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My Unexpected Festival Highlight

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For the first 44 years of my life, I neither had, nor had considered any sexual liaisons with anyone of the same sex.

This was until the following took place:

Just to give you an idea of me, I am a tall slim (but not skinny) man, with short brown hair and blue eyes. I was in the car with my wife travelling to a music festival, we were having a row. I won’t bore you with what it was about (as it’s not particularly relevant) but it was getting quite heated and my wife’s driving was becoming more erratic.

Behind us, her sister was following in her Mini. We ended up pulling off at a service area where the row escalated once my sister-in-law got involved! The end result was my wife packing her things into her sisters car, and heading off back home! I was certainly not going to miss this festival after so much anticipation for it, so continued on.

After parking up at the festival site and queuing for the best part of 4 hours I was finally inside. After carrying a mules load of festival paraphernalia I finally collapsed with my tent in the first available space and cracked open a beer.

Once the beer had worked its magic, I proceeded to set up camp. It wasn’t long before I was chatting to the surrounding festival goers and feeling at home. Being a dance music festival, the attendees were pretty much half my age, but that has never bothered me.

As is always the case I was itching to get down to the main site and see what was going on. It was around 7pm as I got into the main arena. As I was wandering along deciding which direction to take, I came face to face with a guy selling hash truffles. He was about my height (6’2), slim athletic build with short blonde hair and green eyes. I reckon he was early 20’s. He had a big beaming smile and asked if I wanted to buy one of his truffles (they were £2 each).

As I said before I had never had any gay feelings but I found an unusual feeling in the presence of this guy.

I felt the way I have always been when in the company of a woman I’ve fancied, aware of it and conscious of not wanting to make it too obvious. It was weird! Anyway, as I was still feeling rebellious after my earlier row, I decided to buy one of his truffles (my wife wouldn’t have approved) and chatted to him a little whilst eating it.

He’d eaten one himself whilst chatting and as he walked away to continue his sales, I saw him pop another one into his mouth. “He’s going to be mashed later if he carries on at that rate” I said to myself.

After a further wander, I got the munchies, found some food and then started a nights partying. I had a brilliant night.

I think being as old as some of my fellow party goers parents made me a bit of a novelty and I was never without someone to talk to. I’d been chatting and dancing with a group of girls, and although the thought had gone through my mind of ending up with one of them in my tent, I knew the reality of that happening to me now was probably slim! Also I had never (until later) been unfaithful in any way.

At around 3am I’d pretty much had enough and decided to head back to my tent. I said goodnight to the lovely ladies and headed back.

About half way up the hill ahead of me, I saw a group of lads messing around on the ground and taking photos.

As I got nearer I could see it was Truffle boy from earlier. Not surprisingly he was wasted.

That group of guys had been piling rubbish etc on top of him and taking selfies for entertainment. I cleared his rubbish pile and attempted to wake him. My only success in getting any response from him was squirting some water in his face but he still couldn’t talk any sense. It had been a lovely hot day, but was now very humid and the forecast storm was looming. He was lying there in his shorts, shirt tied around his waist and I couldn?t bring myself to just leave him there to lie in the imminent downpour. I tried to establish where he was camped in the hope I could steer him back but he had no idea. I decided to lead him back to mine, where he could then crash the night, and then he’d probably go on to do exactly the same thing the following night!

I hasten to add that there was no ulterior motive to take him back to mine.

The unusual feeling I experienced in his company earlier had passed and hadn’t crossed my mind again.

As I had had a lot to drink myself, it was a miracle that I managed to guide us both back to my tent through the gaps and guy wires but I did. We both fell into the tent and he was instantly comatose. I removed my jeans and shortly after hearing the rain start, fell asleep.

I woke quite early as I normally do, despite the late night. It was that familiar festival awakening with the early morning sun on the tent, and it starting to get warm. It looked like the bad weather had passed. I could hear a few people were up and having breakfast. I was on my right hand side lying outwards, and Truffle boy was in the same position to my left. I wasn’t initially aware of it but then noticed he had his arm over me. He was slightly lower down than me, his head was probably just above my waist height, and his arm was over my hip with his hand hanging just in front of my crotch.

I suddenly felt very aroused and got instantly hard. I would consider myself quite a modest person, but I have to say (and have been told) that I have a very nice cock. Not massive at around seven and a half inches, but nice and straight and in good proportion. It’s not the easiest thing to hide when erect and I was already beginning to panic about this (assumed straight) guy waking up and seeing me with a massive erection. My heart started to pound but the arousal did not subside.

I was lying like this for what seemed like ages (and probably was). I didn’t want to stir and wake him as he may then see my embarrassing situation! Eventually I felt him stir behind me (in that waking up type way). He must have been aware that he was lying there with his arm over me but he didn’t make any attempt to move it. A while after, he pulled his arm back towards him so that his hand was then resting on my hip, I then felt his fingers delicately stroking my hip.

His fingertips were just in the gap between the top of my boxers and my t-shirt, it felt electric, I was frozen and not wanting to move. Another thing about my cock is it is it’s incredibly jizzy, I produce an enormous amount of pre-cum when I’m very turned on and I could feel it oozing out. At this point I still had no real idea what his intentions may have been. He could have awoken thinking his girlfriend was next to him for all I knew!

The stroking of my hip continued until he moved his arm forward again, his hand dropping in front of, and then onto my concrete hard cock. I had palpitations due to the fear of what would happen next.

With his realisation of what he’d met with, I felt him snuggle up closer behind me, go “mmmmm” and very lightly run his whole hand across my bulging boxers. I still lay there frozen, as he continued to do this, so gently only just making contact as he did it but filling me with desire for every touch.

I felt like I could cum there and then, but no way did I want this to be over so soon.

He put a little more pressure into his move and was following the outline of my cock and balls through my boxers.

He rubbed up and down the length of my cock, my shorts were soaked with pre-cum and his fingers just slid over it, as if on ice. I was now longing for actual contact, without the fabric as a barrier between his hand and my cock.

It seemed like an eternity but eventually his fingers slipped through the front of my boxers and were gliding on the pre-cum up and down my cock. He put his whole hand around it and gently squeezed it, “mmmmm” he said, “nice”.

I then felt brave enough to roll off my side and onto my back, which was no bad thing, as I already had bad cramp for being in that position so long! His hand stayed where it was but he lifted his head up and rested it on my pelvis. He pulled his hand out from the front of my shorts and licked his fingers; again going “mmmmm”. He put his hand back but from the top this time, continuing his massage but using his arm to guide my shorts down as he did it.

I raised my waist to allow them to fall down to my knees.

I wondered how I found myself in this blissful situation so alien to me, and yet more arousing than anything I’d experienced before in my life.

I was aching for the next step, which I hoped would be his mouth, and it was. Although very subtly at first.

He had moved his head down towards my groin and whilst still stroking me, gave a number of very light caresses to my cock, he’d continue to stroke, caress, stroke, and caress. I still wanted to explode but was fighting it all the way. He put his closed lips against my shaft and moved them up and down, from the head down to my balls, it was exquisite.

With any previous women I have been with, none had ever been this gentle and taken so much time over every touch, it was truly amazing. He continued in the same manner, just adding something different every few minutes, the next being running his teeth over the head with every other return to the top, gently caressing my balls when down at the base. I could feel a continuous stream of his saliva and my pre-cum running down into my groin.

He then did what he was to do only once and take me down into his throat, right down to my balls. He took it down so easily, his breathing didn’t alter in the slightest and I sensed he really had the talent for it.

He paused for a few seconds whilst at the base and then very gradually pulled back up.

I could feel his teeth along one side while his tongue lapped across the other. Why he did this only once I don’t know, maybe he could sense how close I was? If he’d repeated it even once more, I doubt I could have contained myself.

The end was sadly nigh. With his hand massaging my balls and his tongue running up and down the side of my cock I started to cum, and god did I cum. Harder than I can ever recall doing in my life. As I came, he continued tonguing me as my cum erupted and ran down my shaft and onto my balls, with some also landing on my belly.

Once I had stopped cumming, he wrapped his mouth around the head and sucked it whilst he squeezed my cock upwards from the base. It was as if he was trying squeeze out any remaining cum into his mouth. Once again he sounded “mmmm” as he cleaned up the remaining cum, playing with it with his tongue before swallowing it.

Just as I thought he was totally finished he moved to my belly and began running his tongue all over pushing drops of cum along with it on the way, until it too was clean.

With that he moved up towards me, with a beaming smile said “Thanks for looking after me last night”, gave me a peck on the cheek and stood up. I could now see his erection through his shorts. This didn’t seem to bother him because without a care in the world, he unzipped the front of the tent and walked outside with boner on full view, shouted “Cheerio” and disappeared.


I shall let the reader decide whether this is a work of fact or fiction, and am happy to receive your comments if you wish to do so at the contact tab on my profile.

thanks, Scopey

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