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Cleaning out the Cleaner

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Dan Cassidy sighed as he opened the side door of the building with his key, wondering for the umpteenth time when his employer would get the lock fixed so it didn’t require several twists and turns of the key to actually get the damned thing to open. Given that there were less than a handful of people who regularly arrived before the main shutter was raised, which didn’t include any of the management, he didn’t suppose it would happen any time soon.

Still, it was a small price to pay for the very quiet hour he had before anyone else arrived, allowing him to get a lot of work sorted out and completed in a peaceful setting not possible at any other time of the day.

He was generally the only member of staff around so early in the morning – apart that was, from Rosie Kerr. Rosie was one of the two domestic staff in the building, or ‘cleaner’ as she insisted her title was, who preferred to start her shift at 5a.m. due to family commitments, allowing her to finish by 10a.m. and go to take her ‘turn’ at looking after her elderly mother. At a very trim and well-preserved 59 years old, Rosie’s mother must have been in her 80’s at least, though Dan had never actually asked. He DID know Rosie was a very hard-working, very friendly woman, who enjoyed chatting with him when he arrived in the mornings and waited for his computer to boot up and the kettle to boil for his first coffee of the day.

At 43 years of age, just starting to find it harder to keep the extra pounds off, Dan was just under six feet tall with dark, cropped hair and deep brown eyes. His divorce from his college sweetheart a couple of years previously had been painful, but thankfully no kids made the split relatively much easier than it could have been, and his ex-wife had moved away with her (suspiciously quickly found) new man, leaving Dan to find ‘love’ elsewhere; sadly for him, this had proved a lot more difficult than he had imagined, and he was currently alone once again, but not really looking. Working 60+ hours a week left little time for finding a new partner!

Rosie had worn her 59 years well. On the small side at 5’4″, she had mostly retained her slim figure over the years and 4 kids and, despite some misgivings about her ever-rounder ass and slightly sagging but still firm breasts, she was much happier with her body than many women of half her age seemed to be these days. Mid-length, greying blonde hair and blue-green eyes finished off the package, with Rosie debating with herself at least once a week whether or not to get her hairdresser to start covering up the grey. “Not this week” was always the answer, though her resolve to remain ‘au naturale’ was wavering as the time to her 60th birthday grew nearer.

Rosie had been working in this building for a couple of years now, and counted Dan among the (few) people here she actively enjoyed talking to. Most seem far too self-absorbed for Rosie’s taste, though superficially pleasant enough, but Dan seemed to actually listen to her when she spoke and to appreciate and acknowledge her opinions on a wide variety of topics, even if he didn’t necessarily agree with her. The mere fact he was prepared to debate properly with her instead of either trying to talk over her or, simply ignore her thoughts as her husband had done now for many years, made her look forward to her daily chats. The fact that she found Dan quite easy on the eye helped too, as she had rather grudgingly admitted to herself a few months previously. She had found she missed seeing him when she was on holiday, or he was, and could feel her mood lift whenever they were both back at work.

Rosie’s uniform as a cleaner consisted of dark trousers topped by a buttoned-up green cotton smock. Over the past few weeks Rosie had begun leaving the top button of her smock undone; only because it was summer-time and pretty warm in the offices – or so she told herself. She had also taken to wearing bras of much thinner material than she usually did and for the same (alleged) reason. This had the effect of creating a much better cleavage, due to the under-wiring, but also allowed her nipples to be much more evident than they normally would be. Rosie’s nipples had always been very prominent due to their length and thickness; when she was aroused they became like little bullets perched on the summits of her breasts.

For his part, Dan had noticed immediately that Rosie had not fully closed her smock and also there seemed to be a much more impressive pair of boobs underneath that unflattering and shapeless smock than he’d ever suspected. He also noticed Rosie’s nipples outlined through the thick cotton of the smock much more often, though he was nowhere near egotistical, or even self-confident, enough to believe it was anything to do with him; although, recently, he had begun to wonder, as he had noticed that once others were around and their one-to-one interactions had to stop, the phenomenon seemed much less evident.

He was also acutely aware of the little sway of the hips Rosie would include in her walk when she knew Dan was watching, which again didn’t happen much at other times. He wasn’t entirely (or even a little bit, to be honest) sure why Rosie appeared to be flirting with him, but she surely was and he was starting to enjoy it. However, things would probably not have gone any further until . . .

. . . . the floor layout on the ground floor of the building was subtly different to the other two floors, the corridor to the public area at the front of the building turning at 90 degrees to the right through a fire door. This door, as with all the other corridor doors, had a slit window towards the opening end of the door to allow anyone coming the opposite way to see if anyone was there, preventing (hopefully) anyone being injured by having a heavy door opened in to their face. Unfortunately this particular door did not allow good vision due to the 90-degree angle, and over the years a good few near-misses had occurred; thankfully, there had never been any serious injuries.

On this particular morning, Dan was heading to the photocopier in the main corridor just as Rosie was headed the other way towards the kitchen. Dan was moving a fair pace as he pushed the door open, the speed of his push almost catching Rosie’s own hand as she reached towards the door towards on her side, but her reflexes pulled her hand back just in time. Dan wasn’t quite as quick; his momentum meant his left hand carried on moving an extra few inches, landing squarely on Rosie’s right breast and squeezing round the soft mound involuntarily even as their two bodies met in a soft collision. Cue much embarrassment on both sides and a hasty (albeit somewhat reluctant) intent by Dan to remove his hand from Rosie’s breast.

“Oh, sorry Rosie!”

“Oh, Dan, I’m SO sorry . . ”

Both spoke simultaneously in their apology, both faces red in mutual shock but, as he became suddenly aware, Dan’s hand remained firmly cupping Rosie’s soft, cotton-covered mound, a hard button pressing against the centre of his palm, while she, for her part, allowed him to leave it there.

Rosie found it rather comical when Dan seemed to suddenly “wake up” and removed his hand from her chest like it had been scalded!

“Rosie, I’m SO sorry; I didn’t mean to keep grabbing you . . . . I mean, I wasn’t trying to . . .”

He was too embarrassed at this point to go on, his face now a comical shade of scarlet as he struggled to find the words to extricate himself from his predicament.

“Dan, Dan” Rosie spoke softly to try and reassure Dan, “If I was that bothered about it, I would have moved it myself!”

Dan was now taken even more aback than he already had been! What did she mean by that? Did she like it? Did she want him to touch her again?

Rosie nearly laughed out loud at the confusion writ large on his face, but managed to hold in her amusement for the time being at least. Reaching her arms round him she hugged him tightly, but briefly, and said,

“Dan that was the nicest thing that’s happened to me in a long time. Please don’t worry about it at all”.

She then let go of Dan’s waist (somewhat reluctantly, it had to be said, though she succeeded in not letting Dan know that) and carried on to where she had originally been going.

Dan’s confusion remained while he walked on to complete the photocopying he had originally set out to do. His mind was bursting with the memory of how Rose’s cotton-covered breast had felt in his hand, the hard button in its’ centre pressing into his palm and how Rosie had obviously made the decision NOT to remove his hand from her, even though she easily could have.

He concluded that she certainly liked him more than he’d already thought and, on his part, he had was aware that his attraction to her was now much more sexually orientated than it had been just 5 minutes earlier! He was 99% certain those feelings were reciprocated, but was now in a quandary of what to do about it! Dan missed Rosie leaving the office later that morning and his own work had kept him unexpectedly busier than normal so he hadn’t seen her again that day after their “coming together”.

Later that night Dan lay in bed trying to sleep and failing miserably. His thoughts had been preoccupied almost totally with the big new project he and his team had just embarked on, but then the memory of events first thing this morning came flooding back into his mind.

At the memory of Rosie’s soft but firm breast in his hand, the rigid nipple seemingly trying to burst through the material of her top, Dan’s cock immediately sprang to attention and he closed his eyes to savour the memory; he then did his best to imagine what it might be like to remove the cotton smock and reveal both fleshy mounds to his gaze. He allowed his hand to drift down to his stiffness, and was shocked when he erupted all over his stomach after only a few strokes.

“Wow. Rosie. You are SOME sexy woman!” he spoke out loud in the emptiness of his bedroom. After cleaning himself up, he fell into a deep sleep, populated by visions of Rosie which kept his dreams happy all night.


The following morning when the two met, no reference to their “meeting” was made (though Dan did stutter slightly initially as his lecherous thoughts of the previous night briefly surfaced in his mind) nor did there seem to be any changes in the banter and mild flirting that had gone on before. As that day passed, then another, both had settled back in to pre-touch routine.

On the surface, at least.

Rosie had also gone home on that night with a fond memory of the younger man’s hand holding her breast, and had lain beside her snoring husband with several fingers probing her own depths as she brought herself to several silent orgasms before she managed to finally drop off to sleep.


A week or so after their initial physical encounter, Dan and Rosie’s level of banter and flirting had reached a higher level than it ever had before. Somewhat suggestive comments had been made by both parties, one of the more memorable leading to further, more intimate contact.

One of the recurring themes in their banter concerned the 16 year age difference between the two; on occasion, Rosie would tease Dan by referring to him as “nowt but a boy” or “the youngsters of today”, and Dan would likewise make comment about Rosie being “old enough to remember Queen Victoria” and similar other cracks. On one occasion, Rosie threatened to spank Dan if he continued to make wisecracks about her age, to which his response was

“Go ahead, if you like; but be warned, I will retaliate!”

“Oh, will you now?” Rosie murmured in response, “that might be quite nice . . ”

Dan wasn’t entirely sure he had heard correctly, but dismissed it simply as part of the bantering. However after making yet another joke about Rosie’s age he was taken aback when she turned round and slapped him quite firmly on his butt! Looking at her, he was astounded to see a hint of colour in her cheeks and a mischievous glint in her eyes to match the widening grin on her lips.

A wide grin suddenly appeared on his lips, the glint in his eyes matching that in Rosie’s to the point her own grin slipped slightly as it occurred to her she may have over-stepped her boundaries with Dan.

“Right, madam,” Dan’s voice growled in mock anger, “you’re for it now!”

With that, his hand flashed out to connect firmly, yet not too hard, with a sweet feminine buttock, creating a “crack” of noise far louder than Dan had anticipated. Rosie merely looked back at him and whispered,

“Is that all, Dan?” winking at him provocatively.

Once again, it was early in the morning and they were the only two people in the building; a state of affairs likely to continue for some time yet. Knowing this, Dan bent down in front of Rosie where he easily picked her off the floor, her body bent over his shoulder as her legs kicked fruitlessly in front of him — classic comedy-style carry on.

Dan walked slowly to his office, where he kicked the door closed behind him before sitting in his chair. Before Rosie could work out what was happening, he had slid her down from his shoulder so she was now lying face down across his lap, left hand pressing lightly into her back to keep her in place while his right hand gently caressed Rosie’s plump buttocks in a circular, seeking manner.

“OK Rosie,” Dan said quietly, “what was that about that being all?”

Rosie remained silent, perhaps hoping Dan wasn’t planning what she thought he was. Dan chose to interpret this silence as acquiescence however, and paused in the circular movements of his hand to carefully lift the bottom edge of Rosie’s smock clear of her firm, round posterior. His hand then returned to lie gently on the nearest of Rosie’s tight butt cheeks to his torso — her left one as it happened — wondering aloud if this would be his first target.

“This one feels in need of some attention!” Rosie again remained silent, but Dan could feel her squirming slightly on his lap at his touch. He moved his hand to rest instead on Rosie’s other cheek, this time pressing a bit harder and squeezing the taut flesh with his fingers.

“Hmmm. This one feels more in need though,” he murmured, feeling his manhood start to stiffen inside his underwear at the feel of the sexy woman-flesh beneath his hand.

Rosie too was beginning to feel more than a little turned on by now. She couldn’t believe how Dan had simply lifted her up and carried her so easily into his room, nor how she had allowed him to place her on his lap in such a vulnerable position, but she couldn’t deny to herself how aroused she was feeling about the situation; or how much more she wanted than to simply have her bottom stroked, or even spanked a little. No, she wanted to be spanked properly until her plump cheeks attained a fiery glow, then bent over Dan’s desk and fucked until she came.

Suddenly, Dan’s hand rose from her buttock, then landed with some force on her rounded flesh. Again, then again, until her right arse cheek felt like it was aglow. Dan then swapped to her left side, several loud slaps permeating the air around them. She could feel Dan’s hardness digging into her side through their clothes and then became aware of an increasing dampness between her legs, the gusset of her slacks already soaked.

Dan had now ceased his spanking, instead stroking her buttocks in a soothing motion. Rosie lay for a few seconds enjoying his now-tender touch before pushing herself up into a standing position and turning to face her seducer.

“Is that all you want to do to me Danny boy?” she asked, as she unfastened the remaining closed buttons of her smock, sliding the opened garment easily from her shoulders to reveal her firm tits with the thick nipples at their crowns striving to burst through the thin material of her bra.

“Don’t you want to suck on these?” Another question to Dan, her breasts springing free from the front-fastening bra, her nipples now rock-hard and pointing directly at Dan’s ecstatic face.

“Oh, yes!” he growled his response, his arms snaking behind her to draw her closer to his body, her groin pushing against his own as his mouth sought for and found the turgid flesh of her thick teats, sucking first the left one, then the right and then both pressed tightly together, by Rosie, deep between his lips.

Rosie moaned aloud in pleasure as Dan feasted on her fulsome breasts, already rushing headlong towards orgasm as she succumbed to a long-held lust for this man. She removed her hands from their place pressing her breasts into Dan’s face and let them fall to her groin where, coincidentally, she could feel a hard thickness pressing against her leaking vulva.

Her fingers found Dan’s belt and deftly slid the end from his buckle then, twisting the button open, she eased the zipper down until it could move no further. She grunted lustfully as Dan thrust his groin forward so that his manhood pushed against her hot cunt, his reversal allowing her hand to dive inside his pants and grasp his thick member for the first time.

“Oohhhhh, Dan, Danny, Dan,” she sighed, “this feels SO good to me right now!” as she released her hold momentarily to allow her to push his lower garments down his thighs as far as she could, his rampant member flicking up against the pressure of his underwear to thump against his belly.

“Oh my,” she uttered, louder this time, “that is a lovely cock you have there young man!”

Dan was slightly taken aback by both the comments and Rosie’s rather assertive behaviour, but was still thoroughly relishing his oral assault on her wonderful breasts. Now he decided to become a little more proactive himself, moving his hands to the waistband of Rosie’s elastic-waisted work trousers and easing them slowly over the fullness of her womanly, sensual hips and down over the tops of her thighs.

Dan then felt Rosie ‘shimmy’ several times, wondering for a few seconds what was going on; then it dawned on him that she was causing her trousers to slip down her legs, and realised shortly afterwards that she was stepping out of the puddled material and was now standing naked in front of him. He felt his cock twitch a little bit more as he realised she had not been wearing any panties, which for some reason he found incredibly arousing even now she was totally naked before him.

Rosie reached forward to unfasten the buttons of Dan’s shirt and push it off his shoulders, then proceeded to pull down his trousers and underwear and, tapping his legs one at a time, to lift his feet from the puddle of material on the floor; it was all she could do to avoid looking at the splendidly hard penis in front of her, far less touch it, but manage she did – until Dan, in his turn, was standing facing her, totally nude, his throbbing cock moving slightly as he breathed and a thin string of pre-cum starting to leak from the tip.

Rosie licked her lips as she gazed expectantly at Dan’s erection then, slowly, sank to her knees in front of him and took his thickness between her hands to guide the slick bulb into her mouth. Dan couldn’t hold in a low moan as her tongue swirled around his cock head, her head slowly moving forward to more fully enclose his swollen member, her fingers delicately playing with his heavy balls in their tightening skin bag.

Looking down, Dan could see Rosie’s buttocks still retained a rather rosy glow to them, which contrasted very sensually against the white skin of the outer aspects of her cheeks. Further up, and nearer to him, her skin turned a lovely pale gold, evidence of her enjoyment of what little sunshine they had been granted in the summer and a wonderful turn-on for Dan; not that any more arousal was needed by that point.

“Rosie,” he gasped as she sucked particularly deeply on his shaft, “It’s time for you to sit on the desk now”.

With that, Dan took Rosie by the arm and eased her mouth away from his sensitive glans, easing her to a standing position where he again drank in the glorious sight of her pale breasts against the tan of the torso, her nipples now dark red cherries sitting atop their creamy mounds. Dan leant forward and planted his lips directly on Rosie’s, kissing her deeply while grasping her pinked buttocks and drawing her close in to his body. She was not quite tall enough for his prick to slide between her thighs; instead, it butted against the slight curve of her belly, the full length pressing against her flesh and leaking his slick juices all over her skin, rock-hard nubs digging in to his abdomen.

Turning them both 180 degrees, Dan placed his hands under Rosie’s armpits and bodily lifted her on to his desk, easing her back so her butt cheeks were just on the flat space while he spread her legs wide until her juicy slit was wide enough that her inner labia protruded in her lust, her clitoris a shiny pearl just visible through the light, downy hair covering her mound.

Dan’s cock twitched again at the provocative sight, but rather than push himself inside her right then, he sank to his knees in front of her and began licking the sensitive skin of Rosie’s inner thighs, his hands resting on her knees to keep her legs spread wide in front of him. Rosie was leant back on the desk with her elbows by her side, her hands able to grasp tightly on to her tits and tweak the nipples fiercely as Dan plunged his tongue deep inside her hot cunt, then harder still when he let his mouth drop lower and his tongue probed the dark pucker now on display between her dusky pink buttocks.

Rosie was in heaven now; it had been many years since anyone had even wanted to touch her rear orifice at all — certainly her husband never had — and she loved the dirty, forbidden nature of it. No matter that this whole experience was, strictly speaking, forbidden, the fact that Dan wanted to fully explore her entire body was a long-unknown phenomenon for her which she was determined to enjoy. Dan moved his hands from Rosie’s knees and placed them so that his thumbs were close to her rosebud, with his fingers splayed over her upper thighs, spreading her sex open to allow his mouth and tongue complete access to her most intimate places. His tongue probed the hidden depths of Rosie’s anus as far as he was able, feeling the tight ring of muscle loosen noticeably from his efforts, while juices oozed in a continual steam from her swollen, gaping pussy, the musky aroma of her arousal flooding Dan’s nostrils.

After a few minutes of this, Dan gave in to the compulsion to lick and suck Rosie’s wonderfully enticing cunt, lifting his head the few inches needed to fully encompass her mound, slit and clitoris with his mouth. Opening his mouth wide, top lip mashed against Rosie’s love button, Dan thrust his tongue deep inside her slick hole, striving to suck on her labia at the same time and, mostly, succeeding. He swallowed hard time after time as the amount of hot wetness seeping from Rosie’s pussy seemed to double almost instantaneously, the sweet tang almost causing him to cum all over the floor so erotic did she taste to him.

With one last, long lick from anus to clit, almost bringing Rosie to her second climax of the morning, Dan rose to his feet while letting his hands slip from her buttocks to slide the length of her slim legs until he was firmly grasping her ankles in his strong hands, once again spreading her limbs wide apart. He leant forward at the hip, guiding his twitching manhood towards Rosie’s gaping orifices and continuing to push forward, slowly, gently, as his cock slipped between her thick labia and inside the waiting hole.

Finally he was buried all the way inside her, his thickness causing her to gasp a little until she became used to it and revelling in the feel of his heavy balls squashing against her abused buttocks. She moaned some more as he withdrew equally slowly, and she watched his rapt features as he enjoyed the sight of her tight cunt lips holding on to his cock as it slipped out of her, until it paused, finally, with just the wide head remaining inside her hot tunnel.

His insertion this time was swifter, harder, reaching her core in half the time and causing the flesh of her relinquished breasts to jiggle provocatively as his pubic mound bumped against hers, her hands now clamped tightly round the edge of the desk to prevent her being forced backwards with the increasing force of his thrusts. Again, again he pounded into her, now moving smoothly inside Rosie’s flooding pussy, her copious juices making his powerful movements feel SO good, his pelvis bumping against her increasingly sensitive clit and bringing forth more and more liquid from her depths.

Then his hold on her changed; on one of his out strokes, Dan pushed Rosie’s legs together and placed them side-by-side on his right shoulder, allowing himself no pause before pushing back inside her now clamped pussy. Rosie gasped loudly as she felt the increased friction and perceived greater penetration in her cunt, and this time she did cum, her thighs clamping tighter together as her legs tried to straighten themselves against the force of the orgasm ripping through her. Dan leaned forwards just enough to reach her heaving tits, grasping the small mounds in his hands and pinching the rigid nipples between his thumbs and forefingers, Rosie’s head now thrashing from side to side as she continued to flood Dan, herself, the desk with her copious streams of ejaculate.

Dan paused briefly to allow Rosie to come down a little from her orgasmic plateau, then resumed his previous strong thrusts into her now over-heated pussy. Within seconds Rosie came again, but this time she could also feel Dan’s almost metronomic movements falter as his own climax approached — and rapidly at that. He buried his thickness as deep inside Rosie as he could, his balls squashed painfully against her taut buttocks as he surrendered to the rising explosion in his groin.

Rosie almost fainted in her delight at the feel of Dan’s hot cum painting the inner walls of her cunt, his pubic bone grinding hard against her inflamed clitoris to bring her near orgasm yet again. Dan’s hips moved slightly in his climactic frenzy, a full half-dozen spurts of his thick cream flooding into Rosie’s sex-starved pussy. Finally his movements halted, his spent member starting to soften slightly, denying Rosie her final impending orgasm. Despite the fantastic time she had already enjoyed, she felt cheated somehow all the same; little did she know Dan wasn’t finished with her quite yet!

Standing tall to his full height, Dan lifted Rosie’s legs from his shoulder and slid his hands down to the back of her knees to spread her legs wide open once again. Rosie suddenly felt more naked than simply having no clothes on, her most intimate area still gaping wet and beginning to leak her lovers’ thick cream, wide open to his lascivious gaze. And his mouth!

Rosie uttered a squeal of mixed shock and delight as Dan sank to his knees between her spread thighs, his mouth descending swiftly to her reddened cunt, the several droplets of his cum adhering to the fine down of her pussy hair glistening in the early morning sunlight which was now streaming through the windows.

Dan did not hesitate to finish the short journey to the sweet junction of Rosie’s thighs, his mouth covering her pudenda and his tongue delving deeply inside her swollen labia.

And he licked her, deeply and long, his tongue probing her pussy to gather up the deposits he had just left inside.

And he sucked her, ensuring he had got all of the thick cream he had deposited that it was possible to get, Rosie by now racing towards her missing climax as she revelled in this man delighting in eating his very own cream-pie, something she had never experienced before and which was driving her almost insane with lust. When he removed his hands and let one reach for her stretched. flattened left breast and it’s still rock-hard nipple, picking the nub fiercely between his fingers, while the other slipped under her still spread buttocks to probe her dark rosebud with his finger, she snapped her legs highly together round Dan’s head as her body exploded in climax, sweet juices squirting out of her sex straight into Dan’s mouth where he swallowed the mixture of his and her juices as quickly as she could provide it.

Finally, as her orgasm slowly subsided, Rosie gradually became aware of the pulsating warmth in her pussy and soft pain in both her round, firm buttocks and her thick, erect nipples, where Dan had respectively spanked her and pinched her nipples to add to her orgasmic experience. Her legs slowly parted to allow Dan to stand, rather shakily, between them again, his penis still at half-mast as he leant over to kiss her one last time.

Both Rosie had Dan had remained almost silent throughout their tryst, though both moaned in pleasure as their lips met in tender embrace and Rosie moaned louder as she tasted their mingled juices for the first time

“Dan,” she began, “that was fantastic. YOU were fantastic. I haven’t cum as much as that, well, ever really.”

“Rosie, lovely lady – you inspired me. SO sexy, SO naughty; how could I not do my absolute best to make you satisfied?”

“Dan . . . ,” Rosie murmured now, “can we do this again?” Coy now, yet still enjoying flaunting her body in front of him.

“Oh, I certainly hope so!” he answered, “and in a more comfortable place next time too.”

“That would be lovely Dan” Rosie’s voice dropped again as she asked,

“Will you do that to my ass next time?”

“Of course I will sweetie” Dan couldn’t believe his luck at her request, “it would absolutely be my pleasure!” He kissed her softly one last time before he reluctantly raised his body from hers, taking in the satisfied smile on the face of the sexy older woman who he now knew he wanted again and again, and who he now knew wanted him.

It was going to be a long few days before they could get together again, but he already was starting to make plans for their next, more comfortable encounter.


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