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Good Morning

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I wake up early, put on a bathrobe and walk out onto my balcony. There is the cute guy across the street, I wave and my tight robe lifts up exposing my thigh. I smile at his wide eyes, and ask if he wants a cup of coffee. He nods, and comes over to my place.

I let him in and invite him to sit at the kitchen counter. My bathrobe loosens as I moved around the kitchen.

The view of my hidden breasts slowly increases, tantalizing him as my movements give him glimpses as to what I have hidden underneath. I notice his hard on, and give him a knowing glance. In response to his blush, I lean across the counter exposing my perky breasts through the open neckline, and whisper “I know you like what you see, but will you like what else I can tease you with?” I walk towards my bedroom, and as I walk through the door, I undo the sash of my robe.

A minute later I hear a knock, and he appears in the door way. I smile as he stares hungrily at my exposed breasts, that softly sway as I walk towards him. I undo his pants, pulling them down and quickly move to tease his stomach with my tongue as I lightly stroke his hard on with my finger tips. I ask him to confess his darkest fantasy, but he just stares at me wide-eyed and moans.

I smile and say “Why don’t you just tell me when I get close?” I run my hands up to his nipples, teasing them, but only receiving a slight moan move my hands over his back. My mouth finds his throbbing head, and taking it deep in my wet mouth excites him, but not enough to satisfy me. I allow my hand to trace down to his balls, and then press that sensitive place between there and my next pursuit. I feel a ripple of pleasure course through him. His hands run over my head, shoulders, and back pulling me towards him. His breath and mine speed up, to the point of panting. My fingers, wet from my saliva dripping down his cock, lightly trace over his opening. A thunderous moan escapes his lips. I look up at him and smile, saying “Now I know what you want and what makes you hard.”

I pull him towards the bed, and push him down, his spread legs hanging off the bed, and his hard cock pointing towards the ceiling. I continue to lick his cock, and rub my fingers over his ass in time to my other hand squeezing his balls. I begin licking his hole causing him to almost shake and grab for the sheets to hold himself down. I feel a corresponding spurt of wetness from my hot lips, and ache to take him, all of him. I move to lie over him, my wet pussy within an inch of his face as I continue to lick and suck at his sweet cherry. I feel him start to lick hungrily, feeding the desire within me to know every part of him. I want him to enter, but first I want to make him beg for me to enter him and then feel his pleasure as I teach him what it feels like to be filled.

As his opening loosens I push my tongue further and further inside, each millimetre more made his cock pulse and his lips vibrate on my wet sex with his moans. Finally my entire tongue is inside, pressing, licking, and sucking. Then I slide one of my fingers inside feeling the hot wet muscles clench down on it and pull it in. I moan as he does, our bodies shaking with desire and pulsing with a need so great we struggle for control. I continue entering and pulling out, adding fingers, and moving them around as I search and find his prostrate. Pre-cum is dripping out, covering my breasts as they rub against his hard cock. He breaks away for my pussy to moan and shouts out “Please, I want you to fuck me now.” “Is that you deepest fantasy?” I ask between gasps. “Yes, I confess I want to be fucked.” I moan, and move off him, while telling him to be a good boy till I get back. Sliding a box from under the bed, I would lick his wet hole and then slide in a 5 inch butt plug. Then I walk into the on-suite bathroom.

He lies there moaning, and resisting the urge to rub his throbbing cock, while enjoying the feeling of having his ass filled. I return a minute later, wearing a black strap-on harness, and a 6 inch realistic dildo. His eyes widen at the sight, and he spreads his legs as his cock twitches. I asked him “Is this what you want?” , but he is only able to moan in response. I kneel down, licking his hole, pressing the plug in and then pulling it out. I enter with my fingers teasing him, then I ask him (as a test) what he wants. “My hot wet pussy?” I ask sliding it over his cock, so that my lips are rubbing against the head. “Or my cock?” and I lean back and lick his ass and finger it. His groin-tightening moan to the second action is my answer.

I quickly move to the foot of the bed, and spreading his legs I place the head of my dildo at his hot opening. I tell him to look in the mirror that was off to the side of the bed where he could see my cock about to enter his ass. I reach in one last time with a lubed finger, and after pressing his prostrate and pulling it out I lean forward to lick his cock and then slide the head of my cock passed his opening. His eyes open wide as he moaned and presses back on my cock, wanting more. I slowly pull out (but not all the way) and then enter again and again, going deeper each time. One inch in, pull out to ½ inch, two inches in, out to 1 inch, again and again until his tight ass holds my entire 6 inches. I increase the rhythm as his and my panting breaths come between bursts of moans. I feel him get closer and closer, my own need growing with each stroke.

He reaches forward grabbing my ass, and pulling me in faster and faster. He is moaning, calling out “I need you… fuck me” between moans, as he feels his deepest desire become reality and his ass being fucked. The ripples of pleasure are coursing though him and when I reach forward to lightly lick his cock, he almost comes. He gasps and then shouts out “Oh not yet, I want you… keep going… I want to come with you in me… now… oh now.” Suddenly he pulls me in, wraps his legs around me and moans as just one lick sends him spiralling over the edge. His cum showers our naked bodies. With juice dripping down my legs from my own climax, I lean forward, and lick some cum off his cock. We lie there breathless and satisfied, my strap-on cock buried deeply in his still pulsing ass.

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