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Wife and I Discover a new Desire

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My sexy wife and I had just finished having sex. Many nights after sex, we would talk about what turns us on. For years, I had been eating my own cum. My wife loved to watch me eat it. I loved to eat it. Tonight, after filling my wife’s shaved pussy, she sat on my face and I cleaned my cum from her bringing her to an explosive orgasm. My wife loved having me suck and lick her freshly fucked pussy clean.

Tonight, she asked me if I had any new fantasies. I have for years fantasized about watching my gorgeous wife being fucked by at least 2 other men while I watched. I also loved thinking about my sexy wife having sex with another sexy woman. My wife, Kim, knew of these fantasies and loved to tease and taunt me by talking about it – many times at inappropriate times. While out in public, we would see an attractive woman, Kim would notice me looking at her and then would whisper, “I’ll bet you’d like to see me suck her big tits!” She would give a sexy, little grin and my cock would immediately stiffen in my pants.

Many times, I would have to try to hide the bulge in my jeans while my wife would giggle at my predicament. Other times, we would be shopping at a home improvement store and Kim would spot a couple of macho construction guys and she would grab my arm and point to 2 or 3 of them and whisper, “Imagine those studs, fucking me silly while you watch!”. Again, my cock would begin throbbing and I would turn red and try to hide my erection. Kim loved teasing me.

What Kim didn’t know was that while I had been fantasizing about watching her with a couple of other men, I also fantasized about cleaning their cum from her delicious pussy or tits. What was even more amazing was I had recently starting fantasizing about being submissive to Kim and the other men including sucking their cocks.

Many times I had masturbated thinking about sucking a cock for Kim while she watched me and taunted me about it. So this night, after eating her cum-filled pussy, she asked me if I had any other fantasies I wanted to talk about. As we laid there, Kim began licking and sucking my nipples (which I love) and when I told her I couldn’t think of any new fantasies, she asked: “Are you sure?” Almost as if she knew I had new fantasies. I wasn’t sure how Kim would react to my new fantasies and I wasn’t sure I wanted to admit them – even to myself.

Instead of answering, I asked her, “Do you have any new fantasies that are turning you on?” Kim gently flicked her tongue against my hard nipple and my cock stirred. Kim gently grabbed my balls and sucked my nipple hard, gently biting at it.

“Well, since you asked, yes, I’ve had something on my mind, that really gets me wet.” She responded.

“Honey, I love you, you have such a dirty mind!” I add.

“Well, we’ll see how much you love my dirty mind after I tell you my kinky fantasies.” She comments.

“Please, do tell!” I ask.

“Well, I do love that you enjoy eating your own cum, it makes me quite wet watching you drink it, lick it from me or even swallow it after I pass it to you when you cum in my mouth. And I’m quite turned on by the thought of another man or two fucking me while you watch, but what’s really getting me wet is…well…” Kim hesitates, and licks my nipple again.

My cock is stiff. “Go on, baby, tell me your hot fantasy!” I plead.

“Well, just like you get turned on by two women making love, I love fantasizing about man to man sex!” Kim announces.

“Really?!” I ask incredulous.

“Yes, honey, I want to see two men having sex, actually I want to see two men sucking each other…mmmmmmm…to watch as they pleasure each other with their mouths! I desperately want to see a man suck a cock and swallow another man’s load!” she finally says.

My cock twitches in her soft hand. I see her grin wickedly. “You want to see two homos go at it?” I answer, trying to act surprised. Kim is back at sucking my nipples and is now stroking my very erect cock.

“You heard me, and I think you like it!” she teases.

“Oh really, You think…” I start, but Kim cuts me off.

“Oh, you’re going to try to deny it? Look how hard you cock is! You got hard as soon as I said it!” she says in a domineering way. My cock jumps again in her hand again. I have secretly wanted my wife to make me a cocksucker and hear her call me that. “Uh huh, you like the idea, don’t you?!” she taunts.

“MMMMMMM….Oh, Kim, that feels so good!” I try to avoid answering. My cock is beginning to leak pre-cum. “Well, good luck on seeing that, I wish you the best.” I tell her.

“Well, Michael, I was hoping you could help me with that.” She answers.

“Really, how would I do that, do you want me to rent you a gay video?” I respond.

“Well we could start by watching some gay porn together, but I when I said I wanted to see two men together, I meant one of them to be you!” she adds. Kim continues to stroke me and it’s impossible to hide my excitement, but I try.

“What makes you think I would want to be a part of that?” I ask.

“Well, for one, you have to admit, you like eating your own cum, and two, you get turned on thinking about watching another man fuck me, so you’re open to being in the same room with another man who has a hard cock, and lastly, I just think you’d like to try cocksucking!” she finally adds.

“Well, I don’t know what gave you that idea, but for one, you want me to be the cocksucker and not the cocksuckee?” I ask, actually wanting nothing more than that.

“Michael, I want you to become a cocksucker for me! I want to see you suck another man’s hard cock. I want to watch as you lick a hard cock, and then watch it slide into your sexy mouth and see your cheeks draw in as you begin to suck… to hear your man lover moan as you suck… OH, baby, I am so wet right now thinking about it…please, baby, I want to see another man’s erect dick sliding back and forth in your lips – knowing soon you will be swallowing…..ooooooooohhhhhhh…. his sticky load!” Kim moans as she is getting off talking about her fantasy. Kim is pulling on my hard nipples and stroking my pre-cum coated erection. I reach down and slide my fingers into her sopping wet pussy. Kim arches her back and groans in lust. I am shaking with lust.

“Oh, Kim, baby….I…I…” I moan.

“You like it when I call you cocksucker? You are turned on by sucking cock, aren’t you Michael? After years of eating your own cum, you’re ready to eat someone else’s aren’t you, honey?” she is cornering me. Kim continues playing with my nipples and stroking my cock.

“OH, Kim, I am so turned on…mmmmmm… please don’t stop!” I moan.

“You don’t want me to stop what… talking about watching you suck a cock? You like it, don’t you, Michael, you like me talking about you being turned into a faggot?” My own cock is leaking pre-cum all over Kim’s hand and running down her fingers. It helps make my cock slick as my wife continues to slowly stroke me and taunt me about becoming a cocksucker. Kim pulls her pre-cum coated hand off my cock.

“Oh, baby, please don’t stop, I’m so close….MMMMMMMM….please baby finish me off!” I beg.

“Tell me, Michael, do you want it? Will you? For me, baby? Will you do it? I know you want to try it!” Kim taunts me. I am so close it’s painful. My cock twitches and throbs, so desperate to explode.

“OH, KIM, please…!” I try one last time.

“Please what, Michael…I will let you lick up your pre-cum and then I will feed you your fresh sperm if you’ll admit it!” Kim guides. That’s the last of my strength, Kim knows that I love when she teases me about cum eating just before I cum.

“YES, honey, I want it, Make me, Kim, make me a cocksucker!” I groan. Kim grabs my throbbing cock with one hand and begins wiping her pre-cum soaked fingers across my lips. As I lick her fingers clean of my pre-cum, I go over the edge spurting thick ropes of cum straight up. Most of the cum lands on my chest and stomach and then coats my wife’s fingers and hand. Shortly after my orgasm, Kim begins to climax.(She was turned on by our little fantasy and discussion).

That began my 3 month journey ending in my wife watching me suck cock. It started with Kim and I renting some gay porn. We both decided that what turned us on the most was watching men sucking off men. During that time, we started advertising on the internet for bisexual males, or couples with a bi-male. Additionally, Kim and I purchased a strap on dildo for her. It was a realistic, flesh colored, veined, dildo. Kim purchased a black leather strap on harness. Many nights were spent practicing on sucking her strap on. Kim began coaching and teaching me the finer points of cocksucking. We both wanted me to be an accomplished cocksucker for whoever would be enjoying my skills. I really began to want to suck cock. We finally found another couple who seemed to be a good fit. Kim had advertised that she wanted to see her bi-curious husband suck cock. This couple had fantasized about sex with another couple and both were bi-curious, but the husband was definitely the dominant type. This seemed to fit perfectly. I began hoping that I might get to see my sexy wife with another woman.

After many e-mails and sex discussions, we began sending pictures back and forth. Randy and Amy were both in their early thirties and were quite fit. They both lifted weights. Kim and I were in our late thirties, and both fit. My wife, Kim had a breast enlargement a couple of years ago. She was brunette, fit, 36 D tits, and was quite gorgeous. Amy was a natural red head, with massive breasts, 38E. Kim sent pictures of me eating my own cum and told Randy and Amy that I loved cum. Amy told Kim that Randy came in “buckets”. The pictures they sent showed that Randy had a huge erection. One last thing that Amy and Randy e-mailed was that they were turned on by a submissive, sissy cocksucker. Amy and Randy had fantasized about the man who would suck Randy’s cock would be wearing women’s sexy panties, and maybe stockings, garters and possibly lipstick. Kim really got off on that and so we began buying panties, stockings, garters, and make up for me. Kim practiced sissying me up before fucking my face with her strap on.

We finally agreed to meet in Chicago at the Hotel Intercontinental. We met for dinner on Friday night.

After a great meal, lots of great discussion and drinks, Randy said, “Well, why don’t we go up to your room and have another drink?” The ladies nervously giggled and we all went up to our hotel room. We had some champagne delivered and continued to talk.

After a few more drinks, Kim suggested that she and I go the to bathroom to ‘freshen up’. Kim helped me dress for the evening. Earlier in the day, Kim had me shave my entire body. She had me wear the red silk thong bikini panties, matching garter, red stockings, and then a silk red robe. Kim helped me put on a little eye makeup and then a thick coating of shiny red lipstick. After I was dressed, Kim snapped a few photos with our digital camera. When we opened the bathroom door, what we saw, caused my cock to stir in my panties.

Randy was sitting in the lounge chair. He was stripped down to a pair of leather briefs. Amy was stripped down to just a Hotel robe. Her massive tits barely contained in the terry cloth robe. Deep cleavage showed as she readied a digital camera on a tripod. Kim smiled at me and said, “Amy told me she would record the evening, so we had a permanent record of your first time.”

“Michael, why don’t you kneel down between Randy’s legs.” Amy choreographed. I kneeled down between his muscular thighs.

“Honey, why don’t you look up into his eyes and tell him what we want tonight. Ask Randy to fulfill our fantasy!” Kim demands.

“Randy, Kim wants to watch me suck your cock. I want it too. Would you allow us the privilege of having our fantasy?” I say.

“Michael look over into the camera and puck up.” Amy demands. I do it.

“Now, lick your lips sexily and while looking into the camera, beg to suck Randy’s cock!” Amy commands.

I lick my painted lips, and hungrily say, “Please Randy, I want to suck your big cock! Feed me, Randy, make me a cocksucker! Make me your cocksucker!” I pout.

“Oh, you sexy little faggot!” Kim groans and begins stripping down to her bra and panties.

I then turn to Randy and get busy fulfilling my fantasy. I first reach out and begin gently squeezing and stroking his leather clad manhood. The leather covered pouch grows and gets tighter and firmer as I touch it. Very quickly, Randy’s cockhead begins peaking from the top of his leather briefs. Then more and more begins showing from the top of his briefs. As I stroke his manhood, his cockhead and shaft are now sticking out from the top of his briefs. At least 4 inches are straining against his flat, muscular, hairless stomach. I lean in and for the first time, my tongue tastes and begins licking another man’s hard flesh. I lick hungrily at Randy’s cockhead.

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM…that’s nice, baby!” I hear Randy moan. Then I pull his leather briefs down and pull them off his ankles leaving this hunk of a man reclining on the chair in front of me completely naked.

“Go, on, honey, do it, suck it! Be my cocksucker!” Kim orders. I lean back in, while kneeling and for the first time, feel another man’s throbbing cock slide into my mouth. I draw down on it, sucking hard as I begin licking it.

“OH God! YES! Baby, suck his cock! That’s it Michael, draw his load out!” Kim begs. I begin sucking and bobbing. Flicking my tongue, and sucking. I feel as Randy holds the back of my head.

“That’s it Randy, feed him, make him a cocksucker! He’s your bitch! It’s so kinky to watch this sissy suck your cock. Do it, baby!” Amy taunts.

I continue to suck and lick. Randy’s cock is huge, hot, soft, hard, and now slippery with my saliva. I can’t believe I waited so long to suck cock! It’s so good. “MMMMMMMMMMMMM….” I moan as I suck.

“I knew you’d love it, honey! Just wait until he feeds you his warm cum! You’re going to be eating another man’s sperm!” Kim taunts.

“Oh, YES! Kim, Oh, that’s so good! That’s it, suck them! Oh, bite my nipples! You slut! Yes!” Amy begins moaning as I suck her husband’s cock.

I stop sucking and turn and look as my wife Kim has her head buried in Amy’s huge tits. She is squeezing and sucking her nipples. I realize how hard my cock is as Randy grabs my head and pushes me back to his cock. I go back to sucking as I realize my wife is sucking another woman’s big tits. I go deeper and deeper on Randy’s hard cock. Randy then takes control, holding my head and thrusting his hips as I work to suck him off. After a good 15 minutes of cocksucking…the room is full of wet sucking and slurping sounds and men and women moaning. I begin tasting Randy’s pre-cum. He is flowing a constant and steady stream of pre-cum. “MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM….” I moan as I taste another man’s sweet, sweet pre-cum.

“Go on baby! Cum in that slut’s mouth! Fill it and make him eat it! He wants to swallow your load, baby. Make him do it. Make it messy for him, Randy!” Amy tells her husband.

I am sucking hard and flicking my tongue, when I feel Randy’s cock twitch, and then thick, hot sperm shoots to the back of my throat. I pull out until just the head of his cock remains in my mouth and begin swallowing Randy cum load. “OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH!!!!” Randy screams as he pumps my mouth full of his cum. Another hard spurt fills my mouth and I swallow. Another, swallow, another swallow, then Randy pulls out of my mouth and thick ropes of hot cum spurt across my nose, lips; and open mouth. He finishes cumming all over my face and then plants his still hard, cum covered cockhead back into my sucking lips.

I suck and clean his cock off with my tongue. Then as Randy pulls out I turn to look at my wife. FLASH! Kim is snapping picture after picture of her husband still on his knees with Randy’s cum all over my face.

“Lick it up, cocksucker!” Kim tells me.

After some more champagne, Randy and I watch as Kim sucks Amy tits and then I watch my wife eat Amy’s pussy to orgasm. Then I take digital photos as Randy uses his big cock and fucks my wife silly. After he cums inside her, I lay down as she sits on my face and I eat my second load of Randy’s cum – this time from inside my wife. Kim masturbates me into a glass while Randy and Amy watch and then I drink it while they cheer me on.

The night ends as Randy tit fucks his wife and cums all over Amy’s tits. They are literally covered with Randy’s thick cum. Kim and I then each take a breast and lick it clean. After Randy and Amy left our room, Kim and I kissed and cuddled until we drifted off to a very satisfied sleep.

On Saturday evening, we went to Randy and Amy’s room and while I watched, Kim made love to Amy and then while the girls watched, Randy sat on my chest and face fucked me. He even made me deepthroat his massive cock. The time, Amy and Kim got close up photos and video of Randy shooting thick strands of cum into my wide open mouth.

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Hot story. My wife caught me and was onlly angry that I didn’t tell her. After she found out she couldn’t get enough of me sucking cock for her. Plus she now had a reason to have another mans cock inside her too. I am so thankful for my wife.