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Sleeping with Friends

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It was a reasonable summer’s day for England, the sun was out and it was quite warm. Not warm enough to sunbath by any stretch of the imagination, but it made my 300 mile trip back from University a bit less grim. I am always in a better mood when it is a nice day. I had the radio on singing away. I was wearing a white skirt and a white vest top.. The skirt was well above my knees, not super short, but not massively long either. The vest top stopped just above my navel showing off my belly button piercing which I had had done on my 18th birthday just because I was never allowed one before that.

After a bit I pulled over into a service station. I was hungry and my legs were starting to get sore being sat in the same position for so long. I parked up and sorted out my hair and checked my make-up before getting out of the car. Always got to look your best, you never know who you might meet. I had also noticed a guy looking in my direction who was quite cute, but that had nothing to do with it of course.

I smiled to myself and got out of the car, I brushed my hand down the back of my skirt to make sure it hadn’t ridden up before leaning over into the car to retrieve my phone. I leant over in a way to give the guy a nice view. He wouldn’t have been able to see up my skirt as I made sure I kept my legs closed, but it would have raised the question in his mind if I was, or if I wasn’t wearing any panties. I was, but he didn’t need to know that.

I locked the car and walked inside to get some food and to stretch my legs. I decided on Burger King as the options were quite slim. The seating area was on the bridge between the two carriageways so I could watch the traffic go passed whilst eating. I sat out of the sun, but where I could see out of a window. The motorway in the other direction was at stand still due to an accident I think, it did say on the radio but I wasn’t listening. Either way you could tell who had air conditioning as they were sat in their cars with the windows up, where as the ones without were stood outside their cars.

After a while my phone beeped indicating I had a text, it was from Sarah. Me and Sarah were good friends, had known each other since before we could remember and had always been friends. The text read, “Hey Fi, you home today or is it tomorrow? Know you said, forgot though x”

I replied back saying I was about 2 hours away and was just stopped for food. She responded before I had even put the phone down saying she was bored as they had all gone away for the weekend and left her. She lived with two other students; Dave and Steve who were extremely cute. Steve especially so, you know when you see someone and for no real reason you just think “Wow”. He was 20 years old and enjoyed his sports. He was very well toned, and very sexy. I smiled to myself as I remembered the summer before when he thought he was home alone and we both saw him very much naked. For the record he looks nice with clothes on, with nothing on he looks amazingly nice.

I stared blankly down the motorway, glancing at the people on the motorway as a few of them were looking up, some repeatedly, probably wishing they were sat in here rather than on the motorway in a traffic jam. I finished my Burger King, and caught my reflection in the window. My skirt had caught on the table so was giving the people who did look up a very nice view of my white panties. Wouldn’t have been so bad except they were tiny and slightly see through so as not to show through my skirt. So the few that had noticed probably got a reasonable view, in fact the few that had noticed were probably quite pleased to be stuck in traffic. I stood up quickly brushing the skirt down so cover myself and felt myself flush a little.

I have always been a bit of an exhibitionist, and the fact that I had just had my panties on show was a little exciting. I had streaked and generally run around places I shouldn’t in various states of undress, but had never knowingly been caught. Felt very naughty, very naughty indeed. I smiled to myself as I felt myself warm up a little, if you follow what I mean before I went to the wash room to freshen up before going back to my car and continuing on my journey.

As Sarah had said that she was bored, I decided to go round instead of going home as it knocked about an hour off my journey. I hadn’t seen her for a good number of weeks as she is at a different University and although we chatted on the phone every day it wasn’t the same as a face to face chat. I rolled up outside her house and pipped my horn. Her bedroom curtains twitched and 30 seconds later the front door opened. Sarah was stood in the doorway wearing a pair of shorts and a wrap around floaty top which showed off her flat toned belly, she liked sports and regularly played volleyball. I got out of the car and went inside giving her a hug on the way in.

She made me a drink and we sat her bed to catch up. “Motorway saw my panties,” I said smiling.

“Eh what now?” Sarah said a little confused.

“When I sat down to eat at the service station my skirt must have caught on the table when I slid onto the chair causing it to ride up. I did wonder what the blokes were looking at, I just assumed it was jealousy at us being inside and eating and them being stuck on the motorway. When I moved positions I saw in the reflection in the window that I was giving them a good look up my skirt. I don’ think they will have been able to tell from that distance but they are very thin material, almost lacy, so are see through,” I explained to Sarah who just sat there listening whilst making noises indicating amusement.

“Dopey cow,” she playfully mocked, “Could have been worse though”

“How so?” I quizzed.

“You could have been commando,” she said smiling at me

“Yeah, very true, that would have been worse,” I said agreeing with her. I hadn’t though of that. I have been known to go without panties, feels nice and very naughty, especially in a skirt.

We settled down on her bed and just started chatting. Time really does fly when you are gossiping and before we knew it, it was fast approaching late evening. It was decided that I was staying over for the night, so I sent a text to my parents so they knew where I was whilst Sarah threw a pizza in the oven.

After the pizza I wanted a shower as I had been on the road most the day and was feeling a bit icky. She showed me how the shower worked and handed me a clean towel from her room. Her shampoo was hung up and she said I could use it so I was sorted.

I went to the bathroom and stripped off. I remembered I was still wearing my make-up and didn’t have any wipes to remove it. “Hey Sarah,” I shouted

“Yeah?” she replied

“You got any make-up removal wipes? Mine are in my car.” I asked

“Yup, they are in here,” she replied.

“I have nothing on, can you pass them to me?” I shouted back. I was naked and couldn’t be bothered getting dressed to go and get them. We had seen each other naked before, but only when getting changed when we used to go swimming, but I wasn’t going to walk around her house in the nude.

She opened the bathroom door just enough to get her hand and the wipes in and dropped them onto the floor. “Thanks,” I said

“No probs,” she replied back before going back to her room.

I cleaned off my make-up and had a nice long shower before getting out and drying myself off. My clothes were in the car still, along with my make-up wipes and I didn’t want to put the stuff I had been wearing all day back on, kind of defeats the point of having a shower so I wrapped myself in the towel and went back to Sarah’s room. She was sat on her bed sorting out her CDs, I assume looking for something to play. I put my clothes on the floor in the corner and she looked up. “Thought you had drowned,” she said smiling, “That feel better?” she added

“Yeah, much better thanx,” I replied, “You got owt I can wear? Stuff is in my car”

“Go and get it then,” she said with an evil glint in her eyes.

“No way,” I said back instantly knowing she was meaning I go outside just wrapped in a towel.

“Spoil sport, ” she said back sticking her tongue out at me, “What do you want?” she asked.

“Errr, just something to sleep in will be fine, t-shirt normally,” I replied smiling at her as she stuck her tongue out.

“Panties?” she questioned as I didn’t mention them, I didn’t feel I needed too as I had never slept without them, well, not with her anyway.

“Yes please,” I said.

“T-Shirt’s on the top shelf of wardrobe, panties in the middle draw over there,” she said pointing to a chest of draws in the corner of her room.

I stretched up and selected a suitable T-Shirt to wear. I was a fitted dress size 8, or a baggy dress size 10, Sarah was size 10 so we shared clothes a lot. Only difference was she was a little taller than me and had larger boobs, not that I was jealous or anything. She wore a C cup bra where as I was A cup. As I stretched up I felt the towel lift up to just above my waist, before I could react Sarah said, “Towel isn’t long enough, nice arse”.

I grabbed a t-shirt and dropped my arms so the towel covered me again before selecting some decent panties from her draw ignoring her comment. Sarah mainly wore thongs so I didn’t really have much choice when it came to suitable panties to sleep in. I found some normal white ones, still quite high leg but at least they had a back on them.

I put the panties on under the towel and then facing away from Sarah so she couldn’t see my boobs I dropped to towel to put the t-shirt on before hanging the towel on the radiator and lying back on the bed again. Sarah got up to go for a shower so I was left to my own devices. I switched on the TV and settled on one of the many Friends re-runs. The T-Shirt wasn’t all that long actually, and didn’t really cover my panties, I was going to change for a longer one, but I was too lazy. Sarah had seen it before, after all, it is no different to seeing me in a bikini.

Sarah came back after a while wearing a white shorts and vest top sleeping set, it was clear she wasn’t wearing a bra as her boobs were moving more than they would if she had a bra on. I couldn’t tell if she had panties on or not as the shorts were quite loose fitting, I assumed she had. She sat on the bed next to me. “So, you still a virgin?” Sarah asked bluntly.

I nearly spat my drink all over the place as I wasn’t expecting that question, we talk about everything so the topic has been mentioned before, fairly regularly and it was no secret that I had been a virgin, key words there being “had been”.

Sarah picked up on my hesitation and said, “Oh My God, who was he? And more to the point why didn’t you tell me?”

“Guy at University, it was shit, that is why I kept it quiet, one night stand,” I replied quietly, feeling a bit of guilt for not telling her.

“Awww, never mind hun, first time is always a let down. Did it hurt as well?” she asked.

“Not really, well, a little when he first went in, it was over quite quick and then he was asleep,” I responded

“Hehehe, that is why you get what you want before you let him get what he wants,” Sarah said, a slight giggle in her voice as she said it.

I just smiled, a little uncomfortable to be talking about it. To be honest I was a little disappointed, as he was so nice and kind, and said all the right things at the right times. Then wham bam thank you mam and I didn’t hear from him again. Just another notch on his bed post probably.

“Awww, come on, he isn’t worth it if he was selfish and shit,” Sarah said as I hadn’t noticed I had a tear in my eye thinking about it.

“Yeah, sorry, just had the vision in my mind of romance and amazing sex, it was just nothing like it,” I said, wiping my eyes to stop myself crying.

“Romantic sex is over rated, a damn good fucking is what I like,” she said grinning like a cheshire cat.

I punched her playfully on the arm, “Too much detail,” I said smiling at her.

“Look on the bright side, least it wasn’t in the back of a Corsa followed by an hour getting lectured at the doctors for the morning after pill,” Sarah said as she briefly described her first time.

I smiled and laughed a bit as I remembered her detailed description when it happened, “Yeah I guess, but still…..”

“But still nothing. We have needs too, nothing to be ashamed of. You just need to find someone good now” she said making a thrusting movement with her hips.

She smiled back at my silence, “Want a drink?” she asked, “I was thinking non alcoholic, but up to you,” she continued as she saw my questioning expression

“Yeah, just whatever you have is okay,” I said

“Two milkshakes it is then, you want strawberry, raspberry or lime,” she said

“Oo look at us, Friday night at half 10, living the rock and roll lifestyle baby! Raspberry please,” I said smiling.

Sarah came back with the drinks a few minutes later and put them on the bed side table. Her bed was pushed up against the wall in the corner so you could only access the bed from the one side. It was a double bed, think it was king sized as it was huge compared to mine, I could lay on it anyway and my feet not hang over the edge. Sarah switched the bed side light on and switched off the main light.

I shuffled up next to the wall so she could get onto the bed and perched on my elbow to have my drink. I love milkshake, probably shouldn’t admit that as I should be drinking vodka and living up to the student lifestyle, but you can’t beat a milkshake at night.

The TV was still playing to itself, not sure what was on as I was still getting grilled on the gory details of my first time. What position did we use? Did I get oral? Did I give oral? Did he cum inside me etc etc. It did make it better talking about it, not sure why, but I could talk to Sarah about anything and it was all okay again. She just knew how I felt, what I was feeling and why I was feeling like I felt. Maybe that is what you get when you grow up with someone. I don’t believe in there being a telepathic connection and all that, but still, there was something, like I said, she just knew.

“Just missionary position. No, I didn’t suck him. No he didn’t lick me. Yes he came inside me but was wearing a condom, that was the nicest bit, felt good, not worth the wait though” I replied, answering her questions one at a time as they were fired at me.

“Were you wet when he went in?” Sarah asked in a concerned tone

“Yeah, I was,” I replied.

“How did he get you wet?” Sarah asked

“Not very nosey are you,” I said sticking my tongue out at her.

“Well… he must have done something right if you were wet,” she reasoned.

“He was good with his fingers,” I said matter of factly

“Well then, we have a positive,” Sarah said with a grin on her face.

“I can do that,” I said, “I have my own fingers. Not only that, but it would have been less messy, I wouldn’t have been kept awake all night with snoring, plus I might have cum myself if I did it myself,”

Sarah just laughed, “Yeah I suppose so, Do it yourself often then do you?” she asked smiling at me, “One, two or more?” she continued moving and grouping her fingers in a very suggestive way.

I wasn’t sure if she expected an answer or not, but I ignored her and just said, “I haven’t even had a decent kiss, what am I doing wrong?”

“You haven’t even been kissed nicely?” Sarah said sounding shocked

I just shook my head, “Not really, not in a way that makes me all gooey inside”

I just looked at her and smiled, it wasn’t her fault and here I was moaning at her about my shit sex life. Everyone expects you to be very active if you are classed as “cute”. Don’t get me wrong, I would love bigger boobs, and a more curvy shape. I do a very impressive impression of an ironing board with my barely A cup breasts. I looked down at my boobs under my top and even with no bra on there was still no movement. Even if I jiggled. I could probably go back with a guy every night if I wanted, but I don’t want that, I just want, well, I just want to be loved and appreciated for who I am, not what he can get in me.

It is all confidence and although I do have the body most girls would love, I am still a quiet girl, keep myself to myself. It just feels like men just want to shag you and move on and then the one time I trusted one, he proved my point.

I climbed over Sarah to go to the bathroom to brush my teeth and get sorted for bed as it was getting late. I stay here that often I have a toothbrush here and at home. In fact I have three now as I have one at University as well. When I came back Sarah went to get herself sorted.

I got into bed and got under the covers snuggling into them. Sarah came back and said, “My side” and gestured to the side for me to move.

I shifted to the other side and she climbed over me. I forgot she likes being by the wall. She is a fidgety sleeper so has less chance of falling out of bed if she sleeps by the wall. We switched the light off and turned off the TV. I lay on my back with Sarah next to me, just talking about nothing in particular.

After a while Sarah said, “I can’t believe you have never been kissed properly.”

“Yeah stop rubbing it in,” I said.

There was a moment’s pause then she leant over me to get her drink. As she put it back onto the bedside table she looked down at me, I smiled at her and she leant in and gently kissed me on the lips. I was a little shocked, we had kissed before, but that wasn’t a hello or a goodbye kiss, that was a tester for my reaction. She quickly withdrew and lay back down next to me. “Sorry,” she said

“Don’t be, you are now my best kisser,” I said smiling at her.

She laughed, “Wow, he must have been really shit. How about this then?” she replied.

Before I could respond I felt her lips press against mine and her tongue run over my lips. She pulled away a little bit and smiled at me. She then leaned in again, this time I met her half way.

Her lips felt so soft as her tongue once again licked across my lips. This time I met it with my own, pressing against it she slowly licked against my teeth and tongue as she kissed me. I had been kissed before, but for some reason this just felt better, my nipples hardened instantly to the sensation that passed through me like a warm wave causing me to shiver slightly.

She moved herself above me rolling me onto my back as we kissed, our tongue intertwining together she gently took a hold of my hands with her own and just gently squeezed them. I moaned softly, I didn’t mean to, but I was very much enjoying what she was doing and my body was reacting to her attention. I opened my legs and she slipped between them as we kissed. After a few minutes she stopped kissing me and I just looked up at her and smiled. “Thanks,” I said.

“What for?” she quizzed.

I just simply responded with, “That.” I am not sure what I was feeling, I had just been kissed by a girl, in a way I had never been kissed before. I had never really thought of Sarah that way, I had never really thought of girls that way in general really. My train of thought was disturbed as Sarah asked if I liked it.

“Yes, definitely,” I replied.

“Your nipples definitely did,” she said gesturing towards my nipples that were pressing against the T-Shirt I was wearing.

I blushed slightly and ran my hands over my breasts pushing them together to crumple the shirt and hopefully hide the perky nipples beneath it. Sarah just grinned at me before rolling next to me again and laying her head on my shoulder. She kissed my neck before using her hand to draw shapes on my tummy through the T-Shirt.

As I said the T-Shirt wasn’t that long and it wasn’t long before her hand had worked it up enough to expose my tummy and I felt her fingers against my bare skin which sent another shiver through my body. A nice shiver though. Her finger nails just brushing over my bare skin, working their way around my tummy in bigger and bigger circles, slowly pushing my T-Shirt further up until I could feel the cool air on the underside my breasts as the t-shirt rode up higher.

She laid her hand on my tummy, her finger tips stopping just below my belly button gently playing with my piercing that was there before leaning in for another kiss. “Are you okay?” she asked.

“Yes, I am. Just never, you know… with a…. you know… with a girl…” I said back.

“Me neither, do you wanna?” she asked grinning at me, a glint in her eye that seemed to indicate that “she really did wanna” to coin her phrase.

“I don’t not want to,” I replied, grinning at her, kissing her on the lips again, gently biting her bottom lip as I pulled away from her.

I felt her fingers slowly move down and under the waist band of the panties stopping just short of my vagina. I held my breath as I felt her hand lift and slowly slide between my legs. I felt a pulse rush through me as her hand settled between my legs, her thumb gently pushing against my clit whilst her fingers pushed against my entrance.

“Wow. What you been thinking about? Or was it that kiss made you gooey inside?” Sarah said as she felt my wetness on her fingers.

She shifted position and sat up pulling me with her, I felt her hands grab the bottom on my t-shirt and lift it up. I lifted my arms up as she removed my shirt and laid back down on the bed topless. My nipples, still hard from the kiss, seemed to be pointing towards her.

She lent back in for a kiss and once again I felt the warmth rush through my body, her top felt so nice rubbing against my naked breasts and highly sensitive nipples. She sat up again and looked up and down my body before she took her own top off showing her breasts to me. They were nice, I had always liked her boobs, not in a sexual way, just in a “I wish they were mine” way. They were firm and rounded, just at the size where they were big enough to bounce when she moved, but small enough to get away with no bra to control them.

She leant down and kissed me again, this time our naked breasts pressing against each other I felt a tingle as my nipples rubbed against hers. She sat up again and started to slide my panties down, looking at me to see if there was any complaints. I just lifted my bum off the bed as she slid them down and off.

She held my hands with her own and lifted them above my head as she lowered herself down on top of me again, our lips meeting, our breasts pushing together and finally I felt her shorts push against my pussy and it felt nice as she slowly started to grind her hips against me. I moaned softly as I felt her gently grind herself between my legs sending a tingling sensation to a place that I didn’t even know existed.

She released my left hand and I felt her lift herself off me. She stopped kissing me and I held my breath as I felt her fingers gently slide inside me. My natural resistance to penetration offering no resistance what so over as I felt her fingers slowly go deeper and deeper inside me. I arched my back as I felt her curl her fingers inside me and start to finger me deeper than I could ever manage myself.

Starting a slow rhythm it wasn’t long before she had me, literally like a puppet on the end of her fingers. She just knew, she just knew that because something caused me to gasp for air and moan in ecstasy once, doesn’t mean it still does 2 minutes later. As I was getting used to the sensation she switched, men just don’t, they go for the clit, when they find it and rub it like a mad man rubs out a mistake and keeps asking if you have cum yet, or the bastard who I had the displeasure of meeting did anyway.

“Can we have the light on? I want to watch you,” Sarah asked

I just nodded, with her fingers doing what she was doing there would have been very few complaints if she requested to bring in a camera crew. The light switched on and I felt Sarah sit up right so she could see my whole body as I lay on my back squirming and moaning as her fingers just gently teased against the inside walls of my pussy.

I had fingered myself before, fairly regularly, but this just felt amazingly. Just the lack of control I had plus the extra depth she could achieve from the angle she was at. The lack of control meant that all I could ask her to do was stop, and there was no way I was going to ask her to stop. When you are doing it to yourself you get the rhythm and can make yourself orgasm in a few minutes if you want.

I felt her thumb press against my clit and gently start to trace circles against it. I put my hands above my head and waited. I could feel the feeling building deep inside my tummy as my pussy and tummy started to pulse as I neared climax. I looked at Sarah as she sped up her fingers that were inside me, pushing against my vaginal walls and she quickly slid them up and down inside me whilst increasing the pressure on my clit. She knew I was close.

I felt myself go over the edge. I grabbed her hand and held it inside me as my vision blurred. I arched my back pushing her fingers deeper inside me as I squealed my way to ecstasy. After a mind blowlingly intense orgasm my shaking slowed and I started to regain control again. Sarah was looking down at me smiling, “You sound so damn cute when you beg to cum,” she said with a grin.

I didn’t even remember asking, never mind begging, but the last 30 seconds I didn’t really know where I was, never mind what I was saying. I smiled at her and just stayed on my back, legs open and naked as I caught my breath.

Sarah looked at her fingers that were glistening with my excitement and she gingerly licked one, seeing what it tasted like. After a while she sucked her finger. I guess it tasted nice. She offered the other one to my lips, and I reluctantly opened my mouth and she slid it in. Tasted weird. Not bad, but not particularly nice either. Tasted sweet, but with a strange after taste.

Sarah laid down next to me and covered us both up with the quilt. I rolled onto my side and cuddled into her. “That was fecking awesome, how did you do that?” I asked. I had had intense orgasms before, but not as intense as that. It was literally like a memory eraser, I lost 30 seconds of my life.

Sarah just smiled at me, “I am a girl as well, I assumed what I like, chances are you like as well. I guess you get off on clitoral stimulation then, as opposed to penetration.”

“Yeah, never managed to orgasm with just penetration. Can you?” I asked

“Hell yeah. Big cock inside me sends me cross eyed and to the gates of heaven. Clitoral stimulation gets too much after a while,” she said, grinning at me.

I smiled at her bluntness, knowing she was trying to get a reaction from me with too many details but I didn’t give her the satisfaction. “What is the biggest you have had?” I asked

“Real one you mean?” she asked back

“Erm, yeah, real one,” I said a bit puzzled, “What else….” I began before I realised what she was getting at.

“7 inches or so,” she replied, “To be honest as long as he knows what he is doing, length really doesn’t matter all that much.”

“Do you have fake ones too?” I asked

“Don’t you?” she replied with a little tone of shock in her voice.

“No, never dared buy one” I said

She leapt out of bed and went over to the same chest of draws she keeps her panties in. She opened the top draw and after a couple of seconds came back to the bed with a selection. While I was busy looking at them, fascinated by them, she went back over to the draw again. I of course knew they existed, and what they did, and what they looked like. But I had never felt one before, firm, yet squishy with a strange texture. It didn’t feel smooth enough to go, well to go up there, but I guess that is what being turned on and wet is for.

I looked up and she was holding what I thought was a baseball bat. “What the fuck is that?” I blurted out.

She laughed and said, “This my dear is what is commonly known as a double ended dildo,” as she waggled it from side to side causing it to flex a fair amount.

I was dumb struck, why did she have one of those I wondered. I wasn’t even forming a question or a response in my mind, I am not sure I wanted to know why she had it, but she continued, “Never used it, well, not the way it was designed anyway.”

I just looked at her with a confused expression on my face. “Not the way it was designed?” I repeated back.

“With another girl,” she said rolling her eyes

“Oh, yeah. Why do you have it?” I asked

“It was a present from one of my house mates, he was trying to be funny and was asking for a demo, needless to say he didn’t get one,” she replied smiling.

She placed it back into the draw and came back to the bed and climbed over me again so she was beside the wall. She got back under the covers and smiled at me, “Calmed down yet?” she asked whilst simultaneously sliding her hand between my legs. “I guess not,” she continued as her fingers were met with my excitement and a slight shiver from me as she either accidentally, or expertly glanced off my very sensitive clit as she stroked her hand right down between my legs and then back up over my pussy.

Even before she checked I knew I was still very much turned on, hard to describe, but I knew I was wet. It doesn’t feel wet, it just feels, well, for want of a better expression, it just feels ready.

I ignored her comment and pushed her onto her back so I could lie on her shoulder. I cuddled into her shoulder resting my hand on her tummy. She just stroked my back as I plucked up the courage in my mind to slowly move my hand up towards her nipples. I gently squeezed her left nipple, surprised at how hard it was already. I just smiled to myself as my hand slowly traced its way down her tummy stopping momentarily at her shorts. I slowly teased my fingers under the waist band of her shorts and was surprised that she wasn’t wearing panties, “Oooo, no panties on hey?” I commented.

“Hehehe, no, don’t wear ’em in bed,” she said, “Just find it more comfortable” she explained.

I traced my fingers around the waist of her shorts, enjoying the warmth of her skin against my hand, and also the way she stopped breathing in anticipation every time I went a little lower down. I slid my hand down tracing the edge of her slit with my fingers. “You shaved?” I asked, a little shocked as I didn’t feel any hair at all. I was well trimmed, but I had never gone fully shaved.

“Yeah, few weeks ago when it was mega hot I was sleeping naked, feels ace when against the sheets,” she said, smiling at me, “Just laying in bed naked rocking side to side feels dead nice when hairless, or it does for me anyway,” she continued.

I slowly stroked across her slit before I gently pushed a finger down and between her lips, she moaned softly as my fingers pushed against her entrance. She was very wet as I felt the resistance disappear as her juices coated my finger. I gently pushed against her opening as she rocked her hips encouraging me. I slid a finger inside, and then a second. The feeling was so nice, soft and inviting, kind of felt like I do when I finger myself. I know that is a silly thing to observe as she was a girl, I am a girl, we both have the same bits that do the same stuff, but it is still a little surprising to feel your fingers effortlessly glide into someone else. I sat up so I could get a better angle and manoeuvred myself so I was knelt between her legs.

Her eyes were so sexy when I removed my fingers, just the “what the feck you doing that for” eyes as I slowly slid her shorts down. She lifted her hips and I slid them down and off dropping them on the floor. I looked back at her and she looked amazing. Laid on her back, her firm rounded breasts pointing upwards, her nipples erect, her sexy toned flat tummy seamlessly flowed towards her curvy hips. Her legs were open as I was knelt between them and the lack of hair meant nothing was hidden. Her clit engorged just with anticipation and was slightly visible, her entrance glistening with her own excitement.

I looked her in the eyes as I slid two fingers inside her again, her wetness welcomed them in as I slid as deep as I could go causing her to momentarily go slightly cross eyed. I gently withdrew them before slowly sliding them inside her, curling my fingers I searched for her G-Spot with my fingers, gently circling and teasing with my fingers until she gasped as I found the target. I lowered my thumb towards her clit applying pressure and vibrating it up and down.

She gasped and her eyes rolled back into her head before she closed them, she moved her arms above her head in submission and just let me finger her. I was fascinated by the noises she was making, and the way it was me making her make the noises as she moaned and gasped as my fingers hit the spots she liked.

I got into a rhythm, circling her clit as she said she doesn’t like direct stimulation, and increasing the speed of my fingers that were sliding deep inside her. I could feel her pussy pulsing as she neared her climax, I sat up so I could watch her orgasm. Her eyes staring blankly, her mouth was open and her breathing was very irregular. She started with an almost silent moan, slowly increasing in volume until I felt her pussy grip my fingers and a shudder ripple through her, then another and another until it just felt like she was shivering. She arched her back and stared at me, focusing on my eyes she orgasmed before collapsing onto her back.

My fingers still inside her I smiled at her and leant down to kiss her. I slid my fingers out of her and laid next to her. I licked my finger to taste her, after all, she had tasted me, before offering the other finger to her which she licked clean. She tasted nice, nicer than me, maybe we are designed to like the taste of others? Maybe.

We laid together for a long time, talking, cuddling and kissing, our naked bodies intertwined together before she leant over me and switched the light off. We wrapped our legs together and she pulled me towards her putting her arm around me. Our noses nearly touching we fell asleep wrapped in each other’s arms, still naked, and still on top of the covers.

I woke up early the next morning, I never sleep naked, and I never sleep naked at other people’s houses. Sarah was laid next to me fast asleep on her back showing all to the world. I smiled to myself as my eyes were greeted with her naked body and her unlady like position before I rolled over and searched for my panties on the floor.

I pulled them back on and curled up on my side. I just laid on my side playing over the night’s events. I didn’t regret any of it. I came to the conclusion that it made me bisexual, I wasn’t a lesbian as I still liked men, I think anyway. It was around half 8 in the morning when I glanced at the clock and it hadn’t escaped my attention that I was getting excited thinking about the toys she had, I am sure she wouldn’t mind I reasoned to myself as I carefully got out of bed so as not to wake her and went to her “toy” draw.

She had a fair few, she even had one of the “rabbit” vibrators that do the clit as well. I could feel myself starting to get horny as I held them one at a time in my hand, gently squeezing them. I picked up the double ended dildo and just held it against my tummy, I smiled as it was actually long enough to go right through my body and for me to bend down and suck it. I didn’t, but it was that long. It was pretty big, I couldn’t quite get my hand around it so my finger and thumb touched. I was also surprised how flexible it was, you could easily bend it around into a U shape. It was then I realised it could be used for vaginal and anal intercourse at the same time. I heard Sarah say “If you want.”

I visibly jumped as I heard her voice and dropped the dildo back into the draw before I looked over towards the bed. She was perched on her elbow smiling at me. My eyes were drawn to her shaved pussy, it looked amazing, just, neater. Don’t get me wrong, mine was neatly trimmed and stuff, but she just looked, well, tidier I suppose. “If I want what?” I asked back. I knew exactly what she meant, and Oh My God did I want, “Maybe,” I continued in a quiet voice.

“I do as well,” she continued, “will be fun she reasoned” as she got out of bed, opened the draw and took it out again.

I just smiled at her, a little nervous as it was bigger than I expected and I only had a petite body. She led me back to the bed and pushed me onto my back. I fell backwards onto the bed and she climbed in next to me. “You wet enough?” Sarah asked.

“Erm, dunno, looks quite big,” I said looking up and down the shaft if it.

She smiled at me and laid it on the bed before she leant in for a kiss. Or I thought it was a kiss before I felt her breath on my nipples and then the lick of her tongue on my nipple. Immediately I felt a tingle as my nipple sprang to attention. She wrapped her mouth around my nipple and gently sucked, and licked, and gently bit me. I was dizzy with the feeling, I had had my nipples licked before, but this was just nicer, she wanted to do it, she wasn’t just doing it so she could fuck me quicker.

Her kisses slowly trailed off down my tummy, stopping just before the waist of the panties. She smiled up and me and hooked her fingers into the elastic, pulling them down as her kisses got lower and lower as she kissed down the insides of my thigh right to my ankles as she once again dropped the panties onto the floor. She worked her way back up, stopping at my thighs as she smiled up at me, “You okay?” she asked.

I just nodded, I had never experienced what she was so nearly doing, I was unsure if she was going to actually lick me as she hesitated for a fair while just looking into my eyes. She smiled at me and I felt her breath cooling against my wetness before my whole body twitched as I felt her tongue against my clit.

Before I had recovered I felt her lips close around my clit and my entire body just erupted in sensations that I can’t even start to describe. It is like every erogenous zone on my body had just been rubbed exactly right at the same time. “Oh my god, I am cumming,” I gasped

“No way, already?” Sarah mumbled before sucking my clit even harder.

I screamed with pleasure, I am not a screamer, but all my self control disappeared as I heard myself scream to an earth shattering orgasm. When Sarah stopped I collapsed on my back, gasping for air, my pussy still spasming as I felt something cold run down my tummy.

I looked down and Sarah had the dildo in her hand smiling at me as she gently pushed it against my entrance. I moaned softly as I felt it over come my natural resistance and slide inside me effortlessly. She started a slow rhythm with it, letting me get used to it as I felt it go deeper than anything I had ever experienced ever. I let out an involuntary squeak and reached down to stop her as something hit my cervix for the first time in my life causing a pulse of discomfort.

Sarah instantly pulled it out a bit, “Sorry, bit deep there hey, guess 9 inches is your limit” she said grinning before she continued thrusting it inside me.

I was in heaven, my whole body was tingling as she was thrusting it in and out of me as fast as she could. I opened my legs as wide as I could and just out stretched my arms as I surrendered to the sensation that was washing over and through me.

After a while the speed slowed and I felt the bed move as Sarah shifted position and I felt her leg go over my right leg and her other go under my left leg as she shuffled towards me. I looked down and saw the other end just slipping inside her. I looked at her face as her eyes lit up as the phallus pushed deeper.

We started to rock our hips, slowly at first as the dildo pushed in and out of us as we involuntarily gripped and released the phallus that was invading us. I settled into a rhythm that was nice for me and Sarah did the same, groaning and moaning softly as our good bits got stimulated seemingly at random it wasn’t long before Sarah started to cum. She leaned back on her arms and lifted her hips off the bed with her feet as she fucked the dildo that was deep inside her as fast as she could. Her volume slowly increasing as she lost control before collapsing on the bed to catch her breath.

She laid motionless for a couple minutes and I had had enough so I pulled myself away from her. The dildo sliding out of me as Sarah’s pussy was still visibly pulsing from her orgasm gripping it. I got out of bed and went to the bathroom to clean up as Sarah dropped the dildo on the floor and smiled at me before curling up into a ball and closing her eyes. We were home alone so I just went naked. I was soaked, a combination of sweat from the exertion and my excitement. I cleaned myself up and had a wash to freshen up.

When I got back Sarah was under the covers again and the TV was on. She smiled at me as she threw the covers back to invite me back into bed. I reached for the panties before dropping them again when I saw Sarah’s pouty sulky face suggesting clothing wasn’t allowed. I climbed back into bed and laid on my back. Sarah went to the bathroom and when she came back she laid her head on my shoulder and cuddled into me as we watched TV.

“You want a drink?” Sarah asked.

“Yeah sure,” I said

“Get me one while you are there,” Sarah said

“Pfft, what do you want?” I asked

“Whatever you have,” Sarah said as I got out of bed, “Dare you to go naked,” she continued as she saw me reach for the dressing gown

I smiled at her and opened the door before walking downstairs to get us a drink. I heard the TV on the lounge playing to itself, we must have left it on last night, so while the kettle boiled I went in and switched it off. “Nice arse,” I heard someone say behind me

I swung around and too my horror both of Sarah’s house mates were sat on the sofa unsure of where to look first as I failed in covering myself up giving them a full frontal view for a few seconds. “What… how… when…” I stammered as I covered my breasts with my arm and put a hand over my pussy.

Dave smiled at me and said, “Nice tits.”

Before I could respond Steve added, “Nice pussy too, shame she is hiding it now. Bet Sarah saw a hell of a lot more of it a little earlier though.”

“Sounded like she did more than see more of it,” Dave added.

I knew immediately that they had been in long enough to listen to us screw each other’s brains out and just stood in the doorway naked, my arm and hands covering my dignity, well, what dignity I hadn’t just screamed away anyway.

I just looked at them with a look half of shock, and half of embarrassment, not because I had just done it with a girl, and they knew it, but because they had heard me scream the place down.

Dave pushed for an answer, “So did you… Fuck each other,” he said bluntly still staring at my nakedness as I just stood there stunned covering myself up.

I felt myself flush and just went out of the room not even answering his question before going back upstairs. “Your housemates are back,” I said, “think they heard us”

“No way,” Sarah said blushing a bit, “When did they get back”

“Yes way, and I don’t know, but they are downstairs watching TV in the lounge, well, they were watching TV in the lounge till I walked in as I thought we had left it on and switched it off exposing myself to them.” I said, a slight giggle audible in my voice as I started to see the funny side of it.

“Guess that makes you even with Steve and Dave is one up on you,” Sarah said relating to when Steve didn’t know we were in and gave us a nice view, “Did you let him know his present was good?”

I looked at her confused for a moment before the penny dropped and I realised it was one of them who bought the double ended dildo, “Erm, no, can’t say I did” I said smiling, “Can’t believe they have just heard that,” I continued laughing out loud a little.

“And you didn’t get a drink, pretty poor if you ask me,” Sarah continued with a grin.

Sarah got out of bed and got dressed. I just laid on my side watching her, she was amazingly cute. I had always known she was cute to the opposite sex, but laying on my side watching her getting dressed, she was just cute full stop. After a bit I got out of bed and raided her wardrobe for something to wear I opted for a pair of hipster jeans and a white t-shirt. The rest of the day went quite normally, well except for the knowing looks, and the probing questions they asked at every given opportunity, but other than that it went quite normally. We were in the kitchen deciding what to cook too eat when Dave came in and said that they were ordering pizza and were going to watch a film a little later. He added that we could join them if we wanted. He emphasised the word “join” and the “watch” but I ignored the suggestiveness and we agreed. Why not? Was nothing better to do.

The film was on at 8pm, so we had three hours to waste. We went back up stairs and just messed around really without achieving anything. Around half 6 Sarah said she was going for a shower. I couldn’t help but watch as she stripped to just her panties before slipping the dressing gown on. She got a new shampoo out of her wardrobe leaving the door slightly open before going for a shower.

While she was gone I noticed the wax on the shelf of her wardrobe, and nosiness got the better of me and I got up and reached it down. I waxed my legs and under arms as shaving is too prickly after a few days and it just gets irritating, but I had never done the more “intimate” areas. “Feel free,” Sarah said as she came back in and saw me reading the back of the tube, “Dead easy, doesn’t hurt either, just try it on a small area first to make sure you don’t react to it,” she added.

“You sure?” I said, “Waxing hurts on legs, so why doesn’t it hurt…. there….”

“It isn’t wax, it like burns the hair off, sounds scary but it is okay, just leave it 2 mins and try, if the hair doesn’t come away leave it another minute and try again. Yours is quite fine, so you should be okay after a couple of mins.” she said, reassuring me before adding, “Just don’t use it underneath, if you get it on your “bits” it knackers, my razor will be in the cabinet, it is the pink one.”

“Okay, why not,” I said.

I started undressing and Sarah handed me the dressing gown before sitting on the bed to dry her hair. It didn’t escape my attention that she was stark naked as she sat on the bed rubbing her hair as dry as she could get it with the towel. It was strange, we never just sat around each other with nothing on, yet there she was, sat on the bed totally naked. Then again, I was stood holding the dressing gown only wearing panties, so I was hardly well dressed. I smiled to myself before going for my shower.

I applied the cream and waited a couple of minutes before using the removal thing, which was basically a plastic scraper. It was very strange, the hair just literally came away leaving bare skin beneath it, and in a few seconds I was hairless. I carefully shaved the more intimate bits and after a few minutes I was totally hairless. The cool air felt nice as it kissed my new found smoothness and licked between my legs.

I showered, making sure I cleaned all the cream off as the warnings on the tube were quite scary about burns and stuff, and it felt very nice. It felt strange being smooth down there again. I dried myself, and went back to Sarah’s room. She was still sat on the bed, only she had a t-shirt on and I assume shorts or panties, but I couldn’t see with how she was sitting.

“Well?” she said

I nodded in response, “Feels nice doesn’t it,” I added

“It sure does, give us a twirl,” she said gesturing towards my middle

I dropped the towel and let her see. I also looked in the mirror as well. If I do say so myself it looked ace, so much neater and just more tidy. The female body is just so much nicer than the male body to look at, although men have their uses they are a bit messy looking when naked with stuff sticking out and hanging down.

I dried my hair and put the t-shirt I had worn the night before, “You wearing that to watch the film?” I asked gesturing towards her.

“Yeah,” she said, “I do have shorts on as well,” she added as she lifted her t-shirt to prove it.

“I don’t have any PJs with me, or shorts, normally just wear t-shirt and panties” I said, trying to decide what to wear

“That will be fine. They will be ready for bed so you won’t be underdressed, plus as long as you don’t get your tits out you are better off than earlier,” she said with a smile.

I pulled some panties on and we went downstairs and sat on the sofa, it was a four seater sofa and Dave and Steve already had the arm seats so we sat in the middle. The pizza turned up and got devoured at a remarkable pace.

I was sat next to Steve who was looking very sexy in his t-shirt and boxers, then again he would probably look sexy in a bin bag. The film wasn’t great, one of the AVP ones, but it was watchable I suppose. It was scary enough to give me an excuse to lean on Steve’s shoulder, and he was kind enough to put his arm around me. I felt his fingers start playing with the elastic of my panties. Just tracing the line around them. I just smiled at him when he looked at me, I assume seeing if there was any complaints with what he was doing.

I settled back into him as he gently danced his fingers across my panties, back and down my sides. He didn’t do anything really, but my god, it was feeling nice and it was turning me on.

When the film was off it was Dave who asked, “Go on, let us watch, we will even buy tickets.”

“No way,” Sarah snapped back, “Perv”

“Oh so you admit there is something to watch,” Steve said back immediately.

Sarah blushed as she had just unwittingly admitted to the naughtiness. She exercised the right to remain silent.

“Go on,” Dave said.

“How about we will do whatever you two do,” Sarah said back.

I was a little confused and so were they as they both said “What?” simultaneously.

“We will do whatever you do, assuming Fi is okay with that,” Sarah reiterated, “If you kiss, we will kiss, if you touch we will touch, if you wank… well…. and if you suck, well… we will…” she tailed off towards the end as their imaginations were doing a lot more than her words could ever do.

“Sounds like a laugh,” I said, “Bet you daren’t.”

They just looked at each other. Most likely a bit dumbfounded that we had kinda agreed to most likely one of their biggest wet dreams. Dave said, “So, if we kiss, you kiss, if we play, you will play, and if we… suck… you will lick each other.”

“Yup, pretty much,” Sarah and myself said at the same time, “Oh, and you can’t just strip, you have to do something or we won’t do anything” Sarah added grinning at them, “We don’t get naked till needed,” she clarified.

They both just looked at each other again, before slowly standing up and taking their tops off. They were both pretty fit, Dave was probably slightly more toned than Steve was, but neither of them was exactly shabby in the chest and arm department. Dave hooked his fingers into his boxers and Steve hooked them into his. Me and Sarah were still just sat on the sofa watching them. Sarah smiled at them and shifted her leg giving them a view up her t-shirt showing off her shorts to them.

First Steve and then Dave pushed down their boxers and stepped out of them. I couldn’t help but stare, it was no secret that I fancied the arse off Steve, but they both looked cute naked. They just stood there for a few seconds before very slowly and gingerly giving a quick peck on the lips.

“Awww, no tongues?” I teased, as Sarah leaned towards me and gave me a peck on the lips.

“Your move boys,” she said

They kissed again, only this time for a little longer and opened their mouths slightly. I wasn’t sure whether to be traumatised that the guy I fancied was sucking face with another guy, or be amazed at how much power you have when you promise a bit of girl on girl action.

We followed suit and we kissed, and oh boy did we kiss, her tongue darted into my mouth as she licked my lips and across my teeth before pulling away and sitting back again.

“Do you get naked if we wank?” Dave asked

“No, just hand down the front of our panties, we don’t get naked till you suck,” Sarah said smiling at them, still sat on the sofa with her legs in a position that showed off her shorts. Which were quite tight fitted, so didn’t leave a lot to the imagination.

“Not fair,” Steve said, “come on, be reasonable” he added, almost pleading.

“We will meet you halfway,” I said looking at Sarah to make sure she agreed, “If you wank we will get topless,” I was incredibly horny at this point, the combination of kissing Sarah again and seeing Steve and Dave naked was making places very warm.

I copied the position that Sarah was sitting in, giving them a view up my t-shirt to tease them with what they could see. They whispered for a few moments before looking away and reaching downstairs. They took each other in their hands and it wasn’t long before they were both hard and they slowly started to masturbate each other.

I slowly lifted my top off when Sarah did and I felt her fingers slide down the front of my panties. I slumped down on the sofa to give a nicer angle and opened my legs. Sarah slid down a bit as well and I gently slid my hand down the front of her shorts. I followed her lead, doing to her as she did to me while the two blokes just stood wide eyed watching us.

It felt nice, although she was obviously avoiding the buttons that would lose any of either our dignity. The two blokes were rock hard just slowly moving their hand up and down each other’s cocks as they watched us.

After a while they stopped, so we did as well, both of us simultaneously crossing our legs and crossing our arms to hide ourselves. “So, next stage….” Sarah teased.

“How will you do it?” Steve asked

“What? Lick each other? With our tongues probably,” Sarah said sticking her tongue out at him.

“Yeah, funny,” Steve said, “You know what I mean.”

“How about, If you suck for 30 seconds or whatever and then swap over we will 69 each other for the 30 seconds, or, if you two 69 we will do it simultaneously until you stop,” Sarah said, “or one of you blows their load,” Sarah added with a grin.

“Paper scissors stone for who goes first?” Dave asked Steve.

“Loser receives or gives first?” Steve asked back

“Loser gives, 30 seconds then swap over,” Dave said

Dave lost, so he nervously and slowly sank down to his knees. He closed his eyes and opened his mouth for Steve. Steve slid himself into his mouth and Dave started sucking. Steve couldn’t help but moan slightly as he got sucked off by a man. All too quickly for us the 30 seconds was up, and they swapped over. It was so funny to watch, the receiver trying to not look like they were enjoying it, but they so were as they just stared at us two sat on the sofa, Sarah wearing shorts, me in just my panties.

After the 30 seconds were up Dave said, “Your turn now.”

Sarah stood up and dropped her shorts as I wriggled out of my panties on the sofa. “Wow, both shaved, were you shaved before Fi?” Dave asked.

“Nope, freshly done, you like it?” I said back smiling.

Sarah looked at me and pushed me onto my back before straddling over me, her head between my legs, my head below her legs. “So, who is timing,” Sarah said.

Before I knew it I felt her breath on my pussy and the dizzying sensation of her tongue ripped through my body, momentarily stunning me. She lowered herself towards me and for the first time in my life I tasted a girl. I gingerly licked her slit before moving towards her clit. Flicking my tongue over it it wasn’t long before the 30 seconds was up and we stopped. Sitting up again and crossing our legs.

“How about a cum race,” Sarah said as they both just looked confused, “You two do whatever you want to each other until one of you cums. Whoever cums can watch the show. The one who doesn’t cum can join in with us,” she explained, “No limits if Fi is okay with that.”

“What? The winner gets to fuck you both?” Steve said a tone of amazement in his voice.

“If Fi is okay with that yeah,” Sarah said.

I just nodded in agreement, although I wasn’t sexually active I had been on the pill since I was 15 for boring girlie reasons which I wont bore you with the details of, either way, added bonus was I wouldn’t get pregnant.

They discussed it for a while before they both knelt down facing each other. Taking each other in their hands they started to wank each other. I was amazed how fast they were both going, I guess for a boy, faster is better as they hammered away at each other. Both of their cocks looked huge. Steve’s especially was a little longer and thicker, it was also slightly veiny as well. Either way, it looked so nice. He wasn’t circumsized and you could see his pre-cum glistening on the head as his foreskin slid back and forwards as Dave’s hand played with him.

They were both moaning and moving involuntarily as the sensations built up, both of them were rock hard and breathing irregularly. It was Dave who used his second hand to fondle Steve who immediately said, “Oh fuck,” as he passed the point of no return. He moaned quite loudly closely followed by a jet of semen all over Dave’s hand and onto the floor. As Dave felt the semen hit his hand he immediately stopped and withdrew his hand wiping it on the floor. “Oh that is gross,” I said as I saw him wipe the cum onto the carpet leaving an almost cartoonishly suspicious mark where he wiped. Not that it really made all that much difference as Steve hadn’t finished when Dave stopped and he had cum directly onto the carpet.

Dave ignored my comment and just stared at us. I was a little gutted, as this meant that Dave got to fuck us, and I would have much preferred Steve. I know that sounds really bad, and really slutty, but I was so horny I really didn’t care at that point. I know that doesn’t help my case of not being slutty, but hey, sometimes as Sarah said, “A good fuck is all you need”.

We both just looked at each other, “Can’t believe they just did that,” I said as Sarah teased my legs open and started to finger me.

I returned the favour as Dave just watched, there was no holding back now as she went for my clit and I went for depth, each of us knowing that was what got us off. We moaned as the other hit the right spots our pussies visibly wet as the sensation washed through us.

After a few moments Dave said to Sarah, “Lick her.”

Sarah got off the sofa and knelt on the floor pulling me towards the edge. I looked down at her, wide eyes as I knew she was about to make me orgasm again. I watched her slowly get closer and closer, her tongue licking my thigh before landing on my clit. My vision once again blurred as the feeling took over. I felt her suck my clit into her mouth and play with it with her tongue. I was near the point of no return when she stopped, I looked down and Dave was doing her doggy style. Her eyes were glazed as he slammed deep inside her causing her breasts to bounce as they hung freely beneath her body.

I took advantage of her distraction not wanting to orgasm with an audience and switched position so I could play with her nipples, before lying beneath her so I could suck her nipples. She didn’t last long before she squealed to orgasm as Dave pounded her and I sucked her nipples whilst stroking across her clit.

I got on all fours like she was and face to face, I kissed her. She kissed me back as well as she could co-ordinate. Dave was just staring at us kissing, and then down at the pussy he was balls deep in. I saw Steve in the corner behind me once again with an erection. I looked at him, and smiled.

“Where is it?” Steve asked, “The present that is”

I knew what he meant. I looked at Sarah and she was in her own world as Dave was slowly thrusting all the way in, and all the way out of her, “Top draw in Sarah’s room,” I said.

A few minutes later Steve came back holding the dildo and smiled in my direction. “Show time,” he said as Dave noticed what he was holding and pulled out of Sarah much to her annoyance. Her annoyance didn’t last long as Dave was replaced with the dildo, slowly being slid into her by Steve. I got on all fours and we sorted our legs out so we were bum to bum knelt up on all fours.

I felt something press against me and instantly slide inside me. I gently started to rock backwards and forwards as Sarah started to do the same. I could feel it going deeper and deeper with each thrust. The doggy position felt a lot nicer than when we were sat down on her bed, could get a better rhythm going, and also get more movement which stimulated all the nice bits.

Steve knelt in front of me and I was greeted with his erection pointing towards my mouth. I smiled up at him and opened my mouth for him. I had never sucked a guy before as I felt him guide himself passed my teeth and onto my tongue. I closed my mouth round him and played with him with my tongue as my movement on the dildo bobbed my head up and down him slightly.

Sarah shuddered again as she either came or was very close sending a very nice ripple to go through my body as well causing me to push back a bit. I was a little shocked as I felt our bums touch. Between us we were taking 18 inches. I wondered if this counted as being spit roasted, I assumed not, does it need to be two real cocks to be spit roasted?

After a while Sarah came again, shuddering to an orgasm that seemed to last forever as she squealed and moaned to ecstasy. I felt her slow down and then stop rocking her hips and move forwards leaving the dildo in me as she just collapsed onto the floor and curled up hugging her knees, “Wow” she said catching her breath.

I guess she was done as when Dave tried to get her to suck him again she just curled up into a tighter ball hugging herself.

I felt Steve pull out of my mouth and spin me round so he was behind me. Before I knew what he was doing I felt his cock push against my pussy and slide inside. My eyes bulged as he went deeper and deeper, my mouth opening as I was unsure whether to moan, gasp or just say “wow”.

He slowly started to thrust inside me, sliding all the way out then all the way back in again. He felt amazing, he was playing with my nipples as he started to get into a rhythm. Dave knelt down in front of me and I was once again sucking dick as he slid into my throat causing me to gag slightly. “Does this count as being spit roasted? Or does it need bum action?” I thought to myself. It is strange the thoughts that go through your head at such inappropriate times.

I just knelt in the middle on all fours, the feeling between my legs was just amazing as Steve started to up the pace slamming inside me. My eyes glazed over as the feelings took over and I got screwed from both ends at the same time. “I am cumming,” Dave gasped moments before I felt something warm hit the top of my mouth then felt it lay on my tongue in a stringy ribbon of his seed.

I was a little taken by surprise as he fired jet after jet into my mouth causing me to dribble some onto the floor as he pulled out of my mouth leaving his seed behind. What surprised me most was the taste, you always hear that it is really salty and disgusting, but it wasn’t that bad. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t like a glass full of it, but it wasn’t too bad. Steve rammed deep inside me and held himself deep in me, I opened my mouth and moaned involuntarily as I felt a warmth swell deep inside me. The cum in my mouth dribbled down my chin and onto the floor as I felt an explosion deep inside me causing my pussy to spasm. I orgasmed instantly releasing an involuntary scream as I climaxed whilst Steve groaned loudly firing his seed deep inside me.

I just shuddered on the end of his cock as he held himself fully inside me while he came, it felt unbelievably nice as the warmth rushed through me followed by another orgasm closely followed by another. My spasming pussy seemed to milk him as he seemed to be cumming for ages. I wasn’t sure if my sense of time had gone, or if he just emptied a pint inside me, I reasoned it was my sense of time as he pulled out of me already going soft.

I reached between my legs covering my pussy up as I felt a dribble as he pulled out. I felt his cum run over my fingers as it mixed with my own, my pussy was still twitching as the orgasms subsided, I had never felt like this before. It just felt, good, more than good.

I just curled up on the floor recovering my senses when I felt Steve kiss my neck as he handed me my panties. I kissed him back, took hold of the panties in my hand but just laid there clutching them. I felt him sit me up and put my t-shirt and panties back on before picking me up and putting me on the sofa next top Sarah before he went to get some drinks. I smiled at him with dreamy eyes as my insides were still dancing from the awesomeness that they had just experienced. Sarah was sat next to me with her t-shirt on just grinning at me, “So, second fuck better than the first then?” she asked

I blushed as Steve and Dave just looked at me with their mouths open, “No way was that your second, you are fucking gorgeous.”

I think it was meant as a compliment but it just added too my redness as I just hugged my own knees rocking backwards and forwards on the sofa.

Steve put the drinks down and got back on the sofa, I was sat next to Sarah who was leaning on the arm of the sofa with her legs tucked underneath her body. I just leaned on her and closed my eyes. I was exhausted and it wasn’t long before I was asleep suddling into her warmth.

I woke up with a jump when for some reason my half asleep brain realised I had been asleep and wasn’t sure where I was. I was also very aware of the uncomfortable feeling of the still wet panties I had on, I wasn’t entirely sure how much was me and how much was him,either way, it wasn’t very comfy. As I sat up Sarah stirred as well and looked at me through sleepy eyes, “Bed Time?” she asked still half asleep.

“I think so,” I replied back taking hold of her outstretched hands and pulling her to her feet catching a glimpse up her t-shirt as she stood up showing she wasn’t wearing panties.

We went to her room and climbed into bed, still half asleep I slipped the panties off. I felt her roll over so she was facing me as she laid her arm over me. I smiled and wriggled around to get comfortable as I enjoyed her touch before snuggling into her. I pushed my leg below hers before sliding my other leg between her legs so they wrapped together. I felt her knee push against my pussy and she smiled, “Feels nice doesn’t it being hairless down there,” she said as she gently pushed her knee up and down rubbing against my hairlessness.

“It feels really nice, not half as nice as what a cock does in there though,” I said back smiling at her.

She smiled at me and kissed me on the lips, “Dirty girl, you better hadn’t have got cum on my panties.”

I laughed softly before kissing her back and cuddling into her. I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep.

I woke up the next morning with the most amazing feeling. Hard to explain, but everything just felt nice. I was still tingling all over, but not in a sexual way, just in a satisfied way. I looked at Sarah who must have taken her t-shirt off as she was naked and curled up facing away from me in a tight ball. I shuffled up behind her and cuddled into her putting my arm over her side resting my hand on hers. She moaned slightly and stirred a bit, before taking hold of my hand and falling asleep again. I closed my eyes and listened to her breathe before I fell asleep again.

It had been an interesting couple of days, and a couple of days that just strengthened our relationship. Sarah and myself had always been very close, admittedly never that close, but there were no regrets and a mutual love for each other developed. We aren’t dating or anything like that. If asked I guess we would be bi. It does mean we can give my boyfriend an awesome birthday present though in a couple of months though.

The boyfriend isn’t Steve, although he is still very sexy. I met someone at University the next term and friendship developed over a few months until we got intimate. He is nice, sweet and loving, he treats me nice and with respect. Sarah is happily single, but her and Dave have an “agreement”, which basically involves “relief in times of drought”. I think that is how she phrased it anyway.

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