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We Move On From The Kitchen

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Hi! It’s me Diana Johnson again. You know, the tiny woman married to that big hunk Bob. Well, some of the readers of my first story (the one which started in the Kitchen) have asked me to write a bit more about our adventures.

When I think about it, there is quite a bit to report, and some things moved in a direction I would never have guessed. You may recall that Mum had given me some of the delicate little dresses she made and wore when she was a teenager in the 1960’s and 70’s.

Needless to say that Bob was delighted to see how flimsy and somewhat see-through they were. After my first venture of wearing one in public for a walk round the park, Bob has encouraged me to wear one of them when we go out to a club or restaurant (not yet). He put a knife through the wired bras that I used to wear to supplement my almost non-existent tits. He said he would tolerate me wearing some of those filmy hardly there bras, if I should want to. But I decided that with my bust, if the bras were hardly there, there didn’t seem a lot of point in wearing them in the first place.

The only place where this might cause any consternation would be at work. I work in the accounts office of a medium sized engineering company in the town where we live. Blokes from the shop floor were always popping into the office for petty cash or pretty much any other excuse, I guess just to see the girls, some of whom are very attractive. (I do not put myself in that category, but as I actually have a husband and none of the others girls do, most of whom are, as my grandmother would say, ” Living over the brush” i.e. “in sin”, I can’t be too bad). So if I choose to wear a thin blouse to work I usually (but not always 😉 make sure it has pockets to disguise my sometimes prominent nipples. The girls have caught on of course, and seem to encourage the men to come to my desk to see what they can see!

The first time I wore one of Mum’s exceedingly short dresses without Bob to look after me, (more of those experiences later), was when we girls had a Wednesday night out together. I agreed to go as it co-incided with him being away for the week. To be safe I wore the dress over jeans. Everyone commented on my nice “tunic”. When I told them of the garment’s history, they were astounded. I was immediately challenged to go into the Ladies’ to take off my jeans and wear it as a dress, -even if only for a few minutes.

Well I was drunk enough and daft enough to comply wasn’t I? I went to the toilets with one of my friends, took off my jeans, luckily I was wearing some pretty panties, so even though they could be seen through the material, they didn’t spoil the look. The fact that they were visible meant that the absence of a bra could not be missed. But I was past caring now and wanted to show off to my friends. My so-called friend promised to look after my jeans so I didn’t have to carry them when I re-entered the club room.

I was a sensation! They all applauded and insisted we all went on to the dance floor. It wasn’t long before our group was being homed in on by some lads. None of us were short of partners to dance with and as we were all happily sozzled, a great time was had by all. When we girls go out, we always make it a rule to wear our rings, in my case, wedding, but other girls have engagement or other rings, just to put the record straight. None of us would consider cheating on our chaps, that is an unspoken agreement between us. We keep together and look after each other. We are out to socialise and have fun, not sex.

Don’t get me wrong, we’re not angels when we are out together, we are not above having (or letting) the odd fumble. Indeed we have been known to put on a bit of a discrete display of the woman to woman kind, just to wind up the lads. However that is as far as it ever goes.

Anyway back to my night out. As I said, none of us were short of partners, but I seemed to be being passed round a bit. I wasn’t the only one of our group that was braless, but I was the only one where the lads could see what they were feeling. I think my lack equipment in the mammary gland department, meant that they soon tired of not getting a handful. Not surprisingly, Nina the eldest woman in our group, she was forty, who had more than enough tit to share out with the rest of us, was very popular. This was enhanced by the fact that even though she was wearing a bra of railway bridge strength, it was low cut and there was a convenient hand sized aperture between the bra straps and her breasts. This meant that her tits were easily scooped out of the top of her dress. Many of the lads took advantage of this, to everyone’s delight, especially hers!

During a lull in my supply of partners, Celia, one of my work colleagues took my hand and led me to a vacant bench seat at the side of the room. She sat me across her lap so I was sideways onto her and to those who could see from the dance floor. She and I had made out, that is kissed, before and we both enjoyed the change from our fellas. Up to now, we had never done much more than that, but this time she had a bit more devilry in her (as well as a healthy amount of drink). As I sat on her thighs, (She had on a fairly short skirt too.) my dress barely reached her legs. As we kissed, I felt her easing the short hem of my dress from under me.

“I feel like being a bit naughty tonight.” She whispered in my ear.

“So do I!” I replied.

With that she slid her hand up inside my dress, lifting as she did so, to put her palm flat on my belly. I had to react, I couldn’t not, could I? I turned my face to hers and said in my most stern fashion. “So that’s how you want to behave do you?” She nodded, so I did the only thing I could, I put my tongue down her throat!

Her next move was to slide her hand further up and tweak one of my nipples. My dress was now almost up to my armpits, my lovely lace panties (and my heels) were the only things I had on below my waist. I had one hand on her shoulder on top of the strap of her dress. I hooked my thumb under the strap and eased it off her shoulder, pulling it down her arm to her elbow. “You are a very naughty girl!” she told me “And naughty girls get their nipples sucked!”

As I was turned slightly towards her, perhaps it wasn’t so obvious when she lift her side of my dress to release my tiny left breast to be gripped between her luscious lips. I threw my head back in ecstasy, kicked off my shoes and lifted my feet on to the bench beside her. Luckily we were seated at one end of the bench, so I was able to lean against the padded end. Her free hand, which had been round my waist now slid down and rested on my thigh. I kissed her hard as it slid further and further up my leg. Her fingers came to rest where my panties covered my pubes. Suddenly, she stiffened and I thought we had been caught by security or something, but no, “are you shaved?”

“Hm Hmm.” I murmured.

“God! How exquisite!” she exclaimed, “I must have a feel.”

“Go ahead. But no fingers inside.” I warned her.

“As if I would!” She whispered

“Wouldn’t you?”

“Yes!” she admitted.

“Well don’t make me come!” I told her.

“I’d love to.” She replied.

“I would love you to do it too. But not here.” I told her.

“My place?” she asked. I nodded. We stood up and smoothed out our clothes. The others were still dancing. She took my hand and led me towards the door.

“My jeans!” I exclaimed. We had a quick look but in the darkness of the club we couldn’t find them. She became more insistent that we leave, so in the end I left without them.

Celia hailed a taxi and as we drove to her flat, we all but undressed each other in the back of the cab. The driver offered no complaint. When we reached the entrance to her block, she threw some money at the driver and dragged me towards the door. It was a three storey block with no lift, so we climbed up the concrete steps to her second floor flat. When we reached her door, she turned and said, “I want you naked before I let you in!”

I looked at the four other doors on her level. “I am virtually naked already!” I complained.

“Nonetheless, I want that dress and those pretty little panties in my hand before you step over the threshold.”

“Then I want you naked as well.” I told her.

“That’s not part of the deal!” She retorted.

“Well that’s the deal now, or you don’t get to taste my sweet little shaved pussy!” I demanded, perhaps a shade too loudly.

“Ssshhhh!” she went, then sighed, “OK then But I have more on than you it will take longer!”

“You better get started then!” I stood with my hands on my hips in the bright lights of the concrete stairwell and raised my dress up to my waist. “Can you see it winking at you?” I asked. I looked around again and guessed that only one of the doors had a spy-hole that could see us. Eventually she dropped her dress, her panties and bra to the floor and stood there in her hold-up stockings. “You can leave those on.” I told her.

She unlocked the door as I quickly pulled my dress of over my head and then handed her my panties. We went inside. As she closed the door behind us I saw her hang my panties on the outside door handle. “We’ll see if they are still there in the morning.” She announced.

She dropped her clothes and my dress in a heap in the hall and led me to the lounge. She pointed to the deep pile sheepskin mat on the floor in front of the flame effect fire, I always think it is more decadent to at least start outside the bedroom. She knocked off al the lights, leaving only the flickering light of the fire to illuminate what we were about to do.

She lowered me to the floor and I felt the luxuriant wool caress my back. “I can’t tell you how long I’ve waited for this.” She whispered.

“All those time we cuddled and kissed before to make the others laugh…..?” I started.

“I was not laughing inside, I was deadly serious.”

“Wow!” I exclaimed. “I had no idea.”

She crawled up my recumbent body planting kisses on my feet, thighs, belly breasts and finally my mouth. We kissed for a long time, the urgency we felt before having dissipated. Now we just wanted to enjoy each other. Her knee pressed against my pubis and moved gently from side to side. I could not do anything other than open my legs in acceptance.

I was fascinated by her breasts, they were bigger than mine but not enormous, I thought they were beautiful. Later I spent a long time caressing them and running my tongue around her areola. This seemed to please her then I whispered, “lick me.” I was ready to be licked too, I was worried about my juices marking the carpet. I told her so.

“Just this once I’ll forgive you.” She muttered, looking up at me, her face smeared with my wetness. Her tongue explored inside me, I was surprised how far she could reach in with it. We changed positions often, we tried soixante neuf firstly with her on top and then with me above her. Celia was a bit taller than me and mutual licking was a bit awkward, so re tried something else. I knelt astride her with my pussy planted on her mouth. It wasn’t long before I was squirting my hot juices into her mouth and over her face. She was frigging herself off at the same time and my orgasm prompted her to have one. She gasped, “Oh Diana! That was …. it was….. I don’t have the words….”

“I take it you want me to stay the night.” I said.

“Of course, but I was forgetting… your husband.”

“He’s away until Friday.” I told her. “So we have all night. But right now I have to pee.”

“Last door on the right.” She mumbled.

I found the bathroom. I was surprised to see a corner bath in the quite small room. I wondered if we might make use of that later on. While I was in the hallway, I decided to retrieve my panties from outside the door. Quietly I eased the door open just in time to see the door opposite suddenly shut. I reached for the knob and my panties weren’t there. I though perhaps they had dropped off the handle onto the floor, but no, they were gone! I grinned to myself, perhaps it was a good job that Bob was away. I would have had a hard time explaining away the loss of both my jeans and panties on a night out with the girls whilst having lipstick around my nipples.

Celia was lying on her back gently fingering herself, I grinned as I had an idea. I knelt down between her legs and gripped the top of one of her hold up stocking between my teeth and began to pull it down her leg. When she realised what I was doing, she lifted her foot off the floor to allow me to complete my task. When I had succeeded, I tackled the other leg. This time however I had a surprise for her. Instead of doing the same and gently removing her stocking, I bit big holes in it. By the time I had finished, it was all in tatters on the wool mat with the exception of the welt which stayed round her thigh like a garter.

I was aware that her fingering had become much more vigorous and she brought herself to a thrashing orgasm as I knelt over her, dribbling saliva on to her face. As she lay gasping I tried something else. With one knee on the floor and the other leg across her lower chest, (I weigh almost nothing, so wouldn’t hurt her) I held one of her breasts so that the nipple was touching my clitoris. I began to work the two by gently moving them in and out of contact with each other.

I am not sure who enjoyed that the most, but it certainly did it for me as her breast was drenched as I dropped fluids on to it. I think Celia enjoyed it too certainly she said “Fucking hell Diana where did you learn to do that?”

“I just thought of it.” I told her honestly. “I think we need a bath.” I told her. She allowed me to lead her to the bathroom.

I hadn’t noticed there was a shower over the bath, so we put in the plug and let the water play over us as it also filled the bath. After a while after she had topped up the bath from the regular taps to keep the temperature up, we sat facing each other and talked. The subject of Bob came up and I shocked her when I told her that I liked it when he peed on me. “What in the bath?” she asked.

“Well we only have a big shower, but yes when we’re in there, although I prefer it when I have my clothes on.”

“In the shower.”

“Yes sometimes in the shower, but not always. The last time he did it we were taking a walk in the countryside.”

“What were you wearing?”

“Jeans and tee shirt. It was a yellow one.” I laughed “Which I suppose was lucky!”

“Did you have anything to change into?”

“Of course not! I didn’t know he was going to do it!” I scorned, “But it wouldn’t have made any difference if I had. I would still have worn the same.”

“He surprised you.”

“We surprise each other.”


“It varies, but it often involves tipping food or other messy substances over each other.” I decided not to tell her of involving my Mum. “Have you ever tried it?

“God No!”

“Wouldn’t you like to try it with me?”

“Well …. I …… I don’t think so.”

“You might enjoy it.”

“You could be right, but…..”

“Stay there!” I instructed her, I climbed out of the bath went into the kitchen and looked in the fridge. “Ah hah! The very thing.”

I returned to the bathroom to find Celia about to get out of the bath. “Stay there I told you!” I said sharply. She sat back down. I took the can of squirty cream and sprayed her tits with it.

“Aaaghhh!” she screamed, but went quiet when I started massaging the cream into her breasts. “Ooooh that’s rather nice.” She admitted. I squirted a little into my mouth and kissed her forcing the cream into hers. She responded by pushing her tongue into my mouth and we kissed like that for a while.

“Let’s go to bed.” I suggested, so we did, having wiped ourselves clean on a towel. “I have to get up early in the morning to get home to get some clothes for work.”

The next morning, the alarm didn’t go off. Celia woke me urgently. “Diana its eight o’clock! Wake up!”

As we had to be at work by eight-thirty, I ended up borrowing a shirt of Celia’s which was rather too big and a pair of jeans, also too big. I had to borrow some of her make up, which I felt didn’t suit me at all. I felt very under dressed for the office, but possibly the worst was the ride to work on the bus. The shirt was gapping and I saw several passengers trying to look through the gaps. Celia didn’t help as she was done up very nicely and I looked like her boy urchin beside her. (apart from my long hair, that is)

“Where did you two get to last light?” We were asked by Anne, who had also been with us in the club.

“We’d just had enough.” I suggested

“But not enough of each other I suggest!” Anne laughed and the seven girls in the office all applauded. I realised that I would have to tell Bob at the earliest opportunity, because if I didn’t, someone else would. I trusted the girls not to talk to him directly, but one of them was certain to tell her boyfriend and it would get out. “Anyway you missed a big show! One of those blokes got Nina’s top off!”

“She was wearing a bra.” Celia said.

“That came off too!” Anne hooted and everyone laughed including Nina, who did a little curtsey in the centre of the office. Suddenly we all went quiet and bent over our desks to simulate work as a mechanic came in from the workshop.

“I had a lesbian experience last night.” I told Bob that night when he telephoned.

“Who with?”


Celia?” I didn’t know she leant that way!”

“Neither did I until I found her hand up my shirt!” I replied.

“Was it good?” he asked gently

“Yes.” I admitted it was. “And I introduced her to the beginnings of WAM – just a bit of cream on her tits, but it was a start.”

“If she’s converting you to Lesbianism and you are converting her to WAM where does that leave me?” He sobbed.

I knew he was joking, but said, “Well you’ll just have to come up with some new ideas for me.”

“I know exactly what I want to do to you right now!” he laughed.

“Will I enjoy it?”

“When have you ever not?” he asked

“Never!” I decided in my mind to tell him about losing half of my clothes when I could feel his arms round me.

“What have you been doing to amuse yourself.” I asked.

“Well I met a waitress, who was fantastic in bed.”


“Well that’s what she was telling everyone, but she seemed too keen, so no-one took her up on her offer. Mind you she was a fat as gable end.” He continued.

“That’s not very nice!” I admonished him, “She might be very good in bed, but I’m glad you weren’t tempted to find out first hand.”

“I like my women skinny, about your age and no taller than you. Let me see who do I know like that? Of course, it’s you isn’t it? I can’t wait to get home. And bend you over something.”

“You’re sweet.” I told him.

“They call it dessert around here, Oh! and here comes the trolley, must go, see you tomorrow night. Don’t go getting the curse, I need my conjugal rights fulfilled.”

I laughed “I’ll try, love you – Bye!”

I was lucky, I didn’t get the curse at the weekend, Mother nature must have smiled on us. Needless to say, we didn’t go out much over from Friday evening through to Sunday morning Apart, that is, from a visit to the Saturday market and something else I’ll tell you about later. I found out just how much he missed me in a very physical way.

I rushed home from work Friday evening to prepare a nice atmospheric dinner. I was aware that he had been eating in some very posh restaurants during the week. These often served very rich foods, so I decided on a simple approach a pasta dish with my own sauce. I actually made too much sauce, but I didn’t suppose it would be going to waste(!).

What should I wear to greet my man? Something sexy? Of course. Something expensive, probably best not to in the circumstances. In the end I settled for a jeans skirt topped with a vest top which was cut very low under the arms. I sort of had the feeling that it wouldn’t last the night out.

It lasted even less time than even I thought. The car pulled up outside our house as a colleague dropped him off. I opened the door and walked down the drive as Bob pulled his bag out of the boot of the car. I reached him and we kissed, I pulled his bag on wheels up the slight slope of our driveway as he pulled my shirt virtually right off before we had got halfway to the door. The ripping sound excited me. “Are you going to strip me naked before we get inside?”

“Would you let me?”

“I wouldn’t be able to stop you!”

“That’s not what I meant and you know it!”

“If you want to do it, go ahead.”

“Maybe we should get inside first.” He agreed.

He kicked the door shut with his heel as he finished off the shirt by renting it nearly in two. “I was going to wear that to the market tomorrow.” I kidded him.

“You could still do that, but I don’t think you be going anywhere much until Sunday. We have a lot of catching up to do.” He told me.

I extricated myself from his arms and told him. “You go and get out of that suit, I’ll serve dinner. You have no more than five minutes!”

Bob reappeared, having changed from his business suit into a tee shirt and a pair of sweat pants. I was glad to see this because of the plans I had. I served up the pasta and we talked whilst we had the meal. Bob said “I’ve been thinking about what we did to your mother…….”

“Hang on a minute!” I interrupted. “What WE did? It was you!”

“You filled the bath!” He accused. I had to acknowledge that. “Do you think it was a one-off?”

“I don’t know, do you think it should remain a one off?” I turned the question back on to him.

“Do you think she would want to be involved again?” He asked. “Because I have never heard her laugh like that.”

“I was thinking the same thing at the time.” I told him.

“There are two ways to find out,” He suggested. “We can ask her, or we can just do something.”

“I vote for the just do something!” I giggled.

“My thoughts exactly.” He concurred. “Invite her for tea on Sunday.”

“What have you got in mind?” I asked, turning my head as I went into the kitchen to get the pan of sauce.

“Nothing really, we’ll just see what happens.” He mused.

“Well let’s see if this gives you any ideas.” I said as I tipped the remainder of the pasta and sauce over his groin.

“You little minx!” he exclaimed, he grabbed me and sat me in the mess on his lap. I could feel it soaking into the back of my skirt. I made the mistake of leaving the pan on the table. He picked it up and put it over my head winding it round and round thus ensuring that if the inside of the pan was clean, my hair certainly wasn’t.

Luckily our dining area has laminate flooring so it can withstand a bit of mess being spilt on it. He took his plate, which still had some food on it and rubbed it all over my chest. I was still wearing, if that is the right term, the tattered vest that I met him wearing in the drive. I liked the idea of wearing something for him out of which I stood a good chance of falling. It certainly gave him good access to anything he might want to reach.

He reached into the torn vest and smeared my tits with the sauce that he had retrieved. Then he had a better idea. He eased me up from his lap slightly, grabbed a handful of the sauce that still lay there and pushed it up my skirt. “You know you’re going to have to lick that off don’t you?” I asked him.

He said no more but stood up, pulled me by the hand out into the garden pushed me over on the grass (lawn is too good a name for it) and turned the garden hose on me. No matter where I rolled, he followed me with that damn hose! If I tried to get up, he tripped me or got hold of a foot to prevent me running away.

I was of course completely drenched, and it was about now that I realised that it was still light, and I guessed that we might be being watched by the thirteen-year-old from next door whose bedroom window over looked our garden. “Bob! Craig might be watching!” I gasped, as I feared, well not feared exactly, that Bob was about to pounce on me and give me a good fucking.

“Don’t care!” Bob said defiantly and pulled my shirt right off. He tried to do the same with my skirt, he managed it, but I was quick enough to be able to escape to a point in the garden where we were not overlooked. This happened to be right away from the house where there are some big Rhododendron bushes. Bob caught me up and lay me on the soil behind the bushes. It stuck to my wet body, I could only lay there as he held me down whilst he divested himself of his sweatpants. Then naked from the waist down, he descended on to me.

As we shagged, I felt him rubbing my wet hair into the soil behind my head. But I didn’t care, he was home and we were having sex, albeit not in bed, no doubt that would come later. He was too near to his own to give me a good orgasm, I could tell that he needed to ejaculate and do it quickly. “Over me!” I gasped, but I was too late, he filled me good and proper. I suppose he’d had all week to save it up. I could feel the excess semen running out of me.

He sat upright, and pulled to sit in his crossed legs, my back to him. He began to work on my labia with his fingers, which were covered in dirt, I continued to leak over them until he presented his cum covered fingers to my mouth. I didn’t like the soil on them so spat them away. He simply rubbed his dirty, cummy fingers all over my face. When he had had enough of that, he went back to frigging me off. This he achieved with some success I might add. I do love him. If he ever cums first, he will always make sure I cum too before he stops.

He eventually lay back, with me on my back, on top of him. We lay there for some time, he gently massaging my breasts with one hand and my clit with the other. Even though there was no vigorous movement, I managed to cum again twice simply through letting him, gently bring me off.



“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

“Enough to let me up to have a piss?”

“Just do it.” He said gently.

“It’ll go all over you.”

“I know that.” He said, “Besides, if you don’t hurry up I’ll go first!”

I let my bladder release and felt the piss running down my crack, over my perineum and over his belly. I felt his hand move to get under my thigh, so I raised it to give him access. The next thing He was pissing straight up in the air and it was raining down on both of us. The first initial flow hit my chest, then he adjusted his aim until it was hitting both our faces. It was so bizarre that I laughed and got a mouthful for my trouble. His free hand found me still flowing, so he gave my urethra a vigorous rubbing, splashing my piss over my belly and his legs.

Soon after that the cool evening air got to us and we decided to make for the house. I had a quick check to see if Craig’s light was on, it was not as we walked down the sloping grass towards the house. “At least Craig isn’t in his room.” I murmured.

“How do you know?” Bob asked. “He might be filming us with his camcorder on night vision setting.”

“Has he got one?” I asked suddenly.

“I’ve no idea but if he did see us, I’ll bet he gets one pretty soon!”

We both laughed at that and upon reaching the decking outside the back door, despite the cold we hosed each other off with the garden hose.

Back in the house, we headed for the shower to get properly clean and warm. As we were drying off, I said with a laugh, “Well I hope you have no plans to THAT to my mother!”

Bob looked at me with a straight face. “Why ever not?” As you said yourself she’s an attractive woman who is clearly up for a laugh and good shagging might cheer her up!”

I slapped him and we both laughed.

The next morning, he suggested he join me for my planned trip into town to have a look around the market. “I don’t mind, if that’s what you want to do.” I told him.

“I have an ulterior motive, not to say an agenda.” He confessed.

“What’s that?” I asked and he winked. “All right what do I have to wear?”

He looked disappointed. “You guessed.”

“I know how you’re mind works!” I told him. “C’mon give!”

“Well you know that ankle length wrap-over skirt you have.”

“That old thing?” I exclaimed, “You want me to wear that? Well that won’t be too much of a problem but it is a bit ragged round the hem.”

“And a torn tee shirt.”

I was suddenly apprehensive. “How torn?”

“Just a bit round the hem and perhaps a bit up the side.”

I laughed. “You are a bugger, but yes, I’ll dress in rags for you if that’s what you want.”

“Then I have some news.”


“Yeah. I’m getting promoted at work. I am soon to no longer be an ordinary Technical Salesman, I’m to become a Project Manager.”

“Hey Babe! That’s great! Congratulatons!”

He looked a bit glum. “There is a downside. I have to go away more often, but sometimes you will be able to come with me.”

“If I can get time off work.” I reminded him.

“In the autumn there is a big exhibition in Malmo in Sweden and I have to go to that to man the stand, You can come if you want, you’ll have to help serve drinks and nibbles and keep clients talking, if all the sales guys are busy.”

“Sweden! Wow!” I was excited, “Hang on a minute, Isn’t Sweden full of tall willowy blondes? How will they view me?”

“From above!” He laughed so I hit him.

“Anyway joking aside, would you like to do it? We’ll have to get you a business suit and it will be hard work, on your feet all day.”

I’d love to.” I told him, “Especially as I’ll be with you.”

“Not just me. There will be other salesmen from different parts of Europe, but as we are basically a UK company, I will be in charge. Sadly I have to say that there will no time for sightseeing until after the show, when we might be able to stay on for the weekend, in say, Copenhagen.”

We spent the night in bed just cuddling, and hugging each other intermingles with a bit of gentle lovemaking. It was lovely.

The next morning I announced that I hadn’t got a torn tee shirt to wear. Bob soon made sure that I had. He took another one of my vests (wife beater) and made some modifications to it. He snipped through the seam under the left arm and ripped it down about an inch. He also unpicked the seam on the top of the shoulder strap on the same side, leaving it only half attached. He cut off the bottom of the shirt all the way round so that it was a level with my waist. This would leave a gap between the bottom of my shirt and the top of the skirt. A bare midriff if you like. A couple of tips up each side completed the job unless you count a bit of fraying around the hem.

I was going to wear tiny lace panties, my shirt, skirt and flip-flops (I think they are called thongs in the States. In the UK, thongs are something QUITE different). I actually felt quite comfortable as I got ready, I perused myself in the mirror and I thought, “You don’t look bad kid.” Certainly not as exposed as I thought I might look.

Then just before we left the house, Bob had a surprise for me. I suppose I should have seen it coming, but I blithely thought we were all ready to go, he in his loose leg shorts, sleeveless tee shirt and trainers. “Take off your panties.” He told me.


“I want you to feel exposed if the wind gets under your wrap-over skirt.”

“You know it will, the breeze will always catch it!” I replied, the protested, “People will see my quim!”

“When was the last time someone saw your panties without you intending them to see them?” He asked with some justification.

“I can’t remember it ever happening.” I admitted.

“Then hand them over, or I might take them off you in the town.”

I laughed “I might enjoy that better! But on second thoughts I’ll do a deal with you. I’ll take mine off if you take yours off.” I thought he might baulk at that, but he agreed instantly. I slipped my panties off dangling them on my foot. “Well? Where are yours?”

“I’m not wearing any in the first place.” He grinned.

I slid my hand up one leg of his short and found out he was telling the truth. “You are a brave lad.” I told him. I kicked my panties in the air, he caught them, sniffed them and then looped them through his belt. “Bob, you can’t do that! Everyone will know that I’ve not got any on if you carry them like a trophy.”

“Exactly!” He said with a chuckle. To make things worse, he said we weren’t to take the car but to catch the bus instead.

As we sat on the bus, he sat by the window, leaving me in the aisle seat. The vibration of the bus caused my skirt to unwrap a little and reveal my thighs. Bob helped this along by surreptitious used of his little finger to drag the fabric further off my legs. I grinned at his cheek, but was secretly worried that I might be totally exposed before we even got to town.

I survived the journey without getting thrown off the bus, but there was an old fellow who was sitting across the aisle from me, who couldn’t keep his eyes off my thighs. I had nudged Bob and nodded in the old boy’s direction, Bob looked and simply nodded and grinned.

“You realise that old man was staring ay my legs.” I said as we cleared the bus.

“Yeah, I knew, perhaps he enjoyed the trip.” Bob said.

“I’m sure he did. I’m not sure that I did though.” I protested.

“Are you sure that you weren’t just a little excited at the danger of being exposed?” He demanded.

“Well,” I grinned, “There was that aspect to it I suppose.”

“Are you wet yet?” He asked.

“Not yet, give me time!” I laughed and tweaked his knob through his shorts. “Are you hard yet?”

“I soon will be if you carry on like that.”

We wandered through the market, picking up and looking at (mostly) clothes for me. I am such a small size that I can often get into girls sized skirts and tops. Bob bought some tiny skirts for me and a few tops. Nothing I could see was anything like as well made as my mother’s dresses. I tried on a Basque (over my shirt) but it didn’t look or feel right. In just over an hour and a half, I had two plastic bags of clothes, plus one or two household items.

We moved into the shopping centre, and wandered around for a while before sitting and having a coffee. Bob decided that he had to go and check on a stand in the market that sold tools and stuff as he needed some more solder wire. “You make your way to the entrance, and I’ll meet you there in ten minutes.” He said and then cleared off leaving me with all the shopping. Men!

The quickest way for me to get to the entrance was down a big wide flight of stairs, with shops down each side, a matter of two minutes walk, so I ambled round the shops on the level I was already on before making my way to meet Bob. As I started down the stairs, I realised that this entrance was notorious for the enormous updraft, when the doors opened and the bottom. As I struggled down the stairs, not easy with no hands to hold on to the banister, the doors opened and the updraft arrived and suddenly my skirt blew right up and over my shoulder. I had to stop, put down the bags pull my skirt back into place before setting off again. I was ready for it the next time, I managed to partially hold down the skirt with one of the bags, but it still billowed. Then I saw Bob at the bottom of the stairs, stepping in and out of the range of the automatic door opener and furthermore he had a camera in his hand!

When I realised what he was up to, I looked around and seemed to be almost on my own. There was no-one below me coming up the stairs and just at that moment there was only Bob at the doors. I thought “Bugger this I’ll give him a real show this time!” deliberately let my skirt fly up to it’s maximum extent when Bob opened the doors below. The one side of my skirt billowed out, whilst the other again went over my shoulder. I carried on down the stairs making no attempt to cover up for a few seconds. I left it a bit too long, for a gang of lads came round the corner and had full benefit of the spectacle. Of course being lads they couldn’t just watch, they had to whoop and holler didn’t they?

I was a bit nervous, but when they saw I was with Bob and they took in the size of him they quietened down rather quickly.

“You!” I accused. “You set that up didn’t you?”

“Hang on a minute, you were the one flashing her pussy about! I was simply taking photographs.”

“let me see them!” I begged him, but he refused.

“This one of those single use cameras, so I have to get them processed and I have another twenty frames to use up first. I want some more of you dressed like you are right now. He told me.

“Can we at least get rid of the shopping first?” I asked.

“Good idea.” Bob replied. “Do you know anyone who works in the town who might look after it for us? The only person I knew was a friend who worked part time in a charity shop in the town.

“We could see if Barbara is at work in the Oxfam shop. She might look after it for us for a couple of hours.” I suggested. Luckily, Barbara was at work in the shop and she was happy to take care of the shopping until closing time some five hours hence.

We both thanked her profusely and instructed her not to sell it. She laughed and said ” I expect you to buy something here when you come back!” We said we would and went back into the crowded streets.

“How do you want me?” I asked Bob when we got back to the centre square.

“Publicly” He said. “Go and sit on that bench over there. Just pose naturally as if you’re waiting for someone. Then start fidgeting and letting a little bit of leg show. Not too much, I don’t want you to attract too much attention.”

I did exactly as he said, trying to look like I was waiting for someone. Sometime later I was waiting for someone. Him! He faffed around, taking I don’t know how many pictures, then he disappeared completely for about five minutes. When he came back, I waved him over. “Where have you been?” I demanded.

“I had to go and get another camera, I used all the frames up in that one.” He explained. “Just show a bit more leg for a couple of shots then we’ll move on.” I sat still until he had moved away, then I twisted round to see the time by the big clock behind me. As I did so, rather more thigh than I was expecting came into view as the skirt parted and slipped almost completely off my leg. I looked across to Bob and he Laughed, gave me the thumbs up and waved me towards him. I minced over to him swinging my hips in what I hoped was a provocative manner.

“OK my lord, what have you got planned now?” I simpered to him.

“The gardens.” He said.

There was a small town centre garden near the town centre, which almost always quiet now the council had moved the children’s swings across to another park. The gardens were now a refuge for courting couples and old people.

There were lots of circular flowerbeds, and trees dotted about. We chose a nice shady spot and Bob sat with his legs spread, his back against a tree and I sat between his legs, leaning my shoulder against his chest, my legs over one of his. “Diana, have you enjoyed it today?” he asked.

“Yes, I have,” I told him, “More than I thought I would. It was just pleasant wandering round with you, even though I was close to being naked. The episode in the shopping mall, now I just think was funny. I was a bit scared at first and annoyed that you’d set me up, but now I’m glad you did. In retrospect I am proud that I had the bottle to do what I did on the last few steps. I almost did it to spite you, but actually it was quite exciting.”

“Do you think you are ready to go clubbing in one of your Mum’s voile dresses yet?” He asked.

I looked up at his face and said “Yes, I think I am. But you’ll not get me doing that with no pants on!”

“I wouldn’t ask you to do that.” He told me, fiddling with my shirt, “At least not at first!”

“Would you want me to start out like that or just end up that way? I asked him, really not knowing what he was going to say, but then I challenged him. “What are you doing to my shirt?”

“First question first”. He said. “Whatever you feel most comfortable doing, second question, I’m just extending the rips a bit.”

“Oh. Am I going to find my shirt dropping off when I stand up?”

“I don’t know yet, I haven’t decided.” He said. Just then another couple walked passed. “Excuse me!” He called out. “Would you mind taking a couple of photographs of me and my wife?” They agreed and Bob handed them the camera.

“How many do you want?” The man asked.

“About half a dozen or so. Just keep shooting and I’ll tell you when to stop.” He told them.

The man took pictures as we cuddled and smiled. I was aware that the semi-broken shoulder strap had been pulled down my arm, and my shirt was in some disarray. But I had a job not to laugh out loud when he took my hand that was out of shot and pushed it down inside his shorts. As I gripped his stiffening member, Bob was “re-arranging” my skirt, so one of my hips was exposed. It must have been clear to the couple that I was naked underneath. The girl smiled , parted her front opening dress a little to show her panties, then she waggles her finger from side to side in an admonishment to me for being without. I just gave his penis a quick rub with my unseen hand and waved to the other couple cheerily.

“Thank you those will be fine.” Bob called out eventually. “Would you like me to take some of you two?” They thanked him but declined. When they had gone, Bob whispered to me “If you make me cum in my shorts, I’ll take my revenge!”

I started to roll my thumb over the head of his prick. He winced and tore up the side of my shirt a bit more. I started to wank him gently and he started a new tear up the front of my shirt. Because of the frayed hem this went quicker than the seams at the side and he pulled it right up to the neckline, which held. I started wanking him quicker when he did that. “Bob I love you.” I told him quietly. His hand touched my exposed thigh. “Bob don’t do that.”


“Because if you hand is going where I think it is going, I’m going to have to get fucked even if we are still in the park!” I gasped.

“Shall we go home then?” He asked

“I think we should.”

We called back at the Oxfam shop to pick up the shopping and thank Barbara. “I see you’ve been having fun.” She remarked on seeing the state of my shirt. In reality it didn’t reveal as much as I thought it might. “What can I interest you in? Barbara asked. We came away with a dress that was several sizes too big for me, but it only cost a couple of pounds. Cheap and maybe Mum could do something with it.

On the bus ride Home I sat by the window, Bob held the two shopping bags on his lap with one hand, the other was stuffing its fingers up my cunt. His actions were shielded from the other passengers by the shopping. When we got to our stop, I could hardly walk, my libido was raised and I could hardly wait to get that man of mine inside the house. In the event he kicked the front door shut and we fucked on the stairs.

We went to a night club that night, and Mum came for tea on Sunday, but I’ll tell you about that next time.

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