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Seducing Denny

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While serving in the Navy, I had the opportunity to attend some training in New England. Denny, another First Class Petty Officer, and I had orders to attend several weeks of computer schools before returning to the Navy and teaching a course. Since there were no Navy bases nearby, we were assigned to bachelor housing on an Army base.

As the barracks were mostly filled with lower ranked enlisted and since we were two senior Navy guys on an Army base, we were pretty much left alone.

Our days were spent going to school and nights doing homework and trying to understand what was taught. I struggled a lot at the beginning and Denny was a great help in getting me though the courses, especially machine language. On weekends, we sometimes went out drinking, but never seemed to be able to hook up with any women.

I had not had any gay experiences since my early Navy days although I gave some thought to Denny. He was fairly good looking and a red head. I found him attractive, but was hesitant to initiate anything; fearing all the repercussions that could result. I was married now, although my marriage and sex life were both failing. I was born with a strong sex drive, but I never learned the social skills that would have helped me develop it with other people. My hand got a lot of use.

One evening, I decided to go to the base theater to see movie, but Denny declined. I headed out only to find I had gotten the times wrong and was early, so I went back to the barracks. I returned to our room, never occurring to me that Denny would use my absence to relieve himself due to the lack of pussy. I burst through the door and caught my roommate, laying in his rack in the midst of jacking off to one of my porn books. Denny lay there, frozen, with his nice stiff cock in his hand surrounded with fierily red hair. He quickly covered himself up as we awkwardly looked at each other, not knowing what to say.

Old passions began to stir in me. I walked over towards to his bed, apologized for interrupting and asked him if I could help him out. I expected him to laugh it off, but he did not answer, so I reached over and brushed his cock through the sheets with my fingers. He did not protest, so I did it again, a little more firmly. His wilting cock started getting hard again. I sat down next to him and continued rubbing his cock. I slowly pulled his sheets away and wrapped my hand around his cock, stroking him and using my thumb to rub his cock head which was slick with his juices. He closed his eyes, giving into the pleasure I was providing to him.

I had fantasized about Denny before and now was my chance. I bent over and licked his crown, tasting his juices. His cock jumped a little as I kept licking him and stroking his shaft. I quietly told him to sit up and lean against the wall so I could kneel I between his legs to get better access to his cock. It was one of those beautiful cocks; not too big, nice crown and surrounded by a forest of red hair.

I pulled it towards me and slipped it into my mouth. Denny quietly moaned his approval as I started sucking him, tasting more of his juices. He reached out and stroked my hair and then started guiding my head; gently fucking my mouth as we established a rhythm. I told him I wanted him to cum in my mouth. I sped up my sucking and soon felt his cock start to swell. I took him as deep as I could and he exploded inside my mouth. I guess it had been awhile as I could not swallow his cum fast enough and some dripped down the sides of his cock, which I licked up eagerly.

Afterward, I was not sure what would happen. I licked his cock clean and then stood up; hoping he would want to return the favor. Denny seemed embarrassed and mumbled something about needing to take a shower. I did not want to push the issue and so let him leave without further discussion. I cleaned up and left to see the movie. I was not sure what would happen next. Would he treat the incident as though it had never happened or would he want to find another roommate? I hoped he was curious for more. When I returned, he was asleep or at least appeared to be.

A couple of days went by while we ignored the issue. One night Denny came into our room and I was already in my rack reading a book. He pulled a chair over near my bed and sat down. He asked me why I had done that the other day and I responded by saying that I thought it would be fun. I asked him why he let me and he said he did not know. I asked him if he thought he might want to try it again, but he was quiet.

I reached out and touched his leg and when he did not move, started stroking his thigh. I could see he was getting hard and starting to breathe harder. I reached over, stroked his hand and then pulled his hand towards me. I placed his hand on my cock over the sheets and gently moved it back and forth. He pulled away my sheets and he moved his hand back to my cock; lightly running his fingers up and down. I told him how good that felt and asked him if he would like to suck it. Again, he was quiet, so I sat up; facing him. I leaned in and kissed him lightly on the mouth. When he did not pull away, I kissed him harder and pushed my tongue past his lips. He responded fiercely as I held his head, devouring his mouth. I told him to undress and made room for him in my rack.

He climbed into my rack. As he lay on his back, I started playing with his cock as I leaned over him and started kissing him again. He suddenly turned towards me and rolled me over on my back; laying on me as we made out some more. I loved the feeling of his hard body on mine, our cocks rubbing against each other as we groped and stroked each other.

Denny rolled off me and started licking and nipping my nipples. He then started working his way down my body. He kissed the top of my cock and tentatively licked it. I stroked his back and head and was soon rewarded with feeling my cock slide into his warm, wet mouth.

At first, he did not seem to know what to do, but soon he was bobbing up and down on my cock, swirling his tongue around its crown. I warned Denny I was about to cum. At first, he pulled away and just stroked my cock as I started cumming. Hesitantly he tasted my cum. He must have liked it because he then started licking and sucking my cock clean.

I pulled him up to me and as we lay next to each other, hands wandering as we relaxed. I kissed him deeply, enjoying the taste of my own cum and thanked him for such a great blowjob.

After we relaxed awhile, I asked Denny what he would like to do next. He said he was not sure, so I asked him if he would fuck me. He seemed hesitant, but his cock jumped a little in my hand, so I told him I would walk him through it; mostly for my own comfort/enjoyment. I did not want him jamming that cock up my ass before I was ready.

We climbed out of bed and I spread a blanket on the floor. I got out some lotion and told Denny to start opening me up as I got on my hands and knees. He poured some lotion on my hole and pushed it in with his finger. After asking him to use two fingers, he started getting the gist of it and before long he was using three fingers and lots of lotion. I told him I was ready and reached between my legs and started stroking his cock; getting it nice and hard. I then reached around and guided his cock to my hole.

I asked him to go slowly, but once he started pushing, he quickly slid in the entire length of his cock. He groaned at the tightness as he started moving in and out. Although it had been a long time since I had been taken and I was surprised how easily my body adjusted to his cock. I felt the familiar tingling in my cock as Denny started fucking me; long slow strokes.

I loved feeling his cock sliding in and out and rubbing against my prostate. Before long, he sped up his thrusts and then with one final push, was filling my ass with his cum. He rested against my back as his cock softened and slipped out. I rolled over and pulled him down to my cock. It was not very long before I was cumming again and this time, Denny took it all in his mouth. As Denny collapsed next to me on the blanket, my mind was filled with what new experiences we might have during our time together.

Now that the ice was broken, so to speak, we made it a point to play with each other as opportunities presented themselves. However, a military barracks was not a very safe place, so we started looking for other places to play.

One weekend, we got a hotel room near town. We went out drinking awhile, but our minds were elsewhere, so we returned to the room. The door was barely locked when we started making out and hands seeking hard cocks. I suggested we take a shower together and Denny eagerly agreed.

We undressed and climbed into the shower. After getting the water temperature warm enough, Denny turned to me and we started making out as our hands started roaming. As we kissed and nibbled each other and hands kept focusing on our cocks as we washed each other. It was not long before we were both getting excited enough to cum right there.

Denny whispered in my ear that he wanted to fuck me and so I turned around and presented my ass to him. He started washing my back and ass and then I felt a soapy finger probing my hole. He had brought some lube which he now started applying as his fingers poked inside and stretched my hole. I felt him press against me, his cock sliding between my ass cheeks and looking for a way in. He grasped my hips as he found my opening and he slowly pushed his cock inside me. I braced myself, leaning against the shower wall and spreading my legs as much as the bath allowed.

I loved having his cock inside me. His long, slow strokes made my insides tingle, his hands on my hips as he fucked me let me surrender to the pleasures of being taken. I reached down and started stroking myself as he sped up, telling me he was close.

My cock exploded, splashing my seed against the shower wall as he gave me one last thrust, filling me with his sperm. Denny collapsed against my back and we were barely able to keep standing. After we recovered a little, we cleaned each other off again and then headed for the bed.

We opened a couple of beers and turned on the television. Still naked, we sat on the bed and found some porn to watch. Our hands started seeking each other again and soon were erect, ready to play some more. I leaned over and started sucking Denny; enjoying his taste and the smooth warmth of his cock when I stopped and asked him if I could fuck him.

At first, he did not seem keen on the idea, but I kept at it and promised him that I would go slow and he could stop me at any point. He reluctantly agreed. I got out the lube and asked him to lay on his stomach. I rubbed his ass cheeks a little and then poured a little lube between them; gently rubbing his rosebud with my fingers.

After a little while, I started pushing harder with one finger and added some more lube. My finger finally slipped in and I was careful to only let about a knuckles worth penetrate him. Denny had not protested yet, so I added a little more lube and pushed my finger deeper; feeling for his prostate.

I spent a few minutes just finger fucking him and working on his prostate before adding a second finger and then a third. He seemed fairly relaxed at this point, so I told him I was ready. He tightened up, so I went back to using my fingers until he relaxed again. I then moved behind him and positioned my cock at the entrance to his virgin asshole. I slowly pushed and after more lube, was rewarded with feeling my head pop inside. I immediately stopped and let him adjust; all the while making sure he was feeling ok.

I started pushing and pulling a little, but never enough to pull out. Slowly, I was going deeper and deeper and before long, was as deep as I could. I was so excited, that I had to stop before I climaxed too soon.

After calming down, I started fucking him slowly; just like I enjoyed being taken. He started softly moaning as I fucked him with my cock. I told him to roll over and I saw he was rock hard. I put his legs up on my shoulders and slipped back inside him.

As I fucked him, he stroked himself. I gave him one of my fingers to suck as my excitement grew. Before long, I could no longer hold back. I started fucking him hard and as he climaxed, so did I; filling him with my seed. I pulled out and lay on top of him; his cum squishing between our bodies as I kissed him and thanked him.

Time for another shower and a nap. It was going to be a good weekend.

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