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“So, what did you have in mind?” you ask with a coy smile.

I thought about the evening out from which we just returned. The kids were away for the night. We had been flirting and teasing each other all night, and I could feel the sexual tension between us. I knew you could feel it too. I could see it in the way you had been looking at me. In the way you slowly unbuttoned your heavy coat when we walked through the door, one button at a time, watching me until it was open and you let it drop to a chair.

In the way you stretched your arms behind you, pulling your shoulders back and pressing your breasts against your dress and revealing the skin of your upper chest. In the way you put your hand on my chest and gave me a gentle kiss before walking to our bedroom. I watched you walk away, hypnotized by your subtle sway, and felt my heart pound as you glanced over your shoulder, your eyes smoldering.

I stood in the doorway. You looked at me for a moment, and then looked away and let me watch as you slipped off your shoes. I moved to you and let my hand graze your shoulder. I asked, “Do you realize the power you have over me?” I let my hand pass down to your arm, leaving the warm skin of your shoulder open for my gentle kiss. “I am yours.”

You laughed a little, and said “Mine? Then what should I do with you?” You bit the tip of your finger, in mock deliberation.

“I want to try something new. Something different,” I said.

You stepped back and sat on the bed, leaning back on your arms. You raised your leg and let the top of your foot trace the outside of my leg, up to my hip. Your head tilted to the side as you absentmindedly watched my reaction. I clenched my fists at my side, feeling my passion rise with your touch. Your skirt slipped over the top of your knee as you raised your foot to my chest before letting it slide down to my belt, where you rested your toes. You lowered the arch of your foot over the zipper of my pants, just barely pressing against me underneath. The night had been a long slow seduction that led us to this moment.

You see the playful look in my eyes. “So, what did you have in mind?” you ask again, still with that coy smile.

“Let me please you,” I say.

You continue to play your foot over me slowly. “You always do, love.”

“Do you remember the last time you tied me to the bed?” I ask.

Your head falls back for a moment and you giggle. “I thought you were going to burst. I had so much fun with you. I straddled your chest and you watched me play with myself until I came. I licked, and kissed, and sucked you until you were about to come and then I would stop. I remember I kept doing that. I love the way you moaned and begged me to let you come. I remember straddling your face, too. You ate me so good that night, I think I passed out for a minute.”

“You did,” I say. “You fell off me, and your leg was still draped over my chest. You came buckets.”

You start to trace my growing cock with your toes as you say, “When I woke up I put a cock ring on you. You were so hard, I remember. The head was so smooth. I gave it a kiss and climbed on top of you. God, my pussy was so puffy and wet. I fucked you slowly. You were pulling at your bonds, but I tie good knots. When we finally came together I saw stars.”

My hands are still at my side. “It was amazing, and holding you afterward was all the sweeter for being denied.”

Your interest perks, and you sit up and ask, “Do you want me to tie you up again? Hmm? Do you want me to play with your sweet cock again?”

I am spinning, and I am ready to ask you for exactly that, but I remember I want to try something different tonight. “Do you trust me?” I ask.

“You know I do, love,” you reply.

I take a slow breath and say, “I want you to do what I tell you. Everything I say.”

You lean back and look at me curiously. This is not something I’ve ever asked from you, and I wonder what you’re thinking. After a few moments you sit up straight and put your hands in your lap. “What do you want me to do?”

I step back from the bed and say, “Stand up.”

With a playful smile you stand up. You hold your hands behind your back and turn side to side in childlike anticipation. You look so adorable. I want to kiss you and feel your arms around me. But I wait and enjoy the anticipation. “Stay here,” I say. I leave the room to get a chair. When I return, I set it where I had been standing, so that you are between the chair and our bed. I sit down and watch you silently for a minute.

“What now?” you ask.

I don’t answer immediately and continue to watch you stand there. You are so beautiful, so ready to play whatever game I have in store. I can feel your anticipation. I ask, “What panties are you wearing?”

You lick your lips and answer, “The lacy ones I bought to match the bra you love so much.”

“Show me,” I say. “Lift your dress slowly.”

You bend forward to grab the hem of your dress in the front, and stand, revealing your legs to just below your knees. You hesitate for just a moment, and then slowly, so deliciously slowly, as you watch for my reaction, you bring your dress higher and higher. Your knees come into view, and then the lower part of your thighs. I feel my breath quickening as the soft skin of your upper thighs shows. You pull your elbows back as you bring your hands above your waist to show me your panties. You ask, “Do you like what you see?”

“I do,” I say. “Very much. Your legs are so sexy, and I love the way your panties cup your pussy. Are you wet?”

“Yes,” you say. “I’ve wanted you all night.”

I reach down to the inside of your ankle and bring the pads of my fingers slowly up the inside of your calf. I linger over the curve to your knee, where I let my fingers go behind your thigh, and then up the back of your leg until I feel the hem of your panties. You move your hips just a little. I take my fingers away and say, “Hold still, lover.”

Your fingers tighten on your dress, and you bite your lip. I slide my fingers back down your leg to your ankle, where I switch to your other ankle and slowly begin the journey up the inside of your leg, and again behind your thigh. I stop when I feel your panties, and slide my finder back and forth against the lace near your leg, barely touching you. You whimper a little, and I ask, “Do you want me to touch your pussy?”

“Yes,” you whisper.

I let my fingers continue to play on your lace. “Ask me nicely.”

Your eyes are closed, and you say, “Please touch my pussy.”

“You need to look at me, honey,” I say. “And you need to ask me.”

You open your eyes and look at me. Your lips are parted in a seductive pout. “Will you please touch my pussy? It’s so warm and wet.”

I slide my fingers over the lace to the smooth silk on your bottom, and slowly bring my fingers forward through your legs to me. When I reach your lips I stop and press gently, moving my fingers in a slow circle. You moan and start to move your hips, so I take my fingers away again. “I said to hold still.” You stop moving, and I bring my fingers back to your panties.

“Keep holding your dress up,” I say. This time I press my fingers a little firmer into you, feeling your panties moisten as they separate your lips. Your pussy is holding your panties now, and I slide my fingers back and forth, feeling your swollen lips around your panties.

I stop and stand up. I move closer to you and feel your breasts just touch my chest. I reach behind you and pull the zipper of your dress down before I move a strap down over your shoulder and kiss where your neck bends. Your skin is warm and a little salty. I want to throw you down on the bed now, but I wait. I sit back down and say, “Take off your dress.”

You drop the hem you’ve been holding, and slip the other strap off your shoulder. You cup your breasts and pinch your nipples through the dress. You look at me as if to ask for permission, and I keep my expression neutral. I watch as you start to slide one hand down over the front of your dress, where you gather the material upward and start to slip the fingers of your other hand into your panties. “Stop,” I say. “You didn’t ask me if you could play with yourself.”

Your eyes meet mine again and you ask, “Please may I play with myself? Don’t you want to watch me play with my pretty pussy?”

I do want to watch you. I want to watch you stand there and pinch your nipples and finger your pussy until you come in front of me, but I want to make you want it more. “You may not,” I say with a smirk on my lips. “I told you to take off your dress. Now get your hands away from your pussy, you naughty girl.”

You pout and bring your hands up to peel your dress away. My breath comes sharp when I see the skin of your breasts exposed. The lacy bra disguises your nipples, but only barely. I can see how stiff they are, and I know the skin between your breasts is warm and smooth. It’s all I can do to sit still in my chair. As you let your dress fall to the floor, you see the passion in my face, and again squeeze your breasts. You smile and ask, “Do you want to touch these, lover?”

You wear a thin anklet that matches your necklace, and your earrings hang just below your lobes. Your hands are offering your swollen breasts to me through your bra, and I see the crotch of your panties pressed between the full lips of your pussy. You’ve never looked so sexy, and I am about to burst, but I say, “I can see you cannot control those hands of yours.”

I open the night table drawer and pull out a velvet bag. You raise your eyebrows and ask, “What’s in there?”

In answer, I pull from the bag several lengths of silk ribbon and show them to you. Some are wide, and some are narrow, but they are all the same bright pink color. “Put your hands out in front of you,” I say.

With only a slight hesitation you give me your arms. I take one length of inch-wide ribbon and wrap it around a few times. I tie it snugly, but loose enough so it doesn’t pinch you. I leave several inches of the ends dangling from inside your wrist down past your hand. It is like you are wearing a pink silk bracelet with streamers. I do the same to your other wrist, and then I hold both of your hands and kiss where the ribbon meets your wrists. “Turn around and face the bed,” I say.

You turn, and I see the way your hair falls between your shoulders in waves. My eyes follow the curve of your shoulder inward down your side, to where it moves outward again at your hip, and back in slowly down your leg. I look at the swell of your bottom, and follow the line of your panties down to your cheeks, where it nestles hidden from view. I tell you, “Hook your thumbs in the waistband of your panties, and don’t move.”

You do as I say, and I take a narrow length of ribbon and tie it to your thumb, just below the knuckle. I pull the free ends across your palm and between your ring and middle fingers. I pull the ends snug, bringing your thumb into your palm, and then I bringing them over the back of your hand and tie them to the ribbon wrapped around your wrist. Your hand is held in place holding your panties at the side, and the pink ribbon from your wrist still hangs down. I tie your other hand the same way, and then I sit back in my chair. “How does that feel?” I ask. “Are the ribbons too tight?”

“You pull at the ribbons gently, not wanting to damage your pretty panties. “No, they aren’t too tight. What are you doing?”

“What I want,” I say. “Lean forward and put your cheek on the bed. Keep your legs straight.”

You slowly bend at the waist, and without much difficulty you put your head down, your face turned to the side. With your hands at your hips, you cannot balance yourself well and you eventually let some of your weight rest on your upper chest, just on the edge of the bed, and lower than your hips. “You have a beautiful bottom. So soft. So smooth,” I tell you.

I let one finger trace up the back of your leg and over your cheek, where I grab to see your flesh move under my grip. You startle when I do this, but you stay bent at the waist. “Good girl,” I say. “Now arch your back more.” You drop your back, and the cheeks of your bottom separate more.

I can see where your panties separate your lips. I slide my palms up and down both cheeks over and over. I reach to your hips, and hold both your hands in mine. I pull you back toward me slightly, and I lean my face in closer to you. I can feel your heat against my face, and I smell your arousal. Your panties are wet where your pussy kisses them. I rub my cheek against your bottom, and kiss it inside near your panties. You moan and try to push back into me, but I’m holding your hands, and I keep you in place.

I continue to kiss all over the soft skin of your bottom. I lick gently from the top of your thigh over your cheek, and I feel you tremble, trying not to squirm. I blow cool air over my kisses, and watch the bumps rise on your skin. I rub the bridge of my nose gently against your panties where they enter your pussy, and I feel your lips caress me on either side.

You whine, “Oh, honey that feels so good. Please lick my pussy. I want to come for you.”

That’s exactly what I was going to do. I want to let you come on my face as I eat you from behind, but instead I pull my face back and it up straight. I watch you move your bottom subtly, looking for some contact with me. I say, “Pull your panties down over your bottom, but no farther.”

You readjust the forced grip on your panties and slowly pull them down. Because your hands are at the sides of your panties, the waistband lags behind your hands. I watch it move down slowly over your cheeks as you reveal your tight little anus. You continue to pull your hands down your hips until the crotch of your panties stretches down from your cheeks. Your panties are still pressed into your pussy, and before you can free them completely, I tell you, “Stop there. I like the way that looks. Your pussy doesn’t want to let your panties go. How do you feel?”

Through heavy breaths, you say, “Exposed. Hot. I want to come, honey. Please make me come.”

I smile and wonder aloud, “What am I going to do with you?”

You ponder a moment and reply, “Anything you want. Oh, I need to come. What do you want me to do?”

I stand and go back to the night table, where I retrieve a few more items. “Here, hold this,” I say.

I put a small, thin butt plug in your hand. You know immediately what it is, and you squirm. I sit back in my chair and open the bottle I retrieved. I put a few drops of lubricant on my finger and bring it to the top of where your cheeks meet. I press and slowly bring my finger down between your cheeks. I glide down over your anus, where I stop and draw slow circles, spreading the lube. I bring my finger up and down over your hole, pressing gently with each pass.

Your breaths are ragged, and you moan with every pass. I can feel your muscle start to relax. I take the plug from your hand, and you take a breath, knowing where it is going. I put the tip against you and hold it there, tickling the tender skin for several moments. You start to rock your hips, trying to get the plug inside you.

“Do you want this in you?” I ask.

You say quickly, “Yes, put it in me. I want it in me.”

“You know what I want. You have to ask nicely,” I say. “Besides, I want to hear you tell me where you want it.”

I can see your frustration in your furrowed brow. You’re tired from holding this position, and you want so much to come. You ask with more urgency, “Will you put the plug in me, please? I want it in me. I want it in my ass. Will you please push that fucking plug into my ass? Do it, honey.”

I press the tip a bit firmer, and watch as it starts to penetrate you. You stop rocking and you arch your back more, pushing back against the plug with a long moan. I’m deliberate, though, and I take my sweet time. Ever so slowly I watch your ass take the length of the plug, bit by bit until the widest part stretches you. When it passes into you, you startle as your ass closes around the narrow end. I tap the base with my finger a few times, sit back again, and watch as you regain control of your breathing.

When you’re settled I grip the base and slowly pull it away from you. Your ass is tight, though, and doesn’t want to let go. I maintain a gentle pressure, and before long your ass opens and lets the plug out. I pull it almost all the way out, and then back in, and back out, and again, in and out, slowly fucking your sweet little ass. I slide it in and leave it there, then give you a chaste kiss just at the top of your cheeks.

I pick up the we-vibe I took from the drawer and put a bit of lubricant on it. I don’t imagine you’ll need it, but I want to be sure. I reach forward and hook my finger around your panties where your pussy holds them. I pull down and back to me, snapping your panties down and flinging a few drops of your wetness to your legs. You gasp, and I see your lips, so swollen and wet. I trace your inner lips gently with my fingertip a few times. “Mmm, you’re dripping, love.”

You know I will wait as long as I want, and you’re impatient. “Mmm-hmm. So wet. ”

I continue to stroke you, back and forth, never penetrating you. I push forward with a bit more force and bump against your clit. I press down and roll over it firmly, pushing it out from under its hood. I roll it slowly a few times and then bring my fingers back through your lips and away from you. You breathe heavily, and I lean around to you see your hair clinging to your face. Your eyes are shut tight and your mouth is open so seductively. The we-vibe is short, and I know it squeezes you just right. I place it near your pussy and push it in all the way into you in one stroke. You call out, “Oh!” and you suck in a quick breath. One side of the vibe is in you, and the other side presses over your clit. I leave it switched off for now.

I sit back in my chair and watch as you settle to the feeling of the toys I’ve put in you. I say, “I want you to stand up.” You start to move and almost fall sideways on the bed, but you catch yourself and make it to stand upright. I say, “Pull your panties back up. I want you to press those soaked panties against the toys inside you.” You pull them up tight, and I watch the panties disappear into the crack of your ass. I stand and put my hands on your shoulders. “You look ready to be fucked,” I whisper in your ear, “but I’m not done decorating you.”

I gather your hair from around your face and pull it behind your head. I take a wide piece of ribbon and tie your hair back with a bow. I have easier access to your neck, now. I put my hands on yours, and I trace gentle kisses from behind your ear down the back of your neck. I grab your new ponytail and gently pull your head backward. I let my kisses move forward over your shoulder to the side of your neck. You press your bottom back into me, and start to rub against the firmness you find. I don’t stop you. Instead, I lean my upper body away from you, and press my hips forward slightly while I hold your head back. “You look so wanton doing that, you sexy girl,” I say. “Keep rubbing yourself on me.” You move up and down against me, trying to catch my cock between your cheeks. This feels delicious, and I gasp when you finally do move me between your cheeks and start to press me in a slow circle. While you move I take more ribbon like the pieces I tied on your wrists, and tie one just above each of your elbows, so that you have more ribbon dangling from your arms, but I don’t tie your elbows together.

“That’s enough for now,” I say, and move to the other side of the bed, where I move a full-length mirror to face you. “Can you see yourself?” I ask.

You nod your head. “Mmm-hmm.”

“Tell me what you see,” I say.

You take a long look at yourself. I watch your eyes travel up from your knees to your eyes. “I see a beautiful, sexy woman. I see her skin shining. I see desperation in her eyes. She wants to be fucked. Her nipples are hard. I can see them through her bra. She wants to pinch them, but she can’t because her hands are tied to her soaked panties, which she is pulling up against the plug in her ass and the toy in her pussy.”

I walk back behind you and look over your shoulder so I can see you in the mirror. “What would you do with her?” I ask, genuinely curious.

I can see you considering this. You’ve never been with a woman, but I know you’ve wondered what it might be like. “I’d want to feel her breasts. To touch her soft skin. To feel her hard nipples in my mouth and against my tongue.”

I reach around your waist and put my hands on your ribs, just under your breasts. I lift my thumbs and caress the tender skin of the lower part of your breasts through the lace of your bra. You push your chest forward, and I curl my fingers up to pull your bra down and away from you, exposing your breasts. Your nipples are so hard, I could swear I can see them throbbing, but I don’t touch them. I cup your breasts in my hands, and lift them. “She does have beautiful breasts,” I say. “It’s too bad you can’t touch them right now. I think she’d like that.” I lift one breast higher. “You might be able to lick her nipple, though. Open your mouth and stick out your tongue.”

You do as I say and lower your head. I lift your breast closer to you, and you stretch your tongue down. You are able to reach the nipple with the tip of your tongue, and you flick it over the tip. You sigh softly and keep licking, like a kitten at a saucer of cream. I pinch your other nipple, and you moan. “She likes that,” I say. “Do you like licking her nipple?”

“Yes,” you say with a sigh. “It makes me hot to know what this does to her.”

“Feel how hard her nipple is against your tongue,” I say. “I know you’re turning her on. She wants you to fuck her. She wants you to lick her pussy. Have you ever licked a pussy?”

“Uh-uh,” you moan, as I roll your nipple with my fingertip.

I lower your breast from your mouth. “What did you say?”

“No,” you gasp. “I’ve never licked a pussy.”

“You’d lick hers, though,” I tell you. “Would you let her come in your mouth?”

“Yes,” you say, staring at yourself in the mirror. You watch me pinch your nipple. You watch as I slide one hand down into your panties, over the vibe to your puffy lips. I slide my finger over your wetness, and push into you along the length of the vibe. “Oh, yes.” you gasp, “I’d lick her pussy and eat her until she came. Mmm, she would be hot and wet on my lips. I’d flick her clit with my tongue, and put it deep inside her sweet little pussy until she came in my mouth.” I slowly move my finger in and out of you. “Oh, yes. Oh, please, I’m almost there. Don’t stop!”

I push my finger into you and hold it there. You’re on the edge, but you’re enjoying the game and you hold as still as you can. I let go of your nipple, and pick up the remote control for the vibe. I carefully back up, pulling you by your pussy closer to me. I sit down and tell you, “Sit on my lap.” You straddle my legs and lower your ass until your weight settles on the upper part of my thighs. I’m careful not to let you rub against my cock.

“Look in the mirror,” I tell you. When I see that you’ve done that, I slowly withdraw my finger from you and bring it to your mouth. I trace it on your lower lip, wetting it with gloss, and then I do the same with your upper lip. You watch with half lidded eyes as I move my hand back inside your panties and rub my finger back and forth across your pussy.

I bring my finger back up and hold it just in front of your lips. “Taste her.”

You hesitate a moment, but you close your lips around the tip of my finger, and then I use the remote control to turn on the vibe. “Mmm!” You moan on my finger. You start to suck harder on my finger, and stroke your tongue over the length. I put the remote down and bring my hand back up to your breast. I pinch your nipple gently and pull it away from your chest. I feel the tremors of your orgasm start, and you lean back against my chest.

I pull my finger from your mouth and hold your other breast, now pulling you to me, holding you close, embracing you as you ride the waves of your orgasm, feeling your chest rise and fall. I turn off the vibe and continue to hold you. Eventually the waves subside, and you sigh with relief. “Thank you, honey,” you say dreamily, with the side of your head resting on my shoulder. “That was amazing. She was so beautiful. I was so beautiful.”

“Yes, you are beautiful,” I agree, and absently caress your arms and chest. I wait a few more moments and tell you, “Stand up. We’re not done, yet.”

You turn your head to look at me, still in a daze. “Hmm? Are you kidding? I don’t think I can walk.”

I smile at you, and then I kiss your cheek lovingly. “You won’t need to.” I lift you off my lap until you are on your feet and facing me. I sit in front of you and admire the wetness on the inside of your thighs. I see your cheeks and chest are pink with exertion. Your eyes are half lidded, and your sweet mouth is partially open. “Pull your panties down,” I say. You move a little awkwardly with the echoes of your orgasm still in your head, but you do what I say. You move your hands down your hips, and stop as your panties cross over the curve of your cheeks.

“Keep going,” I say. “Pull them down to your knees.” You slide your panties down farther, and the slack in your panties allows you to rest your hands on your knees.

I lean forward and kiss you tenderly. I put my hand on back of your neck and pull you closer to me. “Kiss me,” I whisper. Your lips are moist, and you kiss me once, and then again. Your kiss has always moved me, and soon I am breathing heavily, lost in a dream. You know the power your kiss has over me, and you feel my passion rise. In your moans I can hear you find new energy. I feel more urgency in your kiss, and your tongue reaches to me, teasing and offering sweet promises.

“Untie me,” you whisper against my cheek. “Let me love you. Let me use these ribbons on you, and tease you for the rest of the night. If you’re good I’ll let you come before the sun rises.” You kiss me again.

I know that you would keep me on the edge that long, and I start to reach for the ribbons at your wrists so we can begin. As I reach down your hands find mine. I look into your eyes and see the confident look of control there. I whisper, “Not yet,” and sit up in my chair.

“Pull your panties down to your ankles, but don’t step out of them,” I say. “Keep your legs straight.”

You keep your eyes on mine, and drop your hands to the floor, your panties resting on the tops of your feet. You’re bent at the waist, with your head resting on my lap. As you watch my hands, I unzip my pants and pull my cock through. It is next you your face, and you open your mouth and move closer. I think you love sucking my cock almost as much as I like eating your pussy. But I want you to wait. “Stop,” I say. “I want you to caress it with your cheeks. Rub it gently.”

You slide your face closer and rub your cheek from the base toward the head, and back down again. I feel myself growing harder. You switch to the other side, and move your cheek against me. I hold my cock straight up and you slide your face slowly over the shaft. I feel your lips graze it, and I shiver. You notice, and do it again, this time letting your lips press against me in a soft kiss. “What are you doing?” I ask.

Still rubbing and kissing, you look up at me and say, “I’m rubbing your cock, silly, just like you told me.”

“I don’t think I told you to kiss it,” I say. “I know you want to, though.”

“It’s true,” You say, and lick me from the base up to just below my glans. “You know how hot this gets me.”

There’s no way I can stop you, and you know this, but I can still play the game. I manage to say, “Ask me first, and ask me sweetly.”

You smile, “Okay.” In between kisses up my cock you manage to say, “Lover, I want to put your cock in my mouth, but my hands are tied. I want to lick it and suck it and feel you sliding over my lips and tongue. I want to feel your passion. I want you to lose control, and surrender to the pleasure I want to give you. Will you let me? Will you put your cock in my mouth? Please?”

I slide forward in my chair and hold my cock upright. “Open your mouth,” I say. You part your lips just a bit, and I rub the head over them. You don’t move, and let me feel the soft wetness of your lips in my own time. You stick out your tongue, and I rub the underside of my cockhead against it. “Put your mouth on me,” I say.

You smile again and kiss the tip before slowly opening your kiss to allow my cock in. Once the head is in your mouth, you moan and slowly rub your tongue on it. I let go of my shaft and grip the sides of the chair. You slide your head slowly down over me until I am halfway into your mouth, and then you pull slowly back up until just the head is in your mouth. You slide down again, and then up, again and again, so slowly and lovingly. I can feel my cock as hard as iron pressing against your tongue and lips as you slide. Your breath speeds, and I can hear you moaning. You lower yourself to your knees, and sit back on your heels, your hands still at your ankles.

I put my hand on your cheek, and you look up at me. Your eyes are clear, and I can see the control you feel. Your lips are full around my cock, and you keep your eyes on mine as you slide farther down, taking more of me into your mouth. I slide my hand around your head and grip the ponytail I find. I gently pull you up until only the head of my cock is in your mouth, and I hold you still. I shift my hips upward until I am half in your mouth again. I let myself slide out, and I continue to hold your head in place while I rock my hips up and down, slowly fucking your pretty mouth. Your breath quickens through your nose, and when you moan I can feel the vibrations on my cock. I gasp, “Oh, fuck, honey, you feel so good.”

“Mmm,” you agree.

I lower my hips and hold you still at the tip while I gather myself. When I am ready I start again, this time guiding your head down slowly, and then I pull you back up. I repeat this, each time bringing you father down on my cock. I ask, “Do you think you can take me all the way?” and I pull you up and off so you can answer.

Saliva drips over your lip, and you say, “I think so. I want to. Move me slowly, though.”

You open your mouth again and I put your head to me. I press you down slowly, until you are again halfway down, and then I pull you up, repeating as I did before. You don’t resist, and I can feel the weight of your head in my hands. After several strokes, I hold you motionless at the head for a heartbeat, and then more slowly than before press your head down farther, ever so slowly. Your eyes close as you allow me to press your head lower, and you breathe steadily through your nose.

I feel the spongy skin at the back of your mouth, and keep pushing you down. I feel my cockhead slip past that resistance, and your lips are pressed against the very base of my cock. “Oh, such a sexy girl,” I whisper, and bring you back up. I pull you off and you take a few deep breaths before I pull you back down slowly all the way to me. We continue this way for several strokes, and it becomes easier for you to take me all the way in. I pull you down and hold you there, and then I release your hair from my grip. You start to stoke me on your own, slowly and deeply. As you raise your head I find the vibe remote and turn it on.

Your eyes open wide and you pull yourself off me, “Oh!”

“Put your mouth back on me” I tell you. You reach for me with your mouth, and bob your head a little faster than before, twisting, and pulling, and sucking, and licking. You moan and whine, and your breath is hard and fast through your nose. I grip the sides of my chair tightly and watch you suck me. I know you’re about to come, and It’s all I can do to hold myself back from coming as I watch you. Your mewling sounds grow faster and more urgent, and your head moves faster. “I’m going to come soon,” I tell you, with heat in my voice.

My words trigger you, and you start to come, “Mmm!” I see your shoulders shake, and your mouth slides on me still, more erratic than before. I feel my orgasm building, and I try not to lift myself off the chair. I reach the boiling point, and tell you, “I’m coming! Oh!” I feel a deep pulse as I come into your mouth, and I feel your tongue move against me as you swallow. I feel another pulse, and then another, and I can see you start to come. You hold as still as you can, and keep me in your mouth as your orgasm continues to roll through you. My cock is sensitive as I watch you come, the vibe still working in you. I gasp as I pull you off me.

Your eyes are shut tight and you’re still coming. I lift you to the bed and set you on your back. Your hands are still gripping your panties at your ankles, and your legs fall to each side, spreading you lewdly as you rock your hips up with your continuing orgasm. I’ve never seen you come like this.

I leave the vibe working and find the trails of ribbon I left dangling from your wrist. Working slowly and deliberately I tie that ribbon snugly to your ankle, and then I tie the trailing ribbons from your elbow to your knee. Your eyes open, and you hazily watch me bind your other arm and leg. Your lower arms are now held to the outsides of your lower legs. Your feet are close together, held there by your panties, which you continue to grip. Your arms can’t help but pull your knees up and back toward your shoulders, and I can see your pussy drooling around the still-vibrating toy.

I don’t wait for you to come back to lucidity completely. I quickly strip myself of my clothes, and pull you by your hips closer to the edge of our bed. I kneel on the floor and take the vibe from your pussy. I put my hands on the backs of your thighs to hold your legs apart even more, and I lick you in one long stroke from the base of the plug, through the lips of your swollen pussy, and over your clit. You find your voice again, “Oh, fuuuuck!” I lick you like this again and again. Your pussy kisses my face with each pass, wetting my cheeks. I trap one lip in mine and pull it slightly, and then do the same to its twin. I press the width of my tongue on your clit firmly, and move it forward and back.

I feel you wanting to drop your legs, but I hold them back, keeping your ankles and wrists above us. I move lower and stick my tongue into you, pressing my nose against your clit, and sliding my face over you. Your hips jerk up and back, matching my movements as you fuck my face. You’ve made me slippery, and you glide back and forth over me easily.

I pull my face back from you a couple of inches, strands of your moisture still connecting us. “Hold your legs back,” I say. I take my hands form your thighs and see that you keep your legs put. I move my mouth back to your pussy, and slide one finger into you smoothly. I move it slowly in and out of you as I lick the lips to either side of my finger. You squirm on the bed, and it’s as if the slow rolls of your orgasm never stopped and have started to build again. With my other hand I grip the base of the plug in your ass, and begin to pull it from you.

Spread as you are, and with your muscles relaxed, it doesn’t take much pressure to pull the widest part of the plug free. Your ass continues to grip the taper as I pull it almost all the way from you before pushing it back in. I fuck your ass with the plug slowly, and twist my other hand to curl my finger inside you. I find the spongy pad of your G spot and press lightly, gesturing for you to come to me. I kiss your clit and suck it into my mouth, flicking it and rolling it with my tongue.

I pull back again and say, “Tell me what I’m doing to you,” and then I return to your clit.

‘Mmm. Oooo. You’re fingering my pussy. Of that feel so good, honey. Oh my god you’re fingering me and licking me and you’re fucking my ass with that plug. Mmm, my clit is so stiff. I just came sucking your cock, and I don’t think I’ve stopped coming. Oh, please suck my clit. Yes, like that! Oh, fuck, I’m coming still. Oh! Oh!” You drop your feet and hands to my back, pulling yourself almost to a seated position, and pull my head into you.

My face is trapped in your pussy’s kiss, and I feel it pulse against me and squeeze my finger. You’re out of control, holding my head tightly in place and humping against my face. I pull the plug from your ass and toss it on the bed. With my hand now free I press behind one of your knees, opening you up again, but you’re strong and continue to rock against me. “Fuck! Fuck! Yes! Don’t stop! Fuck!” I pull my hand from your pussy and reach up to your chest, pushing you back to the bed. Your legs pull back with you, and I pull my head free from your grip, gasping for breath.

I move quickly upward through your legs and over your body until we are face to face. I put my mouth to yours and we kiss deeply, letting our lips and tongues dance together. Pressing our faces, mumbling sweet words between breaths, losing ourselves in passion. Your head moves to my shoulder, and you kiss me there. Your kiss arouses me again, and you feel me hard against your leg.

I move to my knees, push your legs back to you, and duck under your panty-clad feet and hands. I grab a knife from the night table and slice the ribbons binding your arms to your legs and your hands to your panties. You immediately kick your panties aside and embrace me with your arms and legs, pulling me close with a kiss as the ribbons tickle our skin. You press your heels against my ass, urging me forward to you. I guide my cock to your pussy and thrust firmly until my hips meet your legs. You call my name and bite my shoulder hard.

The time for control has passed. We’re lost together, swimming in turbulent waves, where hot flesh meets, and kisses are devoured. We’re moving and rocking and thrusting together. Our hips slap, and we pull each other closer. Your fingers squeeze my back and you slide your legs down mine and then back up, pulling me closer to you. We’re tender and reckless all at once, staying with each other through all the changes of our lovemaking. Through the din of our passion I hear you whisper, “I love you. Oh, I love you.”

I feel you coming again, and you press your face into my neck. I’m coming too, deep into you, emptying into you, all of my love into you, sharing everything I am in that moment with you. My heart expands with release.

Our energy stops swirling, and our motions cease. The whole world is us, holding each other. Sharing this embrace. There is no past or future. There is only now. Our chests move together, taking air and sharing the beats of our hearts. I leave little kisses on your cheek and neck, and you pet my hair at the back of my head. Your breathing slows, and your hands gently slide away from me and fall to the bed. I hold you close for a few more moments, savoring the glow, and then lift my head to see you. You’re sleeping, and I kiss you again. You return the kiss from somewhere in your dream.

I separate myself from you, and carefully remove your bra. I gently untie the remains of the ribbons from you, and let the pieces drop to the floor. I lie next to you, and you roll to me, resting your head on my chest. Your drape your arm and leg across me, your hand open on my chest, and I bring my hand to yours. I kiss your head and hear you sigh in reply. I whisper, “I love you,” and drift to sleep.

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