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I like gardening. It’s a relaxing hobby and I happen to have the knack of making plants grow. Give my brother and me two identical plants and what happens? He carefully plants his one, adds the right fertilizer, tends it carefully, watches over it like a mother with her baby, right up to the time it dies on him. Me, I slap my plant down into the soil and jump back to give it room to grow. A natural talent and a green thumb, I assure my brother. Pure arsed luck, he tells me.

As a result of this green thumb I have a very nice garden. I’ve even won a few neighbourhood prizes for best garden, which irritates my brother no end. I have a very nice array of roses along one side of my garden. When they’re in flower I have no objections to the neighbours taking a few roses, as long as they don’t strip a bush. Some of the local girls take advantage of this to get themselves a nice posy occasionally. Even the odd lad has been known to take a couple to give to his girlfriend.

What was new to me was walking out one day and finding a complete bush gone. Someone came along overnight and dug it up. A very nice ‘Love and Peace’ rose, a multi-coloured specimen.

Having someone pinch a complete bush really irritated me, especially when I spotted the bush in a nearby garden a few days later. I knew it was my rose but how the hell could I prove it? A few minor bits of pruning and it was no longer my bush. Nothing I could do but swear eternal vengeance and go skulking back home.

Losing one bush was an irritant. Losing a second one a week later was tantamount to a declaration of war. What did the stupid woman think she was playing at? The family was new in the neighbourhood. How did one go about letting them know that sticky fingers weren’t appreciated?

I was standing there glowering at my lost bushes, now settling nicely into their garden, when the woman who lived there came out. She was around forty, reasonable looking, friendly and knowledgeable about roses. Did I like her latest two bushes? Her daughter had got them for her. She knew a place where she could get them cheap, apparently. How interesting. I’d really have to have a chat with her daughter at some stage.

I had seen a young woman who I thought was probably her daughter a couple of times. She’d been delighted to know she could pick a few roses as she liked to have some in her room. Now that I thought about it, the first few roses she took were from the ‘Love and Peace’ rose that subsequently went walkabout. Yes, I really wanted a word with that young lady.

There was no rush. I kept an eye out and bided my time. It happened. Another bush went, and I waited for a certain young lady to come past. She wandered past that afternoon, stopping to admire my roses with a smile on her face.

“Beth, isn’t it?” I casually asked her, leaning against the fence.

She nodded.

“You really have a nice lot of roses, don’t you?” she said.

“I do indeed. Would you believe that some lowlife actually stole one of my bushes last night? You can get some real scumbags around the place, can’t you? I mean, if even the plants on your yard aren’t safe, what is?”

Beth was all sympathetic, agreeing that there were, indeed, some low lifes around.

“Third time it’s happened,” I groused. “Fortunately I’ve got a nasty shock in store for them this time.”

“Ah, you do?” she asked.

I nodded. You can’t see it from here but there’s a high definition camera installed up in the eaves. Comes complete with low-light penetration, allowing me to get really good shots even at night. I’ll just need to print out a few prints and turn them over to the cops while I fill out the complaint. I’ll probably tack a few up on the lamp-posts around the neighbourhood, letting the neighbours know who to watch out for.”

For some reason Beth had gone a little pale.

“Say, want to come in and watch the film with me? Maybe you know the person and can point them out to me.”

“Um, no, I don’t think so,” she muttered. “I’ve got to be getting home.”

“Ah, no, I think you really want to come in and see the pretty pictures. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the show. It’s amazing what these modern cameras can show. It’s just like filming in the middle of the day and there was only moonlight.”

I reached over and opened the gate, indicating that she should enter. Looking a little sick, she did so. I escorted her silently along the path and into the front room.

“Do you really want to see the film?” I asked. “There are some very good shots on it. Would you believe that you actually looked directly at the camera at one stage? The face spotting technology in the software just zoomed in on you for a lovely little close up.”

“What are you going to do?” she asked, ignoring the question.

“I believe I’ve already answered that,” I pointed out. “You know, the printouts, the formal complaint to the police, the posting of the photos. I wouldn’t worry about the cops too much though. You’ll probably only get a bond or a minor fine. I’m assuming this is a first offence?”

“Yes,” she muttered. I guess it’s hard to speak when your teeth are gritted together.

“Or possibly the first time you’ve been caught?”

“No. I’ve never done anything like this before. I just wanted to improve mum’s garden.”

“Mm. She’s going to be real proud of that garden now, isn’t she? I wonder how she’ll feel when the cops come knocking.”

“I’m sorry. Do you really have to go the police? I’m willing to pay for the bushes.”

“The cops were my second choice,” I told her. “But then I figured that if I take this to the police then you’re screwed, even if it is only figuratively. My first thought was to catch you alone, rip your clothes of, and screw you literally. Wiser council suggested you might prefer the figurative screwing to the actual.”

From the look on her face that decision might have gone either way, although neither appealed. But I suspected that she really did not want the cops involved.

“I said I’m sorry and that I’ll pay for the bushes. Can’t you just let it go at that?”

“No. Then you’ll think you can just buy your way out of trouble. You may not realise it but I am really quite angry about this.”

She reddened and looked elsewhere. I let the silence linger for a few moments. Then I offered her a straw to grab.

“You don’t want to get screwed literally and neither do you want the cops and the figurative screwing. What would you suggest? That I just give you a beating and send you on your way with your promises to be good?”

“That’d work,” she said quickly. “There’d be no need to involve the police or anything. I won’t do anything like this again, I swear. I couldn’t bear it if my mother found out. And to have everyone talking about me and pointing. . .” She gave a delicate little shudder.

I laughed.

“It’s not on, kid,” I told her. “Neighbours are not supposed to go around handing out corporal punishment to the kids in the area, no matter how much they deserve it. And if you’re considered a juvenile you’ll only face the Children’s Court and there’d be no adult record kept.”

“Stop calling me kid,” she said, gritted teeth rubbing together again. “I’m not a child. I’m eighteen. Nearly nineteen. And if I say you can beat me then it’s no-one else’s business.”

“Actually, that probably makes it worse. You’d be screaming rape as soon as I pulled down your panties to start paddling you. Thanks, but no thanks.”

“I wouldn’t. Honest, I wouldn’t. Ah, why would you have to take my panties down anyway?”

“Use some common sense. I don’t have a riding crop or wooden paddle to beat you with. That only leaves my hand. I should just slap you around? No way known. The only thing left is to bend you over my knee and spank you. If I’m going to spank you I’d do it on a bare bottom to make sure you got the point. I can see me now, bending you over, pulling down your panties, hearing the loud screams as you shriek your lungs out.”

I gave her a ‘you must be kidding’ look and she was starting to look irritated.

“Look, if it’s a choice between hullo, officer, and hullo, spanking, I’ll go with the spanking. And I wouldn’t scream, I swear. Look, I’ll prove it.”

With that she reached up her skirt, pulled her panties down and stuffed them in the pocket of her skirt.

“See,” she said with a little gasp. “You won’t even need to pull them down. They’re already off. All you need to do is give me a spanking and we can call it quits.”

I reached over and casually lifted the hem of her skirt. She was beautifully naked beneath it. I didn’t blatantly stare at her, lifting my eyes to meet hers, showing I wasn’t that impressed by her nakedness. She’d given a little start when I lifted her dress but relaxed when I didn’t seem to make a big deal about it.

“This is totally against my better judgement,” I blustered, and I could see a satisfied little smile playing around her lips. She was going to get her tale smacked and walk away scot free (apart from a sore bottom).

“So what do I do?” she asked me. “Do I bend over your knee?”

“No. Bend over the end of the couch.”

She scooted over to the couch and bent over it, kindly lifting her dress up to expose her bottom. How thoughtful of her. Still, it was a very nice bottom.

“If you stand like that you’re going to pitch forward onto the couch the first time I smack you. I suggest you move your feet a bit further apart so that you have a better balance.”

She did as suggested, blushing a little as she did so. I suspected that she was wondering just how much she had on display. Everything, I could have told her, but chose not to.

I stood by her side and back a little. As well as giving me a good position for a nice paddling it also let me see anything I wanted to without making it obvious that I was checking her out.

“I am really very disappointed in your behaviour, you know,” I observed, emphasising this with her first spank, my hand bouncing off a nice round buttock. “Very disappointed,” I added, treating her other firm, round, shapely, white, buttock to a similar spank.

A nice thing about ladies bottoms. The curve of their cheeks matches nicely with the curve of my hand. Not that Beth seemed to be appreciating the way the curve of my hand met the curve of her bottom. She wailed, saying it was too hard, which it wasn’t, that it hurt, which it was supposed to, and that I should stop, which I didn’t.

I warmed her bottom quite nicely for her, giving it a nice red glow. I also warmed her ears, giving a sanctimonious little lecture to go with the spanking. From the muttering that occurred in between the weeping and wailing I would have to say the lecture was even less appreciated than the spanking.

I would like to point out that ninety percent of the weeping and wailing were of the crocodile’s tears variety and didn’t mean a thing. I knew precisely how hard I was spanking her and, while her bottom was undoubtedly smarting, I wasn’t causing any bruising. More tenderising, than anything else.

Of interest to me were the little signs I could use to gauge just how she was reacting. Like the light flush on her bottom and the flush that seemed to be developing around her pudendal area. The swelling of her labia and the way they pursed and pouted. All little indications that she was reacting the way I expected.

Beth didn’t even seem to notice when a slight change to the angle of my spank allowed the tips of my fingers to reach between her legs and sting her pussy slightly. Unless you call a slight squirming and raising of her bottom noticing.

I decided that she was warmed up enough. I’d already unfastened my trousers and it was a moment’s work to drop them and move up behind her. With the next spank my hand slid down and covered her mound. Spreading my fingers spread her lips, and my erection was right there, knocking at the door. Not that it waited for an invite before starting to push its way in.

There was a definite reaction this time.

“What the fuck are you doing?” she screamed.

What I was doing was sliding my cock down a hot, wet, passage that seemed to be eagerly awaiting it. While tight, it was yielding happily to my thrust. I explained it to her.

“I am doing what you’ve been expecting ever since you dropped your panties. Actually, you were probably more surprised by the fact that I really did spank you, than you are by this. Any time a young woman drops her panties in front of a man and bends over, she knows exactly what is coming her way.”

“I didn’t. You said you weren’t going to do this.”

“And you decided that I should. Far be it from me to disappoint a young woman. Don’t worry. I’ll do my best to make sure that this is the best penalty you’ve ever had. May I suggest, just in the spirit of cooperation for your penalty, you take off your top and bra. Mmm?”

“And if I don’t?”

“Then I won’t be able to play with your breasts while I punish you. Would you like me to help you?”

“I can do it,” came the disgruntled reply.

Isn’t it amazing what people will do when they stop thinking? Beth had hauled her top over her head before she remembered that she wasn’t taking it off. Then it clicked and she swore at me. I laughed.

“You’ve gone that far, you might as well finish it,” I advised and, muttering while she did so, she unclipped her bra and let it fall.

“Are you ready to ride?” I asked.

“Are you going to stop if I say no?”

“Ah, no, I don’t think so. It would just mean that I’d start off at a much slower pace until you are ready.”

“You planned this right from the start, didn’t you?” she groused.

“Me? Definitely not,” I protested. “You’re the one who persuaded me to go this way, remember?”

“Two words,” she said softly. “Bull and shit.”

“You do have a fine way of expressing yourself. Shall we see how well you can express your opinions with your body?”

She gave a sigh. I think it was supposed to be a sigh of resignation, but it sounded awfully like a sigh of anticipation.

“You might as well do it, seeing you’ve already started.”

I took hold of her breasts, feeling her press them firmly against my hands. It would seem she liked having her breasts held. Then I pulled back a little and gave her that first all-important thrust, letting her know my serious intentions. She wasn’t, I was happy to see, reluctant to push back against me.

“One thing,” she gasped out, as I started making merry. “If you start lecturing me again I am going to scream, so just shut up for a while.”

“I can do that,” I said softly. “Am I allowed to tell you how fine you feel? Can I tell you how I like the feel of your breasts in my hands, and the way that your nipples rub against my palms?”

She didn’t answer that. We had a nice movement under way and I kept it going, rubbing and massaging her breasts in time to my thrusting demands. As we went I let one hand drift away from her breasts, just letting it wander around generally, across her tummy, up her sides, around her neck and lightly over her face, all the time speaking softly, telling her how wonderful she felt and how much I appreciated what we were doing.

She didn’t answer at all, just making these funny little sounds as we progressed. Neither did she tell me to shut up. Mind you, she did try to bite my finger when I drew it along her lips.

And all the time I was driving into her, getting harder by the minute. And I do meant getting, not going. True I was going harder as we progressed, but my cock felt as though it had been turned into a rock. I was absolutely rigid, taking my pleasure with a tool that felt as though it would shatter if hit the wrong way. My flowery little compliments were dwindling, being replaced with a driving need to take this woman.

That need also told me that I’d better reach some sort of a conclusion soon or my testicles were going to explode, taking my cock with them if I didn’t find some sort of relief. What could I do? I took her harder and faster and prayed for mercy.

I was totally relieved when I finally climaxed, never being so happy to reach that state. I was just as happy for Beth as, from her wild reaction, she had also climaxed about the same time. She stood there, leaning against the couch breathing heavily. I was breathing just as heavily, but I was leaning against her.

Eventually we both straightened up. I turned her to face me, reached down and undid the clip on her skirt, letting it drop away.

“Why did you do that?” she asked.

“Just wanting to see you,” I said.

“Oh. Ah, how much do I owe you for the bushes I pinched?”

She had the grace to blush when she asked. I just shook my head.

“I think we can consider those paid for in full,” I said. “Of course, if you’re feeling guilty enough I won’t knock back another payment.”

She just gave me a look. Damned if I know if it meant yes, no, or, we’ll see. I guess I’d have to wait to find out.

“Um, are you going to get rid of those photos now?”

“Ah, what photos?” I asked, confused.

“From the security camera,” she amplified, talking as though I was an idiot.

“Oh, those,” I said, nodding. “I’d certainly do that if I had a camera.”

You could feel the sudden chill in the air.

“You don’t have a camera?” she asked, speaking very carefully.

I shook my head.

“Do you know how much those things cost?” I asked. “I’ll pass on the cameras, thank you.”

“You didn’t have any camera?” she shrieked.

“I just said that.”

“Then how could you know it was me that took your silly bushes? It could have been anyone. You had no right to say it was me.”

“Ah, Beth, it was you, remember. I knew it was you because your mother told me. I was admiring her nice new rose bushes and she explained where she got them. When I invited you in, your coming in confirmed it.”

She got dressed, stopping every so often to give me a dirty look. (I also pulled my trousers up. You feel silly, standing there with everything hanging out and not intending to put it anywhere.)

Once Beth was dressed she just stood there, looking a little lost. What is the correct behaviour after you’ve just been spanked? She wanted to stalk out in a huff but she wasn’t quite game.

“Come with me,” I told her, making up her mind for her, and led her out through the kitchen into the backyard.

“Where are we going?” she demanded.

“My greenhouse.”

I took her out the back, indicating the structure that ran across the back of the yard. Despite herself she was interested.

“My roses are nice, but they’re pretty standard,” I said, opening the door. “These are nicer and not standard.”

She just stood inside the door with her mouth open, staring about. All my orchids were on display and I must admit I have a fine variety. About half of them were currently in flower.

“Come on,” I said, urging her along, albeit slowly as she was trying to look everywhere at once. “I’ll cut you a few sprays. You’ll find that they will last quite a while if you just put a little sugar in the water.”

It took me nearly an hour to pry her back out of the greenhouse. She went happily on her way, clutching her orchids carefully. She would, I decided, be back. And not just for more orchids.

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