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Holiday Party Among Friends

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My wife, Vicki, and I have been married three years now and we have a great relationship. We both have good jobs, a good home, and we trust and understand each other completely. But you learn something new everyday…

We moved into the neighborhood just over two years ago, as my company offered a large promotion, but it meant a transfer to go with it.

Vicki was all for it as we had not gotten a place yet to truly call our own, and this was the perfect opportunity.

Since we moved in we’ve met other acquaintances, two couples in particular. We have become very good friends with these couples, to the point that the six of us spend most of our social time in each others company (most of the time the guys get together and/or the girls get together). Us guys will get together for golf, football Sundays, or poker night; the girls will go out shopping or a night on the town. We’ve also gotten together many times for parties or backyard barbeques and such.

I especially enjoy the times that we can get together as couples. Why? Because all three women are gorgeous! OK, I truly enjoy and value everyone’s friendship, but being able to look at and flirt with these women are a definite added bonus. Don’t misunderstand me though, I would not cheat on my wife, but c’mon, every red-blooded guy has that ‘other women’ fantasy, right?

Let me back up a little. Vicki is a beautiful woman; Blonde shoulder length hair, deep green eyes, and a killer body. She stands 5’4″, 115 lbs and a nice D cup chest. Trust me, my sex life is not disappointing. We’ve talked about our fantasies, and discovered that we each fancy the idea of our own threesome with two persons of the opposite sex, but we also agreed to leave them as just fantasies so as to not jeopardize our relationship.

Mike and Lexi is one of those other couples. Lexi is a tall (5’10”) brunette with wavy hair that hangs to the middle of her back. Though her tits are smaller, she has a great ass, but I think it’s her dark brown eyes and full, red lips that I find myself fantasizing about wrapped around my…

Oh, sorry, back to the story. Jim and Melissa is the other couple. Melissa is a tanned athletic blonde with deep blue mesmerizing eyes. She’s always wearing tight fitting clothing that shows off her assets, proving that her hot little body is as hot as her looks. Oh, how many times I’ve dreamed of having her lying naked underneath me…

Anyway, Vicki had gone shopping with the girls. You know, that ‘Day after Thanksgiving’ madhouse event that all women go nuts over? She came home from her day, exhausted. I made us some dinner, then later she brought it up. She and the girls had an idea. Why not the six of us get together for a Christmas party? Even though I thought it was a good idea, I was informed of the details before we could even discuss it. Turns out that the girls decided on it and had it somewhat planned before any of their guys had a say in it.

Who was I to argue?

The party was planned for New Year’s Eve at Jim and Melissa’s place. Vicki and I spent Christmas Day and the day after at her folks, but Vicki spent many hours at Jim and Melissa’s in the couple weeks leading up to the party. This was, in my observation, to be a bigger event than a simple evening get-together.

The day of the party arrived. All day long Vicki had been acting kind of weird; I could tell she was up to something, something out of the ordinary. She would give me ‘glances’-just quick little looks to see if I was paying attention to what she was doing. She was also especially playful; she, on many occasions throughout the day, would come up to me and kiss me deeply, aggressively, and rub my dick through my pants, then quickly pull away and walk away when I tried to get my hands ‘busy’. This is not uncommon, really, but she did it more frequently and more aggressively than usual. And the fact that she’d be denying me sex for the past week made me somewhat wonder what she was up to. She even prepared herself for the party in a different room than me. Although it wasn’t formal dress of any kind, she did pretty herself up extra special; more than needed for just the jeans and sweater that she was in.

The party was to start at 7:00pm. We arrived at Jim and Melissa’s at right on time. Jim led us in the front door; Melissa was nowhere to be seen. Jim took our coats and gifts, then led us directly to the dinner table as dinner was just about ready. Mike and Lexi were already seated at the table. Lexi, as well as Melissa (she appeared as she served dinner), were looking extra beautiful tonight, just as Vicki was…

We all enjoyed our dinner and shared some small talk. When we were all finished everyone helped in clearing the table, then Melissa announced that it’s time to start the party and escorted everyone to the basement.

From being in their home many times before we knew that their full size finished basement was more of a recreation room than anything else. As I went down the steps I could tell that something extra special was set up down here. I entered the room and was amazed at how it was decorated. The stairs entered the basement in the center, but against a wall. On the left side of the room a dance floor had been assembled, equipped with streamers of silver, that hanging mirrored ball, and many lowly-lit lights. There is a small spare bedroom just off the corner in this end of the room. The right side was more conservative, decorated of a more romantic, subtle Christmas theme. Two couches put to an ‘L’ shape, facing a small decorated tree, and a few scattered decorations on the walls.

Holiday music was quietly playing throughout the room (they had a sound system installed in the walls). There was a small wet bar tucked partially under the stairs.

The girls took their respective partners and led them immediately to the dance floor. It was all slow-dancing music playing as Vicki put her arms around me and pressed herself into me. We danced to a couple of songs, and then Vicki looked up. “We’re under mistletoe” she whispered. I looked up too, and sure enough, there it was. There were no more words spoken at that moment, I just looked deeply into her eyes then kissed her–it began softly, but quickly became much more aggressive. I could feel her squeezing me, pressing her breasts into me, trying to merge her body into mine.

But it all ended too quickly. We were interrupted by Melissa. “Sorry to interrupt, but may I cut in?” she asked. Vicki and I looked at each other, briefly, and then she winked at me.

“Sure”, she said, and then stepped away. At that moment, as she started to walk away, I noticed that Lexi was now dancing with Jim and that Vicki was headed toward Mike. Melissa moved right in. I was surprised when she moved in against me, just as tightly as Vicki was. I loved it, having Melissa’s body fully pressed against mine, but I felt a little embarrassed as I was sure that Melissa could feel the semi-erection that I had gotten from Vicki. I took a glance over at my wife to see that she was just as ‘snug’ with Mike, as was Lexi with Jim.

After a couple minutes of dancing (for me it was actually a couple minutes of running my hands over her body) Melissa, just as Vicki did, pointed out that we were under mistletoe. I looked up and took notice that yes, we were under mistletoe, but it just so happened that there was a lot of mistletoe hanging over this dance floor. How convenient, I thought.

I so wanted to move in and get intimate with Melissa. I again took a quick glance over at Vicki, to find her in a deep kiss with Mike. I also noticed that Jim and Lexi were in a deep kiss. I had mixed emotions about what seemed to be happening, but Vicki seemed to be enjoying herself, so I eagerly went with it. I kissed Melissa, very openly, very deeply. As we kissed, she seemed to melt into me even more. I could feel the firmness of her breasts as they pressed into my chest. I could also feel her pressing her pussy up against my thigh, and I’m sure she could feel what was now my FULL erection. She rubbed against me even harder when my hands were squeezing her firm, tight ass.

But just as I thought we were getting started Melissa broke it apart. As if on cue, all three couples broke apart and the women went to the guy they hadn’t yet been with, meaning Lexi came to me. She didn’t even bother to try to dance, she just moved in and she picked up with me right where Melissa left off. Lexi, too, pressed her body into me while we kissed, as I was running my hands all over her. She, too has a nice, firm ass, and is probably the better, more intimate kisser of the three women.

It all ended, though, just as quickly as it started. Melissa’s voice broke the ‘mood’, and our kiss. She announced that it was time we should all open our gifts. We all separated and headed for the couches. Jim went to the bar to pour us all a drink. Sitting with our respective partners, Vicki and I sat together on one couch while Mike and Lexi sat together on the other, while Melissa sat on the floor to retrieve gifts from under the tree. As soon as we were seated, Vicki and I looked at each other. “I love you.” She whispered to me. “I hope you’re enjoying the evening.” I looked into her eyes and could see the sincerity, and could also see that she was indeed enjoying herself. Jim handed us our drinks, then sat next to Lexi on the other couch.

“I love you too”, I whispered back, and we moved in for a quick ‘peck’ kiss just as Melissa handed us the first gift.

Over the next hour or so we all opened a couple of gifts each, taking our time and taking turns out of respect for the others. We all seemed to be enjoying each other’s company, and surprisingly without much sexual tension in the air.

After all the gifts were opened Melissa stood up. “It’s time for the surprise gifts!” she boasted with a big smile on her face. “Ladies?” At that moment Vicki turned and gave me another quick kiss. She then sprung to her feet and joined the other girls. They quickly turned and headed for the small bedroom over behind the dance floor. I looked at the other guys, and they returned the same puzzled, but somewhat excited look that I was giving them.

When the girls returned, I could not believe my eyes. They came out and lined up, standing in front of the couches so that all of us guys got a good look. Each girl was wearing a Santa hat, a red thong, and matching red high heels. That was it. There were three beautiful bodies and three pairs of firm, gorgeous breasts staring right at us in all their glory. Each girl also had a small gift wrapped box that they here holding in their hand out in front of them (On their way out Melissa also had a large bowl that contained several more of these gifts, in which she placed under the tree just before they lined up).

Melissa broke the jaw-dropping silence. “Each of you may select one of these gifts we are holding. You must take turns opening your gift.”

“And you must wait your turn before you open yours,” Lexi added.

“Or you will not get to have it.” as Vicki finished their statement. Then she looked at me, smiled, and gave me another of ‘those’ winks.

I barely heard them as I was still staring at the amazing sights in front of me. Finally comprehending what they said, I looked at the other guys.

“So who’s going first?” Lexi questioned. After a short pause amongst the guys, who are obviously still getting over our shock, Jim volunteered.

He got up and stepped in front of Melissa, who was standing as the middle of the girls. This was no surprise that he chose her gift, seeing the uncertainty of what was going to happen. He took her gift, and then looked her in the eyes. She smiled at him, and then told him to sit down and open it. He did so, and as he got it open he pulled out a folded-up piece of pink paper. Melissa then told him to read it out loud.

“Hi, this is Vicki.” He read. “My gift to you is a blow job for ten minutes, if you can last that long, but you get it only if you claim your gift right now.”

Vicki walked over to me and handed me the gift she was holding. She then turned around and walked up to Jim. She got on her knees in front of him and assisted him in opening and removing his pants. I felt a ping of jealousy strike through me at this moment, but also a lot of excitement at the possibilities that seemed to be about to unfold. I understood the situation at hand (or should I say in their hands) and just let it happen. Whatever was to happen tonight I hoped we could talk about later.

She went right to work. She used her usual technique on him: she’d lick up and down the shaft a few times, and then lick circles around the head, then take it several inches into her mouth and move up and down on it a few times, then repeat the whole process. Every once in a while she’ll try to take it all, and on a good night she’ll be able to do it, but she can only hold it for a couple of seconds.

Tonight was a good night. I knew just exactly what he was feeling as I knew her and her technique well. I was getting more turned on than I thought I would just watching my wife give another guy head. I’m not sure how he lasted the entire time without cumming, especially at the end when she deep-throated the one and only time she actually did.

When she stopped he groaned in disappointment as he must have been very close to orgasm. She crawled up his body and kissed him, deeply, but just for a second, then sat back down on the floor between his legs.

She then looked at me. “It’s your turn.” She stated to me. “Open your gift.”

I did so, and when I unfolded the pink paper inside, I read it aloud. “Hi, this is Lexi. My gift to you is a blow job for ten minutes, if you can last that long, but you get it only if you claim your gift right now.”

Lexi went over to Mike and handed him the gift she was holding, then she stepped right to me. I watched her beautiful face as she got down between my legs, and proceeded to remove my pants. So many times I’d fantasized about this moment with her doing this exact thing, and now it was going to actually happen. Nothing could have prepared me for this; it was even better than I’d dreamed. As she was working on me I kept watching her eyes, then her lips, then her eyes, then her lips, trying to savor and mentally photograph every moment. But it felt so good I couldn’t concentrate on anything else other than the sensations she was giving me coupled with the sight of her gorgeous eyes looking right at me and her pink lips wrapped around my cock. I got closer and closer the more I watched her work. I knew I was about to explode, but I’m sure that my time was about up. I didn’t want her to stop. EVER. Just then, as she was fucking me with her mouth, she gently grabbed my balls, started to fondle them, and gently pinched, with her other hand, that sensitive spot that a guy has just under his balls. That did it. I came and came hard. I expected her to pull off of me, but she didn’t. She took my entire load. She actually continued to move up and down on my cock while I came, which made me cum even harder and longer, and she swallowed most of it while she did.

She finally pulled off of me, but not before I was completely drained. As I sat there she made no effort to move, just sat there and gently massaged my balls while looking over at her husband, who was already, very quickly, opening his gift.

It took Mike no time at all to open his gift wrapped box. “Hi, this is Melissa. My gift to you is a blow job for ten minutes, if you can last that long, but you only get it if you claim your gift right now. Oh, and by the way, Vicki will be assisting me.”

Melissa and Vicki moved in on Mike at the same time. It was quite erotic to actually watch two beautiful women give a blow job to the same guy at the same time. He was in heaven as these two worked on his cock, taking turns licking and sucking and sucking and licking. I bet they weren’t five minutes into it when he announced he was going to cum. Both girls moved in close together as Melissa pumped him with her hand. As he shot his load, Melissa took most of it on her face. He shot hard and long, some getting in the girls’ hair and on their chests. When he was done the girls took quick turns cleaning him up with their tongues, then cleaning each other off the same way.

After a few moments of awkward silence Lexi spoke up. “Are we ready girls?”

The girls all got up and stood in the middle of the area, just as they did when this first started. Melissa grabbed that bowl of gifts and presented it to the other girls, who each took another gift and placed it in their hands. Melissa chose hers, put the bowl back under the tree, and re-joined the other girls.

Jim was up in no time. This time he took the gift Lexi was holding. He sat down, opened it, and pulled out another pink piece of paper.

“Hi, this is Vicki again. I hope you enjoyed your first gift. I’m going to lie down on my back, and Melissa is going to sit on my face. I’m going to lick her until she has a screaming orgasm all over my face. While this is going on you may fuck me for however long it takes for Melissa to come, but when she does, you’re done. You may do this only if you claim this gift right now.

With that read, the girls started to move around. Vicki brought her gift to me while Melissa brought her gift to Mike. Lexi sat on the couch next to me. Vicki then laid down on the floor with Melissa standing over her. Jim was off his couch on his knees. When everyone was in place, Melissa got down to her knees and proceeded to remove Vicki’s panties. As she was just in front of Jim, Melissa asked Jim to remove her panties for her; he was more than happy to oblige.

Melissa then took her place over Vicki’s face, facing toward her feet. Vicki used her arms to hang on to Melissa’s thighs and went to work. I noticed that both women were hairless down there, a big turn on for me. Melissa immediately started moaning aloud, giving Jim his signal that he could claim his gift. He moved in between Vicki’s legs, spreading them wide. He took her ankles into his hands and pulled her legs up, then positioned his cock head at her opening. Melissa took hold of his cock and helped him to slide it into her. He had to pump in and out a few times to get it all in, but when he did he left it there for a moment, and then started a slow but steady rhythm. He and Melissa began kissing and running their hands all over each other. They stayed this way for a short few minutes, but you could tell that Jim was quickly picking up speed.

So was Vicki. By the way Melissa’s moans were coming out Vicki was working her over good, too. Jim bent over slightly and took a hold of Vicki’s breasts, then started pumping her with much more authority. Melissa was close as she took a hold of Jim’s shoulders just to keep herself upright. Within seconds, Jim was giving Vicki all he had. How she kept from exploding I’m not sure, but she kept working on Melissa well enough to cause her to explode at the same time as Jim. They both let out loud moans and groans as their orgasms hit. Melissa had her head thrown back as she wailed in her passion. Jim still had himself buried deep inside my wife as he pumped load after load of himself into her.

When they recovered Jim and Melissa kissed briefly, then as she got up he pulled out of Vicki and took his place on the couch, leaving Vicki lying on the floor, panting heavily.

Lexi told me to open my gift, so I did. “Hi, this is Lexi”, I read. “While Vicki lays on the floor I’m going to eat her out until she cums. As I do this, my ass will be sticking up in the air. Do with it as you please. Your time is up when Vicki screams in orgasm.”

Lexi was in place with her face in Vicki’s pussy before I was done reading. With the state that Vicki was in I knew I didn’t have much time.

I was hard as steel again from what I just witnessed. I quickly moved in behind Lexi, peeled down her thong panties and placed the head of my cock at her opening, then slid all the way home in one thrust. She was so wet already; she must have been quite worked up from the show we just got.

Vicki was moaning and wailing, throwing her head from side to side, grabbing and squeezing her own breasts as Lexi worked on her with her fingers and tongue. Vicki could explode, and that’s what she was going to do, at any moment, so I grabbed Lexi’s hips and started giving it to her hard and fast. I knew I wasn’t going to cum anytime soon (even as hot as Lexi is), but I was going to really enjoy as much of this awesome pussy as I could.

Within moments Vicki did explode. She was squeezing her breasts quite hard, and she arched her back while she wailed out one loud, long scream. Lexi had a hold of Vicki’s thighs and held her in place so that she could finish her off throughout her intense orgasm. I wasn’t going to stop until someone pushed me away.

Lexi kept going as Vicki came down from her orgasm. Not only did she keep busy on Vicki, keeping her in a post-orgasmic buzz, but I could feel her pushing back against me on every thrust I gave her. She didn’t want to stop.

But we did. We were interrupted by Mike’s voice as he said it was his turn since Vicki screamed her orgasm. Reluctantly, Lexi said he was right and gently pushed me away.

Mike opened his gift. “Hi, this is Melissa. Lay down on the floor, flat on your back. I’m going to ride your cock while Lexi rides your tongue. It’s over when both girls reach orgasm.”

I helped Vicki off the floor and up onto our couch. I cuddled her in my arms while the other participants took their places. Lexi sat on Mike’s face, facing his feet, and he went right to work on her. On her knees, Melissa stradled Mike’s hips, took hold of his cock, and guided it into her pussy. She and Lexi also started in on each other, kissing and feeling up each other while they rode their respective organs. It took a few minutes, but finally Lexi hit orgasm first. She didn’t explode as Vicki did, but she did very obviously tense up and give out a loud moan as she came.

When she was finished she climbed off of Mike’s face and went and sat down next to Jim. Melissa pulled her knees up, setting herself up on her feet, then began bouncing up and down on Mike’s cock. Mike had a hold of her breasts, squeezing them and pinching her nipples as she rode him harder and faster. She kept this up for a couple minutes, then suddenly came, and came hard. Letting out a loud, but intense groan, her whole body stopped and stiffened. Mike quickly picked up where she left off, trying to finish her through her orgasm.

After it was over we all sat around, naked, and took in the moment. Lexi went to the tree and pulled out the bowl of gifts that the girls brought out. There were still three gifts left in it.

“What do you say, girls?” Lexi asked as she held out the bowl. After a short silence Melissa spoke up. “I’m in” she said “But let them pick ’em.”

“I’m in, too.” Vicki said.

I wasn’t sure what could be in the bowl but with the hard-on I still had I wanted to find out, especially as the girls were regaining some energy.

“OK guys, come and get them.” Lexi stated as she held up the bowl. “But open them at the same time, this time.”

We guys went to pick out the last remaining gifts left in the bowl. As we picked them out we quickly opened them. “Hi, this is Melissa.” Mine read. “Your last gift of the evening is me. You may fuck me in any position you like, for as long as you like, until you come. Enjoy.”

I approached Melissa as she was still sitting on the couch, “Are you ready?” I asked her, holding out my hand to her.

She smiled up at me, took my hand and got up. I took her in my arms and pressed her naked body into mine. “Thank you for a wonderful evening.” I said to her as I hugged her.

“You’re welcome.”

I then proceeded to lay her down on the floor, on her back. As I was climbing between her legs, I looked around to find Jim on his knees taking Lexi from behind over the seat of one couch, and Mike taking Vicki also from behind, as she was on her knees on the other couch with him standing, taking her from behind.

I momentarily went down on Melissa, to ensure that she was readily lubricated but also to get a close up look at her womanhood. She had a beautiful pussy, especially shaven, and tasted sweet, but I had a more important task to tend to.

I moved up on her and entered her. On the inside she was still quite wet from her earlier activity, but also surprisingly tight. I started a slow, but deep pace. I was not in a hurry as I wanted this to last. This was my other dream cum true…

As I fucked her, slowly, I looked into her eyes almost every second. She looked back into mine, and I will never forget that picture in my mind.

Our attention was quickly averted for a moment as Vicki started to moan loudly in orgasm. Mike was pumping her pussy as hard and as fast as he could, as he was soon to follow her, filling her with his cum.

I started to pick up the pace with Melissa. As much as I didn’t want to yet, I could feel myself quickly building up to that boiling point. She spread her legs even further, allowing me even deeper access into her. I looked into her eyes and she was looking back into mine, this time with that dreary, lustful glaze look in hers. “Fuck me” she whispered, very seductively.

I slowed my pace, then stopped momentarily, but left my cock buried to the hilt deep inside her. I quickly removed the high heels she was still wearing, then pulled her knees back to her sides, next to her breasts. I placed her now naked feet into my armpits (This is the favorite position I like to put Vicki into; it allows me the deepest access and just the right angle for maximum satisfaction). I then leaned my whole body slightly forward and grabbed a nice, firm breast for each hand. I started to move in and out again, quickly resuming the pace I had when I stopped. She could feel the deep penetration and threw her head back in lust. Within seconds I was giving her all I had; in this position I was pounding her quite hard and quite fast. She moved her hand down to her clit and started rubbing it furiously. She was moaning quite loudly, then suddenly her body tensed up, but she did not stop rubbing her clit. When she tensed, that included her pussy, making it even tighter, and, as I was really close anyway, this threw me over the edge.

I continued to fuck her like this as we both came hard (and loud) at the same time. Even when my orgasm subsided, hers was still continuing so I continued to fuck her, keeping this pace as long as I could. Her orgasm was lasting so long that she must have been having multiples, one right after another.

Finally I could not keep up the pace and had to stop. As her orgasm finally began to subside I let her legs down, crawled out from between her legs and layed down beside her.

I looked around the room and found Vicki in Mike’s arms on one couch, and Lexi in Jim’s arms on the other couch. Everyone was still naked. I looked at the clock that read 11:30pm.

In recovery, Jim got everyone another round of drinks. This time we all sat with our married partners. Although still naked, we all enjoyed the rest of the evening just sitting and cuddling and talking about what just happened. And everyone agreed, even though we all thoroughly enjoyed this evening, it was to be a this-time-only thing, except at midnight, where we each got one last kiss from the other partners.

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