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Santa Max

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This move was a big step for me. After being married for thirty years I finally had my kids raised and was left without a life, neither; personal, professional nor sexual as we’d been living apart in the same house for two years. I finally made the decision to leave and make my own way again. Needless to say, much was my own fault as I tolerated the neglect and did so from personal fears and the loathing to be on my own with two kids, but none the less, as I approached my thirty year anniversary I kept asking myself, “Do you want another thirty years like this?” and the answer came back every time as “fuck no!”.

So, I pushed the last of the boxes towards the door of my new apartment with my foot and tried not to drop my armload of hang-up clothes from my closet as a deep voice said from behind me, “Here, let me help you with that.” The soft lilting of the man’s voice caused a trickling sensation, like tiny crystals of ice racing down my spine. I shivered, as I turned to see a tanned, tall and incredibly handsome “Santa Claus”, natural white hair and beard, reaching for my much too large bundle of clothes.

His lips full and his smile wide, he greeted me warmly. “Hello, my name is Max and I live across the way.” Green eyes, crinkled at the corners, held mine for a moment as he relieved me of my load. “I do the “Santa” routine every year for the hospitals and the social services department.” he replied, noticing me noticing his costume.

“Hel… lo, I’m Leigha.” I stammered, letting him help me and unable to stop the blush of my excitement as his arm brushed across my breasts. My nipples instantly responded to the contact and their erectness was also visible and noticed. His lovely neatly trimmed right eyebrow rose.

“Sorry,” he said smiling again that beatific smile that belied his apology, “didn’t mean to be so familiar.” Now, my nips were hard as rocks and tingling so badly I could hardly stand my bra to touch them. I tried fiercely to ignore the sensation, so long forgotten, so desperately desired.

“No problem and thanks.” I reached for the door turning away from him so he couldn’t see the flush of color I that was spreading across my face again but I’m sure he knew it just the same. We made our way through the door and I bent down to grab the boxes knowing full well his view of my ass was quite unobstructed. I swear I heard a slight chuckle but maybe it was only wishful thinking.

For a fiftyish woman I’m holding up fairly well. Though rounder of course than when I was in my twenties my figure is proportionate and still catches appreciative smiles from men even much younger than myself. The hips a little wider and the breasts not as perky, since I’m a DD and have been since high school perky was probably only an illusion anyway, full figured would be more accurate, I suppose, but still I always felt attractive and that is half the battle right there. My shoulder length ash blonde hair, thick and curly as it was, was graying but I never let it go gray, a blonde to the end! That’s my motto.

“Um… where do you want these?” Santa Max asked, looking around the apartment towards the little hallway. His apartment had to be the same as mine so he knew where the bedroom was. “In on the bed, please.” I replied following him as he headed through my bedroom door. “Sorry, for the mess.”

“No problem,” he copied my earlier reply. “Moving is messy business.” He placed my clothes gently across the bed and looked over my four-poster with a smile barely gracing his lips. “Nice bed.”

“Thanks. It’s an antique.” as many of my things were. I was fond of well made antique furniture.

He grabbed the post closest to him and gave it a small shake. The bed made only the very tiniest of creaks. “Good shape, well made,” he turned and looked me square in the eyes grinning; “you’ll get a lot of good use out of a four-poster.”

I blushed again and moved towards the door. This blushing thing was going to have to stop! I have never been a “blusher” before, what was going on?

“Hummm, yes, thanks so much for your help.” I muttered.

“My pleasure,” He said, following me into the living room. “anything else to carry in?”

“No, thanks, that’s all.” I walked to the door. This meeting had to end. I was so aroused and intimidated by my reaction to this man that I couldn’t form a cognizant thought.

He took my small hand in his large one and then placed his other hand on top. The warmth was amazing. His hands were strong and yet gentle, my thoughts running rampant about how they would feel on my body, caressing me. In just a brief moment I noticed his nails, clean and very neatly trimmed short, smooth skinned for a man his obvious age and large long fingers. I felt my pussy squeeze at that thought. I lowered my gaze from his so he wouldn’t see the passion flaring up in my eyes.

He cleared his throat and let my hand go. This time when I looked up to him he looked away. “Well, if there’s anything you need, don’t hesitate to knock on my door.” Smiling he turned and walked to his own place. His stride was confident and powerful and I fled back into my apartment after replying a barely audible, “Thank you, I will”.

Closing the door behind me I leaned up against it and cupped my pussy with both hands, trying to make the contractions cease. “Fuck it!” I said aloud and went to my new bedroom.

Luckily my bed was big enough to accommodate me and my pile of clothes as I stripped off the ones I had on and laid across it on my side. Squeezing hard on my already hard nipples sent shivers clear down my body and my pussy plunged into a contraction. Moaning, my free hand sought out my clit, pushing thought the slim neatly trimmed hair and welcoming lips I dipped into my wetness rubbing my clit in circles until I could barely stand it. Every time I squeezed my nipples hard another wave of pleasure race to my crotch, making me moan again and again.

My love juices flowing now, dripping down my thigh I plunged my fingers through my tiny labia and into my flexing cunt. Pulling more juices out with each dip I flicked my, now hard and swollen, clit with my fingertip. Arching, my orgasm rushed over me like a wave of warm water sending my body the release I longed for. My cum flowed from me in a gush and I massaged my pussy and all her glorious juices relishing the feel of my wetness as my body calmed and relaxed. “Mmmmm…” I sighed softly.

After languishing in my bliss for awhile I decided to get busy on the cleaning, sorting and putting away. This mess wasn’t going to take care of itself. I didn’t bring much with me. I didn’t want much. So in a couple of hours the place was clean, things arranged and I was just turning on the dish washer to wash the unpacked dishes when someone knocked on my door.

Peeping through the peephole, something I was training myself to do as I hadn’t lived in the city for thirty years, a green eye peered back at me. Then suddenly a laugh, deep and unfettered erupted and he drew back to let me see his whole face, Santa. I felt my blush starting at the memory of my playtime this afternoon. No! I took my mind firmly in hand; I was not going to be some blushing neophyte, I’m a grown, mature woman and I can handle a little lusting after a stranger!

Licking my lips I opened the door, I greeting him with a confident wide smile. “Hi, Max!” I drew back, “Come in.”

“Thanks, no, I’m on my way out.” His smile met mine. “I just want to say, if you’re around for coffee in the morning I have some great homemade cinnamon rolls to go with it.”

“Wow, Santa cooks too?” I said grinning. “How awesome! Thanks, I’ll be there. What time?”

“I’m usually up at 7:00 but…” he chuckled, “we don’t have to start that early. How about, 8:00?”

I could tell he was squirming a little and wondered if he was regretting the invite for some reason.

“Sure,” I replied gently laughing, “I’ll bring some crispy bacon, so we can have a well rounded unhealthy breakfast.”

He winked at me saying, “It’s the only kind I have.” He moved away but not before he briefly scanned me up and down and grinned. “See YOU in the morning!” He waved as he walked off. The street clothes he had on were soooo not “Santa”, a beautiful grey pullover and dark blue jeans, just a little tight in the ass. I could see his glutes flex as he moved away from me. Nice ass, Santa!

Later that night, as I lay in bed thinking about my new neighbor, I began to fantasize about seducing Santa Claus. I grabbed my small purple vibe from the nightstand and slipped it between my thighs, rubbing the inside of my pussy lips for a bit before putting it on low. The gentle motions of the vibe relaxed me and made me instantly wet, moving it in and out of me made my back arch with the pulsating pleasure of it. Juices flowing and body moving in synch with the vibrations I started cumming, my pussy squeezing, I pulled on my nipples almost till they hurt. I wanted him so much right then if he’d have walk through the door I would have shoved his lovely bearded face in my wet cunt and demanded pleasuring.

Oh my, just the thought of it sent shivers down my spine making me cum again, but still building, I pictured him licking me from taint to clit and back again in one long sensuous slow stroke. Lapping and sucking me until I begged for mercy and release.

My body, writhing now with the vibrations faster and circling my clit I cried out, not a moan but a guttural growl. I was so hot and covered in sweat I felt like I’d cum all over myself. Finally, with the Santa of my mind, clamping down on my clit and sucking me off I came in a huge gush and my body convulsed at my sexual orgasmic explosion.

Panting between gasps I lay there totally spent and quaking with little aftershocks rolling through my tired limp body. I don’t think I’ve ever orgasmed like that before. I felt shaken physically and emotionally by the experience and vowed silently to myself, if I got the chance to “do” that man in his Santa suit I was going to jump at it!

The next morning I went to Max’s place and we had a most excellent coffee and rolls with several pieces of bacon each. The conversation was very general and he explained that he was widowed, retired early from the postal service and how he really enjoyed doing the Santa bit each year but he normally kept his beard shaved off until about October. We talked for 3 hours and it felt like 3 minutes. Finally, I managed to make myself go home.

“Very nice breakfast and company,” He said, kissing me on the cheek. I could smell only cleanness, no cologne, yes! “We’ll have to do this again.”

“Yes, please.” I returned, “Kissing his cheek through his amazingly soft beard. I giggled, his eyebrow arched in that way he had of questioning without speaking. “I’ve never kissed a man with a beard before. I thought it would be scratchy.”

“Some are, I believe, but mine’s always been very soft. Lucky I guess.” Grinning, he winked at me, “I’ve never had any complaints, anyway.”

I headed back to my place and heard Max’s door close as mine did. Though the place was clean I cleaned again as I needed the distraction from my own raging desires.

It was a week before I saw Max next. I’d decorated the apartment, not just for everyday, but for the holidays as well, my girls had come by and brought my grandsons for a visit, I’d done most all of my shopping, wrapped gifts, baked up a storm and was in the process of baking summer sausage to give as part of my gift baskets when I heard the jingle of bells. My heart pounded and my pussy flexed at the idea of seeing who would have those bells. I gathered up some cookie packages that I’d put together that morning and went to make a neighborly call. Checking my hair and my clothes first… no, this would never do, I went to change. Finding my little burgundy cotton dress with the low scooped neckline, I slipped out of my jeans and top. Looking at myself in the antique mirror, I smiled at my reflection and pulled off my bra and panties as well. The girls still held up fairly nice. I caressed them gently, running my thumb over the already hardening nipples. The areola was darker, tight and crinkled. Whoa, I was getting moist already. Calm down, I thought to myself. He might be tired or busy; you might come home with nothing but “thanks for the cookies”.

Knocking on Max’s door, a call of “Come in.” answered me from inside. I opened the door. There was Santa in all his red and white glory sitting at the kitchen table sorting through his pack. My thighs quivered. The suit was like any other Santa suit, red velvet with beautifully white trim, except it had inside the most gorgeous man wearing it. He still had on his hat, cocked a little to one side, the coat was unbuttoned and suspenders segmented his beautiful, slightly hairy, chest. He looked at me like I was his favorite toy. My thighs trembled now, my pussy convulsed with delight, I could feel the wetness in my cunt moistening my small but sensitive labia. In response, my tongue slipped out to moisten my lips.

“I’ve been baking all week so I thought I’d bring Santa his treat.” Wow, talk about a double entendre. If he only knew the treat I’d like to give him.

“Leigha, that’s so nice of you.” He searched my face for the double meaning, finding my flushed look pleased him. Smiling, he appraised my body and approved. “Lovely dress, but no shoes?” That quizzical raised eyebrow that made me feel all soft and buttery was just about more than I could bear.

“Oh dear”, I looked down at my bare feet. I was in such a hurry I forget to put shoes on. At least I’d managed a mani-pedi this week and my feet were presentable with scarlet painted nails with white French tips.

“I… I forgot.” I stammered. I turned to walk past him and place the goodies on the counter. “I’ll just set these here, shall I?” That’s just great; here I was trying to be hot and seductive in my bare feet. My inner excitement waned as I turned to face him.

“That would be just fine, thanks.” His looked changed from grinning to serious, “Santa has been watching you.” My pulsed leapt at the words.

“You’ve been a very good girl.” A slow sensuous smile spread across his face, “Would you like to tell Santa what you want for Christmas?”

I thought would cum right then. My pussy was screaming at me “Yes, damn you, yes!” but suddenly I felt shy. “I know you won’t believe this, but I’ve never sat on Santa’s lap before.”

My heart raced as fear gripped me, I couldn’t believe I was actually thinking of running home. What a coward I was.

His ungloved hands spread out to invite me to his lap. Somehow, I moved forward and settled myself across his long strong legs, my dress rising up. With no panties and a full swing hem when I sat down I felt the velvet of his trousers soft against my buttocks. It caressed me and made me relax. At first he placed his arms around my waist in a gentle hold interlocking his fingers.

“Leigha,” he spoke I a deep whisper, “What would you like from Santa this year?” My heart was racing again and my pussy was nearly orgasmic as I looked into his eyes. His smile for me was soft and his lips full. I could see a network of tiny wrinkles spattering his face and slowly his tongue slipped out to moisten his lips. I wanted that tongue. I wanted it more than anything right then. On my lips, in my mouth, tracing every curve of my body and lapping at my lovely swollen clit. He knew what I wanted and knew I was not going to be able to express it no matter how much I wanted to.

Slowly he unlocked his fingers and placed his hand on my bare thigh just at the hem. A high little moan escaped my lips and I closed my eyes with the delight of his touch. As he slid his hand up under my dress I opened my eyes to look at him. His eyes, serious and gentle, explored my face for any signs of resistance. He found none. I leaned in to press my lips on his for our first kiss and our lips met at the same moment his fingers touched my pussy. I came then. My love juice poured out of me and when his fingers push through my lips they met full on wetness. “Santa Max,” I moaned through our kiss.

Hi lips were warm and soft but firm. They slid over my own with expert grace and longing. Sucking my lower lip, he, at first gently, then more hungrily plunged his tongue into my welcoming mouth. Drawing back he chuckled, “Hummm…, maybe Santa was wrong. Maybe you’ve been very naughty?” I moved to his ear and sucked his lobe, whispering, “No, Santa, I’m very good, I promise.”

“I’ll bet you are, my dear.” He replied his voice deep and husky with lust, panting a little. He squeezed me to him and probed my inner lips with his finger. Dipping deep into me he fingered me in and out flexing and pushing I moaned again and my pussy contracted in return. “Mmmm… Santa”, I pleaded softly, “Since I’m such a good girl will you cum down my chimney?”

“Yes, my darling.” He promised. “It’d be my pleasure.” With that he grasped my hips and pulled me around to face him straddled across his lap. I know I was dripping on him but I didn’t care and neither did he. He reached inside the neckline of my dress and sought out my breasts, cupping them in his big hands, squeezing hard then massaging each in turn while I was fumbling for the opening of his trousers. I cried out with ecstasy when he pinched my tender nipples, I squealed softly as tiny lightning bolts flew to my cunt. Pulling my dress down he pulled me up to him and latched on to my nipple with his hot mouth, sucking me into submission. “Please”, I begged. I pushed my hand inside his briefs and found gold!

I gasped at the hardness and sized of his penis, it pulsed in my hands like a living breathing thing, his moans mingled with mine. I grasped it hard and pulled, then released, then again and went for his balls. He wasn’t shaved but trimmed and the hair tickled me as I rubbed and pulled on his scrotum. I wanted him in my mouth. I wanted my gift.

His hands moved down my back as I stroked him and I arched a little at the intense pleasure his tongue was causing my hard and throbbing nipples to produce. Feeling and massaging my ass he pushed his fingers along my slit and opened my quivering lips wide. A cool waft of air sent tingling jolts to my clit. With his other hand he stroked my cunt and then probed my vaginal walls pressing and stroking all the while and thumbing my so hard clit. I came again all over his hand. He released my nipple and I made my move.

Pushing away from him he moaned. I dropped to my knees and forced my way between his legs I popped his head in my warm moist mouth. Greedily I sucked and licked and now his moans were coming in waves like an ocean storm rolling in. Stroking him firmly I pulled his balls up to my waiting lips, kissing and licking I played there for a bit before pulling them inside my mouth to feel him flex with pleasure. Tracing the veins of his hard cock with my tongue I reached the underside of his head, my favorite place to flick my tongue. He was massaging my ass and back all the while and I touch the spot I wanted with the tip of my tongue, his moan exploded from him. “Leigha!” he squeezed my ass so hard I nearly cried out!

“Please, honey…, I don’t want to cum in your mouth the first time.” He begged. “Please let me have your pussy first?” I eased up on him so he could calm down a bit but lapped at his dripping pre-cum before I then moved back up into his lap.

My pussy was dripping juices as I moved over him. He guided himself into my waiting throbbing cunt.

“Max,” I whispered, “please get inside me. I need you now!” I lowered myself on his rock hard cock and groaned in the sheer pleasure of it. Our pants coming in gasps now as we moved together, he, thrusting into me and me, thrusting myself onto him. The first stroke or two hurt just a bit and I gasped, it’d been years since I’d had sex other than my own pleasuring, but soon it was just heat and orgasm after orgasm, my love juice pouring all over us.

“Ooooh, Santa!” I cried, as he pulled me down on him hard time and time again.

I felt that same sensation as the other night when I came so hard that I growled. It was building in me and no way to control it. Our pumping and grinding was now fierce with passion and a dug my red nails into his shoulders as he grabbed my hips pulling me to him harder and harder with each stroke. His face buried in my breast he cried out, “I’m cumming, Leigha, I’m cumming, now!” A fierce moan escaped his lips and with that last warning I let the growl free and plunged onto him, my legs buckling weakened in my orgasmic exaltation!

Clinging to each other we gasped for air, several moments passed before he spoke, “Damn, woman. Do you always growl like that?” He chuckled, a sound I was becoming very fond of.

“No, you sexual devil, no man has ever made me do that.” Which was true, no man had. “Oh my, what I nice present, my dear,” I said nestling into his shoulder.

“Yes,” Santa Max said, “So much better than cookies and milk.” We relaxed savoring our bliss for awhile before I finally got up to find the bathroom. His suit was a mess and was in severe need of cleaning.

After cleaning myself up in the bathroom I went to him. He was standing in the bedroom and he held his arms out for me. Enfolding me in his embrace he kissed me tenderly and caressed my forehead with his lips. I sighed with utter happiness.

“I have a gig this evening, early.” He whispered to me, “Will you have dinner with me afterwards?”

“Yes, dear,” I agreed. “I’d love to.” Smiling, I kissed him on his fuzzy chin and pulled away. “Your suit needs some attention. Want me to clean it?” He smiled back. “I have two, just in case. I’ll drop it off at the cleaners on my way to the gig.”

“I hope they don’t know you there?” I giggled.

“Ah, yes they do.” He replied, “Guess I’d better take it some where’s else!”

We both burst into laughter. I couldn’t wait until dinner, especially because I knew what we would be having for dessert!

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