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The Training Sergeant

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I took a cold Coke out of the plastic cooler. It was Friday afternoon in the southwestern desert, and I was alone in the company training area finishing up the paperwork. The younger sergeants had left long ago, heading for cold beer, air conditioning, and the NCO club if not some bar downtown.

I wasn’t exactly past that, not completely ancient, but at 40, I was the oldest sergeant in the training cadre, and I had learned that the older I grew, the harder it was to pick up the pretty girls in bars. The older I grew, the more I had to pay for it–and the more I found it easer to go without it.

Not for the first time, I cursed my bad luck in being posted to this remote western fort. The US Army certainly could pick ’em. The training area and the town itself were a match–Nowhere Land.The area was practically deserted. The town attached to the Army post like moss growing on the underside of a log was a little hardscrabble dump with nothing but poor farmers, saloons, and Dew Drop Inn-type cafes. Life is grimmer the older you get.

Thank God for jacking off. As time went by, I found my trusty hand the only dependable sex-release. Women were like running through a minefield for a handful of M & M’s — if you survived to the other side. The good ol’ right hand. What would I do without it?

As if the post weren’t bad enough, the weather was like Hell. The sun went over every day like a blowtorch. Luckily the Army prescribed “hot-weather, casual” uniform, meaning baseball caps, T-shirts, black Army athletic shorts, and sneakers. It was always broiling outside, but at least we were as comfortable as possible.

I was lonely. I knew it. I couldn’t figure out what to do about it, though. Every weekend student soldiers and those assigned to the post gravitated to the town. Most of the time I just hung around the fort–the library, the theater, or the NCO club.

Sometimes I was assigned to in-processing, filling out paperwork, handing out training materials, or assigning bunks to newcomers. Gradually all young GI’s came to look alike, most of them healthy specimens made hard and muscular from Basic Training but most of them bewildered and scared, still not knowing how the Army worked, still afraid of finding themselves on KP, still over-eager to do whatever the sergeants wanted. Children. I was surrounded by children.

I walked out of the training area brushing the sand away. That afternoon we had conducted a hand-to-hand combat class. After so many years, self-defense was completely natural to me–I had black belts in two differente styles–and teaching it had grown boring. No matter how big, strong, or aggressive, all new soldiers made the same mistakes, and flipping them onto their asses long ago stopped being funny. I crossed the street to the storage shed on the other side, carrying a couple of cushion helmets and groin protectors left behind by the eager departees. After putting the equipment on the shelves, I stood in the shed looking over my clipboard. A movement in the doorway caught my eye.

A soldier casually leaned against the door frame, all youth and tan and Andy Griffith Show innocence. “Sergeant,” he said in a surprisingly deep voice, “what score did I get on the hand-to-hand?” He stepped into the shed.

“What’s your name?”

“Cox. PFC Cox.”

–God, what a name. I remember him. One of my opponents. Very strong kid. Very big.–

He was six-foot-three, I would say, and probably 220 pounds. Not that it did him any good in the hand-to-hand pit. I dumped him on his ass with one hand while holding my clipboard in the other and still addressed the soldiers watching. “Use your opponent’s strength against him,” I told them, “and you will HMMPH! — I dumped the guy — keep the offensive.”

–Oh, wait a minute! This is the guy with the balls!–

I had put it out of my mind, but suddenly I remembered: in the self-defense pit he wasn’t wearing any underwear. When I tossed him onto the sand, I saw his cock and balls through the legs of his shorts. It wasn’t anything important. I’m straight. I thought, “Dumb shit, he knows he’s supposed to wear a jockstrap to this training.”

When I reached down to give him a hand up, his grip was strong, and as he leaped to his feet, I realized he was in excellent physical shape. Broad shoulders. Big chest–his T-shirt clung to him like cellophane. Slim waist. And his shorts showed off hard, muscular legs. A good soldier.

And he wanted to know his score for the day. I looked up from my clipboard. “Scores will be posted on Monday.”

His face fell, and although I had turned away eager beavers 1,000 times before, suddenly I didn’t want to give him the brush-off. He turned to walk away, and I heard myself saying, “Oh, what the Hell. Hold on a minute.” He spun back to face me again, a broad grin lighting his brown puppy-eyes. While I ran my finger down the clipboard list looking for his name, a strange electricity tingled in my spine.

I looked up. He had leaned against the wall, relaxed (actually a little disprespectful), looking around at the room. I looked down at the clipboard again, suddenly realizing I could barely read it.

–What the fuck is the matter with me? Why am I so confused?–

I glanced up at Cox. A handsome young man. Muscular, well toned thighs. Tight shorts. A big bulge in–

–“Big bulge”?? What the fuck are you thinking?? Are you some sort of queer? Control your thoughts!–

Yeah. His face had well defined cheekbones and open features, Scandinavian descent, maybe. Damn it was hot in that shed. I took my can of Coca-Cola and held it against my cheek. Fuck, it was hot in there. And something worse:

–Jesus Christ, are you getting a hardon??–

Sure enough, my cock was trying to straighten out. I glanced over at Cox. The innocent young jerk looked back at me, almost staring.

–Wait a minute, is he coming on to me?–

I chuckled to myself. No, for all his big build and good looks, this was an apple-pie boy, obviously a straight, not trying to see through my clothes. On the other hand, I glanced down at myself. Shit. Nipples straining at the white cotton of my T-shirt.

I leaned back against the wall, setting the Coke can in a niche as I looked at the clipboard. I stretched as if I were relaxing, actually to open my legs a little to give my cock some room, hoping to reduce the bulge. Bad decision–it gave my hardon more room to expand.

–God, how am I going to get out of this??–

I turned to face the wall, furiously studying my clipboard, trying to hide my crotch.

Then he touched me. Firm hands massaged my shoulders. Cox was no longer leaning against the wall. “You’ve been working too hard, Sarge.” Soothing concern in his voice. I could have droppd him with a single elbow thrust. To this day I don’t know why I didn’t.

–Damn simpleton! He shouldn’t be doing that to a sergeant!–

His hands moved from the fabric of my shirt to the bare skin of the back of my neck. Cool hands. Coarse skin. Hands not afraid of hard work. Yep, farm boy. He gave me goose bumps with every touch. I closed my eyes in pleasure

–Hey, dumb ass! Are you closing your eyes??–

With a start, I straightened my posture and turned around. As I did, my elbow didn’t hit Cox, but it knocked the can of Coke from the niche in the wall. I bent over to pick it up, and before I knew it, Cox had also bent over to reach for it. He was faster than I was, and as I bent down, he grabbed the can, then turned his face up to look into my own. We both froze, staring into each other’s eyes. Damn, his eyes were powerful, strong and brown, deep and hypnotic. I wanted to say something, but I couldn’t. The slightest of smiles curled the corner of his mouth. And his face moved closer.


His lips came forward, and although my mind urged me to pull back, I was numb. Until I felt his lips. Like his hands, they were rough.

–Oh, my God, you’re kissing a MAN!!–

As he kissed me, I trembled. I was thunderstruck. Dumbfounded. Another man’s sun-cracked lips moved caressingly over mine, his tongue dabbing at my lips, and my own tongue slithered out to meet it. The bulge between my legs became a throbbing, demanding force. I reached out and touched Cox’s shoulders.

As we stood, he put his arms around me. Struggling to control myself, I pulled back from the kiss, but Cox painted my face with slow, sensual kisses, licking here and there–my eyelids, my cheekbones, my forehead. Again I surrendered, and once more my mouth connected to the furnace behind his lips. Again I trembled, inhaling the musky smell of a sweaty man. With this kiss our tongues entered a fierce fight in the self-defense pit of our mouths.

When he finally released me, he reached down to grab the hem of my T-shirt, his eyes never leaving my face. My mind continued to protest, but I stood still while he calmly pulled the T-shirt up over my chest, over my head, and off. I sucked in my breath as he pulled my shorts down over my hips.

–Oh, God, wait!! You’re going to get naked for him??–

Too late. My dong swung up to fully aimed artillery as Cox tossed my shorts onto the floor. I heard a roaring in my ears.

–What is happening? What is HAPPENING TO ME??–

The heat in my body was far hotter than the desert sun outside. Completely naked, wearing nothing but a pair of sneakers, I stood before a young soldier who still had his clothes on. My asshole clenched with stress–one word from him would get me at best cashiered from the Service and at worst 20 years in the stockade.

–I’m naked! Fucking naked!! How the hell did I let this happen? This is a goddamned nightmare!–

I clenched my eyes shut, hoping somehow to wake up safe in my bunk in the barracks. Cox’s hands stopped touching me, so I opened my eyes (hoping to find him gone), and my jaw dropped when I saw him standing bare-ass naked before me, an 18-year-old, Army-hardened sculpture. He’d even kicked off his shoes.

What a sight. Big pecs. Big, brown nipples. Six-pack belly. Innie belly-button. And yeah, his cock. It twitched proudly, its uncut head begging to be released. He looked at me with a strange expression. Waiting.

–Jesus Christ, what is he waiting for? He’s staring at me, telling me the ball is in my court. What does he want?–

And suddenly I knew.

–The bastard thinks I’m going to suck his cock? SUCK HIS COCK?? The little shit, I’m over twice his age, and I’m a goddamned Army SERGEANT!!–

But that roaring in my ears grew louder, and when I glanced down at myself, I saw a long, silvery string of pre-cum actually drooling all the way from my cockhead to the floor! I was horny. Damned horny. And he had seen it. And he knew.

–NO! No way in Hell! No way am I going to suck … that … cock!!–

But on fire with lust, drunk like never before, against my own will I slid to my knees. I had seen hundreds if not thousands of naked men in my Army career, and NEVER before did I feel such an intoxicating hunger rushing through me. Numb, like a robot, I saw my hand reach out and softly explore the fold of skin at the tip of Cox’s dong. His foreksin. Fascinating. I don’t have one.

He had a big cock. A good 9 inches. I knew what to do with it. I grasped it and slid the foreskin back to release the big head, and the sight drove me crazy: a big, purplish knob slick with his pre-cum. The black hole in the middle stared into me, hypnotizing me like a demon. Cox let out a soft grunt. He liked it, and that encouraged me. I gripped the big shaft.

–God, I can’t touch my fingers around it!–

And then I knew what to do. What I HAD to do. What I wanted to do.

I opened my mouth, rounding it into a big ‘O’ around the slimy head and sliding down the shaft. I knew about cocksuckers, they were fucked in the mouth, and I waited for him to start ramming into me. But he didn’t. I rolled my head back and looked up, never ceasing to suck.

He smiled down at me, growling faintly in his chest, and I went back to work. I swirled my tongue around his cock, reveling in the taste, and the big soldier’s manhood in my mouth stoked fires deep inside me. I had a power over this young body–he twitched as I drew his foreskin back and forth, he writhed and groaned when I licked the sensitive head, and each time I gargled it down my throat, he gripped my head and thrust his hips at me.

–This is fabulous. Sucking cock is a motherfucker of a turn-on! Who knew!–

So lost was I in the glory of discovering the terrible stimulation of cocksucking, I was surprised when he pulled back, sliding it out of me. Taking it away from me. But then he pushed me forward onto my hands and knees and moved behind me.

–What’s going on? Oh, yeah, I know. Horny young men! He wants to fuck me. FUCK ME?? Wait a fucking minute! Okay, I’m hot, and okay, I’ll suck his cock, but no way is he gonna stick that big thing in me!!–

The hot young bastard had blindsided me. I was on my hands and knees, and his big, slimy cockhead was nudging at my asshole.

I thought about a leg-strike, and then I could roll over and pummel him in the face–but before I could, the big ramrod punched against my pucker, swelling it out and bigger until the head popped through, driving a scream from me!

–Keerist, that hurts! Oh, my god, he’s going to split me in half!–

Then he stopped!

He had entered me swiftly, invading me before I could resist, but once inside, he held himself still! It hurt so bad, I froze, too–and to my great relief, the pain slowly faded. I was surprised.

–God, am I glad he stopped!–

About the time I decided it didn’t hurt any more, he gave another lunge, and again I gasped in pain. But he was in a couple more inches. Again he stopped, and again I crouched quietly, waiting for the pain to subside. This lunge-wait, lung-wait routine went on for several minutes. When I realized his cock had drilled into me almost all the way, I gulped.

–Damn, I would’ve died if he hadn’t gone slow…hey, he really knows how to do this!–

I was stunned.

–He knew I was in pain. He’s breaking me in! Damn, he’s just a kid…but a Master Fucker!–

The pain had lessened to the point that I decided to give him a better angle, and I sank to my elbows, aiming my asshole at him more openly. Again with the stabs, again with the pains, but gradually, gradually, gradually, they hurt less, and finally, with one big lunge, he thrust into me completely, and his wiry cockhairs ground into my ass.

He paused only a moment, then slowly and sensually he pulled his cock back out in one smooth movement. I was astonished!

–Ohhhhh, myyyyyyy Goddddddddd! Fabulous! That feels fabulous!! God, who knew?? Fucking is delicious!!–

I really was delirious. Always thought males were not designed to be fucked in the ass, and the sensation could not be pleasant. I thought queers let men fuck them because of an overpowering urge to be feminine. Damn, was I wrong! I was thunderstruck! I had no fucking idea!

Once over the pain of Cox’s dong stretching my ass, his slowly sliding cock spread intense, never-ending, delirious sensations through me! It was like he was playing my asshole like a violin with his cock as the bow. Better said, he was setting me on fire, starting at my asshole! I let out a long, low, ecstatic moan.

After every full outstroke, just his bulbous cockhead locked inside, Cox sank himself back in slowly to the hilt, and the more lust-drunk I got, the more I let my arms collapse until my head was flat on the floor, but I was still on my knees to give him maximum access.

His thick, pulsating cock–which I was rapidly coming to worship–thrilled the walls of my guts, and when his hands gripped my hips so powerfully it hurt, I didn’t care about the pain. I craved him to do anything he wanted to me.

I sweat like a pig, my face and hair mopping the floor, and I clawed at the dirt in helpless lust. I wanted to suck his cock again, to suck anything! God, it was wonderful! I wanted this feeling for the rest of my life! In brief flickers when I could drag my attention away from the ecstasy in my asshole, I realized pre-cum was running out of my cock in a constant stream, a river of sticky wet muddying the shed floor.

Then, in an inspiration, Cox rolled me over onto my back, raised my legs, and pushed them back against my chest. With my asshole fully exposed to him (and aching to feel his penetration again), that magnificent cock sank into me once more in one mighty lunge, from completely outside, busting through my backdoor and into my guts, up to his balls in a wonderful, mind-blowing thrust.

Out of my mind, I stiffened, arching my back, spreading my legs even wider, rolling my eyes up in my head, my mouth open, “Gaaaaaaaaaa!” I was in ecstasy.

Cox gave in to his own desires, and every thrust rammed pitilessly full-length through my tight walls, and as the tireless thrusts went on, scorching sensations built in every nerve in my body. I heard myself, as if from far away, calling, grunting hoarsely, begging him to fuck harder, deeper, “TAKE ME! FUCK ME!! RAM THAT COCK INTO ME, YOU SONOFABITCH!”

And as my begging grew to a scream, an atomic bomb went off in my groin, spreading a white-hot fireball throughout my body. Then the shockwave of the greatest, most motherfucking orgasm of my life roared across me, destroying everything about me, crashing over every wall ever built in my mind, turning my cock into a white-hot tower of flame. I went insane. My whole body was on fire, every cell in screaming, glorious orgasm, and at the peak, molten lava splattered all over my chest and face.

–Oh, God, I’m cumming! Cumming all over myself, and nothing is touching my cock!! Oh, god, oh, god, I got a climax from being fucked in the ass!–

Cox himself finally got his gun, and he claimed me and my grateful, worshipping asshole with his hot seed. I proved something else I thought was just a porn legend–I FELT IT! His jism-spurts were powerful surges of heat gouging up into my guts! Again I went crazy. Another orgasm took control of me.

–Multiple orgasms! God, I never thought it was possible!–

When his thrusts finally slowed down and stopped, I was still in glory. Never! Never in my whole fucking life! Never did I have such orgasms. I was out of my fucking mind with ecstasy for what had to have been almost five whole minutes!

Helpless. Lying there glowing with joy. Abso-fucking-lutely out of my mind. I treasured the feel of his cock in my ass. I loved it. I wanted to live spitted on that great rod for the rest of my life.

But it wasn’t to be, of course–he grew softer, and finally it slopped out with a gurgling, farting sound, and big drools of cum ran out of my ass. I wanted that big thing back in me. I lay there glowing hot, as relaxed, happy, and physically drained as I had ever been. I was in a daze.

I don’t know how much time went by. Somehow I was on my feet again, and Cox was no longer naked. I felt him sliding my shorts up over my legs and up to my waist, pulling my T-shirt over my head, and straightening my uniform. Like staggering drunk, I stood wavering until I finally fell back against the wall.

–God, I feel like a schoolgirl who just lost her cherry. Dreamy-eyed. Dizzy. In love.–

Cox brought his face close to mine and kissed me again. I kissed him back eagerly, and I wrapped my arms around him, hugging him close. “God, that was great,” I whispered in his ear. “Fuck me again. Please.”

He looked into my eyes. “No problemo, Sarge. I’ll be in touch.” With that, he gave me a wicked smile then walked out of the shed, all rippling muscles and arrogant swagger. The sonofabitch. He knew all the time.

–He got you, you know. He fucked you in the ass, and you begged for it. You’re his.–

Yeah, I said to myself. Yeah, and that’s just fine. My life had taken an About-Face. Maybe weekends wouldn’t be so solitary.

I had learned the secret of growing older. Discovering the joy of a man thrusting himself up my ass suddenly opened up an entire military post to me–I just had to learn the art and science of man-love. Cox had introduced me to cock. Now I had to find out if other cock could do me like Cox.

Life was suddenly looking up … and so was my dong. Being 40 ain’t so bad!

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