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What Dreams You Fear

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Alyssa lay there silently beneath the darkness of the night, wrapped in the black comforter wadded around her exhausted body, as he slowly crept from the bed. She heard his voice mumbling softly as he left the bedroom, but her mind was consumed with the images of the evening’s events. Never in wildest dreams had she ever imagine herself meeting a man she would have been so willing to share her deepest and darkest fantasies with, let alone openly discuss them with him.

She rolled over, sated from the intense sex, and drifted off to sleep. She allowed her dreams to take her back to his arms as his voice trailed away slowly until the he closed the bedroom door between them.

She rolled partially onto her back as his hand nudged her gently to wake her. She opened her tired eyes, and then covered them with her hand quickly as the bright light from the lamp beside the bed shocked them when they tried to adjust from the darkness. He leaned nearer to her face as his hand lightly brushed the blonde wisps of hair off her forehead. His fingers caressed the side of her cheek softly before tracing the outline of her lips. His light kiss brought a smile to her face while she struggle to understand why he was dressed to go out so late in the night.

“Mark and Karen had a flat tire on the way back from a party and they are stranded on the highway. Seems that Mark forgot to check to make sure the spare had air in it.” Brad chuckled.

“I told him I wouldn’t mind picking them up and giving them a ride home. I will be back before you know it.” He whispered.

“Please hurry. I already miss you.” She chuckled as she rolled back over and clutched her pillow against her body.

“Don’t worry babe, I won’t be more than a couple of hours, straight out there, to their house and back home,” Brad assured her, but she never heard another word. Her breath grew deeper as her dreams took over her mind again.

Brad lightly touched the lamp, shutting it off as he walked out of the room. He walked through the darkness of the house, quietly making his way to the garage. He started his Jeep and backed out of the garage. As he pulled out of the driveway, he pushed the button to the garage door opener and drove away from the house down the alley. He did not realize that the door did not shut all the way.

He smiled as he thought about seeing her ass high up in the air just an hour ago. He replayed the scene of his hands pulling her blonde curls as she begged him to fuck her harder. He slammed his cock deep into her ass as her fingers massaged her swollen clit. He loved when Alyssa’s nasty side emerged and begged him to fuck her like a street whore. He remembered feeling the vibrator pulsating against his shaft from within her soaked pussy, the sensation shot through his cock into his balls. Just the images of this sight made his cock twinge again. He could not wait to get back home to her.

Alyssa felt the hand move over her shoulder. Then, the sudden sting from the slap across her cheeks woke her abruptly as she shot up from the pillow. As her eyes tried to focus in the penetrating blackness from the darkened room, she heard his gruff voice calmly warn her.

“Look bitch, don’t say a word, and nothing bad will happen to ya’!” He said in a cautious tone.

As she tried to make out the shape of the man pulling her up to her knees, she felt another set of hands pull back on her hair as something was tied around her eyes. The tightness of the blindfold buried the cloth slightly into her skin. She felt her hair being tied into the knot of the cloth behind her head and she reached up to grab it. The rough hands that grabbed her wrists and twisted them together stopped her.

“Look damnit! What part did you not understand here?” The second questioned her angrily. “Don’t move. Don’t fight us. Don’t fuck with us. Do you get it now?” He demanded as she felt the ropes tighten around her wrists pulling them together in front of her.

Her mind raced with thousands of thoughts and fears as she heard the third voice.

“So guys, let’s turn the lights on and have us a little party with our sleepy little friend here.” He laughed wickedly.

She did not recognize the voices and she could not see the light through the fabric, but heard them moving around the room. There were at least three of them. But what was happening was still too much of a shock for her to fathom, let alone figure out what to do to get out of it. Alyssa felt the weight of a second one move onto the bed. She tried to move back against the headboard, but his hands grabbed her legs and pulled her down across the bed until her feet were hanging off the bed.

Alyssa laid there in shock. She felt the bindings being tightened around her ankles. She knew where they came from. Brad had the leather cuffs lying on the top of the bookcase on the other side of the room. She felt the ropes being tied to the rings on the sides of the cuffs. As the man pulled them tighter, her legs were spread farther apart and dangled from the foot of the bed.

When the man beside the bed grabbed her hands and lifted them over her head, she swallowed hard. He tied them to the headboard completely stretching her body from one end to the other. She listened as the men boasted and bragged about what they intended to do to her and who was going to fuck her first.

The thin fabric of her lace gown did nothing to hide her body from them. Her skin was rippled with goose bumps from the fear of uncertainty. The sudden rip of her gown from her naked body almost pushed her into shock. Exposed, naked, she felt like a piece of meat on display at a meat market. She struggled again before the pain piercing into her nipples stopped her abruptly. She lay motionless as the thick fingers twisted her nipples; he pulled them and then pinched them harder between his fingernails. As she started to let out a frantic scream, another hand covered her mouth.

“Don’t make us gag you too! We have big plans for that mouth of yours.” The voice from the first man she had heard, stated.

She swallowed hard again but kept the sound from escaping her throat. Alyssa lay there terrified. Their hands touched her, pawed at her silky flesh with their thick rough fingers as the calloused palms trailed over her body. She heard them whispering then felt the bed give way to the weight of another body as it moved closer to hers.

“So, who would like to taste the little bitch?” One asked. “You want to sample the little peach before we start banging it and smearing it cum, Scott?”

Scott laughed, “Scott huh? I kinda like that name, I guess it’ll do for the night. Yeah, I think I would like a little sample of what she tastes like before she gets all fucked up.”

Alyssa felt his hands spread her pussy lips apart savagely. He opened her cunt, pulling her lips farther apart. His sharp whiskers poked into her creamy soft thighs as he shoved his mouth against her slit. His tongue slithered between her delicate lips while his teeth grazed across her sensitive clit.

She bucked slightly away from him only to feel his hands grab her hips the he shoved her back down onto the mattress. His mouth continued to bite at her pussy as his fingers grabbed and tugged on the lips. His stubby fingers moved closer to her wet hole then he pushed the tip against the opening. Without time to react, she felt him thrust it deep into her cunt, ramming his knuckles against her delicate skin as he twisted them while he plunged them in and out violently.

“Bob, it seems she might not mind this so much after all. Look how fucking wet my fingers are already.” Scott laughed as he pulled his fingers out of her pussy and showed them to his buddies.

Alyssa wanted to tell the bastards the wetness had nothing to do with them. It was the remains of her night of lust she had spent playing with Brad. Fear from how they would react kept her silent as she heard ‘Bob’ respond to Scott’s disgusting observation.

“Bob?” The first man laughed. “I can be Bob for the night.”

‘Bob’ turned to the last man. “So, what name do you want to use?”

The third guy was still standing at the foot of the bed. Alyssa could tell he was behind ‘Scott’ from the distance his voice seemed to be from her.

“How about Tom? Simple and plain enough?” He asked jokingly.

“Yeah.” Scott and Bob both laughed.

Simultaneously, Bob and Tom both laughed and as Scott asked her, “Well our sweet little whore, what name would you like us to call you for the night?” He laughed so wickedly.

“My name is Alyssa,” she mumbled. “And I am NOT you sweet little whore!” She exclaimed defiantly.

“Look Alyssa,” Scott said grabbing her chin in his hand, “You get this through that pretty blonde head of yours, you are what I say you are and don’t you fucking forget it Bitch!” He growled at her as he slapped the side of her cheek.

Alyssa felt her neck snap to the side as the force of his hand turned her head. She noticed the stinging on her cheeks as most as quickly as she felt the tears stinging her light blue eyes. She inhaled deeply while she tried to shove aside the fear growing in her belly. ‘Oh my God’, she thought. ‘How could I have ever fantasized about being gang raped?’ she cringed.

Scott bit her lip sharply as he pulled his mouth away from her cunt. His fingers moved across her belly and she felt the wet trail they left behind as his hands reached for her tits. He rolled her left nipple tightly between his wet fingers, and then twisted them again like he had before. His teeth pinched them as he bit into them. She felt the pain shoot throughout her body. It was not like what she had imagined it would feel like. ‘How could she have ever fantasized about someone abusing her nipples so badly before’, was beyond her comprehension now. She had always thought about this kind of roughness when it came to foreplay. That always had excited her during sex. Now she was terrified!

“Lift her off her ass and roll her onto her knees Tom. Let’s see what surprises she might have in store for us guys.” Bob said.

Alyssa felt Scott’s hands release her other breast as Tom pulled on the ropes tied around the legs of the bed. The release let some of the pressure off the cuffs as they rolled her onto her stomach and lifted her up on her knees. She could feel their eyes staring at her nude body as again, their hands pawed at her. One hand grabbed the cheeks of her ass spreading them apart while another one reached for her tits swinging slowly beneath her chest.

The metal clamps bit into her already aching nipple as she felt the clamp being tightened around it. She heard the clinking of the steel chain then the second clamp pinched the other nipple as well. As the man tugged the chain forward, it lifted and pulled her enormous tits with it. She bit back at the pain pulsing through them and kept her silent pleas for help deep within her thoughts. She did not dare to make a sound.

“Wonder if she ever thought about this kind of pain, Bob?” Scott asked his buddy as he tugged the chain attached to the end of the clamps.

“Who knows, but I’ll bet she never forgets it, either.” Tom laughed back to them.

Alyssa lay there for a moment thinking about all the dreams she had about before about rough sex and the foreplay associated with it. She had fantasized so often about her tits being teased and tortured with clothespins and nipple clamps. Those images she had seen while surfing the internet that once aroused her beyond her own belief were now thoughts and visuals she realized that she should have feared. All the fantasies she had about being gang raped were supposed to be erotic not terror. But now, it seemed her dreams had become true despite the realization now there was no pleasure when it happens for real.

Bob held her cheeks apart while he flicked his tongue across her tight ass hole. His tongue slowly opened her as his fingers dug into her cheeks. Alyssa felt his tongue poking into her ass. His hands grabbed her cheeks tighter as he pulled her up higher to his face.

She let out a soft whimper as she felt his fingers move closer to her tight hole. As Bob moved his fingertip across the opening, she instinctively puckered it tighter. The thought of him invading her ass so violently frightened her horribly. She gasped suddenly. Bob’s spit splattered all over the cheeks of her ass as his finger shoved through the wet glob ran down, and covered the puckered hole.

She gasped a quick, frightened breath as his finger thrust deeper inside her ass, her muscles tightened in attempt to keep it from violating her further, then subconsciously relaxed knowing the pain was less traumatic if she just consented to the invasion and allowed it. Bob’s finger twisted back and forth, he shoved it deeper with each thrust, almost raising her off her knees with the force of his forearm powering behind his fist.

Tom slapped her ass with his hand. The sting burned into Alyssa’s cheek. She threw her head back as the second blow of his hand crashed into her flesh again, then buried it quickly into the pillows below her face to muffle the scream that escaped her lips. Tom’s slaps began to come immediately after each one of the thrusts from Bob’s finger fucking her ass hole. She laid there in silence with her face buried, trying to hold herself together, determined to get through this nightmare alive.

Scott reached for her thick blonde curls and wrapped his fingers tightly around the mass of hair covering her neck. He jerked her face up off the pillow and pulled it high into the air. She squeezed her eyes tighter to stop the tears from flowing out the corners of them. His body moved across the top of the bed as he kept her hair grasped tightly in his fist. His other hand fumbled with the buckle of his belt while Alyssa struggled to swallow.

Alyssa heard his pants hit the bed and then felt his weight shift from one side to the other while he lifted his feet from the pants legs of his jeans. She listened as they hit the wall and then winced at the pain of him pulling her head by her hair forward to his body. She heard the headboard of the bed bang the wall as he leaned back against it and jerked her head toward his bulging cock that hung just below her mouth. She could smell the musky scent of sweat that lingered on the pubic hair covering his swollen balls.

At first she closed her mouth tightly. But, Scott’s other hand grabbed her jaw and dug his fingers into it until he forced her mouth open. His cock pressed against her lips as she opened them desperately in an attempt to inhale. His cock rammed past her lips, she gasped quickly as he continued to shove it deeper into her mouth. Both Scott’s hand grabbed her blonde curls on each side of her head as his hips began thrusting forward, fucking her mouth for his own pleasure.

Alyssa tried hard not to gag as the force of his cock hit against the back of her throat and made her gasp for air each time. He tugged and pulled her hair harder with each push, laughing and moaning sadistically as though he was expecting her to enjoy this as much as he obviously was. His hips thrust the weight of his body towards her as his cock plunged in and out of her mouth. Scott’s hands pulled her face forward and shoved her nose against the thick mass of hair covering his pubic mound. Alyssa could feel his dick throbbing on her tongue as he continued to force her to suck his thick cock. She closed her eyes tightly and prayed that he would not force her to swallow his nasty cum.

Tom’s hand still slapping her ass was becoming hotter with each blow. Alyssa could feel the heat from her now blistering red cheeks burning deep inside her muscles. Bob withdrew his tongue from her ass only to replace it with two of his rough, calloused, thick fingers. The force he used as he shoved them inside her tight little hole again made her lunge forward away from him, so he grab her hips, pulled her back onto his knuckles while his other hand reached for his buckle of his belt.

“Tom, I think it is about time Alyssa knows the true meaning of being a three input girl.” Bob cackled.

“Do ya’ really think so?” Tom laughed back.

“Well guys, not sure what the other two holes feel like yet, but the bitch can deep throat like no whore I ever paid for can.” Scott assured them.

Scott pulled his cock out of her mouth as Tom and Bob slid their jeans off and tossed them aside. Alyssa stayed up on her knees for a few moments then slowly tried to move off the bed. Scott still stood above her at the head of the bed and quickly grabbed her hair again and yanked her back up onto her knees. His hand stung into her cheek as he slapped her for being so stupid.

“What the fuck? Bitch! Com’ on now, where the fuck did you think you were going Alyssa? We aren’t even close to being done with you yet.” Scott said in an evil tone.

“Well guys, all I know is I want her fucking pussy before you two pigs make it so fucking nasty and slimy that she won’t be worth fucking.” Tom laughed.

“Don’t worry bro. I was thinking we would just fill her cunt with so much cum that she will be nice and slippery for what ever we decide to fuck her with.” Scott mused back to his cohorts.

“Bob,” Scott said, “lift the cunt off the bed, but hold her tight. Don’t want the little whore to think we are done playing with her.”

“Yeah, I want the bitch to straddle me so I can slide my 9 inches deep inside that tight little cunt. Can’t wait to see if she can take it all the way without flinching.” Tom laughed while he moved onto the bed.

Tom adjusted the pillows behind his head while he moved to the center of the bed. He reached up and grabbed her wrists while Bob shoved her down onto Tom’s stomach. Tom reached his hands down to her ass cheeks and squeezed them tightly as he moved her pussy over the tip of his thick shaft. Alyssa could feel the pulsating tip resting on the tender tissue just above her clit. Tom’s clumsy hands opened her lips with one hand as his other hand pressed against her ass shoving his cock with one quick thrust into her pussy.

“Oh my God!” Alyssa shrieked as his long, thick, cock forced it’s way deep into her cunt. She felt the most horrendous pain as his hips rose off the bed shoving it faster and deeper. “Please stop. Not so hard. Please!” She begged softly to Tom. His face was just inches from her mouth. She could only hope that there was some sense of compassion in this man and he would slow the repetition of his thrusts to something that she could attempt to force her body to take.

Without saying a word, or acknowledging her request, Tom slightly eased up on the force he was using. He looked up at her face, her eyes still blindfolded and smiled. “Damn, she is tight!” He declared.

“Fuck Tom, even the Grand Canyon would be tight when you have a cock that fucking long and thick, you dumb bastard.” Bob joked.

“Yeah, yeah, whatever. But, I’m telling you. She is tight!” Tom laughed back.

“Well get it feeling how you want it ‘cuz her ass is mine now!” Bob let it be known.

Bob watched as Tom moved his feet off the end of the bed and wiggled down farther towards the edge. Tom barely missed a beat while fucking Alyssa’s now wet pussy as he waited for Bob to mount her ass. Tom held her hips while he guided his cock slowly in and out of her cunt, then stopped briefly when Bob lifter her ass higher until the head of his cock was rested against her ass hole.

“Better take a deep breath bitch, ‘cuz here I come. Open up for daddy!” Bob said viciously as he shoved his cock as hard as he could deep into her hole. She went to scream out in pain, but Tom grabbed her hair and pulled her face to his and covered her mouth with his. His tongue forced it’s way between her lips into her mouth and kept the sound from escaping.

Bob shoved his cock farther inside her ass. His balls slammed against the cheeks of her ass and against Tom’s balls. Alyssa winced and squirmed as she tried to ease the pain shooting through her quivering body. She bucked away from Bob only to feel Tom’s cock pressing against the same muscles that Bob’s cock was crushing with his every thrust.

Tom broke off the kiss and silently whispered against her lips, “try and relax, the pain will ease up if you just let it, Alyssa.”

Alyssa heard his words and his tone calmed her almost instantly. She took another deep breath as the two men filled her holes with their enormous shafts. She could feel the skin stretching with each movement and soon the pain began to subside. As Bob and Tom began to find a compatible rhythm, Alyssa’s fear was slowly giving way to feelings she was disgusted at herself for having.

What was just moments ago sheer ripping pain was now feeling more like the fun she and Brad had just before she fell asleep. She thought back to his cock fucking her ass while she worked the vibrator deep into her pussy. Her clit then rubbed against Brad’s thick pubic mound just like it was now with Tom.

Scott moved back in front of Alyssa but was not as vicious this time when he lifted her mouth to his waiting cock. She opened her mouth willingly, as though she knew she had no choice and was going to try to make this nightmare end sooner if she just cooperated.

With both men fucking her tight holes, she began to feel her muscles contracting and constricting each of the heads of their cocks as they pulled them out and then shoved them back in. Her body was slowly beginning to match their rhythm as her hips began bucking forward and rocking back with theirs. Unconsciously she raised her hand up to grasp Scott’s cock. Her fingernails gently traced the helmet around the tip while her tongue instinctively teased the sensitive veins bulging along the sides of his shaft.

As Alyssa’s tongue swirled around the length of Scott’s cock, her lips nibbled tiny bites all over the surface. She lifted her head higher to meet his dick and opened her mouth wider. She reached around his back and grabbed his ass as she pulled him to her. Her throat began to relax and take his cock deep into the back of it. The muscles tightened around the tip as Scott slowly moved back and forth. He fucked her mouth with the same speed and enjoyment as Tom and Bob did. They now filled all three of her holes.

‘Wow,’ Alyssa thought wickedly for a second. ‘I am now a three input girl.’ Her tongue continued to lick and tease Scott’s cock. Her clit became more sensitive to each movement of Tom fucking her wet cunt. She arched her back and pushed against the thick shaft ramming her cunt as though she was desperate for more.

‘This was what it is supposed to be like.’ Alyssa thought to herself.

She heard the three men moaning with pleasure and quickly allowed herself to feel the sensation as well. Alyssa’s deep-throated moans vibrated through Scott’s shaft as the mood changed drastically from fear to intense enjoyment for her. She took a drastic chance as she reached for the blindfold, but felt Scott’s hand grip her wrist and instead just pushed her hair off her forehead. The feeling of all three of her sex holes being fucked so wickedly, made her juices flow intensely, it covered her thighs as well as Tom’s and smothered his balls in her thick creamy liquid.

Tom reached for her tits swaying just in front of his mouth. His hands twiddled the clamps still dangling from the tips of her swollen nipples. He gently tugged the chain pulling the two nipples closer together as his fingers traced the outline of each of them. He chuckled to himself as she lowered her breasts closer to his face as though they were begging him for more attention.

Tom carefully eased the metal teeth from the clamp off her left nipple and quickly sucked it deep into his mouth. She cooed softly as the blood rushed to the deprived tip of her nipple while his hot mouth and swirling tongue tried to ease the intense pain of the coursing blood filling back into them. Alyssa pressed the fullness of her tit against his face, moaning as his mouth softened the torment she had felt briefly from the release. Tom reached for the other nipple and again did the same thing.

Both of Tom’s hands lifted her tits to his mouth. His tongue took turns teasing each tortured nipple while she ground her clit harder against him. Her ass bucked to meet each thrust of Bob’s cock while her mouth slurped at the spit slathering down Scott’s shaft.

Alyssa imagined the sight of seeing the three of these strangers fucking her so wickedly in her boyfriend’s bed. What would Brad do if he ever saw her acting out that fantasy she had been so excited to have shared with him just hours ago? What if he was to walk in and found her here with them now? What would he think? Would he wonder what kind of slut she was?

She quickly shoved those thoughts from her mind as she felt her body building in tension and ecstasy. The sensations of these cocks and the feelings of being so trashy excited her more now than they ever had. She almost laughed out loud thinking about the three of them. How could they have known that they picked the wrong woman to gang rape? She could not explain the emotions she was fighting with the lust that was filling her head, but she knew the sensations building between her thighs. Alyssa could feel her body tightening around each cock fucking her. She knew she was not able to control her body when she reached this point.

Alyssa’s fingers franticly began pumping Scott’s cock while her mouth sucked it harder and faster. Her words begging him to fuck her mouth were almost silenced by the thick cock crammed deeper into her mouth with each breath she took.

“Oh guys!” She gasped. “Fuck me! Damnit! Cum you fucking bastards!” She suddenly screamed out as her body began its own erotic convulsions.

Her words seemed to be all they needed to hear. Tom’s mouth bit into her tit as his hands grabbed her hips and shoved her harder against his body. He felt Bob’s cock fuck her ass harder, more violent than he had been. Meanwhile, Bob’s hands grabbed her ass cheeks. He squeezed them together as his cock rammed her sweet little ass. The tightness choked his shaft with each thrust. Bob’s legs began to shake at the same time Scott’s knees started buckling.

Alyssa sucked Scott’s dick furiously as her own cum began oozing from her cunt. Her whimpers only intensified the feelings shooting through Scott’s cock as his cum began pumping her mouth full of his hot sticky jism. His hands pulled her hair harder as she swallowed madly each drop shot from the tip of his shaft. She felt the gooey cum sliding down the back of her throat as Tom’s cock began to erupt deep inside her pussy.

The heat from Tom’s cum almost burned the tender flesh inside her cunt. For a brief moment, it felt as though both Tom and Bob were fighting to pump more cum into her pussy and ass than the other one. Some competition. ‘Let’s see who can fill the whore’s holes with the most cum.’ She thought.

As all four bodies were jerking and twitching, Alyssa could not stop her second orgasm from erupting just as intensely as her first. Her body quivered more and shuddered with each contraction of her pussy. Her ass hole puckered tighter after each pulsating shot of cum pour in and squirted out of her holes.

Bob was the first to pull his cock out from deep inside her. She heard him step back as he left out a sigh of contented exhilaration. She could not make out the next few sounds coming from the side of the bed where Bob seemed to have moved to, but gave up trying to figure out the noise as Tom’s body again rippled below her.

Alyssa’s hands slowly released Scott’s cock and she heard his body lean back against the headboard. The board bumped against the wall while she tossed her sweaty blonde locks away from her cum smeared lips.

She slowly began to lift herself off of Tom’s sweat glistened chest and felt his limp cock slip out of her cum drenched cunt. She rolled onto her back beside Tom exhausted, and this time when her hand reached for the blindfold, no one stopped her.

Alyssa’s eyes struggled to adjust to the bright lights and the images of the three men who just fuck her in ways that no other men ever had. She laid there smiling at them while trying to figure out what the hell she was going to do now.

“Well Alyssa, I take it you didn’t seem to mind being a little whore as much as you protested to now did you?” Scott laughed and teased her.

She blushed instantly. She was almost ashamed of herself. “I can’t believe this shit,” was all she could think to say.

“Look Alyssa, we don’t want any shit from this and I am sure you don’t want the hubby to know what you have been up to while he was away.” Bob stated. “So why don’t we just all keep this our big secret, and we will never have to tell the world how much you enjoyed being used like a street whore.”

“He is not my hubby.” Alyssa started to explain but could only finish with a nod in silent agreement. She watched quietly as the three dressed and walked out of the room. For a moment, she closed her eyes while she listened to the garage door close behind them and pictured the images of three cocks pleasing her at once. What a sight she must have been. She wanted those cocks. Her holes still stretched and ached from the abuse but she did not care. This would be an image she would use to please herself with her alone with vibrators the next time she wanted an orgasm.

Quickly she looked at the clock. 2:00am. ‘Oh shit,’ she thought. Brad would be back any minute. She did not want to explain any of this to him and she jumped up from the bed and rushed to the shower. She stood there under the hot water with her hands against the wall as though she needed help standing. She felt the water washing away all of the cum coating her thighs and smiled.

She reached for a towel as she turned the water off and stepped out wrapping it tightly around her naked body. She rushed into the bedroom and grabbed her torn gown off the floor, wadded it up and stuck it in the side pocket of her purse so Brad would not see it to ask what happened to it. She would just pretend the next morning to have fallen asleep naked waiting for him to return if he asked.

Alyssa fixed the covers on the bed and put the ropes and cuffs back where they had been when Brad left then crawled back into bed. Her slender fingers reached over and lightly touched the base of the lamp to shut the light off as she heard his Jeep pull into the garage.

Fear again overtook her. How was she going to explain the wet hair? Damn! She would have to tell Brad that she could not sleep without him there so she took a hot shower to hopefully help her fall asleep. ‘Yeah, that will work’ she thought as she heard his footsteps walk through the kitchen towards the bedroom.

Brad quietly tried to sneak into the room. The darkness was no help but he managed to find the edge of the bed and sit down to remove his shoes. Alyssa’s squirmed over to his side and laid her wet head on his thigh.

“Hey you! I missed you so much I couldn’t sleep.” Alyssa began her lie. “So I took a shower and just now crawled back into bed hoping you would get home soon.”

“Oh babe, I am sorry Hun.” Brad apologized. “I didn’t think you would wake up or that I would be gone so long.”

He reached over and stroked her wet curly hair. “Did you miss me?” He questioned in a playful voice.

“Oh my God, did I ever.” She teased back.

Brad stood up and tapped the lamp beside the bed. Well since we are both awake,” he said as the light came on, “want to watch T.V. or something?”

Alyssa moved back up to the pillows and pulled the covers around her nude body. “Sure, why not?”

“Okay,” Brad said reaching for the remote. He shoved his pants off his legs and stepped out of them. He tossed his shirt over the back of the chair in the corner and crawled under the covers next to Alyssa.

Alyssa curled up next him to and rested her head on his chest. Brad wrapped his arm around her shoulder as he turned the T.V. on. “Let’s see what movie I have in the VCR.”

“Mmmm jesssss!” She said playfully, knowing that the last video they had watched was about two guys fucking some lucky blonde.

Alyssa closed her eyes and envisioned the visitors she had once more while the VCR began to play.

“Look bitch, don’t say a word, and nothing bad will happen to ya’!” She looked up in horror as she saw the black screen playing his voice. Then she heard the others. As the lights came on in the video she turned in horror towards Brad. The look of shock and surprise she had on her face was quickly changed to a look of fierce embarrassment.

“Lay down babe. This looks good.” Brad said with a hint of laughter. “And no, they never would have done anything to you that I did not give them permission to do.”

Alyssa just sat there in shock. “You set this up?” She demanded an answer from Brad.

“Babe, it was your fantasy. I just wanted you to live what you fantasized about. You did like it didn’t you? Wasn’t it all you hoped it would be?” Brad asked her in a soft but questioning tone.

“Oh wow! I can’t even begin to describe how I feel right now.” Alyssa claimed still in shock.

“Then let’s watch now and talk later,” Brad said as he pulled her back against his chest and caressed her shoulder softly, while Alyssa turned back to finally see what visions she had craved for so long come to life.

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