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Scott’s Unique Christmas Present

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Another long day at work is at an end. It has been a week of non stop demands at work and I am ready for some relaxation. Tossing my clothes as I head for the bathroom, leaving a trail of laundry to be picked up later, I stop to stare at my reflection in the mirror. Unable to resist, I pinch my nipples to hard peaks, moaning softly in the quiet of the house. Bending to put the plug in the tub, then start a nice hot bath, spilling some bubble bath in, inhaling the scent of wild strawberries.

Padding naked to the kitchen and grabbing a diet coke, then heading to the computer to check my emails. The same old; buy this, rent this, check this site out…delete, delete and … wait…here’s one with a twist;

{Hello Bethyboo,

I have been reading your stories and have found them inspiring. I am a woman, and I have been trying to come up with a unique gift for my guy. I was wondering if you would be interested in being his Christmas present from me? He loves anal sex and I was hoping that you might want to show up under the Christmas tree. Please find attached a picture and a brief description of him. If you are interested, please contact me and we can set up the details. }

Opening the picture and reading his description, I smile, imagine that…me a Christmas present. Clicking off the computer and shaking my head at the odd email, I head to the tub. Sliding into the foamy hot water, closing my eyes and just concentrating on breathing for a few minutes. His image floats in front of me, dark hair, silvering at the edges and those deep brown eyes, I can just imagine getting lost in them.

What am I thinking, this is ludicrous, and I start to formulate the return email in my mind, “Thank you for your request, but I am not interested….”

Or am I? My hands are drifting over my belly, slowly caressing until they cup my breasts and I pinch my nipples to life, erect and throbbing with his face hovering in my mind. My breath quickens and I imagine myself laying under a Christmas tree, tied with red ribbons, naked and quivering, awaiting the handsome man in the pic to find me and untie me. One hand slithers down my body, leaving a blazing hot trail, to slide between my swollen nether lips, stroking my hard little clit, feeling it quiver as I cum.

Wow, that was quick. My eyes opening in the bright light of the bathroom, blushing, as I am a little embarrassed to be so inspired by a picture and an email. Putting that man, and that email out of my mind, I lather my hair, rinsing under the tap and pulling the plug.

Stepping from the tub, staring at my reflection in the mirror. Pouting as I lift my heavy breasts, wishing they still sat up and begged, but gravity has taken its toll, or shall I say life has left its marks on my body. A scar here, and one over there, breasts not so perky anymore and a belly that could use a few situps, or a few hundred more like it.

Grinning, I have long ago accepted my flaws, and have learned to embrace my assets. My willingness to experiment and ability to enjoy sex, and turning to look at my ass, and that willing curvy bottom, all add up to a sexy time for any brave enough to partake.

Wrapping myself in the towel, and drying my hair, dabbing on some moisturizer and then softly making my way to bed. Climbing between the sheets and letting the dark night take me away to dreamland.

Climbing from bed reluctantly and looking at the clock. Only 9 am on a Saturday morning, wishing I could climb back under the covers, but the day calls, there is much to do today.

After a quick breakfast I slip into comfy jeans and a t-shirt and head out to do some errands. By late afternoon, I can finally go home and relax. Sitting down in front of the computer once more, I read the email from last night again. When I get to his picture, I can feel my nipples stiffen to little throbbing pebbles, straining at my bra, leaving a very telltale rise in my t-shirt.

Smiling, I hit the reply button and type;

{Thank you for your email and while it is very tempting to take you up on your offer I am unable to…}

I pause, push back in my chair and contemplate, weighing my options, having a little war with myself. It is not right, to offer myself up as a Christmas present, but on the other hand…he is very attractive. And it would be a help to this woman…it would be a unique present, and ….my mind hits a blank. So I continue to compose the message.

{…resist at this time. Let’s discuss the details and make this happen.}

I hit the send button before I can change my mind, and holding my breath…I feel the shudder of anticipation rocket through me. Well now, time to do something about this. Leaning back in the chair, I undo my jeans, slip a hand inside and find that warm wet cleft. Rubbing my clit, letting a finger press inside to scoop out more wetness, moaning aloud as my hips slip forward, ass barely on the edge of the chair. Heart beating faster, panting for breath, cumming swiftly, moaning aloud, a cry falling over my parted lips, the wet gush onto my fingers.

Smiling, eyes closed, finger still buried inside my clutching cunt, rubbing my engorged clit…waiting for the quivering of my body to abate…the sound of the email notice bringing me quickly out of my post orgasmic bliss.

Pushing the button, and reading;

{Thank you so much…this will mean a lot to both of us. If you will kindly send me your size, I have just the outfit picked out to wrap you in. Please let me know if the date will work for you.}

I check the date against my calendar and find that it will work and with another delicious shiver, I send her back my acceptance, and my phone number. Within a minute of hitting the send button my phone rings and with a shaky hand I pick up the receiver and say, “Hello?”

Her voice sounds as nervous as mine as she quickly outlines what she is hoping for, and with a breathless sound of agreement, she assures me that she will send me all the pertinent details in an email.

“Thank you so much, he will be thrilled with his Christmas present, and I think you will be pleased as well, he has an amazing cock.” her voice is tinged with nervous excitement.

“I just hope he will be as thrilled with me as I will be with him, and thanks for letting me do this.” my voice quivers, nerves and the recent orgasm lending a huskiness to my voice.

We disconnect and I find that I am looking very forward to meeting this man. With only a week until present time, I will have to find ways to keep my mind off of the encounter or I will be so nervous I might chicken out.

Work and Christmas shopping, decorating and an evening of baking cookies make the week go by quickly and finally the day has arrived.

Lazing in the tub, carefully shaving my legs, my underarms and of course my pussy have me trembling with excitement. In need of some release I lay back in the tub, grab the shower nozzle and direct the spray of water on my clit, it dances under the jets, swells and throbs. My heels on either side of the tub, braced, my pussy draped wide open, clit standing tall from its hood, I let out a scream as I rgasm.Pussy gushing into the tub, eyes feverish as my fingers dive inside and rub that sensitive tract of flesh, and with a growl, I squirt sweet girl cum, drenching my fingers, it drips from my wrist. Breathless, mouth wide in a silent scream…trembling all over as the orgasm is sustained by the jet of water hammering at my hard pleasure nub.

Gasping for breath, unable to move I let the shower nozzle drop into the tub, spraying warm water all over, washing away the fluids, leaving me weak and trembling. Finally climbing from the tub on rubbery legs, I dry my hair, apply a thin coat of make-up and deep red lipstick to match my finger and toe nails. Checking my naked body in the mirror, I smile, this will have to do.

Slipping into jeans and a t-shirt, I pull on my jacket and grab my car keys. It is time to go, and I don’t want to be late. I park on the street a couple of houses down, and walk quickly to their house. She meets me at the door and with a grin, grabs my hand and pulls me inside.

We stand staring at each other and finally she says, “You are perfect, he will be thrilled.”

With that we both giggle and I step out of my sneakers and follow her into the house. She gives me a quick tour that ends in the kitchen. We sit at the table and talk about what I should expect, and by the time all the details are hammered out, we have polished off an entire bottle of wine and both of us are a little giddy.

She pulls a box from under the table and tells me to go to the bathroom and get changed, he will be home in about 30 minutes. I eye the box, bright red and find myself blushing almost the same colour. She just laughs and points to the bathroom.

In the box I find a pair of red fishnet stockings, complete with red garter belt. A short red skirt trimmed at the hem with white fur and a bra…at least it is sort of a bra, more a shelf for my breasts…nipples completely exposed. And that’s it! I might as well be naked, the skirt barely covers my ass, and it flares so that I am sure with every movement I will be showing my treasures.

Still, this is what she wants me wrapped in, not that there will be much need for unwrapping. I swallow the lump in my throat and return to the kitchen. She stares at me…and she is frowning. “What, did I do something wrong?” my voice trembles as I cross my arms over my breasts.

“Oh, no, not at all…I was just thinking that maybe you look too good. You will be fine, he is going to love his present.” she takes my hand and leads me to the living room. “Just a few final touches and I am going to go out, I don’t think I could stand to stay. I want him to find you under the tree, ready to be unwrapped.”

She hands me a pair of red stiletto heels which I slip my feet into, teetering, glad I won’t be expected to walk anywhere. Then she adds a big red bow to my head and ties my hands behind my back, with red ribbon, making my breasts jut out from my chest. e positions me beside the tree and proceeds to wrap a thick red ribbon around me, tethering me to the tree. She is careful not to cover my hardened nipples, instead the ribbon goes above and below them, making them stand out even more, throbbing red, aching and engorged with blood.

She stands back and looks at me…produces a pair of nipple clamps and quickly attaches them as I wriggle and squirm, realizing that I am actually quite helpless. My breath is fast, panting for each lungful of air.

She looks at me again, “Perfection, I hope the clamps aren’t too tight, but I couldn’t resist them in the store, and just one more thing.” She adds a tag to one of the clamps so that it dangles and pulls.

“It says, To Scott, unwrap as you will, she is yours until midnight.” She smiles at me…and then walks away. My mouth gone dry, I am scared, my nipples aching and throbbing, pain setting in, my threshold being tested as I hear her close the door.

My body shudders in its bonds, knowing that I cannot get out of the ribbons, my back arched, my everything on display, and even as I wriggle against the tree, I can feel the swelling of my nether lips, the juices as they seep and ooze.

Long minutes tick by and finally the sound of the door again. My lips tremble, and my mind races, what if he is not happy with me as his present. A nervous trembling makes my body tremble, my feet aching in the impossibly high heels and my nipples throbbing with pain as they swell even more around the clamps.

I watch, breath held as he enters the room, and stops…mouth wide, staring at me, tied to his Christmas tree. He slowly approaches, and a smile spreads over his face as he reads the tag. Those dark brown eyes twinkling mischievously as he reaches up and touches my cheek.

“Well, Merry Christmas to you too…I think I will leave you just like that while I grab a quick shower…no need to be hasty and unwrap you too soon.” he winks at me and as he turns to walk away, I can’t help but whimper, my nipples are demanding to be released from the clamps.

He comes back to me, leans in and whispers,”I will take those clamps off as soon as I come back, I want to hear your pretty lips scream when I do.” he licks my lips, pushing his tongue into my mouth briefly before walking away. I can hear his chuckling receding in the house.

My heart pounds in my chest, so loud I am sure he can hear it even above the sound of the shower. He is so handsome, so masculine, and his scent has infused my nostrils as I pull cool air into my burning lungs. I lick my lips, where his tongue lingered just moments ago and my pussy, reacting to the anticipation of his return starts to pour its sweet oils out. My thighs feeling the warm wet trickle dribbling down.

After what seems a very long time, my nipples are singing with pain, every inhalation of breath making them move, swell so that the clamps bite in deeper. Just when I think I can’t take it anymore, I hear him approaching, soft footsteps getting closer. He stops to lean in the doorway. Framed, his hips swaddled in a white towel, his hair, darker and hugging his head, and those eyes that seem to bore right through to the depths of me, making me hold my breath in anticipation. He stares at me, and finally my breath hisses over clenched teeth, hot and damp over my lips. He smiles back at me and I watch as he moves closer, closer until I am ready to scream with need.

He stops just short of being able to reach out and touch me and takes in my trembling body, his eyes devouring me, making me feel helpless, nervous, there is such raw need in his smouldering brown orbs. My eyes wide as I watch his hands untuck the towel and as it drops away, it catches briefly on his raging erection, making his cock bob up and down before with a swing of his hips it flutters to the floor. The naked body of this man, ohhhhhhh, such a sight to behold, thick chest, strong arms, long tapered fingers that clench and unclench, and that cock, standing up, seemingly staring at me.

My back arches, pushing my aching nipples closer, and with a whimper I watch as his hands reach forward, seize both clamps and as the fear registers in my eyes, he whispers, “Scream for me.” and removes both clamps at once. My body tenses, taking a moment for the pain to register, the fire in my nipples spreads, deep inside me and as his mouth descends to suckle one, his fingers pinch and roll the other. The scream builds, bubbling up from deep in my gut, ripping through the quiet of the living room, long and loud and lusty, until there is no air left in my lungs, until weak with the exquisite pain, I lean into his body, glad of the ribbons holding me in place.

His fingers and mouth trade places and with a shudder that runs the length of my bound body, I finally draw a deep breath, and let it out, almost softly, sighing, a mumbled moan of desire as his mouth brings my nipples to erection, hard and sensitive nubs still aching, but tinged with erotic need. His mouth pulls off my breast with a wet plop and his hand slides down over my ribcage, teasingly light as he traces the waistband of the skirt, then he dips lower and slides his hand up my thigh, finding my heated sex, wet, sopping as his fingers dance past the engorged lips to touch that pleasure centre.

The colours of the rainbow dance in front of my eyes as my world explodes, my screams of passion tossed out into the room, as my hips thrust forward, making contact at last, fingers to clit and I cum, drenching his wriggling digits, splashing down over my thighs. With a final shudder, my body almost hangs loosely, wrapped around the tree, red ribbons cutting deeply into my flesh.

He stands back, brings his sopping fingers to his lips, then sucks on them, the wetness of his mouth on his fingers, the sound delicious to my ears, my eyes unable to tear away from those lips, suckling my juices.

My hips strain forward, fucking the air as the urge to feel those fingers on me again becomes too much to bear…mumbled pleas drip from my lips, incoherent, sounding like the whimpers of a caged animal…and he laughs, reaching forward to touch my lips, trace my quivering mouth with those recently sucked fingers, I inhale deeply, the scent of my sex filling my nostrils, making my head swim with desire.

He unties the ribbon holding me to the tree, slowly unwinding, stopping to nip at my lips, trace my nipples, dip into my wet sex with each unwinding of the ribbon until at last, I am free, bound only at my wrists, and I stumble forward, falling into his arms. His embrace enfolds me, hugging me tightly to the length of his naked body. His throbbing cock pushing up and under the scrap of red fluff that serves as a skirt, and his hands knead the pliant flesh of my ass. My body molds to his, soft curves conforming to the hard lines of his body, and with a growl, his lips claim mine, sucking my tongue into his mouth, he nibbles the tip, making me groan.

He pulls me forward, then pushes me down to my knees, his cock bobbing mere inches from my mouth, and with a firm grip on my hair that brings tears to my eyes, he commands me, “Suck my cock now my little toy, feel how much I want you!”

His cock pushes past my lips, the girth stretching them wide, my tongue a slippery slide guiding him to the back of my mouth, his hand on my head pulling me forward, hot juices drip down my thighs as I gasp in a breath. His hand pulls my hair, would tightly in my tresses, and his hips advance until there is nowhere left for his cock to go. His balls slap against my chin, thick drool dribbling out past the seal of lips to shaft. Then with a harder thrust, his cock slides deeper, past the bend in my throat, filling my mouth. Gagging and retching, spewing hot drool, it drips over my breasts, cools as it slides over my nipples and the urge to breathe becomes all consuming. I struggle, gagging loudly, trying to pull back, but his hand holds me firmly in place, my throat constricting on his cocks head, and he moans, his hips thrusting, fucking my throat until with a last gurgling retching sound, I almost lose consciousness.

Finally he pulls free, long strings of spittle connecting his throbbing rod to my lips, and with a shuddering painful breath…I cough, red in the face as air finally fills my lungs. He lets go of my hair and bending, he pulls me up, kisses me hard, his lips demanding, bruising mine, and then leads me to the couch, bends me forward over the arm and starts rubbing my exposed ass. My hips gyrate, pumping up and down, still gasping for air, breath ragged, moans tumbling out to join the loud sound of my lungs pulling in cool air.

Without warning, his hand comes down hard on my bare ass, driving my hips into the arm of the couch, the sound ringing in my ears, as I struggle to rise. His hand pushes on my back, “Stay bent over, don’t you move, but please feel free to scream.” His voice is commanding, and I let my body fall forward, hands twisting uselessly in the red ribbon at my back. His hands continue to spank my ass, the heat spreading, the sound filling the room. Smack after smack rains down on my ass, searing heat, blinding pain… and the sound of my anguished screams drown out the slapping sounds.

I lay sobbing, feeling his hands tracing the lacy red patterns of his handprints on my ass, muffled whimpers as I bury my face in the soft cushions of the couch. After what seems like a long time, my sobs finally die out, as his fingers trace my swollen nether lips, my clit dancing as his probing digits glide on either side, then start to rub faster, friction heating it, making it swell, climb from its protective hood and quiver. His other hand still sliding along my wet slit, letting two fingers slide inside me, curling along my front wall, finding that ohhhhhhhh so sensitive stretch of flesh, he rubs hard and fast.

My moans fill the air, the sloshing of sweet nectar, loud as his fingers continue to stroke, rub and coax my body to its ultimate pleasure. His hands faster, my hips rolling, my breathing quickened until with a cry of sheer bliss, my cunt squirts its liquid treasure, splashing out forcefully, his fingers feeding deeper inside until with a scream, louder than that of my body in pain, I cum hard, soaking him in sweet wetness.

He leans over my body, kisses the nape of my neck and then whispers in my ear, “My cock needs to feel that hot pussy of yours hugging it, tearing at it, I want to feel you cum on my cock.”

With a groan of consent, my ass arches upwards, the hot tip of his pulsing cock slides between swollen wet lips and with a grunt, he drives his turgid rod into the convulsing depths of my cunt. The contractions gripping him, pulling him deeper until he is pounding at my dilating cervix. The pain shoots down my legs, my body shuddering and writhing on the impaling cock and then…he starts to fuck me. Long fast strokes, in and out, tip to base, balls slapping wetly against my body. My shoulders straining as my wrists twist in the ribbon, my nipples scraping on the couch, and as his hand dips under and pinches my clit…I scream once again as my body releases, cumming, cunt squeezing on his cock. My voice pealing loudly, lustily, as my body rides another orgasm, almost painful in its intensity.

He pulls from my contracting pussy, his cock easing out slowly, my vaginal muscles clamping tightly, not wanting to let him go. With a sob of denial, I reluctantly release his cock, it slides along the length of my pussy lips, trailing sweet cum. He pulls me upright, and I still not recovered from the waves of orgasm collapse against him. He crushes me to his chest, breasts mashed on his hot sweat slick body, and he breathes his breath into my lungs, then sucks the air right back out, leaving me trembling.

He reaches back and unties my wrists, my shoulders aching as I pull my arms forward, rolling the muscles, flexing my fingers and getting to touch this man, finally, trembling fingers resting on his hips, feeling the blood flowing back into sore shoulders, chafed wrists. His lips demanding mine to respond, his tongue driving into my mouth, claiming it as his cock claimed my cunt. And that still raging cock bobs and rubs against my belly, hard, hot and insistent.

He leads me by the hand, back to the Christmas tree…and lowers me to the floor. Laying back, the room lit by just the twinkling tree lights, my thighs splayed wide as he hooks my legs, drapes them over his shoulders and brings his face to my crotch. I watch, wide eyed as he inhales my sex, then pulls my lips open with his fingers and dives his mouth to my throbbing clit. He licks, sucks, nibbles until I am writhing, his strong arms holding me in place, my hands twisted in his brown locks, pushing him to my wanton and greedy cunt.

My eyes glued to the juncture of his mouth to my body, amazed at the turmoil in my belly, the pressure that builds and feeling my cunt contracting on itself, pushing out more nectar. The juices flow over his face, I can hear him swallowing greedily, sucking and lapping up everything my pussy can deliver.

His tongue still teasing my clit, he pushes two fingers into my quivering quim, rubbing that magical spot inside me, I moan and plead, beg him to rub faster. My hips arching up, hands pushing him down. His two fingers press deep, then he adds a third finger, stretching them apart inside me, opening me up. My hips are stilled, heels resting on his shoulders as I feel a fourth digit struggling to enter, and then as he pushes hard, my muscles give way, letting him gain access, and with a scream I quiver uncontrollably, impaled. He lifts his face, chin shiny with my juices, and smiles at me, “Relax, or this is going to hurt and you already know I don’t mind the sound of your screams.”

My heart thuds in my chest, nervous and afraid, I push at his head, my heels digging into his shoulders as I try to propel myself backwards, out of his reach. His hand comes down hard on my inner thigh, the pain hot and sharp, “Don’t move like that again or I will flip you over and beat your ass with my belt…and then I will still fist you, only I won’t go easy on you.” His eyes flash at me, and with a whimpered nod, I relax, lay back and concentrate on breathing.

He twists and turns those four fingers inside me, stretching my cunt, as I will my muscles to relax, but my traitorous pussy rebels, squeezes his fingers, clamps down tight on them, not releasing until his hand delivers a series of sharp slaps to my inner thighs. Sobbing, my hands now resting uselessly at my sides, fingers flexing as my hips lift to the pressure of his hand.

He starts to fuck my pussy, in and out sawing motion with his four fingers, pumping hard and fast…driving deep to the webbing of his thumb each time. My whimpers louder, pain driving ahead of each thrust as he opens his fingers inside me. Just when I think that I can take no more, he tucks his thumb into his hand, and starts to push hard, wriggling it back and forth, spearing my cunt, tearing at the delicate tissue.

My sobs taking over, my lips trying to form words, “Please stop, oh no, please stop, you are tearing me open, ripping me apart, please, noooooooo!” Tears pour hot and fast over my cheeks, but still his hand pushes, pulling back just a wee bit then forging forward once again, until with a final lurching thrust, he buries his hand deep inside me, his wrist hugged by my stretched pussy lips. He holds still, letting my body adjust to the fullness, the pain coming in waves as my vaginal vault contracts, my belly cramps painfully and my screams slow, until finally I am laying impaled by his entire fist, gasping for every breath.

He stares at my face, his eyes twinkling in the tree light, a smile curved on those lips, “Wow! Now that’s a tight fit. God baby, you are so hot like this, my own personal hand puppet. Now I want you to cum for me again, squeeze my hand until it hurts, scream for me. It makes my cock so hard, and when I am done wrecking your cunt, my cock is going to ravage your ass. Your holes will be gaping wide, red and aching when I am done with you. Just nod when you are ready.” His voice is husky, lusty, and I know that despite my screams, and maybe because of them, he will not be satisfied until he has had me everywhere.

I look up at the sparkling lights of the Christmas tree, take a deep breath, look him in the eye, and with a whimper and a shudder, nod at him.

He growls loudly, then his arm starts to work his fist inside me. Hammering at my cervix, stretching me open. His knuckles start to roll over my gspot as his arm pistons hard, in and out. His fist pulling out until my cunt contracts, then driving back in…hard and fast, over and over, my screams ringing out, echoing in the room, assaulting my ears as the pain takes on a new tinge. My screams slowly subsiding, moans spilling over my lips, growling back at him as my cunt juices up, my hips start thrusting back, despite the pain, matching him thrust for thrust. As his knuckles mash at my gspot, I can feel the urge to cum, it overwhelms me once again, and my body, mistaking pain for pleasure cums. Strong contractions in my pussy bite down on his hand and I can hear his groan of pain, the nectar that squirts out, dammed up behind the tight seal of his wrist at my entrance until with a scream he pulls his hand free, my own scream joining his as his fist struggles to free itself from the cage of my cunt.

As it pulls free at last, a stream of sweet hot girl cum explodes from my pussy, splashing him, soaking him from his face to his crotch, it drips down as a second stream hits him squarely in the chest, my body vibrating and writhing on the floor, under his Christmas tree, his living Christmas present sending out its own surprise gift.

His breathing ragged, he licks the nectar from his lips and not letting me catch a full breath, my body still riding the exquisitely painful orgasm, he takes his rock hard cock in hand, pushes my legs back towards my chest and with one hard thrust buries his cock in my ass. My eyes fly wide, suspended mid orgasm, my ass rebels, stretched to the point of tearing, it clenches tight on his cock. His hand starts slapping my ass, spanking my body into submission, forcing my asshole to relent and let him all the way in. My rectum filled with cock, his head spearing past that inner ring of muscle, the spasms shooting through to every nerve ending in my body.

Alive with pleasure, with pain, my body takes all sensation, lost in its own world, and continues to cum as he fucks my ass with long vicious strokes. My ass clinging to his cock, almost turning itself inside out as he pulls back, the tiny rosebud fully blossomed out, a Christmas flower that devours his cock with every grunting forward stab.

Unable to separate the sensations anymore, my howls of bliss peal out, and with a thrust that buries his cock deep in my spasming bowel, he cums, shooting hot thick spunk, searing inside me, burning its way deeper into my ass, filling my rectum, spilling out as he collapses on top of me…his guttural moans vibrating his chest, thrumming against me, resonating our bodies with the verbal arrival of his release.

At long last, hearts slow, and his lips find mine, his whispered words barely intelligible, “Thank you, and Merry Christmas.”

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