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Candi and Mia and Nancy

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“Nice spot for a party,” Candi Martin smiled, gazing around the interior of the luxurious beach house, then giving Mia Nelson, her latest model find and newest bedroom conquest, a suggestive wink.

Candi shivered, looking at the honey-blonde’s sensational bod in the snug, glittery hot-pants ensemble Mia had chosen to tempt her with.

Speaking of luxurious, Candi realized, not-for-the-first-time, Mia Nelson certainly looked the part. Absolutely, a woman as spectacular as Mia belonged in such luxurious surroundings. Certainly, from Candi’s horny point-of-view, gorgeous Mia and her sweet, sweet pussy were the ultimate luxuries any woman could possess!

Or man, Candi reflected, bitterly. Overcome with envy and resentment of Alvin Nelson, Candi angrily acknowledged her true belief. That a woman as luscious as Mia Nelson was wasted with a man. Only another woman, Candi believed, could truly appreciate, love and enjoy everything sexy Mia had to offer. And give back to such a woman, all the delights she deserved.

Mia’s husband was out of town, she had finally consented to another date, asking Candi to meet her at her and Alvin’s beach house. After a week of either dodging Candi’s calls or coming up with excuses to avoid getting together with a hot-cunted but frustrated Candi.

And the horny photographer, desperate to get back with the spectacular Mia became very pissed. ‘Fancy-assed cunt.’ Candi thought. Playing hard to get. Lucky she was just the hottest fuck Candi had ever had or Candi, never one to pursue any particular cunt when she had so many available, might have just written Mia off. But the truth was, Candi was on the verge of being obsessed with Mia Nelson.

“I was beginning to think we’d never get our pussies together again, honey,” Candi smiled back, drifting over to Mia, sliding her left arm around the pliant, yielding waist. “Every time we talk on the phone I get a stiff clit. But you’ve been playing very hard-to-get, haven’t you doll?”

Mia giggled, wetting her luscious mouth, turning it up to Candi for kisses, her green eyes fastened on Candi’s titties inside the frilly blouse. “Alvin’s as suspicious as hell.”

“Shit,” Candi said. “What’s he got to say about anything? Besides supplying you with money? I bet he’s getting some on the side when he’s out of town, like now.”

“Well, you know how men are,” Mia said. “He wants to play around and I’m supposed to save my goodies for him.”

“I know,” Candi said dryly. “One reason I’ve always chosen chicks.”

Candi giggled, patting Mia’s beautiful ass. A mingling of expensive cologne and pussy aroma reached her nostrils, her clitoris tingled. Her cunt in the sheer black panties beneath her miniskirt was already turning juicy. Remembering the feel of that sweet, hot cunt of Mia’s against her crotch made her slightly dizzy.

“Got some more nice kisses for me, honey-babe?” Candi murmured, getting both arms around Mia’s waist.

“Oh, wow, baby, you know it! But let’s have a drink first, honey,” Mia said, struggling a little. Those lush big tits straining at the pants-suit top, her charisma of total feminine allure, her teasing manner were driving Candi nuts.

“Cunt-teaser,” Candi giggled. “You been spreading out for some other chick?”

Mia laughed. “Oh, maybe, baby. You get lots of pussy, so why shouldn’t I?”

“Shit, there’s no other pussy like yours, baby,” Candi breathed, her clit stiffening. “Not like yours, luscious!”

Mia sipped her drink and slid closer to Candi on the couch. “Ooooh, baby, you really know how to talk to a chick, don’t you?” Mia said, shivering. She was letting her mouth position for a kiss and Candi did not let that opportunity slip by. She took handfuls of Mia’s hair, held her head gently in place and her lips and tongue went to town on the sweet mouth of Mia Nelson. One of Candi’s hands slipped from Mia’s hair and slicked down and squeezed Mia’s ass.

Reluctantly, Candi released her hold on Mia and watched her slowly, teasingly, get to her feet. Candi’s hands trembled as she watched the beautiful honey-blonde slide her pants down from her ass. The mini-panties were very sheer, so was her bra. Jeeeese, what a pair of knockers! Mia’s sexiness was drawing clear wetness into Candi’s panties.

“This should be a real fun evening,” Mia giggled, sitting her ass back down on the couch and snuggling up against Candi.

“Well, if you don’t think that, baby, just reach down and feel my cunt,” Candi smiled, gazing at Mia’s tits in the sheer, smoky bra. “It’s hot and throbbing and runny just for you, sweetie!”

Mia was shaky with excitement. She’d had to put Candi off for a week due to Alvin’s suspicion and jealousy and she supposed she was playing hard-to-get a little as Candi had feared. Not that she wasn’t boiling hot for Candi, after the unparalleled thrills of their session at Candi’s studio. No! She was just a little concerned. Up ’til now it had been child’s play to convince Alvin she was hot for his prick, but Mia was worried that the more she enjoyed cunt-rubbing with Candi, the more often she and Candi brought their pussies together, it might become beyond her acting skills to put on a good act for Alvin. After all, the man wasn’t dumb. So, yeah, she was raging hot for Candi and looking forward to thrilling play-time with the sexy photographer and after a week, what better time than when Alvin was off, out of town?

Alvin was so damned square, he didn’t know what real fun was all about. If he made out with that lush young secretary of his, she wouldn’t care — as long as she didn’t lose her setup. He was a very good provider of luxuries.

Mia and Candi kissed. Their hot lips clung together as their tongues played together and their hands wandered all around each other’s bodies. Then Candi stood and drew Mia to her feet. And then Candi was sliding her rounded, slender body in close. Her pantied cunt nestled deliciously against Mia’s pussy, her sharp, hard tits thrust at Mia’s tender boobs.

“Jeeeesus, I’ve really got a hard-on, honey!” Candi breathed, hunching. “I’ve been dreaming about that sweet, hot cunt of yours all week.”

Mia shuddered. “Oh, me too, Candi! It was torture not seeing you for a whole week!”

“You don’t know how glad I am to hear it, Mia,” Candi whispered, her mouth just inches from Mia’s eager, opening lips. “I’m gonna fuck you till you faint.”

Oh, she really wants my pussy, Mia thought, more juice leaking out into her panties. I’m starting to think I’m better off with chicks. I’m certainly turning on better with Candi than Alvin. We’re right for each other!

Soft music was playing and Candi pulled Mia tight and the two women swayed to the music, dancing closely together. But both the women were incredibly hot for one other and soon Candi’s slow, sexy waltz with Mia morphed into worming her mons into Mia’s cuntmound, her hands on the hot blonde’s ass pulling luscious Mia’s crotch as tight as she could to her own. Tremors of achy need bunched in Mia’s crotch, she opened her thighs and the luscious wet push of the slender girl’s cunt, even though both wore their panties, swept her lust toward a peak. As Candi’s tongue stroked into Mia’s waiting, clinging lips, her clit started to burn with erotic fire, her breasts puffed out, she seized Candi around the neck.

It was like their first hot kiss in Candi’s studio, only sweeter. Mia tipped her burning cunt out farther, Candi shuddered, her tongue dived and dived! The dreamy pulse of the music, the fever in Mia’s body, the mash of their mouths together, and Candi’s eager humping started Mia’s climax!

Her thighs shook, her ass moved quickly in when Candi’s ass bucked, her legs weakened as the streams of honey shot up them to her tingling clit! Her tongue wrestled with Candi’s tongue, she moaned deep in her throat, felt Candi’s tightening grip, and what Mia had been dreaming about all week was finally happening!

She’s pulling the fun from my cunt real fast! Mia thought dizzily. Ohhh, I don’t even have that nice stinger of her’s in my pussy! Just her mouth and her body are enough! There IS something special about going off with Candi, she makes my body come ALIVE!

Throb after luscious throb beat through Mia’s loins, her moans turned into a muffled cries of delight, she staggered and nearly fell! The silky squeeze and jiggle of their pantied cunts satisfied a deep craving in Mia’s being, she was blowing her mind! Ohhhh, what a fun way to start a party! Candi wasn’t coming, but she was really enjoying Mia’s wiggles!

“Oh, you hot, beautiful twat!” Candi panted into Mia’s puffy lips. “Just wait till later, I’ll get you off lots better!”

“Ohhh, riiiiight!” Mia panted, the pulsing aftermath tearing through her pelvis, enriching her lust.

They broke apart and Mia felt a whole flood of her fun-juice running down her legs. She staggered toward the bathroom, Candi right behind her.

Candi and Mia enjoyed a warm bath together. A fun bath, full of cozy, wet cuddles, hugs and kisses.

Freshened and totally naked now, Candi and Mia stood in the rest room, drying each other, fondling each other’s bodies. Still flushed and excited from her orgasm, Mia was turning on again. Her big, beautiful tits were full and hard, her coral nipples as stiff as Candi’s clit. She had waited so long to get it in Mia’s dainty cunt she was feverish!

“Let me sit down, honey,” Mia giggled, pushing her crotch at Candi’s right hand. “Getting my fun standing up is hard on my legs!”

“Ah, sweetie, I wouldn’t wanna cause any pain to those luscious legs of yours! I’ll have your ass on a bed pretty soon,” Candi breathed. She ran her play finger up and down Mia’s cuntslit, gripping the curvy ass with her left hand. Mia shivered, her thighs spreading, her puffy mouth waiting for more tongue and lips.

“Jeeeesus, we really groove, huh, don’t we, darlin’?” Candi murmured.

Mia gasped. She was caressing Candi’s sharply-peaked tits, her slender waist.

Candi laughed. She released Mia and steered her out into the big party room. They moved to the big sofa, Mia floating down at Candi’s left, her luscious thighs already spreading, her green eyes aflame with lust.

“Ohhh, shit!” Candi said, shivering. “I really am gonna give you the best fucking you ever had in your life.” Her hand returned to Mia’s swelling, dewy cunt. She had big plans for this chesty piece, very big plans indeed.

With sure deftness, she eased her play finger into Mia’s shivery cunt, fastened her thumb to the sweet clitnub, and aimed her mouth at a hard, tempting pink nipple. Mia hunched out and up, a little hungry gasp of pleasure escaped her lips. She clutched at Candi’s shoulders, arching her tits toward Candi.

As Candi began to tease and finger-fuck Mia toward another go-off, the beautiful honey-blonde moaned.

“Ohhhh, that’s good, honey!” Mia moaned. “Don’t ever stop!”

Candi shuddered, fastened her lips around a dainty tit-peak and sucked, winding her tongue across the tender, stiffening nipple. This was what it was all about, drawing the thrills from a very sexy girl’s bod, feeling the little quakes of mounting need, the soft girlish whimpers of joy.

In a sweet daze of lust, Mia began to coast delectably toward her peak. Candi was so expert! She knew every little sensitive zone in a girl’s cunt, there was something very special about the way Candi was inching the nuances of pleasure from her loins! She remembered the neat feel of Candi’s long clit in her eager pussy, her head spun around, she hunched and hunched!

Suddenly they were sliding to the carpeted floor, Mia’s legs opened wide, and slender Candi was climbing between her thighs, the playful finger was smoothly replaced by that stinger at the top of Candi’s cunt! As it bored into Mia’s trembling cuntflesh, as Candi began to fuck in slow, lingering cadence, Mia jerked her thighs away back, her breast curved high, her cuntmouth twitched against Candi’s wet, hot cunt!

“OHH, Sweet Jeeeeeesus, that’s sexy cunt!” Candi panted, her little pecker tensing in Mia’s eager flesh. “I didn’t get my gun off that other time, but I’m going to make it this time, baby!”

“OHH, yessss!” Mia gasped. “Bang me real hard, honey! Bang me ’til you pop! ‘Til we both blow! Ohhhh, I’m soooooo ready!”

Candi shook wildly. She had never turned on so swiftly in her life! As much as she wanted to drag out the screw, she knew she would have to do that next time. The aroma, the flavor, the feel of this lush bundle was driving her nuts! Her clit felt as long as a real cock! The achy need in her loins had to explode!

Bracing her torso high, looking down at the twisting, beautiful face of Mia, those high, full tits, Candi started into her short strokes. What she had waited for and dreamed about for too many long days was starting to happen! She had taken this beauty from Alvin, she had more to offer than that fucker did with all his cash.

The sweet mash of Mia’s heated pussy, the shake of her long, lush, superb thighs on Candi’s restless hips and waist, the sudden lift of her beautiful ass as Mia fucked back, her fierce moan of need, the claw of her fingers on Candi’s shoulders, started the fun! Heavenly twinges of lust drew along her legs to her busy ass!

“OHHH, fuuuuuuuk, shiiiiit!” Candi whined, jabbing her clit swiftly. “I’m coming off in your cunt, honey! Blow your mind, get your sweet fun-gun OFF!”

“NNNNN — OHH, OH, OH, OHH!” Mia cried, her cunt fluttering around Candi’s driving girlie prick. “OHH, yes, yes! Here it commmmmmmmmes!”

Candi shouted! It was as if a hot poker had been jammed into her ass! The searching, surging pounds of her cumjoy tore her whole pelvis! Each beat seemed to stiffen her clit even more, her thrill-filled pussy was pouring hot honey into the sweetest cunt in the world. To mingle with the sweet syrup that Mia’s cunt was was gushing in copious amounts into her’s.


It was now a couple of weeks since Candi and Mia had partied together at Alvin Nelson’s luxurious beach house. Lots had happened. Mia was now living with Candi and Nancy and Candi had stuggled mightily to keep her two babes apart. Not that she cared if they eventually got together. No! She wanted that. She just wanted it to happen ‘when’ she wanted it and under her control. Accordingly, Candi had waited and planned for this particular night.

“Now we’re gonna have a real party, girls,” Candi Martin smiled, looking at Mia and then at Nancy. The beautiful honey-blonde wore a black baby-doll outfit and long black nylons and cute young Nancy had nothing on but wild pink crotchless panties and a very sheer bikini bra. They were ‘show’ undies she had brought from her studio, the kind she dressed some models in for girlie magazine photos. When she got a hard-on she wanted her pieces to look their sexiest. And her clit was really itchy tonight.

Music floated softly around the living room at Candi’s fancy condo, the lights were not too bright, she had already served the girls two martinis apiece. More were already waiting in the silver shaker. Gin was a great cunt-warmer.

And a great panty-remover. Not that Candi expected that there would be any problem at all removing the panties covering the two hot pussies she had at her disposal this evening!

“Oh, wow!” Nancy giggled, gazing admiringly at Candi. The sexy photographer was proud of her appearance. She wore black velvet gloves that reached to her elbows, very dark webbed hose, very high heels, a black velvet band around her throat — and nothing else. Dressing ‘mannish’ was no longer necessary, she had conquered these cunts, they were hers to enjoy.

Mia was off her high horse, getting turned out by Alvin after the private eye her husband had hired had presented him with the pictures he had managed to get of Candi and Mia that night at the beach house. Mia figured she could probably flag her ass around in a miniskirt and pick up another rich husband, but right now Candi was giving her modeling work and a room at her condo, along with the delectable Nancy.

Perhaps Mia didn’t have all the luxuries of her set-up with Alvin but she was having, night after night after night, since moving from Alvin’s bed to Candi’s, the best sex of the 24-year-old’s life. She was going to get as much of that beautiful cunt of Candi’s as she possibly could. She knew she was sharing Candi’s pussy with the beautiful, eager, young Nancy – not to mention the efficient and beautiful Laura – but, always confident of her looks, of those spectacular looks, that, all by themselves had brought Mia this far, she fully-well, absolutely knew she was Candi’s special one. She knew, even as cool as Candi liked to play it, sometimes, that she had the sexy photographer totally hooked on her! She determined that she’d ride this set-up for as long as she could.

This was Friday evening. Candi had given Mia a good fucking Thursday night in her own bedroom, and she had banged Nancy this morning in the guest room, but she had waited until tonight to bring them together. They were ready for it. Candi had paved the way. She had kept Nancy busy so the two would not be playing around with each other; Candi wanted to be there when that happened. Later, Candi figured, she’d bring sexy Laura Wheeler into the mix.

“I was never in on a thing like this!” Nancy exclaimed. She was perched prettily in a chair, sipping at her third martini.

Mia laughed. Sprawled on the big sofa, she gave Candi a hungry, knowing look. “This should be real fun!”

“I’ll make it fun,” Candi smiled, moving over to pose so both girls could see her naked cunt and cute, pointy breasts. She undulated her ass in time to the music, rich tingles streaking up her legs to her itchy clit. It was getting hard, the pink wet tip was already peeking out from her puffing labia. She kept her pubic hair trimmed to display her cunt better. Both girls watched it.

“Ohhh, this is something!” Nancy breathed, moving off her stool to snuggle up close to Candi.

Not to be left out, Mia stood and wiggled her hot ass over and cuddled close to Candi on the other side.

Right in her glory, Candi slid her circling left hand upward and cradled one of Mia’s beautiful big tits in the silky covering. She teased the nipple into erectness, feeling the lusty honey-blonde tremble. Her right hand was busy too, squeezing and rolling Nancy’s luscious ass-curves. Both girls were turning on good! As Candi knew they would.

Candi drew her right arm from around Nancy, who was watching avidly, and now that this hand was not filled with Nancy’s ass-flesh she twirled Mia around, stood behind her and filled her free hand with Mia’s other swelling tit. She fit her crotch to Mia’s rounded ass, bouncing Mia’s titties, hunching playfully. Mia was a much better fuck than Nancy, more uninhibited, she heated up faster.

Mia trembled. “Ooooh, Candi,” she moaned. “I luv it, sexy. I just luv the way you handle my titties!”

“Don’t I know it!” Candi murmured, squeezing Mia’s bountiful tits. The warm, silky ass curving back into Candi’s heating crotch sent daggers of need through Candi’s being. She tried to find the honey-blonde’s anus with her tingling clit, and wow! There it was! Mia loved to have a finger in there when Candi was nibbling her dewy, responsive cunt.

Watching Candi and Mia kissing now, Nancy’s legs trembled, her pussy was swelling inside her fancy red panties, her nipples tingled. Even Candi’s expertness had never warmed up her cunt so fast! After her trip to that sex-gadget store with her model buddy, Colleen, she had been thinking more and more about how one of those prick-shaped things that Colleen had purchased would feel in her virginal cunt.

She adored all the things Candi did for her, giving her a nice home and modeling jobs and enough pussy-rubbing to satisfy her needs, but a deeper need was building in her loins. She wanted something larger and longer than a finger or even Candi’s talented girlie-fuck-prick gliding in her eager cunt.

If Candi doesn’t break my cherry soon, I’M going to! she thought, trembling.

She couldn’t tear her eyes from from the older women and she eagerly followed the two kissing figures, who were locked together, as Candi steered Mia down the hall, into her bedroom and backed her over until the hot blonde fell back on Candi’s soft, comfy, cozy bed. The beautiful blonde’s baby-doll outfit was gone, peeled off by Candi and discarded along the hallway. Mia was lying back on the mattress, her rich long thighs opening for Candi’s pleasure. The sexy boss of the bunch removed her long, black gloves and kicked off her high-heeled sandals. She swept between Mia’s legs, their cunts met, Candi’s head lowered toward Mia’s peaked, coral-nippled tits. Candi’s ass tensed and moved as she rubbed her pussy all around Mia’s!

“Ohhhh, hurry and get me off, honey!” Mia cried, her thighs swinging away back above her shoulders. “I can’t wait for the thrills!” Although Nancy had heard this same bed jiggling the last time Candi and Mia had fucked, and she’d certainly played out this exact scenario with sexy Candi, she had never actually watched two girls doing it. The whole scene was just terribly fascinating! And arousing!

Feverishly, Nancy unfastened her bra, slid her panties down from her ass, her legs so weak she could no longer stand! She fell into a nearby chair, her legs opened, her tittles full and achy, her cunt aflame and runny with goading lust.

“Does little Nancy turn you on, honey? Would you like a go at her pussy?” Candi said, her mouth just above Mia’s swollen titties. She hunched her ass.

“Oh — she turns me on some, sure, and yeah, I’ll fuck her if you’ll let me, but, darlin’, your little girlie-cock does it all for me!” Mia cried. “Come on! Fuck me real good! Throw me some cunt, Candi-girl!”

“Oh, wow, yes, ma’am, I’m gonna bang you plenty tonight, sugar-doll!” Candi said, her voice thick with lust for Mia. She took a moment, without ceasing her cunt-rubs of squirming Mia, to look over at Nancy. “Go ahead and play with it, sweetie. I know you’re hot for a cum. Look in the drawer in that nightstand beside you. I put something in there for you, baby, something I’m sure you’re just gonna love!”

Oh, she drives me crazy every time, Nancy thought, more wetness leaking from her puffy cunt.

Nancy shuddered, sliding her right hand down to her aching, burning pussy. She had not needed to use her fingers much lately, Candi had been bringing most of her goodies, but now she had to finish soon! In some ways, Candi was like a man — except she usually lasted longer than any man – but once she got her stinger in a cunt she hated to take it out. Nancy was sure she would be fucking Mia for a long, long time.

The way Candi acted, she was going to get her pistol popped before she quit on Mia. It was obvious to Nancy, not that it bothered her all that much, that Candi preferred Mia, she was just terribly beautiful and sexy. But no-longer-naive Nancy had been going on lots of modeling gigs with lots of hot girls who had made it very plain that they had the hots for Nancy. She figured, even if Candi dumped her to concentrate solely on Mia, she’d make out all right! She’d never lack for cunt! Of that she was certain!

Curious as to what Candi had left in the drawer for her, Nancy slid open the drawer and spotted a long, round, latex tube. It was a deep purple color and though she’d had no experience with any, real or otherwise, besides looking at the one Colleen had purchased, Nancy knew it was shaped like a cock . . . And, naive as she might have once been, and as dedicated a lesbian as she now was, young Nancy still knew, full-well, what a cock was for!

Nancy watched as Candi was beginning to fuck Mia in earnest, now. She was kissing Mia’s nipples, her pretty ass working in the old, familiar cadence — stroke, stroke, stroke, then a rest. Mia’s whimpers of delight, her shaking thighs, said she was getting her enjoys! A faint, wet mushy sound came from their fastened cunts.

Nancy seized the tube, brought the rounded end down to her cunt and arched her crotch high, nudging the ‘head’ between her labia which was plenty wet enough to let it snuggle in easily. Ohhhh, it felt neat! Her tender, swollen cuntlips clasped the object as if it were a real cock! Or as Nancy imagined her cunt would grasp a boy’s pecker.

Using her fingers to lube the rest of the tube with her sugary cunt-leaks, she kept easing the dildo in, slowly, savoring the thrills it was bringing her. When the ‘knob’ touched Nancy’s hymen, another rage of thrills bunched in her crotch, she shot her left hand to her expanded titties, stroking her fingers across the tender, dark nipples. Ohhhhh, dreamy! Nancy figured, if she ever did try a real pecker, no guy in the world would expect her to be a ‘virgin’ at her age! She had been girl-fucked, her pussy had been licked and sucked and kissed and played with by Candi until she no longer considered herself a virgin anyway.

Actually her friend, Colleen, had made Nancy a proposition just a few days earlier. A party with Colleen, Nancy, and Colleen’s boyfriend! Nancy knew her friend, sexy, young Colleen, swung both ways. Oh, there were a lot of fun things she wanted to try; Candi had ‘awakened’ her to the point where she needed sex a lot oftener. The way guys and gals both stared at her when she wiggled down the street gave her oodles of thrills; Candi had told her that she was becoming a real good piece of ass.

I’m going to know what a prick feels like if I decide I ever want one and let Colleen’s boyfriend fuck me, she thought, pushing her object in farther. But as long as I’m living with Candi, I better save my pussy for her. And maybe Mia, too. She’s been acting like she wants to fuck me. And what about sexy Laura Wheeler? She’s had eyes for me ever since I got here. I’ve had a hard time resisting the plays she’s made for me!

The knob pressed into her maidenhead, a new sweet urgency in her crotch shook her whole body, and suddenly, bravely, she pushed in hard! A little twinge of pain made her gasp, but nobody heard it. Mia’s pleasure-screams drowned her out as Candi and Mia were having too much fun of their own!

“OHH—OHH— shiiiiit — fuuuuuck!” Candi bleated, rattling the bed in front of Nancy. “I’m getting my gun!”

Waves of mingled envy and delight swept Nancy’s loins. Her imitation cock was IN! The luscious filling of her cunt, clear to the depths, brought a moan from her lips. It was so good she could hardly believe her senses. Her hips began to lift as if her butt had coil springs! The slide of the tube on her achy clitzone, the realistic pumping in her unpricked cunt, pulled her toward her climax!

Her thighs quivered, her titties swelled out farther, the first stings of her delight shot delectably to the tensing nub of her clitoris! Sweet honey pulsed from her girlie thing, her fun was happening in deeper this time.

“OH, oh, oh, ohhhhhh OHH!” she cried, fucking herself swiftly with the cock-shaped tube. The goody throbs shook her ass and legs and shoulders, she was having a real wow of a time! The twinges lasted longer, they were coming from her anus, too!

She slumped, panting, as the aftermath washed her loins and titties. She looked down at her cunt and saw redness mixed in with her pussy-juice, the whole tube was slick and wet with her girl-come and her cherry-blood. Before she could drop the object, Candi raised her flushed face from Mia’s swollen tits and looked over at Nancy.

“Why, you little hot-puss!” Candi exclaimed.

“Oh, I just couldn’t wait any longer, honey!” Nancy breathed.

“Hell, that’s okay, sweetie,” Candi giggled, keeping her cunt mashed into Mia’s cunt, the honey-blonde’s legs wrapped around her. She still looked dazed by the fuck she had just received.

Candi humped a few more times, giving Mia a few more thrills, then, as Mia unwrapped her legs, she rolled away, the pink spike of her sex still protruding from between her puffed cuntlips. Her whole crotch was shiny and wet with pussy juice. She was like a lithe female tiger, she stared at Nancy’s crotch with ferocious interest.

“Okay, gals — back out in the living room,” she said, crawling from the bed. “I want another martini then I want to eat some pussy.” She glanced at the moistened tube in Nancy’s fingers, and giggled. “I guess you’re not cherry anymore, Nancy-girl!”

Nancy blushed furiously. Mia swung off the bed gazing at Nancy. Her drooling cunt was fascinating to Mia too!

“You know, doll,” Candi chuckled, putting her arm around Nancy. “If you liked that, girl, I have one that I can strap around me and really give you a fuck!”

“Oh, yes, oh, please, oh, yes!” Nancy gurgled, thinking that surely a full cock attached to Candi would easily equal anything Colleen’s boyfriend might have to offer!

Nancy’s eyes gleamed! All three women laughed, hugging and kissing. Some party! Just the way Candi had planned!

Moments later, after they had freshened themselves in the rest room, the girls were having another martini apiece, served by Candi. There was no hurry, they had all the time in the world for more dreamy fun things.

I knew they’d eat this up, Candi thought, looking from one to the other. Mia and Nancy sat on the sofa, Candi was perched on a bar stool, facing them, her legs open so they could see her cunt and the tip of her tumid clitoris.

“I thought you were going to eat me,” Nancy giggled. She let her soft, pretty thighs spread invitingly. Her dark, tempting nipples were stiffening.

“Oh, I will, honey,” Candi smiled. “Don’t ever you worry! Why don’t you two have a little fun first, kind of get acquainted, huh?”

“Oh, she’s right, honey,” Nancy giggled. She upended her glass and looked at Mia. Mia squirmed lazily, combing her fingers through her long, sexy mane. “I’ve been jealous and wanting a piece with you! Get over here close, doll!”

“Love to,” Mia said, gazing down at Nancy’s pretty, swollen cunt. “You don’t have to ask me twice, baby-girl!” She put her own empty glass aside and scooted closer to Nancy.

Candi took a sip from her glass and chuckled, “Go for it, dolls! This’ll give me a real good hard-on.” She twitched her ass on the bar stool. “That cum in the bedroom just about tore my ass out! But you two surely must know that’s not enough for me!”

They all giggled.

Nancy shivered, sliding her left arm across Mia’s creamy shoulders. Although she was younger, Mia evidently wanted Nancy to start the pussy-play. Well, she was a big girl now, she had lost her cherry tonight, and as fascinating as Candi was, Mia had her own kind of indolent allure.

Nancy pressed her ass in closer to Mia’s velvety bod and lifted her right hand to the honey-blonde’s outcurving tits. What a lovely, big, luscious pair of boobies! Mia trembled, opened her long, full thighs, and softened, turning her head for a kiss.

Nancy brushed her mouth into Mia’s parted, silky lips, tasting what was left of her lip-gloss after all the furious kissing she’d done with Candi. She slid her tongue between them. The sweet cling of Mia’s mouth, the lazy flirt of her tongue around Nancy’s tongue, fired Nancy’s lust. Candi had never let her take the ‘lead’ role, she wanted to be boss. This was so different, it awakened a sweet latent craving in her being, her ass already was squirming with anticipation.

Waves of lilac perfume and pussy aroma bladed her senses, she cuddled her hand around and under Mia’s thrusting breasts, roving her fingers from one swelling nipple to the other. An eager moan rose in Mia’s throat, her arms went around Nancy’s neck, her soft right thigh slipped across Nancy’s legs.

Oh, I love this! Nancy thought, her cunt starting its hot ache again. While Candi’s at work, when I’m done my job, I’ll slip back here to the apartment and have this beautiful blonde all for myself!

Candi watched the two girls sucking tongues and her clit flexed into neat hardness. Mia’s wide-open velvety thighs, the dewy cunt uptilted for caresses, was too tempting! She leaped from the stool, raced to the sofa and sank to her knees, sliding her hands beneath Mia’s warm, silky ass. Her eager tongue shot out, she brought her head down and wiggled her her warm tongue across Mia’s dewy, fragrant cuntmound.

Candi had anticipated this night and she was really turned on the way her two house-mates were really grooving together. Nancy was surprisingly bold, she was learning the big city ways.

Wiggling her tongue into Mia’s fragrant, shivery cunt, Candi let her know who was boss girl.

Mia’s hips arched up and out, her thighs trembled, she moaned her delight. Her mouth broke from Nancy’s lips, she sank back on the sofa, her beautiful face flushed with lust.

“Ohhhhh, Candi!” she whimpered. Her hands clutched at Candi’s shoulders, Nancy kept her hands on Mia’s bulging, hard-nippled tits. Candi stroked her tongue in the alluring, dainty cunt. She was feasting on her very favorite dish, hands fastened to a velvety, yielding ass, her right middle finger toying with the tender anus.

Oh, this is living! Candi thought, sipping the girl-honey from Mia’s pussy, feeling the tremors of mounting joy. Everything turned out right to turn this sexy, lazy piece on real big. Nancy wants some of it, too, but she’ll have to wait her turn. Ohhh, shit, this is good cunt!

Nancy had a sudden brilliant idea. She was going to have to bring her own goodies again, but the opened position of Candi’s long, slender thighs as she crouched in her cunt-lapping pose, drew her from the sofa. She leaped around and dropped on her back, sliding forward on the carpet until her mouth was right beneath Candi’s spread-apart cunt.

She gripped Candi’s hips, and, on cue, excited by Nancy’s bold move, Candi lowered her crotch, tipping her pelvis into a convenient position, her tremble of excitement urging Nancy on. She hadn’t lapped any pussy yet, Candi had always been the one to do the cunt-eating, and she loved it, but Nancy wanted practice!

She fastened her lips to the puffy, moistened center of Candi’s sex, feeling the stiff spike of Candi’s long clit along the edge of her tongue. Ohhh delicious! A daisy-chain fun thing was better than having to wait until Candi finished her job on Mia.

Candi moaned into Mia’s tasty cunt, her tongue working slowly and lingeringly. Beautiful! Nancy was catching on very fast, now.

I didn’t even have to ask her to nibble my cunt, she’s going at it like she had been there before! Candi thought. Maybe she’s been lapping that young, cute Colleen. But then girls seem to know how to eat pussy, like kissing — it just comes naturally. Jeeeesus, she’s really sucking good!

Nancy shot her right hand down to her burning, twitching cunt, leaving her left hand on Candi’s hips. Her sweet ass was jerking and bouncing on the carpet, she was shaking and moaning, enjoying her thrills, causing Nancy’s mouth to vibrate even more on Candi’s cunt. Both their clitties were tensing for their love-shot! Nancy’s long, pretty legs were opening farther, her ass was quivering. Everything said go-go!

Opening her labia, Nancy eased her first two fingers into her eager cunt. No more maidenhead to worry about, she could fill her pussy with whatever was big enough and handy enough! She wanted to get the dildo again but she couldn’t reach to where she had left it, on a end-table at the end of the couch. Getting up to retrieve it, that would have required leaving Candi’s delicious cunt! Nancy was so enjoying her first taste of pussy that she didn’t want to quit sucking and licking the wonderful, sugary honey Candi’s cunt was drooling for her, for even a moment! In fact, she never wanted to quit. But she could play with her pussy and rub her clitty with her hand all right! Ohhh, yes! Fuck, fuck, fuck — pause. Ohhh, wow!

A faint, sexy slurping sound came from Mia’s crotch, her whimpers of delight increased Nancy’s excitement. She sipped more of Candi’s cunt-juice, poking her tongue up in the cunny a little farther! But a sudden tip of Candi’s pelvis told Nancy what the slender girl wanted, more than anything — tongue play on her long, hard girlie-cock!

Nancy moved her mouth slightly, sliding her tongue across and around that luscious stiffness. Candi’s deep moan, her shudder of joy, told it all. Candi was a real lesbian, her whole sexual craving centered in her clit — but she was still a wonderful person, she could bring the fun from Nancy’s cunt and tits and mouth as no one ever had before!

A sudden louder cry from Mia, a shake of Candi’s body, quickened Nancy’s hand-play on her eager cunt. Ohhh, the slide of her fingers in and out, in and out, with her thumb hitting her clit at every stroke, started her goodies!

“OHHH-NNNNN!” Mia cried fiercely. She was going off, too!

A swift rise of Candi’s ass, breaking Nancy’s hold, breaking the mouth and cunt connection, almost startled Nancy. She squirmed around, turned the other way and watched just what she had expected — Candi was fucking Mia to her finish! Candi just had to move her pretty ass when she was breaking her fun, and her butt was really flying this time! Her almost-man-like hunches at Mia’s crotch, her wail of delight, triggered Nancy’s need!

Deprived of Candi’s cunt, Nancy ran quick, grabbed the still pussy-juice-wet dildo and dropped flat on the carpet, her thighs wide apart, and pumped the probe juicily in her cock-hungry cunt! The fun-shivers flashed up her shaking legs, her inner vagina twitched delectably, her clit began to pulse and her tittles curved high. She seized a breast in her left hand, her ass lifted higher. The sweet pound, pound, pound of her fun-gun rocked her loins!

“UGHHHH-fuuuuuuuck!” Candi cried. Her long, busy clit-cock was coming in Mia’s cunt! Mia’s loud wild wail of culmination filled the room. Nancy thrashed her body on the carpet, legs kicking, as the honeyed throbs racked her crotch and pelvis!

A slow, dreamy spasming of her cuntal depths, a luscious tightening of her cuntflesh around her new plastic friend, caused hot Nancy to wail in pleasure. Oh, girl parties were fun! They were all getting their fun-twinges together!

Candi finished her fuck, savoring the last sweet nuances of relief, and lifted her cunt from Mia’s throbbing, dewy puss. Squirming over the writhing Mia, she kneeled over her head and sank her pussy down to Mia’s face so the golden-haired girl could lap around her cunt, taste the sweet juice and give Candi a few more thrills. The she dropped her butt down at Mia’s right and looked over at Nancy.

“You made it too, huh?” Candi giggled.

“Right on!” Nancy exclaimed, struggling to her feet. “When are you going to fuck me, honey?”

“Soon, sweetie, soon,” Candi laughed, gazing at the sweet puff of Nancy’s leaking cunt. “Come on over here, baby! You’re real good with your tongue.”

“I’m learning, Candi,” Nancy giggled.

Candi lay in the middle, each arm around each of her girls, each hand cuddling a tittie, one of Mia’s and one of Nancy’s.

“What’d’ya say, ladies,” Candi chuckled. “The night’s still young. Shall we all fuck each other some more?”

All three girls chuckled at such a silly question.

Mia, on one side and Nancy, on the other, now took turns giving Candi, the woman who had made it all possible, in the center, warm, loving, sexy kisses. Their mutual lover was exactly right, as she usually was. The night was still young!

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