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Joe’s Video Camera Adventure

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I knew that I should not be doing this, but that just made me stroke my cock harder! It was an amazing feeling, and the camera was capturing it all!

Okay, let me back up just a bit and bring you up to speed. I had a contract job for a low budget movie, and had traveled out of town to be on the set for about two weeks. It was not much of a movie, a sort of future-horror thing, and I was part of the camera team. As such I got to spend a lot of time with the newest toy, a super high speed camera used for taking extreme slow motion shots.

Me and Larry were both assistant camera operators on the job, and we were assigned to get this new camera ready for the shot which was to take place the next day. The DP had never used this camera before, and was nervous enough about it to assign it to us for the entire day so we would get the “money shot” of a bullet from the heroes gun tomorrow. 

We set up the camera in the back room of an old warehouse. Larry and I took turns as we tossed baseballs, golf balls, and tennis balls past the camera to see how well it worked. We played back the footage, and it was indeed incredible! The balls traveled slowly through the air, and you could see the dimples on the golf ball as it spun. 

“Those are some great looking balls!” I said. Larry just stared at the screen and did not say anything. I felt embarrassed by my joke, thinking that Larry probably took it wrong. I am not gay, although I must admit to having a fascination with dicks. But in this case I really was just joking. “It’s a joke!” I said. 

“Yea, okay. Let’s go grab some food at the tent,” he replied, obviously not wanting to make an issue of it. 

It was really late that night when we finally got the camera set up just the way we wanted it. We were both pretty tired, so we went to “trailer town” to grab a nap before the next days shoot. I told Larry that he could take a shower first, if he wanted to. We had separate rooms, but only one full bath with a shower. As he showered I sat on the couch and vegged. I grabbed a laptop and for kicks typed in “slow motion”. Most of the videos were boring, but one grabbed my attention as a close up shot of a cock was the preview. I clicked on it and was rewarded with a shot of a penis being stroked. The cock filled the screen and I could tell it was ready to blow. It did indeed! Cum flew out and out of the frame as the guy kept pounding it. 

“Wow,” said Larry, standing behind me in a towel. I had not heard him walk up behind me and was warm with embarrassment! 

“Oh, I.. I… just… you know,” I said mumbling and sheepishly closed the lid on the laptop. 

“No wait!” Larry grabbed the computer and reopened it to see the video on the screen.

“I wonder what frame rate they shot this at?” he said as he replayed the video. 

“I don’t know,” I replied, feeling sort of weird talking about a cum shot with Larry standing there in a towel. 

“Well, goodnight,” he said abruptly and handed my computer back. 

After his door closed I let out a nervous breath. I grabbed my towel and went to get a shower myself, feeling very self conscious. Why was I so freaked out, I asked myself. Its not like I was jacking off or anything — just looking at a hot, oiled cock stroked in slow motion and then releasing it’s load of cum right in front of the lens. Wow, I better get focused or I may never get to rest tonight. 

I glanced in the mirror as I peeled off my bikini briefs. I never worked out, but being in my business kept me pretty lean. My cock was straining against the red fabric of the bikinis making a huge bulge. For a second I considered snapping a few shots, for my pals on the website to look at, but I decided to just strip and get in the shower. 

My cock seemed to spring free from the briefs as I pulled them down, and the released dick rushed to full hard-on in just a few short seconds. I thought to myself that I was NOT going to jack off tonight, since I had to get some sleep. But as the warm water hit my rock hard cock, I felt an irresistible urge to stroke that monster! I let my left hand slide down my chest until it hit the tip of my red cock. I took only two fingers and rubbed to tip of my penis, just feeling the rigid shaft below it pulse with excitement. I grabbed the shaving cream and rubbed it on my balls and around the base as I used my right hand to give myself a close shave. I was really excited as I thought about the slow motion cum shot on the web, and I ran my hand under my balls to lift them up and shave under the sack. 

It was a shame really — here I had a movie quality high speed camera, and I was just letting it sit there while I stroked in the shower. But I couldn’t just… No, no, NO! I was not going to go and jack off in front of the camera just to get an amazing cum shot that I could post online and let other people — girls and guys both — get excited over watching my load of cum shoot out the tip of my cock. Oh my. That though just made it worse, I was really excited now!

I turned off the water and got out to towel off, thinking that I just needed to go to bed and quit this fantasy right now. But each time the towel brushed my dick it felt like I was going to explode! Before I knew it I was outside with my gym trunks and a t-shirt on. I casually strolled toward the warehouse thinking to myself that if I got stopped by security I would just tell them I had forgotten something on the set. 

“Hey, where are you going?” a voice called out. I froze, thinking what are the odds that I’d be stopped just at the moment I was thinking of an excuse! I turned and was blinded by a beam of light as the guard walked over to me. 

“I forgot a flash drive in the warehouse.” I stammered, feeling very silly now. 

“What warehouse?” asked the guard in a voice that suddenly sounded feminine. I shielded my eyes and saw that the guard was indeed a woman, in a grey shirt that fit her tightly and showed off a hot body. Wow! 

“Um, the one on the back of the lot.” I replied. 

“Kind of late, isn’t it?” she asked. My heart skipped for a second as I realized that she was moving the light down my body, and revealing the partial hard-on I still had in my shorts. My poor dick had gone from arousal to fear and now back to arousal in just a few seconds, and it did not know what to do! 

“It has my call sheets on it” I explained. 

“Well, I would not want to keep you from your sheets,” she stepped closer to me and dropped the flashlight down to her side. “You never know what might happen between the sheets,” she said, with her eyes glued to mine. 

I just stood there like a dummy as I realized that the beam of light was now shining directly on my cock, and my gym shorts were rather translucent in the beam. 

“Uh, yea. I’ll go get it now.” I replied turning away from the beam rather abruptly, my heart beating like a drum. 

“Bye,” she said as I walked off, her beam still shining on my shorts as I retreated around the corner.

Okay, that was unnerving. I’d never seen that particular guard before, and she really was a stunner! And me, slinking around in the middle of the night, what a first impression. I was probably never going to see her again though, but still it was embarrassing. 

I opened the side door to the warehouse quietly, not wanting to bring more attention to my clandestine activities. I was beginning to feel a mixture of excitement, nerves, and exhibitionism! Definitely going to be a huge cum shot for the special camera. I already had planned the sites I was going to upload to. Some of them I already had a few jack off vids on, and I got a lot of positive feedback from everyone. So this one would really blow them all away.

Suddenly I heard a sound coming from behind the partition we had set up for the camera. I stopped cold — had someone seen me enter? Was someone following me? I heard a sound again — this time it was different. It was a slight moan. Walking as quietly as I could I snuk up to the barrier, and got a full on shot of Larry standing in front of the camera nude and stroking his enormous cock! 

A huge grin spread across my face as I stood watching him pound his rod for the camera. I was pretty stunned by the size of his penis, having never even thought about Larry like that. He was just a work mate, not someone I pictured doing what he was doing right there ten feet from me. 

The lights were shining directly on his glistening dick, and the camera was rolling direct to the computer. I snuck in closer to the camera, knowing that the lights were blocking Larry’s view of anything on this side. I saw that he had brought some baby oil to lube up with — good move. I had not thought of that! It was working too. I could see the computer with the capture from the camera on the screen. It was a full close up of Larry’s dick. He had a monitor turned toward him to see on his side, but his attention was more on his rod than on the monitor. Larry let out another soft moan as he slowed his tempo and began to caress his balls. I was really getting a hard on now, and I was still in shock about the whole thing. 

Larry’s balls were getting a great rubdown, but they were out of the shot! I could not handle it any longer, I grabbed the tripod handle and slid the view down to his glinting, shaved balls as he rubbed them. At first he did not notice, but once his hand went up the shaft I panned up as well, and suddenly he froze as he realized someone was running the camera. 

“Who’s there?” he asked. 

“Looks like we both had the same idea,” I said as I moved around the lights so he could see me. 

“Oh shit!” exclaimed Larry as I stood there grinning ear to ear and staring at his huge penis that he was doing his best to cover up now. 

“Look, it’s not gonna work very well if you do it all by yourself, how about if I run the camera and you just go back to doing your thing?” I said. 

“You mean that you came here to… you know…?” asked Larry. 

“Get a cum shot on slow motion? Yep!”

Larry looked relieved to know that I was not there to bust him. I could see the thoughts working their way through his brain as he pondered what to do. “So, if you are here to do the same thing — then you really should be naked too,” he said. 

That was fine by me. I stripped in about 2.4 seconds! 

“Wow, you were ready to go huh!” he said looking at my hard on. He seemed to be very focused on it, which just made it grow that much harder. 

“You like?” I asked as he just stood there staring. 

“Yes. I mean, not like that, but it’s just so… I’m not saying that I…” Larry was so flustered I could not help but laugh!

“Larry, I am not gay.” I assured him. “but I would like to watch you and I kind of get excited knowing that you are watching me too!”

“Okay. So now what?” he asked.

“Just keep on doing what you were doing before and I’ll run the camera. That way you don’t have to worry about missing the shot when you get excited and begin to cum.” 

Larry moved back in front of the lights and the black backdrop. He was pretty flaccid by now, but I could see his penis twitch just as I focused the camera directly on the tip. 

“Hold it there, and let me get it as it gets hard!” I coached.

Larry just stood there for a second, unsure. But then his gaze rested on the monitor and he saw what an incredible shot I had of his cock. It twitched again and began to slowly rise up — pointing directly at the camera. Then it continued to rise and reveal the large veins on the underside of the rigid pole. I pulled back to get the entire package in just as his balls began to contract and to drop, over and over again. It was fascinating to watch them roll around in his loose sack, completely shaved.

Larry poured more baby oil on his cock, and I got an erection just thinking about how hot this footage would be in slow motion! 

“Stroke it,” I requested and Larry was ready to comply. He began a series of small circles with his fingers around the tip of his cock. Then he slowly slid his hand down the shaft and then reversed and slid it back up. Now he began to stroke it faster as he stared at the monitor, his cock perfectly framed in the camera. 

“I’m about to cum!” he moaned. I was focused directly on the cock head as Larry let out a groan and cut loose with a huge load of cum. He continued to pound his cock and I really had to work to keep it in the frame. Stream after stream continued to spurt out as Larry finally began to play out. 

“Got it!” I announced! Larry quickly put on his shorts and came over to the computer to see the playback. 

We both watched speechless as his beautiful cock erupted in such a slow frame rate that we could see the semen travel up his shaft and burst out the top. “Wow, that is great!” I said to Larry who was leaning down to see the monitor. I stood up to change tapes on the camera and suddenly we had a awkward moment as my penis was literally inches from Larry’s face and he was reaching for the mouse to replay the action. His arm brushed my rigid cock and I felt a jolt of electricity. He paused for a moment with my cock resting on his arm about six inches from his mouth. I knew he was thinking of it, and so was I! But I did not want to freak him out before I had my turn, so I continued my movement to the camera acting like it never happened.

“Hey, what’s with the shorts?” I asked. “It’s not fair, I had to watch you while I was naked, and I had a boner to contend with as well!” 

“Well, okay. It’s only fair.” he shrugged and lowered his shorts. As I watched — blatantly staring at him — his cock hung for just a second on the shorts, then sprung up to semi-hard status. I could tell that he was beginning to get excited again, and I wanted to use that for my session. 

“Is this okay?” I found my mark and stood naked in front of the camera and the lights. I could tell why Larry did not notice me right away earlier, as he was only a silhouette in the darkness. However, I could see the monitor on the floor clearly, and I saw as Larry adjusted the focus by zooming in on the tip of my cock. It filled the screen, and damn it looked good!

“Stand sideways and hold still for a minute” Larry told me. This was the Larry that only came out when he was behind the lens. His creative side took control and he began to shoot for real. I stood still as Larry panned the camera away from my naked body. Then he slowly began to pan back. The screen was completely black, then a red tip of a shiny cock crept on the side of the screen, continuing to pan as the cock filled the entire screen, and still going along my shaft, showing all the veins and glistening oil. He then moved down to my loose balls and held the shot. 

“Play with them,” he ordered.

That was just what I had in mind, as I cupped my balls and slowly rolled them in my fingers, the tingle shooting straight through to my toes. I kept raising and lowering my balls as Larry took in the action. Finally I released my balls and moved my attention to the tip of my penis. I grabbed the oil and with Larry focusing on the cock head, I poured a stream of baby oil from about 3 feet up directly on my cock head. It splashed off and ran down my cock in streams of glistening oil. I heard Larry moan and so I kept pouring it on. 

I twirled the tip of my cock with my fingers, ready to begin the stroking, but wanting to prolong the moment a bit more. I rubbed my head and stroked the slit at the top with my index finger, spreading it wide for the camera. Finally I could take it no longer, and I grabbed my dick and began to pound for all it was worth!

I knew that I should not be doing this, but that just made me stroke my cock harder! It was an amazing feeling, and the camera was capturing it all! 

Larry was beginning to moan and I could see his silhouette as he reached down to grab his cock. Wow, this was really turning me on! I was really doing this, and as I stroked my dick in front of a camera my roommate was so excited he was jacking off. How many guys would blow their loads as they watched my video? 

I was focused on the monitor as I saw Larry pull wide to capture the entire cock in the frame. I was briefly distracted by a glint of light reflecting off my penis into the camera, and I looked down to see a light focused on my dick. It was not one of the regular light so what was…?

“Wow, that is worth watching!” a voice said softly. I froze as the blond security guard stepped out from behind the lights shining her flashlight directly on my rock hard dick. I did not know what to do, standing there masturbating in front of another guy and a video camera! I was frozen in mid stroke and the pre cum was beginning to slowly make its way down my penis. 

I tell you, something in my brain snapped and the lust just took control of my body. I looked her right in the eyes and began to stroke my cock! She just stood there watching as I rubbed my hand up and down the shaft with a slow rhythm. I knew that she was trying to decide what to do with this whole situation, and at that moment I really did not care. All I wanted was to finish what I had started.

She was staring at my penis, when I saw her lick her lips. Suddenly I knew that it was back on and my stroking began to increase in pressure and tempo. I glanced and Larry was still capturing the whole scene, and suddenly I knew what was going to happen next. I walked over to the security guard still stroking the whole time. I stood right in front of her and thrust my penis directly at her as I masturbated. Then I slowly began to back away, moving back into my light. It was like a wild animal as she slowly moved forward with me step by step. Her eyes never left my penis, and I never stopped my self pleasuring. When I was back on my mark, I stopped and suddenly let go of my dick. There it was, still pulsing with excitement as she stood about 6 inches away looking down at it. 

The moment stretched out and I felt an exquisite sensation as a drop of pre cum flowed out of my cock, and rolled down my slick shaft and continued down my balls directly onto my ass, and finally down one leg. “Oh my,” she said watching it. All I could do was to give a little moan under my breath. 

Without a word she began to lower herself down in front of my raging hard-on. It felt as if I was going to explode at any second! She moved her face to about 2 inches from my cock, and I could feel her cool breath on my nerve endings! She slowly reached up and moved her hand right below my shaft. I was barely able to stand at this point, my passions were so intense!

Slowly she made contact with my rigid cock, wrapping her long fingers around my dick and slowly moving my skin up and down. I let out a gasp as I felt my balls contract and the cum begin to build up in me. She sensed it and immediately stopped, making me breathe even harder! She turned her eyes to the monitor, where Larry was capturing the whole scene with the camera. His focus was still on my cock, but now a beautiful arm and hands were doing the work!

She then looked up at me and gave me a look that almost made me cum right there. She licked her lips and slowly began to stroke my cock again. I knew that this would not last long, and I was right!

She opened her mouth, about 3 inches from my penis. I glanced at the monitor and it was a perfect shot — my cock, her hands and her mouth. That was the entire frame! Such detail on every element, and I suddenly felt the dam burst! 

The cum seemed to rush up my penis as if I were a fire hose! I felt it geyser from the tip as my new friend aimed the stream directly into her waiting lips. She kept stroking and I kept spurting. Stroke – shot – stroke – shot! Damn! This was intense! Finally I reached the point of diminishing returns where I suddenly can’t take any more stimulus! I moved her hand away and suddenly felt my legs turn to rubber as I slid to he floor beside her. She guided me into her arms and I gratefully slid down.

The next thing I knew she was running her fingers through my hair and saying something to Larry. I barely had the energy to hold my head up as Larry came over to her. His dick was still rigid, and she began to work it even as I lay beneath them both. She pulled Larry down to his knees so that he was right beside her as she softly stroked his hard on. I just lay there with my eyes glued to the cock right there in front of me. This was a night of unexpected twists and now here was one more for the books! I was beginning to wonder if Larry might shoot his wad on me when she slowly began to point his penis directly at me! 

Now, I have to confess that I might have had oral sex with a guy before, but I was not very experienced! However, with this beautiful girl stroking this beautiful penis right into my face I just leaned up and wrapped my lips around the tip of his dick! I was thrilled with the feel of his pulsing cock and let it slide into my mouth as I rolled my tongue over the base of his cock head inside my mouth. 

“That’s good, let me try!” she said seductively as she popped his cock out of my mouth and slid it into hers. I could not stop and I kept my lips on the outside of his penis as she slid it down her throat. I eventually ran out of room as she deep throated Larry, so I moved my head under his balls and let them slip into my mouth. That was an experience! Those balls were alive! They moved in ways I never knew they could, and I was enjoying the sensation so much that I never saw Larry reach over and grasp my balls! WOW! That was intense, and it immediately started my cock growing again. 

Pretty soon I felt Larry’s balls begin to retract and I knew what was going to happen. I popped them out and rose up next to Larry with my cock next to his. As the mystery girl sucked his cock Larry regained his grip on mine and began to pound it hard! I could tell he was close, and I was not far behind!

I moved my dick right up next to his and she slid his penis out of her mouth. I grabbed his dick and he had a hold on mine. I looked in his eyes and we began to rub our dicks together in parallel both pointing to our lovely security vixen. His hand wrapped around both of our cocks and I began to move our pulsing dicks toward our girl. She was inches away and I felt her tongue rolling over the top of both our dicks as Larry pounded them into a frenzy. The combined sight of her in front of our two rock hard dicks, with the sensation of my penis being rubbed together with his penis sent me over the edge! 

I moaned loudly and she opened her mouth to catch my first stream of cum as it shot out! Larry suddenly tensed up and our motion was broken for a second as my cock shot forward towards her mouth and his slid halfway down my cock, as his penis began to pulse out ropes of cum. The first few covered my cock as we regained our rhythm, with him sliding his slick exploding cock up my shaft. She grabbed both our dicks and stroked the slippery rods as we sent semen flying all over the place, all over her face, running down her neck, in her hair, and all over the floor.

It was suddenly over and both Larry and I felt an awkward moment as we knelt there holding each others dicks and hovering over a beautiful, but mysterious stranger. I saw him smile and then I knew that everything was going to be okay. We were still friends, and now we had some great footage to edit. And who knows, perhaps we gained a production assistant as well!

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