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Self Employment Perks

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I have my own landscape design studio. It’s quite small since I’m the only employee but the benefits can’t be beat. A few years ago, I bid on a renovation design for someone I probably wouldn’t have if I hadn’t needed the money. Since it was during the winter, I jumped on it because it’s good to line up jobs to keep you busy during the summer work months.

Oregon isn’t a fun place to work outside during the winter especially in soil that becomes mud for six months.

She and her husband had moved up from California, selling their million-dollar home and paying cash for a new one here in Oregon. It seems that’s been the case for quite a few years and will continue until Oregon is full of ex-Californians.

I received the call for a bid unexpectedly. Most of my clients are referrals by word of mouth. This particular caller was the exception. I had remembered back a few months when a persistent sales clerk had stopped by and talked me into placing an ad in a new local phonebook. It’s since gone away but that ad was apparently in a book the previous owners had left at the house.

She seemed quite nice on the phone telling me their situation and needs prior to my site visit. I explained my fees and my landscape design process. We agreed to meet and go over her ideas and for me to make notes and sketches.

This was in late February, I finally had some free time so we set a date and I arrived at her “McMansion”. For the uneducated “McMansions are those five thousand square foot house built on lots for houses half their size. This one was no exception.

Her husband had made a large profit in Silicon Valley and they both had grown tired of the traffic and hectic life that came with that area. Moving to Oregon allowed her to stay home and do whatever she pleased and for him to work as much or as little as he wanted. He was barely ever home.

She greeted me at the door and I wasn’t surprised in the least, she looked just like she sounded on the phone, youngish and in her mid thirties. She was dressed casually in tight designer jeans and a very snug fitting sweater, which accented her perfectly round breasts. She had very little if any make-up on her face.

In fact, she looked as if she had walked right off the centerfold of any high-class men’s magazine. Her face was tan; her long blonde hair fell straight down her back to the middle part of her butt. I wondered if she had implants but didn’t have the nerve to ask, her breasts were a bit too large for her body shape and size. I knew that right away she had no children. Giving birth and breast-feeding would have spoiled her perfect body. Her shoes were somewhat out of place for lounging around, pumps with a 3” heel. Her whole outfit fit her well and showed her off without being too chic.

I didn’t think I would mind working for her at all just as long as she paid her bills on time. She knew what she wanted renovated in her yard and wasn’t about to take low bidder. We had talked a bit about backgrounds during our telephone conversations. I would have guessed just meeting her she was a trophy wife but I was mistaken, she was definitely a smart woman, her MBA from UCLA testified to that.

“Hello, I’m Marla you called and wanted a design for your backyard?” I knew I had the right address but one never knows when someone answers the door if it’s the correct place.

She smiled looking me up and down, “Hello Marla, I’m Yvette nice to meet you. Come on in and I’ll show you the area I need to have redone.

I walked in and followed her to the backyard. The house was magnificent who ever decorated it made good use of all the newest electronic gadgets and most stylish furniture. I thought to myself even if I had the money I wouldn’t live like this, so cold and not like a home at all.

I enjoyed the way her cheeks moved in those tight jeans, I was hoping she didn’t notice my gawking at her rear as we headed through the house to the backyard. Luckily, for us we picked one of the few rainless days in the month, a bit chilly but without rain.

We walked outside and I was surprised. I had expected the typical tiny yard with very little open space, instead I found they had purchased the lot behind them and extended the yard. A black bottom pool and an in-ground spa were the focal points. They entertained quite a great deal and wanted more privacy from the neighbors but still have sun lit areas around the spa and pool.

“This is very nice, Yvette”, I smiled and looked around noticing plenty of room to try out my ideas and make something worth showing off happen.

“Thank you Marla, I didn’t have any of the old plants put back. I wanted to start from scratch which probably makes it easier for you.” She replied sure of my answer.

“Yes, it gives me a clean slate, so to speak.” We both grinned at each other knowing we had begun to think along the same lines.

We went over a few do’s and don’t then I measured the borders so I could begin on drawings. We went back into the house after a few minutes in part due to the cool air becoming cold and it was easier to discuss initial ideas in a warm kitchen rather than a cold backyard.

She already had coffee for us as we sat at her kitchen table discussing ideas. She had a custom blend and I was quite amazed at how good it tasted and asked where I might pick some up. She smiled and wrote down the name of the store. She even gave me a small package with enough in it for a few pots. I thanked her and blushed a bit with this unexpected gift.

I made notes as we talked and felt more at ease with her as we discussed the yard face to face. I began to notice after a few ideas she really liked that she would inch her chair closer and closer. Her hand would brush mine every so often, as I made notes or wrote down plant and color scheme ideas. Assuming she wanted more involvement with the process and planning.

Finally, after about two hours I had enough information to put some sketches together for her. She thanked me, as she showed me to the door and bid me good-bye. I didn’t think too much about her actions and went on with my day.

I spent the next few weeks drawing and revising the various ideas we discussed and narrowing my perspectives for her to view down to four. When I had a design I liked I’d send my oldest daughter who was finishing college and working for me part-time over to drop them off with for Yvette to comment on. After the fourth set was complete and revised, I called and made an appointment with her so we could go over the ideas.

It was now early April and she was anxious to get started on the work. Her husband had decided that a July 4 party was a good idea to show off their new landscape and to impress a few new clients, so if she accepted the bid I had a deadline to meet.

We went over the various plans making small changes to each one even though she had already done this via Lindsey, my daughter. Finally, one stood out above the rest and she was happy. I left all four drawings with her and she paid me for them. She said she would talk over each one with her husband and call me with their choice.

She wrote a check for my work and that’s all that really mattered to me. I have been shortchanged a couple of times when I first started my design business letting people have complete sets of plans and not paying me for them. I have learned from my mistakes.

She called me that evening and confirmed the plan we discussed earlier that day, her husband was pleased with my work and if I employed any contractors on a regular basis to have them submit competitive bids. I smiled after hearing the news and made a note to call all the subs I planned to use for this job. It had turned out to be a very good day. I have several favorite contractors that I have worked with in the past and know very well. I like the quality of their work and their prices. Just because a client likes, your design doesn’t mean they will use your favorite installers.

During the next week, I made a complete set of plans and sent them to all the interested contractors so they could look them over and bid the job. Yvette seemed to take special joy in touring all the various workers around her yard and giving them insight as to what was expected. She also went over her standards and expectations of behavior. I don’t know to this day if this was just for show or not but all of my suggested contractors got the jobs.

The work began in early May, and went very smoothly. Of course, there were a few unforeseen problems but nothing out of the ordinary for a job of this type. Yvette and I met weekly over her special coffee and discussed the progress and any changes she had dreamed up during the previous week. When I couldn’t meet with her and it was something, she required in writing I’d use Lindsey as our courier. Most of her ideas I explained away or took care of with a phone call. At each meeting, she seemed to get friendlier and friendlier as we talked as grew to know each other better. She seemed very interested in my life and my family. I kept the answers to her questions a bit vague but answered her honestly. I didn’t want to start up a friendship during the installation for various reasons.

Finally, June rolled around, the job was coming in early and she was very pleased, I even received a small bonus check for an item she really wanted. She had to talk me into incorporating into my plan but it was well worth the effort. We met for the last time I thought, June 15 and finalized the project. Everyone was paid and I filed this job away and asked if I could use her for a reference. Since the job had gone so well and was actually in early, she agreed and was thrilled to be on my list.

Within two days, I received a call from Yvette asking me for a second set of completed plans. I was busy and sent Lindsey over to deliver the set. I was very surprised when Lindsey returned and told me of her encounter with Yvette.

It seems when Yvette met Lindsey at the door she was dressed only in a sheer camisole to cover her. Under which she wore a tiny bikini. Lindsey didn’t need to use her imagination; Yvette was there in all her hard body glory. Yvette was greatly disappointed I hadn’t showed up, she took the plans, nearly slamming the door in poor Lindsey’s face. Lindsey is no prude and at 22 years of age has seen enough to know this woman had something on her mind and it wasn’t just the plans. I chuckled at her story and told her that Yvette probably had been entertaining her husband and since I wasn’t the one delivering the plans she may have felt slighted since she now considered me a close friend.

Lindsey nodded and gave me the “Yea right mom” look. I called Yvette and apologized making an appointment for the following afternoon so we could discuss the plan request and talk for a bit.

Since it was the end of June, the weather was warm and I wore sandals with some shorts and a loose fitting blouse. I had planned to complete some errands after our brief meeting and wanted to be comfortable.

I arrived at Yvette’s house and rang the doorbell. She slowly opened it peeking through the small gap to be sure it wasn’t Lindsey standing there this time. When she opened the door fully, I was shocked and then amused that she actually dressed this way to open the door. Lindsey had neglected to or forgotten to mention the “stripper heels” Yvette wore that accentuated her muscular calves on her firm tanned legs and made her quite a bit taller. I nearly giggled as she invited me in but figured that would be rude. Besides, I really enjoyed seeing her body through that sheer camisole and wondered why she had gone to all this trouble.

We went through the house and I asked if her husband was home hoping that this would be a short meeting. She turned and smiled telling me no, he was in Detroit on business for the rest of the week. I began to wonder whom she was hiding upstairs.

We toured the landscape and finally stopped over by her spa. She had continually complained about this area and her lack of privacy. We finally came up with some solutions that gave her the privacy she wanted along with sunlight during her “tanning” hours. This was my “special” bonus and worth every cent for the headaches, she caused me.

Standing there next to each other we talked about happy she was with the results. We laughed at the different problems we ran into. She pointed to a few areas away from us I looked away and commented on her point. When I turned back around to face her, I discovered she had taken off the sheer camisole and was standing there in her tiny bikini. She was reaching around her back untying the bikini. I stood there in complete awe or shock I don’t know which. After successfully undoing the knot, she took the bottoms of the tiny pieces of cloth that barely covered her breasts and lifted them up and off.

My eyes widened as I stared at the two snow-white triangles in the center of each breast. They encircled her very large and pink areolas. They were so very creamy, deliciously white, which contrasted her bronzed body. I stood there staring and I’m sure my mouth must have dropped. I licked my lips unconscientiously, I could only stand there and stare.

She smiled and moved closer, whispering to me as I stood there, “Marla sweetie, these are the reasons I wanted this privacy, I hate tan lines”.

I smiled and replied, “I can see that now, but I think tan lines have their place they add a bit of contrast to the skin”

Yvette moved closer, “Do you think these tan lines are a good thing?”

I looked her in the eyes and told her in a very soft and yearning voice, “I think they look delicious Yvette.”

As I looked back down at Yvette’s delicious breasts, her hands grasped mine and slowly placed them where I was thinking my mouth should be. She pressed them over her nipples and leaned into me placing her succulent lips on mine. Her so very soft lips brushed mine as if a fairies wings and moved against them. My breath quickened as we stood there kissing, my palms enjoying the soft firm feeling of her. I felt her nipples harden as she guided my thumbs over them. We moaned in unison as my hands took over from hers caressing and playing with each mound of perfection. My thumbs massaged each nipple as we continued to explore each other’s mouths with our tongues.

After what seemed like forever, we broke our kiss and looked each other in the eyes. I was blushing deep red not knowing what to say.

“I had a feeling you might enjoy that”, she whispered to me smiling. I swallowed hard and tried to catch my breath as she leaned in and kissed me again. This time her hands wrapped around me pulling me close to her. My hands fumbled for a second but then found a home on her firm cheeks massaging them as we kissed.

We paused for a second and she smiled at me again, taking my hand and leading me back into the house.

On the way to her bedroom she commented, “I was a bit disappointed when you sent your daughter. She is a doll but, I wanted you.”

“Well, I was very busy and I had no idea this is what you wanted to meet about”, I managed to say trying not to stammer too much.

“I knew when I first saw you I wanted to have you and you never discouraged my closeness so I thought I’d take a chance”, she confessed.

“I wasn’t sure about you, and I do have to admit this had crossed my mind from time to time,” I said as we walked in one of the largest bedrooms I had ever seen.

She turned and kissed me again, sending shockwaves throughout my body. She then proceeded to remove what was left of her top and tossed it aside. My eyes glued on her; I hadn’t ever been with a woman who had a body like hers. I had always scoffed at women who looked too perfect but now I wanted what I saw. She moved close to me and took the bottom of my blouse and began un-buttoning it. I raised my arms to help her and I heard a slight gasp and approving murmur as she discovered my breasts awaiting her in my bra.

I reached around behind and fumbled for a second with the clasp. She smiled as I began to shrug my shoulders slipping the bra off. She looked exactly like a stripper form the Sopranos TV show, long sensuous legs, her calves accented by her shoes, firm large round breasts that begged for attention. A tiny waist and of course that flat tummy.

She delighted at seeing my middle-aged breasts. They had begun to sag mostly due to breast-feeding my wonderful daughters and of course, my age, which then was 45. I was a bit self-conscientious of my body standing next to hers but she didn’t care. She moved in and began suckling me as soon as my bra hit the floor.

I didn’t mind one bit, my hands ran through her long straight deliciously golden hair. It felt so smooth through my fingertips. She tasted, moaning at how wonderful my breasts were and how much she had been yearning to see them let alone have them in her mouth.

I enjoyed the attention and couldn’t wait for more. As she suckled, I managed to slip my hands to my shorts. I fumbled and finally got them loosened and let them drop to the floor. I leaned back and let her consume me enjoying every flick of my nipple along with each gentle tug of her teeth.

I nearly lost my balance and she realized we would be better off in her bed. She looked up at me and smiled, nodding her head towards our new resting place. I smiled back and crawled on top of the king sized bed just after she pulled down the comforter and sheets.

I moved the pillows against the headboard and waited for her to join me. I should have known what was going to happen next, the other reason behind her outfit. She stood there topless, her firm breasts jiggling as she began to dance a bit trying to excite me more. Her heels were too tall and I don’t think she was very experienced wearing them. I had to stifle laugh as she almost fell trying to tempt me. Finally, I had to ask her to stop and to get her ass in bed or I was going to go home.

She apologized sheepishly and crawled into bed next to me. Her face was flush as she looked up at me as if she were a child scorned. I took her pretty face between my hands and gently pulled her to mine. We kissed for a bit and then I smiled at her and told her it was ok. She didn’t need all that extra stuff to impress me or to make me want her. She smiled back and then renewed her lust for my breasts. This time she lay on top of me, her delicious body against mine. She slipped her leg between my legs and began sliding it up and down massaging my mound through my panties.

This excited me more and I whispered to her, “Maybe we should remove something.” She giggled and stopped. After raising herself up onto her knees, she slid off the back of the bed and stood there at the end waiting for me to watch. She moved her hands to her hips; her fingers caught the ends of the bottom ties and tugged. The loosely tied bottom fell to the floor. I could barely make out a tan line just around a perfectly trimmed landing strip just above her lips and below her tummy.

My expression must have given away my delight because her grin widened as I gazed at her. She smiled back and crawled back onto the bed. She headed straight for my panties playfully tugging at the elastic and working them down my hips. I lifted up and helped her ease them down my legs. She tossed them across the room and looked back at my dark bushy mound. I had trimmed a bit for the summer but not to the extent, she had. She then dove between my legs kissing and forcing her face between them. It didn’t take much force since I opened my legs wider for her and lifted my butt by placing my hands under my cheeks.

She teased me for a few minutes licking and slipping her fingers over my lips, making me wetter and wetter each delicious time. I moaned softly as she continued with her quest to give me multiple orgasms. I didn’t argue one bit as she placed a finger inside me and discovered my “g” spot. I shuddered and quaked as she played with my clit, providing me with the first of many delicious orgasms. My body ached with delight as she licked and sucked forever. Her hands slipped under my legs and her palms reached my breasts, she ate and massaged me as I buckled and came for the third time. My hands had moved from under my ass and now were gripping the sheets as she brought me to the final and most glorious orgasm I had ever had. My whole being seemed to quiver and shake as I begged her to stop and let me catch my breath. I rolled into a fetal position as wave after wave of sensuous bliss coursed its way through my veins.

She laid there next to me, holding and softly kissing various parts of my back and neck. I slowly caught my breath and turned over to face my goddess. She looked me in the eyes and asked in a most child like voice if she had pleased me.

I had to laugh because she knew it was a loaded question. I kissed her forehead and told her it was the most wondrous feeling I had ever had. She smiled back at me snuggled closer. I took her in my arms and held her.

My gentle strokes on her firm body eventually became more focused and arousing for her. I knew the only thing I could do was make her feel as wonderful as she made me feel. I began kissing her face, softly as the back of my hands and fingers brushed her twin little white triangles. I could feel her nipples stiffen as my touch excited her. She moaned softly as I continued to caress her bronze skin.

My hands and my lips eventually worked their way down her front. I needed to feel those lovely orbs between my lips. I softly blew warm breath on each breast as my hands slipped over her finely trimmed pubic hair. It pointed the way to her pleasure zone as if my hands needed directions.

I suckled each breast taking time to pause and gaze at her snowy soft triangles that fascinated me so much. They were such a delicious contrast to the rest of her body. The two tiny pieces of imperfection stood out on something that wasn’t supposed to have flaws. I finally had enough of her delicious breasts and I think she was growing anxious for me to move further south.

I moved my hands to massage her twins and took my lips below her tummy. I kissed her firm thighs and teased her pubic hair. I thought she enjoyed the teasing but after a bit she growled for me to make her orgasm. I dove between her legs, inserted my rolled tongue, and slid it up and down her moist lips. She squirmed and arched her back growling something I couldn’t understand. My hands parted her legs further and I placed my finger up under her and teased her rosebud. She moaned loudly and lifted her cheeks up allowing me easier access as I licked and teased more. I sucked on her juices a bit as my cheeks and face became soaked with her sweetness. My teasing and licking combined to send her into orbit. She arched her back as she screamed with delight cumming hard and soaking me with her juices. I pulled back and waited for her spasms to subside, after a few moments of thrashing about she regained her breath. She opened her eyes, her arms reached out for me to cuddle her.

I gladly moved up next to her and held her in my arms. We softly kissed each other and whispered thank-you, giggling when we both said the same thing at the same time. We lay there holding each other nuzzling and cooing until we both fell asleep.

When we awoke again, we began another love making session, after a second nap; we noticed that the room had grown darker. We looked at her bedside alarm clock and noticed it was almost 8 pm. We had been making love for almost eight hours. We laughed and decided to take a shower and call out for dinner. I ended up spending the night.

We ate, made love, slept, made love it was just an incredible day and night. The following morning I made it back home and collapsed in my own soft bed. Lindsey came in and asked where I was all night and then she remembered my appointment with Yvette. She started laughing and then blushed very embarrassed. I looked up at her through my tired, blood shot eyes. She just smiled and asked if she could get some “stripper heels”.

I threw my pillow at her as she backed out of the doorway to avoid my throw.

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