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It’s a fairly common misconception in many schools… boys are better at math, and girls are better with language. When people find out for the first time that I majored in or teach mathematics, many find it exceptional that a woman would have that interest. What’s strange, though, is the thought that someone whose main interest is a left-brained activity like math would not be able to do as well with English language arts.

Perpetuating the stereotype, the English department in our school is made up of nine women and one man. When someone goes to school for years and years in study, most honestly believe they know more than their friends do in their subject area… it’s common human nature. So when a friendly game of Scrabble was offered by some of them as a get-to-know-you when I joined the staff six years ago, they seemed fairly surprised that I actually won. After a few more games here and there over the next couple years, they quit asking if I’d like to play.

There are a few facts about me that don’t come up often in normal conversation…. I’d been doing crossword puzzles with my parents since I was ten years old, and Scrabble was a favorite family game in our home. Yes, like many left-handed people, the right side of my brain has always worked well and perceiving symbols and images has been second-nature to me as long as I can remember, but what most people don’t know is that using my chalk, a pen, or scissors are about the only things I do left-handed, and my left brain is a lot more active than most of my fellow sinistrals.

The bottom line? I’ve lost exactly five games of Scrabble in the past twelve years. (Two of those were to my mom.) I play it as a combination word game (left brain) and visual game (right brain). Since most people are more dominant with one side or the other, most can’t cope with competition from both sides. My vocabulary is larger than most of the math geeks I know… and when I play against a left-brainer who knows more words than I do, I play a very defensive game, keeping words on the board tightly packed together, so they don’t have anywhere to play anything decent. My style of play can jump between offensive and defensive at whim, and even those who’ve played me often don’t know what to expect in any new game, except that by its end I’ll most likely have more points.

Among my own department, one of my closest friend is Doug. He was hired the same year as I was, and we form the rebel faction of the math teachers… the ones who do our jobs well and aren’t afraid to modernize the way math has been taught since we ourselves studied the subject in high school.

Both Doug and his wife Kate are close to my fiancé’s age, in their early-40’s. Doug and I befriended each other right away, and I’ve been to their home many times since. Kate teaches at one of the elementary schools in our district, and their children both attend our high school.

Doug and I had had sex two or three times a year since the first time I gave him a blow job before school as a birthday gift. I’m fairly certain Kate didn’t know about it, but things took an interesting turn in November of 2004 when Doug let me know Kate was becoming more and more bi-curious. They both knew I was bisexual, and I really didn’t need to be asked twice.

After volleyball season was over, Kate invited me to join in her yoga class Thursdays after school. It didn’t take long before one night when Doug had taken the kids to a basketball game at school, Kate and I started with a relaxing soak in their hot tub, and ended up in their bed. In the time since, Kate and I got together every once in a while, and Doug, Kate, and I also had enjoyed about a half-dozen threesomes together.

Strangely, the time that family affair began happening was about the same time Matt and I were becoming more serious as a couple. I’d been upfront with him from the start about my bisexuality, and he’s always been a dear about it. Earlier in the spring of 2005, I was struggling emotionally about not being faithful to him, though, and it took quite some time before realizing that perhaps he’d like to be more involved with that. Toward the end of the school year, I introduced him to my dear friend Marie, and the three of us had sex together twice. We’d never discussed the topic of foursomes at all, but it thrust itself upon us one night over a friendly game of Scrabble.

It was incredibly hot for a June afternoon, even late June, last summer. The humidity was unbearable and it felt as though I was sweating the moment I left the building from my summer school class. Despite the weather, I spent some time outdoors studying in the shade with Andrew, one of my classmates, and discussing possible solutions to the problems we were assigned, then I left campus to prepare for guests. Doug and Kate were coming over to supper with Matt and me around 7pm.

After shopping for supper, I made it home around 3:30, and my clothes were off within a minute of setting the vegetables on the counter and the salmon in the fridge. The weather was steaming, I’d just got done flirting with a cute guy, and I was horny as hell. I went straight to my bedroom, laid face down on my bed, and began humping two fingers until I climaxed.

As nice as it felt, it wasn’t nearly enough. I knew Matt would be over soon and would help in that matter, but I just couldn’t wait. With a skip over to the bottom drawer of my dresser, I opened it and glanced through my toys. I chose a large, thick flesh-colored dildo, and a thin silver vibe. I lubed up the dildo and turned the vibrator to its slowest on-setting.

I plunged the head of the large one in between my folds, and teased my clit with the tip of the humming vibe. At first I played with my clitoris for a bit until I was squirming on the bed, then I concentrated more on fuck myself with the large fake-cock. Sweat streamed from every pore on my body, and I was so wet from cumming before and fucking now that while sucking in air between moaning aloud, I actually heard the squishing, sopping sounds from the wetness of my pussy.

From there, I knew it wouldn’t take long at all, and a moment later my entire body was shaking violently from an awesome orgasm. I held the dildo steady and climaxed all over it, riding the wave for a full half-minute.

I pulled the dildo from my cunt and began licking it like a popsicle. My juices practically flowed like a dam burst once I pulled it out, and I felt them leaking from my pussy down into the crack of my ass. The dildo tasted strongly of myself and I savored every lick, and between the sensations of taste, scent, and touch, the sexiness of it all overwhelmed me and I wanted even more.

I turned off the vibrator and lubed it up as well, then took the cocks each of my hands and put them both between my legs. I put the large one into my pussy and began fucking myself again with it, then slowly worked the thinner one into my ass. My legs and feet struggled for some a position to take advantage of my situation, and soon I found a rhythm that suited me very well. My right hand gripped about the large cock between my legs, my left around hip and fucking my ass from around and behind my thigh… in with one as the other came out and vice-versa, a two-piston engine whose product was the basest of pleasures. I kept fucking myself with both toys for a few minutes and found myself in a glorious place… that is, until I cursed when interrupted by the doorbell.

I groaned, pulled out the dildos, and got to my window when I heard the doorbell ring a second time. My heart fluttered when I saw it was Matt, and thankfully I’d be able to get my relief from something that would give me emotional satisfaction as well. I was so excited to see him that I didn’t even bother grabbing my kimono on my way to the front door.

Matt’s eyes and smile widened immensely when he saw I’d opened the door completely nude. He stepped in and closed the door, and his arms were around my back in nothing flat, and we kissed deeply, softly, and passionately standing there in my living room. The first chance I felt his grip loosen to step back and say hello, I took his hands in mine and took a step backward, pulling him with me. I smiled, turned, and led him to my bed.

“Mmmm-hmmm!” he chuckled when he came into my room. A bottle of lube was on the nightstand, one dildo was on the bed, another on the floor accidentally kicked off when I got up in a hurry, and the crowning touches… a wet stain just under halfway down the sheets and an easily detectable odor of sex in the room. I shrugged and laughed, without an iota of guilt or embarrassment. I plopped back onto the bed and watched in anticipatory delight as my boyfriend got naked.

I started seeing Matt the September before, one of four guys I was dating casually at the time. Over the next few months, he proved himself more my type than the others; we began seeing each other more seriously soon afterward, and in the time since he’s moved in with me… we’re to be married next summer. His age of 43 is betrayed by his long brown hair, mustache, beard, and the hair on his chest all laced with grey, but you wouldn’t be able to tell it by the rest of his body. He’s 5’9″ tall, slim, and stronger than he looks. He has muscular legs, still keeping in shape from his days of playing lacrosse and running, and his arms, though not beefy with muscles, are delightfully long that once I’m inside them I know I’m as safe as a girl can feel.

Then there’s his cock. Oh, my fucking god! About nine inches long, almost two inches wide, and when hard, slightly curved upward like a banana so it hits all the right places. If that wasn’t enough, he takes care to shave his balls so I can lick them anytime I blow him without feeling hairs on my tongue.

The entire package, as nice as it is, is merely wrapping for the true gifts that lie underneath… a mind as sharp as a tack, a heart full of kindness and understanding, and the experience of a man who’s been having sex almost since the time I was born. His oral is better than any man (and most women) I know, and his inventiveness and drive in bed still occasionally takes me by surprise. With never a dead flower in my vase, every door held open for me, hands held wherever we walk, and soft fingers almost constantly caressing somewhere on my legs when we’re sitting together, this is a man I’m not letting go of!

Matt and I, like any couple of which I’ve been part (and any couple in general, I’d suppose), have a certain repertoire of foreplay and positions we go through when having “normal” sex. Once he had taken his clothes off, we skipped through all of it but the last position. His cock had been bulging through his slacks since he was hugging me in the living room, and it’s obvious what state I was in by then!

By the time he was on top of my body, I was already reaching for his pole and positioning the head to my folds. He pushed forward, impaling me with his amazing cock, and I groaned a combination sigh and moan. I pulled my legs up and back as far as I could, then settled my calves over the small of his back, locking my ankles together just behind his sexy ass. My arms clung around his neck and shoulders, and I started to feel what seemed like a pulse of minor electrical shocks flowing between the center of his chest and mine. With a few fiery kisses, he pumped his cock deeper and deeper inside me until I was taking it to the hilt. He brought a finger up to his lips, gave it a swirling suck to get it wet, then brought it down the sides of our legs, around under his balls, teasing my star lightly before slowly poking it into my ass.

I smiled between joyful moans, feeling him fucking me the way I did myself earlier… sliding his finger in as his cock came out, finger out as his cock went back in. I was taking him inside me as deeply as he could get with both tools, and clinging to him for dear life. My head rolled backward when I started cumming and I dug my fingernails into my own palms to keep from scratching his back.

Once he felt my tightening about his body relax and knowing I was satisfied for the moment, he went to take care of his own relief next. Matt pushed up from beside me with both hands, lifting and holding himself up to enable himself to look down at me while fucking me. While keeping his pace driving his huge cock in and out of my pussy, I watched his eyes roam from my face to my breasts, shaking back and forth, up and down my chest with every stroke of the pummeling he was giving me. With the constant shaking movements and the open air between us, my nipples stiffened to large pebbles. He smiled down at them, then up to my face… even amidst being a sexual object, I love how he thinks I’m pretty.

From there, he slowed his pace a bit and, though I knew what was coming next, my eyes widened and tingles flew all through my body at the thought of it. My expectations were right on the money, and I wasn’t disappointed in the least. Matt began rotating his hips in a circular motion, and with every push in along one side, ground his pubis onto my clit while swiping across and pulling out the other. I don’t know how or where he learned that move, but it never fails in making me climax. His monstrously wide cock was stretching my folds, in one side and out along the other, and with every push of himself, a grind of fine hairs, hard skin, and bone teasing across my clit. After nine months of really getting to know me, he knew exactly how hard to press and at what speed to circle. I was putty in his hands and he knew it… once again I was gasping for air and losing control of my own body.

Matt showed a hint of pride in his face, seeing me in this condition, and began encouraging me to let it go and to cum for him. I begged him to hold me and to cum with me. His body lowered and I felt his hands easing from under my arms and grasping onto my shoulders. From there, he used my own body as leverage against itself, pulling himself up and inside me while jerking my body downward to take it, fucking me as hard as I’ve ever felt from a missionary position.

Though he continued with his sweeping, circular grind over my clitoris while pounding my pussy, the change in position was just enough to keep me from climaxing on the spot. Even so, his cock pounded me like a steel jackhammer and I could do nothing but submit to him. I tried to hold out to wait to feel him cum, but I couldn’t… I absolutely imploded, screaming out, quaking and trembling underneath his body so hard that he actually lifted his head up to make sure I didn’t bang my forehead against his jaw. My hips and upper body bucked without warning, my legs tightened against his sides, and found this was one of the rare instances I’d climaxed so hard that tears were streaming from the corners of my eyes.

My muscles felt like Jell-O, and my arms and legs fell limply to the bed. Matt reached his hands back down, grabbing my thighs from behind and pulling them out and apart. From there, his cock drowned in my pussy, fucking me faster but less powerfully. His pace grew to the point I knew he liked best, and with my legs spread and pulled apart widely, I felt his balls slapping against my ass with each stroke of his cock. I was still trying to breathe after my orgasm and, still feeling the tears dripping down my temples, somehow managed to bring my hands to my face to wipe them off.

Reaching up from there, I lightly touched over his face, beads of sweat dripping from his forehead onto mine. Again I was reduced to begging him to cum, though this time looking deeply into his eyes and telling him how much I loved him. This time my pleas were heard, and a moment later I saw the glorious honest emotions in his face as he orgasmed, shooting hard and planting his seed deep inside me. He collapsed atop of me, and our limbs entwined about each other while we kissed with all the love in our hearts. I was crying like a baby with grateful tears of joy, and my soul was bared as only he can do it.


Once we collected ourselves, I realized we only had an hour and a half before our dinner guests were to arrive. Our bodies were drenched in sweat and both his juices and mine were dripping from my pussy. We reluctantly peeled ourselves off the bed and I started running a cool bath for us to share. I was clipping my hair up when Matt joined me a moment later, fresh from a trip to the fridge, carrying two bottles of hard cranberry lemonade. At first sip, the cool fruitiness of the drink was most welcomed, and we set our bottles on the floor beside the tub as we stepped in. The bath was as refreshing as the chilled alcohol, and as Matt sat back in the water with his legs apart, I took my place sitting between them, laying back and resting my head on his chest. His arms closed about my belly and chest, and we talked about my homework problems from class and of his day at his summer job, taking moments to grab for another swallow and to lightly splash the cool water over each other to lazily clean up.

Sweet, contented, soft comfort often leads to the best kind of silence, but the silence that took place over the next few moments found me in what seemed like an eternal struggle of left brain versus right. On the right was the sweetest of emotions… love and security in this man’s arms. On the left, it was though I realized too late that I’d made a logically bad move in a game of chess or Scrabble. As I’d said, Matt knew of my bisexuality and of some of the times I’d been with other women, but I never told him about any of the times I’d cheated on him with other men. With the strike from my left brain, my right was immediately decimated with guilt. I clung to feelings of hope and, soul bared as it was, found the courage to speak.

I let Matt know there was something he should know, and as bravely as I could, warned him there might be a strange vibe over supper, as I’d had sex before with Kate, and with both her and Doug. (I thought it best to test the waters a bit before coming clean on being alone with Doug.)

Knowing my sexual preference and needs and having recently been involved with two threesomes between my friend Marie and me, he seemed fine with me being with Kate, but I sensed a bit of tension when I’d mentioned being with the couple together. He asked all kinds of questions about my time with Doug and Kate, but did so very calmly. I was terribly emotional at that point and cried softly in his arms as I answered each of his inquiries with straight honesty.

Matt gave me solace and held me tenderly. I started to feel better and we made our way out of the tub, drying each other off, and as the water spiraled down the drain, it seemed as though some of my burdens washed away with it.

We went back to the bedroom to get dressed. Matt put his clothes on, and I slipped into my kimono for the time-being. Then we were off to the kitchen to get ready for supper. I soaked a small cedar plank on which to grill the salmon outside later, and wanted to get a couple foil packets of vegetables ready for the grill as well. Matt went out to light the charcoal and returned in time to help. Our time in the kitchen was playful, and Matt had me laughing and giggling with occasional tickles.

I washed some potatoes and cut them into cubes, diced some onions, crushed a few cloves of garlic, and put them in aluminum foil with some butter, salt and pepper. Meanwhile, Matt was busy peeling zucchini and carrots, which were to be sliced and put into another foil packet with broccoli, butter, and lemon. He seemed to be goofing around more than working, though, but it was more than worth the laughs.

He seemed too quiet for a second, and when I turned to see what was up, I was all of a sudden swept up in his arms! He’d snuck behind me, and I was laughing hysterically, my body bundled up, one of his arms catching the forced bend in my knees and the other catching the small of my back. I kept laughing and kissing him. Finally he set me up on the kitchen counter and the look in his eyes was purely impish.

Matt bent down to my bared thighs and kissed them. When I felt him trying to spread them apart, I shouted, “Matthew!” but it only seemed to chide him on more. He pried his fingers between my thighs and got a grip between them, then eased back to inside my knees and pushed with enough strength that I knew there was no fighting him. (Damned physics teachers!) His kisses went from the top of my thighs to between them, and I resigned myself to part them further. His tongue flicked up between my folds and, and while catching my breath from laughing, I glanced down at his eyes, shaking my head, and letting him continue without arguing about the time.

He pulled away from me and said slowly in a really dumb voice, “I like eating pussy.” That started me giggling again and he took a few more swipes with his tongue, then stopped and looked up at me and asked in the same voice, “Does Kate like eating pussy?” I smiled down at him and nodded quickly. He went in for another taste, then pulled back and asked, “Does Doug like eating pussy?” I bit my lip and admitted he did. He licked me a few more times, then said in the same stupid-sounding voice, “Everyone likes eating pussy!”

I didn’t know what to say about that, but after a few more swipes of his tongue, he added, “Let’s have pussy for dinner!” He moved up from between my legs, reached beside me, and grabbed one of the peeled carrots. I knew what was coming, but was dumbfounded by it, and he began fucking me with the carrot. I just shook my head at him, but the crisp hardness of the vegetable felt nice, despite how thin it was compared to Matt’s cock. He pumped it inside my pussy a few times, then pulled it out. Instead of biting it or offering it to me, though, he placed it next to the pile on the counter and grabbed another.

“Matt!” I yelled with a motherly you-should-know-better tone, but he started fucking me with that one as well. What could I do? I knew we shouldn’t be doing this, how incredibly immature it was, but at the same time felt I owed him one from our bath. Besides, it was sexy, a little kinky, and fun. Once he’d placed and stroked every carrot inside my pussy, his eyes widened and he went for the zucchini. Mine did, too!

I wondered aloud, “There’s no way I can talk you out of this, I suppose?”

He just smiled and said, “Nope,” then seeing I didn’t have enough room to lay back on the counter, asked me to lay on my back on the kitchen table. With curious resignation, I did as I was told.

Matt brought the cutting board of zucchini over to the table and set it next to my waist. By the time I got onto the table, the obi of my kimono had loosened, and all it took was an easy glide of his hands under the silky fabric to open it and bare the entire front half of my body. I kept my feet off the sides of the table and I was spread and ready to accept the vegetables.

I learned that peeled zucchini has a semi-firm feel to it inside my pussy, softer than an unpeeled banana, but still keeping its shape, like a thin cucumber… it was kind of like my gel-filled dildo. Though not as hard as the carrots, the elongated squash was more the size of Matt’s cock, and fucking with it was quite a turn-on. Once Matt got a nice view of the whitish vegetable sliding in and out of my petals, he leaned down and got to work licking hard over my clit. The table beneath me was hard, the entire situation perhaps strange, and yet Matt was still able to work me into a frenzy.

I was moaning and squirming while he fucked me with the first one, and when he put the second one in, started sliding it back and forth, and tonguing my clit as he does, I closed my folds tightly over the squash and starting cumming on it. Matt hurriedly pulled it out when I was done and poked each of the last two into me, one at a time, to soak up any and all of my juices.

I saw he was just grinning at me, and I just shook my head on recovery, smiling at him and saying, “You’re nuts!”

Though I’d fallen for it a couple times before, he replied, “What about my nuts?” I smiled and told him I like his nuts, and within seconds he’d scooted over to the end of the table, pulling down his slacks and shorts, and not only baring said nuts, but straddling over my head and dropping so they fell onto my face.

Looking up, I tongued over his smooth balls, flicking the tip of my tongue over them, and gently taking each separately into my mouth. I knew what he really wanted, though, and by some strange coincidence, it was exactly what I wanted, too… an appetizer before supper. My head was leaning off the edge of the table, and he took the shaft of his cock into his hand and pointed the head down to my opened and waiting lips.

What’s wonderful about Matt’s penis is the way is fills up my pussy. What’s not so hot is the thought that its size makes it more difficult to suck. Still, as much as I love giving head, it provides more than a challenge to do it well, and because of the way his cock is curved, I’d long since mastered throating it from a head-off-the-bed angle. Here like this on the table? With a tilt of my head downward, piece of cake….

I proved my point within a minute, as I began by taking just the head into my mouth and swirling my tongue all around it. Then I began rocking my head toward and back to him, sucking on the top half of it and flicking my tongue along its underside, over his sensitive circumcision scar. I took delight in making his cock twitch between my lips, and when I heard him grunt in pleasure, prepared to relax the muscles in my neck open up my throat.

Almost as if on cue, I felt him taking the back of my head into his hands, and I was ready for him. He gave his hips a slow thrust forward, and I felt his stiff, hard cock forcing its way past the back of my tongue and the roof of my mouth. The head entered my throat and I held myself there, taking it all until I felt his hairs on my chin and his balls tight against my nose.

He slowly fucked his cock into my throat for a dozen strokes, allowing me time to barely suck in and exhale a breath between each one. He knows that’s about my limit, though, and when he backed off he saw my face in a huge smile and my eyes beginning to water. I popped off the table and onto my knees in front of him, and sucked furiously on his prick. My cheeks were sucked in tightly, my lips sealed over his head, my tongue peppered his shaft from underneath, and my face slid back and forth, taking him in and out, in and out, in and out…. The large piece of meat inside my mouth forced saliva to flow freely, and as I drooled all over him, it made more speed with which to slide on his cock all the more easy.

I fucked him with my mouth at the same pace at which he had fucked my pussy earlier when he came. I raised a hand from underneath him to cup over and squeeze gently on his balls while I sucked him. I knew from the salty addition of his pre-cum to my spit that he was close, and I started backing off from the head of his cock. From there, my grip on the base of his shaft loosened, and I stroked him quickly, letting his head bounce off my lips and out-stretched tongue.

My eyes wandered pleadingly up to his face, begging him to cum, then down to check on my handiwork. His cock had grown monstrous in size and throbbed in my grip, and after swirling my tongue for a moment while stroking him off, I was rewarded a couple minutes later with a straight stream of cum all over my tongue and upper lip. I moaned with him, continuing my stroking, tilting my head back slightly, and feeling his creamy seed splashing all over my face.

When I felt him stop spurting, I opened my eyes and grinned proudly up at him. I licked all over the head of his cock, wiped it adoringly all over my face, then licked off the cum I’d scooped with it. I moved up to teabag him once more, then again grabbed his cock and used it as a spoon, scooping as much cum from my face with it as I could into my mouth.

Once we were done with our play in the kitchen, it was well past 6:30 already and I had only about fifteen minutes to put myself together. I started in the bathroom to clean up my face and neck, but as I thought about it for a moment, I knew I needed a deeper cleansing than just that.

Knowing I had to be quick, I stopped the tub again and filled it just over ankle high. I called out to Matt, asking him to pick out something for me to wear and to bring it into the bathroom. By the time he came in, I was close to finishing my quick bath, soaping up my pussy. I grabbed my cranberry lemonade bottle and finished drinking it, then let the water run out of the tub. I dried myself quickly and reached for the clothes he’d picked out for me… no bra, no panties, no camisole, no slip, no anything except for a red cotton tank and a denim midi-skirt with buttons down both sides that expose strips of flesh all up and down the sides of my hips… a sexy choice, and I was more than happy with it.

I was dressed and in the living room by two minutes before seven, but I didn’t need to rush as Doug and Kate ran a few minutes late. This gave Matt time to check on the grill and put the potatoes on, and we waited for our guests with another drink.

I hugged the couple when they arrived and kissed each on the cheek to wish them hello. Matt had met them once before at one of our infamous monthly school socials, but since the time of our bath together, knew a lot more about each of them than ever comes with a few drinks out after Friday classes. Doug was tall and slender, coached our boys’ wrestling team, and had fucked my mouth, pussy, and ass on a number of occasions. Kate was a couple inches shorter than me, thinner than me, and was in remarkable shape for 42. As best I knew, I was the only woman with whom she’d ever had sex, but didn’t bring herself to actually lick between my legs until our third time together. She didn’t like anal sex at all, which is why Doug had his way with me there a half-dozen times before tripling up and a few more times since in the presence of his bride.

The next hour was spent in almost neighborly comfort. We’d each had a couple drinks over conversation, jokes, and laughter on the patio in the back yard. A half-hour into their visit, I went inside to gather the salmon and the foiled zucchini, carrots, and broccoli. Matt had already sliced the veggies and got them ready while I was taking my second bath, and I couldn’t help but shake my head and roll my eyes at the thought of serving it to our guests.

I rejoined the party at the patio table and the light-heartedness of the evening continued. As hoped, the steam and smoke from the cedar plank added a wonderful aroma to the fish, and we enjoyed our supper outdoors with a nice Chardonnay. I was tempted to kick Matt underneath the table when he commented, “Zucchini usually soaks up the flavor of whatever it’s cooked with, but this hardly tastes fishy at all.” I brushed off the thought by reminding him it was inside the foil, and did have a bit of a lemony touch. Even though it was terribly childish, I couldn’t stifle an inner chuckle eyeing the occasional bite of carrot or zucchini coming off forks into mouths, and listening to the occasional compliment of how good it all tasted.

After supper, Kate and I went in to clean up the dishes quickly and put things away, then rejoined the guys. The sun was already down behind the trees to the northwest and dusk would turn into darkness within the next fifteen minutes. I’d definitely had my fill of alcohol and switched to some iced tea, but everyone else was quietly working on an after-dinner drink. Conversation kept going, and I found myself getting picked on a little, in a good-natured sense. Despite being in my late 20’s, I thought I held my own pretty well as the youngster among everyone else in their early-40’s. Though we all taught for a living, when talk steered away from our schools, the thing they all had most in common other than parenthood and their age was me.

As darkness fell, the heat of the day gave way to the warmth of night. We considered what to do next, whether to find something to do in town or not, but as I was being teased about something or other about my relative youth, I defensively laughed it off saying they were all jealous and wished they were my age again. This caused a small bragging contest, each stating what they could do better than anyone else present. A thought drifted through my mind, unspoken, that I could make each of them cum within five minutes. Safer to say, I announced I could kick all their asses in Scrabble.

The gauntlet had been thrown. Four-handed Scrabble is a different beast than playing against only one other person. Two-handed, a player has much more control of movement on the board, and the winning streak I’d mentioned earlier in this passage counted only two-player games. Even still, I knew I could do better than each of my guests. A game seemed the perfect thing to do… fun, not as boring as watching tv, and it wouldn’t require having to drag anyone onto a dance floor or having to drive home after a few more drinks.

The party moved into my living room and my board was set on the floor. Kate sat to my right, Matt across from me, and poor Doug was going to have to deal with having to move after me. As the game began and progressed, I found myself very happy to be amid friends, relaxed, and very comfortable.

We were about midway through the game and though we’d all had chance to play at least something that scored nicely at least once, it was starting to be noticed my average turns scored a few more points each time than anyone else’s and I was beginning to pull away. Doug was finding it difficult to find good words, and Kate was feeling the friendly pressure of trying to play somewhere to make things harder on me.

In the comfort of the moment, I twisted a bit to sit as I normally would on the floor… my left knee on the floor, bent tightly inward with my foot drawn in against my ass, and my right leg stretched out, then easing my foot back along the floor, my knee bent and pointing upward. As I said, I was just being comfy, and I was so involved in the game that I honestly didn’t notice Kate had a view of my pussy until I saw her glancing down at it.

After making my next move on the board, I thought it time to make a move off the board, as well. Thinking it would be a playful distraction for her to keep her mind off the game, I reached around my right hip, away from the guys’ view, and slid a finger into my pussy. I just watched the board, pretending to mind my own business, waiting for her reaction. It came before it was her turn to play when she gave an audible gasp, noticeable to grab the attention of the guys, too.

I giggled as I was caught and looked straight into Matt’s eyes. Though he was shaking his head, his grin was ear-to-ear and I sensed I had his approval. So, rather than letting the tease come to an end, I instead inserted a second finger and kept fucking myself with them. Kate’s eyes were glued between my thighs and when I saw her level of interest growing, I pulled out my fingers and offered them up to her lips for a taste. When she leaned forward to lick over them, I pulled them down toward me slowly… leading her to lean even more forward. I quickly pulled them the rest of the way to touch myself more, leaning back to lay flat on the floor as I did so.

To my delight, Kate continued following her way in, and when she got her knees below me, I once again offered my fingers, this time for real. She sucked hard over them quickly as she moved closer. I set my legs apart and spread myself as wide apart as I could with the midi hiked most of the way up my hips. As soon as I felt her face at my pussy, I moaned a soft sigh and reached for the buttons on my skirt to open it up. A moment later as Kate’s tongue was lapping my folds, I felt her fingers reaching around and helping me with the last two buttons. Still lying on the bottom of my skirt, I was able to pull the top of the denim fabric off and over my body, exposing myself fully and able to slide my legs back even further.

I couldn’t get enough… and Kate apparently couldn’t, either. Her tongue pressed into my folds and she licked me as deeply as she could. Then she was up to my clit, flicking the tip of her tongue madly over it as it grew, then she was back down for more of my pussy. It was just wonderful, and my heart fluttered in excitement of showing myself off like this is front of everyone.

Kate kept licking away while I grew hotter and hotter. The next time she went up to my clit, I felt her finger pushing into my pussy as well. I was in heaven, flushed with excitement and very, very wet. Kate’s tongue flailed away at my clitoris, and her finger drove in and out of my pussy. I let out moan after moan until they started turning into squeals of sexual pleasure.

I glanced over at the guys. I knew exactly what I wanted… but for now was lost in the moment. A squirm of my ass later and I was reaching down for the back of Kate’s head, easing my fingers through her hair. She was so deeply involved I’m sure she even felt it, until she got me so close to climaxing that I tugged on her short, blonde locks.

With that, she knew how close I was and went on with all the more fervor. Her tongue flew over my clit and she pumped her finger even faster. I closed my eyes tightly and arched my head back on the floor, crying out in joy. Kate had my insides turned out and my hips pressed up into her face to grind against her mouth… trying to fuck her as she was me. She pulled her finger out from my treasure, reached under with both hands, and grabbed tightly onto my ass.

She pulled down slightly with her face, once again tonguing my pussy, wiggling her face back and forth and brushing the tip of her nose against my clit. With my ass raised off the floor, my entire body buckled as I began climaxing. Kate’s hands clung to my ass and dove her face down with me, unwilling to let me go. Her tongue kept licking fiercely while my body trembled and my pussy flowed with its juices.

Once my moaning subsided and I was trying to breathe, I glanced down between my legs to see Kate’s devilish eyes, one of them winking at me. She wiped the sides of her face against the insides of my thighs, then kissed sweetly over my pussy.

To my amazement, Kate then simply got back up, taking her position in front of her Scrabble tiles, as though she’d just been up to get a drink or go to the bathroom… as though the last ten minutes had never happened. Here I was, laying on my opened skirt, my chest still heaving, my pussy bared to everyone in the room, and she was just looking at the board, playfully ignoring me!

Still on my back, I looked to check everyone’s mood. Doug was grinning like the Cheshire cat and reached down to touch my hair once before pulling back, Kate wore a proud, smug look on her face, and Matt was smiling down at me, asking if I was having fun. As I wrote before, I knew exactly what I wanted… to have sex with everyone present, but where would it go? How would Doug be having her wife show off her body in front of Matt? And poor Matt… how would he feel watching Doug fuck me? Then again, I’d realized he seemed fine (after some prodding and assurances it would be okay and what I wanted to see) fucking Marie a couple times over the few prior weeks, so what was good for the goose was good for the gander. There were two immediate choices left to me to see how things would progress from there… either keep playing Scrabble dressed this way, or just attack Kate’s body.

Fearing an all-out attack might raise red flags for her, I decided on a compromise. I moved to sit up, but rather than taking my place at the board, I scooted all the way around her, to just behind her right side. I reached my arms around her waist and squeezed into a soft hug around her from behind, then lifted myself until I could begin kissing the crook of her shoulder. I pressed my tongue into her skin the way she loves and moaned softly. I felt Matt’s hand caress against my calf, and smiled at the loving, understanding, approving gesture. Kate lowered her head to my side and I felt her warm cheek against mine. I gave another delicious, “Mmmm,” while licking her neck and shoulder, and the sound was echoed by hers in return.

Kate tried briefly to maintain the appearance of playing the game, mentioning she was trying to think when it was her turn. I interrupted licking the crook of her neck by biting her shoulder and saying, “Think away.” When she’d reached forward to place a few tiles, my hands moved forward with her, playfully fondling over her breasts. When she leaned back after counting her points, she whispered in a sexy, throaty tone that it was my turn.

Who in hell cared? I was way ahead and had more fun things to do. I looked up at the guys and announced with sunshine in my voice, “I pass,” then went back to tonguing Kate’s neck and the crook of her shoulder, dropping my left hand to reach between her legs. Even through the tight jeans she wore, I could feel the heat emanating from her pussy, and knew it wouldn’t be long until she could no longer resist me.


I just love this game. The vast majority of people in the world are either right-brained dominant or left-brained dominant… verbal, raw emotion versus logical, raw intellectualism. Most people that play with emotion don’t think very well, and most people that play logically have difficulty knowing what is appropriate to feel. For most people playing Scrabble, it comes down to those who know how to form the proper words opposed to those knowing where and when to make a move.

Sex is probably the ultimate game of right-brain versus left. Some play with nothing but pure, raw emotion, and are rewarded by wins with the warmest of feelings, but if they lose they feel terrible heartbreak. Some play with cool intellectualism, and when they win are rewarded with shocking pleasure they may not have really expected and memories they’ll cherish when they masturbate for years to come… but when they lose over-think the entire process and become more and more timid to play and possibly lose again.

Writing left-handed, I’m blessed with playful emotion. Golfing or batting right-handed and kicking right-footed, I make strategic moves and analyze things well. Able to serve a volleyball ambidextrously, my mind flip-flops between both hemispheres with relative ease, and having done so all my life, am not surprised by it. I embrace it. I’m able to shift modes of thinking and feeling more quickly than most anyone I know, and combine both fairly often. When it comes to playing Scrabble, I rarely lose. When it comes to most other things in life, I’m usually able to get about anything I truly want.

I was half-naked and had just climaxed before three people for whom I cared and with whom I’d shared sex before, each individually and all in group situations. There was no way a foursome wasn’t going to occur, because I truly wanted it to happen.

I felt Kate over her clothes, fondling her left breast with my right hand and her pussy with my left. Knowing two of her weak points, a few drinks and sucking on her clavicle, she was putty in my hands. By the next time it was her move to play, she switched games. She twisted to ignore the Scrabble board, no longer able to ignore my touch. We kissed deeply, entangling ourselves in each other’s arms. We rolled each other over while our tongues explored each other’s mouth, interrupting our kisses only to take turns reaching for each other’s waist and pulling the other’s top up and off their bodies.

The smooth skin of Kate’s hard, muscular back felt wonderful in my soft hands, and both of us reached around her to unclasp her bra. Her hands beat mine to it, and as I helped slide it down from her arms and she laid down on top of my, the feel of her small breasts and hard nipples against mine were exquisite.

While rejoining in our kissing, I felt her grinding in her jeans against my pussy. I heard a shuffling off to the side and saw the guys just scooting back to give us more room, fascinated as most men are at the prospect of watching women together. I didn’t have a long look, but I imagine their cocks were bulging against their pants. Kate kicked off her shoes and our hands were all over each other, searching for the soft, smooth flesh that men can never provide.

With wanton fumbling, scooting, and shuffling, I undid the button and zipper on Kate’s jeans and got them off her hips, and she managed to take them the rest of the way off. Our lips were inseparable as I plunged both hands into her panties, one onto her ass and the other touching her moist folds. We moaned into each other’s mouth, tonguing, tasting, until she broke our kisses to move the other way above and onto my body.

Her panties were wet against my face and I gripped the panel and pulled it aside, baring her slit to my eyes and waiting tongue. Kate dipped her head between my thighs and our tongues touched each other’s folds at the same time, but while I stretched mine in to taste her, I felt her burying her face even deeper and her hands grabbed onto both cheeks of my ass, pulling them apart. Her tongue teased a couple quick circles about my star, then pierced into my anus. I’m told that when I moan when someone’s down there that my tone drops half an octave, deep and guttural. Matt’s noticed this in the past and certainly must have known immediately I was being rimmed.

We laid there for a few minutes, each of us moaning while licking each other, I Kate’s pussy and she my ass. My heart was absolutely pounding in excitement, and the feel of her soft thighs on either side of my face, the taste and scent of her pussy, got me all the more riled up. I slipped my face closer in and tongued up to my friend’s clit. While the tip of my tongue pressed and flicked over her, hers came out of my ass and she cried out softly. I took advantage of her letting go and rolled myself over on top of her. My breasts hung softly onto her belly and squished into it as I dipped my face once more. My tongue flicked back hard over her clitoris for a few seconds, then I reached in with my entire mouth, sealing over it with my lips and sucking on it, making loud smacking, kissing sounds as I did.

The elastic of the edge of her panties were getting in my way, though, so I brought my hands to her hips and tugged them down to her knees. I smiled seeing her flailing her legs to get them the rest of the way off, then turned my attention back to her untrimmed blonde pussy. I watched intently, one of my hands reaching up from around her thigh and covering over her labia, the other pressing two fingertips over her clitty. I played with both of my hands, rubbing over her in quick circles, occasionally wetting her clit with my tongue, then returning to diddle over it with my fingers.

I took a glance up to the guys and bit my lip with a sexy smile. I considered had either of them been alone with us, one would have certainly joined in by now. For the time-being, though, neither even had his cock out to jack off watching us… probably afraid of either stopping us from continuing our show or of offending the other. For Matt, it was understandable, as he was still fairly new to group sex. Doug, on the other hand, had not only fucked me as part of a threesome with his wife, but before that on three other occasions had also taken part of small gang-bangs with a number of other male teachers from school on me. I took the fact that he hadn’t made a move toward Kate and me, yet, as a sign of respect for how I felt about Matthew.

My mind was brought back when I felt Kate’s tongue returning to my pussy. I groaned in sweet delight. Dragging my fingers off from her clitoris, I reached around her thigh and pulled back with both hands on her inner thighs, spreading her apart in front of the men and showing off her opened folds to them before dipping my head down in reciprocation. We each buried our tongues into one another and a moment later I couldn’t help but wiggle my hips and grind myself down on her face. Kate must have been lost in the same lust that I was because even from her position she was struggling to press upward against me and fuck my face and tongue the same way I was her.

I knew she was close and concentrated on getting her off. I lifted myself from my knees and raised my pussy from her face, giving me all the more leverage to do as I pleased. I curled one hand inward and replaced my tongue with two fingers, ramming them in and out of her pussy while licking hard over her clit. I flicked and pressed the tip of my tongue with all the fury I could muster, and Kate’s moans were growing in intensity. Finally her mouth opened fully and her voice yelped out in release. About both sides of my face I felt her legs trembling, and I pulled my fingers out from her pussy, diving down further to plunge my tongue between her folds while she climaxed. The juices from her pussy with thick in texture, and I lapped the petals of her labia until I’d taken in as much of her cum as I could lick off.

At once I was proud of my effort in making my friend climax, yet at the same time still as horny as hell. The show for the guys was over, and it was time, I thought, for some serious fucking. I knew after watching us like that, Doug and Matt would be more than ready. The only issue was, would Kate be willing? The question left my mind when I decided not to give her the choice. I glanced up at Matt and lightheartedly scolded, “What in hell are you still doing with your clothes on?” It was hilarious to see both guys stripping like there was a race. I got to my knees above Kate, smiled down, and waited for her reaction on seeing Matthew naked for the first time. When I saw her eyes nearly bug out of her skull, I knew there would be no problem between us. I reminded her that my bed was softer than the floor, and in less than a minute, the four of us were on our way.


A lot of people I know think group sex is wrong. I’ve heard of stories when someone has left his or her partner for another once a threesome’s begun. I have to admit that when I’m in bed with one person, I’m a giver. I make love to my fiancé and give of my whole heart and soul to him. But when I’m with anyone else, or when I’m in a group situation, I’m in it for exactly one thing: the pleasure it brings. Sometimes I feel like a greedy little whore. I don’t care. It feels that good. Doug and Kate would soon be going home to their children; they’re devoted parents and do get along wonderfully together. They’d obviously worked out whatever issues they were going to have by inviting me to bed with them and were okay with it. I was a friend willing to help spice up the sex life of a twenty-year marriage, yet both knew and trusted me enough to recognize I would never break up nor move in on their relationship.

After nine months of exploring our feelings together up to that point, Matt was beginning to realize that emotionally, he was “the one” for me, and the sex between us has always been incredible. As we began to explore multiple partners last summer, he was able to realize some fantasies he’d never dream share with his ex-wife when they were married, or with anyone else before or since. It took six more months after our first foursome with Doug and Kate for Matt to realize the full nature of how much I loved him and how I wanted his every dream and fantasy to come true, and asked me to marry him. He makes me feel that safe, that loved, that comfortable.

But, what can I say? Sometimes I’m a taker and just want to be a complete slut.

In the time since our engagement, the number of times we’ve embarked in threesomes and foursomes (and the one sextet we shared) have become more infrequent, but Matt knows as well as I do that sex and love are inextricably woven when we’re alone together, but sometimes just plain, greedy, needy, wanton, debaucherous, kinky sex is not entirely a bad thing.


Though each of the four of us were exactly tipsy enough from the evening’s alcohol to let our inhibitions drop, we each started our new adventure together safely… with both guys sitting on the side of the bed, Kate sucking Doug’s cock, me sucking Matt’s. Kate’s curiosity over Matt’s broad shaft won out, though, and when I felt her moving over, we switched partners. I got up and sat between the guys, leaning down to take Doug’s cock into my mouth while Kate remained kneeling on the floor, taking in Matthew. Doug’s penis is almost as long as Matt’s, but narrower in girth… easier to suck on, and I did so with relish. If I went on writing for pages and pages, I could never adequately describe how much I love giving head.

My joy in the act, though, was soon doubled, when I felt Matt standing up and pointing his cock into the side of my face. I reached up to stroke it, and squealed as I had a wonderful cock in each hand, my face taking turns on each of them. I bobbed forward and back on Doug’s tool for a few strokes, then turned to suck on Matt’s a few times, back and forth on each of them. I was in sheer heaven with the guys when Kate made it more so… still on her knees on the floor, her hands were spreading my thighs apart from the inside, then reaching in with her tongue to lick over my pussy. After a few minutes, though, we all must have felt that we’d each had more than enough teasing and foreplay, and we all wanted to fuck.

Matt pulled his cock away from me, standing fully in front of Kate, and she stood up to face him, stroking him. Seeing we were partnering up, I sat up, smoothed my hand over Doug’s chest, and gently pushed him back onto the bed. I got to my knees and straddled him, reverse-cowgirl-style, facing the other two. Matt turned Kate around and pushed her backward until the husband and wife were lying side-by-side, next to one another on my bed. Kate’s lean legs climbed like an ivy plant up Matthew’s chest while I was taking aim with Doug’s stiff prick beneath me. When Matt’s eyes and mine met, I silently mouthed, “I love you.”

He smiled at me, mouthing, “I love you, too,” without even the sound of a whisper. I smiled adoringly at him, then plunged myself downward at the same instant he entered Kate. He grabbed onto her shins, holding her calves against his chest as he fucked her. I kept my balance on the edge of the mattress, sliding up and down the length of Doug’s shaft. Doug’s hands were all over my ass, gripping onto it, spreading it while I fucked him, probably to get a better view of my pussy swallowing him whole.

Kate’s moans were the loudest… her blonde pussy stretched by dear Matt’s amazingly wonderful cock. I watched him take delight in her tiny body as he recently had with Marie. Kate was a bit more uptight than my other friend, but was loosening up nicely, letting herself go, and feeling the same sexual pleasure I was.

Perhaps I was taking too much joy in watching, though, as Doug made it apparent I wasn’t fucking him to satisfaction, though I hadn’t quit on him. Feeling his hands moving up to my waist, he pulled and turned my body until I was off from him. He pressed my toward his wife, and soon I was on my hands and knees, perpendicular to her until my breasts hung low from my chest over her face. He mounted me from behind, clutching onto my hips and forcing his cock deep into my walls.

Now it was my turn to be loudest, my voice betraying how much I loved the slapping of his pelvis against my ass, fucking me so hard his balls even swayed and brushed up against me, close to my clit. When I felt Kate taking in one of my nipples in between her lips, I again became the greedy one, wanting to feel as much flesh on mine as possible. I was lost in my pleasures and desires and was the first to climax in bed.

By the time I was done cumming all over Doug’s cock, he had seen my ass rising and falling on him, then being slapped back and forth in front of him, and now wanted to witness the front of my body. He pulled out from behind me, then rolled me onto my back, laying next to Kate who was still being plowed by Matthew. I licked over Kate’s hip as it was being forced back and forth by Matt’s fucking, then looked up to see Doug eyeing me with a licentious stare.

I once again parted my legs, drawing them around his ass on his approach. Once he pushed his cock inside me, he drew up, arching his back and holding himself high enough above me to watch my body jiggle back and forth beneath his, the same way Matt had done in the afternoon. Doug’s eyes didn’t move much from my breasts, bigger than his wife’s, shaking up and down my chest with each stroke of his body into mine.

His lecherous view, though, was blocked a moment later and Kate moved to change positions, getting to her knees and straddling over my face. Her pussy was soaking when she lowered herself onto my mouth, and I hungrily savored her sex. My tongue was deep within her folds and the tip of my nose was entrenched in the crack of her spreading cheeks as she rocked on top of me, fucking my face. She leaned forward and down when Matt pressed in behind her, and my entire face was drenched with her juices when she moved up.

My eyes were locked on her sexy folds, then the head of Matt’s cock again piercing between them. Watching him fuck her was like a close-up in a porn scene, only the sounds didn’t come from a speaker and the scent was raw, lustful indulgence. I simply had to taste more of it, and lifted my face to them. Doug continued fucking as hard as he could into me from his position, while my tongue, lips, nose, and cheeks were teased, tickled, and delighted by Kate’s wet labia and clitoris and Matthew’s balls.

Matt pulled his massive cock from Kate’s body, and the sight of her folds split so widely open was too much to pass up. Once again I lapped over them with my tongue, when I felt Matt pressing the head of his dick between my face and under the side of her ass and his sac touching my forehead. When I leaned back to look up at his testicles, he moved forward again, and I grabbed the base of his shaft. I stroked him into my mouth, tasting the flavor of Kate’s pussy all over the head of his cock. After gathering what I could of her, I pressed his shaft back up until its head was again touching Kate’s quivering petals. She started climaxing almost instantly once his cock was back inside, and while Matt held it steadily inside her while she came (the way he knows I love), I feasted on his shaven balls.

As Kate was crying aloud during her climax, Doug stifled the sound by pulling out of me and shoving his cock into her opened mouth. She leaned forward to take more of her husband’s cock and Matt’s fell out of her. I continued licking figure-eights over his balls, then up along the underside of his shaft. I noticed Doug’s groans were gaining strength, and while I stroked hard on Matthew’s cock, Doug had pressed back into my pussy.

Kate kept encouraging him, “Come on, honey. Cum for me.” Kate rolled off of my body, grabbing onto my thigh and pulling it farther back to get a full view. “Cum… cum…” she begged, and for a moment I wasn’t sure if she was cheering on Doug or me.

I felt Matthew reaching down and grabbing my other ankle, pulling it back and up. Between Kate pulling one leg and Matt the other, I felt like a wishbone as Doug lowered himself onto me, fucking me harder and harder. Kate kept pleading, “Come on… cum,” and Matt took advantage of my head off the side of the bed, taking his cock in his own hand and pointing it into my mouth. I was being fucked by both guys at once, Doug deep into my pussy and Matt stretching my mouth apart with the head of his cock.

With one more of Kate’s urgings, “Cum,” Doug pulled out and did as commanded. Kate was all over his cock, and her husband exploded into her mouth with a triumphant cry. Within seconds, she leapt and spread herself atop of me, pressing two fingers into my pussy and her other hand squeezing my tit, her face leaning into mine. Matt withdrew from my mouth when he saw her move, and when I was able to look up at her, I was treated to a kiss, Kate snowballing her mouthful of cum into my own. I swallowed what she gave me, and we licked hard on each other’s tongues, sucking and swallowing everything we could from each other while she kept pumping into me.

A third finger joined the fray and the taste of cum and the feel of Kate’s hot body drove me over the edge. I whimpered as I climaxed once again, my body all but spent from the entire afternoon and evening.

There was still one party remaining, though, and Matthew was more than an active participant… I realized he’d been standing during most of our time together and doing the majority of the work. Such effort should never go unrewarded!

Kate and I pulled him onto the bed and laid him onto his back while Doug moved aside, content to watch. We both knelt above him; she squatted over his cock standing upright and throbbing at full attention, and I over his face. My friend and I faced one another and fucked him together. She reached up to clutch onto my breasts as I wiggled my pussy on Matt’s face. She squeezed them gently with her palms, then cupped underneath them, lifting them up, and rolling my nipples between her thumbs and forefingers while sliding up and down Matthew’s delightfully curved shaft. As Kate fucked him faster and faster, she was pinching them harder and harder. I moaned out loud in both pleasure and slight pain.

When I swept up my hands to reach for Kate’s breasts, we both heard Matt’s muffled moans growing louder. She let go of my tits, gave him a few more quick pumps, then nimbly popped off his cock. Each of us went down on him immediately, she licking the shaft of his cock, leaving the head for me. We each took only a few swipes with our tongues as the first surge of cum tunneled its way into my mouth. More than eager to share, I slid my mouth off so that the rest of his sticky seed erupted between our faces. Matt orgasmed hard and long, and by the time he was done, Kate and I were just a mess, though both still hungry enough to kiss and lick each other’s faces clean of all the cum.


The four of us cooled down afterward with one last drink and a little more teasing oral before getting dressed. Kate and Doug went home to their family, excited and more than happy, and needless to say, Matt and I softly enjoyed each other well into the night.

As I wrote before, our time together since has been a lot more one-on-one than anything else, and we do love each other very much. Every once in a while, though, we let loose to our fantasies, trusting each other enough to know the answer to our own personal chuckle, “What’s a little cum between friends?”

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