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You’re My Chair

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Hello, my name Elden, and this is the story of what happened between me and my sister when our parents went away for the weekend. The first thing you need to know is, my family are peasants of Omnogovi province, southern Mongolia. The four of us—Mother, Father, Salva, and me—live in the small town of Aarbadesh, population twenty-thousand. I am nineteen, and my sister Salva is eighteen.

I say Salva is my sister, but that is not entirely correct. She is the daughter of my mother’s best friend Mifta who passed away with her husband in a car accident outside Tsertserleg fifteen years ago. Salva had no family to go to, so Mother took her in. She has been with us ever since, and I never think of her as anything but my sister.

Now at eighteen, Salva is beautiful. Not so much her face. Her face is alright, but a little plain. It is her womanly figure that I refer to. Her breasts have grown large and ripe, and her rear is plump, though on the whole she is skinny. She is one of those skinny girls who despite skinniness manages to maintain a voluptuous form. She is thick and juicy in all the right places. She is a little shorter than me, and I am almost six feet. She has black, neck lengthed hair that falls straight.

Her attractiveness does not go unnoticed. At our school she gets many glances from the boys. We go there four days of the week three hours a day with the other hundred students.

On hot days when we sweat, when Salva wears her tight white tank around the house casual without a bra, her plump breasts distinctly outline in the fabric. Her young, womanly orbs jut out proudly from her chest as the damp fabric clings, and her vital, swollen areolas protrude and poke up. When she frolics around the house, her delicious breasts bounce and heave with her motions.

Sometimes I think she does this purposefully to tease me, because she knows how much my eyes rest on them. And she knows I like girls. Ever since the day when she walked in on me masturbating on my bed to a dirty magazine. (That particular magazine is my favourite, where the women spread their legs and the men enter their sex in explicit, sharp detail.)

That day, Salva had slowly opened the door and crept up beside me as I laid in bed, my hand stroking my cock. She must have watched my self-ministrations for some time, must have seen my fist at work as I brought the foreskin up and around the head and down, again and again. My eyes had been closed, otherwise I would have noticed her. It was her giggle that finally gave her away, and when I heard it I started and turned to see my sister skipping out of the room laughing. I could not talk to her with a straight face for some days.

Salva and I get along very well, though. We have always been very close. We joke and tease all the time, and she plays the playstation with me. Some brothers clash with their sister, but not me. The advent of our sexuality has not changed the raillery much, just added this new dimension. She will flaunt her ripe breasts and that cute, tight little ass at me, and will scan my crotch for a tent. If she ever sees one, she knows that she has won the game.


Today is Friday and our parents have gone away for the night. There is an adult party at Uncle’s and Salva and I are not invited; there will be alcohol and Father hates Salva and I to drink, though everyone else our age does. I don’t care, really. I’d rather stay at home and watch TV.

I am on the couch in our den after supper, flicking through the three of our channels as the sky outside darkens. One is the news, one is music videos, and one is shows and movies. For now I have the den to myself because Salva is at her friend’s and won’t be back until late. I am excited because today is Friday and on Fridays they play action movies. Sometimes the action movies have nudity, and if I’m lucky, sex. Though their sex never show anything exciting. Not like in the magazines.

Flicking to the news, I see the concerned female anchor. She talks about the fighting in China. I don’t care about what she says, but her pretty, round face and ample cleavage make me stay at this channel. I am wearing cargo shorts and a white tee as I sit on the couch. I unzip my cargo shorts, shuffle around in my briefs until I find what I’m looking for, and yank my cock out into the air. I get to work.

I am proud of my cock. It is tall and firm and the crown is solid and purple. As I watch the anchor prattle, I imagine ceasing her words with my cock. You would see me, easing into frame from the side I would come. I would slip it between those wet, concerned lips. You want some news, Omnogovi? Here’s some news! This anchor slathering all over my cock as she tries to get her story out around it.

I beat off faster.

Then I would shove it into her cleavage and fuck her tits using saliva as lubrication. I would rip open her blouse and mash her tit-flesh around my cock entirely, and pump it between them. Families everywhere would gasp as Elden, me, defiles the concerned female anchor. And then I would come, spraying my load upwards and blasting the bottom of her chin. She would continue to talk as some of my load drizzles down her tits, and then I would turn and thumbs-up the camera with my brightest smile.

Back in reality, I groan as an orgasm approaches.

The front door slams. Fuck! Salva is home before I expected. I have no time to shove my cock away and zip it up before she barges into the den—which I guess she will do—only enough to flap the bottom of my shirt over the top of it. I just hide my dick as she skips into the den, following my prediction.

“Elden! Elden!” she says. “What are you watching!” She is in her tight white tank with red short-shorts.

“Nothing. What are you doing here? I thought you weren’t back till late.”

She plops down on the couch to my left and I am terribly conscious of my naked cock beneath the hem of my tee. Peeking down I can see the crown outlined plainly. She has only to peek in that direction to see it. I hunch forward in an obvious attempt to hide my cock as she looks straight ahead at the TV and seems not to notice. Part of me suspects that the reason why she barged straight into the den like she did was to catch me at just such an act.

“She’s pretty,” Salva says. She shoots her eyes to my face. “You like her.”

“I like that cleavage,” I say, and smile.

“Cleavage!” she scoffs. “What’s the big deal?” She cups her breasts and jiggles them. I watch her beside me with a disinterested expression—though my throbbing cock reveals my true emotion. Her nipples protrude in the fabric which tells me she wears no bra. If she would have wore one, it would be a D cup which I know from hers I’ve seen.

I say nothing and shrug.

“Huh? What’s the big deal?” she says. “They’re just breasts, Elden. Nothing special.” She smirks. “Did you know they’re mostly fat? They’re just balls of fatty jelly.”

“Tits are hot,” I say.

She laughs and hops up off of the couch in front of me, blocking the TV. She turns and faces me with her arms crossed beneath her tits.

“Hey! I’m watching this.”

“Breasts are hot!” she mimicks. She cups them and gives them a few rapid squeezes and slaps.

“Quit playing with yourself, Sis. News is on.”

“But breasts are hot!” she repeats. She comes toward me. My cock has not deflated in the least since her intrusion. It stands like iron beneath the hem of my tee, and my weak hunch does little to hide it.

“Move!” I say. She stands over me, smiling, and doesn’t move. Slowly—deliberately—her gaze drops to my crotch. She stares at it. Okay. She knows. But so what? If she thinks she’s going to hold it over my head, she’s got another thing coming.

She giggles and cups her mouth.

“Move,” I say. She slowly twirls around on one heel until she faces away from me, and then. . . she descends backwards! Her ass falls toward my lap.

“Hey, Salva! No!”

Her ass lands on my lap, hard. My cock is buried beneath her ass-cheeks. She grinds backwards over my cock and lifts my shirt up in the process. Now my cock is wholly revealed, naked, and cradled between her ass-cheeks in her red shorts.

“You’re my chair,” she says, and laughs as if she doesn’t notice the long, hard object squashed beneath her ass. She must feel it. It certainly feels her.

“I can’t see the TV,” I say. She ignores me. Something on the screen amuses her and she laughs. As she does, she bounces up and down on my lap smacking her rump against my cock. It feels great, and I decide to let her play for the time being.

“Baby can’t see the TV?” she says. She leans her upper body backward against me. Her warm back snugs against my chest, and her black hair falls to the right of my head. She brings her left arm up around my neck and her left tit is inches, centimeters from my face! She laughs again, wriggling, and that delicious tit bounces beautifully. Curiously, she then tenses her entire body taut. Her legs stiffen as her whole body goes rigid as a board, and she grinds against my cock in a very deliberate way.

“Salva. . .”

“You got the remote?”

She fishes it out of my right hand and in that process, places my hand on her stomach. I embrace her from behind.

“I like being close my brother,” she says, and plants a kiss on the top of my head.

“I like being close to you,” I say.

She continues to grind her ass slowly up and down my cock. She goes so slowly that it’s almost undetectable, were it not for my cock’s sensitivity to friction. It feels terrific, the clothed ass-cheeks with the weight of her body stroking my dick, but some rational corner of my mind tells me it’s wrong. There’s no way I can let this continue, no matter how good it feels. Being that so far she has ignored my verbal commands, I decide a different strategy to deal with her.

I grab her hips and clench them to stillness, letting out the faintest moan to communicate that she was having an effect, but a little too much of an effect. She freezes and seems to take the hint.

“You know you’re not really my brother,” she says flatly. “Although, you are my friend.”

“I know that,” I say.

“And you know that I’m moving away next year.”

“Yes. Shitty.”

“Then good. Just shut up and sit there.”

I begin to say something but snap my mouth shut. She resumes her grinding, but now it is not so slow. It is faster, harder, and flagrant. I feel the warm cheeks in her red shorts go up and down my shaft, up and down my shaft.

“Salva. . .” I say to her half in reluctance, half in lust.

The light that comes through the curtained windows fades. The television slowly becomes the dominant source of light in the room. Its erratic colours and flashes dart off the walls.

“I’ve seen your cock before,” she says. She pauses her movement, and angles her pelvis forward so that her clit is pressed against my cock-head. “It’s nice.”

I say nothing.

“But I’ve never felt your cock. . .”

She grinds her clit along it hard, down the length of my shaft, and moans softly.

“. . .never felt it inside me. . .”

Abruptly, she stands back up. I feel cold suddenly, vulnerable with my cock naked in the cool air. She does not turn around to face me, merely stands above my lap with her tight, cute ass hovering so near.

She brings her hands to the hems of her shorts, and in one swift motion, bends over and drops them to her ankles. Her ass is revealed, though it is silhouetted against the television beyond so that I can’t see much between her legs. But I can see that there is no other fabric layer; she wears no panties. I peer but I can’t quite make out her pussy. . . That rational part of me objects.

“Salva!” I say sharply, half sitting up—but already, she is sitting back down.

“Why are you talking?” she says softly as she descends.

This time, she lands far above my cock, and I feel her naked ass-cheeks land on my stomach. They are warm. My cock is somewhere beneath her crotch between her legs, entirely at the mercy of her eyes. She begins to slide down my stomach towards it—bringing to meet it, I admit to myself, her naked, raw pussy.

Fucking Salva has long been a fantasy of mine. But now that the reality was so close—mere inches—and now that it has come so suddenly, a large part of me has trouble accepting it. But then, I feel her slender fingers wrap around my cock, and I decide to let my brain sit this one out. She angles my cock upwards away from her pussy, and points it so that it stands erect as her ass continues to slide down my stomach.

I feel, yes, what must be the lips of her pussy run into the back of my shaft, and the instant the hairy, wet folds touch it, her legs snap shut like a vice. My erect cock is clamped between her inner thighs and pussy. From above you would see her crotch framing a triangle with my cock peeking out.

She laughs again at something the woman anchor says. I let my hands squeeze her hips.

She tenses her lower body several times, pulsing the vice-like grip her thighs and pussy maintain on my dick. I feel the warm wetness of her open labia sooth and soak the back of my dick. I see her head bend over and examine my cock. She brings her fingers to her mouth and wets them, and then brings them down to my dick’s crown. She begins to massage it lightly, and I moan as the wet fingertips glide across the purple, swollen flesh.

“You have a nice one,” she whispers. “Better than Marahil’s.” I wish I could see what she is doing. She takes a fingernail and lightly graces it around the rim.

“I want to kiss it—but that is not for now. Now is for something else. . .”

She retreats her ass back up my stomach, grabs my shaft and bends it towards my navel. She lets her body descend along me, and her pussy approaches my glans. I feel the onset of the wet, hairy lips meet my cock-head and kiss it. She continues to slide and I penetrate her, her pussy warm and wet and lovely as it sinks over the head.

I moan loudly.

“Shut up,” she says. There is a trace of moan to her voice.

She plants her hands on my thighs and lifts her ass up for a better angle of penetration. Her wet, hairy pussy descends from above, eating my cock inch by inch. I vanish inside the wet, salivating womanhood as her ass thumps into my lap. Her vagina throbs around me.

She leans back against me as she did earlier—except this time, my cock is inside her. She resumes her grinding as she did before—except this time, instead of her ass-cheeks cradling my naked cock, it is the wet embrace of her pussy. She fucks me, and I feel my cock head plow up inside of her time and time again with excruciating slowness. Salva fucks me on my lap as the anchor continues to prattle.

We are both moaning and have forgotten about the TV. I decide it is time to explore the last vestige of her body left for me to explore: her tits. I remove my hands from her hips and bring them around to her stomach. I run them up the outside of the white tank and cup her tits. They are soft, warm and pliable in my hands, and I squeeze and play with them. She coos softly as she fucks me, gyrating on my dick.

She decides a little more friction is in order, and raises her back away from me so she is sitting upright. She grips my thighs, and begins to bounce up and down on my shaft. Now for the first time I can see the marriage of our sexes. The silhouette of her hairy mound slurps up and down my shaft with wet smacking sounds. Her pussy is warm and snug around my dick which glistens with her lubrication. I bring my left hand up and squeeze her black hair, cocking her head backwards. I let my right probe under the bottom of her tank and quest upwards. I find what I’m looking for, and snake my fingers around a young, ripe tit. It bounces in my hand as we fuck. I clench it and tweak the nipple. She moans steadily now, as do I, and I realize that soon I will come. Our ragged breaths escape together in one, sexual rhythm. The front door slams.

Feet patter by the front door. We hear Mother and father speak. Salva, my sister, is naked from the waist down bouncing on cock, fucking me on the living room couch. The woman anchor fades away as a car commercial starts.

There is a red, fuzzy blanket on the couch to our right. Salva snatches it and wraps it around us, hiding our nudely conjoined sexes, and leans back against me just as Father bumbles into the living room. We appear two cozy, snug movie watchers.

“Hey, Dad!” Salva says. I hear Salva’s feet shuffle on the floor, and I know she has forced her shorts under the couch.

“Hey, you guys,” Father says. “Party wound down a little earlier than we expected.” He walks in front of our view and makes towards the hall on the far side. I pray that he will not sit down.

“How was Auntie and Uncle?” I say. I am still inside Salva. Speaking of inside her, as Father walks she tenses her pussy in a pulse around my cock and sends a heady wave of pleasure to my brain. I gasp lightly. “They’re fine,” Father says as he nears the far side of the room. “Uncle drank a little too much. As usual.” He exits the room and I sigh with, this time, relief.

“You have to get off of me!” I whisper.

“Shh,” she says. She pulses her pussy again, enticing me to obey. The pussy makes me her slave. My cock aches inside the warm, wet crevice and I yearn for release, but here and now our friction cannot be resumed. Not with Mother and Father so close. Perhaps if we’re quiet. . .

Mother enters the room and I abandon all hope. She has just used the washroom (I heard the flush) and looks dead tired. I fear she plans on staying in the den for some time.

“Mom,” I acknowledge with.

“Hey,” Salva says.

“Hey, you two,” she says. “Watching a show?”

“News is on,” I say.

Mother plops herself on the reclining chair a short ways in front of the couch and to the left. I grit my teeth in frustration, but am inwardly happy that her viewing angle does not include us. Had she sat on the couch beside Salva and I, things would have been more complicated.

“Boring,” Mother says. “Let’s watch something else. Give me the remote.”

“We were here first,” I say. I squeak a little on the here because Salva tensed her pussy randomly.

Mother turns around on the recliner and looks squarely at us and I regret arguing, regret drawing her gaze. She looks at me with a look that I know well, a look that says give me the remote now or you’re in deep shit, young man.

“Fine! Here!” I say. I toss it to her. She catches it and flicks through the remaining two channels. One is an action movie, and on the music channel is a comedian. The comedian is a great stand-up presence whom I’m fan, but I’ve seen this routine before so I say: “Let’s watch the movie.”

“No!” Salva says. She squirms on my lap and pulses her pussy rapidly. “Let’s watch the comedian.”

“Yeah, El. I need a laugh,” Mother says.

Whatever. If it will keep that delicious pussy happy. “Fine.”

Mother flicks it to the comedian. The living room is very dark now. The only sources of light are the TV and leaks through the side doors from distant corners of the house. Within seconds of changing the channel, the comedian makes a brilliant joke and the studio audience, myself, Mother and Salva all burst out laughing—and then I understand some of Salva’s mind. She sits up as she laughs and bounces on my lap, the smooth pussy coursing over my dick. The laughing masks our fucking! She grinds her pussy hole down as she does and her juices trickle over my balls. The joke subsides, and one of my laughs sounds curiously like a moan as Salva’s labia come to rest around the base of my shaft.

The next joke—same story. She fucks me as Mother almost cries for laughing. Salva accentuates her bouncing with writhes of her hips, plunging my dick in and out of her moist folds. I feel that the end is nigh, and I’m not talking about Armageddon.

“I’m close,” I whisper.

Salva says nothing.

The comedian drops a joke that isn’t very funny, so Salva can’t fuck me, and then tragically the show cuts to commercial. My heart drops as so near a prospect of release goes up in smoke. I was so close. . . But this is a loud shampoo commercial, and Salva riskily continues her writhing as mother looks on at the TV. The background music blares. I feel the orgasm mount as my shaft, rigid and primed, preps to explode inside of her pussy.

Mother turns and looks straight at us. Salva freezes. I too am frozen, and in more than one way. Salva has brought me to the very brink of coming. I stand on the precipice, and all that is needed is the faintest prod for me to topple. The faintest squeeze of Salva’s canal for me to squirt my load inside her.

“Elden,” Mother says. “Did you do the laundry today like you were supposed?”

You fucking bitch. I love you, but why now? Why ask me that now?

Mad Salva tenses her pussy not once, but seven times in rapid succession. I plunge off the cliff.

My face screws up as I try to contain, to mask the overwhelming ecstasy of coming as Mother stares right at me. She expects an answer, but how can I speak now? How can I speak when I feel the warm jets of semen erupt inside of this little vixen sitting on my lap? Feel my cock explode again and again inside her?

I gasp as if too speak, when—

“Don’t look so concerned,” Mother says. “I don’t care that much.”

She turns away from me back to the TV, and laughs raucously at the comedian. So do I.


That was the first time I fucked Salva.

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