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Quick Seduction

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‘Knock knock’, Ron’s knuckles tapped against the glass. There was no movement. ‘Knock Knock’, he tried again, looking at the handle on the door. Stepping back, he peered up at the top windows. The only sound of life was the sound of a police siren a couple of streets over. Spattering rain annoyed his eyes. He tapped on the glass panel of the front door again, and ran his nails over the flaking paint on the wall of the porch, picking at chunks.

Finally Ron noticed a shadow move in front of the glass panel. Someone was inside. Licking his lips, he watched the handle turn. Light slowly appeared between the door and frame. Ron felt the warmth from inside creep out onto his skin.

“Hello, Ron.” came the voice. Ron’s skin quivered at the sound of it. The woman’s voice had a smoothness which would be like wrapping yourself in silk if it could be worn. His eyes were low, looking at the worn down red carpet just past the door. He saw her feet, and watched one toe curl a little and rub the other foot.

“Ron?” Her velvet voice came again. Ron’s head jerked up as he spoke.

“Hello, Mrs. Campbell,” Stuttered Ron, “Is David home?” Ron’s gaze was drawn to her dark curly hair as it fell playfully down the front of her shoulder. Mrs. Campbell observed him for a moment.

“He’s out,” she replied. Ron looked at the red apron she wore with white stripes. It was covered with some sort of pasty mixture. Mrs. Campbell looked down at herself.

“Oh, excuse me, I’ve been baking,” she explained. Ron continued to stare. Mrs. Campbell stared down at him, being a little taller than he, acting like a rabbit-in-headlights.

“Would you like to come in and wait for him?” She asked, opening the door a little wider. Ron gave a timid shrug.

“Come on,” she smiled, “I don’t bite.”

Mrs. Campbell turned from the door. Ron stepped up into the hallway. The warmth engulfed him, and the sweet moist smell of baking released his nerves. Ron welcomed the homely feeling Mrs. Campbell’s house gave off. It looked lived-in. There were worn carpets, and slightly peeling wallpapers, and scratched wooden furniture. He stopped and watched Mrs. Campbell approaching the kitchen doorway. Her red apron straps were done up in a big bow behind her. Her legs were covered down to just below her knees by tight black leggings, and she wore a short denim miniskirt with no belt. She also had on a thick white pull-over like you might wear in winter, Even though it was very warm in the house. She stopped and flicked her hair over her shoulder to look back at Ron.

“Don’t be shy. Come sit down.” She beckoned. Ron followed her into the kitchen, which was even warmer than the hallway. He sat at the table facing the worktop and oven. It was all covered in the same paste mix. It smelt good.

“Sorry about the mess,” Mrs. Campbell excused herself, “I love baking but I get it all over myself.” Ron nodded, playing with his thumbs. Suddenly the beeping alarm on the oven sounded. Mrs. Campbell’s eyes lit up as she turned to the oven, bending over to open it up. Ron’s eyes were drawn to the bottom of her miniskirt as is slowly hiked up the tops of her legs.

“Mmmm!” moaned Mrs. Campbell. Ron could just about see the curves of her ass when she pulled out a baking tray and stood straight up.

“What do you think?” Mrs. Campbell asked, lowering a tray of cookies in front of Ron. Ron smiled. She placed them down before walking around the table to Ron’s side.

“Can you undo this?” She asked, turning her back to him, gesturing the aprons straps. Ron took a long glimpse at the curve of her ass again before slowly pulling on the bow. It came undone. Mrs. Campbell thanked Ron and removed it from over her head. After hanging it on a peg she turned to stare at Ron again, her hands resting lightly on her hips.

“My, it’s so hot in here. Don’t you think it’s hot in here?” panted Mrs. Campbell. Ron shrugged again. Mrs. Campbell excused herself and disappeared through the kitchen door. Ron listed to the creaking of stairs as she trod up them. He then stood up and took a piping hot cookie from the tray. Minutes passed as he picked at the soft dough, with not a sound from upstairs.

Ron, becoming impatient, slowly trod up the stairs trying not to make them creak. He could see movement inside one of the rooms through the crack of the door, very slightly ajar. Creeping closer, he closed one eye and peered through as best he could. An aroma of peaches surrounded the room. He saw the back of Mrs. Campbell standing in front of a freestanding oval mirror. Her top half was completely bare. Ron ran his eyes down the smooth contours of her back. He could not see a single imperfection on her skin. Licking his lips, he wondered what her fruit-ripe skin would taste like.

Mrs. Campbell bent down to pick something off the floor, allowing Ron an inspection of the side of her plump breast. She was a goddess to him. After putting the straps of a cream bra over her shoulders, Mrs. Campbell fiddled with the clasp at the back. Ron could just about see in the reflection how poorly it fitted her. Her ample bust spilled out of the cups. Ron put his eye closer to the door. Mrs. Campbell struggled to fit into her underwear. Pulling the silk trim up seemed to no avail.

Ron breathed faster. His heart beat stronger. His knees became weak. He buckled. His leg hit the door with a thud. Mrs. Campbell jumped. She span around just in time to see a shadow dart away from the crack in the door. Ron moved swiftly down the stairs trying not to make even more disturbance. A chill came over him, realizing there was no way Mrs. Campbell had not seen him spying. Regardless, Ron sat back at the kitchen table trying to play it cool.

A few minutes passed before he heard the stairs creaking again. He turned his eyes to the door and gulped. There stood Mrs. Campbell, boldly wearing a strappy white vest. As she leant on the doorframe Ron could see it was clearly too small for her. The cotton hugged her slender waist and orb-like breasts firmly. The straps were stretched between her tits and shoulders.

“It’s still so hot.” She complained, fanning herself half-heartedly. Ron noticed she still wore her black leggings and denim miniskirt, and was otherwise transfixed on the homely siren standing in front of him. He dug his nails into his palm praying she would not ask about him being upstairs. Mrs. Campbell walked to the tray of cookies and lifted them up before turning to Ron. She bent down to table level offering to him. Ron saw down into her cleavage, and tiny beads of sweat running from her chest and between her tits. She wore no bra.

“Take whatever you want,” Suggested Mrs. Campbell. Ron took a cookie and held it in front of him, not taking his eyes off of her. Taking a seat opposite, Mrs. Campbell took a cookie for herself. As she bit into it she showed her pearly white teeth while pouting her lips. Crumbs fell down her chest.

“Oh no,” She exclaimed, “look at how messy I am.” She began brushing bits of cookie from her chest, made awkward by her sultry, moist skin. Her other hand tugged at her vest, pulling it lower as she brushed herself down. More of her generous curves were put on show. It went lower and lower. Ron had little left for his imagination, his mouth becoming dry, expecting to see nipple at any moment.

“There.” said Mrs. Campbell, allowing her top to reform its shape and cover her cleavage. Letting out a sigh, Ron sat back on his seat.

“Can I get you some water?” She offered. Ron nodded, feeling out of place. Mrs. Campbell stood up and let out a deep breath. As she turned to the sink Ron noticed more beads of sweat on her back, and where her top was slightly clammy. He knew she was excited about something.

“Shall we curl up in the living room?” She asked, passing him a glass of water.

“Will Dave be home soon, Mrs. Campbell?”

“No.” She smiled, purposefully showing her white teeth and moist lips. Continuing into the living room, Ron followed Mrs. Campbell closely. Suddenly she turned around, without warning. Ron could not stop. He walked straight into her. Her breasts swayed heavily to meet his hand. The water jumped from the glass in slow motion. It crashed down onto her chest, covering her ample breasts and soaking her top.

“Argh!” Mrs. Campbell screeched. She was in genuine shock. Ron stood staggered, unable to take his gaze off the sodden material covering her chest. The sudden chill of the liquid forced Mrs. Campbell’s nipples to push hard against her vest. She took heavy panic breathes. Her chest moved up and down with each one, inches from Ron’s face.

“I’m so sorry!” yelped Ron, his mouth hanging open. Mrs. Campbell was thrown and confused. She took a moment to settle her breathing and gain her bearings.

“Wow!” She exclaimed, “Aren’t we clumsy?” She felt the cold running down her stomach, and noticed her erect nipples on display. She kept her hands at her side and looked down at Ron. Seeing his eyes fixed on her soaking vest, she smirked. Ron was flabbergasted, and at her mercy.

“Well,” Mrs. Campbell spoke confidently, “it’s very hot. You may have done me a favor.” Ron’s eyes rose to meet hers. Offering her hand to his, she lead Ron into the living room and to the sofa. They both sat. Ron kept his feet on the carpet while Mrs. Campbell curled her legs onto the seat, facing towards him. She ran her hand over her neck, resting her elbow on the back of the sofa. Ron now tried not to stare at Mrs. Campbell’s chest, but his eyes flicked to her nipples each time he looked at her. Mrs. Campbell said nothing, allowing him to look all her wanted. She felt the liquid had reached her waist and was making the tops of her leggings wet.

“Oh no, feel these,” she said, grabbing Ron’s limp hand and pulling it towards her. Ron’s eyes widened. Mrs. Campbell pulled up her miniskirt just enough to force his hand onto the top of her thigh. Ron’s fingers could feel the dampness immediately.

“Feel that?” She asked. Ron nodded. Mrs. Campbell moved his hand under her skirt around to the outside of her thigh.

“And there?” She asked again. Ron shrugged. Mrs. Campbell pushed herself up off the sofa enough to pull up her miniskirt and bunch all of it around her waist. She pulled Ron’s arm so his palm got a handful of her ass. She tilted her head down at him, like a stern teacher, inquiring. Ron could not answer. He gazed at the teasing curves of this woman covered by her tight leggings, not quite sure if he really had his hand on her ass.

“Wet?” Mrs. Campbell asked.

“A little.” He spoke softly. Mrs. Campbell gave a very forced frown, playful in manner.

“Well,” She started, standing up facing forward from the sofa, “I don’t want to get the seat wet.” Mrs. Campbell put her thumbs inside the top of her leggings and tugged them away from her waist. In one swift move she pulled them down to her hips, and with a bend of her knees she pulled the tight garment down off of her lower legs. Ron watched her reveal her yellow lacy panties. Her ripe ass was like a peach in a handkerchief. Her thighs and legs looked just as juicy as the rest of her. Ron’s tongue hung out a little.

Mrs. Campbell un-bunched her miniskirt and let it fall down her thighs, although it stopped barely below her ass. She gave that tits-and-teeth smile again before sitting as she was before on the sofa. Ron noticed her nipples still proudly erect. Mrs. Campbell parted her legs a little allowing Ron to see the yellow lace covering her crotch. The pair of them made small talk for a while, chatting about the weather and movies and baking. All the while Mrs. Campbell moved closer to Ron, in little shifts he could barely notice. Ron could not look at her face as they chatted. He continued to observe her nipples pushing through the cotton vest, growing no softer even as the wet top warmed. As she moved closer her skirt rode higher up her legs treating Ron to more and more of her underwear. She was nearly on his lap by the time she changed subject.

“Would you like some more cookies?” She smiled. Ron did not have time to answer before she stood up and moved out the room. Ron sat relaxed. He took a couple of moments to look around the room. There were big comfortable sofas with throws on them and a sheepskin rug in the middle of the room. There was an old brick fireplace and coffee table and photos of what Ron assumed was Mrs. Campbell’s family. Ron could hear bare footsteps returning.

In walked Mrs. Campbell. She sat straight down beside Ron, curled up and facing him, pressing her wet breasts against his arm. She leaned into him inches from his face, the smell of her hair arousing him hugely. Ron looked down at her legs realized he could see her ass and panties. She had taken off her miniskirt and walked back into the room in just her still sodden vest and yellow panties.

“Where are the cookies?” Ron asked seriously.

“I forgot them.” The two stared at each other for a few seconds, Ron feeling her warm pear-drop breath on his skin. Mrs. Campbell’s eyes were dark and piercing, unflinching. Suddenly and in perfect unison they grabbed each other by the sides, with such aggression their bodies clashed. Mrs. Campbell wasted no time pulling his top over his head. Ron used his fingers to tug at her vest pulling her moist body against his bare torso. He felt how warm her excited state had made the soaked material. She ran her fingernails down his back lightly, before fumbling hastily with his belt. She yanked at it until it burst open. Ron groped at her wet tits, his hands overwhelmed by their size. Meanwhile Mrs. Campbell clumsily tugged down his jeans leaving him in just his boxers.

Mrs. Campbell pushed him back against the sofa and lifted one leg to straddle him. She pushed her breasts into his face. Ron pulled down the vest hard which uncovered one of her nipples. Ron took it into his mouth and rolled his tongue over it. Mrs. Campbell moaned softly, and began grinding her crotch against his thigh. Ron felt the hard strength on his penis pushing further and further against Mrs. Campbell’s leg. She lifted his head and embraced his mouth with hers. Their tongues slid and danced in each others’ mouths. Ron felt the wetness through Mrs. Campbell’s panties on his thigh.

Pushing him back, Mrs. Campbell kissed Ron down his neck and chest. Ron watched nervously as she kissed lower and lower. She reached his stomach and curled her fingers into the rim of his boxers and began pulling them down. She continued kissing down his thighs as his cock sprang from its release. As she moved her head down his leg his rigid dick brushed through her curly hair. When his underwear had fallen down to his feet Mrs. Campbell looked up at him with those shadowy bedroom eyes and smiled. Ron trembled. With no hesitation she took his entire member into her mouth. Ron opened his mouth and shut his eyes without making a sound. It was bliss. Mrs. Campbell began slowly, running her tongue over the underside of his shaft. Ron put his hand on her shoulder, lightly digging his nails in. Mrs. Campbell raised and lowered her head, her eyes looking up at Ron, never taking her tongue from his cock. She felt him throbbing with pleasure like something was about to gush. Running his fingers through her hair, Ron grabbed a good handful. He rocked in motion with Mrs. Campbell’s head bobbing. It was the most intense feeling he had experienced up to now. Mrs. Campbell pulled her mouth away from his crotch, strands of saliva stretching and falling from his dick to her mouth.

Ron had almost blurred vision. He focused on Mrs. Campbell as she straddled him again, this time pulling her sodden vest over her head and discarding it to the floor. Her shapely, plump breasts were now exposed inches from Ron’s face. He used his hands to squeeze and message them, sucking each in turn. Mrs. Campbell moaned again, her nipples growing ever firmer in Ron’s mouth.

After some minutes of caressing, Mrs. Campbell took Ron’s hand and guided it down her body. She ran it over her smooth, slender sides and over the top of her hip. Guiding his palm over her stomach, she pushed his hand down under the lace of her panties. Ron was eager. His fingers traversed her coarse pubic hair, feeling more and more heat the further her went. Mrs. Campbell giggled with anticipation. He pushed the rest of his hand under her panties, letting his fingers find a sticky juice. He explored her wet lips, teasing his fingers over her pussy. Mrs. Campbell pushed down onto his hand, trying to grind into it. Ron pushed his fingers into her snatch. She let out a yelp of pleasure. Ron was slowly moving them in and out, Mrs. Campbell threw her head back, her hair flying over her. Jerking her hips wildly, she bit her bottom lip trying to control her noise. Ron pulled his fingers out of her pussy and gently rubbed her clitoris in circles. Mrs. Campbell stopped buckaroo-ing on him and opened her mouth very wide. Her eyes tightened.

“Urgh!” She grunted, in a very sudden and stuttered manner. Ron moved his fingers over her clit more quickly. She grabbed his wrist with both hands, keeping him there. She continued grunting, showing her approval. Mrs. Campbell fucked his fingers for a while longer, growing closer and closer to release. Ron could feel she was a soppy mess down there. He pulled his hand away, to a sigh from the older lady he found himself with. She continued grinding against his thigh, unwilling to let the pleasure fade.

After a moment she felt Ron’s solid cock pressing against her. The only thing stopping him filling her pussy with his meat was the thin lace of her lathered up panties. Instinctively Mrs. Campbell pushed herself up a little on her knees. Ron wasted no time in pulling the crotch of the panties to one side. Mrs. Campbell lowered herself onto Ron. His cock squeezed into her like an oiled snake. She gasped at the wonderful stuffed feeling it gave her. Her pussy was already twitching and clutching around his dick, and his throbbing head made her go weak at her core.

Ron pushed his body against hers and kept her in place by putting his arms tightly around her, her arms held at her sides. He began thrusting upwards. Mrs. Campbell’s mouth was open, completely overcome in euphoria, defenseless.

Ron used her inert body to stimulate himself further. He could feel her wetness running down his cock and down the insides of her thighs. His throbbing veins rubbed like a ribbed condom against her pussy, sending her further into trance. Mrs. Campbell suddenly started jolting and writhing. She tried to scream but could not make a sound. Her pussy grasped and grabbed at Ron’s cock as it twitched and spasmed.into orgasm. Her upper body tightened as the pleasure ripped through her. It was too much for Ron. He felt his powerful member erupt. He grabbed Mrs. Campbell as firmly as he could, pushing her down hard, burying his cock inside her. Thick streams of cum gushed into Mrs. Campbell’s welcoming pussy, practically painting the insides. Her snatch absolutely milked his solid cock of every drop.

They continued moving slowly, extracting every moment of pleasure they could. Mrs. Campbell still shuddered and trembled as Ron tried to move which sent another wave of enjoyment through her vulnerable body. He could feel her unrelenting pussy still massaging his spent member. They slowed to a stop where Mrs. Campbell collapsed, entirely beaten by the intensity.

Ron lifted her and lay her on the sofa, her eyes closed. She curled her legs up to her hips and hugged her breasts with her forearms. Ron took a throw from the back of one of the sofas and placed it over her, kissing her on the forehead. He found his clothes and went to leave.

“Ron,” Mrs. Campbell beckoned.

“Yes, Mrs. Campbell?” He replied

“I’m baking again tomorrow if you want to come over.” She smiled.


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