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It really wasn’t my plan to go to the family reunion, let alone having to sleep over at my aunt and uncle’s house. I guess that I can’t blame Mom and Dad for making me come along, especially after coming home drunk and obnoxious last weekend. They’re still pissed off about that. I’m certainly old enough to stay home alone though, but they say they can’t trust me right now. Nineteen years old and forced to tag along with my parents to a lame, out of town family reunion… How humiliating!

My name’s Sam. I know. It’s kind of a boyish name, but it’s what everyone calls me. I was named Audrey Samantha, so you might understand why I prefer Sam.

For some reason, whoever had planned the reunion made it happen on the same weekend as a huge farm machinery convention. Dad didn’t think to reserve a room early enough and every hotel within 50 miles was already booked. My aunt was ‘kind’ enough to offer for us to stay at their house. This worked out well for Mom and Dad, because my aunt and uncle had a guest room. It worked out well for my little brother, because he could take one of my younger boy cousin’s bunk beds. I, on the other hand, had to bunk in with my cousin, Sherri.

Sherri and I were good friends as children, but as we got older (and she became gorgeous) we grew apart. I was envious of her long, straight blond hair and thin figure. She was a year older than I and she always had a group of friends around and always had a boyfriend since 7th grade. My curly brown hair and short, stockier figure never had the appeal in the eyes of others that hers did. She was a hottie – wealthy and privileged, popular and attractive… such was not the case for me.

Sherri was home for the summer from her junior year in college. As we pulled into my aunt and uncle’s driveway, I saw her red Mustang in the driveway, freshly washed and waxed. Another car with out of state plates was in the driveway as well. I wondered whose car it might be. I suspected that it belonged to yet another of Sherri’s long line of handsome, wealthy and intelligent boyfriends brought in the ‘meet the family’.

We piled out of Mom’s van and walked up the walk to the front door together. She door flew open and out came Aunt Beth; arms wide open hugging and cooing over our family. I guess that it had been more than a year since I had last seen her and she gave me a big hug and remarked that I was all grown up in the way that relatives do that embarrass the hell out of we young adults.

Aunt Beth rushed us into the house and she and my mom began to catch up, leaving Dad, my brother and I to sit and listen. After a few minutes, Dad excused himself and drafted my brother to help him bring in our bags. I’ve never seen my brother move so quickly to help in my life.

Once Dad and my brother had carried in our bags, Aunt Beth showed us to our rooms. Mom and Dad to the guest room, my brother to the cousin’s room and she escorted me to Sherri’s room. Sherri had a large room that was in the attic space over the garage. It was pink white and had lace curtains and a queen size canopy bed. A loveseat at one end was covered with stuffed animals and the walls had pictures of Sherri in her flag corps uniforms and pom poms. She even had her own bathroom! Her room was as high school girly as any I had ever seen. On the floor on either side of Sherri’s bed were two of those inflatable airbeds, complete with pink sheets and a quilt. Aunt Beth told me that I’d be sleeping on one of the air mattresses and that Sherri’s roommate from school was in town; and that she’d use the other mattress. The mystery of the out of state car- solved.

I asked Aunt Beth where the girls were. She told me that they had gone to the amusement park and that they’d be home a little later in the evening. They were going to take me as well, but they didn’t know when I’d arrive, so they left.

“They’re out with some friends, dear. They’ll be home in a while.” Aunt Beth soothed. “You can come down and talk to us or relax in here if you’d like. We’ll have dinner in an hour or so. Until then, make yourself at home.”

I was at once bored and decided that I’d see what was on TV. I flipped out my cell phone and called my friend Bobby. Bobby was a friend from high school and he understood me. I would love to call him… no, that should be… make him my boyfriend, but that just hasn’t happened. We are strictly platonic.

Bobby and I talked for a while and then he had to go. His prepaid minutes were almost gone.

Nothing was on TV and I decided I’d go hang with the family. My uncle and boy cousin had since come back from playing golf and my brother now had something to do. The boys were off and running. Dad and my uncle were talking golf and Mom and my aunt were talking kids and relatives in the kitchen… nowhere for me to fit in.

After a while dinner was served and I, all alone, was in for a long evening.

Around eight, Sherri and her friend came back from the amusement park. They were both a little sun burnt and carrying stuffed animals. Sherri’s college roommate, Jen, was also tall, blonde and nearly a clone of Sherri, except for her green eyes. Sherri’s eyes were pale blue. Sherri introduced Jen to my mom, dad and I and we spoke for a few minutes. The girls seemed to take me in right away and asked if I would like to go out dancing with them. I was surprised that they were as eager as they were to include me. I was so bored and ready to get out of my aunt’s house that I accepted right away.

Within a few minutes I was climbing into the rear seat of Sherri’s Mustang and heading down the street, toward a bar in some area of Sherri’s town that was foreign to me. The girls were chattering between themselves over the blaring car stereo.

Once at the bar, we went through the ID check. We all got black X’s on our hand. The dreaded mark of underage…there would be no drinks at the bar tonight. Of course, having two attractive blonde girls with me, we were furnished with beers all night. In the middle of the dance floor, no one was checking IDs.

The girls and I left the bar before the band had played all of their last set. On the drive home, Jen pulled a flask out of her handbag and handed it to me. I took a drink and swallowed hard. I handed the flask back over the seat to Jen. She smiled as I grimaced at the taste.

“What IS that?” I asked after getting my breath back.

“Vodka, 100 proof.” Jen answered, smiling widely.

It seemed as though I was in.

Jen passed the flask to Sherri and then took a drink herself. She turned and handed the flask back to me.

“Kill it, Sam!” She said in a slightly drunken slur.

I tipped the flask up and drank to the bottom. Jen grinned widely as she took the empty bottle back from me.

Sherri drove back into her driveway and the girls opened the doors. Jen slid the seat forward for me and I clambered out. She extended her hand to help me and I’m glad she did because I’m not always the most coordinated person in the world.

It was very late when we arrived home and everyone in the house was asleep. We headed up to Sherri’s room and closed the door. I figured that it was bedtime and rummaged through my bag to find a nightshirt and excused myself to Sherri’s bathroom to change.

When I came out, the girls were also in nightclothes and were sitting on Sherri’s bed. Three paper Dixie bathroom cups sat on the nightstand.

“Nightcap?” Sherri asked.

I nodded and picked up a cup.

“Cheers” I offered, as I drank it with the girls downing theirs at the same time.

Jen and Sherri sat on Sherri’s bed and Jen patted the quilt in a ‘have a seat’ manner and I joined them on the bed. We talked quietly for a while, and then Jen decided that we should have one more. Sherri poured the three glasses once again and passed them around. Together we took the shots and Jen crumpled her cup, threw the wadded vessel across the room and made a perfect basket in Sherri’s trash bin. Sherri crumpled her cup and tossed it across the room, missing by several feet. I tried to hit the basket, but missed as well.

Sherri began to yawn and I took it as a sign that it was probably time to call it an evening and I bid the girl’s goodnight. Jen answered my goodnight and said that it probably was about time to hit the sack. She got up from the bed and walked across the room to turn off the lights. I heard the rustling of bedcovers as I eased into my own airbed and settled in for the night.

Thinking back over the events of the evening I decided that the three of us had, somewhat to my surprise, a really fun time together tonight.

My mattress was on the side of the bed between Sherri’s and a window. After the lights went out and my eyes had adjusted to the darkness, I realized that I could still see around the room fairly well. The light of the moon almost framed my sleeping spot.

Ten minutes or so passed and despite the liquor, I was still wide- awake and staring at the fan as it turned over my head.

I heard the covers stir once again and then things went silent again. I thought I could hear a whisper and I thought that Sherri and Jen might still be awake and talking. Then it was quiet again. Soon, there was more rustling of the bed sheets and I could hear a faint whimpering noise from Sherri’s bed.

I turned my head toward Sherri’s bed. A head lifted from the pillow and looked over at me. It was Sherri. I heard her whisper softly, “I think she’s asleep.” I heard Jen giggle softly. Oh, my god… they were in Sherri’s bed together.

From my position on the floor, I couldn’t see onto Sherri’s bed but I could hear clearly though and I began to hear the unmistakable sound of lips on lips; they were kissing softly. I heard the sheets rustle more and then I could hear a soft sigh. It was Sherri’s voice. I could hear the sound of breathing, not a panicked breathing, but slow, deep breaths; the exhalations were very breathy, almost a sigh at every breath let out.

I realized then that they were making out. These girls were getting it on with me right there in the room. I listened to their every move, every breath, and every muted sigh.

A picture developed in my mind of what they were doing up on the mattress. Jen laying front side down over Sherri, her lips softly kissing Sherri’s neck, and then Jen’s finger’s exploring Sherri’s breasts.

My nipples began to harden and a strangely compelling feeling began to form between my legs. I was getting turned on at the thought of them doing it with me just feet away. I slowly raised a hand to my breast and began to softly stroke my own nipple over my nightshirt.

I tried to sharpen my hearing to tell just what was going on in the bed next to me. The breathing had increased and there was more rustling of cotton sheets. I couldn’t help but look over toward the bed and the noises that I was hearing. Through the dim light of the room I could now see some motion on the bed. Sherri and Jen were definitely in bed together and the sounds certainly were sounds of intimacy. With one side of me shocked beyond words, and the other drawn to what was unfolding in front of me, I was compelled to watch.

I could see the silhouette of one head hovering over the other’s chest. Because of the dim light and their similar looks, I couldn’t tell who was who, but the girl on her back was being pleasured. The covers rustled some more and I could see one foot, facing up sticking just a little bit from under the covers and her legs were spread.

A slightly giggling moan drifted from the bed above me and then a breathy whispered “Yes.”

I longed to get up and see exactly what was going on, but the small amount of sights and sounds that I was receiving were enough to have me pinching my own nipples and rubbing my pussy over my panties. My fingers tracing over the material of the nightshirt were no longer enough and I moved my hand under my shirt and began to fondle my breast.

Unconsciously, I guess- I had begun to make sounds of my own. My breathing increased as I began to build my excitement with my own hands. My motion apparently bared my belly and pushed the sheet and blanket down to my waist. I was caught up in my own excitement now and was not so in tune with what was happening in the bed above me. My fingers slid easily over my now soaking wet pussy and I spread my legs even further to touch myself better.

My fingers slid faster and faster over my slick labia. Within a few minutes, I could begin to feel the start of an orgasm building deep within me.

“Let me do that for you.”

I jumped as I heard Jen’s voice whisper as she began peeling back the sheet from my bed. My eyes flew open wide to see her kneeling on the floor next to me. She was nude and I could easily see her in the envelope of light being cast on me by the window.

“C’mon, let me.” She whispered.

My excited condition and a pretty good buzz ruled my mind.

“Ok.” I whispered.

I shivered as Jen’s fingers first made contact with my arm. Her fingertips slowly and softly traced down to my wrist and she stopped when her fingertips reached the elastic band of my panties.

“Is this ok?” She whispered, leaning down toward my ear.

I felt her breast touch my upper arm as she leaned toward me. At that instant, I couldn’t find a word to say but I nodded yes. Jen understood immediately and her fingertips deftly slid under the waistband of my panties and her fingers slid down over mine. Her hand covered mine exactly.

“I want you to show me how you like to be touched.” She said softly, her fingers pulsed just slightly over mine as to start my fingers in motion.

I started moving my fingers over myself again and Jen’s fingers stayed right on top of mine. She was learning from my lead. Her other hand started to rub over my lower belly. I knew that Jen could feel my wetness as her fingers began to slip off mine. She made contact with my vagina for the first time and my excitement level rose as both of our hands touched my most private parts.

“Take your hand out.” She urged me in the softest voice. “Let me do it for you.”

I began to retract my hand when Jen told me to take off my panties. I raised my fanny and slid the waistband down to where the cheek of my ass meets my leg. Another set of hands took the waistband from me and began sliding my panties over my legs while stripping the sheet off of me. Oh my God! My cousin Sherri was helping Jen.

Sherri moved around to my upper body and started to pull my nightshirt up. She helped me sit up and lifted the nightshirt over my torso and instinctively, I raised my arms to help her remove it from my body. Sherri moved behind my back and she cupped and began to fondle my breasts. Jens fingers flew over my pussy and with all of her attention; I began to feel the delicious waves of orgasm begin to build within me. Within seconds I was out of my head, my body racked by wave after wave of pure pleasure.

Once the pleasure waves had begun to subside, I realized that Sherri’s hand was over my mouth.

“Shhhh,” I heard her urgent whisper, ” or they’ll hear you.”

I guess that I was a little too loud but I had not had a more powerful orgasm in my life. My eyes turned upward to Sherri, still cradling my upper body against hers.

“You ok, Sam?” She whispered.

I nodded, maintaining my look into her eyes.

Sherri held me for a few minutes and Jen moved up toward me and knelt between my spread open legs. She leaned toward me and kissed me on my lips. It was a soft kiss at first, but then her tongue began to flirt with my lips. I opened my mouth just slightly and Jen’s tongue slid in.

Jen’s tongue danced around mine, and her kisses became more and more urgent. Sherri just held me, her arms wrapping around my waist. Jen’s arms wrapped over my shoulder and I could tell that she was caressing Sherri behind me. I spent several minutes sandwiched between the two girls, locked in a kiss with Jen.

Jen broke our kiss and whispered to Sherri. “What should we do with her?”

“I dunno.” Sherri answered. “What do you think we should do with her?”

The girls were talking around me when I was sitting between them. Jen turned then to me. “What do YOU think we should do with you, Sam?” She asked me in a whisper.

“Umm. I- I- guess, I don’t…” I stammered.

“You don’t know or don’t care?” Sherri whispered urgently.

“Know.” I answered softly.

A wide smile covered Jen’s face. “Then I know just the thing. I’ll be right back.”

Jen got to her feet and walked to the other side of the room I could hear her rustling in what I assume was her suitcase. Sherri still held me against her, my back to her and her arms around my waist. “Are you sure you’re OK with this?” She asked me once again. “Yes.” I answered, “I’ve never done anything like this before… But I like it”

Jen returned with what looked like a wide belt. She handed it to Sherri. “Me?” Sherri asked, surprised. Jen nodded, “I want to see you fuck her.”

Sherri shifted her weight and I leaned forward to let her move. I remained seated on the bed as Sherri rose to stand in front of Jen. Sherri fumbled with the belt and stooped over to step into it.

It was a wide belt with straps on the bottom and it looked a little like my brother’s jockstrap from gym class. Sherri had it nearly pulled up when Jen handed her a flesh colored tube. It was a dildo! Sherri slid the dildo through a hole in the front of the belt. She pulled it up the rest of the way and Jen fastened the strap around Sherri’s waist. Sherri turned toward me, now brandishing a large cock.

Jen dropped to her knees and Sherri turned toward her. Sherri took the dildo into her mouth for just a few seconds. She withdrew it and left a bit of her saliva on the tip. Sherri turned toward me, the rubber cock swung from side to side. I lay down onto my back and Sherri stepped between my legs.

Sherri dropped to her knees and then leaned forward toward me, holding the cock and guiding it toward my opening. The dildo was a fairly large one. It wasn’t huge, but it was larger than any real penis I’ve ever seen, but I’ve only seen three of those.

Sherri inched the dildo closer and closer to me, finally touching my vaginal opening. Sherri pushed gently with her hips as the dong began to penetrate me. Between Jen’s sensual kissing and her fingers in my pussy, my juices were flowing and Sherri had no problem sliding the dong into me. My vaginal muscles gave way as Sherri kept pressing it toward the center of my body until I could feel her hips press against mine. I had taken it all, and it was bigger than either of the real ones that have been inside me, but I’ll bet it’s not as big as Bobby’s, I thought.

Her arms now supporting her upper body, Sherri leaned down and gave me a small kiss on my lips. She looked into my eyes and then began to move her hips, moving the dong in and out of me. Thoughts of Bobby disappeared as quickly as they had appeared as my mind came to realize that it was Sherri fucking me and not Bobby.

For several minutes, I fixed my gaze on Sherri. She moved her hips with increasing speed and force as she fucked me, occasionally turning her head toward her bed, where Jen sat watching.

I looked over at Jen. She sat on the edge of the bed with her legs spread, her fingers moving furiously over her pussy; jilling off as she watched her friend fuck me. Jen’s legs began to shake as she rubbed herself. I knew that she was getting ready to get off. I could hear her begin to breathe heavily. She threw her head back and her upper body fell backward onto Sherri’s mattress. Her fingers still moved with frenzy over her girl parts until she drew her legs up toward her chest. I hear a muffled moan and her hand stopped moving.

With my eyes fixed on Jen, I was suddenly snapped back to attention by a drop of moisture hitting my cheek. I turned my head back to Sherri. A droplet of perspiration was clinging to her nose and another was threatening to drip onto me. She had been fucking me for several minutes and broken a sweat doing so. I put my hands on her hips and stopped her. “You could use a rest.” I whispered, “Roll over and let me get on top.”

Sherri removed the fake cock from me and took my place on the airbed. I straddled her hips and moved the erect dildo back to my pussy. It slid right in and I began to rock back and forth on it. Sherri still pushed toward me with her hips, but it was clear that she was worn out. A pair of hands reached over my shoulder and Jen began to fondle my breasts as I fucked Sherri’s dildo. Being on top let me control the dildo a little better and between having my breasts played with and fucking the dong, another powerful orgasm gripped my body once again. I fell forward onto Sherri, enjoying the last waves of pleasure. I felt Jen’s hands running over my back and on to my ass. Jen ran a finger over my lower labia, still stretched around the base of the rubber cock. Her hand encircled the base of the dildo and she moved her hand upward, pushing my pussy up and off of it.

“Ok.” Jen whispered. “Move over…it’s my turn.”

Jen crawled up over Sherri’s body until they were face to face. They whispered between themselves for just a second and then Jen began kissing Sherri deeply. Jen broke the kiss and then looked at me.

“Do you know what I just told her?” Jen asked me.

I shook my head and answered softly, “no.”

“I told her that I wanted to see her go down on you,” Jen whispered. “She told me that she would do it, if it’s what I wanted and if it was ok with you. It is ok with you, isn’t it?”

I wasn’t expecting any of this… let alone having my own cousin’s face in my crotch. I wasn’t sure how to answer.

“I want you to.” Said Jen, with almost an edge of insistence. “Let her… I told her she has to.” Jen paused and glanced back over at Sherri. “She does what I say.”

It took a few seconds for this to sink in. My cousin Sherri did Jen’s bidding. What she said to do and when she said to do it. I didn’t realize it at the time, but Sherri was a sub, a slave, if you will, to Jen.

“I’ll need you to cooperate too, Sam.” Jen said to me softly. I nodded. Without really realizing it, I had just agreed to sub to her as well.

Jen smiled a wry smile. “Good… sit up on Sherri’s bed.” I stood and climbed up on the bed. I realized now how visible I was to the girls when they were up here. The light from the window washed over the airbed that I was to sleep in. It almost looked as though the bed was a stage set in a dark theater. The girl’s bodies glowed in the envelope of light.

Astride Sherri’s hips, Jen reached down and introduced the dildo into her own pussy. She sat upright and began to move up and down on the shaft. Sherri’s hands held Jen’s thighs as he moved up and down on the fake penis, he breasts jiggling a bit as she bounced. “Play with my clit” I heard Jen whisper and Sherri moved on hand over into Jen’s crotch.

Jen changed her position and leaned forward over Sherri, her arms extended down to next to Sherri’s shoulders. Jen increased the speed of moving her hips over the dong, Sherri’s hand still in Jen’s crotch. I suspected that Jen was close to orgasm and I was right. Jen’s thrusting became furious and suddenly her arms and legs began to shake as her orgasm took control. In seconds, Jen had collapsed onto Sherri’s body. Sherri’s arms wrapped over Jen’s back and she lovingly held Jen for a few minutes until slowly, Jen pushed herself off of Sherri.

Jen stood and extended her hand to Sherri. Sherri took her hand and stood as well. Jen reached over and unbuckled the harness from Sherri’s hips. The belt slid away and fell to the floor. “Put it on me.” Jen said. Sherri stooped to pick up the belt and held it for Jen. Jen stepped into the belt and Sherri raised it up her legs and over her thighs, finally stopping when it was snug around her hips. Sherri fastened the belt in place and Jen stood with a full erection. Jen put her hand on Sherri’s head and moved the dildo toward her face. “It needs to be cleaned off.” Without another word, Sherri bent down and took the dildo into her mouth, removing her own essence from it.

Jen pulled her hips away and the dong fell out of Sherri’s mouth. “Ok Babe, bedtime.” Jen told Sherri and she rose to her feet and stepped toward her bed.

I became a little nervous at that point, knowing that now it was my turn. Sherri stood next to the bed and extended her hand toward mine. I took her hand as Jen put an arm around Sherri’s hips.

Without saying anything, I swung my legs onto the bed and sat with my back against the headboard. Sherri crawled onto the bed and positioned herself on her knees at my feet. She looked over at Jen as if for instructions. “Slide down.” Jen told me. I slid on my back, toward Sherri. I kept my legs together and my knees bent as I slid. Once my back was flat on the mattress, Jen reached over and put a hand on either of my knees and began to push them apart. I looked up at Sherri through my parted legs. Her eyes were cast downward into my crotch as Jen continued to open me directly in front of her. Jen slid a hand down my thigh, her open palm caressing the inside of my thigh down to my pubic hair. Jens fingers moved downward and flirted with my labia. She looked up at Sherri. “Sam’s ready for you, Babe, she’s nice and wet.”

Sherri bent at her waist and leaned down into my spread legs. I could feel her breath on my wet lips as she drew ever closer to me. Jen kept her position and watched intently as Sherri’s tongue first touched my pussy. Her tongue moved up and down my labia and I knew that she could now taste me. Sherri’s tongue began to explore every inch of my female parts. My cousin already knew how to please me.

Jen was still positioned next to me and watched as Sherri’s tongue began to wiggle back and forth and up and down my labia. She put a hand on my knee and pushed my knee back toward my chest. My pussy was wide open and Jen’s view of Sherri was clear. “That’s very good, Baby…make her cum.” Jen hissed to Sherri.

The sensations from my own crotch began to drown out what Jen was doing and I entered a world of my own bliss. I could feel yet another orgasm building from the oral attention from Sherri. Suddenly, Sherri stopped. I looked up to see Jen kneeling behind Sherri with Sheri’s ass high in the air. Jen’s hands held Sherri’s hips and it was apparent that Jen had penetrated Sherri with the dildo. Sherri lifted her body up away from mine and was on all fours with Jen thrusting hard at her pussy.

I was too close to orgasm to let it get away and slid my hand into my own crotch and moved my fingers frantically over my aching pussy.

The look on Sherri’s face was one of pure pleasure at the fucking that Jen was giving her. Jen bucked her hips hard and the thrusts shook Sherri’s body. I concentrated on the look on Sherri’s face as I played with myself.

Sherri began to whimper softly, “oh…. ohh…. Ohhhhhh… OHHHH…” Sherri was cumming and I came right along with her. The sound of her getting off sent me into orgasm too. The waves of pleasure radiated out from deep within my womb. The spasms held my body for what seemed to be several minutes.

Once I regained my composure, I looked over and saw Sherri collapsed on the bed, facing me. She had a sweet smile on her face. Over her shoulder was Jen, removing the belt from her waist and letting it fall to the floor. Jen stepped out of the belt and over to the bed, sliding in behind Sherri. Jen reached over Sherri and put the palm of her hand on my belly, rubbing in slow, soft circles. “I am glad you came out to play with us tonight, Sam.” Sherri was still smiling at me. “I am, too.” I answered.

“Do you know that it’s 5:00 in the morning, Sam?” Sherri whispered. I turned to the clock radio on Sherri’s dresser. 4:55 AM. “Maybe we should get a little sleep,” she said. “We have a big reunion to go to tomorrow.”

With that, Jen reached down and brought up the quilt that was crumpled against the footboard of Sherri’s bed, covering us under it. Sherri patted my leg and drifted off to sleep. Jen was on the other side of Sherri, sleeping also. I turned and kissed Sherri very softly on her forehead. I slipped out of Sherri’s bed and back to my own airbed, and in a minute, fell asleep myself.

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