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She slowly climbed the stairs and entered her bedroom which was in total darkness, feeling for the light switch behind the open door as she slipped off her short silky robe.

Her hand reached for the switch and instead found naked flesh. She was so shocked she didn’t even cry out as a soft hand took hers and slowly slid up her arm light as a feather.

The hand moved all the way up her arm and round the back of her neck, drawing her towards the owner. She felt her body make contact, breasts suddenly brushing against a male chest, thighs touching thighs.

The arms wrapped around her running softly down her back, from the base of her skull, down the centre of her spine, slowly trailing down and round her ass.

She was drawn slowly and gently to the edge of the bed and lowered onto her back, the hands roaming over her in slow rhythmic movements which seemed to melt wherever they touched. She lost contact for a second and in the darkness felt a soft scarf being laid over her eyes and tied round the back of her head to form a blindfold.

She was sizzling with anticipation as hands ran over her body, down the legs and back up, SOOO slowly and softly, barely touching, leaving her unsure if she was imagining the caresses. They continued round her shoulders and down to her wrists, caressing the sensitive skin on the inside of her elbow on the way; drawing a sigh of pleasure from her that reverberated down to the pit of her stomach. They gently took the wrists and drew her arms out above her head. She felt soft fabric being wrapped around both wrists, being tied loosely so as not to hurt her delicate skin.

The hands ran all the way down to her ankles where the operation was repeated. She was helpless to these gentle hands, they roamed over her, exploring every inch, barely touching sometimes, firm other times with nails slowly dragging over her skin, causing her to shudder and moan with desire. She felt lips contact her breasts, a wet tongue flicking around underneath her round tits, lips brushing the now erect nipples, suddenly the gentle tongue was replaced by teeth, biting her nipple, then sucking hard, kicking her desire up ten notches from a warm melted feeling to scorching, burning desire. She felt no need to struggle or complain, this was what she wanted more than anything, seduction, anticipation, submission.

The tongue continued to wander over her flesh; she felt a jolt like lightning when it touched between her legs, licking her clit and around the tops of her thighs, she cried out for it to return where she needed it, but a soft voice whispered “Not yet.”

The hands rolled her onto her front and started to give her back the same treatment, soft caresses like dry leaves. The mouth made contact with her spine and she thought she would come there and then, it slowly worked its way down her back lingering on the base of her spine flicking around the start of her ass and then continuing down the back of her legs to her knees where again it gave special treatment. Every touch now seared her skin, scorched through her body to her soul. Hands drew her ass back so the mouth could contact the wet patch developing between her legs. A gasp arose from her when a hand ran round to work on her clit. Tongue lashing her wetness, fingers going inside her brought her orgasm to the very edge as the tongue rolled slowly over her clit, parting her lips to circle the small nub, then building a slow rhythm back and forward. Fingers probed deep inside her finding the g spot just as the mouth stopped licking and sucked her now tender clit inside his mouth, biting gently and sucking as he had her nipples.

This new sensation was too much; she felt waves of an orgasm crashing over her, drowning her in ecstasy. Her whole body juddered as she came.

Her bonds were untied one by one and the hands gently rearranged her on the bed. She felt her arms being drawn out to the corners where the bonds were retied and attached to the bed posts, still not tight but enough so she felt helpless. She was now laid spread eagled, face down, still blindfolded.

She heard the sounds of someone undressing, a clinking belt buckle, rustling clothing, the sounds of clothes hitting the floor. Her body, still shuddering from her orgasm now started to quiver in anticipation.

His body straddled her back, she thought facing her legs. Hands touched her ass, softly feeling the skin. They slowly enveloped her spreading out to cover her whole ass. They slowly slid down her body to her thighs, feather light, and then down the backs of her legs wrapping almost all the way round. They moved down her calves to her ankles. She felt a chest touch her thighs, arms touch the back of her knees, stomach touch her ass. The hands drew back to her ass again in a slow tantalising movement, thumbs touching her wet patch en route, picking up the wetness before leaving a damp trail of her juices up her back.

She felt the hands at the base of her spine, moving, brushing against her. Then she felt a touch on her spine that wasn’t a hand, it was much warmer, harder, her body shuddered as he slowly massaged his cock into a hard on, it was so sexy, feeling the accidental touches, he was making himself hard and using her skin as well as his hands. She could feel his balls brush against her, his fingers, his cock. She realised she was still coming and whimpered softly. He moved slightly lower and pressed his now hard cock onto the shape of her ass, it was huge! Oh god, she thought, I need that inside me, her body shuddered in anticipation.

He moved off her and she felt strong hands round her waist, lifting her up onto a pillow which he had placed beneath her, then another. She felt him move between her spread legs and hands gently massaged the back of her knees. They slowly moved back and forth to her ass, every time brushing her wet patch, every time sending sparks through her whole body like a meteor shower. He moved closer placing his cock on her ass. She could feel his hand round it, moving. He drew back and slid it around her wet shaved pussy very slowly. He held it at her wet lips, slowly wanking himself. It was driving her totally insane; she ached to feel it plunge inside her, to feel the huge length deeply embedded in her. As he wanked his other hand moved up over her ass and stroked the base of her spine. She squirmed and wriggled, trying to get herself onto his cock but the bonds, gentle as they were, prevented her and the cock kept drawing back, just out of reach.

She felt fingers slide beneath his cock, massaging her softly and very slowly. He was in complete control of her, and she felt like a puppet jumping as her master pulled her strings as her body jerked and writhed beneath him. The bonds weren’t to hold her down while he ravished her she now realised; the bonds were there to prevent her from taking over.

He was using the head of his cock to massage her clit, moving back and forth between it and the wet slit, each time making sure she felt the head push the lips apart, so close to entering her. She felt she was going to explode, she was so close to coming, each time he moved she felt closer without ever reaching that final point of no return.

Each stroke he gave his cock moved the head between her soaking lips and sent judders around her whole body. Please, she thought, PLEASE; the thoughts became whispers, the whispers words, then the words desperate pleading.

He started to moan softly, he was obviously very close too. The hand moved faster, the motion transferred to her lips making her whimper. She was shaking in anticipation now, on the precipice of orgasm, she ached for the second he would plunge into her, and she ached to feel his hot juices pump into her through his throbbing cock.

Still it didn’t come.

He withdrew, moving away from her. Her body felt like it was being hit by lightening, she was so close to coming ANYTHING would have done it. She wanted to plunge her own fingers inside herself and make it happen but the bonds prevented it.

She would do anything to come now, she begged him repeatedly.

She felt him lower his body onto hers, she felt his hot breath on the back of her neck, his legs touch hers and his cock rest between her thighs. He started slowly rubbing his cock against her, sliding it up the back of her thighs. She felt it locate on her dripping lips each time more firmly. He was going to fuck her now, he HAD to. Oh please God, he had to.

Each time he moved, his cock got closer to actually entering her, she was so bloody wet it slid into her easily. Each time it got close she expected the long hard thrust that would impale her on it, but it never came, it just went a tiny bit deeper each time. She began to feel herself stretching now; it was thick as well as long. His hands were roaming over her body now lighting up her external senses. His cock was now going inside her on every thrust but never deep enough to push her orgasm over the edge. It just went a little deeper each time. She was feeling maybe half its length now, bigger than anything shed ever had but still only half! She could feel herself start to shudder, she was going to come now, maybe a few more thrusts, and another inch of this huge cock would do it.

She was so close now; she could feel the orgasm about to change from a continuous shudder to an explosion. Then he slowed down!

He just drew back and stopped for a second, making her howl with an animal keening. When the thrusting started again it was much slower.

He had taken her just over the edge and now held her there at his whim. Somehow he had managed to start her orgasm and put it on hold. He was moaning softly now too, she guessed he was also coming already. He started to add a little circular motion to his thrusts, just as his cock hit the deepest part of her he would give it a little twist so it rubbed her. Each time so slowly so her orgasm got a jolt without full release. He wrapped his arms under her, gripping her shoulders, she felt his body tense and his grip tighten, she was begging him to fuck her now, she screamed faster! Harder!

He drew back, all the way to her wet lips, just touching and no more. She felt him grip her then it came, all at once, one long hard thrust which slammed his cock into her all the way.

He ground down hard to get more depth, then drew back before ramming himself into her again.

He filled her body completely, his cock was hard in, his bones clashed against hers, she had every inch of his cock buried deep inside her, filling her in a way she had never known before. His thrusting became faster, each time jolting her body with orgasm, each time harder than she believed possible; grinding his cock into her, her muscles clenched, gripping his cock tightly.

Oh God this was it!

Suddenly his head bent and he bit the back of her neck hard. At the same time a hand came up and pinched her nipple.

Gentle sensations could never compete at this point with the explosions inside her, but these rough gestures, which would at any other time have been way too painful, were now just enough to get through the storm of sensations, and her orgasm jumped another few notches. Her whole being exploded and she felt herself go somewhere she had never even believed existed before.

He plunged into her body, grinding, thrusting, she could feel his body shudder, his cock was throbbing now, and she felt it get even larger as he neared his own orgasm. He groaned loudly and made a huge thrust into her, he seemed to get even deeper and then, she felt him reach his own explosion. She felt spasms running through her from him, felt his orgasm join her own, fusing them together for one endless moment.

His cock was pumping her full of his juices; they hit her and exploded her senses, mingled with her own, impossible to separate now.

He collapsed onto her, their breathing ragged as both tried to come to terms with what had just happened. His caresses became gentle again as he brushed back her sweat slicked hair, still moving inside her occasionally, causing her to moan each time.

The thrusting started to get faster!

OMG he’s going to do it again! She thought; and it was her last coherent thought for quite a while!

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