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Ginger Fabulously Taken

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Hi, it’s Julia. You may remember me … Sheri, Julia? Me, the Cougar taken and turned. Ah, I see you nodding. Good. It’s been four glorious years for us. I still blink when I look at her. She’s just a wonder … and she’s doing very, very well at work too. (Me: winking) Yeah, the jokes are still lame and the sex is still fabulous.

About a year ago, Sheri was on a trip and had a short, glorious interlude. She’s so cute; she called and asked if it was okay. Don’t you dare tell her … I got so goddamn wet I used that little powder room in my office to ‘beat back’ the fire. I was the queen bitch when she got home … my Ma’am was very un-Ma’am-ly all weekend, at her pet’s beck and call. I did, if you will, beck and call her plenty. Oh yeah sure, I hated every delicious moment of it.

So on and on life went. When Linda told me she and Randi were getting hitched we cried!! Oh what a party that was! My girls, two of my bestest friends!! How happy we were for them. They went to that place where that person did that thing she does — and they spent two weeks in France, England and Ireland on their honeymoon. La vida loca!!

Life goes on. A business trip was planned; the C.F.O., me, was the leader of the pack. Mrs. C.F.O. was coming. Geez, it’s four years later. Has anyone grown up? We had made plans to stay the full weekend after the conference ended and then ‘stuff’ happened. Someone got fired and, as a parting gift, put a ‘bug’ in the software. Company-wide. Now software isn’t my thing but this was a biggie. Our home office I.T. department went into lockdown. No vacations, no weekends, no nothings till a fix was made … yesterday kids! Someone needed to be sent to the site. Guess who? Uh huh; plans up in smoke. Mrs. C.F.O. would be in Dallas; her wife would be in Baltimore.

Sheri was the one who made the suggestion. I went nuclear. What was good for the goose was NOT good for this gander, and she damn well knew I was totally cool with her fling. No, no, no! I had what I wanted and no one else would ever do. After she soothed me to and through several blinding orgasms she simply said, “Here’s the deal. If. That’s all I ask … is if someone catches your eye, consider it.” The lights had cleared out of my head by then and I was sort of capable of making rational decisions so I agreed to that. I wasn’t going to look anyway. Moot point.

Anyway, this conference would take place in January in Arizona … you’re welcome people! Too damn much work for me. I wasn’t happy about it, especially since there wouldn’t be anyone there to keep my bed wet and warm at night. Teresa served us dinner the night before we had to leave and we hustled upstairs for a glorious night of loving. I’d give you chapter and verse but you’d be bored. Yeah, okay, I admit, that hurt — a lot. You’d line up for my powder room and pay BIG money to use it if I described that night. All of every glorious moment of it. And you know it’s true!!

I asked Randi how life was … she beamed. I suspect there was a lot of that goin’ on. Lin beamed a lot too. The window seat next to me in first class, already paid for, was empty. Sigh. Yet another reminder. I would text my honey soon as the plane door opened. Nah, soon as the wheels touched down. Tell her that pussy was sore and baby was happy — and missed her terribly. She, umm, replied rather graphically that she missed me too! Gawd! We’ve debated, delightfully, in the Jacuzzi, about which was better: make up sex or I missed you sex. If anyone has an opinion please let us know. Sheri reminded me of her suggestion. No problem! Not happening. Homey don’t play dat! Word! The silly C.F.O.

The suite was wonderful. I hated it. No Sheri. Hilton Phoenix Airport Hotel — close to the airport, plenty of rooms, 2 restaurants … Linda’s the best. She beat them to death on the rate and (giggle) told them she had it from a secret source that the President would not be there during the conference. You know who had the bestest suite! Big ole Jacuzzi and I had no one to share it with. So go shop or something girl and quit whining. Yes Ma’am. She nodded; oh god the spend was so good. I miss her terribly. I got out of the shower and put on casual things — shorts, cotton top, anklet athletic socks, and white tennies. Why did blondie wear tennies? Cuz nineies were too small and elevenies were too big. Grin. Somebody out there laughed! I know you did. Thank you. Yes, it’s pathetic … but the laugh is the thing!

I went down to the “Rimrock Bar and Grill.” Seriously? It was fine. I ordered wine and perused the menu. I had tonight to myself before things ramped up tomorrow. So I ordered something ‘healthy’ and sulked. The place was moderately full for a Thursday. Apparently we weren’t the only group booked. I might swim later and work off some of the frustration. When the server brought my food was when I saw her. I think the young man asked if I wanted more wine — if he’d asked me to sign over my … I’m 29. What? You really wanna argue? Okay, so it was going to be the 22nd anniversary of my 29th birthday. Soon. (Me: sticking my tongue out at you!) She sorta, kinda looked my age. The two things that caught my eye were the stark, forlorn look on her face and her face. However old she was she is gorgeous. Hair so dark red it was … I thought for a minute. Ginger? Yeah I think that’s it. She sat twisting a glass round and round in her hands with that forlorn look. Like many a redhead, she had a lovely, fair complexion. It was hard to tell her height and build. She was sitting and her shoulders were hunched like she was protecting herself from something — or someone. Could it have been she was comforting herself?

Her back wasn’t to me. Duh! She wasn’t facing me, thankfully. So I could kind of keep an eye on her without doing so too obviously. I nibbled on my food, sipped my wine and watched. She pushed the food around … eating but not really. Way more of whatever she was drinking. I saw her nod to the same server I had. Hmm. I lifted my hand and, when he came to my table, said, “That lady nearby, the one who just ordered whatever … my tab please. But don’t tell her who it’s from. And I’ll have another of mine.” If he was any kind of surprised he hid it. Hotel, restaurant, two singles at two tables. I saw his lips move … her head look around — not at me. She shrugged her thanks.

Goddamn you Sheri … you put the bug in my ear. No, Julia, not goddamn Sheri! This is on you. SFTU and say thank you Ma’am. Thank you Ma’am. A little smirk — yeah, still me. Now go talk to Ginger. Yes Ma’am. Am I married or what?

I stood, walked to her table, and said softly, “I, umm, hope I didn’t offend by putting that last drink on my tab.” My best smile. Her head turned; she stared. Her eyes took me in. No honey, I’m not a serial killer! Just a girl; well, no, not so much anymore. Whatever!

She smiled, “It did catch me by surprise; thank you. Would you like to sit down?” Oh honey!

“Thanks, yes.” I did. Smooth as ever, “I’m Julia.”

“Hi Julia, I’m Emily, nice to meet you.” Gawd! Brilliant smile. “What brings you to the desert in January?” We laughed.

“Oh, the usual … winter, business, the swimming pool, a chance meeting with a beautiful woman.” That last? Inside voice.

She nodded. “He left me for a blonde. It was a text and the locks were changed and my … umm, our … all … the accounts had zero balances. Mother fucker — no, strike that, child fuc …” That was when the tears started. I waited for a bit, then reached out and covered her hand with mine as she cried. The phrase flitted through: “Behind every successful man is a woman, cheering him on, helping lift him to ever higher peaks and we hope it’s his wife.” I just shook my head and empathized.

She dabbed at … goodness, they may be puffy and red but they’re so very blue. Okay, I confess, I took a gander at her. Nice! Her casual dress did nothing to hide a lush, very feminine figure. “Sooo, if I may, are you from this area?”

The question seemed to startle her from whatever she was thinking. She looked at me as if for the first time. Oh dear lord. The smile was — sweet. She didn’t have much makeup on; her lips were full, very kissable. (shush!) “No, I’m from Dayton, Ohio. I’m here on business and to …” she shook her head. Shut up Julia and let the woman speak. “To … I don’t know … I guess to try and figure out the rest of my life.” Good for you Ginger, you got it out!

I lifted my glass, we clinked, and I said, “Here’s to the rest of our lives, Emily!” I smiled, hers was faint. She took a wee bit of a sip. I saw her eyes tear — again.

“Julia is it?” I nodded. “This … it’s not how my life was supposed to go. We would ride off into the sunset together — the pwince and his pwincess.” I smiled at her pwonunciation. (Yeah — mickey soft hates it!) It was so innocent, so cute, and I kissed her. EEK! No, you didn’t really! Umm, yeah, I did — really. Maybe she wouldn’t notice. Fat chance ya goof. Oh my god, now what.

She giggled. “Did you really just do that?” What a gorgeous smile! Sheri!! Help! She laughed at me. You’re on your own wifey!! Geez!! So I did it again. You did what? Uh huh, and I liked it; so did she!

Do you know of hair that isn’t a mop of tight curls but sorta hangs in glorious, endless loopy things? Ya huh, I knew you would. That was Emily. Her face was thin … It’s perfect for her. I got a bit of a glimpse of her smile when she giggled. It lit up her face. She was sooo sad that it was hard to find a smile in the sorrow.

“Hey!” She looked at me. “If you’ve had enough whatever wanna go for a walk? Just do something other than think about whatever it is you’re thinking about? It doesn’t … sorry, seem to be bringing you a lot of … umm … joy or whatever.” Smooth, Julia.

She stared for a moment, asked the glass what to do (apparently) then nodded slowly. “Yeah, what the hell.” So we each paid our bills, stood and wandered out. To where? Hmm. I took her hand in mine and we walked through the front door. We wandered with no purpose and no destination other than my bed. Oh god! I didn’t just say that. Sheri smirked. Bitch! UGH! I giggled; Emily asked, “What was that about?” I blushed. I had to tell her — now? Yeah!

“I’m, very, very married Emily and I was thinking of my wife and …” She stopped on a dime, turned, stared, very pale. Her blues bore into mine. I stood up to it. I nodded, and said, “Yup, very, very gay. And very blissfully married. I love her with every last bit of my being and she, basically, told me that IF someone happened to cross my path I should …” I let the rest of it drift. She stared. I shrugged.

Her voice was a razor sharp hiss; her eyes blazed as she angrily spat the words. “Are you fucking kidding me? You’re gay, married, and on the prowl? You spotted me, clearly wounded, and figured I was low hanging fruit?” Her eyes still blazed; she slapped me. It was hard enough to rock me on my heels. I took it. I let the anger … whatever anger does; dissipate, I guess.

“Emily, I’m so completely not on the prowl you can’t begin to imagine. That I told you I’m married might, if not for your understandable fury, make some sort of sense. Yeah, I’m happily married and comfortable being me. I … I saw a woman forlorn and reached out. The kiss was …geez … I don’t know, it was just a kiss. You’re gorgeous, he’s an idiot and yes, I want you desperately.” FUCK! Why on earth? She stared – more in shock. “I’m so sorry Emily. I really have no idea why or excuse for saying that. It … the words just fell out of my mouth and I just don’t …” I have no idea anymore. Did I ever? I didn’t want this to happen … no goddamn way. But I said it, right? So something must have been in there? What? I was about two seconds from just turning and going back to my room.

Her eyes stopped me. There’s that moment that it flashes in the eyes — resolution, acceptance, whatever, I might as well try. I’m reading, they’re thinking. She met my gaze steadily, resolutely. “Okay.” Huh? One word? Color me confused wifey.

“Okay?” Smooth as ever.

“I accept your offer and understand your train of thought. I suppose, like many, I’ve wondered what it might be like to make love with a woman. Lord knows I’ve read enough stories about it on Literotica.” OH MY GOD! I laughed out loud. I nearly fell over laughing. As in, tears streaming down my face, gasping for air, her gawking at me. Honest to god I did. I leaned on her shoulder as I gathered myself; she let me!

“I have stories published there!” More fits of giggles. This time she joined me.

“You’re kidding right?” Hysterical laughter …

“A Vixen Literally … me.” Through gasps and pants we laughed. She stood straight up.

“YOU wrote that? Oh my god Julia! Asshole thought he was Olympus I fucked him so good thinking of … oh my god.”

I wiped my eyes and cheeks and said, “Emily, at the risk of sounding like I’m begging … which story?”

“‘Seducing Carmen Completely.’ It was so cute and so hot … every bit of it. I just wanted more and more and more. Are you going to write a sequel? It’s there, I know there’s more. Oh god, please do.” I smiled and kissed her. Once she started she had more. “The ruse of the page? It was perfect. I was grinning as I read. I, umm, it took several orgasms to quell what your story started.” She was blushing. “I gave him the fuck of his life that night, Julia. I kid you not.” The blaze in her eyes was stunning, warm, and lovely to behold. The author had her turn blushing.

She threw her arms around my neck and kissed me; no hesitation, not the slightest. It was hot, warm, demanding and … Sheri!! Shit! She giggled and nodded; go for it baby. I sighed. I gave Emily her heat back. Delicious. “Um. Emily? Ever hear of ‘Marco, Polo’?” Her head went to my shoulder as she laughed. Yum! We headed back to my suite.

As we walked back I thought of Sheri. Something went cold deep inside me. I can’t do this until I speak with my wife. I … no, I won’t do it. Figure out a way to tell her, Julia. This can’t happen … the lump in my throat threatened to choke me. I fought it. I stopped. After another step, Emily stopped and turned, her eyes questioning. I couldn’t meet her gaze. I let my eyes fall to the sidewalk. My voice was near whisper soft, “I have to call Sheri.” Saying her name out loud brought on a flood of tears. “I can’t explain it Emily; it just is. Please, I want you, I do, really. But I …” I sobbed. I felt her arms circle me. I heard her voice, soft in my ear.

“I hit you. I’m so embarrassed I could die. You love her, you really do.” She lifted my chin, kissed the tears on my cheeks, and kissed me softly. She nodded and smiled sweetly. “Go call your honey, honey.” We both giggled a little. “There’s tomorrow; whatever. Go call Sheri and get a good night’s sleep.” She kissed me again; this time I stepped in close to her and kissed her back, my arms holding her close. This is a kiss!! Lordie my, yes!! Sweet and loving; god the woman can kiss! What sort of moron would … oh never mind. We were both a little breathless and flushed when we parted. A few more smiles, a few more soft good nights, and we both headed, separately, to our rooms for the night.

I clicked the lights on, kicked off my shoes, and went right for the fridge. I needed a glass of wine. I opened, poured, opened my phone and dialed my life line. I sat on the patio in the cool night air. When she answered, “Hi lover, I’m so glad you called.” I cried helplessly, again. Sheri was quiet for a few moments as she heard my gasping sobs. “So which is it? You’ve already had her? Or are you having second thoughts and needed to hear my voice?” Oh Ma’am, yes. This is why we’re married, lover! You just get me! Thank you baby. My stomach ached from crying.

I sniffled. “She’s gorgeous; dark red hair — ginger; her name is Emily, from Dayton, Ohio.” I took a deep breath; Sheri was quiet. “I saw her at dinner. I don’t know Sheri, she just looked so sad. I bought her a drink. I nearly let it be enough. I went to the table.” I started to laugh.

“What in the world has gotten into you woman; tell me!” I told her. We both howled. “Oh my god how funny. So let me get this right … will you be datin’ a girl from Eaton, or eatin’ a girl from Dayton?”

I held the phone away from my ear and stared at it. WTF! “What?”

Sheri laughed so hard I knew she’d need a change of panties. “There’s a city on the western border of Ohio, off Route 70, Eaton, Ohio. Some chick in the sorority was from that general area. Apparently that’s a pretty old joke that gets told at all the colleges in the area.” We both laughed and laughed. How funny!! Oh god I’m so glad I called!! I’m so glad I’m married. I’m so glad I’m married to her!!

“Oh I feel so much better babe … thank you so much. How are things coming along in Baltimore?” We chatted for a bit about that and a few other random things, said our goodbyes, complete with periods of soulful silence, and hung up. I sat on the patio, sipped my wine, and reflected on the night. I finished the last of the glass, smiled in satisfaction as I thought of my honey, nearly on the other side of the country, and stood. I was locking the sliding glass door when I heard the knock. Good grief. I peeked. Oh my! I took a very deep breath, fluffed my hair, and opened the door.

She had a look on her face … ‘hand in the cookie jar’ sheepish? I smiled and waved. “Come on in Ginger.” She wrinkled her eyes questioning; I grabbed her hand and pulled her in and to me. I locked the damn thing, and whispered in her ear, “And you ain’t leavin’ either!” My tongue followed my words. She gasped. Our kiss was warm and got hot quickly.

When the kiss finally ended, Emily smiled and said, “So may I assume E.T. has phoned home?” We giggled. I nodded. I took her by the hand and led her … to the table. She sat down; her eyes told me she was confused. I know what you want — me too.

“Care for something to drink?” Her face showed her confusion but she settled for wine; me too. I brought the bottles and glasses to the table. We clinked glasses. “To E.T.” More giggling. “Yeah, I called. I cried. She’s so sweet. I’m sorry Emily, I just had to.” A deep sigh and a sip. I smiled. “Ginger; it’s for your hair.”

She nodded, “Oh I know. It’s not the first time I’ve been called that. An aunt of mine actually calls me that all the time.” She is so sweet and so lovely. Not tonight though, it’s just too late.

“You’re going to think me to be a royal bitch, Em, but I don’t want to start tonight and not be able to finish until we’re both done. But would you mind an appetizer?”

“What do you have in mind?” I stood, took her hand, and led her to the bed. I lay down first and held my arms out. She slid in next to me. “Will you teach me, Julia … and be gentle?” Oh my god!!

I turned, leaned over the top of her and kissed her very tenderly. “Ginger, you know a little about me and you know the very most important thing: my Sheri. So this will be lesson, a loving, intimate, lesson … and I hope, if it’s your choice to do so, that it’s the first in another chapter of your life. Nothing would please me more — other than pleasing you.” I let my fingers slip over the swell of her breast — lightly. Her eyes closed, her lips parted and she sighed with pleasure. I leaned over, covered her lips with mine, and let my tongue enter. Her fingers gripped my hair and head as she held me tight, her tongue dancing and dueling with mine. I let her ‘win.’ I gave her nipple a pinch. She squeaked into the kiss. I smiled.

“Oh you are just an awful tease, Julia.”

“You’re quite welcome Ginger.” More giggling. “So you know the joke about Eaton and Dayton?”

“Yes!!” That included an eye roll. I told her about Sheri surprising me with it and the context. Her eyes widened with every word; the smile turned into hysterical laughter — for both of us. “Oh how absolutely cute she must be … wow!”

“Yeah, wow!” There wasn’t a lot of talking for the next few minutes. Another “yeah, wow!” when I finally did talk. It was hard for both of us — but Ginger agreed to wait until tomorrow. Lunch? Probably not. Dinner? Oh absolutely!

I had to ask, “Do you mind being seen with me in a restaurant? In public?”

She pondered that for a moment. “Nope!”

I said, “Look, I won’t put you in that place; not here. We either go off site somewhere or have room service.” Her eyes widened. “No, I’m not kidding. If it’s better for you, it’s more than fine with me. We can either order out and have it delivered or we can have whatever is on the menu.” I did bat my eyelashes at that; more giggling. We agreed to defer that until tomorrow — umm, later today. And, with that, the night ended. The final kisses were soulful and warm; our bodies pressed deliciously, closely, firmly together. Gawd this was going to be wonderful. We both had big smiles when I opened the door; one last quick kiss and Emily headed back to her room.

I set the alarm for a short night and fell asleep thinking of bright, smiling green eyes and a nodding head of ginger hair.


Mornings suck anyway. Waking up without my honey, after a way too short night of sleep — yuck! I hurried through my shower, did my little makeup thing, dressed like the C.F.O. I am, cursed my stupidity at not ordering room service last night, and headed to the restaurant for breakfast. Mostly coffee, but I did tear apart some eggs, toast and my hash browns. Anybody remember? The C.F.O. is a hash browns whore. Just sayin.’ I headed to the ballroom. A whirlwind — that was the morning. I rocked the house with my opening remarks. The smile on my face was from thinking of blonde hair and blue eyes in the back of the room, smiling at me. Miss you lover! You should excuse the expression: everybody wanted a piece of me at lunch. I did my best and put the word out that dinner was absolutely out of the question. I said I had gotten in late and didn’t get much sleep. Well, it wasn’t a complete fib. The afternoon dragged horribly.

I wanted to call Sheri. I don’t know; is it odd that a nearly 51 year old is so reliant on such a young woman for … what exactly? I can not sit up here on the dais and cry. No! And you can’t leave either. So suck it up girlfriend. You killed people to get to this chair … now smile. Yeah, but that was the old me. This me misses her honey. Got it; same deal. Yes Ma’am. Good girl pet — now go make your wife proud of her wife. God I love you!! I had a great afternoon! Oh, I also changed my flight so I would be home Sunday for, umm, a good night’s sleep. Wink! Made the whole afternoon!

I walked from the ballroom with a few others and we chatted about the day. Everyone thought it was productive — good. This actually was an important couple of days. Forward looking sorts of things, break out sessions, couple of separate groups in smaller rooms doing mini-seminars … I had the thought of sending emails to everyone requesting feedback on a variety of subjects. Those tasked to do so culled the results. It took some time, but that’s how the topics, other meetings, speakers and such were picked. You’re yawning; I’m sorry. Let me get to the rest of the night.

I smiled as I scanned the lobby. Ah, there it is: the ginger hair! I bade my minions goodbye. I pretended to think of what was next; Emily caught my eye and smiled. A slight movement of my head in the direction of my room; she nodded. I kicked off my shoes and was waiting. The knock was soft. I opened the door. Wow, still lovely.

The kisses were rather reserved; yup, light of day. Good girl! I figured I’d set the tone for the night. “Ginger, you’re not company; help yourself to the fridge.” A brilliant smile was her reply; my heart soared. I’d done well with that. We sat and talked quietly about the day; she was bored out of her skull. I laughed a little and told her of mine. Her eyes widened; I shrugged. “I had a ton of help.” The sun was still up or we’d have been out on the patio. I wasn’t going to put Emily in that position. Um, I’m sorry. That was silly, I know, but I decided to leave it in the story. I called the front desk for restaurants that deliver; not a lot of help there. We settled for room service from Rennick’s. Dinner wasn’t important — dessert was. They told me the food would be there in 20 minutes.

We spent it on the bed; it was … wowzer. Side by side, arms and legs intertwined, kisses and whispers and giggles and the like. I had drawn the drapes in a way that sunlight was able to brighten the room on each side and give us privacy.

Dinner was at the round table … we sat close to each other. Burgers were decent. Condiments; an idea formed. Save those pickles, catsup, and mustard.

Ginger asked, “What’s twinkle in your eyes about, Julia?”

I kissed her. Snap decision: “Emily, stand up please.” She did. I undressed her, piece by tantalizing piece. I kissed every bit of her I could … often. I had a ‘wow’ moment when she stood in bra and panties. She flushed under my gaze. This really is a lovely woman. She had some of the same signs of age I did — no biggie. She is gorgeous! Say that very slowly — several times. I did; she giggled, flushed, and her nipples threatened to poke right through the lovely lace-topped bra. I freed them and loved them.

Seduction: green lighted. I asked Em to sit, lean back, close her eyes, and let her arms drape over the edge of the chair. I let my fingers drift softly, lazily over the gorgeous curve of her neck, down over the swell of her sweet, full breast, circled the ridges of her rosy nipples, already high and hard, reached for the catsup, drifted fingers lazily down her tummy, tore it open with my teeth, teased the top of her panties, drifted lightly over her sex, gave her thigh a hard squeeze, and squeezed catsup on a nipple. She felt the wetness, opened her eyes, stared at it, and me. My eyes gave me away. “Why waste catsup on a very ordinary burger when it can be the perfect topping on such a lovely breast?” Ginger’s response startled me … her eyes filled. I kissed her. “What honey?”

“Julia, I’ve known you for maybe 24 hours — that is, sadly, the most romantic and erotic thing I’ve ever heard.” My response? I lapped at her nipple as slowly and seductively as I could. I made sure to meet her eyes between laps. She was a puddle; I could smell her arousal. I thought — in for a penny. I slid a finger between her legs, under the silk, and into the hot, wet lips. Her eyes closed, her head lolled, she panted softly. I stopped. She jerked her eyes open.

“Watch me; don’t close your eyes.” She nodded. I dipped the fingers again, slipped them out, and brought them to my nose and sniffed; her eyes widened. I brought them to my lips and lewdly slurped and made a show of enjoying the lovely essence. I honestly thought she might orgasm just from the watching. “Baby, this is … mmm, no, lift your hips.” I slid off the silk, made eye contact and made a show of sniffing. Her eyes glittered, then went hot and dusky. I smiled, slid to my knees, bent to my prize, and slid my tongue, slowly, from bottom to top of her full, scented, soaked center, trailing up the way to a very high, firm, glorious clit. A quick capture, a faster tease with my swirling tongue combined to have my pupil moaning with need.

I moved to her mouth, captured it, and breathed, “Hi!” A hot kiss, a kiss on her nose, a whispered “Bye!” and I began my voyage back south. The poor darling was, literally, quaking with desire. I felt her move her hands to her breasts. I gently slapped them away; a near sob. I left traces of saliva to cool as reminders of where I had visited … the goose bumps had goose bumps. I slipped my fingers to the plate, found the pickle spear, continued past her belly button, lapping briefly and deliciously, over her pubic bone, another suckle of her pearl and, as I was doing that, I slid the pickle into the sopped warmth. She lifted off the chair. It was time.

“Watch!” She followed my hand and mouth. I slipped the tip of the pickle to the outer edge of her lips, bent to her, and nibbled on the pickle, teased her with my tongue, nibbled, teased, nibbled, teased … she grabbed my head and begged with her fingers in my hair. I smiled. I sucked the rest of the pickle into my mouth, chewed it quickly as my tongue tortured and my lips took the pearl hostage while my fingers drove into her, curling, seeking, slipping. It came with a scream; she bucked, pulsed, clenched … all of it glorious. I let her lead — her need, my sating. Anything, everything baby, fast as she needed, fast as I responded. I felt her crest. Once, quickly again … I kept after her. Give it to me baby, every last bit.

God love you Ginger, you did. I honest to god don’t remember when she did this — one leg wound up on the table, the other over the edge of the chair. I took that as a sign she wanted to give me full access. I let her slip from pillar to post and back again. When she finally cried out one last time and slumped, spent, breathless, and completely liquid, into and against the chair, I stopped. I kissed trembling flesh. I slipped fingertips in dips, over rises. She purred; I smiled. Take your time lover. Green eyes smiled at me, nodding. Thank you Ma’am. Emily sighed contentedly.

There was nothing left to do but what I did. I quickly slipped my clothes off, knelt again, and hugged her to me. The feeling of my warm skin on her cool, slightly damp skin was enough to rouse her. Her arms went round my neck; she cried softly. I let her … nothing more needed. If you are a woman and have ever had the kind of thorough, shattering loving she had just had, you (may) know why she cried. I have! Wink. She has green eyes! They smiled at me with pride. Add to Ginger’s experience — first with a woman, and perhaps you’ll more fully understand the tears.

It took a while, what’s the hurry, then I took her hand and led her to the bed. We lay together, curled in, to, and with each other in the very sexy, intimate way women do. God it’s fabulous!! She finally spoke, in a whisper, “I never dreamed it could be like this, Julia.” The tears followed again. I hugged her and let them, eventually, stop.

“Emily … if you never, ever love a woman ever again in your life, I hope this one interlude will be your northern star.” She sobbed uncontrollably. Every wracking cry was … well, I have to be honest, pitiful and fabulous. Why? I think I had given her … hmm, bits and pieces of what she might experience if she chose to explore. Me? Nope, not Christina Columbus! Just a girl! What was the movie? Oh yeah, “A Woman in Full.” Don’t remember it well but the title spoke to what I hope my lover felt. Green eyes beamed. My eyes darted — 8:00pm. Hmm.

“I have a robe, Emily … and I can throw on something loose. If you want to just take a bit, we could sit out on the patio and sip our wine … whatever.”

She sighed, and spoke softly into my neck … “I want to love you Julia. I don’t know if I can give you everything you just gave me but damn, I sure in hell will do my best.” Umm, hard to say no to that! I’m a devil.

“Em, it’s your night and your choice – on the patio or on the bed.”

She snickered, “Yes!” I smiled. All righty then! She pushed herself up, looked in my eyes with those soft, beautiful blues, and asked, “How?” I smiled and hoped it wasn’t condescending.

“Babe, you already know how and what. Just do.” I saw it then – understanding. Yeah baby! She did. Thank you!

She fooled me. “Where’s that robe, Julia? I want my first taking to be on the patio. I want them to hear you as you scream.” G A W D!! I walked to the closet, reached for the robe, turned — she was there. “No. I was just curious to see if you would.” Damn, is my submissive side that obvious? Geez. I kissed her and we walked to ou … the bed. Nope, there is only one ‘our’ when it comes to beds. Sorry Ginger. Green eyes glowed! Me too Ma’am!

Once we were on the bed, her little girl voice came back. “What can I do? How do I … umm, you know?” I smiled and placed a finger on her lips.

“You already know honey. Just do everything you always wished he would do and you fantasized about as he … whatever it is they do.” That brought a gaggle of giggles. I smiled. “Besides, you have an advantage. Michelle and Carmen gave you a pretty good instruction manual.” The smile was brilliant; the eyes devilish … oh my! I sighed and waited. Her head was on my shoulder, her body lay against mine. I felt her breath on my neck. Okay, I’ll give her a nudge. I picked up her arm, slipped my hand to hers, and brought it to my breast. I felt her smile. Her fingers toyed with me, tracing the outline, slipping over and under, teasing the rising nipple as it filled, skimming the areola. I smiled. Braille is good.

I knew she knew what to do; she knew her own body intimately. It took a minute or two, then she slid herself on top of me. Her fingers slipped into my hair as she kissed me. It was warm, sweet, and gradually deepened as she gathered courage and momentum. Our breasts fit perfectly, and she knew just how to press her hips to mine, softly and subtly. In no time I was squirming beneath her. I felt her smile as the kiss continued. I hugged her; one on her back, the other on her ass. I was breathless when she finally broke the kiss. I let my arms fall with a soft thud to the mattress.

When I opened my eyes she was smiling and staring. There was pleasure and pride in those eyes; they sparkled with it. “Did I do good?” How cute!

“My lord, Ginger, my body and our kiss is your answer. Goodness yes! Take your time sweetie and please, hurry!”

She giggled, kissed my nose, and said, “Hi!” Another hot, hard, wet, wild kiss, a soft, “Bye!” and she started. Geez! No royalties either. It was a most delightful taking, a mixture of shy and sure. I have to admit to being shocked — she started off by lapping, wonderfully, at my pussy. Sky rockets in flight!! Oh my!! Early evening delight!! Yum. I don’t know if it was the realization of a long-held fantasy or if she simply wanted to dive right in to tasting a woman. Whatever, I let my captain take control of this pleasure cruise!! Damn! She soon had me a panting, heaving, grinding, twitching, exploding. Oh my god! I heard someone cry out in pleasure; my back arched off the bed, I tried gouging the mattress with my heels, I flailed, pitifully, trying to capture the ginger locks, nearly drew blood from my taut peaks, trembled once more, and crash-landed as it left me.

Jello: Julia. I had been on fire during the bliss of it; I shivered as the dew cooled. I didn’t, honestly I didn’t, have the energy to reach for Emily. I regretted it fabulously as she continued pleasuring me. I screamed obscenities in thanks. I hated her lovingly. Her fingers drove me into another while her mouth devoured my shivering clit. I screamed at the heat in my core as it spread, torturously, wonderfully, slowly and completely enveloping me. I was still limp from the first; I was hoarse and my muscles ached gloriously after the second. Ginger took pity, I think, and loved me softly, slowly, and gently as she came north. She warmed me with her body; her mouth threatened to overheat me yet again. She gave me a full helping of … me. I found strength enough to hold her head in my hands as we kissed. Oh my yes!

I finally had to push her away — breaths were becoming a precious commodity. She laid her head on my shoulder; I could feel her contented smile as she loved me with her fingers. She whispered, “I think, maybe, you liked it Julia!” Bitch! I giggled and nodded. She kissed my neck. Oh Emily, you wonderful, terrible, fabulous woman you. My eyes were closed. The greens were soft and sultry; the smile was glowing. Thank you, Sheri. I love you too.

I had recovered enough, finally, and I did the stretchy, twisty, languid thing … and purred, a bit hoarsely. I croaked, “Water, please.” Em rolled away and brought a glass. I could hear the cubes tinkle the sides of the glass. She sat close, held my head as I sipped — how thoughtful. I took one of her hands and kissed it in thanks. She leaned over and kissed me. Jesus, this woman is something else. I snuck the glass out of her hand. I was almost ready for round two. I had plans for this one! I whispered, “Close your eyes.” She did. I snuck an ice cube into my mouth and put the glass on the night stand.

I pulled her to straddle me, brought her sex to my mouth and began. I had a tight hold of her hips as my now very cold tongue lapped at her. She fought to escape, screaming at me. I laughed inside. My tongue reached deep into her sex … the fighting eased the deeper it got. I used my tongue to push the cube to her lips then let it fall back into my mouth. She pulled my hair. I took her hand and brought it to her clit. I didn’t need to tell her where to put the other — it moved to her nipples. The ice cube melted quickly in my mouth but not before I had some more fun with it and her. There were threats of reprisal – between pants. Oh yeah, she didn’t last very long. She arched her back and, good god, keened in some unknown pitch. My poor nose … geez. She was glorious; I had to work hard to take all of what poured from her.

Thankfully, there was a headboard. Ginger found it with her hands and leaned forward so as not to completely suffocate me. I gave her little aftershocks as my tongue teased her sensitive pearl. I flicked her nipples — yup, both, at the same time. I heard her murmur something under her breath. I slid her down and she lay next to me on her tummy. I caressed her neck, shoulders and back. I used the heel of my hand — from her tailbone all the way up to her neck. She moaned at the pleasure of the pressure. I smiled and kissed her. Aw, her lips were so dry. I kissed her again, darting my tongue over her lips. She moaned softly. We lay together for a while.

I think we both kind of wanted to go to sleep yet neither of had had enough. Finally, Emily said, “Didn’t you say something about a Jacuzzi?” I nodded. “Can we?” I kissed her nose and got up.

“I have to go potty anyway. I’ll turn it on; you can have your turn next. Meanwhile, maybe pour us some wine?” I padded into the ladies and closed the door; intimate yes, potty, nuh uh. I turned on the water, sat down, finished, flushed, rinsed my face and looked in the mirror. Yup, she was heavy-lidded, satisfied and smiling. She did cock her head a little; no honey, Sheri knows. She nodded and winked. Yup, I did good. She giggled. Oh all right, that good too — scamp. I blew her a kiss; she blushed. My girl!! Emily did wonder about the silly grin on my face. I wondered if she had a girl in the mirror.

The wines were on the night stand. When she opened the door I handed her the glass. We each tested the water — seemed okay, and slid in. I let it fill and turned on the jets. Two moans. Two bodies sunk down; two heads rested on the ledge. I reached for a towel and put it under her head. I did the same for myself — but not before moving next to her.

“So do you have your pussy waxed?” Interesting. Ohhh, I forgot, Emily has a neatly trimmed patch above and on either side of hers; the area immediately around her lips is bare. Now you know.

“Umm, no, Sheri and I shave each other regularly. It’s not only fun, it’s very intimate and erotic. Plus, there’s the additional benefit of the ‘test drive.’ She giggled as I winked at her. “And no, Emily, I won’t shave you. That’s not me denying you or telling you what to do. That’s for you to decide.”

She nodded. “No, I understand Julia. I just wondered. It is a giggly moment though, thinking of the two of you and your test drives.”

“Oh my yes.”

“How on earth did you wind up in this glorious suite?”

I snickered. “My P.A., Linda, she’s a devil with hotels; absolutely worth her weight in gold. She actually told the hotel that she had first hand information that the President wasn’t going to be using the suite and insisted that I have it.” Ginger gawked. “Scouts honor.” That was with my fingers on her nipple. Aren’t I the shameless hussy? Oh you just hush Sherri Jo!! Emily looked at me and smiled. I bent and took her nipple in my mouth — after I poured some wine on it. She shivered. I put my wine down. “Umm … Em, do you remember me mentioning ‘Marco Polo’?

“Yes … why?” She was smiling gorgeously.

“Let me show you!!” I did … we were both rather breathless after. No, I’m not telling.

“My god, I don’t think I’ve had this much sex since I was a newlywed.” If you have love in your life it might make for a lovely night of pleasure. Perhaps the winner gets to be Marco, the other Polo. Either way you both win! We did!

Tomorrow, Saturday, would be our last full day together. Emily’s conference ended and her flight was early Sunday morning. So, as we toweled, then dressed, we talked about the night. I was fumbling around in my luggage looking for something — and I stopped and stared. I turned to Emily. “Come here a moment honey.” She peered over my shoulder as I pointed to what was in the little compartment in the suitcase. “Look at what that scamp of a wife put in my luggage! She didn’t tell me. How hysterical!” I just shook my head and smiled.

Emily gawked, “Is that what I think it is?” I took out the dildo and harness, held it up. “Oh my gawd, Julia, I’ve read about them, heard women talk about them — even on their husbands or boyfriends but oh my!!” She kissed me. “You are one lucky girl, girl.” I smiled and nodded.

“I know honey, I really, really do. You have tonight and tomorrow to decide if you might want to play. No obligation.”

Ginger smiled. “That’s very sweet — and tempting. I believe I will smile early and often in the conference. ‘Leave ’em guessing’ as the saying goes.” We both giggled. I took the plastic cock and mimed giving it a blowjob. Ginger laughed and laughed. She grabbed the thing out of my hand. “Let me show you what I’m more used to.” She imitated my actions, then placed her free hand behind her head, as if being held and/or pushed. I was hysterical laughing. I took her hand in mine … and we imitated that we were both teasing and pleasing the plastic dick. Oh my goodness, we would have some fun with this.

Sheri, you wicked scamp. I love you so damn much!! Dammit, I was so busy with Ginger, I’d forgotten to call. Shit!

I held Ginger close as we kissed. What a sweetie. I wish she could have stayed. Crap. “Hey, umm, I just thought of this. What time is your flight Sunday?”

“9 am. Why?”

“Well, no pressure now — but if you wish, you could bring your suitcase to my room, stay the night, and leave the hotel … and bus, cab, whatever, Sunday morning. Just give it some thought, huh?”

She nodded, smiling. “I think my biggest task tomorrow will be keeping my mind on whatever is being discussed.” We kissed, deliciously and warmly, one more time. I shushed her out the door before either of us changed our minds — again!! 11:30 me; 12:30 her. You know what I did

Sheri was sleepy but happy that I called. “So, tell me.” I cried again.

“First of all, Sheri Jo Williams, I love you, you wicked bitch. I found your secret!” We both giggled. “Sheri, I feel like shit and I feel wonderful. Emily is such a doll. I honest to god think you’d love her if you ever met her. And no, that’s not gonna ever happen. She was adventurous and hesitant; she took and gave fabulously. I miss you so much, wifey. I can not wait to see you.” I didn’t tell her about changing the flight — but Randi knew. It was to be a surprise. I did, however, describe, in detail, the very funny byplay between the two of us and the plastic cock. Oh my god how we laughed!!

“Julia, I’ve debated about this all day … but we’re so good I’m just gonna say it.” I heard the deep breath. “Much as we love each other, and god how I love you, maybe it’s not a bad thing to play if … and I do mean if, someone comes along that knocks one of us off our feet. There; I said it. I’m not encouraging or anything just puttin’ it out there.”

Okay, I totally hated the idea! I waited a lifetime for a woman and a love I never knew I wanted or was capable of. This much I had to admit: it was something that we would talk about. This was a completely unplanned interlude. Lovely as Emily is, I wanted my wife! I told her so, “I love you, Sheri!” I had to choke back the lump in my throat. She heard it, too.

Very softly and with passion, “I love you Julia Ann Simpson-Williams. I told you and the world I did when I slipped that ring on your finger. I meant it then and I mean it now.” Some executive; I was a sobbing mess. “Shhh!” Yes Ma’am. “Sleep sweet lover; see you soon. Muah!”

I sniffled and choked out, “I love you too. Oh my god do I ever; night lover!” A few more words of love exchanged and we both hung up. I cried myself to sleep. No I didn’t. Geez. I smiled as I lay in bed, thinking of how good my life was and how happy I was. The sleep I had was not nearly long enough but very relaxing.


The only thing I despise more than alarm clocks is waking up with my wife not next to me. Yeah I said it yesterday. Yeah, this is how much my life has changed. I was damn glad of it too! I wasn’t sore, but I knew I had had a full night of loving. I felt slinky, loose, and sexy as all hell. She took one look at me in the mirror and laughed. I blushed. You would look like this if you were me girly girl. She just winked — oh yeah, never mind. She blushed. Isn’t she just the bomb? Yup! I dressed, enjoyed breakfast (looked for Ginger) and hurried to the ballroom.

I was on call all day off and on. The weekend was going very well, actually. There were some important things that were being discussed in different forms and fashions. People from around the country came to find me, congratulate me, and tell me, in various ways, that this was the best event of its kind they’d ever been to. That was very satisfying. Obviously, an event like this has a lot of helping hands shaping and making it run the way it has. My closing remarks tomorrow (being written as the day went along) would very much include credit to those involved. Praise in public: Thank you Mr. Watson.

Lunch was with compatriots. Sheri was supposed to be landing … I looked at my watch. Yup, right about now. Oh well. The day was to end at 4 pm. Won’t go into detail, but we figured that some would leave tonight, some Sunday morning, and most after the conference shut down. The 4 pm close today was to allow those who were leaving time to get a flight home for bedtime.

4 pm. A text from Ginger: she’s waiting in my room. Yay! Julia’s world, party time! Excellent!! I got lassoed into having drinks with a small crowd of higher ups from other parts of the country. Gotta do it. Mostly strategic stuff; I won’t bore you. They’re, for the most part, good, smart, capable people. I did my best to stay interested and engaged. I missed my honey and, Ginger was waiting. Finally, people started drifting. Dinner plans had been made. I thanked them, sincerely, for their feedback and contributions. I hurried to the room.

I opened the door. Oh my god. Shock and awe baby! There, on the bed, was a very lovely, very nude Ginger with a huge smile on her face — and a harness and dildo!! She was flushed with excitement and energy. I gaped, I giggled, I was naked in record time, leaving pieces of clothing strewn in my wake. I stood next to the bed, put my hand on my chin, and said, “Why Julia, there appears to be a very lovely naked lady, with a dick, in your bed! What will you do about this? Well, Julia, I think you should let the naked lady splain herself. Ahh, good idea. Splain yourself naked lady.”

I had a hard time keeping a straight face through all that. Ginger? She was bright red and laughing. She started to talk. I gave her a break — I shushed her with a very lovely, very warm, lingering kiss. I pinched a nipple, she squeaked into the kiss, pulled me to her … and that is how our Saturday evening began. Me: bowing to the audience.

“I couldn’t stop thinking about last night all day today Julia. I could barely sit still — and sitting still was damn hard as well.” I could relate. “I thought about us, I thought about this…” she wiggled her hips “and I thought, well, let me see if I can figure out how to put the damn thing on. Then, after I finally figured it out, I looked in the mirror. How ridiculous.” I was grinning and nodding. “So I’m standing in front of the mirror, hands on hips, with this thing on … and I thought, ‘hmm, might be interesting to greet Julia like this — from bed. So I did. Your reaction was fabulous!”

“All righty then. Now that you’ve got that thing on how do you want to take me with it?” I ran a finger around a breast, teasing a nipple, as I talked. Ginger squirmed … oh my, hers was an engine that was warm and ready to go.

“I, uhh … umm.”

I climbed on the bed, straddled her, kissed her, and breathed, “Why don’t you get this ready and I’ll start on top. We’ll see how it plays out from there.” I didn’t give her time to protest or think; I scampered to her face and lowered myself to her mouth. She moaned, I grinned, and she got busy! I really, honest to god, didn’t want or expect her to take me to an orgasm, but the woman was amazing!! I couldn’t make myself get off her. She wouldn’t let me either! She had firm hold of my hips. I sighed, moaned, leaned forward, lay my hands on the headboard and she pleasured me. It was when her thumb found my clit that I let loose. (I just closed my eyes and shivered as I remembered!) My stomach clenched, my toes curled, my legs shook, my eyes clenched shut; I rocked, bucked and shook. That damn tongue just ate me up. Oh my god! Umm, I apologize — I’ll be back in a few minutes. Sheri is looking over my shoulder as I type. I think she wants to … gotta go!!

Phew! Well now, I’m back. Once that wife of mine revs up her engine, she … let’s leave it at this: I poured myself into the chair – liquidly. Several hours have passed since we, I … Me: smiling. Now, where were we?

So, this ‘novice’ had given me a luxurious time of it, preparing me for a maiden voyage – for her! After we spent a good bit of time kissing, I slid down her to the harness. I made quite a show of having the dildo enter me, including having Emily hold my lips open. God, how she blushed; I really thought she might spend from that alone. I took the length of it a little at a time — more for show. She never took her eyes off it. I reveled in her enjoyment and in my own pleasure. She knew just what to do — I knew she would. She used her hips in perfect coordination with mine. We danced as one. I saw it coming in her eyes. I lowered my fingers to her pearl to help her ever the edge of the cliff she teetered at and my reward was her explosion, which sent me into mine. It was a glorious thing what I was witness to. She gripped the bottom of the headboard with her fingers to help drive her hips. I rocked hard and deep, both of us crying out in pleasure. God it was good!! She fought for one last determined push, I rocked quick and hard back at her. We collapsed together as well.

The only question left? Did she want another, this time with us in the missionary position? Yes — it was spectacular!

We ordered dinner and used the time to shower together. Geez I was sore — fabulously so. Sheri might be a wee bit upset about that, but she would, I can assure you, be well compensated for my soreness. Wink! The shower was intimate and sexy. So much so that I had to scamper, towel wrapped around me, dripping wet, to answer the door. The room service dude gaped, I waved him in. I signed the check as he put everything on the table, and he left — not before devouring me with his eyes. Men! He didn’t need me to flash him to enjoy the show in his imagination. Emily came out of bathroom, in a towel, laughing her head off. She’d seen it all from the doorway just out of sight. We ate dinner with our towels on. No sense putting on clothes we were just gonna take off anyway. I had ordered a bottle of wine; it wasn’t very good but it was the best they had. I made a mental note — next convention, find a decent liquor or wine store and buy some before checking in. The food was okay. I couldn’t wait to get home to Teresa’s fabulous cooking. Yes, that too! Green eyes glittered with lust!! Yum!

Well, we were dressed, sorta, and sat on the patio, sipped wine and chatted. Ginger talked about her day and the finish of her conference. I asked if she wanted to talk about what awaited her at home. She sighed, stared at the glass, sighed, and shook her head. “He leaves me, changes the locks, and loots the joint accounts. My attorney is going to have him for lunch. It really shook me Julia. I suppose I knew it was coming. The romance had just about completely disappeared. I stopped caring really. What was that movie … “War of the Roses?” That was kind of us — two bedrooms, one house, two lives. Shit! Thing is, if he did it to me, he’ll probably do it to her – like I care.”

Then she cried. Of course she cared. I just moved my chair close to her, gently brought her head to my shoulder, and let her have her cry. I’d had back breakups but this one — ouch! We didn’t know each other all that well, of course, but what I knew of her, she didn’t deserve this! I only know I’m going to do any and every damn thing I need to for this not to happen with Sheri and me. MINE!

She asked, “What about after I’m home, Julia? I mean, after meeting you and this.”

I answered as honestly as I could. “Em, you’re going through hell. Take your time; no rushing around, doing this and that, falling into bed with the first person you see. Let life happen; you’ll know when you’re ready.” Geez, me, life coach? She cried a little as she nodded. I squeezed her hand; she gave a wan smile but her eyes were warm. The sun had set, fabulously red, slipping from the cloudless sky. The air was cooling rapidly; it does that in the desert — no humidity. So we took our glasses and went inside.

I left the door open a little; the cool night air would be wonderful in the room. We sat at the table and chatted. I told Emily some of our story … she smiled a lot. She did gawk when I told her about Sue and the limbo dance. Yeah, she couldn’t believe it either. Geez, I still can’t. I cried a little as I told her about Sheri being stabbed, how close we came to losing each other, and why I had gone the lengths I had to see to it we were married every which way possible. She nodded thoughtfully. I glanced at the clock — 8:30 already? My god we women do gab!!

“Emily, this being our final night together, is there anything you’d like to experiment with or experience — either giving or receiving? Anything, absolutely anything that might be in your heart’s desires.”

Her eyes filled; she lowered her head. “You are so sweet Julia. You just give and give.”

I laughed softly. “Ginger, baby here (I pointed) is testament to, umm, your capacity and capability to give as well. She thanks you.”

She smiled shyly. “That was pretty damn good wasn’t it? God I loved it. I’m going to have to get one of those things soon. I guess I’ll be using it mostly on myself early on.” She shook her head again.

“Yeah … maybe look around online, too, Em, if you don’t already have one, for a dildo with a suction-type base. You’ll figure it out; my god, you’ve certainly rocked my world.” She blushed fabulously; I leaned in for a kiss. “Shall we?”

We did. Before we lay back on the bed, I took my wine glass, pulled her forward a bit, then pushed her back so the wine soaked her — first one breast, then the other. Then I took my good, sweet time removing the wine. It was very romantic, sexy and slow until, umm, it wasn’t. She was crazy with lust. I dripped wine down the front of her … neck, belly, and pussy. I lapped my way up her body — simply glorious. Her skin trembled as I teased and pleased. She moaned in frustration as I refused her every effort at the desperately sought release. What I had in mind would more than make up for it. She did make me pay though — my hair was pulled, my back was ridged. I loved it; and when I finally whispered what she desperately wanted to hear, she pleaded into my mouth as I slipped between her legs. I drew them over my shoulders; she still had me prisoner in our kiss.

I began; she caught on quickly — I knew she would. This is, to me, the most glorious way we women love each other … warm body to warm body, mirrors, my slippery, silky, wet sex meeting my lover’s. Hands, mouth, lips, tongue free to pleasure, ravage, and tease. I finally tore away from her kiss; she was in full pant mode. I buried my face in her wine-scented neck and gave her the vampire kiss. (No not really!) I wanted to mark her, give her something to remember me with — at least for a few days. She screamed my name. Oh yeah, girl, take it all the way. We drove each other crazily, wildly, and thoroughly into the wonderful explosion of a shattering orgasm. Her body went absolutely still, and then exploded wildly. She bucked, thrust, flailed, her face was a flushed mask; she grunted, called out; it was impossible to see into her to feel what she was feeling, but her body spoke eloquently of the devastating pleasure she was enjoying.

I rode with her in my own. That I can explain. Not a small part of my blissful explosion came from and with hers. It was a glorious thing we were doing, magnificently passionate and intimate. Hardly a virgin, but experiencing her first loving with and from a woman, she was a fabulously gifted beginner. My body blew up in heat; a wonderful, satisfying warmth from deep inside. It swept me up in a spinning, whirling vortex of pleasure. It was extravagant, it was devastating, it was overwhelming. I cried out as it swept through me. We drove each other with frenetic energy. I feared it would never end and hated that it would — and it did. I held her tight as we each moved, frantically trying to drag the last magnificent bits of it from each other. When it finally released each of us from its grasp we were breathless, coated with dew, and sated. My body was so warm, from both of us, that I wanted to move off of hers. But I just couldn’t — I’m not sure I had the energy anyway; I didn’t want to leave the trembling figure of the lover who had just shared that glorious ride with me.

The aftershocks were a wonderful thing. Emily’s arms lay at her side. Her glorious hair was everywhere. I picked at a few strands in her mouth. I kissed those soft, parched lips gently. She cried softly; I held her. We lay together silently. I leaned and picked up my wine glass, took a sip, and offered it to Emily. I drizzled a little of it; she smiled. The kiss was wet, warm, soft, loving, and god help me, she started again. She flipped me over and whispered, “My turn lover!” HELP!

The engines hadn’t quite cooled for either of us, thank you God! I was still pulsing, sore, and … oh god, apparently, very ready! The bitch did glorious things to my breasts … oh my word! She did her best to suck the whole of one into her mouth — much as you-know-who has done. Then she held it with her teeth while her tongue caressed and bathed my nipple. Maybe it was the combination of pain from her teeth and pleasure from her tongue; she had freed one and moved to its sister and was repeating the procedure when it happened. I went flying headlong into a spend. I know — just from my breasts being pleasured! I was so shaken by it I didn’t … oh it didn’t matter. It just left me breathless, helpless and gloriously limp. I guess I could describe it as a tornado dropping out of the clouds, leaving ruination in its path, and then disappearing in the same mysterious way it had appeared. That was how I felt. Thank you God and thank you Ginger.

The fact that baby was still sore hadn’t mattered much earlier and didn’t now. Apparently Emily had memorized the entire playbook on tribbing; she gave me everything I’d given her — with a few wrinkles of her own. I would describe them but I’m a greedy wench; only my honey gets to know. Me: sticking my tongue out. This time, for me at least, the blast furnace of my orgasm was dialed down a bit; exhaustion had to be the reason. Lord knows the gorgeous woman who made such spectacular love to me wasn’t. She did everything but carve me up into little bite size chunks and devour me — and as thorough and persistent as she was, she just may have. There were little bite marks and red things on my body. God they felt good. I’m not sure about all that happened, though Em did have rows of red on her back; she thanked me. The two of us were so overheated and spent at the end, while we remained joined at the, umm, hips, she slid off my tummy to try and get some fresh air onto both of us. It was actually too much; the cool night air left me shivering helplessly. That’s how deep in my core the heat of our loving had been born — I was shivering inside as well as outside. Anybody relate?

Potty time! Good lord; 11 pm already? We agreed to soak in the Jacuzzi before bed — to sleep!! Dear God, no more loving tonight. Umm. Yeah, in the Jacuzzi; no, don’t ask how. I don’t know.


I’m pretty sure I kissed Emily goodnight before I fell asleep. She must have set the alarm. She mentioned something about it the next morning. I just know it came all too damn soon. I didn’t throw the clock clear across the room; wanted to. The she-devil has amazing bright eyes. She wanted more of me this early in the morning? Oh god, okay – one more goodbye. I made quick work of her with my tongue and fingers. She returned the favor; yup, she decided she wanted the final ride to be the old favorite: sixty nine. What the hell. God it was amazing. Then she insisted that I shower with her. BIG mistake. After yet one more goodbye, wrapped in a towel, I collapsed on the bed as she hummed, dressed, packed, and primped. I was dead woman walking, prone on my back. I wanted to stick a finger in her power source. Dope, that’s how all this got started. Yum! In one last desperate, tear filled kiss, she used a finger to give me some of her extra energy. She licked every drop of me from it, leaving me weak and wanting more. We hugged forever; she ran out the door and was gone.

I slept until my cell rang. My god, my car was waiting to take me … I smiled. Sheri! I was a tornado (no comments) as I dressed, packed, scurried, hurried, and ran like mad. I yelled over my shoulder at the front desk, “Just send the bill; I’m late.” Linda will yell at me. No she won’t. I slept on the plane.

Randi took one look at me and laughed. I mean howled; bitch was bent over she was laughing so hard. What could I do? I kissed her hello, blushed furiously, and slunk into the back seat. She — yeah, she buckled me in. She had the gall to laugh all the way home too. I love her, really I do.

Oh my god! I was in the car when I screamed. Randi nearly ran off the road. I had slept through the whole damn morning and into the early afternoon, completely missed all the closing ceremonies AND my speech!! Oh my God!! I hung my head in complete shame — and smiled. Naturally that was the part Randi saw. “She was that good, huh?”

I turned bright red and nodded, still smiling. “Ginger; her hair. Emily is from Dayton, Ohio. It was an accident. Yeah, Sheri knows. This is still a surprise right?”

Randi snickered, “What? How you look or that you’re coming home early?” She looked in the mirror. I gave her the finger; we both laughed. How can I not love her?

“And you princess? How was your weekend?” Just big smiles; no words were needed. Gotcha. She took my bag out of the trunk. I sorta, kinda tried to hide behind her as she knocked on the door. Teresa answered. I peeked and put my finger over my lips. She nodded and pointed upstairs. I kissed Randi, she hugged Teresa, we set a time for tomorrow, and she left. Teresa stared at me; two blinks!

I just shrugged. I snuck up the stairs, trying to surprise my honey. I peeked in the door. She lay, naked, on our bed. How? I have no idea!

“Welcome home Mrs. Simpson-Williams. Thought I’d unwrap the present before you played with it.” I cried, completely helpless with my love for her. I quick-like-bunny threw off my clothes and joined her. She held her arms out in greeting. Oh god, her kiss was so wonderful. I had missed her so badly. Ginger is a dear. My heart and soul was here next to me in our bed. After — okay, fine, the first go-round, she gave it up. She just had a feeling I would try for an earlier flight so she’d spent much of the night, after dinner, in just a bathrobe. When she heard the knock, she knew it was me. A little spritz, the bathrobe was gone, and she was in bed. How fabulous is my wife? She told me this in the Jacuzzi as we drank wine, which she had put on ice The bubbles and the heat soothed baby, who had been further ‘abused’ by her wife. Heavenly! Yes, both! Do you really have to ask?

There would be other nights to sleep. This one? We soaked, sipped, and I told her about my weekend. Sheri shuddered as I told her about the horrible end to the Emily’s marriage. She was very quiet when I told her of my thoughts as I held Emily as she sobbed. She did smile very softly. Her eyes were so very warm and green. I kissed her. That, umm, began the next round.

We lay in bed together. I made little mewing noises as Sheri bent to my breast. She had been amused the first time at the red marks and bite marks. I explained them as best as I could; I think my not being sure amused her more. My honey made me feel like a goddess with her love. She was tender, she was loving, and the bitch held back my pleasure for what had to be hours. Just as if she knew (which, of course, she did) that one more touch, lick or thrust would send me up and over — she would stop. I moaned in agony. More; stop. I begged. She straddled me, ‘made’ me eat her out — and held my hands over my head so I couldn’t have any way to pleasure myself. I took her hard and fast; her punishment — to demand another. I sobbed as I pleasured her. Isn’t she simply the best lover a woman could have?

Just before she tipped for the second time this go-round, she moved, kissed me on the lips, and found my weeping sex with hers. I cried out with joy as she ground herself to me; we each panted, cried and screamed in joyous bliss as the car screamed down the hill, through spins, turns and blinding flashes of light. Oh my god it was fabulous torture. That heat I described earlier … the devastating, wonderful one — yup, back again. I welcomed it like it had been weeks, maybe months, when in fact it had been only … it simply devoured me. I could feel it in Sheri as well. I knew her body and how she took her pleasure. Her grunts were sweet music, her clenched eyes and gritted teeth were beautiful, her athletic form was taut and firm; she absolutely pulsed from the energy of it. I couldn’t see it; the light show behind my eyelids was too bright. I felt the energy of it ooze from her as we lay together, two bodies, two hearts, two souls, one life.

She filled me with her energy; it shocked and amazed me when I tipped so quickly into a second; she tensed, hesitated, and joined me. This was desperation! Oh please god, don’t let this continue, I just can’t stand it. And oh please, don’t ever let it leave. I love her too much; I want us to … stay … like … this … and it slipped away. I was cold, empty, and sad. Her long arm reached for the lamp and turned it off. We kissed, we caressed, we murmured, and, after a time, we slipped, slowly, into a deep, satisfying sleep.

Emily? We had exchanged business cards; mostly a formality. Sheri asks if I think about her, miss her. I answer honestly. Yes, every now and then. That was an unexpected, fabulous interlude with a very lovely woman. And I was desperately happy to be home with the love of my life.

I chose the title intentionally. Truth is, Ginger was fabulously taken. She, in turn, had taken me, fabulously, as well.

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