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Recognizing My Fantasy

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The ice clinked in the empty glass as Leah fumbled to find the night stand. She’d drained the last of the brandy in one gulp. She was tired of sitting at home alone. Normally, she didn’t drink alone, but she’d been angry tonight.

She’d been getting to know a guy she met online and their conversations had gotten pretty deep. She’d chatted online with Xavier for a while before exchanging phone numbers.

Then, they called or texted each other for a while. They told stories, shared secrets. Leah had never been this open with anyone and she hoped Xavier felt the same.

But, Leah was a little nervous and justifiably skeptical. Xavier seemed too perfect. The pictures he had posted on his profile looked like a professional model, but he swore they were of him. Not a pretty-boy model, but a dangerous, edgy model. He had muscles for days, a chocolate complexion (covered in an array of tattoos), and smoldering gray eyes. He had an easy smile, evident in nearly all of his pictures. His hair was twisted into short dreads. His deep voice was sexy and husky and he definitely said all the right things. He’d tried to persuade her to meet several times—there wasn’t a reason in the world not to—and yet she’d given him every lame excuse in the book.

He’d told her how beautiful she was, how he loved her personality, and her passion. He’d begged before finally giving her an ultimatum. She couldn’t blame him. And she almost went. She was afraid. Afraid of what might happen if she invited someone into her life. Afraid that he’d see her and bolt. Afraid that he’d see her and she’d fall for him. So, in the end, Leah removed her profile from the website and got drunk.

Leah pushed herself up from her bed and stumbled to the bathroom. She’d already taken her contacts out so she grabbed her back-up glasses so she wouldn’t be blind. She was washing her hands when she heard a creaking sound. She froze. She exhaled and dried her hands. Slightly sobered, but still full of liquid courage, she strolled through her apartment to investigate. Nothing was there. The back door in the kitchen was locked and the chain secure. The window was closed against the cold winter night. The front door and windows in the living room were secure also. She walked through the hallway to the second bedroom and saw a branch from the front tree scraping the closed window. She sighed, relieved to have found the source of the noise, and retreated to her bed.

The brandy had made Leah’s cheeks flushed and her body warm. She’d stripped, turned the heat down, and lay under a thin blanket but was still burning up. Even the fan wasn’t working. She reached over to the nightstand, hitting the empty brandy glass, before turning on the lamp and sliding her glasses back on her nose. She walked across the room to the window, pulled the curtains back, and stared out into the night.

Her apartment was on the edge of town and had four residents—Leah was on the first floor in apartment 2. Mr. Davis stayed across the hall in apartment 1 but was 85 years old, nearly deaf, and slept most of the time. Apartment 4 was rented to a couple in their twenties—they were either out until the wee hours of the morning or they were traveling, almost never at home. Apartment 3 was currently empty. The apartment was nice, quiet, and safe, on a rarely-traveled road and backed up against a thicket of woods. The moon was nowhere to be seen but there were several stars twinkling overhead.

Leah didn’t think twice as she raised the window a few inches and kept the curtains parted slightly. The cool night air hit her overheated skin and she sighed with relief. She turned to head back to the bed and caught her reflection in the full length mirror. She was medium height, had a little extra weight that added curves to her thick (but not fat) frame. She had short, dark spiky hair and perfectly arched eyebrows. Her lips were full and were the exact same shade of pinky-brown that her nipples were. Her breasts weren’t huge, but felt heavy in her palms. Her stomach rounded slightly but was offset by her voluptuously curvy hips. She had a neat and trim patch of dark hair at the apex of her thighs. She stroked her already damp pussy as she gazed in the mirror, but the liquor had her yawning before she could even think about a self-imposed orgasm. She crawled into bed and hit the light. She rolled over and realized her glasses were on—she pulled them off and tried to put them on the nightstand. They clattered to the floor. Leah shrugged her shoulders, sighed, and laid her head back on the pillow.

She thought she was dreaming. She was lying in the middle of her bed and could feel someone standing over her. It was dark, though, so she couldn’t be sure. Her heartbeat increased and she fought against the effects of the alcohol but she only managed to roll to the side and sit up. Her impaired vision and even more impaired judgment kept her from fully assessing the situation. She flipped the light on and tried to find her glasses but no luck.

“Who’s there?” Leah asked. She sat there for a moment, squinting—no sound, save the fan blowing and the crickets chirping outside. She exhaled. Just a dream. Just a dream. She rolled out of bed and was disoriented, but she made it to the window and slid it shut. She was back asleep in minutes.

Xavier looked down at Leah and smiled. He was going to show her that there was nothing to be afraid of. They’d had a million conversations and shared their life stories, their dreams, their fears, their desires. He knew she was shy but couldn’t believe she’d allow that to keep them from meeting. He decided that he’d show her how much he cared—and how little she had to fear.

When she’d sat up and turned on the light, Xavier panicked for a split second. He realized quickly she didn’t have her contacts in and was rendered blind as a bat. He took a couple of quiet steps backward while she was looking for her glasses and concealed himself in the darkness of her closet. He’d ascertained where she lived by her vague descriptions of the place and of her car. They lived in a small town—he was familiar with nearly every neighborhood, so finding her was a breeze. He spotted her open window and carefully climbed through.

Ordinarily, Xavier wouldn’t have done anything like this. He knew that under normal circumstances, he would be considered crazy, a stalker, breaking and entering, etc. But his and Leah’s conversations had never been ordinary or normal. When they’d discussed their dreams, fears, and desires, Leah had been pretty descriptive one day. And he was only giving her what she’d inadvertently asked for.

Xavier watched Leah’s peaceful sleep and almost hated to disturb her. He’d fallen in love with her pictures, her voice, and her personality over the phone. He was ready to fall in love with her in person. He told himself, time to get into character.

Leah knew she was dreaming this time. She was spread eagle on her bed, naked, a thin blanket covering her. She could feel the blanket being lifted from the bottom. Something shifted on the bed and the blanked tented between her legs. Open your eyes, Leah, she told herself. The brandy and the anticipation kept her in that perfect place between asleep and awake. She moaned softly and stretched like a cat.

Xavier felt his dick harden as Leah moaned and arched her back. He was propped up on his elbows between her legs, the blanket over his head. He wanted her to wake up with his tongue in her pussy. He exhaled a heavy breath that tickled across her thighs before leaning in to inhale the fragrance of her already slick pussy. Her legs were parted just enough for him to trace up the folds with his tongue and raze her clitoris. At the contact, he felt her relax, legs falling open in response. He accepted the unspoken invitation.

Leah wanted to be fucked. Her pussy was wet, her nipples were hard, just wake up, Leah, wake up. She finally realized, she was having a wet dream! She chuckled to herself and relaxed to enjoy. She only hoped she could remember every detail when she woke up.

Xavier placed a hand on each thigh and really got to work. He was licking, sucking, his beard and moustache, chin, nose, and lips all in on the action. His face was literally soaking wet and Leah’s hips were rocking with each touch. He listened to the sound of her sweet sighs, her muttered curses, and her urgent moans. He finally grabbed her hips, pulling her even closer to him and positioned her legs on his shoulders on either side of his head. He started licking her from front to back, back to front. Her asshole a tight, wrinkled indentation, her pussy swollen and slick, just begging to be taken, and her clit was firm and throbbing with each heartbeat. She was so fucking wet, he didn’t know how he’d be able to last.

Leah ground her pussy against her dream lover’s face. She was on the verge of an orgasm that promised to be so intense, she wasn’t sure she could take it. And then she felt his long, thick fingers push into her, once, twice, three times. Her hips lifted off the mattress. He struggled to stay with her. His tongue never stopped teasing her clit and he kept her thighs pressed against either side of his head.

Suddenly Leah’s eyes popped open. She realized what she’d just experienced was real. Xavier felt her tense. He crawled further under the covers and up her body, never releasing his grip on her. Her chest heaved and he could tell she was contemplating a scream. He shook her to snap her out of it. His head was still under the covers, but his face was level with her breasts now. He licked her from the underneath of one breast, over the nipple, and up to her neck. Then he did the other one. She was still tense, but he could feel her exhale and knew she’d reconsidered the scream. Xavier was glad he’d been able to shake her out of it. He knew he couldn’t say anything—Leah would recognize his voice.

Leah’s scream died in her throat as she realized the person in her bed meant business. Nobody would hear her anyway. She assessed the situation quickly—his quick shake, his heavy body, her wet pussy, and the orgasm he’d ignited in her made for a strange equation. Fear, curiosity, and the sexual tension of the situation won out over the scream. He’d given no indication that he meant any harm—in fact, just the opposite. The liquor had the final say—she decided to let it all play out.

She tried to pull the covers up—he pushed them back down. She tried to touch him under the covers—he pushed her arms away. She tried to sit up—he pushed her body flat. She finally gave up—he was strong, she could feel his weight and the strength in the way he was moving.

“Who are you?” she asked, not expecting a response.

Silence. And a seductive lick.

“Please, tell me.”

She felt his head go back and forth, tongue grazing the valley between her breasts as he indicated, “no.”

Xavier knew that her fear was subsiding and was waiting for the anger to come. It was going to be good—anger was a passionate emotion. His refusal to answer her questions would fuel that fire.

And, he was right. After ravishing her breasts with his tongue, he could feel her trying to reject the sensations. Her body tensed a split second before she fought against him. She twisted her body, arms pushing, legs kicking. She caught him in the jaw just enough to stun him momentarily. She leapt from the bed. There was nowhere for her to go—disoriented, she backed herself into a corner of the bedroom. He sauntered up to her—he was still fully clothed in cargo pants, Timberland boots, and a hoodie. The fear was written all over her face, made even more so by the fact that she couldn’t see her own hand in front of her face.

“Look, just leave, please!” she said, her knees slightly buckling—from fear or from arousal, Xavier was about to find out. He pulled the hoodie over his head and let it drop to the floor. He bent at the waist to loosen the laces of his boots before kicking them off. When Leah heard the zipper of his cargo pants, she whimpered. He chuckled. Those too, hit the floor and his dick stood straight out, stretching his boxer briefs. He knew Leah couldn’t see it, but he knew she’d feel it momentarily. He lunged at her and held her captive in his arms. She struggled, but he lifted her easily and strode to the bed. He laid her down and straddled her hips, caressing her breasts, her waist, her throat. He knelt down to kiss her neck and as his mouth reached her ear, he spoke the first words—but only in whisper, “I’m going to kiss you.”

She seemed to accept her fate and nodded. He cradled her face in his hands and layered tiny kisses over her forehead, nose, and cheeks. He inhaled her scent and smiled before bringing his lips down on hers.

Leah had been afraid at first. Then mad. But now, feeling the butterfly kisses this man was placing all over her face, she felt confused. When his lips hit hers, she gasped and breathed him in. He tasted of wintergreen and a sweet cigar. His tongue boldly caressed hers, moving luxuriously in and out of her mouth. Her already wet and well-sated pussy was crying out for more. She kissed him back with fervor—her first thought had been rape. But this man wasn’t raping her. He wasn’t even fucking her, really. It was more like a fulfillment. She pushed every thought out of her mind and only concentrated on how this man was making her feel.

Xavier tasted the heat and sweetness of brandy on Leah’s tongue. Tentative at first, her tongue had finally met his with as much excitement and fervor as his own. When he finally pulled away, she whimpered softly and said, “please.” It was nearly Xavier’s undoing. He had to calm himself down, while at the same time, taking this to another level, making it more exciting and risqué for Leah. But all he wanted to do was to hold her and love her. This wasn’t just some girl. This was his girl.

Leah opened her eyes again, desperate to see who was taking her like this. Damn her terrible eyesight. She sighed. Xavier sat up and slowly moved his hips up Leah’s torso until he was straddling her shoulders. Her breathing had quickened, she knew what was coming. He pulled the boxer briefs down over his erection and placed the tip of it at her mouth.

Leah felt his dick brush against her lips and she tried to pull away. He was insistent, rubbing it back and forth across the seam of her lips. Leah was still freaking out by the fact that she was in this situation, but she was accepting it. In fact, she wanted to taste the wetness at the tip. She stuck her tongue out. That simple move made him moan. The dry softness of her lips felt nice against his dick, but the moist heat of her tongue was heaven. She opened her mouth even more and tilted her head up. She pulled the head into her mouth and sucked. He pushed it toward her gently but insistently. She braced herself and when she felt the head hit the back of her throat, she was ready to swallow.

“Fuckin’ shit,” Xavier cursed as he felt his dick slide down her throat. His balls rested against her chin and she was on the verge of gagging, but she stayed strong. He pulled out. His dick throbbed.

Leah couldn’t help it. She was squirming underneath him. Her pussy ached to be filled. She wanted to come again—this time, on the stranger’s dick. Her pussy flooded at the thought of the “stranger’s dick.” In her mouth, down her throat, filling up her pussy. She couldn’t tell him that, though. He would barely even speak to her. He raised up again, and rolled her over on her stomach. He moved her around so that her face was pushed into a pillow, turned to the side so she could breathe, and her ass was jacked up in the air. She kept trying to push her shoulders up, but he wanted her back arched—he adjusted and readjusted so that her ass was on display. He fingered her again, ensuring she was still wet. She momentarily panicked again—wasn’t he going to put on a condom?

Xavier knew Leah was on the pill so he wasn’t worried about a condom. They’d both extensively discussed how often they’d been tested. He trusted her, knew she could trust him. But she didn’t know that. He could feel her tense, but knew that it would only add to her excitement. He grabbed her hips, positioned his dick, and thrust it in her wetness.

Both Xavier and Leah cried out. Her pussy walls enveloped his dick as it filled her up. They sat for a moment, still except for her pussy clenching and his balls tightening. And then she moved.

Leah couldn’t take it. She pulled her pussy away and threw it back at the man, hard. His balls bounced against her clit. She moaned. He put a hand on the top of her ass to help guide, but she did all the work.

“God damn, that looks good,” Xavier said, marveling at the way her ass bounced against him, watching his hard black dick penetrating the soft pink pussy. His chocolate hand was in sharp contrast to her creamy white ass. He moved both hands so that they gripped her hips. She kept thrusting, desperate to feel him entering her again and again. She reached around and held out her hand—he paused confused. “Spit in it,” she said. His dick twitched. He let a long string of saliva drip down into her hand. She maneuvered so that she placed that hand at her clitoris and started teasing herself. Her movements became more erratic. Her rhythm wasn’t totally gone, but she was bucking wildly against him. Each new move caused her to moan a little louder. Finally, Xavier felt her pussy gush and clamp down around him. As she came, Leah’s more vocal side came out.

“Oh God, oh God, oh God, please don’t stop fucking me, please!”

He smirked and kept pounding.

“Please, ooh shit, fuck me, yes, like that, ooh please, don’t stop, don’t stop FUCKMEHARD-FUCKMEHARD-FUCKMEHARD!!!!!!!”

And then she shuddered and flopped on the mattress. Xavier was amazed at how hard she’d come. He laughed out loud. She turned to the side and said, “What?” He gave her a slap on the ass. She could’ve fallen immediately asleep, but it was his turn. He let her lie flat on her stomach. He spread her ass cheeks wide and let another string of saliva loose, this time to drop on her tight little asshole. His finger teased and he continued to rub his hard dick against her pussy. He finally pushed the finger in, moving it around and around. She moaned, but her breath quickened.

“That hurts,” she said quietly.

He inserted another finger.

“Nooooo, please,” Leah said.

He pumped them in and out while she moaned her objections. He waited for her to relax even more. And then he pressed the head of his dick against her ass.

“No, please, it’s gonna hurt,” Leah said, excitedly. She was rising up off the bed and Xavier pushed her down. He rubbed her back and pressed even harder against her asshole. After much moaning and squirming and pleading, he’d finally been able to get the head in.

“If you would relax, you would love this,” he promised her. He wiped the sweat from his brow and pushed against her, sliding deeper.

Leah had gotten quiet—more quiet than she’d been all night. But he felt her relax against him and he was able to slide his dick nearly all the way inside. He leaned forward and held his dick very still. Leah’s head was turned to the side and he took her mouth with his. They kissed deeply and he started moving. He stretched his arm underneath her and started massaging her clit.

After a minute, she started moving back against him. Xavier couldn’t believe how lucky he was—Leah was a sweetheart, beautiful, and she was great in the bedroom.

Leah could feel another orgasm coming on—shockingly because of the dick in her ass. Her cheeks flushed at the thought and she started throwing her ass back at the man just like she’d thrown her pussy back earlier. His fingers moved against her clit and suddenly she was in the waves of another huge orgasm.

Xavier just marveled at her. The first orgasm had made Leah loud—the second one robbed her of speech. He could see her eyes close, her nostrils flare, her mouth open in a silent “o”. She stroked back on his dick long and deep. He rode it out with her until her spasms caused his own orgasm to erupt. He gripped her hips and plunged himself into her over and over and over. His hot nut shot into her ass and he collapsed down on top of her.

Leah felt the heat spurt into her ass and she sighed. The whole experience had been pleasure. And pain. Fear and love and anger and eroticism—she couldn’t believe what had happened to her. They rolled over together and fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Xavier had fallen asleep but woke up well before dawn—he silently rolled out of Leah’s bed and pulled on his clothes. He had decided he’d just go out the back door. He picked up his boots and tiptoed toward the hallway. She’d never know what happened.


He froze. Then his eyes darted to the bed. She was sitting up, looking at him through thick lenses. His heart beat erratically in his chest. What would she say? Would she be mad? Would she think he was crazy? He was ready to bolt—he certainly wasn’t going to respond.

“You can stay the night if you want,” Leah said calmly, “But if you leave, be sure to lock the door behind you.”

She smiled, took the glasses off, and lay back down. He paused, dropped the boots, and pulled his clothes back off. He climbed back into bed with Leah and settled under the covers.

“How did you—” Xavier started to ask, but she stopped him midsentence, laughing.

“You were the only one I told this fantasy to,” she said and kissed him.

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