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Older Black Man Turned Me On!

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When I first moved to Chicago from the country I was pretty shy and nervous. It wasn’t easy to make friends. I started dating a nice girl from work and had great fun for a few months. Then she went away to college and I found myself alone and miserable.

Most of the people in the office were older and were married with kids. There just wasn’t anyone my age to show me around or to hang out with. Then one day this older guy who worked in shipping ran into me at the Deli and we chatted a bit. I usually saw him around the building once or twice a day and he always smiled and said hi.

That Friday he delivered some stuff to my work area and later in the break room asked about my weekend plans. I laughed at that and after a while he said that since his wife was visiting her sister he was hitting a bar after work and invited me along.

At his suggestion he followed me to my place to drop off my car. I rode with him a few miles where he pulled into a strip club. I had seen it but had never thought to go in. Alton seemed right at home as he led the way into the dimly lit club and led us around a central stage to the rear. He found a booth off to the side and took a seat in the half circle booth facing the stage and about 10ft away.

A girl came up on the stage in a sporty shorts outfit and removed a bit of clothing while she danced to the first song. The second song was slower and she stood in front of us as she removed her bra. She came around for a tip and for a table dance if you wanted to pay $10. Alton told her we wanted to watch the show for a while first.

One redhead really caught my eye and Alton paid her to dance for me. As Alton watched she moved me to the edge of the booth which was on a raised platform. She stood on the lower floor and danced between my knees. Her breasts were a little higher than my lap. She took off her top but left a skimpy bikini top on. She rubbed up against me and kept showing me her nipples. She rubbed me good and got me very exited. I paid for one more dance and then she was off.

When she was gone Alton looked at my lap and said something like “you must have really enjoyed that”. I felt a bit embarrassed having him look at my erection and tried to laugh it off. However, after thinking about it for a few minutes I found myself getting even harder. Alton must have noticed my preoccupation and said “hey we come here to get excited, right”.

The rest of the evening was fun. More drinks, more girls and more lap dances. At about 1am we decided to call it quits. Alton was driving and said I should spend the night at his house so he didn’t get a DUI. He said his wife was out of town which was why he was free to hit the club in the first place. He said the guest room was always ready so I said “why not!” I was certainly too drunk to walk home.

At his house Alton threw me the control to his TV and Stereo setup and said to make myself at home. He opened a cabinet to show me a bunch of videos and said that there was a good one in the machine from last night. As he headed off for a quick shower I hit play and kicked back. The video was about a normal suburban couple getting frisky in the back yard by the pool. The chick was a fox and the guy put it to her good.

In a short while I noticed that Alton had returned. He was standing a bit behind me and to the side. I could see that he was naked and drying off but I only glanced. As I watched the movie Alton said that the chick on the screen reminded him of an ex girlfriend. I made a few remarks about her and about the action. About that time another man came on the scene. I don’t know if it was the gardener or the pool man but soon there was a hot threesome going on. Alton remarked that he and his old girlfriend had enjoyed threesomes a few times but that his wife wouldn’t hear of it. I confessed that I hadn’t had that pleasure.

As I sat there watching the film Alton walked in and sat in a chair off to my right, still naked. With him slightly forward and to the right of my position I could see his entire body in profile. He had a broad thick chest and his neck and arms looked bigger than my legs. His thighs were huge.

Then I noticed his cock on the other side of his thigh as it began to stir. I was riveted! It rose slowly like a cobra from a flaccid state and looked a good deal longer than my cock. It continued to rise vertically and to straighten from the curved shape it started out in. I remember my breathing was getting rapid and I felt my own cock getting uncomfortable as I got a good look. I had seen some black cocks in porn before but I had never seen such a cock in real life. At that point I was hard as a rock and it was more from the sight of his impressive cock than from the movie.

When he finally noticed me staring I quickly looked away. When I did I saw that the threesome on the screen had changed. The woman was sitting on the floor sucking a cock, and the man being sucked was also sucking cock. Now I blushed and could feel heat rising in my neck and face. I looked back at Alton and his cock was now standing straight up as he slowly stroked it. I guess it was eight or nine inches long and the foreskin had pulled back to expose a purple-black, plum-sized head. The tip was glossy and I was mesmerized.

I had been with a couple of girls, even older ones and wasn’t new to sex. I had even sucked my cousin’s little cock and he sucked mine when we were about 10 but nothing came of that. But this was different! I was feeling scared and embarrassed and dizzy and hot all at the same time!

“Are you as horny as I am?” he asked. I barely managed to whisper, “Yes”. And then he was getting up, naked, and walking toward me. I couldn’t look at his face but I watched his cock standing straight up and waving like a flagpole as he walked. He sat right beside me on the sofa with his left leg touching mine. He was gently holding his cock in his right hand and I stared at clear syrup seeping from the tip.

He whispered, “Take out your cock”. I leaned back and unbuttoned my Dockers and tried to unzip them but was having problems. He said “let me help”, and he did, but then he pulled my pants down and I rose up to help him. My cock was straining against the fabric of my briefs and making a wet spot. I kicked my pants free and then Alton laid his hand over my erection. His hand was huge and completely covered my length. He slowly stroked it and traced the outline through the white cotton. I could barely breathe.

“Just lean back and relax”. I did and as he pulled at the top of my briefs I again raised up to submit to whatever he was going to do. I saw him stroking his huge cock with one hand and mine in the other before I closed my eyes and tried to slow my breathing. I opened my eyes when he placed his mouth over my cock! He licked my cock and bobbed his head a couple of times and I shot his mouth full of cum! He stroked me and sucked me and then looked up with a smile when I was clean. He had just given me a mind blowing orgasm and I felt like jelly.

After all that I sat up and looked at his cock. He let go of it as I reached and took it in my hand. It felt much different than my own. It was much thicker and longer but it was also hotter. His cock felt hot as I gripped it. The whole upper half of it was wet and slippery. I held it and used the palm of my other hand to rub it all over the head and all around making it slippery in my hand. Slowly I stroked up over the knob and halfway down his cock leaving it shiny. The veins standing out looked huge and the foreskin was something new and exciting. I loved to watch it cover part of the head on the upstroke.

Alton began to groan and I gently urged him to lie back. I was rock hard again and began to get familiar with this big, black cock. For an instant I thought about what my very racist step dad would say about this and then that thought quickly faded.

I knelt between his legs and took a cock into my mouth for the first time since boyhood. The taste and texture were incredible. I began to bob up and down as he had done; he laid one hand on my head and sighed. I savored every minute and every drop of precum. At first I gently licked and sucked but soon I was applying more pressure with my lips and tongue and bobbing more rapidly.

Soon I could feel him tense and he began to jerk his hips upward, fucking my mouth. And then he was breathing rapidly and his cock twitched several times and he came. The first shot was a powerful shot of thick cum. It covered my tongue as I continued to lick the head of his cock. Each lick caused him to moan and jerk. The taste was very light, a little salty and sweet at the same time. As he kept coming I was forced to swallow but I loved it. He shot again and again. Soon I was losing cum down the sides of my mouth and down the shaft of his cock. I continued to nurse on his cock as his spasms began to subside. I was sucking on this big black cock like a starving infant. It was hot and covered with cum and my saliva and I couldn’t get enough.

Finally he could take no more and pushed me away. As he did he leaned forward and kissed me on the lips. Oh, my, god! This older, stronger, darker, man was kissing me like I was his woman and I melted. His huge lips and forceful tongue brought my cock back to life. I was naked with a naked black man, alone and for the night!

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stuart watkins wrote

very hot Storie .liked it very much.