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Wrestling Match

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It was strange how it all happened. I’m Peggy, 18 and the star of the girl’s wrestling team at my high school. Obviously, I’m damned good at it, and lucky since most schools don’t have that kind of thing available. Half the time, I end up wrestling against guys in my weight class, since there aren’t as many girl’s teams. In my weight class, not even many guys can beat me.

My twin brother Paul is athletic, but goes more to football as a defensive back. He is good at what he does, just as I’m good at my sport. He decided he wanted to take up wrestling in our senior year, and though he had little experience, didn’t do badly. He began to get cocky about it, saying it was lucky I was a couple of weight classes below him, because he’d kick my butt, otherwise.

One day, after school, we were in the basement, and he began shooting off his mouth, so I told him that talk was cheap, and he was all talk. He challenged me to a wrestling match one-on-one, right there. I accepted, but suggested we have a little wager to make it interesting. I said if he lost, he had to be my slave for a day. He said if that was the way I wanted to play it, then if he won he wanted to see me naked.

I was shocked that Paul would even suggest such a thing. He was smug, thinking that I’d back out of that wager. I accepted, and we began to wrestle right there in the basement. Now I have a lot more wrestling experience than he does, even though he had the weight advantage. I was clearly out-wrestling him, though given his weight advantage, I could not quite manage to pin him.

I was calmly in control, while he was really starting to sweat, literally and figuratively. In a scored match, I’d have had several points on him in a short period of time. I was trying to finish him off, or tire him out so I could finish him. In jockeying for position, I stepped in a puddle of his sweat and lost my footing. Before I could recover, he had me pinned.

I protested, but he said he’d won fair and square. After a minute or two of arguing, I said ‘fine’, and pulled off my sports bra. He sat there gaping and staring at my breasts. As he did, my nipples began to harden and stand up. That really embarrassed me and I stopped. He said that a deal was a deal, and the deal was naked, not just topless.

I tried to stall, taking off my shoes and socks, and doing it slowly. He sat there, looking at my boobs and almost drooling. I was hoping he’d cut me some kind of slack, or get tired of the game, but once I had shoes off, he told me I still had more to go. I slipped off my shorts, so I was down to nothing but panties. My brother leaned forward, trying to stare a hole in my panties.

He motioned for me to continue, so I turned to the side and slipped off my panties. He told me I needed to face him, so I clenched my thighs together to hide my pussy before turning towards him. He told me that wasn’t fair, that he couldn’t see anything. I got angry and decided that if he wanted to see my twat, then I’d show him, and I spread my legs wide.

I looked over and saw he had one ferocious hard on. That really embarrassed me, so I told him, that I’d paid off the bet, that he’d seen me naked, and I reached for my panties, to put them back on. As I slipped them on, he asked if I’d like to try a rematch. I asked what it would be this time. He said he’d be my slave if he lost, but if I lost, he’d get to touch my body anywhere he wanted for an hour. I decided there was no way my perverted little brother was going to beat me twice, so I accepted.

He said the rematch should be in the nude. I told him that I would keep my panties on, and he could keep on his boxer shorts, but it would not be completely nude. He thought about it for a minute, and accepted. I started the next match with a ferocity greater than I’d had in any other wrestling match.

As we wrestled, somehow he seemed to run his hands over my boobs. I told him that playing with my tits would not win the match for him. His hand crept between my legs at another point, and I told him if he did that again, I’d be grabbing him down there, and might not be that gentle.

He fought fiercely, but after a little bit, I managed to pin him. He said I hadn’t really pinned him, and I told him I had. Besides he’d already been touching my body, which was only the payoff if he won. I’m not sure why, it didn’t make much sense later, but I told him his first task as my slave was to lick my pussy until I came.

He looked shocked and pleased. I told him that since he was so fascinated with his sister’s body and wanting to touch it that he could, but only in ways that pleased me. He started to pull off his boxer shorts, and I told him to keep them on. He wouldn’t need them off in order to please me. He looked very disappointed, but left them on.

I lay down on the floor, knees spread and hips lifted. I told him to take off my panties, with his teeth, but not to hurt me. He immediately moved forward on the floor and put his face in my crotch. He gently took the fabric of the panties in his teeth and pulled down on it. As he got farther down, I brought my legs and knees together, so he could get them all the way off.

Once he had them off, I pointed to my pussy and told him to lick. He licked away, licking my pussy lips and sticking his tongue in me. I told him to find the clit and lick that. He found it and started working it over. I felt a warmth radiating through my body starting from my pussy, but it still was not enough. I told him to put a finger in me as he licked.

He put a finger in my pussy, and began fingering me as he licked. Before too long I had an orgasm that was beyond anything I’d ever gotten from touching myself. As that subsided, I told him he’d done good, for a start and that he’d earned a little reward. I told him his reward was that he got to kiss and suck my boobs.

Faster than I even knew he could move, he came up my body and began kissing one boob as he massaged the nipple on the other one. He did that for a while, before I told him to switch. As he was working over the second one, I had my second orgasm, just as good as the first one.

I was turned on beyond anything I could have imagined, and wanted more, but decided there had to be limits. I told him I was going to take a little more pleasure, but that being the slave, he was out of luck. I told him to pull off his boxers and lay on his back, which he did in a flash. I told him that he had better lie there completely still.

I told him I was going to rub my pussy against the head of his dick, but that he did not get to put it in. His eyes were larger than I’ve ever seen as he lay there while I positioned myself over him. I rested my chest on his, so my still erect nipples scraped his chest. He looked as happy as someone who’d won the lottery as I started to rub my pussy against his dick.

I moved my hips back and forth, with the dick rubbing across the lips of my pussy. My brother moaned as I did this, but he lay there still as I did my thing. I could feel the pussy lips opening a bit, which gave me even more pleasure as the head of his dick rubbed across them.

It felt so wonderful that I moved my hips faster and faster, harder and harder across his tool. All of a sudden, before I realized it or could stop, his dick slipped into my pussy, all the way, breaking my hymen in the process. I lay there in shock with his dick buried to the hilt in my pussy. I looked in my brother’s face, and he was as shocked as I was.

I told him that I was sorry, that it was an accident, that I had never meant for it to happen, and that it should never have happened. I backed off his dick, and it felt so wonderful sliding through my pussy, that before I slid all the way off, I plunged it deeply back in again.

I told him that we should never do this, but that it felt too good and that I couldn’t help myself. I began riding his cock hard and my brother lay back and moaned. After a few minutes, he clutched my ass and pulled to tight to him as he came inside me. I was crying tears of shame and pleasure as I lay on his body with his prick throbbing inside me.

As it all eased up, I looked at him and told him that if he was going to come inside a girl’s pussy, the least he could do was to kiss her afterwards. He began kissing me, rubbing my ass, and rubbing my boobs as we lay there with his dick slowly deflating in me.

I looked up and saw the clock and realized our parents would be home soon. I got off him and told him we need to get cleaned up and dressed before they got there.

After we were dressed, he told me how wonderful it had been and how much he loved me. I asked him if he could keep his mouth shut – not say a word – not make a hint to anyone at all about what we’d done. He told me he could, and I said if he did, and he wanted, we could do this again. He beamed and kissed me and told me I was the most wonderful woman in the world.

Throughout the evening, we tried to behave normally. We ate dinner with our folks, did our reading and homework, and squabbled a bit over what TV shows to watch.

The next morning we got ready and left for school. After we left the house I told him we ought not to walk together to school. He asked if I was on the pill and I told him I was, which made him relieved. I reemphasized that he needed to be absolutely silent about what happened. I told him that if anyone found out, they’d think I was a slut, but they’d think he was a major pervert. Beyond which, if our folks found out, they’d ship one of us off to live with our aunt and uncle on the other side of town.

I saw a group of my girlfriends, so I walked to school with them and we chatted. Some of them started talking about some of the boys in our school and how they liked them. One girl, Jessica said that my brother was a real hottie and she knew what she’d like to do with him. I told her I wouldn’t stop her, and if she wanted him, maybe she should make some moves on him.

Suzanne, another friend asked what boys I liked. I told her I wasn’t as fixated on boys as some of them seemed to be. She leaned closer to me and whispered.

“What about girls?”

I blushed. “I haven’t thought much about any romantic relationships at all.”

“When you’re ready to think about one, let me know.” She gave me a quick kiss on the lips.

I looked but the rest of the group seemed engrossed in a conversation, and seemed not to have noticed Suzanne and I. “Maybe I will.”

“When we were younger, some of us girls would have sleepovers. Are you too old for a sleepover?”

“That might not be a bad idea.” I was stunned. I’d just lost my virginity to my brother last night, and now one of my girlfriends was making moves on me. I wasn’t sure how I felt about it, but it occurred to me that if folks thought I was in a romantic relationship with Suzanne, they’d never suspect my relationship with Paul.

“How about tomorrow night?” Today was Thursday, and Friday was a date night. My folks had been pushing me to get out and spend more time with other kids. I could just tell them I was going to go out with some of my girlfriends and spend the night at Suzanne’s place.

“That’s sounds good.” About that time we were at school, so Suzanne smiled, kissed me, and we each went to our first class.

Suzanne and I met for lunch and she was flirting big time. I kind of enjoyed the attention and flirted back with her. On the other side of the cafeteria, I saw Paul with Jessica and they seemed to be doing some heavy flirting too. Suzanne gave me a long kiss before we went back to class. I saw Paul and Jessica kiss as lunch ended.

Suzanne and I walked home from school together. She wanted to spend some time with me, but I told her I needed to get my homework done if I was going to spend a lot of my weekend with her. She kissed me very deeply and patted my ass before going home.

Shortly after, Paul showed up. “I made a date with Jessica for tomorrow night. She came on so strong, and when she was near me, her scent gave me flashbacks to last night. I just…”

“That’s good. If folks think we’re each involved with someone else, they won’t suspect what we did.”

“Did? You mean we’re not going to…”

“That depends on what you want.”

Paul came over, put his arms around me and kissed me. “Please don’t tell me being with Jessica means I have to give you up.”

I began unbuttoning his shirt. I ran my hands across his chest. He kissed me again, pulled off my blouse and unhooked my bra. We moved over to the sofa in the basement and lay on it as we kissed and he caressed my breasts. He stopped kissing me to kiss and suck on my boobs, while running his hands down and unzipping my jeans.

He pulled off my jeans and panties and began licking and fingering my pussy until I came. Paul spread my legs wide, pulled off his pants and plunged his very stiff prick into my pussy.

“Every second I spent with Jessica, I thought about you and me, and craved being back here doing this with you.”

“Well then show me how much you wanted me.”

Paul began fucking me so hard, I was afraid he’d bruise me. He came with what felt like gallons of jizz inside me. After he was finished coming, he kissed me very long and tenderly.

“I remember, if I come inside you, I need to kiss you afterwards.”

“And don’t forget it. If you give Jessica anything like this you may have a hard time ever getting rid of her.”

“You don’t object to Jessica and I…?”

“What do you think Suzanne plans to do to me tomorrow night?”

“Sounds like we’ll both have a hell of a night.”

“Use a condom with her. You don’t want to get her knocked up, and you don’t want to get any diseases either.”

We kissed and played and fucked until it was almost time for our parents to get home, then we cleaned up and dressed.

“Jessica is sexy, but you…”

“Enjoy Jessica, I’ll enjoy Suzanne, and no one will suspect you and I. As long as we’re careful.”

Our folks seemed ecstatic that Paul was going out with Jessica. They were glad I was getting out, but wondered when I’d go out with more boys. I smiled, told them I’d be fine and not to worry.

I went home after school and changed in to something nice. Paul and I shared a car, and he was using it for his date with Jessica, so Suzanne picked me up for our date. We had a nice dinner then went dancing, including some slow dances. Suzanne squeezed my ass, while grinding her body against mine and kissing me. The way she was going, I was almost afraid she’d start screwing me right there on the dance floor.

We went back to Suzanne’s house shortly after, and her mother met us when we got there. I was polite to her mother, who seemed very sweet and understanding.

“I hope you’re a little quieter than the last girl Suzanne brought home. My husband and I could barely sleep from all the moaning we heard.”

I blushed, and Suzanne kissed me, took me by the hand, and led me toward her room.

“We’ll try to keep it down, mom.”

After we went into her room, Suzanne kissed me and ran her hands under my blouse and over my boobs, through my bra.

She pulled my blouse off and took off my bra, as I panted and she stroked and kissed me.

“I… I’ve been with a boy… but I’ve never been with a girl before.”

Suzanne slid down my body to begin kissing and sucking on my boobs. “Then let’s make this special. I’ll see if I can’t make you forget that boy, whoever he was.”

Suzanne laid me down on her bed, while kissing my tits, unzipping my skirt, and pulling off my skirt and panties. She took off her clothes and spent a long time kissing me and stroking my boobs before moving down to kiss and suck and nibble on my tits while stroking my pussy. I moaned softly as I came, waves rippling through my body.

Suzanne moved back up to kiss me as I came back to earth. “I’m sorry about the moans. Your mom…”

Suzanne smiled and kissed me very sweetly. “Don’t worry. No one but you and me heard that. When Mia was here, she screamed so loud, I think the neighbors even heard her.”

Suzanne slid down my body, spread my legs wider, and began licking and stroking my pussy. After a little while, I had a second orgasm even better than the first. I realized that while Paul was game, he didn’t know half as much about giving a woman pleasure as Suzanne did.

Suzanne rolled me on top of her, and I kissed her before starting to work on her boobies. I reached down between her legs to stroke her pussy and found she was already very wet. Suzanne reached to a side table grabbed a six inch dildo and handed it to me.

“Use this – gently.”

I slowly and gently slid it into her pussy.

“Back and forth.”

I moved it in and out of her while I kissed and nibbled on her boobs. After a bit she grabbed my hand and jammed it all the way in her and bucked her way through an orgasm.

We continued in that vein through the rest of the evening before falling asleep in each other’s arms.

In the morning, we woke and kissed and spent a while pleasuring each other before we showered and went down to breakfast. Suzanne’s mom was there and made us something to eat. She told me that I’d been a nice guest and that I was welcome back anytime.

Suzanne drove me back home and we kissed before I went in my house. My mother was there and looked concerned.

“We asked around and were told that Suzanne is a lesbian.”

“That is true.”

“Did you and she…?”

“Actually, we did. Is that a problem?”

“I know you haven’t dated a lot of guys, I just never realized that meant…”

“I do like guys. This just felt like this was something I wanted right now.”

“We love you regardless.”

“I don’t think this is forever, but I want it for now.”

“We went from worrying about you and Paul barely dating at all to both of you sexually involved with people almost overnight.”

“So Paul did sleep with Jessica last night.”

“He admitted he did.”

“We’re that age.”

My mother kissed me on the cheek. “We went from worrying about you having healthy social lives to this.”

“It’ll be okay. I promise.” I kissed mom on the cheek and went to my room.

It did seem crazy. I went from being a virgin a few days ago to screwing my brother twice and spending the night screwing my girlfriend. My head was swimming, but I was happy.

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