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Not Too Late Epilogue

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Hi everyone this is a little filler between Not To Late and its sequel that I’m working on. Many thanks to my wonderful editor for her help with this. Please leave comments as the help me improve my writing and enjoy.


“Aww, Miles. Come to bed already! I want to give you an early birthday present,” Ryan moaned from the sofa. It was ten thirty at night and Miles was still typing away on his art report.

“Just let me finish this last paragraph and then I’m done.”

It was the first of November and the winter snow had already started to fall. The boys had moved into a new home together down the road from their college, only a half hour drive from Miles’s family.

The small house was a gift from Ryan’s mother. Both boys had at first refused to accept it, saying she would need the money to fight her ex-husband’s lawyers. But the dust had settled now, finally, and when she told them she had been awarded nearly everything his father owned in the divorce—including the business—she had practically left the twisted hateful man penniless. At that news, the boys had no choice but to take it.

Their new home was a little two bedroom house and both bedrooms had en-suite bathrooms. The master bedroom had a stylish, new jacuzzi, double shower and toilet installed, whereas the guest room had just the usual shower but was still quite fancy. Downstairs had been converted into a beautiful open-plan space that stepped down from the living room into a small dining area and kitchen. As with Miles’s old home, the walls were covered in his artwork.

“Miles!” Ryan said firmly.

Miles responded to the dominant tone and looked up. His lover was leaning up against the stairs with a set of rope cuffs swinging from his index finger. Seeing the rope, Miles bit his lip. He knew exactly what it meant: Ryan was in a mood. Rope was something Ryan refused to use on him too often as it tended to leave red rings on his delicate skin.

While Miles looking back and forth between him and his laptop was comical to Ryan, his submissive lover still wasn’t jumping up to follow him to bed. So, he decided a little bluff calling was in order. “Ok then, night,” Ryan said, smiling evilly as he turned up the stairs.

“No! Wait! Ahh shit fuck!” Miles shouted as he leapt out of his seat, tripping over the table in the process.

Stifling his glee, Ryan ran up the stairs, hid behind their bedroom door and waited. The echo of Miles’s feet hitting the stairs, trying to move faster, made the bigger man’s grin even wider. He had to smother laughter when Miles ran into the room and stopped dead in his tracks, staring dumbstruck at their room.

The bedside tables each had two scented candles that filled the room with the smell of lavender and their usual white linen had been replaced with dark purple satin sheets covered in snow white and deep red petals. Miles frantically spun around looking for Ryan, not immediately seeing his boyfriend.

Seizing his chance, Ryan grabbed him from behind and flung him onto the bed. His waifish lover squeaked in surprise as he landed and bounced back into the air in a cloud of petals. Ryan was on him before he was even aware of what happened and within seconds, Miles’s wrists were loosely lashed to the bars of the headboard with carefully bound rope, his ankles tethered soon after.

“Wha–” the raven-haired boy began before Ryan silenced him with a finger to the lips. The bigger man climbed between Miles’s spread legs and dipped down to his lover’s ear.

“No talking or else,” Ryan whispered huskily. With a nod of the head, the finger was removed. Ryan’s tongue darted out skimming the lobe of Miles’s ear, making the smaller man gasp. Thrilled by his lover’s responsiveness, Ryan did it again but this time, the lick lingered and traced the rim of the ear. Drawing the sensitive lobe between his lips, Ryan gently sucked and nibbled, earning him a sexy hybrid of a groan and a giggle.

Reluctantly releasing his suck-and-chew toy, Ryan followed the almost feminine curve of Miles’s jawline as he moved to the other ear, wetting his skin with little licks and kisses on the way. He gave the other ear the same treatment and then dropped to the hollow of his lover’s pale neck, drawing the flesh into his mouth. Miles bucked bebeath him and again, Ryan marveled at how he never grew bored with tiniest details of their sex life.

“Oh god, please…” Miles begged, waiting for more. To his intense dismay, Ryan stopped. “Ahhfuck, no! God, come back…”

With an infuriating smirk on his sexy lips, Ryan moved his big, muscular boy ever so slowly between Miles’s legs, locking dark, dilated eyes with his tiny lover. Miles didn’t know whether to be afraid or aroused. Ryan’s eyes twinkled mischievously and he rocked a wolfish grin that could frighten the devil himself.

Maintaining eye contact, Ryan reached for Miles’s shirt, fingers worked between the buttons. Muscles flexing like a body building dream, he yanked the fabric apart.

“Oh fuck,” Miles gasped, little black buttons pinging in every direction. In another display of dominance, Ryan tore the rest of the shirt away, fingering the rags thoughtfully. “Hey! I liked that shirt!”

“No talking!” Ryan growled.

If Miles had been paying less attention to the shirt and more to his boyfriend, he might’ve picked up on the dangerous glint in Ryan’s eyes and the deliberate manner in which he handled the remains of Miles’s shirt. That shirt should’ve been well and truly tossed from their universe and long gone by now. Oh shit, Miles thought to himself, only just now sensing the mood of his lover.

“I think you have a little too much freedom right now,” Ryan said looking at his work. Miles’s creamy chest was on display and his two pink little nipples were the only thing breaking the flawless skin.

Taking the tattered remains of the shirt, Ryan slipped the material down to his wrists, deftly tied the shreds to the head board to the point Miles could hardly move, before leaning in to a passionate kiss. His nimble tongue darted across ruby red lips, demanding entry.

Keeping his lover occupied with the kiss, Ryan reached to open a draw on the bedside table, retrieving the container he placed in there while setting up. Ryan was pretty proud of himself this time. He loved thinking of ways to seduce Miles and tonight was going to be really…hot. So hot, in fact, that Ryan had been thinking about it all day and his arousal had been on a low boil all afternoon.

The contents of the container, however, were anything but hot. With his tongue occupied, Ryan was fumbling blind and as he reached in, the ice was cold to touch and had already started to melt.

Miles had know idea what Ryan was doing until the frozen cube made contact with his side. Miles broke the kiss with a shriek as he arched his body away from the ice.

“What the fuck was that?” Miles bitched, his breath stolen first from the kiss and then from the shock of the ice.

“What this?” Ryan grinned evilly as he held the piece of ice between his fingers. Miles hissed as Ryan touched the ice to his warm skin again. Unable to move away, his sadistic boyfriend ran the little piece of ice from the centre of his chest to each highly sensitive nipple, causing them to rise into little peaks.

“Ah god! Motherfuck…” Miles cried, squirming for every torturous moment of sensation. He couldn’t decide whether he wanted the ice to melt faster or slower. But melt it did.

“Awww. All gone,” Ryan pouted in a child like voice as he sat the diminished chip of ice that hadn’t melted in Miles’s belly button. “Now for the next course,” Ryan said with as quick kiss. Grabbing the top of Miles’s pants, he pulled them apart, tearing them like his shirt. Ryan had been planing this for days and he had purposefully weakened the fabric and made sure Miles had worn them at just the right time.

Virtually naked and bound in rags, Miles’s cock was now trapped only by a small pair of boxer briefs, the head of his dick glistening peaked out from under the waist band.

“Looks like someone wants to come out and play,” Ryan teased as he ran the tips of his fingers across his boyfriend’s arousal, feeling a satisfied thrill as it jerked. Ryan felt for the cut in the elastic he had made and pulled across it, likewise tearing the underwear along the stitching before throwing them out of the way.

“Much better,” Ryan said with a grin, gazing lustfully at his bound, naked and panting boyfriend. With a gentle touch he ran a finger across Miles’s dick, down his tight sac, stopping at his twitching entrance.

“Oh god, you’re gonna pay for ruining my wardrobe, lover,” Miles growled, but the threat seemed empty in the position he was in and it wasn’t like he cared much at that moment anyway.

“No talking,” Ryan growled, repeating his command again and renewing his amorous assault with vigour since Miles was still seemed capable of speech.

That’s more like it, he thought to himself, hearing his lover moan as probed the pulsing entrance with a finger slick from his own precome.

Oh jesus, that’s hot, Miles thought, watching Ryan collect more dewy drops from his own leaking cock. God, he’s so hot…wanna fuck my man so bad…

Adding a bit more lube, Ryan pushed two of his fingers into his bound boyfriend. He got off hard on watching Miles totally under the power of their combined lust. Dominating his smaller lover was like Viagra, it revved him up and got him so hard he could hammer nails. Fuck…I can do anything I want to him…ram my dick so far up his sweet hole…fuck the come right out of him…

Miles panted and cried as relentless fingers scissored and twisted inside him, damn well kneading the hidden spot that drove him up the wall. His dick was pointing up from his belly, a constant trickle of precome dripping from it.

His boy’s body was shaking with pleasure when Ryan decided to finally give what they both really wanted, what Ryan now fucking needed with ache so sharp it stole his breath. Need it…so horny…can’t control it… Quickly he stripped off his clothes and liberally covered his hard cock in lube. Without missing a beat, Ryan placed the head of his hard, angry cock at Miles’s entrance and pushed.

Miles breathed deeply as his defences protested the invasion and his guardian muscles rippled around Ryan’s erection. He needed the adjustment stillness just as much as Miles did so he wouldn’t explode the moment he bottomed out. The initial breach always set Ryan’s cock to throbbing and shoved him right to the edge. Miles gasped, obviously feeling the pulse of his hard-on and Ryan could feel the hot channel twitching around his cock as he slid further in.

Ryan’s thrusts were fast and shallow as he slid in to Miles’s body. It wasn’t long before Ryan set a hard pace, hitting his boyfriend’s spot on every jab. The room was full of the sounds of sweat-soaked bodies making contact and Miles’s passionate screams. Smoke from the dancing candles and the musky smell of sex swirled around the two lovers.

Ryan knew his tiny partner was getting close, his face contorted in bliss, eyes screwed shut and mouth wide in a silent scream, and Ryan could feel the body underneath him tighten.

Not long after, Miles arched, his breathing stopped and his channel clenched around Ryan’s cock as he came. Hot, white come splashed across his body as the orgasm took hold with a fierceness that shattered his world. Ryan was such an incredible top. It was always this good and every time Miles came in the arms of his big, strong lover, he felt like he’d won the lottery.

Watching, feeling Miles coming from his touch was Ryan’s undoing. With a roar, he plunged his pulsing cock into that hot, grasping hole and filled it with his come. Over and over he slammed his seed deep with erratic thrusts and collapsed on the bed beside Miles, careful not to lie on his restrained arms.

Miles felt his heart fluttering as he came down from the pleasurable heaven Ryan had taken him to. Lazily, his smoking-hot boyfriend reached over and pulled a cord of rope, undoing the knots around his wrists and ankles.

Ryan held the pale boy as he snuggled into his warm chest. He knew the smaller boy was asleep from the soft, even breaths against his chest.

Over their short time together, Ryan had learned that after sex, Miles could be as energetic as a rampant rabbit or worn out as easily as a new born puppy.

Gently sliding out of the bed, Ryan dressed silently in harsh weather clothing and exited their home, leaving behind a sleeping Miles alone in their bed.


The early morning sun woke Miles from his sleep. The thin shaft of light speared through the gap in the curtains and danced across his eyes.

“Morning,” Ryan said with a yawn from the doorway, holding a tray full of food.

“Morning. Did it snow much last night?” Miles asked excitedly, stretching his limber body.

“Why don’t you have a look?” Ryan mumbled as he placed the tray on the bed side table, keenly avoiding eye contact.

The suspicious behaviour of his lover went right past Miles as he hopped out from under the warm covers and almost danced over to the window. He pulled the curtains apart and took a sharp breath as he saw the ground outside. The normally snow-white ground was marked with patterns of frozen green grass and in his still-sleepy state, it took him a few seconds to make sense of what he saw.

Carved into the snow were the words ‘Miles My Love, Will You Marry Me?’

He was shocked, utterly floored, and for at least a minute, he couldn’t move.

Spinning around, he found Ryan naked and down on one knee, a little velvet box sitting in his hands with a silver ring inside. Miles’s eyes filled with tears. Leaping into action, he rushed toward Ryan and tackled him to the ground.

“Ohmigodohmigodohmigod… Yes!” was his muffled reply.

Having just then suffered through the longest, most agonising moment of his life, Ryan pulled his new fiancé up and crushed their lips together in relief, rolling on the floor kissing. Hearing the word ‘yes’ to his proposal had given him an instant hard-on and as he licked passionately inside Miles’s mouth, he ground his cock against his boy’s rapidly growing erection.

By the time they stopped, they were both panting from lack of air and on the verge of jumping back into bed for more sex.

Looking deep into Ryan’s eyes, Miles smiled. “This is the happiest birthday ever,” he said, giving Ryan another kiss.


One Year Later

“Oh god where is he,” a nervous Ryan asked Clare who just shrugged.

“He’ll be here soon. Hayley probably got hold of him and complained about his hair or something. Black really suits you by the way.” Clare rubbed Ryan’s arm, trying to comfort and distract him.

“Thanks,” Ryan said, giving her a genuine smile and for the first time since they arrived over an hour ago, not thinking about where his blushing bride was. Miles and his party were running fifteen minutes late and Ryan was going into melt down. To make things worse, the guests were getting fidgety.

Ryan and Clare stood under an old oak gazebo wrapped in white and red roses. The weather was perfect and the early-autumn sun was just setting behind the red- and gold-leaved trees around the clearing, casting a firery hue over the wedding. It was breathtaking, surreal, and Ryan couldn’t have asked for a more perfect setting. If only Miles would get his sexy ass there soon. Fantasies of the wedding night stirred Ryan’s body and part of him wanted to rush through the ceremony and reception so he could get his new husband all alone.

“Ryan?” Clare’s voice intruded. “You’re, um, giving the guests a sneak preview of your honeymoon.”

“Huh?” He looked at his friend in confusion.

“I know you’re well-hung and all, but do you need to show the entire wedding you’re packing some serious wood?”

Ryan looked down in horror. Sure enough, thinking of Miles tied stark-naked and spread-eagled to a table had given him an erection that was very noticeable.

“Oh fuck!” he gasped, blushing like mad and covering the bulge with his hands. Fortunately, Miles had overdone it with the flowers and Ryan’s lower half was hidden from the crowd.

Clare snickered at Ryan’s humiliation. “It’s really tacky to bring a concealed weapon to a wedding, but in this instance, I think you can be forgiven. After all, Miles does look really hot…”

Ryan looked across the clearing and sure enough, Miles and his party had arrived. Ryan sighed with relief and the music started. Instead of the traditional Wedding March, ‘Miles had chosen ‘Across The Stars’ by John Williams. It was a little unorthodox but Miles said the music symbolised how he felt when Ryan looked at him and that was all it took to convince the other man.

The music reached a peak and Miles was led into the garden on his foster father’s arm.

In the year leading up to the wedding, Carl had been as much of a father to Ryan as he had been to Miles, taking him in after Ryan’s own family had failed him so spectacularly and then fallen apart. Ryan was still filled with rage that his twin brother and father had done what they did, both to Ryan and Miles and the gay community at large. He didn’t know if he could ever forgive them. Now was hardly the time. Ryan got his first glimpse of his husband-to-be and everything else just fell away. He was stunned at the vision walking toward him.

The reds and golds of the fading light danced across Miles’s white suit as he approached. His amethyst eyes sparkled in the light as he walked down the isle, taking the last few steps up to Ryan and Clare. Carl took his seat at the front and Hayley took her position next to Miles.

Neither Miles or Ryan heard what was said as the gazed into each others eyes and yet somehow, they managed to say the words they needed. The final “You may kiss” was a relief to both of them and they finally shared their first official kiss as a married couple, their first night together.

“What took you so long? I was going crazy,” Ryan whispered into his husband’s ear quietly while the crowed beside the cheered as the walked towards the ancient hotel doors.

“Hayley complained about my underwear,” Miles whispered back.

“Why?” Ryan asked back curiously.

“Cos their leather,” his small husband said back with a cheeky grin. “Ready to eat?” he asked.

“Only if your desert.” Ryan said pulling his husband into another kiss.


25 Years Later

“Can I see you ID please, sir?” the young girl on the till asked when she scanned the bottle of wine through the machine.

Miles sighed as he pulled out his drivers license. “Here,” he said, handing it to the girl.

The young girl looked at the plastic card and back to him. “I’m sorry, sir, but I can’t accept this. Do you really expect me to believe that you’re 45?” she said snottily handing him the license back.

“Can you call the manager, please?” Miles asked, slightly annoyed with her. This happened every time the little shop took on new staff and no one ever believed he was as old as he was.

“Manager to checkout three please, assistant manager to checkout three,” the girl said, her nasally voice filling the shop.

Another young girl with red hair walked up to the desk and sighed. “What’s the problem, Kathy?” she asked wearily, obviously annoyed with the girl.

“Him,” she said pointing at Miles who just smiled at the red head.

“Hello, Sophie,” greeted the young manager who practically jumped him when he spoke.

“Uncle Miles!” Sophie cried hugging her uncle. Finally letting go, she returned to her professional self. “What’s the problem here, sir?”

Miles smiled at the switch in his niece. “ID again,” he said with a shrug.

“Serves you right for looking so good. Must have been something you and Momma Hayley were exposed to when you were little,” she laughed. “It’s okay, Kathy. Go take a break and I’ll deal with this.” Kathy just shrugged and walked way while Sophie sorted out the purchase. “Anything else?” she asked her uncle with a smile.

“No thanks. I’d better get over to Ryan before he eats all the food. Oh, how’re things at home now?” Miles asked while he picked up the shopping.

“The folks are fine. I told them everything and then I was given ‘the talk’,” she said while pulling a face and making quotations with her fingers.

“Ha, serves you right! Anyway, I’ve really got to go, darling. See you soon,” Miles laughed and waved good bye. He was nearly at the car where Ryan sat when he heard Sophie calling his name. Turning around, he saw the young girl running over to him as fast as she could before she skidded to a stop. “Miss me already?” Miles grinned.

“Always, Uncle Miles, but I forgot to ask something important,” she said with a smile between breaths. “Is it me or have you noticed something odd about Seth?”

“What do you expect? He’s a cross between your mom and me,” Miles said jokingly.

He, Ryan, Hayley and Clare had decided they all wanted children and were finding it hard to adopt so they made a pact. Ryan and Hayley were Sophie’s genetic parents while Miles and Clare were Seth’s. Sophie had taken a lot of her looks form Hayley’s genes and Seth was obviously Miles’s son.

“No, I mean acting really weird. He won’t let anyone come near him or touch him.”

“No, if anything he’s been more touchy toward us, stealing a hug whenever he can, like we’re going to disappear or something,” Miles said. He had thought the behaviour odd but with Sophie’s testimony, he was starting to feel downright worried about his son.

“Maybe it’s just me. Will you keep an eye on him though?” she asked with obvious concern in her voice.

“Sure, Sophie. Now go back to work; Ryan and I will watch him,” he reassured.

Sophie smiled and ran back to the shop leaving Miles shacking his head and continued back to his husband. Ryan leaned over the passenger seat and pushed the door open to let Miles in. “Thank you dear,” Miles said in a loving tone, stealing a quick kiss from Ryan.

“Was that Sophie?” Ryan asked nodding towards the shop while he started the car.

“Yeah it was, she was concerned about Seth. Have you noticed anything different about him?” Miles asked.

“Not really. I haven’t saw him with Kyle as much but I put it down to exams.” Ryan shrugged without taking his eyes off of the road.

Kyle was one of Seth’s few friends. Their son had been a victim of extreme bullying when he was younger, mostly about having two fathers, but it didn’t seem to have affected the relationship between the three of them. However, he often felt isolated and he was painfully shy. When Seth became friends with Kyle at the age of 14, both his parents were relieved.

Miles and Ryan suspected more than just a standard friendship between the two boys, such was the closeness they shared. Although, when they asked him about it, he said they were just good mates. Not long after that conversation, Seth had started dating. now at the age of 18, Seth had only being on a handful of dates and a girl called Katie was his only girlfriend: that ended after two months.

The car pulled onto the gravel drive of their cosy three bedroom house. They had moved here just before Seth’s tenth birthday as they found their first home to be a little cramped with a child.

Ryan took all of the shopping out of the car while Miles went to open the stiff front door. They recently installed new carpets in the living room where the door opened and the extra friction made the door a little difficult to open. It took Miles two good pushes before the door opened and when finally he entered, Miles was shocked at what he saw.

Seth tripped over the table trying to turn the television off. The large screen was running a film of two young-looking twinks having sex.

When Ryan got to the door, he found his husband frozen on the spot, staring at Seth who was so white it looked like all the blood had been drained from his body. It took a few seconds before the motion on the screen caught his attention and understanding washed over him.

“Oh Seth…” was all Ryan said. The young boy looked at him, tears welling up in his wide eyes.

Miles finally snapped out of his shock and ran over to their son, hugging him so tight it forced what little breath Seth had out of his lungs as Miles pulled him onto the large black sofa.

Even though Miles was still quite small, Seth was just over five foot, fitting snugly in his father’s arms while small sobs shook his body.

While Miles and Seth shared their much needed embrace, Ryan turned off the film and went to dish the food up before it got cold. When he came back into the room, he served his family and then sat on the other end of the sofa, with Seth sitting between Miles and himself. Shocked by the incident, the three ate in silence.

“We need to talk,” said Miles after they finished eating, collecting their plates and stacking them on the small coffee table in front of the sofa.

Seth nodded and quietly said, “Okay.”

“How long have you been into boys?” Miles asked, pulling Seth into his side for comfort while Ryan edged closer to them.

“Always have been, never liked girls really. Katie was just a good actor,” Seth mumbled.

“Why didn’t you tell us? Why did you feel like you had to pretend to be someone else?” Ryan asked.

“Cos I wasn’t sure about it. And then Aunty Clare and Aunty Hayley blew up at Sophie ‘cos they found out that she was a lesbian and I was afraid after that.” he said while toying with the bottom of his t-shirt as.

“I could kill that girl sometimes,” Miles said, obviously annoyed as he pinched the bridge of his nose. “Seth, look at me.” Miles paused to waiting for Seth to look at him before he continued. “Clare and Hayley ‘blew up’ about Sophie because she broke your grandmother’s $3000 antique table while having sex on it, not because she was having sex with a girl.” Ryan looked away and tried to stifle his laughter at Sophie’s tragic-yet-comical coming out, whereas Seth’s eyes went wide as he took in the information.

“So, are we ok?” Ryan asked, giving Seth a comforting little nudge bringing him back.

“Yeah.” Seth smiled weakly.

“Good. Now, we can grill you about the porn.” Ryan grinned evilly as Seth groaned.

“Listen, we don’t mind you watching it; even if we tell you not to, you’ll do it anyway, so we might as well just let you use it,” Miles said.

“You should watch it in your room though and lock the door or otherwise someone might catch you in a…compromising position,” Ryan chipped.

Seth’s cheeks turned a rosy pink and Miles had to laugh as he pulled Seth into another hug.

“Right then. Let’s get this place cleaned up,” Miles said, clapping his hands, he jumped out of the chair as if nothing had happened at all.

“I think I’m gonna hit the bed,” Seth yawned, the events of the evening taking their toll on his system.

“Sure, go get some sleep,” his father said with a sympathetic smile.

After saying a quick goodnight, he went to bed.


Miles quietly opened the door to Seth’s room to check on the sleeping boy. Watching Seth hold a pillow to his chest took Miles back to when he was 18 and he slept in a fortress of pillows. That was before Ryan came along. Miles quietly crept into the room and pulled the covers over Seth’s body.

“Mmm, Kyle…” Seth groaned in his sleep.

“I know,” Miles whispered, understanding what his son felt completely. “Night son,” he said kissing the top of his sons head and left the room, leaving him to whatever dream he was enjoying.

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