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Bobby Walsh, My Story

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My Name is Robert Walsh and I have been through some significant transformations in my life and I need to tell someone about them; “I need to tell my story”.

How it began…

I am 49 years old now, but this all began for me about 39 years ago when I was a boy living with my mom in a 1 bedroom apartment in the basement of the Babylon Shores Motel. I didn’t know this at the time but my mom had been divorced because my dad had caught her several times in our house screwing her boss “Lenny”.

My mom has worked at the Babylon Shores Motel as a House Keeper since as long as I can remember. Her boss was a tall Italian guy who I don’t remember much about; except he was overweight and wore a lot of cologne. He always had his shirt opened showing off his big belly and gold cross; and he was always mad at me, or so it seemed.

My mom on the other hand had a slim waist with large breasts that seemed to spill out of her chest with a pear shaped butt, she was about five foot five with long wavy dirty blonde hair and high cheek bones, that made her look like a model; or at least that’s what the men she brought home told her. At that time in my life I was an average sized pudgy boy with dark hair. I had no friends my own age and I was lacking in self esteem and personal self worth. The older kids would always pick on me; they would say that with my long hair and pudgy body I looked like a girl.

There was never much to do and so I would always be home sitting on the couch playing with my toys or watching T.V. waiting for my mom to get back. When she got home, her boss always stopped by to talk with her and they would always be talking privately in her bedroom.

After my dad threw me and mom out on the street, we went to live in the one bedroom apartment in the basement of the building that my mom worked at. The apartment was small. In the kitchen was a stove, sink and refrigerator, the living room had a five foot worn-out leather couch that one of the tenants must have left or thrown out, and a coffee table that became our breakfast and dinner table.

There was a small closet off the living room that was set in between the bathroom and bedroom, it had no door and no shelves; just a storage place for one stool. There were two pictures of horses hanging on the walls inside the closet but because the closet had no door, it didn’t seem strange that there were pictures hanging inside on the walls. The bathroom was tiny and the one bedroom had no windows and was just large enough to fit the king size bed and a cabinet for clothes.

My mom had a lot of guy friends most of whom were black men and a few were women. I don’t have a lot of memories or her friends because every time they would come over to visit with Lenny they would tell me to leave and go sit and play on the couch. Then Lenny would come out of the room and yell at me to go to sleep and then he would go sit on the stool in the closet. The couch was facing away from the closet so I couldn’t see what Lenny was doing and I was too afraid to turn and look over the back of the couch for fear that he would get mad. Always after about a half hour Lenny would make some grunting noises and then go into the bathroom and run the water for a few seconds; after he came out of the bathroom he would sit on the couch and talk nice to me while waiting for his friend to finish talking to my mom.

About a year after we moved into the apartment the building was sold to a family and the new owners became my mom’s new bosses. Her new bosses were very nice to me and mom. The first time I met Tyrell in the apartment he gave me some head phones and a CD player with a CD in it. It was some R&B music and I listened to it all the time. I never saw Lenny again, then there were some people that had come around a few times to look for him, I guess he didn’t leave a forwarding address. The following spring my mom had taken me outside to the back yard of the hotel. There she showed me the new rose garden that the new owners had planted. She told me that one of the new owners, Tyrell had created it for me and her.

I had seen a lot of the new owners in my apartment; usually one of them would come by a few nights a week and a different one on the next week and so on. It seemed that there was never a day that I didn’t see someone come to visit my mom; but they were all nice to me so I was happy to see them.

One Friday night we had a visit from Mark, he was Tyrell’s cousin and he seemed to be very nice and polite. When they went into the room to talk I went to lie down on the couch and soon fell asleep. I was woken up to what seemed like slapping. Slap, Slap, Slap, Slap, Slap. Then a pause and again, Slap, Slap, Slap, Slap and Slap. When I heard the door open I was scared and ducked under my blanket.

As my mother was looking through the kitchen cabinet I heard Mark say “don’t forget the bowl”. I couldn’t help myself, my curiosity was too much and I slowly and quietly looked over the back of the couch and saw my mom standing at the counter placing the cooking oil down and going for a bowl. She was wearing a pair of red thong panties, her legs slightly spread and she was standing on her tippy toes reaching for the top shelf. She was wearing a white tube top and I could see the outline of her large breast spilling out on both sides of her back. She had her hair in a ponytail off to the side and to my utter surprise she was wearing a black studded collar with a black strap dangling down the middle of her back.

I was awed by the sight; I had never seen my mom like this and I couldn’t look away. My eyes rolled down her body to her shapely butt and I saw red welts that must have come from the slapping that I heard. Then I almost gasped aloud when I saw the light pink plug sticking out of my mom’s ass with some black hair hanging off it, as if it were a tail. I was mesmerized by this sight and then shaken out of it by Mark’s voice yelling “hurry up cunt” and the light of the bedroom door being blocked out by his large frame. I instinctively look over in that direction to see Mark standing there in the door way. His large muscular frame silhouetted by the light behind him. His bright white bikini briefs and very large package caught my attention and for a few seconds I couldn’t look away. I could see the outline of his cock through the shear material. When I finally looked up I saw him looking at me with a big grin on his face. I slinked down and pulled the blanket over my head too scared to think.

I hadn’t seen or heard about Mark for a few weeks but I had seen Tyrell and his brothers periodically. I couldn’t get the image of my mom’s body out of my head and I kept thinking about that plug in her butt that looked like a tail. Every time I thought of that sight I would see the outline of Marks cock, large frame, and grinning face. I could not imagine what he was thinking while he was wearing that grin or what they were doing in there.

I realized that every time I would see those pictures in the closet of the horses, I would instantly think of the plug in my mom’s ass with the long black hair trailing out the end of it. I was repulsed by it but every time I saw the image my dick would get hard. I took those pictures down and threw them out in the trash. When I had time I would look for other pictures to hang up there.

One night while Tyrell was over I was listening to one of the new CD’s he had given me; while lying on the couch I heard loud talking that caught my attention. I thought Tyrell was talking to me so I removed my headphones and sat up. I looked in the direction of the bedroom door but it was closed. I listened for a moment and then put my headphones back on. As I was falling back down onto my back I saw a glint of light coming from inside the closet piercing through the darkness.

I got off the couch and walked to the closet where I saw the light was coming from a hole about six feet off the floor that I hadn’t noticed before because it was behind the picture. Then I noticed another glint of light from another hole in the wall that had been behind the other picture. I walked into the closet and climbed onto the stool and put my eye to the wall and I could see right into the bathroom. I put my eye to the other hole and I could see inside my mom’s bedroom and I could see her very clearly.

My mom had her back to me kneeling on the carpeted floor. From the back I could see that she was not wearing a top and her hair was in two ponytails; one on each side of her head. Tyrell was standing in front of her towering over her. One of his hands was gripping a ponytail and the other was petting the top of her head. She had her left hand wrapped around him holding on to his ass cheek, her right hand was stroking the tip of his big cock and she was crouching her head down flicking her tongue under his ball sack.

She would grab his cock at the base and impale her mouth onto it while her left hand traced around on his chiseled abs and chest. Then he began making some noises and pulling her head onto his cock more aggressively as he was getting ready to explode. As if for a finale he pulled her head back and shot several loads of cum onto her face and then pointed his cock down to her chest as he was grunting and panting in pleasure. My mom was drenched in cum and brought both her hands up to her breasts and started pulling her nipples and then rubbing the warm cum into her skin like lotion. Then she would bring her hands to her waiting tongue and lick them clean.

After he finally stopped Cuming and caught his breath, he again pulled her head and directed it back to his cock and in a commanding tone said “Yeah, you like that bitch, Lick it all up baby, that my girl”. I could see my mom shaking her head yes as she was looking up at Tyrell and once again started impaling herself on his still very large but now semi hard cock. “That’s a good whore” he said as he once again started petting the top of her head.

My little dick was rock hard after watching this and I didn’t know what to do. Seeing my mom treated like this was making me feel things that I had never felt before. I went back to my couch and put my head phones back on and pretended to be asleep, but all I was thinking about was that big cock pistoning into my mom’s mouth and how my mom seemed to love sucking on it and licking the sticky gooey spunk.

When they exited the room Tyrell passed the couch I heard him say “looks like Robert may have heard us.” I realized later that because I wrapped myself in the blanket he must have seen the outline of my little hard dick.

Whenever my mom went into the bedroom and closed the door I would run for the stool and jump up to take a look. A couple of times I was in such a hurry that I kicked the stool into the wall. Luckily my mom didn’t take notice and was unaware that I was peeking in on her. My mom would usually turn on the overhead light and read a magazine. As she would lay there reading she would start to shed some of her clothes. I would watch her start to rub her fingers over her nipples until they were hard. Then at some point she would put the magazine down and take a nap.

Then something changed; she would be lying on the bed in a sheer tank top with white thong panties and after just a few minutes of reading she would put the book down and spread out on the bed. She would close her eyes and begin to caress her body from the top of her thighs to the top of her neck. She would push her breasts together and knead them, then rub down to her belly and wash her hands over and down to her pussy and press hard. I could see her lips moving but I couldn’t hear any words

When I saw her naked like this, it always made me think of Mark and Tyrell; there big cocks spewing spunk all over her tits and face. As she pulled her knees up to her chest she would pull her thong to the side and rub along her pussy until her fingers were wet and then she would bring them to her open mouth and lick them clean. I watched this scene unfold just about every day.

I didn’t think it strange that she would finish her daily work when I got home from school. She would make me lunch and say “honey I am going to read a bit and maybe take a nap. I couldn’t wait to get home every day and watch my mom. Eventually she stopped reading and as soon as she entered her room her clothes would come off and she would go to work on herself. I loved to watch her spread her legs and rub her pussy with her finger then dive two fingers into her slit and rub her clit with her thumb.

Sometimes I could hear her saying “oh baby, oh yeah baby… momma’s clit…” Times like this when she got really worked up she would get on her hands and knees with her ass facing the wall where I was spying from. She would spread her knees wide and start slapping her pussy with one hand while pulling the hair from the back of her head with the other hand. Then she would let go of her hair and reach around and start rubbing around her anus.

One afternoon I got home from school late and when I got home my mom was already in her room. I ran to the stool to peek in on her and I saw that she was naked and her room was a mess. It looked like she had had company just before I got home. She was squeezing her beasts together with both hands and she was moaning as she was gently pulling on her big nipples. She reached for her slit and started pushing her fingers inside. She began fucking herself with two fingers while she was rubbing her clit. When her hips started to rise and fall she took her left hand and put it in her mouth. She was plunging her fingers into her mouth until they were clean and brought them back to her pussy to start ramming them inside her pussy again. Her mouth forming an o, I could hear her moaning. Then she did something that made my heart race. She took her pussy drenched fingers and started sucking them and took her other hand and plunged her fingers in to her pussy; fucking herself at both ends. When she removed her fingers from her mouth to switch hands and she moaned out “oh baby fuck mommy.”

My heart started racing, I got hot and I had this turning in the pit of my stomach. My leg started shaking and for a second I was afraid and then my very hard dick started releasing fluid inside my underwear. In about fifteen seconds it was over and I began to feel normal again and was immediately filled with a euphoric sensation and a profound love for my mother. I reached into my underwear and started rubbing my fingers in the fluid. I knew that I had cum and was in a hurry to feel it and rub it all over my still hard dick. I took my coated fingers and hesitantly brought them up to my mouth. I extended my tongue and touched the thick slippery fluid then plunged a finger into my mouth. I was hot again and my heart was racing; I put all the fingers into my mouth and decided that I liked the taste. I immediately thought about Mark and Tyrell exploding all over mom and me licking up all their cum.

Later that week Mark came over with someone I didn’t know and when they went inside I waited ten minutes or so and ran to the closet to look. The room was dim I guess one of the light bulbs went out from the lamp over the bed. I saw my mom lying on the bed with her head hanging off. Mark was on the bed with her legs over his shoulders, he was pounding his cock into her pussy and his friend was standing over her head pistoning his cock in and out of her mouth and throat while he was slapping her breasts side to side. After a while they both pulled out and turned her around and flipped her over. Now she was doggie style with Marks cock in her mouth and his friend was banging her pussy from behind and slapping her ass. Every time he pounded her pussy she would lurch forward and impale herself onto Marks big cock.

I was kneeling on the stool with my underwear pulled down watching these two men maul my mom and again my dick was rock hard. Watching those big cocks disappear into my mom; it was exciting and the thought of them erupting and flooding my mom’s face and breasts with their spunk was getting me very excited. I had thoughts about touching there big cocks and feeling them as they erupted, spilling their seed out onto my body and commanding me to rub it all over myself.

My mom must have been enjoying it because she was leaning on one hand while her other was pulling and tugging on her nipple like she wanted to remove it. My throat was dry and I needed a drink, so I got down and went into the refrigerator to get a Pepsi. When I opened the door the light from inside the refrigerator flooded the room as I drank down my drink. I closed the door and for a moment I couldn’t see. My eyes adjusted and I went back to my perch inside the closet. I climbed up and in my haste I slapped my face against the wall. I was scared but I looked through the hole any way and they were all in the same position fucking my mom except Mark was looking in my direction with that same big grin on his face.

I thought he was looking right at me so I jumped down onto the floor and ran to my couch and pulled the covers over myself. After that day my routine was the same. I would watch my mom fuck and suck men and women in her room and jack myself off until I splashed my seed all over myself and then rub in into my pudgy chest. Because I was pudgy I had some excess body fat that made it look like I had small breasts. I would rub the spunk onto my chest, imagining that I had tits and that it was Marks spunk. I would finally lick my fingers clean and I would softly moan out “Thank you Mark.”

Some months later it was my birthday and my mom and her friends had a little birthday party for me in the rose garden out back. It was sunny and hot; we all stood around and had some food and cake. Then some of her friends came back to our apartment for a drink and to relax. My mom was talking to everyone and giving them drinks and then I saw Mark. I was petrified and didn’t know how to respond when he reached out with his big hand and waited for mine.

“Robert, shake his hand silly” My mom said. I reached out and placed my small hand in his and he gave it a gentle squeeze and as he pulled away his other hand placed a large glass of wine in my now empty hand.

“Happy Birthday, now you have become a man; a toast to Robert…”

Then he looked at me for a moment, he grabbed his chin as if he were thinking and then he seemed to light up, and once again was wearing that big grin. He spoke.

“No wait. To Bobbie Walsh, happy birthday.”

Then I saw everyone drink from their glasses so I drank mine. It was fruity and tasted good so I drank down the whole glass. When I finished Mark handed me another and said “slow down angel or you’ll miss your present.” Then he looked in the direction of a young beautiful black woman who was sitting quietly by herself; then I noticed the studded collar that looked very similar to the one I saw that first night around my mom’s neck. I stepped back and Mark said “don’t be scared Bobby, we are going to be friends; he rubbed the back of my neck and then patted my ass before walking away. The girl gave me a glancing smile and then looked back at the floor where she had been looking all afternoon. By the time the gathering broke up my mom was pretty tipsy.

All evening I had seen the men checking out her tits that were spilling out of the outfit which was a very tight and very sheer dress. The dress stopped just below her ass cheeks. Clearly she was braless and panty less and it was obvious the more she drank the more she enjoyed the men and a few of the women putting their hands on her as they complimented her on her body and choice of outfit.

Everyone left except Mark and the black girl “Anne.” My mom was with me on the couch and Mark said “Anne go in and get started.” Mark walked over to the couch where my mom and I were sitting and put his hand in top of her head. When she turned to look at mark she was eye level with his bulging cock.

“Are we ready yet baby?” Mark said.

My mom smiled and rubbed his hip affectionately and stood up to talk into Mark’s ear. She turned to me and said “I will be talking with Mark and Anne for a while in private, so listen to your music and then go to sleep OK.”

As she was heading for the bedroom Mark said,

“I will be right in; go ahead and start without me.”

When Marked looked down at me he noticed that I was staring at the bulge in his pants. “Bobbie” he said and when I looked up at him he was grinning. Go lie down on the couch; and when I did he sat down on the edge of the couch at my waste. He handed me my half glass of birthday wine and gave me what looked like three different colored Aspirin.

He said, “Take these now; it will lessen the headache you will have tomorrow from all the sugar in the wine.”

As he was leaning in to whisper something to me, he put his forearm down along the length of my body from my crotch to my chest and placed his hand on the side of my neck. I felt the warmth of his arm on my body as he spoke; “try not to fall asleep too soon; Anne has something for you from me.”

As he sat up he left his arm on my body. I could feel it sliding along my belly and crotch area as his hand came to rest on my chest. Now I could feel the warmth of his hand on my chest, on my nipple which seemed to respond to the touch. His eyes traveled along my body and stopped at my crotch area, he took his hand off my chest and put his finger on my lips and pushed it through and into my mouth. He was looking into my eyes and as he rested his finger on my tongue and he asked; “did you swallow all three?” Then with his finger on my tongue and me looking into his eyes I shook my head yes. He removed his finger and placed his hand on my cheek and said; “good girl; we are going to become great friends.”

It didn’t seem odd that he said “good girl”, in fact it seemed natural. I waited a few minutes and then jumped up and ran for the closet. Kneeling on the stool I put my face to the wall and saw Mark standing facing the hole in the wall with my mom and Anne kneeling on the floor on both sides of him. Mom and Anne were facing each other with their one arm wrapped around Marks waist and their free hand was reaching out caressing each other breasts. My mom was naked but Anne was still wearing turquoise panties. Anne was slim and a little taller than my mom she had a chiseled muscle look like maybe she played sports. Her tits were big and firm and it was clear that she loved Marks cock as much as my mom did.

They were both running their lips and tongues along the length of Marks cock. His hands were on the backs of their heads guiding them and keeping them locked on his tool; he was telling them how he wanted it fast and wet. Mark never looked at me but I knew that this was a show for me; and as I thought about that I got a familiar warm feeling. My body got hot and my heart started racing; I got that strange sensation in the pit of my stomach again and my hard dick started twitching.

I dropped my pants and started stroking my small dick while I was watching the show. I wasn’t thinking about these beautiful women or what I could do to them; instead I was thinking about Marks rock hard cock and how he would be commanding me on how he wanted it fast and wet before he showered me with his spunk.

Mark spoke and my mom got up on the bed and lay with her head at the edge. Mark straddled over her head and lowered his balls onto her face. She reached up and started stroking his cock while licking and sucking on his balls. “Yeah, that’s it whore, get them nice and wet.” Then to my surprise Anne was still on her knees as she positioned herself behind him. She reached up and spread his ass cheeks and started kissing and licking his asshole, running her tongue all along his ass crack from my mom’s tongue on his balls up to his asshole. She started inserting her tongue into his hole and then started ramming her face into his ass, fucking his asshole with her tongue. Then she stopped and began tongue kissing my mom.

Mark climbed up a little further and began licking as my mom’s pussy. She was in ecstasy; she grabbed her knees and pulled them back; moaning as her hips undulated as if she was fucking his mouth with her pussy as she had her orgasm. I was just about to shoot my load onto myself when without warning Anne pulled on my mom’s collar and dragged her off the bed.

She started smacking mom’s butt with the end of the leash and then smacked her face and yelled “you fucking cunt how dare you orgasm without asking permission. You fucking slut whore; stand up and assume the position.”

With her legs slightly spread she bent over at the hips. Mark stood up; his hard raging cock was glistening with saliva. He took a Position in front of my mom and she instinctively took his cock in her mouth. He grabbed the hair from both sides of her head and started pulling her up and down on his cock. Anne started slapping mom’s ass with her open hand, continuously in time with Mark slamming his cock into her mouth and throat.

Anne started yelling at my mom; “Your pussy is mine whore; my pleasure first cunt; you got that.” I watched my mom’s tits shake and jiggle every time she was assaulted by Mark and Anne. I could see that Anne’s nipples were rock hard and her tits heaved up and down as she furiously slapped mom’s ass. Mom was grunting and whimpering simultaneously as the onslaught continued.

Finally Anne stopped; she stood behind my mom, placed her hands on mom’s hips and started pushing her crotch into my mom’s ass, gyrating and humping. Anne leaned forward and grabbed mom’s tits and started kneading them and slapping them gently. Mark was getting close and told Anne to get in position.

Anne fell to the floor next to mom and I could see that she wasn’t wearing her panties anymore and even more surprising she had a cock. It was wet and glistening from my mom’s pussy. She kneeled next to my mom and waited. I could see her clearly looking up at Mark and anticipating her reward. Then she made a slight smile and glanced in my direction. Just then Mark’s cock erupted all over Anne’s tits and face. She tilted her head back and he jacked himself, finishing his deposit. No treat for you whore as he looked at my mom. She caught his last drop of semen as he shoved his spent cock into her mouth and told her to clean it up.

As the cum was rolling and sliding down Anne’s belly she would catch it and rub it up and onto her big tits. Then she straightens up whispers in marks ear and my heart skips a beat as Anne glances in my direction again with that same glancing smile. As I see her walking toward the door I jump down off the stool and jump over the back of the couch and pretend I am sleeping. Seconds later I feel Anne sit down on the couch next to me. She pulls back the blanket off my head and smiles at me. She is still naked except her panties are back on.

Her skin is dark and smooth and it is difficult to see her in the dim light. In a whisper she starts singing happy birthday to me as she is lighting a small candle and placing it on the table. Now I can see her in the candle light; she is beautiful, her short dark hair framing her pretty face and strong neck. I see the cum on her neck and I am following it down to her big firm tits and I see that it has trailed down to her flat belly and began soaking into her panties. She smiles at me and says “happy birthday Bobby, I am your birthday present, you can think of me as your cake” and she starts spraying cool whip on her cum covered nipples.

“I have put on some special icing for you. Do you like?” She drops her hand to my chest and she can feel my racing heart beating out of my chest. “Oh Bobbie you don’t have to be afraid, we are going to be great friends and I am going to teach you everything you need to know. Would you like that?

She stands up showing me her profile and then turns to show me her back and shapely ass. She sits again and this time she picks up my hand, pulls me to a sitting position and places my hand on her hip. Then as she is reaching for my head she says; “Mark said we are all going to be best of friends.” She looks at me with a smile on her face and waits for me to respond.

I sheepishly look up and stutter my thank-you and she gently pulls my head and guides my mouth to her nipples. She took her right breast in her hand and squeezed it as if she was offering me a treat. I extended my tongue and start to lick up the cool whip.

“Bobbie your tongue is so soft, oh yeah angel that’s it, lick it all up; now do the other one; yeah that’s a good girl.”

I started licking in earnest over her entire breast. The same breast that I know is covered with Marks spunk. As I was continued to lick, she brought her hands up to my girly fleshy chest and started gently massaging them with her hands, while she was cupping my small tits I felt a jolt when she began to rub her thumbs back and forth across my nipples. When I finished cleaning off her breasts I moved up onto her neck.

“Does it feel good when I play with your tits Bobbie?” look how hard you nipples are; just like mine. That means that you like it.”

When I finished licking all the spunk off her neck and up to the bottom of her chin she moved her head down and met my tongue with hers. I knew what she wanted and we started dueling with our tongues. Anne started giving me instructions on how to kiss her properly.

“Yes Bobby that feels nice; you’re a good kisser.” As she continued to kiss me she started snaking her hands down to my very hard pulsing dick. “Oh look who is happy to see me,” she said. ”

“Thank you for allowing me to give you your birthday present.”

“Oh Bobby it feels so hard; do you want me to kiss it?” I shook my head yes and she told me to sit on the edge of the couch with my feet on the floor and lean all the way back. When I do she kneels in front of me, slides off my underwear and spreads my legs. She puts her arms on the couch and leans over my body.

“I really like you” she says just as she starts kissing my nipple and then gently sucks it into her mouth. “I can’t wait to dress you up.” She trails her tongue down my belly until she reaches the tip of my small hard dick. She kisses it and licks along its length. She moans and says

“Look how hard your clit is; do you want me to kiss it again?”

Then she engulfs my dick with her mouth and starts circling it with her tongue. She slides off and looks up at me and smiles. She takes the cool whip and sprays some on my dick and balls and begins to lick it off as she is lifting my legs off the floor and pushing my knees to the sides of my chest. She takes more, cool whip and once again spreads it along the length of my dick all the way to my asshole. She smiles and once again trails her tongue from the tip of my dick down to my asshole except this time she starts circling my hole, darting and flicking her tongue at it as if she wants to enter. Anne straightens up in her kneeling position and inches forward and pushes her crotch against my ass. As she is pushing forward I can feel the bulge in her panties, then she starts rubbing my dick.

“Do you like when I play with your clit?” I shake my head yes and look up at her face that is covered in cream. She leans forward and pushes her tongue into my mouth and then commands me to lick my cream off her face, which I do in earnest.

As I am kissing her and sucking on her tongue she grabs the top of the couch and pulls herself up higher and now she is dangling her tits above my face. She lowers them and commands “suck my tit’s slut.” I start suckling on her nipples one at a time and she is moaning with pleasure. When she starts calling me names I immediately remember Mark and Tyrell giving my mother commands and I start sucking harder as she is feeding me her tits.

“Oh Bobby you did such a good job cleaning up all that icing that Mark left for you. He wanted to give it to you himself but thought I should get you ready for him first.”

I realize what she has just said and I start shaking my head yes as I am now grabbing her tits and pulling them onto my face. The thought of licking up more of marks spunk has me very excited and now I start thinking about licking his cum off my mom’s tits. I start making sucking and slurping sounds as I am mauling her tits.

“Are you ready for the rest of your present Bobbie?”

Anne falls back to her knees in front of the couch; I am still lying on my back with my knees at the sides of my chest at the edge of the couch. Anne reaches up and begins rubbing my tit with one of her hands and with the other she starts rubbing a cool lotion around my anus. It feels good and she gently starts pushing her finger into my ass and stops at the first knuckle. She takes her hand from my tit and reaches up and inserts her finger into my mouth.

She looks and me and says “show me how you suck on Marks cock.” My eyes shoot open wide when I hear what she has said. This is what I have been fantasizing about; sucking Marks cock and him shooting his cum all over my face and tits. I reach up with both hands and grab her hand and wrist. I pull her finger into my mouth and begin swirling my tongue around it.

“That feels nice Bobbie but show me how you SUCK on Marks cock.” I am so excited with the thought of pleasing Mark that I begin impaling myself onto her finger. Lifting myself off the couch and thrusting my mouth upwards. “Oh yeah that’s a good girl” she says.

I am so enthralled by what I am doing I don’t realize that she has begun fucking my asshole and has inserted another finger. She adds another finger into my mouth and now she is fucking me from both ends just like Mark does to my mom. Anne leans in and starts flicking her tongue over the tip of my dick as she is thrusting into my mouth and ass.

My leg starts shaking uncontrollable and I get that sensation in the pit of my stomach and like before my dick starts oozing cum onto my belly.

“You are going to be such a good slut for Mark.” She takes her hand out of my mouth and grabs something from a bag near the couch. Its pink and I can see the familiar black mane hanging from the back of it. She puts it in my mouth and I eagerly start licking and sucking it. All the while she is still fucking my asshole only now she has two fingers buried all the way in my ass pounding me.

“That’s a good slut Bobbie; you like sucking that while I am fucking your pussy don’t you slut?” As I am shaking my head yes she removes it from my mouth. I immediately frown and she smiles. “Don’t worry slut, I am just adding some of your spunk to make it better and she shoves in my waiting mouth and I start sucking again.

“Wow Bobby, Mark knew you would love this; I don’t know how but he knew you would love eating cum. Mark really wants to be your friend, would you like that Bobby?”

She takes her fingers out of my ass and starts picking up my spunk off my belly with them. She has a sly smile when she replaces the plug from my mouth with my fingers and she commands me to suck them. As I once again go into frenzy; I start impaling my mouth onto my own fingers with slurping and sucking noises. Suddenly I feel pressure on my ass hole. Anne has begun to push the plug into my asshole. As the plug is spreading my ass ring it starts to hurt and suddenly the pain is gone as it gets sucked in and slaps into place, leaving me with a feeling of my ass being full.

She is rubbing my dick now “Bobby I like the taste of cum also;” as she starts licking up my spunk off my belly

“Bobbie Mark has a magnificent cock and if you are going to worship it you will need to practice; are you ready?”

She stands up and starts pulling down her panties. She is asking me if I want to practice. I start shaking my head yes and she smiles and extends her hand for me. She pulls me to a sitting position and now I am at eye level with her cock. It’s beautiful, she’s beautiful. She pulls her cock to her belly and commands me to lick and suck her clit and make it nice and wet. I lean in and start licking her balls and running my tongue up along the length of her cock. She points her cock at my mouth and commands “suck my clit, slut.”

As I am sucking her cock she licks her fingers and starts rubbing her finger tips back and forth over her nipples. They are rock hard and she throws her head back and moans. She licks her fingers again and does it again telling me that it is better fast and wet. I immediately make the connection with Mark liking it fast and wet and I start moving faster along her length. Anne starts thrusting her cock into my mouth. She is now clamping her fingers onto her nipples and yanking on her tits pulling on them rapidly.

“Bobby” Anne calls to me and I look up. She spreads her legs wider, lowering herself closer to the floor. She commands me to bounce up and down on the edge of the couch and with each bounce I push the plug into my ass. It feels so good and Anne takes both sides of my head and starts thrusting into my mouth. She is banging into the back of my throat and instructs me to swallow when she hits my throat. I try and I try; my eyes are tearing and I am gagging but I want to please Mark so I need to learn this. Finally I try to swallow and her cock slips into my throat and she begins fucking.

I am afraid and gasping for air until I get used to it; her hands are like a vise, gripping my head. I hear her start to moan in pleasure. Then I hear Mark in the background; “yeah baby fuck that slut.”

I am not embarrassed and then I hear my Mom; “come on baby you can do it, suck that cock. Now I am very excited because I want to show my mom and Mark how good I am.

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