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Blackmail and Humiliation

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I look at the clock. It’s 8 p.m. It’s a Thursday night and I’m still at the office. My report is due Friday and I’ve got at least 2 hours left on it. My whole team has gone home, and my interest in working for another two hours is waning. It’s been a long hard week.

My stomach starts to rumble. Good idea, I’ll get some food. It may motivate me to get this crappy report finished.

I do a lap around the floor and find only one person left, Amy.

“Hey Amy, I’m getting some dinner. Do you want anything?” I ask.

“No, I’ll be out of here soon, but thanks for the offer,” she replies in her usual friendly way.

I head out and grab a chicken wrap for dinner, something that doesn’t make my health conscience cringe. The break has done me some good and gets my mind back on the report at hand. I have a few new ideas, and I feel for the first time that I may even get the report finished tonight.

I get back to my desk, and find sitting on my keyboard is a pair of silky white lace panties and matching bra.

What’s going on? I look around. No one to be seen. Could it be Amy’s underwear? Is she trying to come onto me?

I pick up the panties and feel their texture, they feel like they are good quality, quite expensive. I’m confused, this is very strange.

I hear a noise to my left and turn my head. Amy takes a photo of me. I realize it must be her underwear in my hands.

“What’s going on Amy?” I ask, “You trying to entice me?”

“Funny, Stu… read your email,” she replies rather abruptly, and heads off to her desk on the other side of the floor.

I go into my inbox. There’s about 5 emails from Amy. I open the first email. It’s a reply to a note that I sent her! I didn’t send her a note? This is strange! I open the most recent note and scroll to the bottom.

The first note (apparently from me) says:

I’m going out for some food. We’re the only ones in the office, and I’m up for it. I’d like your underwear on my desk by the time I return.

Amy’s reply:

Not sure what you’re up for, or what sort of girl you think I am, but you’re dreaming.

The second note (that apparently came from me):

Well, I didn’t want to force the issue. But I will. Underwear on my desk, and you ready for it when I return, or life will get very difficult for you.

Amy’s reply

I don’t report to you, and I’m not your flusey. Fuck off.

Third note (apparently from me)

Maybe you don’t report to me. But if you want to continue along you current fast track career path, you know what needs to be done.

Amy’s reply

Fuck off.

Fourth note (again apparently from me)

You know what needs to be done.

Amy’s reply:

Fuck off!!!!

I’ve got a sinking feeling in my stomach, this doesn’t look good. I am being made to look like a sexual predator.

Someone is trying to set me up here. I have a few office enemies, but they wouldn’t resort to this. Would they? I’ll have to go over to Amy and explain the issue.

I get up. Just a minute. The emails were sent after I left the office. Amy knew I was out of the office. She is trying to set me up. That little trollop.

I head over to Amy’s desk.

Amy is a workaholic. She’s been in the company for 4 years, coming in straight from university. I was actually one of the people that interviewed her. She is anintelligent girl, and very eager to progress quickly, almost too quickly. She is a talent and the company knows it. She was promoted early, both due to her ability, and her potential. In her time at the company, she’d progressed as far in her four years, as I had in eight. She is well respected and well liked by all.

It is common knowledge though that she has no outside life. At 25, that is a sacrifice, but one she openly admits to. I’ll be where I want to be by 30, she’ll say. Then I’ll be able to retire, and do anything I want.

In terms of looks, she is attractive. Taller than average, a slender build, nice legs. She has breasts that are probably about a B-cup, maybe a little bigger. If you rated her out of ten, she’d probably be a 7, maybe 7.5. Attractive, but not stunning.

I walk around to her desk. She sees me coming and swivels her chair around.

Her bra-less breasts are straining against her white top. Her full length skirt hiding the fact that she is wearing no panties. Although I know this is a difficult conversation, I’m a still turned on by her.

She’s never used her sexuality overtly before (as far as I know), but she is a shrewd business woman, good negotiator, and often gets her way. I don’t know what she is up to.

“So Stu, you do know that it is company policy to lock your screen when you leave your desk?” Amy flirts.

She pushes out her chest a little to draw my attention to her almost visible nipples. I remember that this is one of the things I hate about her, she tries to use her feminine charms to get her way. I am trying avoid looking at her breasts, but not very successfully.

“I do know company policy,” I answer, “You’ve obviously caught me out on that one. What are you up to?”

“I’d like to have a bit of fun!” Amy smiles.

“You do know that those emails prove nothing,” I say, trying to hide the fact that I’m scared she’ll send them onto HR. This would be very bad for my career.

“Well they prove that they came from your PC. The photos also show that you looked pleased with your progress,” Amy explains, “Did you want to see them. You are smiling in them.”

“No, I’d rather not,” I answer.

“HR might not believe me,” Amy continues, “Initially, they will though… and you’ll lose a lot of credibility. You may even be asked to leave the company. I know you are also career orientated… finding another job after a smear like this one isn’t easy.”

“So what do you want?” I ask. I knew all the angles, I knew she had it over me. Maybe there was a way out, maybe not. But I needed to stay with the brave front and see what the damage would be.

“Like I said, I want some fun!” Amy says blankly, “I work too hard to have time for men… for sex… for fun. But I am a woman, I do need it. I want to control someone. I want to use them, fuck them. Have them please me.”

It takes a while to register. She wants to use me for sex. All this blackmail and setup, just for sex?

“Sorry, I have a girlfriend. I can’t just sleep with anyone,” I stammer, “I can’t do it.” The words come out almost on auto pilot. I am thrilled that she’d go to this effort just to fuck me. But being forced is not my idea of fun.

“See, I’m not asking you Stuart… I’m telling you. I didn’t go to these lengths to ask you to sleep with me…you may have said no. This way you can’t. I have emails and photos that would be unpleasant for you if they got out. I think you know that I always get what I want,” Amy says, starting to get frustrated.

“Well… I’m still saying no.” I answer raising my voice a little. I am still scared and nervous, but maybe the brave front will scare her off.

“I’m going home now. I expect you to be wearing no underwear at work tomorrow. I also expect that you’ll be escorting me home tomorrow night. If I find out you are wearing underwear tomorrow, and I will check, I’m going to HR with my evidence,” Amy says in a commanding tone. She then gets up, grabs her bag and leaves.

I’m standing at her desk dumbfounded. I watch her arse as she walks away from me. I can’t help but be a little flattered that she’d go to this effort just for me.

I slowly walk back to my desk in a trance. How do I get out of this one? What are the options.

I’m finding it hard to think. If I submit to Amy, I’m cheating on my girlfriend. If I don’t submit to her, my job will be hell while I try to clear my name, if I can clear it. My girlfriend will also be pissed at me. She’ll even take some convincing to see that the evidence is rigged. How do I get out of this one.

I get back to my desk. The report still needs to be done. This is a distraction I don’t need.

I eventually leave the office at 2am. The report is finished. Not my usual high standard, but it is finished. I email it off, and head home.

Overnight I toss over in my mind ways to get out of this mess. I can’t see any. My only option is to go with it, and to try and make it last for as little time as possible.

Next morning I’m up at 6 a.m. I let Cassie, my girlfriend, know I’m now going to a conference for the weekend, it came up last minute. I pack an overnight bag. She’s not too worried. She says she’ll have a weekend with the girls.

I wear underwear to work. I know that I have to take it off later to meet Amy’s demands, but can’t really let Cassie see me get dressed with no underwear — she’d definitely ask about that.

I get into work early. I’m feeling a bit nervous. Do I actually go through with this? Do I have a choice?

I head to the mens bathroom before I even get to my desk. I remove my underpants and store them in my bag. My penis now has more freedom. It’s free to move around in my work trousers… more able to bounce around… more able to be noticed if it happened to get hard.

Even though I am wearing trousers, I’m on a sort of heightened sexual alert. I don’t feel comfortable like this at work. I’m not sure I’ll be able to concentrate.

I get to my desk, and check my email. There’s a meeting invite from Amy for 9 a.m. I accept it. The rest of my day will also be filled with meetings, thankfully not with Amy. At least that means I’ll be concentrating on my work.

I continue reading through my emails, I check the time and head off to the meeting room. Our meeting rooms are on the edge of our open plan office. One wall of the meeting room is the window to the outside of the building, the other is frosted glass facing internally. Through the frosted glass you can make out that people are in the meeting room, but not who they are. The door is solid, with a small glass window.

Amy is waiting for me when I arrive to the meeting room. She ushers me around so that my back is to the frosted glass. She sits close to me. She’s wearing a suit, navy jacket and short skirt. The skirt is just above her knees, but rides up a little higher when she sits. Her stunning legs are on display.

She puts her hand on my thigh. Her fingers spread. My penis starts to stir into action, anticipating what may happen here. I don’t want to show her that she has this effect over me, but the sensation of no underpants together with a hand resting so close is doing little to help me.

Anyone could walk into the room, I feel uncomfortable like this.

Amy looks down at my groin.

“OK, so it’s fairly obvious you have met your side of the deal,” smirks Amy.

My face starts to redden. Amy slightly shuffles her hand so that her pinky is now resting on my firm penis. This is the first time she has touched me there. She lightly rubs her pinky back and forth. I feel like a rabbit caught in headlights, like I am unable to move. My penis is hard and firm under my trousers.

“Although you’ve met my firm demands initially, I don’t trust that you’ll always do what I tell you,” teases Amy, “so I will need to test you before tomorrow.”

“What’s tomorrow?” I answer, knowing that I just must accept this attention.

Amy ignores my question, “The quicker you realize that I am in charge, the better for everyone,” Amy smiles, “I need to show you who is boss, and I’d like not to have you fight it. If you do, I’ll show you who wears the pants… literally. So are you going to submit, or do I have to go to HR with the evidence?”

“You’re the boss, Amy,” I say almost in denial, “I know you have me by the balls, almost literally, but I’m not going to let you have this hold over me forever… I’d rather deal with the consequences of being fired than have this little game occur for months.”

I feel like a little kid being told what to do. But I need to at least know how long the problem will last.

“Glad to see you know who’s boss,” responds Amy, “Don’t you like my hand?”

I don’t respond, She can tell by my hard cock I like it.

“This will end on Monday, if you want it to. But you’re mine until then,” she adds.

Amy then whispers, “You know I am feeling rather slutty today… I’ve also decided not to wear any panties,” as she now places her entire hand on my manhood, “Would you like to see my cunt?”

I nod reluctantly, my cock almost pulsing now from her touch.

Amy laughs, gets up and turns to leave the room, playfully raising her skirt just enough to tease, “I’ll come around to get you at five. Be ready to come.”

I’m left in the meeting room, with a big bulge in my pants, and no way to conceal it.

It’s 5 p.m., and I see Amy walking toward my desk. My penis stirs into action at the thought of tonight. I think of what Cassie’s reaction would be to this, and try to console myself that my actions are to help protect her as well. I pick up my bag and head off to Amy’s car.

“You drive,” Amy commands, “my fun starts now, I’ve been planning this for ages.”

We set off out of the carpark, and Amy’s hand immediately rests on my already hard cock, “Ohh you are ready for some fun aren’t you? I’m getting a little wet too… maybe you’d like me to give it a lick?”

My cock jumps at the thought. Amy giggles, “I’m such a bad girl… we’re going to the movies… the ones at East Gardens.”

Amy raises her skirt so that it is just covering her pussy.

“I want you to concentrate on the road, don’t mind my games,” flirts Amy.

My penis is very hard as she rubs the palm of her hand up and down it. I wish the material of my trousers wasn’t there. To feel her skin against mine would be even better. To feel her wet palm against my highly sensitive organ.

I know this is so wrong, but it feels wonderful. I can only imagine what Cassie would think of this, but Amy has me for the weekend as her play thing.

I continue to drive trying to concentrate in the peak hour traffic, with every distraction possible within the car. My cock must surely be leaking pre-cum, my suit pants must be a mess, I’m on the edge of cumming. Finally we get to the parking lot, we park. Amy removes her hand from my manhood and unbuttons her blouse. She exposes her lace covered breasts.

“Would you like to touch these? To lick them? To suck them?” she teases, “well just hang on,” as she buttons back up and leaves the car, then turns back to shout, “Well come on toy boy, hop to it, we have a movie to see!”

I jump out and follow.

Amy buys tickets for the James Bond flick, and a popcorn. As we walk toward our cinema, she pours the popcorn into a bin, keeping hold of the popcorn container. We find seats.

The cinema is about half full. Amy directs me to sit on the right side, near to the back of the cinema. The nearest people are around 4 to 5 seats away. We sit down.

“I’ve made a hole in the bottom of the popcorn holder,” Amy whispers, “unzip yourself and poke yourself through, I want to have some fun with you.”

I know that I don’t have a choice. She basically owns me for the weekend.

Trying not to draw attention to myself, I unzip my trousers. My penis springs into life, as I place the popcorn container over my manhood. I can feel the cold cinema air on my usually confined member. I feel like anyone can see what’s going on, feeling very self-conscience I look around to see if I can make out anyone, anyone I may know.

Amy spreads her legs slightly, and places her hand between her legs. I can only see the tops of her thighs, but can tell that she is fingering herself. The sight of her gorgeous legs, partly spread gets me aroused, my mind is racing.

She puts her index finger up to my lips, “taste me please,” she whispers, “this is the effect you’re having on me.”

I can smell her raw sexual juices, as I gently take her finger into my mouth.

The movie begins, and Amy puts her hand into the popcorn container. The palm of her hand resting over the top of my cock, her fingers draped down the outside of it. She twists her hand, so that her palm rubs over the head. I can’t believe what’s going on here, it feels great, but can’t help feeling I’m cheating on Cassie.

Amy continues to rub her hand over me. I’m starting to get close to cumming. I have no interest in the movie at all, although am trying to look like I am watching. She moves her hand toward her mouth, pretending she is eating popcorn. She licks her hand and replaces it over my cock.

She rubs her wet fingers just under the head. I am very close to cumming, my penis starting to almost pulsate. She must be feeling how hot I’m getting.

She squeezes my member between her thumb and forefingers. It’s just enough to take me away from the edge. Pre-cum is almost dripping from me, she doesn’t really need any saliva.

She then starts to lightly grasp at my hard wet cock, her palm on top, her fingers down the sides, as she draws her fingers upward. Her light touch is making me involuntarily rise to have her touch linger for a little longer. I’m sure others in the cinema can see what is going on if they happen to look over.

Amy continues to tease me. She played with me for around an hour, taking me to the edge, then backing off. I’m at the stage that any touch feels like it will take me over. I really need to cum.

I lean over and plead to Amy, “Please make me cum, Amy. I can’t take it any longer.”

“Nice to see that you are having fun,” Amy whispers, “I thought I was the one who was meant to be getting entertained… I think you’d better zip up now.”

“Please”, I plead.

“Zip up boy,” she commands.

I remove the popcorn container, and struggle to get myself back into my pants. I’m still on edge.

Amy spreads her legs a little, grabs my hand, and places my palm on the inside of her thigh.

“Caress my thigh,” she whispers, “but no closer.”

I lightly rub the inside of Amy’s thigh. Her legs part a little more, but I don’t dare move my hand any closer to her pussy. My hand being so close still has me hard, but I have regained my control. I’d love to feel her wetness, tease her a little.

The movie ends, and the lights come on. I can see pre-cum on my trousers, Amy looks at my predicament and giggles.

“Can’t control yourself honey,” she laughs.

I’m incredibly turned on, and embarrassed.

We get up to leave, I hold the popcorn container in front of my groin to cover my mess. We get back to the car, to head off to Amy’s.

This time she doesn’t touch me during the drive. We arrive at her apartment complex, and park in the underground carpark.

“Righto boy, I’d like you to have your pants off. Can’t walk around with a mess like that,” says Amy.

“I have some others in my overnight bag,” I mention hopefully.

“No, you’re overnight bag is staying in the car, you can ride up the lift exposed,” Amy answers.

“But it’s your apartment block, it’ll make you look bad if we get caught,” I try to negotiate.

“If someone else happens to see us, you’d better hide behind me, or you’d be disobeying me… and you don’t want that, do you!” retorts Amy.

I take off my socks, shoes and trousers. I look around to ensure no one is around. I get out of the car.

Amy wets her hand with saliva, and grabs my already hard penis. Her hand is wet and slippery. She leads me by the cock. It slides in her hand, unintentionally masturbating me as we walk.

We get into the elevator and ride up to the tenth floor. Thankfully no one else gets in.

At her door Amy fumbles for the keys. It can’t be an accident. I feel exposed, yet incredibly turned on. I’m more than ready to cum.

Amy opens the door, turns, kneels down, and takes my cock into her mouth, right there in the hall way. She sucks hard, then lets me fall out of her mouth. She licks under my balls, letting my cock hit her in the face.

She then gets back up, “Welcome to my humble abode, all males must be nude in the premises,” she announces.

I remove my shirt, and step into her apartment. She closes the door. I now feel a little more comfortable.

Amy wets her hand again and grabs my cock, “I’ll show you around the apartment. This is my preferred method of leading you.”

It’s a big two bedroom apartment.

“Here’s the kitchen, the lounge room, dining, my room, ensuite, bathroom, Katie’s room…” she directs.

“Katie’s room, you mean you share the apartment?” I exclaim. My stomach sinks. Just when I got used to the idea of only being embarrassed by Amy, it looks like I’m in for further humiliation.

“Don’t worry, she won’t be home til late,” mentions Amy with a sly smile, as she slides her hand on my penis. I’ve been on edge so long, it’s almost painful now.

“Now to the rules of the weekend,” Amy begins, “you do everything that anyone else says. Whether that’s me, or anyone else I invite over. Is that clear?”

“Yes, Amy,” I answer. I know there is no point fighting it. I’m now also concerned that she is talking about bring others over. This is getting too much to handle.

“But ultimately you are my toy thing, and you must do what I say. If you don’t, I’ll take my evidence to HR. If you are a good boy and do what I say, it will be destroyed Monday,” instructs Amy.

Amy picks up the phone, “I’ll order a pizza for dinner, you make yourself comfortable. And just to be clear, I don’t want you masturbating at all tonight. My plan is to tease you, so no cumming,” she grins cheekily.

We eat at the dining table with a nice bottle of wine. Me completely naked, Amy still in her work attire. My penis hasn’t been touched for an hour or so now. The evening getting on, my late night last night, and the wine are all contributing to making me very tired now.

Amy must sense this, “We’re off to bed now,” she announces, and heads into her room.

I’m not sure whether this means I won’t see her again til the morning. I look around for somewhere to sleep, when Amy emerges from her bedroom in her long flannelette pajamas.

She has seen me naked, played with my cock, sucked it, and teased me continually, and yet I haven’t seen her naked. I’m a little disappointed.

“So where am I sleeping?” I ask.

“In my bed,” Amy says in a matter-of-fact tone, “In you come.”

I get into her queen sized bed. She turns out the light and shuts the door. It’s very dark, I can’t see a thing. My tiredness evaporates with the thought at what might happen.

Amy gets into bed, “On your back,” she commands.

I roll onto my back. She’s taken off her pajama bottoms, and sits on my face in a sixty-nine position, “make me cum,” she demands.

I can smell her sex just above my mouth. It’s a musky sexy smell. The rawness of it all is very erotic. My cock is instantly hard just contemplating eating her.

I resist the temptation to take her straight away. I want to do some of my own teasing.

I lightly lick the inside of her thigh. Gradually making my way to her pussy. I very lightly flick my tongue across her pussy, as I move to her other thigh. I then move back to the other leg, again I lightly lick her pussy lips, flicking with my tongue. I’m barely touching her.

She moans slightly, and takes my cock into her mouth. I’m almost ready to cum. All the teasing has been too much. With one long suck, Amy releases my cock from her mouth and sits up, perched straight over my face.

“I need to cum,” she says.

I raise my head a little to flick my tongue over her clit. I then move back to lick her cunt lips again. More firmly now, I take one of her lips in my mouth, and suck on it. My nose pressing against her opening. The smell of her is wonderful, her juices covering my face.

She lowers a little so I no longer have to reach up. She pushes her muff over my mouth, I lick pussy. I stick my tongue into her, my mouth fully covering her entrance. She slides back a little, and I suck on her clit.

Releasing her clit from my mouth, I then start licking it. Faster and faster.

She starts to moan now, louder and louder, as I’m getting into a faster rhythm. I am licking faster and faster, Amy’s now grinding herself into my face.

Finally she almost screeches, before a lovely warm flow of juices wash over my face.

I’ve made her cum, and it gives me some satisfaction. I feel a guilty pleasure knowing that I am being forced to cheat on Cassie.

“Thank you,” murmurs Amy, “I needed that.”

Amy goes to the bathroom, comes back into bed, and grabs my cock.

“I’ll just draw some lipstick on your cock,” says Amy, “if the lipstick is not there in the morning, I’ll know you’ve masturbated. I don’t want that. I will be able to tell.”

Amy rolls over to sleep.

I need to cum. I really need to cum. What can I do. I roll onto my back. I can smell Amy’s juices on my face. It’s a great aroma. I can’t escape the thought of sex. With any luck I’ll have a wet dream.

I drift off to sleep. What would Cassie think?


I’m awake. Amy is dressed in jeans and a tight little shirt.

“Get up and shower,” commands Amy, “I’d like some breakfast.”

Amy licks her hand, and grabs my morning erection. I am pulled by her slippery hand to the bathroom. I’m already aching to cum. Amy turns on the shower and pushed me in.

I’m fairly quick to shower. Amy watches me. I am careful to wash the lipstick from my penis. I dry off, and we leave the bathroom, Amy’s hand around my cock.

Amy leads me to Katie’s room. She knocks on the door.

I’m feeling a bit embarrassed. I’m being presented nude to a girl I have never met. At least I hope it’s a girl I have never met. How did I get into this?

“I have someone for you,” Amy calls out.

The door opens. A sleepy looking woman opens the door. She’s naked. She has a perfect triangle of pubic hair. Her legs are slim, her tits are firm and suckable. Her face is attractive. She has short brown hair.

She thrust out her hand and grabs my balls. She roughly pulls me into her room and closes the door.

“Lie down and shut up,” she orders in a bitchy tone.

I lie on my back on the bed.

Katie licks her hand, and wipes it into her pussy. She then straddles me, and slides my cock into her pussy. She thrusts up and down quickly. I’m ever so close to cumming. Katie is really pushing me to the edge. I am having a girl fuck me before having even said a word.

She stops her thrusting, and stays sitting on my cock.

“You’re so big and hard. I love the feeling of you inside me,” Katie giggles.

She’s come out of her bitch mood for a moment, but what a time for a conversation.

I want to cum. I had almost cum.

She leans forward, “suck them,” she orders.

I start sucking her tits. She’s careful not to move on my cock; she must know I am close. She is enjoying this, as am I.

Slowly she raises her pussy off my cock. I’m almost entirely out of her now. She then takes my whole shaft inside her. She does this slowly and deliberately. Rising off me, so that the tip of my cock is just inside her, before thrusting down on me. Each time pausing just a little longer at the top of her stroke.

She is very wet and slippery, my cock is almost pulsing, ready to cum.

She thrusts down on me, then back up.

“Amy never brings anyone home for me to fuck,” says Katie.

She thrusts down again. I am sucking her breasts. This feels great. I grab her hips to guide her a little faster.


“Hey Stu, out you come!” yells Amy.

Katie thrusts down on me, then back up. She jumps off me.

“Oooo, I did like that. Maybe we can finish off later,” promises Katie, “Now get out.”

My cock is unbelievably rigid. I get up out of Katie’s bed, and walk toward Amy.

Amy grabs my cock and leads me through to the lounge-room.

“Lie down, arms and legs apart,” she commands, “I’ve been downstairs to the car to get your phone… Phone Cassie please… it’s what you’d do if you were at a conference!”

Amy throws the phone to me. I hesitate.

“Now!” she demands.

Amy strips out of her jeans, as I dial the number. She has a shaved pussy. Can you believe it! I licked her last night… but didn’t see it.

As I listen to the ringing phone Amy sits on my cock, taking me fully inside her, “You are such a big boy, I’m so full,” teases Amy.

Amy slowly bounces up and down on me.

“Hello,” says Cassie.

“Hi Cass, thought I’d see how it’s going,” I say, trying not to let on that I have Amy fucking me while I’m on the phone. I feel a massive wave of guilt run through me.

Amy sits up and pulls her little shirt over her head, exposing the most wonderful tits.

“I miss you Stu. Missed our Friday night fuck. I am so horny…are you?” starts Cassie.

Amy starts to rub her breasts. She is sitting still on my penis, I am fully inside her, but she’s not moving her body, just expertly contracting and releasing her vaginal muscles. She’s smiling at me.

“Yes, I am too,” I say truthfully.

“Did you cum this morning,” Cassie says, very out of character.

Amy leans forward, her breasts just touching my chest, her head resting on my neck. The feeling of her tits is electric. She starts sucking my earlobe. She would be able to hear Cassie on the phone at my other ear.

“No, didn’t cum this morning,” I say, trying to work out why this conversation is happening. I am in heaven with Amy on me. I really can’t have this conversation now.

Amy licks just under my jawline. My cock throbbing inside her.

“Anyway, I will be off to the shops today. Want to buy some nice lingere to look good for you. Would you like that?” Cassie teases.

Amy gently contracts her pussy muscles on my cock. She knows I am close. Her tits feel wonderful pressed into me. I grab her bottom with my free hand, it’s so firm and smooth.

“Of course,” I say, trying to concentrate.

“So, what is this conference about then?” asks Cassie.

Amy slides up and down on my cock.

“Umm… not sure,” I manage to get out. How can I think to make up something at a time like this.

“Surely, you must know,” Cassie quizzes, “You sure it’s a conference?”

Amy slides up and down my cock again. She bends in a little to lick my nipple.

“Umm, something about Process Driven Objectives in the new world. You know, one of those new fads going,” I lie, hoping it is believable.

“You sound a bit pre-occupied. Are you ok?” says Cassie.

Amy smiles at me. This can’t be happening, being forced to fuck a woman while on the phone to my girlfriend.

“Yeah. Starts soonish….I better get going,” I say trying to not show I am losing it.

“OK, bye honey….love you!” Cassie says in her cheery tone.

“Love you too!” I say, guilt running through me.


“Do you love me too?” asks Amy, now quickly thrusting hard upon me.

“No,” I answer. I am about to cum.

Amy slides up off me, my straddling my chest. My cock pulsing in the air. She sits on my chest. Her knees pinning my arms in place. Her cunt very close to my face.

“No cumming darling,” Amy laughs, “Time to make me breakfast!”


I serve Amy and Katie french toast for breakfast.

Amy is dressed again. She is wearing her tight little top with no bra, and jeans. Katie emerged from her room in a little maroon satin nightie. The nightie barely covers her pussy and bottom when she is standing, never mind when she is sitting down. Her tits press against the material, almost visible.

Everything is now a turn on for me. My cock is now in a permanent semi-hard state. I am still naked.

Every time I lean over to place something on the table, Amy or Katie fondle my balls or penis. They love teasing me… I am finding it all too much.

Amy and Katie finish eating, and I wash up. When I return they are both sitting on the couch, waiting for me.

“Ok,” says Amy, “Now, I’ll explain the plan for the day to you… Firstly, you’ll start by cleaning our apartment. If I call you back to see me, you may get a treat, so I want you to come running when I call.”

“Yes Amy,” I say.

“Then, you’ll head off to see out friend Natasha on the eighth floor. She’d love to see you,” continues Katie, “and we’ll have a bit of a party over there!”

The thought of a party horrifies me. I can just guess that I will be naked, humiliated by a bunch of women!

“Now you can start off vacuuming the apartment,” orders Amy.

I vacuum the apartment. It takes quite a while. I finally finish, and walk back in to see Amy and Katie who are watching TV.

“Now stand with your back to the wall, and hands on you head,” Amy commands.

I do as she says. Amy kneels in front of me. Her mouth is close to my slightly flaccid penis. She looks straight at it.

My cock starts to harden. She hasn’t even touched me yet, and I am getting hard. Amy continues to watch my cock. She licks her lips.

I look down at her. I can see her breasts straining against her tight little top. Katie is watching us from the other side of the room.

My cock is now fully erect. Amy gently blows at the underside of my penis. The feeling of her breath on me feels great, I would love her to touch me, grab me.

Amy stands up, and retreats back to the couch, “Just wanted to see if I am having the desired effect on you… appears I am,” Amy giggles, “now you can clean the bathroom.”

I clean the bathroom, then the kitchen. I dust the furniture, and make the beds. I wash the morning dishes and make lunch.

I’m allowed to shower, and then I again present myself to Amy and Katie.

“Now, you’ll need to head over to Natasha’s apartment on the eigth floor. Knock on the door, and explain that she’ll need to come over to my place for some entertainment,” Katie asks.

“I can’t do that dressed in nothing,” I plead.

“I think you are forgetting that you have no say in this. You need to obey what is said here,” Amy enforces.

“But, what if I get seen, what if Natasha thinks I am some sort of rapist,” I ask, changing my approach, “you’ll hardly have fun with me in jail.”

“Oh, you are a highly educated executive, I am sure you can talk your way out of a spot of trouble,” Amy says, as she grabs hold of my penis, “I do hope it stays hard for Natasha to see.”

I turn my focus to being fondled by Amy. I have been teased for so long that any touch excites me, especially as I’ve had a few hours of nothing. I know that in my current state, any female would look enticing, however Amy’s mischievous grin is just driving me wild.

“Once you get back with Natasha,” Amy continues, “we will have some challenges for you.”

With that, Amy again leads me by the cock. Her hand loosely wrapped around my member, as she leads me to the front door of her apartment. As she walks, her hand moves back and forth, my cock as big and hard as it gets, pre-cum oozing from the tip.

Amy opens the door, and drags me into the hall way. She lets go of me and returns to her apartment, “number 805,” she says as she shuts the door behind her.

I am alone in the hallway, completely naked. Thankfully no one is around. I think about taking the fire stairs. I press the lift button. I know this is risky, but I’m not sure that the fire stairs will allow me out on the eighth floor. I stand to the side of the lift, so that no one could see me when the doors open.

The lift seems to take an eternity. Finally it comes. I peek my head around the corner. No one is in it. I get in and press eight.

I get out on the eighth floor hassle free. Still no one around.

I knock on 805. I am totally naked, knocking on the door of a total stranger. I feel horny, and totally stupid. What will I say to this woman.

The door opens. A woman in her early thirties, slender, attractive and a little taller than me. She is wearing jeans and a t-shirt. Even in the jeans, you can tell she has a nice bottom, her breasts just look wonderful. I’m not sure if she really does look this good, or I am just too horny to tell anymore.

“Do come in, I have been expecting you,” she says, “I am Natasha… and you are obviously here to entertain me.”

“Umm…yes,” I say, trying to think of what to say next.

“This way,” Natasha says, ushering me inside her apartment.

I enter her place. It is immaculate. The furniture modern, and stylish. She closes the door.

“You are here to stimulate us,” she continues, “we are all highly educated, well paid, intelligent women who are at present very career focused… thus we have no time to waste on men, and their petty ways…so occasionally, one of us captures a good looking one, and we have some fun.”

“Nice way of doing things if you can manage it,” I mumble.

“Please only speak when asked a direct question. You aren’t here for your conversation,” Natasha orders, “Now where was I… ahh yes…you simply do as we tell you, and all will be fine. If you go outside those boundaries…well, someone may get hurt. It will be you… so do as you are told… OK.”

“Yes,” I answer.

“Now, stand up straight, and stay where you are!” Natasha commands.

She walks around me. Looking me up and down like a tailor inspects her new garment. She stands behind me. Squeezes my bottom.

“Firm,” she whispers.

From behind, Natasha places her hand around onto my chest, trailing it down my torso. My cock is at attention, she places her palm over my cock. It being pressed into my stomach. She rubs her hand back and forth.

I look down at my penis, pre-cum starts to appear. Natasha’s palm touches my pre-cum, and becomes all slippery. Her hand now sliding back and forth over my penis.

I shut my eyes. I am concentrating on the feeling. I can smell Natasha’s faint perfume. She smells alluring, feminine, sexy.


Someone’s at the door. I come back to my senses. How many people are going to see me like this I think. Surely at some stage, one of them may know me!

Natasha ignores the door. She leads me to what I think must be her bedroom. I sit on a three seater sofa, next to a bed.

“Here, put these on,” she says, handing me a pair of swimming goggles, “I’ll be back soon.”

The door closes, as I hear Natasha open the front door. I can hear whispers, but can’t make anything out. I inspect the goggles. They are normal swimming goggles, but have been painted black, so that the wearer is blind. I put them on. I can’t see a thing.

I wait patiently on the sofa; blind, horny, naked and a bit humiliated.

The bedroom door opens, I can hear two people enter.

“OK,” says Natasha, “You sit on one side of the sofa…you’ll give my friend here a foot massage to start her day…and no talking, no asking questions!”

I sense someone sitting on the couch. I am pushed to sit on one side of the couch, my back to the armrest, facing the other person. The person pushing me down feels like Natasha. So it must be the new person I am to massage. I sit cross legged. Two feet are gently placed into my lap.

I hear Natasha walk out of the room. The door closes, as I feel a foot stroke my erect member.

I reach forward and find the other foot. I start to rub with both hands. My thumbs kneading the sole, while my fingers caress the top of the foot.

The feel of her foot, her distinctive smell, I can’t place it, but I have a feeling I know this person.

Her other foot gently rubs up and down my cock, her toes wiggling over the head, pre-cum oozes from my cock. She continues to wriggle her toes, as they become slippery in my pre-cum. It does feel very nice.

I firmly massage the ball of her foot. Trying to work out any stress. I am having a hard time massaging her foot, when the other is doing such an expert job of stroking my member.

I press my thumbs firmly into her soles, trying to do a good job.

Her other foot has me on the edge. The soft skin of her soles, with my pre-cum lubricating my penis is driving me wild. My cock must look all shiny and hard.

“Now the other foot,” instructs the woman.

I know the voice.

Instantly, I feel a sinking feeling in my stomach. It’s Tamzin!

“Tamzin?” I ask.

“Fancy meeting you here,” she says, “I bet this is a surprise…now I do believe that you aren’t allowed to talk…I’d so like to enjoy my massage without you ruining it with conversation…so get back to it!”

I recoil back from her, putting my hands over my penis, trying to make sure she can’t reach my cock.

Tamzin hits my hands away, and continues to stroke her foot over my fully erect cock. She giggles.

Tamzin is in my team, that is, she reports directly to me. Tamzin is not overly attractive. Her face is sort of ok, with short hair that frames her face well. She is a bit too skinny, her legs are abit stick like – nothing to write home about, She has large-ish breasts, especially for her skinny frame. She’s early thirties, and holds her age well. I can just imagine the smirk on her face right now. I can bet that Amy had this in mind all along. I really dislike Tamzin.

Most women who are sort of average looking have a personality to make up for it. Not in Tamzin’s case. She has no people skills, is arrogant and has a know it all side to her. Always trying to win at whatever it is. She thinks she is beautiful which turns most people off her. I don’t think too much of her.

I take Tamzin’s slippery pre-cum foot off my cock. I start to rub her sole, massaging the pre-cum into her foot — as her other foot takes it’s place on my cock. Slowly rubbing up and down.

Her other foot is now slippery with pre-cum, and it feels wonderful. She has my cock between her two biggest toes, and is slowly rubbing up and down.

I’d like Tamzin to make me cum. I really do dislike Tamzin, the way she talks back to me at work, the way that she tries to undermine my authority. The more I think of her smirking away, the more I hate her. But I do want to cum.

I never thought I’d be cheating on my girlfriend with Tamzin. And by her feet rubbing my cock.

“Rather humiliating don’t you think,” says Tamzin, “that your subordinate rubs her feet over you… and you are taken to orgasm.”

Tamzin stops rubbing my cock, and pushes her toes against my mouth. . “Lick my toes please,” Tamzin adds, “I want you to know where you stand.”

I move away slightly. Tamzin leans forward and grabs my balls, “Don’t forget who’s the boss now… and you’ll remember this at work on Monday,” she snarls.

Tamzin leans back and pushes her toes into my face.

I start to lick Tamzin’s big toe. I can taste my pre-cum on her foot as I slowly lick and suck her toes. This is humiliating, yet due to the continual teasing, I’m still turned on by it. It’s a male weakness.

I lick Tamzin’s other toes, then move to the sole all the while massaging her other foot with my hands. I can’t see her, but can bet that Tamzin is looking at my cock, taking in the sight.

“Ok, times up,” calls Natasha from outside the room.

Tamzin pulls her feet away, and I feel her head move into my lap. She takes my cock in her mouth, she expertly licks the head. She kisses the tip slowly; firmly drawing it into her mouth. Her mouth feels nice; warm; inviting.

She releases me, “Would you like me to make you cum?” Tamzin asks.

“Yes,” I whisper without hesitation.

“You sure?” she asks again.

“Yes,” I respond.

“Are you begging me,” she laughs.

“Please,” I whisper.

Tamzin rips the goggles off my head, “Ok, lie on the floor then,” she instructs as she pushes me down next to the sofa.

She then sits on the sofa, and puts one foot on my cock and the other in my face, “Now lick my foot. The better a job you do, the more I will rub your cock with my other foot,” she laughs.

I start to lick Tamzins foot. I can still taste my own pre-cum on it. Her other foot lightly touches my cock. I take one of her toes in my mouth, her other four toes pressing into my nose.

Tamzin’s other foot now presses more firmly into my cock. She maneuvers my cock into the ridge between her toes and her foot, as she rubs her foot side to side. It is pretty crude, but the way I am feeling, touch is wonderful.

Her toes are all slippery…. as is my cock… I’m getting close.

I look up at Tamzin, and she presses my head down with her foot. I continue licking and sucking the foot that is in my face. Her foot is dripping with my saliva, as she smears her foot over my face.

My cock is really throbbing now.

I start breathing heavier….I know I am going to cum now, I am beyond the point of no return. Tamzin’s foot rubs once more against my cock….I start cumming, my liquid spurting… Tamzin quickly takes her foot off my cock….losing some of my pleasure.

She then stands up, squashing my face and cock….all her weight on top of me. My cock still spurting and throbbing, wanting to be completely milked.

“Well Amy will be pissed at you…. You know you aren’t allowed to cum!” Tamzin snorts, “I always knew you couldn’t resist me, remember your pathetic begging when we next meet at work.” I watch her leave the room… I really hate her….Amy will be pissed!

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