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She Makes Me Pay

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It was about a week ago, I was relaxing in my favorite chair watching the college football. My wife was a little more smitten than she is normally. She was also dressed a little bit sexier than normal. Nothing fancy but tight jeans, make up, hair and nails fixed up.

She looked real good, but I hadn’t gotten to really watch a game most of the season so I was looking forward to just relaxing in front of the TV.

As the second half started my wife sauntered over to my chair, popped open a cold Bud and handed it to me. When I raised it to take drink she fell to her knees and unzipped my pants and started pulling my dick out.

By the time she had my dick out of my pants it was already hard and quickly in her mouth. I was I enjoying this; she hadn’t acted like this since we were dating. Watching football, enjoying a beer and getting a blowjob at the same time, it doesn’t get better than this. I was sitting back like king of the world.

She was sucking me so good; as I got closer and closer to cumming she started jacking me off at the same time. I took one last swig of beer and then I started filling her mouth with a load of hot cum.

When the last spasm of my orgasm had ended, she swirled her tongue around the head of my cock one last time. I had collapsed back into the chair. She started moving up to give me a kiss.

I tried casually to turn my head away; I hated kissing her after I had cum in her mouth. She detected this and became very mad.

“You can fill my mouth with your cum but you cant kiss me afterwards is that it”! Well that was it but what could I say. She walked out of the room in a huff and I figured the best thing to do was to just let it be.

Several days went by and nothing more was said about the incident. In fact I had forgotten about it. As I was to soon learn however Karen hadn’t.

It was a Thursday night and I had played basketball as I usually do so I took a shower before going to bed that night. While I was in the shower the door opened and in walked my naked wife.

“Well Well isn’t this a nice surprise” I told her. She began to wash my body spending extra time sliding her had up and down my hard cock. Then she pressed her ass against my hardon and I started washing her as she rubbed her slippery ass over my cock. I was becoming more and more excited and ready to move into the bedroom.

Karen wasn’t quiet ready however; she put her arms around me and began kissing me very passionately. Sucking my lips, my tongue a giving me gentle nibbles. One hand was massaging my dick as we continued kissing as the shower sprayed our bodies.

Her hands found my shoulders and she started pushing me down, I knew she wanted me on my knees and I gladly pressed my face into her pussy. Our shower also has a bench in it so she sat on the edge of the bench and spread her legs nice and wide while I sucked and licked on her delicious pussy. When I could tell she was close to cumming I took her rock hard clit between my lips and as I sucked it with my lips I began flicking my tongue all around her love button. I did this for 2 or 3 minutes and then she tightened her thighs around my head and shuddered as she came. After she had calmed down a little bit she told me she wanted to wash her hair to wait for me to wait for her to join me in bed.

In a couple of minutes she climbed naked under the covers with me. “Now lets see, where were we?” Karen asked as she urged my head back down between her legs. She was still soaking wet and my face was drenched with her juices. I could tell she was getting close to another orgasm so I sucked her clit between my lips and began rolling it with my tongue. She grabbed my head and started rocking it into her pussy as she enjoyed her second orgasm in just a very short time. My face was covered in her pussy juices and I and her scent was all over my face.

After we had both caught our breath a little bit I decided it was time to give my throbbing dick some relief. I climbed up beside her and told her to get on her hands and knees.

She got into her favorite position and started wiggling her ass to tease me, I moved behind her ready to slide my hard dick into her but she reached back and covered her pussy with her hand. “Kiss it,” she told me. What? “Kiss my bottom all over”

Some times it is a curse being so excited, you want the pussy so bad and the things you will do to get it. I wasn’t about to protest at this point though so I started kissing her ass, she really does have a nice ass. As I was kissing it she kept her hand over her pussy and I could see her finger pleasuring her self, but I just kept kissing her sexy bottom.

I could hear how wet she was as her finger played with what I wanted so bad, then she stuck out her finger and I instinctively knew that she wanted me to suck her juices off. I started sucking her fingers and she would continue to put them inside her wet pussy so she could continue to feed me her juices. Her fingers would come out of that pussy so wet and slippery it was a pleasure to clean her juices off. As this went on she would rub all of her fingers in her pussy and put some in my mouth to suck clean and with the others she would rub her juices over my face.

After a few minutes of this with her still on her hands and knees she moved her hands away and told me to eat her again but this time from behind. The other 2 times I had brought her off I had concentrated on her clit, but this time she made it known she wanted my tongue inside her pussy. She kept on fingering herself and I kept on tonguing her. I was thinking how unusual this night was. Normally her orgasms are so intense she will need a lot more time in between and usually 1 or 2 will have her worn out. Having not even had one yet I was wired up and ready to go. And here she was looking for number 3.

Now here I was with my tongue up her pussy watching as she played with her clit, what an erotic site it was. In my mind I could picture how it must look, her on her hands and knees, me in the same position eating her from behind. Just the thought it made my cock twitch.

I could sense now that it was only going to be a second till Karen had number 3. I eased back a little bit to make it last longer but when I did she pushed her pussy in my face harder and told me to suck her cunt. So I picked up my pace and so did her finger. When the first wave of her orgasm hit she collapsed down to the bed lying on her stomach.

Now I knew Karen, and I could tell she was done for the night, but obviously I wasn’t. I climbed on top oh her ready to easily slide into her wet pussy put she wouldn’t spread her legs for me.

I tried to push them apart but she wouldn’t budge.

“Hey Babe” what about me? And then she rolled over and smiled. Go get us a drink, then I will tell you the rules. I am thinking to myself “Rules” but still I knew if I did plan to get off Id better go get something for us to drink.

I came back to the bedroom with a drink and watched her take her first sip. “This is the deal,” she said. “You don’t get to cum until you fulfill certain obligations”

“Obligations? I just got you off 3 times come on what do you want?” “That was just to get you as horny as you can possibly imagine” she told me.

Now here is what you will have to do if you expect to cum. “First you are to set the alarm on your watch to wake yourself up at 7 am, don’t set the alarm clock because I don’t want you to disturb me. You are to shower, shave, brush your teeth and then return to bed where you will climb down between my legs and gently wake me by bringing me to orgasm with your mouth.

Secondly you are not going to get you off again until you have begged me and convinced me that you want to cum in my pussy and suck it clean after you have filled me up. If and only if during the day tomorrow you show me lots of affection, attention and convince me that you want to eat you’re cum, then I will let it happen. If you don’t, you wont cum! Oh and just to let you know, since you don’t even want to kiss me after you have cum in my mouth, it is going to take a lot to convince me.

In my mind I was kicking myself for not just kissing her last week after she had given me the blowjob, she always has a way and getting the better of me. As we were lying there side-by-side Karen scooted up to me to give me a kiss good night. “One more thing, if you cant convince me tomorrow, you will have to start all over with a night just like this again.” As she kissed me she took hold of my dick and squeezed it tight as she rubbed up and down. She took her fingertip and rubbed it on the head of my cock and got some pre cum, actually a lot of pre cum and brought her finger to my mouth. “Just think of how much of this your going to eat tomorrow, after all this teasing and what I am going to put you through your going to cum like you were a teenager, and your going to eat every little drop back up, aren’t you? ” Yes, I will I told her.” I know you will,” she said. Goodnight, sweet dreams.

As I lay there before I fell asleep I was thinking of someway to get out of this situation, maybe I could wake up and pretend I was sick I thought. But I knew that in reality there was no way out of the situation I was now in. With that in mind I fell asleep.

It didn’t seem like I had been asleep very long when my watch started beeping, I turned it off after just a couple of beeps and got up to take a shower. As I begin to come alive from the hot shower I started thinking about the day ahead of me. I knew I was really going to have to work to convince Karen that I wanted to cum in her and then eat it out. Especially since really I didn’t want to do that.

After I had finished showering, shaving and brushing my teeth I went down to the kitchen and started some water to make some tea. I picked some of those herbal teas that Karen likes so much and poured her a cup and put it on a saucer. Then I wrote a little note on it and took it with me to our bedroom.

I sat the tea down on her side of the bed and crawled under the covers until my head was at her pussy. Before I started eating her I placed my nose as close as I could to her pussy and inhaled her scent. After a couple of deep breaths of her delicious scent I was getting excited and I moved closer until my mouth found her pussy.

I went real slow so that she could wake slowly, so that for the first few minutes she would not know if she was really being eaten, or having a great dream. After a few minutes I could feel her stretching and I knew she was awake. I rose up to look at her and told her I had set some tea beside her.

Then I resumed my slow assault on her delicious pussy, as I did she read the note I attached to the cup, “Karen I hope you had a wonderful nights rest, I know we have never done this before but tonight Id really like to cum in your pussy and then enjoy our combined juices”

I wasn’t sure if it sounded convincing, but I knew the fact that it was attached to the thoughtful act would get me some points.

“Just get me off now” was all she said. Now that she was more awake I picked up my pace and had her cumming all over my face in just a few moments.

Afterwards she hopped into the shower and I left her alone to get ready for the day.

I was downstairs reading the paper; she had been upstairs for a long time. When she came downstairs she was dressed differently than a normal Saturday. She looked great, she was wearing a skirt, a tight sweater, and as I could clearly see she didn’t have on a bra. Um she looked great.

After she was satisfied that she had gotten the effect she wanted on me she came over to my chair and moved the paper away and sat on my lap. “What would you like to do today” she asked with a sexy little smirk. Well I thought to myself, I guess it is time to be convincing. “Id like to lay you down on this floor right now, fuck you silly and then eat your cum filled pussy” “Oh you are a nasty boy” she told me.

Then she went to the refrigerator and looked around for a few seconds, “turn around, no peeking” she told me. She fiddled with something in the kitchen for a little bit and then she said called me over.

When I turned around I could see she was lying on our kitchen table, when I got closer I could see her skirt was pulled up and that she didn’t have on any panties. Smeared all over her pussy was vanilla pudding, which looked quiet a bit like a load of cum.

She was rubbing her hands in her pussy smearing the mess all around. “Now tell me what you want to do,” She said. I want to eat every bit of that cum off your pussy I told her.

Then get to it you cum eater she told me. “Lap it up cum eater, do you like it?” Yes I told her. Now stick your tongue in there real deep and get a big mouthful. That’s right, eat my pussy baby, eat your cum”

I was so turned on, the pudding tasted great and just imagining it was really my cum excited me. And it was a turn on hearing her talk to me the way she was. I also got a thrill out of eating her on our kitchen table.

It must have been pretty exciting for her too because she came very quickly. After she came she used her hands to pull apart her pussy and spread it wide, now make sure you got all that cum she told me. And after a few more licks she got up off the table, put her skirt down and smoothed it out, “Anyone can eat pudding, I don’t think you really want to eat your own cum though” she said as she left the room.

I could tell she was really going to make me work at this. Such a naughty bitch sometimes, but my dick was rock hard, and my underwear was wet from my pre cum too.

The day continued with her me telling her in various ways that I wanted to eat my cum. I was begging her to please let me eat my cum out of her. I must have told her this in various ways during the day over 20 times.

Late that afternoon she was on the phone talking to one of her friends. While she was talking I pulled down my pants and strated stroking for her. I was so horny it only took few strokes till my cock was dripping pre cum. I took my fingers and rubbed it in my pre cum and started sucking it off. With the other hand I continued to stroke and make more which I would rub on my other hand and clean off as well. I moved over beside her, she was still wearing her skirt without any panties. Then I pulled her dress up and rubbed the head of my dick over her clit. Coating it with more pre cum, which I then licked up. I continued to do this while she talked on the phone to her friend.

I had been doing this for at least 10 minutes, alternating between rubbing my dick on her clit and licking the pre cum up Karen was very turned on. I was sucking her clit like she sucked my dick making sure I had not left any pre cum. I was pulling back to add some more but she held my head in place wanting me to finish her off with my mouth. She was close to cumming, luckily for her she was doing more listening then she was talking on the phone.

Luckily for me I can hold my breath a long time, because her legs had tightened around my head and she was pressing her pussy into my face as she had a silent orgasm.

After she came I got up to let her finish her conversation, but not before I feverishly pumped my dick and covered my hand in pre cum and licked it all off as she watched, not having a clue of what the person on the phone had just said.

I was watching TV when she came down and sat beside me. “Can you just imagine how much you’re going to cum? You have been hard almost the entire day. And every time I tease you those balls get a little tighter. Just think of that HUGE load that is going to be waiting for you. I mean there is going to be so much of your hot juicy cum in my pussy that there wont even be enough room in my cunt for all that cum and your big fat dick. Your cum is going to be leaking all over me before you have even finished your last shot deep inside.”

“Is that what you want, do you want to bury your face in my cum filled pussy?” “Yes baby, I want to eat it all, I want to eat my cum, feel how hard my dick is, I am going to cum like never before you have made me so horny. Come on lets do it now” I told her.

“I don’t think you really want to do that,” she said. If you did you would have offered to take me to dinner and dancing first. “I was just about to ask you if you wanted to go out tonight” I told her.

Karen started getting ready first; I brought her a glass of wine to enjoy as she sat in the bathtub. “Do it for me again, what you did when I was on the phone, play with your dick!” I took of my pants and started jacking off as she lounged in the tub. The pre cum came quickly and I started licking it off as I had earlier.

“Come Closer” she told me. When I was beside her she took the wine glass and rubbed the rim of it all around the head of my dick, covering it with my pre cum. Then she handed me the glass and I ran my tongue around the rim before I took a drink.

I gave her back the glass and she finished off the contents. “You know maybe I could just have you jack off into this glass and then watch you drink it all down, what do you think about that idea”? “I would much rather suck it out of you babe I told her, I am sure it would taste even better combined with your juices” I said. Will see she said.

She was about to get out of the bath when she asked me to hand her the razor and the shaving cream. I was expecting to see her shave her legs, but instead she applied the shaving cream to her pussy. She started shaving her self right there in front of me. ” I figure if I can get this hair out of the way it will make it easier and sloppier for you to eat up”.

What a site this was, watching her shave herself. I was beginning to be concerned that I would cum just from watching her.

“There, all done” she said. ” Why don’t you see if you can detect any stubble?” she said as she spread her legs apart for me to check. Oh wow her bald pussy was so beautiful. “Go ahead give it a kiss” she told me. “We both know how bad you want it. But just a quick kiss, later maybe not only will you get to enjoy a bald pussy, but also a full pussy”.

“Now go get ready” she told me as she stood up leaving me there on my knees with a dick that could crush diamonds.

Of course I was ready long before she was, but when she came downstairs she was dressed to kill. The hair, the jewelry, the perfume and the sexy dress she wore were all killer.

As I drove to the restaurant in my mind I kept wondering what she had on under the dress. I was hoping it was the black lace garter belt and matching panties I had given her for her birthday a couple of months ago.

Dinner was wonderful and sex was in the air. I don’t know if it was because she acted different, or if it was just because she had teased me for so long but it seemed like everything she did was sexual. The way she ate, smiled. My dick didn’t get soft the entire time we were in the restaurant.

The waitress came by to ask us if we would like anything else, or possibly some desert. “I don’t eat desert, and my husband will be having cream pie when we get home tonight” She told the waitress. Oh my gosh I thought to myself. The waitress smiled and told us she would bring the check.

“And guess what dear, it comes with extra cream too” she told me. I paid the bill and as we left the waitress winked at us and told me to enjoy the pie. “He will, or it will be the last piece he gets in a long time” My wife replied.

Karen had enjoyed a couple of drinks and now she was becoming a little more daring in her behavior. I was driving to a club where we could go dancing. I was hoping we wouldn’t stay too long. I was so horny I needed to cum and I didn’t care if I did have to eat it. I just wanted to get off.

But I knew it had to be her way. We got to the club and it wasn’t very crowded. It was still early for the clubbing crowd so we found an intimate table near the back.

I leaned over to Karen and asked her to dance. “Is that what your really want to do? “Well actually what I would like to do is take you home and give you about 3 good strokes cause I am so horny I wont be able to last anymore than that, and then I want to eat your sloppy cum filled bald pussy till I have cleaned every drop out and until you have cum all over my face”.

“Lets dance” she said and off to the dance floor we went. We danced for a long time without sitting down. During that time there were a couple of slow ones and Karen made an extra effort to press against my hard cock as we danced.

When the songs were fast, she danced so sensual it was more like foreplay than dancing. After a while she took my hand a led me off the dance floor and back to our table.

“Ill be right back,” she told me as she went off to the ladies room. It was almost uncomfortable to sit down, my dick was so hard. She returned and sat down beside me and we kissed. As we kissed she opened my hand and gave me her panties.

“Smell how hot and wet I am” I took her panties discretely to my face. They were soaked. “Just imagining you lying on your back as the cum drips on to your face from my pussy made my panties so wet that I decided just to take them off.”

“Now, you have 2 choices, one we can stay here and dance till the sun comes up, then have breakfast, or you can take the panties into the men’s room and put them on and beg me to take you home and feed you a pussy full of cum.

Immediately I got up went to the men’s room and put on her panties. I felt pretty silly. But I would have worn them out of there without any pants on if it meant relief for me. I came back to the table and begged her to let me clean a load of cum out of her pussy.

“I thought you would never ask” and off we were.

When we got home she told me to model the panties for her. I had all my clothes off except the panties in just a matter of seconds. As I turned around for her viewing, she was undressing as well.

“Come here now, and lay on your back” she told me. When I did she pulled the panties off me and played with my dick for a second. Then she sat on top of me and easily slid my hard cock inside her pussy. She was so hot and wet, I was so horny. She just sat there not moving knowing it would not take much to have me erupt.

“Now, each time I slide up on your dick I am going to pause with just the head of your dick barely inside. When I get to the top you say Karen please feed me my cum, then I will slide back down.”

This made it very slow, but she knew if she went quickly I would blow in a second. Sometimes after she had slid all the way down she would just stay there, not moving. “Just think how much you are going to shoot in my tight little pussy” she would tease me before rising back up, waiting till I would repeat, Karen please feed me my cum, before she would slide back down.

This went on for several minutes until she started going faster and faster. I was just a stroke or 2 away from cumming when she rose up off of me and grabbed the base of my dick to hold back my orgasm.

“Please babe let me cum, I want to cum and eat it all up,” I told her. I wasn’t sure what she was doing but I was just about desperate. I was so close to finally cumming.

Then she grabbed my hands and took a set of handcuffs and secured my hands. “I don’t think you really want to eat your cum, but you know what? It won’t matter now will it?

With that she sat back down on my dick and was fucking me silly. “Come on fill it up big boy, then you are going to eat it all up.” Finally after what seemed like forever I started cumming. “Oh yes, just keep on cumming in me baby” It seemed that my orgasm wouldn’t quit. Spurt after spurt was coming out and at the same time Karen was rubbing my balls to make sure she got it all. My orgasm lasted longer than any I could ever remember. When the last spurt shot inside her I began to dread the inevitable.

She knew me well; it was a good thing she cuffed me because I really didn’t want to eat her now. Especially after I had deposited the load of a lifetime in her.

She raised her self up off my dick and quickly covered her pussy with her hand. “Wow, you wont believe how much cum there is in me,” she told me. She stood up on our bed with a foot on each side of my head, her hand still holding my cum in place.

As I looked up at her she smiled down at me, and removed her hand from her pussy. It was covered with cum, and that was just the outside. Slowly she started lowering herself so that her pussy stayed directly over my face. Suddenly a few drops fell onto to my lips. “Lick it up” she told me. And I did.

As she got within just a few inches of my face I could see how full she was. I was glad she had cuffed me. Really I wanted to do this to her, but it was easier now not having a choice.

The next thing I knew her pussy was on my face and my tongue went to work. I had to swallow several times before I could really seek out her clit or I was going to drown in the cum.

The smell was so strong, and with her pussy being bald the juices of our cum covered me. “Eat it all up baby, suck out your cum” over and over again she teased me an encouraged me to as she put it “be a good little cum licker”

It was turning me on, hearing her talk like that, knowing she was enjoying feeding me my cum. She reached back and found my dick that had never gotten soft.

She rubbed my dick as I continued to clean her pussy. Then she started spinning herself around so we were in a 69. From this new position my tongue found some more cum deep inside her pussy. With the added sensation of her mouth on my dick I picked up my pace as I ate her sloppy pussy.

I could tell she was close to cumming from the attention of my mouth and I was pretty close to returning the favor. It became a race to see who could make the other cum first as she sensed I was near also. As we both came down the stretch I was able to bring her off first. Having had just come a few minutes earlier I had an advantage. But before I she had finished the last wave or her orgasm I started filling her mouth with whatever cum I hadn’t deposited in her pussy already.

When she took the last shot from my dick I laid back exhausted. Karen turned around to lie beside me. I could tell she was about to kiss me and it made me think about that day a week or so ago when she had gone down on me while I watched the game and avoided kissing her.

It seemed kind of silly now, considering I had just ate the largest single load of cum to ever come out of my body. My hands were still cuffed but I moved around ready to give her a nice kiss, when our lips met my tongue entered her mouth to find that she had not swallowed the cum I had just shot there, instead she forced it all into my mouth. After I had taken my second load of my own cum from her body she broke the kiss and said, “tonight you eat all the cum”


It was about 3 weeks later that I was watching a hockey game on TV. My wife was a little more smitten than she is normally. She was also dressed a little bit sexier than normal. Nothing fancy but tight jeans, make up, hair done and nails.

Just as the 3rd period started my wife sauntered over to my chair, popped open a cold Bud and handed it to me. When I raised it to take drink she fell to her knees and unzipped my pants and started pulling my dick out.

By the time she had my dick free from its confines it was already hard and quickly in her mouth. Man was I enjoying this, watching hockey, enjoying a beer and getting a blowjob at the same time.

I was thinking to myself it cant get much better than this. She was sucking me so good; as I got closer and closer to cumming she started jacking me off at the same time. I took one last swig of beer and then I started filling her mouth with a load of hot cum.

When the last spasm of my orgasm had quit, she swirled her tongue around the head of my cock one last time. I had collapsed back into the chair. She started moving up to give me a kiss.

I tried casually to turn my head away; I hated kissing her after I had cum in her mouth…

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