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Phil’s New Adventure

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Phil Shore was a 30 something computer engineer who worked 18 hour days for an up and coming company. However the long hours were starting to wear him out and his boss became somewhat concerned.

“Phil you’ve been putting in a lot of extra time on this project and I really appreciate it, but its going to kill you if you don’t take a break.”

Sally Wheatherman was the senior engineer and part owner in the company, and she was Phil’s boss.

“I want you to take two weeks off and get your strength back. I also want you to see a doctor just to make sure that there isn’t anything wrong.”

“Come on Sal, I’m fine. There’s nothing wrong with me, besides I can’t stop right now, we’re at a critical stage in the project.”

“Sorry Phil but this is not a debate. I knew that you would resist so I booked you an appointment with my doctor for tomorrow morning at 10 and after that you are offically on vacation for two weeks.”

Phil was upset but he knew better than argue with Sally. Perhaps she was right, maybe he needed a break. He had been wantinq to take a holiday but he could never find the time. That afternoon Phil booked a 10 day all inclusive golf trip and went home to pack. The next morning the phone rang at 7 am.

“Phil this is Sally. I hope that everything is ok and I just wanted to remind you that you have a 10 am doctors appointment.”

“Look Sal isn’t it enough that I’m taking the two weeks. Do you really expect me to go and see your old guack for a check up?”

“Doctor Carter is not an old quack and yes I expect you go. Besides you may even enjoy it.”
Phil was still waking up but he thought that Sally seemed to be dropping some hint.

“Since when is a trip to the doctor’s office something to look forward to?”

“Just keep an open mind and enjoy your vacation. Everything will still be here when you get back. Sorry Phil but I’ve got to run, see you in two weeks.” Before Phil could say anything she was gone.

“Great”, Phil said. “Just fucking great.” He finished packinq, checked his email, had a coffee and then drove to the doctor’s office. When he went in he was a little surprised at the surroundings. The reception room was furnished with soft leather chairs, subdued lighting and relaxing music played in the background. There was no one else in the room and Phil began to suspect that he had made a mistake with the address. He was about to leave when a very attractive woman appeared and greeted him by name.

“Mr Shore, my name is Alice welcome. Dr Carter will be with you shortly. Please have a seat and be so kind as to complete this questionaire. Can I get you a coffee?”

Phil was a little confused and asked “Are you sure that I’m in the right place?”

“Quite sure” replied Alice. “Coffee?” Alice passed Phil the questionaire and left before Phil could say anything. He sat down and looked at the papers in his hand. They looked like typical medical history forms and Phil started to answer the guestions. Alice returned with a tray of coffee and simple biscuits. She placed the tray on the end table beside Phil and disappeared as quickly as she came. Phil had finished the first page and turned to the next. Shit he thought how many guestions are there? Phil also noticed that the questions were getting very personal. How many sexual partners have you had? Have you ever had multiple partners? List all the sexual activities you have engaged in: Oral, Anal, S&M etc. How often do you masturbate? Phil had never seen a medical guestionaire like it before. He decided to leave that section blank, his sex life was no one’s business but his own.

Alice returned collected the questionnaire and said “Please follow me”. She led him down a hallway and into an examination room. “Please remove all your clothing and put on this gown. Dr Carter will be with you shortly.”

Phil undressed and slipped on the gown. Like all hospital gowns it was too small and open at the back. Phil had a hell of a time getting it tied and after several trys he gave up. He then sat down on the examination table and waited for the doctor. After a few minutes there was a soft knock on the door and Alice entered the room.

“Sorry to do this but I forgot to do the prelims. I need to get your height, weight, blood pressure, all the simple stuff the doctor needs before the physical.”

Phil was frozen to the table. If he moved he knew that the gown would open up and everything he owned would be visible. Not that he was overly well endowed but he didn’t want to just parade it around in front of Alice. Sensing his discomfort Alice stepped into the room and took him by the hand saying “This will only take a minute and there is no one else here. I promise not to peek.”

Phil followed Alice into another room where she had him step on a scale so she could take his weight. Phil stood quite still, gripping the open back of the gown with his left hand. Alice took her time sliding the weights along the scale until it balanced and she wrote down the weight. She then raised the bar to measure Phil’s height. She had to move him to the right to read the bar and Phil lost his balance. He let go of his gown and fell forward over top of the scale ending up with his gown draped over the scale and his bare behind exposed to Alice’s view. Phil tried to stand up and reclose his gown but it was hooked on the scale. When he stood up the gown came completly off and he was left standing naked in front of Alice.

“Well that was unexpected” said Alice. “My my its a shame I promised not to peek” she exclaimed. “Now that that’s over with there’s no need for the gown.”

Phil closed his eyes and shook his head. “I don’t believe this” cried Phil, “I’m sorry about all this.”

“Don’t be silly. You aren’t exactly hard on the eyes. I don’t mind at all. As a matter of fact I quite enjoy it.”

Phil didn’t know what to say or do. He was however slightly aroused by Alice’s comments and he felt his cock stiffen slightly. Alice noticed the change and smiled. She unhooked the gown and handed it back to Phil who put it on but didn’t bother to try and tie the back ‘what’s the point’ he thought ‘she’s seen it all anyway’. Alice then took his blood pressure, “Its a little high but that’s likely because of the stumble.” She then took Phil back to the examination room walking slightly behind him so she could look at his firm butt. As they entered the room Alice offered to tie the straps on the gown. Not waiting for a reply she stepped behind him and secured the top and middle straps but the bottom one was missing. She told this to Phil but then added “Your tush is too cute to hide anyway” and then she gently patted his behind and left the room. Phil wondered if she was making a pass at him or if she was this way with everyone. The truth was that Phil hoped it was a pass, he had been working so hard that his social life was dead and his sex life non existent. The twinge in his dick was turning into a full fledqed hard on which, under the flimsy gown, was very noticable. Phil tried to stop his erection from growing but it just got harder and harder. The front of his gown was sticking out and his dick was a tent pole. He started to panic, ‘what if the doctor walks in’ he said to himself, ‘I look like some fucking pervert’. His cock started to loose its hardness but it was still obvious that he had a ‘semi’. Just when Phil thought he had everything under control in walked Dr Carter. Phil turned beet red as he steared at the 6 ft blond godess standing in the doorway.

” Good morning Mr Shore I’m Dr Carter. Is everythinq all riqht, you look a little flushed?” Dr Carter saw the gown pushing out from Phil’s groin and said “Oh don’t worry about that. It happens a lot here and we need to explore that side of your health anyway.”

Phil was now very confused. What kind of physical exam had Sally arranged for him, he wondered to himself. Dr Carter was dressed in a white blouse that was practically see through. Underneath she had on a blue lace bra that accented her firm breasts to perfection. Her skirt was cut well above the knee and her legs seemed to go on for ever. Phil broke his stare and said, “Its a pleasure to meet you Dr Carter. Sally didn’t tell me that you were female and I apologise if I was inapproprite.” Phil also thought ‘Sally certainly didn’t tell me you were georgous’.

“That’s quite all right Phil, may I call you Phil, my name is Nancy. So lets get started. Sally told me that you have been working long hours without a day off for quite some time and she was concerned that your health may be suffering.” Phil nodded his concurrence.

“So I’d like to begin by reviewing your medical history questionnaire. It says here that you haven’t had a complete physical in five years. That’s a long time to go without a check up.”

Phil agreed and offered a weak excuse of too many things happening and no time to organise himself. Dr Carter gave him a broad smile and said, “No problem Phil, we are going to make sure everything is in good working order before you leave today.” Nancy asked about a few other routine issues and then she dropped the bomb. “I notice that you didn’t answer the questions concerning your sexual health. This is a very important area so I’m going to ask you the questions myself.” Phil went red again but Nancy just ignored this and said, “Are you currently active sexually? Phil replied that he did not have a girlfriend at the moment. “How long has it been since you’ve had a sexual relationship?”

Phil lowered his head and replied, “Two years.”

“That’s a long time Phil. Do you masturbate regularly? Phil turned every shade of red possible. “Phil, masturbation is not something to be embarassed about. It is a natural release when someone is not sexually active and often couples include masturbation as a part of their sexual foreplay. So I can assume that you do masturbate?” Phil nodded a yes. “How often?” Phil replied “Almost every day.”

“Do you use anything for stimulation or do you fantasise while masturbatinq?” Phil was now beyond being embarassed and was actually becominq aroused. He placed his hands over his crotch to hide his excitement and said, “I have a few things that I think about.”

“Would you describe them to me please.”

“Well I have a thing for… “, but he didn’t finish the sentence.

“Yes, you have a thing for” and Nancy let the thought hang.

“I have a thing for panties, women’s panties.”

“That’s a very common fetish for a lot of men”, she replied. “Do you just fantasise or do you use panties to stimulate yourself when you masturbate?”

“I do both” said Phil. “I can’t explain it but the sight of a woman in panties is a major turn on for me.”

“Just women or does a man in panties arouse you as well?”

By now Phil had a full erection that was very obvious to Nancy. Phil let his hands fall away from his lap and his cock stood straight up.
“I sometimes go on the net and look at pictures of men in panties.”

“Do you masturbate when you look at the pictures?”


“Do you wear panties yourself?”

“Yes”,Phil said. “I like to wear them when I play with myself. My wish is to meet a woman who wouldn’t find it wierd that I liked panties and she and I would wear panties all the time, not just for sex.”

“Have you ever asked any of your past girlfriends to share your interest?”

“I tried once but she said I was sick and we broke up. I never tried aqain.”

Nancy put down the guestionnaire and stood up. “Phil stand up and take off your gown” It was said not a request but an order and Phil let the gown fall to the floor. He stood naked before her with is erection proudly on display. Nancy slowly unbuttoned her blouse and removed it. She then started to remove her skirt. “Play with your cock. I want to watch you masturbate. ”

Phil gripped his rock hard dick and began to stroke himself slowly. Nancy stepped out of her skirt and said “Do you like my panties? Is this something you would fantise about when you jack off? Tell me what you want.” Nancy slipped one hand down the front of her panties and rubbed her wet pussy. With her other hand she pinched her nipples through the thin material covering her breasts.

Phil continued to play with his dick and fondle his balls with his other hand.

“I want you to pull your panties down just below your waist so I can see your pussy.”

Nancy eased the lace panties down over her hips until they were just below her smooth hairless pussy. She then reached behind her and unfastened her bra letting it fall forward releasing her round perfect breasts. “Would you like to wear my panties Phil?”

Phil nodded. Nancy said “You have to ask me Phil. Ask me if you can wear my panties.”

“Please Nancy, may I wear your panties?”

“Yes Phil, you may wear my panties.” Nancy then let the panties fall to the floor. She picked them up and knelt down in front of Phil. He put one foot through the opening and then the other. Nancy pulled them up his legs until his cock and balls were covered in blue lace. She ran her hands over Phil’s panty covered ass then across the front squeezing his cock. Phil had never been so excited. He ran his hand over his pantied dick and cupped his balls. The feeling was beyond compare. Here was woman who wanted him to enjoy the feel of her panties. He looked down at her and saw that she was watching him caress himself. He eased his cock out the side of the panty and began to masturbate just inches from her face. Nancy continued to stare at his cock as he jacked off for her.

“Yes baby, I want you to cum for me. I want you to stroke your cock and come on my face.”

Phil’s fist was now moving up and down his hard cock in a blur. He was close to cumming and reached out to grab the back of Nancy’s head. He then exploded and launched a stream of white stickey cum all over Nancy’s face. She opened her mouth and took his cock inside, licking the head then taking him deep into her throat. She held him in her mouth until he went soft then she released him and tucked his penis back inside the panties.

“Now”, she said, “I want you to lick my pussy. I want you to get on top of me with your head between my legs and your pantied cock in my face.”
She lay down on the carpeted floor and Phil crawled into position. He kissed her lower abdomen and the inside of her creamy thighs. Phil inhaled deeply drawing in the smell of her wet pussy. He lightly kissed the pouting lips of her beautiful and delicious cunt. Nancy let out a low moan and pulled Phil’s crotch down to her face. She nibbled and licked his cock and balls through the panties. Phil drove his tongue as far as he could into Nancy’s sweet hole filling his mouth with her wet juices. He wrapped his lips around her swollen clit and Nancy cried out in joy. “Suck my pussy, fuck me with your tongue”. Phil held his tongue as firm as he could and moved his head up and down her cunt in quick strokes. Nancy was now moaning and she started arching her back as she got close to orgasm. Phil was relentless in his assult on her pussy. He knew that she would cum any second because her cunt was just flowing. Nancy arched her back once more and clamped her thighs tightly around Phil’s head. Her orgasm sent spasams of pleasure through her body and her pussy gushed forth like a fountain filling Phil’s mouth with warm cum juice. Phil kept his mouth pressed tightly to her pussy until Nancy opened her legs and released his head from the grip of her exquisite thighs. Phil watched her cunt lips pucker with the final contractions of her orgasam. He kissed her pussy once more, moving to lay down beside her.

Nancy’s eyes were closed and she was slowly recovering her strength. Finally she looked at Phil and smiled. “Sally thought that I may enjoy our session but I had no idea that I would like it this much. ”

“So what’s next?, asked Phil.

“Well we still need to finish the questionnaire. There are many things left to explore, we’ve only looked at one area so far.”

“So how do you want to handle this? Are we to remain doctor and patient or do we take this outside the office?”

Nancy reached down and massaged his cock through the panties. “I’ll need these back but not till later. Why don’t you bring them to my place this evening and exchange them for another pair. We can then discuss the other questions over dinner and see what we can come up with for dessert.”

Phil smiled and then kissed her lovingly. “I’ll be there at six.”

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