh.. I can’t help it… I need more… more…. please……”

I took the brush away and let her calm down, although her ass was still twitching on the counter. It was time to use a smaller brush and bring her off. My cock was calling out for attention.

“Now Celia I am going to use this tiny brush on you. It has only a dozen or so bristles, and I’m going to paint a little design right on your clit.”

“NOOOO… I won’t be able to stand it….. Please just fuck me..”

“You’ll stand it all right. You are going to cum like you never have before.”

Quickly I got up and stood beside the counter so I could rest my left forearm on her abdomen, pinning her down. With the fingers of my left hand I opened her pussy to expose her swollen clit. Then, leaning down with my little brush in my right hand I went to work.


She bucked and twisted, but I held her firm and kept stroking her with the soft bristles. It didn’t take long.


I kept stimulating her until her body relaxed and collapsed on the counter. When she finally opened her eyes my face was all she could see.

“Did you like that slut?”

“God yes..”

“Show me,” I said as a lowered my mouth to hers. She kissed me furiously, probing my mouth with her tongue. It was like I had poured water on her fire but not put it out, and it was burning again.

“Now it’s my turn,” I said. Sliding my arms under her I picked her up and carried her back to the bed where I had found her. Except for the silly bra still holding up her bare tits she was naked. I dumped her on the bed.

“On your knees bitch, with your ass in the air facing me.”

There was no hesitation. With her head down she maneuvered her body until her knees were on the edge of the bed and her ass was high in the air. It was at the perfect level for me to fuck from my standing position. I reached up between her legs to gather some of the copious juice and smeared it around her ass. A little probing with my finger showed me that I was going to have no difficulty impaling her. Her ass had obviously been visited before.

“Do you feel me, Celia? Are you ready?”

“Yesss.. Do me….. I want it…..”

The head of my cock penetrated her. It felt fantastic. Slowly I pushed in a little deeper.


“Do you like being fucked in the ass Celia?”

“Yess damn it….. You know I do….”

“Does Elizabeth fuck you like this Celia?”

“OHHHH… yes she does…. she does awful things to me…”

I shoved my hips forward and went in another inch. “Ummmm… you are still nice and tight. What awful things does Elizabeth do to you?”

“Ahhhh…. so gooood….. She puts vibrators up my ass and into my pussy and then whips my tits with a flogger..”

Picturing this scene produced a surge of lust that started in my toes and moved up my body. I could no longer be gentle. With a groan I thrust forward and embedded my cock fully in her ass.


“What else does she do, Celia?”

“OHHHHHH… I feel so full…..”

I slapped her ass. “What else Celia?”

“She makes me lick her pussy and her….ass.”

“AAAHHHHHH…” Hearing that sent me over the edge. I grabbed her hips so I could pull and push her ass on my cock as I exploded into her. For half a minute I plunged in and out of her, delighting in her cries. Finally I sank onto the bed and held her tight against me, still buried deep in her.

“You are one hot bitch,” I sighed into her ear. “What do you think we should do with Elizabeth when she gets here?”

“I think you should tie her up and let me use the brushes on her,” she said. And I felt her ass muscles squeeze my still hard cock.

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