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An Afternoon’s Fun

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The girl wandering down the trail towards the Village smiled at the two outriders in the uniform of the Black Tharlarion Company as they whistled at her from atop their tharlarion mounts. A cool wind blew her long blonde hair out behind her as she walked, her sleek thigh peeking out from under her midnight blue drape as she walked, the wind blowing it farther from her leg, drawing the men’s admiring looks. She added a bit of an extra shake to her soft ass, seemingly not knowing that she was walking better under the eyes of men.

Another whistle from in front of her caused her to look up, surprise on her face as she spotted the rest of the five man patrol spreading out across the trail in a semi-circle. The one in the center smiled to her as he reined in his saddle mount, looking down at her. “Greetings little one. My men and I noticed you out walking and thought to enjoy the… pleasure… of your company for a while.” Her blue eyes looked frantic as she looked around, her blonde hair whipping back and forth as she looked from one to the other, looking over her shoulder to see the two others moving up to complete the circle around her.

As she turned her attention back on the Leader of the outriders, she realized she was on her feet in the presence of free men and dropped to her knees, spreading her thighs wide in the position of the pleasure slave. Her hands came to rest palms up on her thighs, but quickly she tried to turn them palms down, hoping to avoid pleasuring the 5 men. As she focused on the Leader, she doesn’t hear one of the two behind her climbing down out of his saddle and moving close behind her. The first warning she had of his presence was when he grabbed her arms, pulling them behind her, dropping a piece of binding fiber from his mouth into his hand and using it to tie her hands behind her with her wrists crossed.

At a signal from his Officer and the words “go ahead Markos”, he lifted the girl from the ground and threw her onto his shoulder, her head towards the back as befits a slave. He walked over to his mount and laid her across the saddle. He mounted up and strapped himself into the saddle before reaching up and securing the bound girl to his saddle. He moved his mount into its position in the formation and, at his Officers gesture, rode out towards the woods nearby with his fellow mercenaries.

Once they arrived at the woods the Mercenaries dismounted and tied their mounts to the trees. The one named Markos lifted the blonde beauty from the saddle and carried her deeper into the woods. The Officer walked beside him, reaching over and giving her ass a sharp swat through the thin silk covering it as they walked. Markos laughed as she squirmed on his shoulder, “Does that ass feel good Sergeant Carac?” laughing louder as the Sergeant slaps her soft half moon again and nods with a smile.

The girl started to cry and sob as they walked, until one of the outriders walked up and whispered roughly in her ear warning her to silence. Carac looked over his shoulder, giving his head a slight shake, “Enough, Renius. She will have reason enough to cry and squeal soon.” Carac looked back ahead of them, nodding to a small clearing ahead, “Renius, Markos, Parus, Cabera that will work. Trees close enough for binding but enough room to move.” The four Mercenaries nodded and moved along the trail, stepping into the clearing and looking around.

Carac pointed to two trees reasonably close together. “Markos. There. Put her on her knees and secure her wrists to those two trees. Then secure her ankles to them too.” The short outrider nodded and carried the girl over and set her between the two trees on her knees. Taking some binding fiber from his belt, he wrapped it around one wrist and untied the bindings holding her wrists together. Quickly he tied her wrist to the tree on that side and tied the other wrist with some more fiber, binding it to the tree on the side, tying her arms spread eagled out. With quick efficient movements, he secured her ankles and knees to the trees as well, forcing her to keep her thighs well spread.

As she struggled against the silken fibers binding her to the trees, keeping her spread wide for whatever the men had in mind, Carac moved in behind her, reaching down with one hand. With a quick jerk he removed her drape and tossed it aside. As he moved in behind her, he reached around with both hands and, grabbing the two edges of the vest covering her chest, pulled them apart, the laces springing quickly loose as they are designed to do. She vainly struggled against the fibers holding her as he squatted down behind her, his calloused hands cupping her full soft breasts, his fingers teasing her nipples to rock hardness.

As Carac teased her large breasts, Parus came up and ran his fingertips along her moist heat, the touch causing her to struggle even more against her bindings, though to no avail. Carac released her breasts and reached down, pulling his short thick cock from his pants. He stroked it a couple of times and it was hard as a rock with the anticipation of the treat he was about to enjoy. Carac moved down, squatting a bit and guiding his thick cock to her hot opening, gripping her hips and thrusting forward with a low moan as his hard cock slid into her a bit.

Carac gripped her hips tighter, raising her up as much as the bindings would allow, thrusting blindly into her tight, moist pussy. Parus continued to stroke her clit as Carac rammed into her tightness, his moans animal-like as his hips slammed against her soft ass with each forward thrust. Her cries were getting louder as Carac continued to use her as Parus teased her clit mercilessly. The one named Cabera stepped up “This one is going to get us caught with all her noise.” He laughed as he unlaced his pants, releasing a long semi-hard cock, “I have the perfect gag for her.”

She closed her eyes as Cabera stepped closer, wrapping one hand in her long blonde locks, the other wrapping around his hardening shaft, pulling her lips closer to it until its engorged head rubbed against her lips. Parus gave her clit an almost rough pinch as the hardness touched her lips and, as she moaned almost involuntarily, Cabera pushed his cock past her lips, holding her head still as his hips pistoned the throbbing meat in and out of her hot mouth as Carac continued to slam his hips against her soft ass, driving his short stubby cock into her now wet tunnel, his moans and breathing giving away that he was about to cum.

Cabera moaned as she started sucking, the head of Carac’s thick shaft passing her glistening petals causing her body to respond positively. She pulled her head back slightly against Cabera’s grip in her hair, sucking hard on his thick shaft as his hips worked the throbbing hardness in and out of her increasingly eager mouth, her moans increasing his pleasure as he took her mouth.

Carac’s moans grew louder and Parus, having moved out of Cabera’s way, called out “cum on her ass Sergeant… lube it up for Me.” The mans words come too late as Carac groans, a hot jet of his sticky cum spraying deep into the bound girls slick tunnel before he pulls out, one hand wrapping around his pulsing shaft as he held it above the soft mounds of her ass, his hot seed dropping into the smooth valley between the soft cheeks. Carac’s hands slowed on his thick cock as he lowered a bit, using his spent shaft to smear his sticky seed along the smooth valley.

Stepping back as he pulled his pants up, he moaned, “She’s all yours now… enjoy.”

Cabera continued to ram his thick shaft in and out of her eagerly sucking mouth, moaning in pleasure as he widened his stance slightly to allow the now near nude Markos to slip between her bound thighs. Markos moved down slightly, moving until she straddled his hips, and then rubbed his long thick cock against her drenched tunnel. She moved up as much as she could before he rammed up into her with his throbbing shaft. Her squealing moan was muffled by Cabera’s cock moving in and out of her mouth. Markos’ hips rocked up and down, driving his thick shaft in and out of her slick tunnel fast and hard.

Parus moved down, squatting with his thighs along each side of her, his hard shaft throbbing in his hand as he guided the engorged head to the puckered opening of her hot ass. As the head of his cock pushed against the tight opening of her ass, his hands moved to cup and spread the large firm cheeks of her ass. With a grunting moan, he thrust his long thick cock deep into her hot tight ass, drawing a muffled squealing moan around Cabera’s hard shaft as she was triply impaled.

Markos groaned as well as he felt the pressure of Parus’ hard shaft moving against his through the thin membranes separating them as he thrust up into her slick gripping tunnel. He slid his hands up from her hips to cup her soft full breasts, his fingers squeezing the warm mounds, pinching and pulling her hard nipples as he thrust faster into her slickly gripping tightness. Her hips rolled deliciously under the dual assault of his thick cock driving into her tight pussy and Parus’s hard shaft ramming into her hot gripping ass, bringing both men even more pleasure from taking her.

Cabera gripped her hair tighter, his hips pistoning faster back and forth, ramming his thick cock past her hot full lips faster and faster, his moans showing his pleasure as she moaned and sucked hard on the hard cock violating her mouth as pleasure coursed through her from the alternating shafts working in and out of her hot wet pussy and tightly gripping ass, one ramming in as the other slid almost fully out of her.

With a deep groan of pleasure, Cabera’s thick shaft exploded between her sucking lips, the sticky evidence of his pleasure splashing across her tongue. His knees almost buckled with the pleasure as she sucked hard on his pulsing shaft, swallowing his hot seed, her tongue sliding over his thick cock’s ultra-sensitive head as she drained his thickness of its hot load. His hands relaxed in her hair as her mouth slid along his thick length, sucking hard to drain it of the last drop of his sticky treat.

She was just licking up the last of his hot cum when Renius, who had been standing over to the side until now, walked over and pushed Cabera out of the way. As his skinny arm pushed the other man out of the way, he growled “Move… time for her to suck a real man.” Cabera simply moved out of the way and pulled up his pants as Renius grabbed a handful of her long blond hair, pulling her hot mouth towards his huge cock. Her eyes glowed with an almost frightened hunger as her lips were pulled ever closer to the engorged shaft as Markos and Parus continued to alternate thrusting their thick hard cocks into her wet pussy and tight ass.

With a groan Parus thrust deep into her tight ass, his thick cock spraying his hot sticky seed into her nether depths as he continued to thrust in and out of her gripping tightness. With a grin Renius released her hair, “On second thought… I’ll just take your ass instead.” She continued to moan as Markos thrust his thick shaft in and out of her gripping pussy, moaning loudly as he feels her inner walls rippling around his invading shaft.

Renius moved to his knees behind her, gripping her firm ass tightly as he pressed his thick cock against the tight opening, grinning wide as he felt the tightness of her gripping his engorged head. Unlike Parus, he didn’t bother to time his thrusts to alternate with Markos’s and, holding the smooth cheeks apart, rammed hard into her tight hot ass, giving a deep groan as his thick shaft powers fully into her in one savage thrust. Markos moaned as well feeling the pressure against his cock as he pistoned it up into her tight pussy, the tightness growing even more as the huge shaft powers into her nether passage.

Markos moved his hands down, one stroking her clit as he thrusts up into her slick tunnel, drawing ever louder moans and cries of pleasure from her as the other rests against the small of her back. Renius reached around her, cupping her soft breasts, squeezing tightly, trapping the hard buds tipping them between his fingers as he continued to ram into her hot tight ass, his hips slamming against the warm cushions, driving his long thick cock deep into her hot tight ass with each rough thrust, his voice sounding loud in her ear as he leaned up and moaned his pleasure directly in her ear. She turned her head trying to press her lips to his as the combination of the two powering shafts ramming roughly into her drove her pleasure to increasing heights.

With a low groan, Markos also drove hard up into her slick tight pussy, his thick shaft pulsing against her gripping tightness as his hot sticky seed sprayed into her waiting heat. She sagged against the fibers holding her up as her body quivered with its own pleasure. Markos slipped from her tightness with a moan of pleasure and stood up, leaving Renius the last one driving into her. “Markos. Release her arms, let her fall into she sleen. I will be able to enjoy her better that way.” Markos quickly untied the fibers and let her fall forward. Having heard what position Renius wanted her in, she moved quickly into she sleen, his moans loud as she moved, increasing the pleasure on his ramming cock.

Renius, sweat slicking his face, continued to ram into her hot tight ass, his thick cock driving deep into the gripping opening of her ass, his hands gripped her hot ass, pulling her back as he thrusts faster into her. With a moan he pulled from her tight ass, driving roughly into her slickly gripping pussy, moaning deeply as his thick shaft sunk fully into her, his hips slamming against hers as he thrusts into her again and again, a few hard thrusts into her gripping tunnel before he pulls back, hands parting her ass cheeks again and plunging deeply into her ass again. He alternates taking her hot ass and her slick wet pussy, ramming roughly into one gripping opening a few times before pulling back and driving hard into the other one, low moans escaping his lips with each driving plunge into her hot tight body.

Groaning loudly, he rammed into her tight wet pussy, his thick cock exploding within her gripping tunnel as her own release blasts through her, her inner walls milking his hot seed from his thick shaft with each thrust into her. His hands gripped her soft ass tightly, pulling her back against him as the last of his hot seed filled her gripping tunnel, reaching down and unfastening the fibers from her knees and ankles before pulling back, his thick shaft slipping from her tightness, drawing a moan from him as he left her gripping hot tunnel. He stood above her as she collapsed to the grass, resting there as her body quivered from the relentless assault of the five men.

Renius leaned down on one knee, whispering in her ear, his long braided hair brushing her face as he spoke “You were most pleasing little one. Your owner should be proud.” Rising and walking back to where his mount was, not waiting for any reply. She just laid there and smiled, exhausted but pleased to have been pleasing.

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