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An unexpected business trip brought me back to the area where I grew up, the Philadelphia Main Line. I called a couple friends but none were around and so I thought it might be fun to visit one of the nicer haunts where my friends and I used to drink when home from college. It had been 20 years since we were trying to score in this place and except for a name change; it was pretty much the same.

As a happily married father of three, I was no longer in the game but after looking at some of the gorgeous women, I figured I better not have more than a few drinks or I might try to make up for lost time.

I was nursing the second drink when a tap on the shoulder brought my attention to an old high school classmate – Steve Wilson. Although we were not good friends back then, we had a number of friends in common and it was great to see a familiar face. We spent a fair bit of time catching each other up on who was doing what and where from our old class. He spent the last 10 years building a company and seemed to have done fairly well. He married only this year and just built a new house down the road. He invited me down for a nightcap and since he was obviously proud of this place and wanted me to see it, I happily accepted and followed him home in my rental car.

The house was quite spectacular and he insisted on giving me a tour. Just after the family room (with a full sized pool table) was an indoor whirlpool complete with an entertainment center at one end. On the adjacent wall was a portrait of his wife – one of those glamour shots. Although he just turned 40, she looked at least 10 years younger and incredibly hot. I was just about to make a comment about his wife when he threw me a pair of swimming trunks and told me to jump in while he got a couple drinks. I changed and slipped into the pool just as he arrived back with the drinks. I asked about his wife and he mentioned that she was out for the next couple hours at an evening class but he hoped I would stay long enough to meet her. We talked some more about old times and the topic eventually switched to our never-ending quest to get laid. We were laughing at some of our attempts. I remember being caught off guard when he said it would have been easier back then if we simply took care of each other. Somehow the topic got back to his wife, and I mentioned the hot picture on the wall. He said it was his birthday present this year including a video of the photo-shoot. He jumped out of the pool and put it in the video player.

The video started with a typical model type shoot – lights against a backdrop with his wife moving this way and that while the photographer took roll after roll of film – but then it moved in to close-ups. She was stunning as she went from pose to pose. Then the lights and music on the video changed and she started dancing a very slow, sensual dance. It was sexier than any porn movie. I could feel my cock come to life under the water. She was getting into this as she began to remove one piece of clothing after the next. I couldn’t believe I was sitting in a classmate’s whirlpool watching a video of his wife striptease. She didn’t take off all her clothes. Instead she began to rub herself through her clothing while dancing to a hypnotic beat. I was beginning to get concerned that Steve might notice my now full hard cock. Just then, his wife in the video picked up a beer bottle and started giving it head. I was ready to blast inside the pool. At that moment I felt Steve’s hand on my suit on top of my cock and I was shocked back into realty. “What are you doing? Are you gay?” Looking at the bulge in my pants he said no. Back in high school, he and a number of friends used to jerk and suck each other off and he seeing me with this hard-on brought back the urge. Did I mind? I didn’t answer but didn’t protest either as he moved his hand inside my trucks. It felt great. He picked me up to the side of the pool, pulled down my shorts and began giving me one of the best blowjobs of my life.

I had this urge to touch his cock while he sucked mine and asked him to get out of the pool. I turned sideways and soon we were in a 69 position. While he continued to suck my cock, I pushed down his suit and grabbed his 7 inches. I had never seen a cock close-up like that before but often thought about it. I moved it up and down with my hand and then brought my mouth over to taste the tip. Within seconds I was trying to stuff in the entire length. What an experience! His sucking only excited my sucking which only made him suck more. We went at it like two athletes until I couldn’t take anymore. I warned him I was coming but he only sucked harder. I couldn’t believe he wanted to taste my come! I spurted for all I was worth and he swallowed every drop. I wasn’t prepared for the same when he exploded in me. Half his come went down my throat without me needing even to swallow while the other half landed in my mouth – and it didn’t taste half bad. It was a strange taste and though not exactly good, there was something about it that made me want more.

We slid back into the pool. Although it seemed like a very long time, only a few minutes must have passed because when I looked up, his wife was still on the video. Just then, we heard the door open and his wife walked in and she was as beautiful and sexy as on the video. After Steve introduced me she looked up to see what we were watching. At first she looked scared but then she relaxed and looking at both of us said, “Are you interested in seeing the real thing?”

The story of the three of us is chapter two.

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