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Entertaining A Rich Man

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Adrenaline rushed through my veins as I parked my car in front of the towering mansion. This was the house of my client, and I was nervous. Sure, I had entertained many men, especially at bachelor parties, but I’ve never had a wealthy client. And by the looks of this beautiful residence, this guy had to be very wealthy. I exited the car and walked to the house, my stiletto heels making very audible clicking noises as I walked. I stopped at the iron gate and pushed the button below the little speaker. It made a loud ‘buzz’ and then I heard static.

“Yes?” a deep masculine voice inquired.

“It’s Katrina,” I replied, my voice a little shaky.

Static again.

“Oh, that’s right..our ‘dancer’..come on in..we’ve been expecting you.” With that, the gate started opening. I walked through, my heart beating like crazy.

I walked up the smooth driveway and up the stairs to the entrance. I stood in front of the door for a second, adjusting myself, and then rang the doorbell.

It took forever until someone opened the door, and that someone happened to be a gorgeous man. He was older, in his 40s perhaps, but he resembled Richard Gere (from the movie ‘The Jackal’) with his short salt&pepper hair, chiseled features, and piercing green eyes. He was wearing a black suit with a black shirt and a black tie. He seemed very distinguished and attractive.

After he opened the door, he stood there and looked me up and down. I suddenly felt like a cheap piece of meat. He nodded with approval.

“Hello Katrina, come on in.” he said with a smile. “Hi”I said nervously, managing a quick smile. He held the door open for me, and I walked in. He was right behind me, and I could feel his eyes on my behind.

The foyer of the house was magnificent. Marble floors, a crystal chandelier, and a grand stair case. Simply beautiful. I stopped in front of the stairs, not knowing where to go from there. It was warm, so I took my suede jacket off. “Let me take that for you” he said, taking the jacket.

He was so gorgeous, and his voice sent shivers up my spine. I watched him walk to a closet and carefully hang my coat up. He smiled as he walked back to me. “By the way, my name is John.” he said as he extended his hand. I extended my hand as well, and I got goosebumps when out hands touched. His hands were so warm. He was being such a gentleman, and I began to wonder what I was supposed to do here.

“I have invited a few of my close friends, as well as business partners, for a couple of drinks, and you are hired as our entertainer from 10 to 12:30. You will be paid well, as long as you keep my friends and me happy, and you are welcome to help yourself to whatever food or drinks are being served.” he said. “ all I have to do is perform my dance routine for 2 and a half hours..yes?” I asked, just to be sure. “Yes, that is, would you like to go freshen up first? there’s a bathroom right around the corner.”

“Yes, thank you.” I said, and made my way to the bathroom. I had arrived early, and had 20 minutes until I had to entertain some ‘suits’. John stayed behind, answering a call.

The bathroom was just as beautiful as the rest of the house, and there were mirrors everywhere. I looked at myself. Not bad, I thought. My dark brown hair was still sleek and in-place. My makeup was flawless. I looked at the rest of my body. I decided I looked good in the short tan suede skirt and a black halter top (which accented my 36C breasts wonderfully). My smooth legs looked even longer in the stiletto-heeled sandals. I took out my favorite perfume, Givenchy’s Hot Couture, from my bag, and spritzed some behind my ears and between my breasts. I loved that smell. I checked to see if I had my disc with me (I had all my dance numbers on there), and then sat down on one of the 3 mini white-leather couches that were in there. I needed a cigarette. Oh shit, I thought as I dug through my bag for my Marlboros. I couldn’t have left them in the car. Maybe John had some cigarettes.

I walked out of the bathroom, and looked around for my client. He was sitting on the stairs, still talking on his cell phone. He turned and looked at me, and smiled. I smiled, too.

“…right, listen Tom, I’ll give you a call later. I gotta go now. Bye.” he said, and put the phone in his pocket.

“All ready Katrina?” he asked.

“Well, you have any cigarettes with you?” I asked.

“Yeah, do you smoke Marlboro Menthol Lights?”

“I don’t smoke menthol lights, but right now I need any cigarette.”

“Nervous?” he asked as he got up and handed me a cigarette.

“Sort of..” I replied as I lit the cigarette and took a long drag.

“Let me’ve never had a rich client and you find this whole situation intimidating.”

“Good guess..” I replied.

“Well, don’t be too nervous, and if you want, I’ll get you a drink before you start, which reminds me, we have to go after you finish your cigarette because I can’t keep my company waiting that long..”

“Oh, ok, and I think that I could use a you have an ash tray nearby?”

“There’s one on that table by the sofa.”

I walked to the table and disposed of my cigarette. I was more relaxed now.

We walked up the grand staircase and then down a long hall, until we came to the lounge. John motioned for me to walk in. I did. Inside, mellow music was playing, and I could smell the familiar scent of cigar smoke. There was about 10 men in the room, some sitting comfortably sipping their drinks, some discussing some papers. There was a bar in the corner, and a huge entertainment system. The lounge itself was huge, with hardwood floors covered with a few furry rugs and leather sofas and recliners. Most of the men seemed older (40s-50s-60s), but some looked relatively young. They all switched their attention to me when I walked in. John was right behind me.

“Finally John, we thought you left us here…and look at that’re gonna dance for us honey?” one man said.

“Alright gentlemen..this is Katrina, and she’s going to ‘perform’ for us tonight.” John stated.

“Take it off baby!” someone yelled.

They must’ve had a few drinks already, I thought. I took out my cd and asked John to play it. There was a fairly large area of hardwood floor that I was told was my dancing space. All lights in the room were dimmed except the ones right above me. I put my bag on the floor and swept some hair off my face. John had inserted my disc and was waiting with the remote in hand, until I was ready.

“Loosen those ties, gentlemen,’cause it’s about to get hot in here..” I said in my most sultry voice. I was rewarded with cheers and whistling. I motioned to John to turn on the music. Loud dance music blared and I started moving my body to the rhythm, glancing at John once in a while, who had sat comfortably on a recliner and watched me intently.

My hips swayed, my breasts bounced, and I closed my eyes imagining that the only two people in the room were John and myself. As I danced, I kept on hearing hoots and hollers, but that just encouraged me. Part of my routine was an almost complete striptease, and I waited until I was 30 minutes in before I took off a piece of clothing.

My hands roamed my body, squeezing my breasts occasionally, hiking up my skirt, or sweeping the hair off my face.

I turned around and shook my ass, bending over to let them have a peek at my black lace thong. I thought that it was about time to take something off, so I slowly untied my halter top, and then pulled it off over my head, revealing a black lace strapless bra. I was now left in a short skirt, a strapless bra, a thong, and stiletto heels. The men cheered me on.

I danced and danced, taking short breaks in between to have a drink and mingle with the men. They would try to touch or ask me to touch them, but that was not part of my routine, and I made that clear.

Halfway through my routine, some men started leaving to go home (most of them were lawyers and they probably had to go over paperwork). They did stop to slide a $20 or a $100 into my bra or under the straps of my thong before they left, though.

Halfway through my routine, I was left in a thong and bra (and heels of course). And only about 4 men were left. John never seemed to take his eyes off me (except when people were leaving).

I was dancing for 2 hours now, and my skin glistened with sweat. My disc was replayed at least 3 times and I was getting tired. I decided it was time to take off my bra, so I reached back, eliciting cheers from the remaining men, and undid the clasp. Then I slowly, hips still swaying, slid the bra off and threw into my small audience. Some old guy caught it and waved it in the air. They all hooted when they saw my titties. My nicely-sized breasts bounced and jiggled as I danced. John stared at them, and my nipples hardened under his gaze. He kept on looking back and forth, from my nipples to my crotch, and it really excited me.

It was almost 2:30 am, the last guest had left, giving me a $100 bill and whispering something obscene in my ear. I had about 4 tequila sunrises and 2 shots of vodka by then, and was a bit tipsy, but I had made over $400 in tips. I walked over to John and collapsed on the sofa next to him, the cool leather feeling good against my sweaty body.

He turned the music off.

“Katrina, baby..” he began. “you were wonderful..all my friends really enjoyed watching you..and so did did I.”

“Thank you..I enjoyed myself, too”. I said

I sat up and faced him, forgetting about my near-nakedness. “Do you think that you could call a cab for me? I obviously can’t drive home…” I mumbled.

“Sure, but if you are really tired, you can spend the night here, there’s plenty of rooms..” he suggested. I was tired, so I accepted the ‘invitation’.

He got up and gathered up my clothes and my bag. “Come on, I’ll show you to your room.” he said. I reluctantly got up and followed him, covering my naked breasts with my arms. We walked to a huge bedroom. He laid my clothes on a chair. I collapsed on the bed, and closed my eyes.

I could imagine what a sight I was. A near naked girl sprawled out on the bed with her heels still on. As soon as I thought about that, I felt something touching my feet. I opened my eyes and saw that he was taking off my sandals. I closed my eyes again and felt him undo the tiny buckles and pull the shoes off my feet. It felt so good to have those shoes taken off. Then I felt something warm and wet on my toes. I looked down and saw that he was kissing my feet. Although, judging by my situation, it didn’t seem wrong, and I liked it, I was seeing someone and I didn’t want to cheat on him, so I moved my feet away.

“’t”I muttered. But he held my feet still and kissed them all over, kissing his way up my ankles to my calves. His touch was sending shivers up my spine and making the little hairs on my neck stand up. I wiggled my feet and tried to move my legs away, but he was holding them firmly and I was too tired to fight him. He kissed up to my knees, then my thighs, and stopped inches away from my pussy. My eyes were still closed. The bed creaked and I knew he had lied down next to me. I felt his hand on my naked stomach, smoothing the firm flesh with his fingers.

“You have such a beautiful body, Katrina…so sexy…” he said. His fingers were now circling my breasts, moving closer and closer to my areolas and the tiny pink nipples that topped them. “Mmmm” I moaned, encouraging him to touch me more. He teased me, lightly touching the sensitive flesh with his fingertips. Then he cupped the soft mounds and squeezed gently, kneading them slowly. My nipples were erect and in need of attention. Still kneading my tits, he moved closer to me and kissed me, his tongue tasting my sweet mouth. I parted my lips and he slipped his tongue in. He tasted of rum. Our wet kiss didn’t last too long, as he withdrew his tongue from my mouth, licked my lips, and started kissing down my chin and neck. He kissed and licked my neck, and then moved down to my collarbone and my chest. “Ohhh yess..” I moaned just before his mouth closed in on my nipple. He sucked on each breast, flicking the nipples with his tongue. He would stop for a few seconds and blow cold air on the wet flesh, exciting me immensely.

While his mouth was busy with my breasts, his hands roamed the rest of my body. He would rub my buttocks, digging his nails in gently, and then rub the outside of my swollen pussy lips through the thin lace. I knew he could feel how wet I was. His fingers slid under the delicate material and into my hot moist slit. He rubbed his fingers up and down, spreading the juices. He found my clit and started rubbing it and rolling it between his thumb and forefinger. I was panting hard and moaning as he continued to pleasure me. “John..mmmm..I’m gonna cum..uhhhh..” I moaned. Just before I felt my pussy spasm from my climax, he plunged two fingers into my cunt. “Ahhhhhhh..yessssss..ohhh baby…mmmm..” My pussy walls started contracting around his fingers as he pumped them in and out. “Yes Katrina, cum for me baby..thata girl..” he whispered. He continued fucking me with his fingers, making my cunt a frothy mess from all the juices that were flowing out of me. When I stopped shaking and lay there breathing heavily, he took his fingers out of my cunt and licked them clean. “Mmm..divine.” he said after tasting my juices.

John got off them bed and started undressing. I could see by the bulge in his pants that he was very aroused. He sat down on a chair and took his shoes off. Then he stood up again. He looked me in the eyes as he slowly loosed his tie and took it off. I shivered. He took off his blazer and started unbuttoning his shirt, slowly. I could see his clean shaven chest and firm abs. He let the shirt fall to the floor. His upper body looked lean and muscular, and he looked very comfortable with himself. Then came the belt. I watched intently as he unbuckled the belt and unbuttoned his pants. Then the zipper. The pants quickly fell to the floor, and he was now left in short black boxers and black trouser socks, his hard cock clearly outlined. It looked nice and big (I would say around 7-1/2 inches…). I unconsciously licked my lips. John noticed that and smiled, but this time his smile looked more like a smirk, like as if he was expecting this reaction from me. Then I suddenly got the feeling that he was expecting all my reactions, that he knew I was going to encourage him to touch me and be willing to fuck him. His deep stares were probably just for manipulating willing ‘whores’ such as *moi* into bed. He knew that he was gorgeous, and that not many women could resist his ‘charm’, especially a ‘dancer’ like me.

Even though I knew that if I stayed I would be in for a passionate night of wild sex, I had a boyfriend, and it was time for me to go home.

I sat up and started sliding my butt to the edge of the bed. “Katrina, is something wrong sweetheart?” he asked, sounding concerned. “I’m sorry John, I can’t do this…I have a boyfriend and as much as I would like to spend the night with you, I can’t.” I said. He just stared at me for a second, without saying a word, and then moved towards me. He knelt down by the edge of the bed between my legs and placed his hands on my thighs. He leaned over and kissed my stomach. “John, I said I can’t do this..” I whispered, pushing his head away and trying my best to sound convincing. His touch was positively electrifying and I felt my nipples harden once again. “Come on Katrina, you know you want me..your body is betraying you honey..stay with me tonight and I’ll give you a fucking like you’ve never had before..” he said, and cupped my left breast with his warm hand. I pushed his hand away.

“No John, I have to go.” I said firmly. I started to get up, but to my surprise, he stood up and pushed me back down to the bed. “What are you doing?!” I inquired. “You know you want it baby, and I’m more than willing to give it to you” he replied coldly. Before I could say anything else, he was on top of me, his tongue in my mouth, hands fumbling with my thong. I moaned into his mouth, trying to push him off of me, but it was no use. I, being only 5’4 and 120 lbs, could not escape from under this man (he looked like he was just over 6′ tall and around 170-180 lbs).

He yanked my thong, tearing the delicate lace, and spread my thighs wide, so that my legs were wrapped around his waist. He pulled his boxers down, freeing his large cock, and guided his cock into my slit. He rubbed it up and down, coating the head with my juices, and plunged into me with a powerful thrust. “ bastard…ohhhhhhh..” I groaned as the pain radiated through my body. His cock may not have been too huge when it comes to length, but it was thick, and it painfully stretched my cunt. We lay there, panting, as he let me get used to the size of his member. “Baby, you are so tight and hot…” he whispered.

I just glared at him without saying a word. Slowly, he began sliding out of me and then plunging back again with force. The initial pain began subsiding, and I started enjoying the way he filled me up. He picked up momentum, and soon he was really pounding into me. He put my legs over his shoulders, allowing even deeper penetration. I moaned and wailed and grunted like an animal as he fucked me hard and deep. He leaned down and sucked on my neck, while pounding into me feverishly. He fucked me like that for 30 minutes, until I experienced my first earth-shattering vaginal orgasm (I was one of those women who can’t cum without clitoral stimulation…until now). Soon after, he came with a moan and flooded my cunt with his man juice.

I woke up the next morning, alone in the huge bedroom, lying naked on the satin sheets. John was gone. I lay there thinking about the night’s events, and I didn’t regret a thing. We fucked so many times during the night, and I loved it. I thought about how he pleasured me, and I let my hand wander down to my sore pussy. Suddenly the bedroom door opened and John walked in. He was wearing a black suit with a tan shirt and a black tie, and he looked so handsome. He walked over to the bed and sat down. He took my hand from my pussy and brought it to his mouth. One by one, he licked my fingers clean. Then he smoothed some hair off of my face. “Hey Miss Kitty..” he began. “Miss Kitty?” I giggled. “The way you purred and growled all sweet sex kitten…” he leaned down and kissed me, tasting my lips. I kissed him back, hungrily, until he finally broke the kiss. “I have to go to work, sugar, you are welcome to do whatever you want..your money is enclosed in an envelope on the table..I will be back around 7, and I am hoping that you will be here when I get back…” he explained. I blew him a kiss and then he left.

I took a long bath, got dressed, took the money, and left. I would be back at 7..hehe..

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