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“God, I haven’t had a fuck in hours,” I thought as I pulled into the parking lot. My last had been a quickie with my boss, bent over his desk as he fucked his big cock into me hard and fast. I rubbed my clit while he spanked my ass and told me what a dirty little slut I was, and we both ended up cumming in about five minutes. It’s truly amazing what you can accomplish when you have a schedule to keep.

I thought back on that encounter as I walked into the bar, feeling his cum drip down my thighs with every step I took. I waved hi to Eddie, the bartender, on my way to the bathrooms at the back. Before the door was even closed behind me, I hiked up my skirt and leaned against the wall with my legs spread. I scooped the cum out of my drenched cunt and licked my fingers clean, closing my eyes and moaning at the taste, but there wasn’t enough and I definitely needed more. After rubbing myself to a quick orgasm that only left me hornier than I’d been before, I returned to the front of the bar.

Eddie set me up with a scotch, neat and chatted me up a bit before I decided to survey the night’s pickings and see what my options were. I moved quickly past the couples and the bikers and the men old enough to die if I fucked them hard enough and settled on a table full of loud, half-drunk guys of about my age. They were definitely celebrating something, though it wasn’t immediately apparent what it was.

Having decided on my prey, I ordered a “chick drink” and moved to a table in their line of site, but not too obviously close to them. I crossed my long legs, letting my short skirt slide up to show off my thigh a bit, and started to suck absentmindedly on the straw. I was flipping through a magazine, pretending not to notice the gradual stares of the other patrons as I moved my lips up and down the straw, slowly, swirling my tongue around it a bit.

I caught the eye of one of the guys and soon he came over and offered to buy me a drink. I smiled coyly and accepted, inviting him to join me. We chatted about absolutely nothing, both of us knowing that we were just playing the game, both of us knowing where that game would take us.

After a bit of flirting and lots of footsies under the table with the occasional hand groping, as well, we made eye contact and he subtly motioned his head toward the bathrooms. I smiled and nodded and stood up to go, first, giving him the opportunity to brag to his buddies. I knew where that would lead, as well.

He caught up to me as I stood outside the bathrooms, knowing that he’d prefer the men’s room, but letting him make the choice. He put his arm on the small of my back, nuzzled my neck and moved me into the restroom in front of him. Once we were inside, I turned to him and stuck my tongue down his throat. I was so insanely horny by this point that I didn’t want even the token foreplay he was offering. I reached down between our bodies and undid his trousers, slipping my hand in the fly and squeezing his erection. I delighted in the moan that passed his lips and in the way he jumped slightly at my touch.

He reached up and pulled my shirt off over my head, cupping and massaging my breasts in my bra as I undid the clasp in the back, freeing them for his amusement (and my own). He leaned down and took my nipple in his mouth, sucking hard and grazing it with his teeth, and his hands moved around to grab my ass, kneading it and pulling my skirt up. He moaned again when he felt my bare skin instead of panties.

I leaned back against the wall, pulling him as close to me as possible and raising my leg so that I could press my sex against his, rubbing him along my wet pussy for a moment before shoving him inside me. He lifted me up, wedging me between himself and the wall, and he fucked me like that: hard and fast, just the way I like.

Much to my surprise (ha!), one of his friends entered the bathroom at around this time. He acted shocked to see what we were doing, and who knows? Perhaps he really didn’t expect to see his friend savagely fucking a half-naked woman in the men’s room. But I doubt it. I screamed and begged for him to fuck me harder and faster, telling him I needed his cum in me, and I watched the bulge in his friend’s pants develop a wet spot. I licked my lips. More cock was definitely needed.

I pushed my partner away from me and moved over to the new guy, dropping to my knees just before I reached him and crawling the rest of the way. His pants were around his ankles in seconds and I started to lick his cock up and down while my lover got the idea and started pounding me from behind. NewGuy started swearing under his breath, grabbing my head and guiding me up and down on his erection. OriginalGuy reached around me and played with my nipples and soon I was cumming around his nice, thick cock. He dumped his load in me and I whimpered when he withdrew, but i still had the cock in my mouth so I wasn’t totally empty.

Then, I felt more hands on me and another cock in my cunt. I didn’t stop sucking for one second, but I realised that at least one more of his friends had decided to join the party. The guy in my mouth came, shooting first in my mouth and then pulling out to shoot on my face. I swallowed greedily and gathered up his cum with my fingers to push it into my mouth. I heard the word “cumslut” uttered from somewhere, but I was too entranced by the cock fucking my pussy to pay attention to who was saying what.

Almost immediately, a new cock replaced the one that had just shot in my mouth and the guy in my pussy pulled out and shot over my ass. A hand rubbed the cum into my skin and then around my asshole, lubing me up for an assfucking. He slowly pushed until the head of his cock popped in, and then he gave it to me, throwing his dick into my ass with abandon, fingering my pussy and rubbing my clit so that I was having a seemingly endless orgasm.

The guy in my mouth pulled out, lifted my head up by the hair, and sprayed his load all over my tits. While I was kneeling up like that, a guy lay down below me, and suddenly I was getting it in my pussy and ass at the same time. This was just what I’d needed.

I lifted my tits and licked them clean, then looked around when no cock immediately came forth to be sucked. There were more men there than I’d thought, and I must have lost count of how many I’d fucked and sucked off. The men gathered around as they noticed me looking at them and they all started jerking their cocks. I rode the two cocks inside me and stared around me at all of the hands moving along hard flesh, and when I felt the first guy cum on me, I started a string of orgasms that didn’t end until the last load was spent.

They cleaned up a bit at the sinks and left me lying on the floor of the bathroom, covered in cum, with a smile on my face. I rubbed it into my skin, licked it off my fingers, and eventually stood to look at myself in the mirror. Dirty, mussed, and covered in cum, I’d never looked better in my life.

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