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Punishment for Emily

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“David and Curtis” – Emily G.

If it weren’t for their coloring, David and Curtis could be twins. David is 6’3, very dark hair and eyes. Curtis is 6’4, light brown and hazel. Both have light skin, strong hands, and runner’s builds. I met them both on Craigslist, about a year apart.

David was looking for a writing partner. We became friends, and lovers. My readers know him from some of my stories, like “Punishment”, “My First Spanking” and “Another Spanking, Please”. David is a pretty kinky guy. He’s also the only guy I can be fully submissive to. I trust him, and he loves me. That makes for some really spectacular sex.

Curtis happened to read “Punishment”, and emailed me. We started chatting, and when he convinced me to G-chat with him one night, he made me cum. That created the story “How Curtis Got Me Off”. From there, things between us escalated. Finally I just had to meet him, to find out if kissing him in the real world carried the same erotic intensity it had online.

It did.

Curtis met me at the top of the escalator at Triangle Square, late last Sunday night. I told him ahead of time to “Just kiss me. Don’t even say Hi.” He followed directions well.

The kiss was electrifying. When it ended, I took his hand and led him to my car. He tried to speak; I put my finger to his lips and shook my head. I didn’t have to tell him twice. And I took him home. Just like that.

When we arrived at my place I led him straight to my bed. Why waste time? I knew what I wanted, and we’re not kids anymore. If you want to know what happened next, read “Curtis Got Me Off Again”. That’s not what I’m here to share with you right now.

I want to tell you about what happened after that night:

My promises to David were that I would come to his house every Friday night at 7:00pm. I would prepare myself according to his instructions, received by Wednesday at 5:00pm each week. And from 7:00pm on Friday, until 7:00am on Saturday, he could do with me whatever he wished. He knew my hard limits and respected them. Everything within those limits, he didn’t have to ask. The other promise was that if I was intimate with someone else, I would tell him. It hadn’t happened, until now.

Monday morning, after Curtis left my house, I sent David a text. It said “I crossed over.” He knew that meant I’d met someone I knew online, in person, and had been intimate with them.

He didn’t respond for several hours. I became stressed, and upset.

Finally, his return text: “You will be punished on Friday. Do not contact me until then.” I was right to be stressed; he was upset too. And now I would spend four and a half days worrying about it.

When the email arrived on Wednesday afternoon I was relieved. Whatever the instructions were, at least he still wanted me to come to him on Friday.

I was surprised to see it was a shorter list than usual:

•Wear only stockings, a garter belt, a thong, a sheer bra, and very high heels. All black.

•Be fully shaved.

•Bring the guy.

•If you cannot fulfill all of these requirements, never contact me again.

Oh shit. I had to find a way to get Curtis to come with me.

I called Curtis, and told him everything. He knew about David, and my deal with him. Curtis had accepted that, so that wasn’t the tricky part. When I told him David’s demand, I got my second surprise of the day. I was expecting to have to beg, but all he said was “Yeah, sure. Sounds like fun.”

It was.

Friday night at 6pm, Curtis came and picked me up. I was on edge. No orgasm for two days (David’s standing rule prior to our meetings). I had barely eaten or slept. Curtis and I were both highly aroused, nervous, and curious. I asked Curtis to rub my shoulders, to release some of the tension.

He sat on my couch with his knees together and I straddled his legs. His hands went to work and ten minutes later I was almost relaxed. We both laughed when I stood up. I was so aroused that I left a wet mark on his jeans.

It was time to leave. I wrapped a coat around myself and we walked to his car. I was grateful Curtis was driving. My thoughts were so scattered I probably would have gotten lost.

On the way to David’s condo, Curtis asked me about him. What did I think tonight would be like? Was David likely to try to hit him? What did I want him to do if he did?

I really didn’t have many answers, other than “David probably won’t try to punch you. If he does, stop him. Otherwise just do what he tells you. And whatever you do, don’t step in and try to stop whatever he does to me.” I tried to sound more confident than I felt.

When we arrived at David’s condo, we had to park a few spaces from the door. I shrugged out of my coat. David insisted that I not cover myself when I arrive at his home. In tonight’s outfit, that meant I had to walk about 20 feet across a public space in lingerie. I didn’t care. I just wanted to get inside and get this over with. The suspense was worse than any punishment could be. I walked quickly to the alcove. Curtis followed, glancing around nervously to see if anyone was watching me.

Standing beside me at the door, Curtis looked nervous too. I squeezed his hand, and then reached out and pressed the doorbell.

David must have been standing there, waiting. The door flew open and his hand closed over my upper arm and yanked me inside. Curtis stepped in behind me and closed the door, and for a moment, the three of us just looked at each other. Awkward.

I saw in David’s face the recognition that he and Curtis were extremely alike. I hoped that would help me. Finally, I started to introduce them. I got no further than David, this is…” He cut me off by raising his hand; the international sign for “Stop”.

I fell silent and looked at my feet.

“I’m David”, he said, and I saw him shake Curtis’ hand.

“Hi, I’m Curtis.” It was so polite, we could have been standing in a bar. Except I was nearly naked, and waiting to be punished.

David pulled a sleep mask, like you get on an airline, from his pocket. He put it over my head and pulled it down so it covered my mouth. He moved behind me and took my shoulders in his hands, and guided me towards his front door. When I was just inches from it, facing the door, he said “Don’t move.” He left me standing there, and invited Curtis in to sit down.

I heard them sit, and David said “Obviously you know the situation here. I don’t fault you for it; Emily is… Emily.”

They both sighed, not quite a laugh. David went on:

“I’m sure Emily told you how I feel about her.”

Curtis murmured his assent.

“So please don’t worry tonight about me injuring her. Sit back, and just enjoy the show, ok? If it gets too much for you, walk out. She’ll be fine.”

Curtis said “OK.” There was a pause, then he started to ask “So if I get really turned on…” He let the question hang.

“Do whatever makes you happy. I’ll let you know if I want you to touch her. But unless you’re going home, don’t leave your chair until I invite you.” David’s voice was firm. He was gearing up to get started.

I shifted my weight from one foot to the other and felt the lips of my shaved pussy slide against each other. I was ready…

David approached me quietly. He wrapped his hand around the back of my neck and used his thumb to tilt my head to one side. Leaning down, he whispered in my ear. “You’re going to suffer for this, you know. This won’t be like your other playtimes here. I’m furious with you.”

I gave the expected response. “Yes, Master.” My voice was weak. He may have thought it was fear or remorse. It wasn’t. I was excited.

“Come and confess your sin.” He led me to the chair in the middle of the room. I stole a glance at Curtis. He was sitting ten feet away and slightly to my left, at the end of the couch. There was another chair about 6 feet away and slightly to my right. David would sit there and interrogate me. We had played a game like this before, but last time it was make-believe.

David pushed me down gently. I sat in the chair. He tapped the back of the seat and I shifted so my back was against it. My arms hung by my sides. A thick leather belt appeared, and strapped me to the chair. David positioned it just below my breasts, and cinched it tight so it held my arms firmly too.

I took a moment to be grateful that the belt was securing me to the chair, instead of being used to whip me. …Yet.

David then crouched in front of me. He grasped my left ankle and moved it to the outside of the chair leg, securing it there with a velcro cuff. He did the same to my right ankle. My knees were wide apart. I felt very exposed, my freshly shaved pussy barely covered by the thin lace thong. He knew that, and blew a puff of air there before he stood up. It heightened my discomfort. He smiled, and went and sat down.

The interrogation began.

“Emily, tell us why we’re here tonight.” He was stern. It made me nervous and I wanted to giggle but I knew from experience that was a bad idea.

“I misbehaved, Master. I’m sorry you’re angry with me.” But not sorry I did it, I thought.

“Tell us, Emily, what exactly did you do?”

I wondered how much detail David wanted. Did he want to know that my whole body tingled when Curtis kissed me? How when Curtis went down on me, he remembered that I’d said to use two fingers to make me cum, and it was the best orgasm I’d had in months? And that afterwards, Curtis had wrapped his hands around my feet, rubbing them and kissing them, and it was so intimate it brought my heart undone?

“Master, I had an erotic encounter with Curtis. He met me at Triangle Square and when he kissed me I lost my mind and took him home. I don’t know what I was thinking. I’m sorry you’re angry with me, Master. Please punish me so that you can forgive me.” Please punish me, I love to be spanked.

David looked at me blankly for a moment. Apparently this was not an answer that would satisfy him.

“Emily, I asked you what exactly you did. Was than an exact answer you just gave me?”

“No, Master. Please let me try again.”

“Perhaps you need something to sharpen your mind?” David stood as he said this, and walked over beside me. He picked up a long thin reed from underneath my chair. With a flick of his wrist, it stung my inner thigh just above the top of my stocking. I yelped – the thin reed really hurts.

“Thank you, Master”. I glanced at Curtis. He looked shocked. He better toughen up. This was going to get a lot worse for me. David lay the reed between my legs so I would remember to answer his questions properly. He took his seat again.

For the next 30 minutes, I did as he asked. In fine detail, I told David exactly what had transpired the previous Sunday night. Re-living it, with Curtis watching me, was both slightly embarrassing and deeply arousing.

David asked many questions, about how exactly Curtis and I had stimulated each other with our tongues, and which positions he had fucked me in and the level of pleasure each had brought me. I was essentially critiquing Curtis’ performance. He took it well; probably because overall it had been an excellent night.

Finally David was satisfied I had held nothing back.

“What do you think your punishment should be?” he asked. It was rhetorical. He already knew what he wanted to do. The tools were laid out beneath my chair. I gave the safe answer.

“You should punish me as it pleases you, Master.” He smiled, and stood and walked to me again. He picked up the reed from between my legs and teased the front of my thong. A sudden flick of his wrist brought another yelp from me as the reed struck my other thigh. I had been given matching red lines above my stocking-tops.

He stepped behind me and unbuckled the belt. I rolled my shoulders to get the blood moving down my arms again. David looked at Curtis.

“Do you want to come and hold her wrists?” Curtis stood quickly, eager to join in. “Stand here”, David said, and pointed to the left side of my chair. Being right-handed, he would stand on the right to whip me.

Curtis stood next to me. I gave him a brave smile. David took my wrists and raised my arms above my head and told Curtis to hold them there firmly. With my ankles still strapped to the chair legs, he would need to be ready to steady me if I lost my balance.

David stepped back, and swung that wide belt in a big lazy arc. It connected heavily with my abs. “One.” I knew to count without being told. The belt hurt less than the thin reed, but there would be more blows and they would leave a lasting mark.

Curtis flinched more sharply than I did. The next swing of the belt landed slightly higher. “Two.” I knew David would work his way up to just below my breasts, then down to my upper thighs. This was really just a warmup. “Three…”. There would be ten marks when he was finished. We had done this often enough; my mind wandered back to last Sunday night. “Four!” That one was harder; David must have noticed my mental shift. “Five!” …Ok, I thought, I’ll pay attention. On it went. Finally, “Ten.”

David dropped the belt and told Curtis to let go of my wrists. When Curtis stepped back, he saw how red my stomach was and flinched again. I almost smiled at him, but David should only be pushed so far.

“Curtis, why don’t you release her ankles and go and sit down.” The warmup was complete.

Curtis undid the velcro and let the restraints drop. He went back to the couch, but sat in the middle this time, so he was directly in front of me. David moved me aside and sat in the chair. That told me a spanking was coming my way. He tapped his thigh, and I lay across his lap. I stretched my legs out straight so only the toes of my shoes touched the floor. David liked to see the muscle tension in my calves, and having such long arms meant he could slap them too, if he chose to.

I put my hands on the ground to steady myself, and raised my ass higher. I love to be spanked by David. The first slap landed. All I could think about was the next one, like an addict waiting for her fix.

He covered my ass, making it an even rosy red. We don’t bother to count when he’s spanking me vigorously like this. He prefers to do it with speed rather than total accuracy. In just a couple of minutes I was burning. Curtis was definitely enjoying this part of the show.

David was eventually satisfied that the slightest touch on my ass would make me flinch. He stopped spanking me and reached under the chair. When he sat up he pulled my thong aside and ran his fingers over the lips of my pussy. I felt his hard cock twitch under me; an involuntary reaction to his fingers discovering how wet the spanking had made me.

He stroked my pussy, sliding his fingers over the very sensitive shaved lips. He was careful not to touch my clit, even when I pressed against his hand. When his fingers were entirely slippery, he started to stroke my ass, getting me ready to be penetrated. David dipped his fingers into my pussy, just a couple of inches in, and then started to finger my ass. One finger at a time, sliding in and out an inch or so.

It amused me that even though Curtis had done this to me a few days ago, it was challenging to have him sitting ten feet away just watching. I felt like an exhibit at an erotic zoo. David must have read my mind, because he said “Curtis, come and remove her panties.”

There must have been an unspoken exchange between them, because after Curtis pulled my thong down to my knees, his tongue slid from my clit, up to my ass, and teased me there. I went very still and focused on the sensations. His beard was sharp against my well-spanked cheeks; the contrast of his soft lips and tongue on my asshole was intensely pleasurable. David gave me a few minutes to just lay in his lap and enjoy Curtis preparing me for the next stage of my punishment. I relaxed as fully as I had earlier, when Curtis was rubbing my shoulders.

When David decided I was ready, he sent Curtis back to the couch. He inserted a small probe into my pussy. He slid it in and out, twisting it and coating it in my juices. Then he pressed it to my ass. I tensed up for a moment, so he stopped and said “Open up for me, Emily. You know you want to…” He was right. I relaxed, and he slid the probe all the way into me. It was a small one, only a couple of inches around and barely three inches long. The stopper was large and pressed firmly against my asshole to stop the probe from going all the way in. The pressure it created centered my attention there.

“On your knees, Emily”. I dropped out of David’s lap onto my knees beside the chair. Still seated, he turned to face me and freed his cock. I looked into his eyes.

“May I pleasure you, Master?” He nodded, and I grasped his shaft with one hand and wrapped my lips around the head. It was already slick and I caught all the drips before I started to suck on him in earnest.

Having an audience clearly aroused him more that I expected. He stopped me before I even found my rhythm. We had never had another guy with us and I wondered what David would tell me to do next.

David tucked his cock away and zipped his fly. “Stand, Emily” he said, not offering to help me up. In my very high heels, with my panties around my knees, it was tricky. Eventually I was standing and regained my balance.

“Remove your panties now.”

“Yes, Master.” I had worn my thong over the top of my garter belt, so I was able to step out of it easily.

“Give it to Curtis.”

“Yes, Master.” I crossed the room and handed Curtis my thong.

“Now offer yourself to him.” I knew what this meant.

“Yes, Master.” I turned away from Curtis and paused, unsure whether I should speak. David realized what was needed and said “Curtis, hold her hips firmly.”

Curtis grasped my hips, and I bent all the way forward and wrapped my hands around my ankles.

He must have looked at David for directions, because David said “You have five minutes. Do as you please. If she cums, she’ll receive an even more vigorous whipping, so see if you can force it out of her.”

Curtis teased me with his tongue again, focussing on my clit. I squirmed, trying to make it hard for him to center on it; I knew from experience he could make me cum if he really was determined to. And he tried, but I held out on him. Even with his nose bumping the probe in my ass, I was able to hold off, but the effort made me break a sweat.

If his hands had been free, he probably would have been successful, but he kept ahold of my hips.

“One minute.” David told him time was nearly up.

Still holding my hips, Curtis stood. He brought me upright too, then turned me around and pressed down so I would kneel. I opened his fly without being asked and sucked his cock, trying to draw every drop of precum I could get out of the dripping tip.

“Ten seconds.” Feeling rushed now, I found it difficult not to move my hand too fast as it slid up and down his shaft.

“Done,” David said. I released Curtis from my mouth immediately. His cock bobbed in my face. I looked up at him and winked; a private moment between us. His lips twitched in response; not quite a smile.

“Did you enjoy that, Emily? Pleasing another man in front of your Master?” I thought Yes, actually that was really fucking hot.

I looked over my shoulder at David. “Yes, Master. Thank you for the opportunity, Master.” I was provoking him slightly. He knew it.

“Come here, Emily.” I started to stand. “No, crawl to me.” I crossed the room on hands and knees. I stopped in front of him and sat back on my heels, hands clasped behind my back. I looked at the bulge in his pants, hoping he would feed me his cock again.

“Do you want my cock in your mouth, Emily?” he asked, a dangerous edge in his voice.

“Yes, Master. Always, Master.”

“And yet you crossed over for Curtis.” Uh oh, he was still pissed at me.

“Yes, Master.” I should probably have added that I was sorry, but why lie? Sunday night was awesome and this was even better.

“Go and get the Cat.” The cat o’ nine tails.

Really, the device David owns is a twenty-inch flogger with nine thin strips of leather making up the whip. But calling it the Cat gives it a more sinister air, which it deserves. That one really makes me jump.

I crawled to the wooden box on the sideboard, fully aware that they would both be mesmerized by watching the end of the probe in my ass as I crawled across the floor. I stood to retrieve the Cat, put the handle in my mouth, and crawled back to David. Sitting on my heels again, I bent forward and dropped it at his feet.

“Stand.” Again, he didn’t help me up. I stood, looking down at my feet. I was still wearing the sheer black bra and garter belt. My stockings had some holes in the knees now, and the nylon was laddering up my legs. The redness on my abs from the first whipping had faded to pink, but the welts from the edges of the belt were raised and would be sore tomorrow.

“Wrists.” I held them out for David. He closed one hand around them and held the Cat in the other. “Was fucking Curtis worth this punishment?” he asked.

“Yes, Master.” It was true. It was worth it.

“We will see if you still think so in a few minutes.” He led me towards the hallway, then along it to his bedroom door. The pull-up bar was there. He called to Curtis to join us.

David turned me to face Curtis, then wrapped my wrists with velcro cuffs that had carabiners attached to them. He clipped these to chains that hung from the curved handles of the pull-up bar. My arms were fully extended straight up from my shoulders, and I was standing with my feet apart for balance. Once again, I felt very exposed.

David reached between my legs from behind and stroked my clit. Curtis was watching David’s hand and I saw his erection rise in his pants.

“Suck on her clit. See if you can make her cum this time.” David said, and pulled his fingers back. He slid two into my pussy and held them there. Curtis knelt in front of me and surrounded my clit with his lips. As he started to suck gently, David fucked me with his fingers. The palm of his hand rested on the probe, making it rock inside my ass. They fell into a rhythm together. The tension built. I desperately wanted to cum.

Leaning back, I rested my shoulders against David’s chest and whispered “Please, Master, please may I cum?”

He bent his head and murmured in my ear “Is it worth the whipping?”

Curtis was still sucking on my clit. Yes, of course it was worth it.

“Yes, Master.”

“You have permission to cum, Emily.”

“Thank you, Master.”

David thrust his fingers deeply, slowly… Curtis moved his lips and tongue from side to side as he sucked… and I came hard.

I was immediately over-sensitive and Curtis knew to pull away, but David told him not to, “Not yet.” It was exquisite torture. He stopped moving his lips and tongue, and just sucked while I rode out the spasms on David’s fingers.

“Thank you, Master,” I said again, when I had caught my breath. I leaned my head back and kissed underneath his chin.

“You’ll pay for it now,” he said. “Curtis, get a condom.” David pointed. They were on the table in the hall. Curtis returned, and looked at David.

“Why don’t you strip off, and put that on. I want you inside Emily, with her legs around your waist, while I whip her for fucking you last Sunday night. It seems fitting that she repeat the crime while she’s being punished for it.”

Curtis shed his clothes immediately. He was fully erect and rolled the condom on as he stepped towards me. David grasped my ribs and lifted me, saying “Grab the handles”. I looked up and saw that I was to hold on to the curved grips that came down from the central support bar. My hands closed around them and I reached for Curtis with my legs. I crossed my ankles behind his back and pulled him towards me.

He used his hand to guide himself inside me. With the probe still in my ass, I felt very full. Another orgasm started to build. And the whipping began.

The first contact is always a warning. David uses it to get me ready for the pain. The second strike was much sharper. I jumped, and clenched around Curtis’ cock. His hands were on my ass cheeks; they were still warm and sore from the spanking. He pushed deeper, and David whipped me again.

With my body supported by my arms and Curtis’ hands, it was much like being on a swing. If it weren’t for the whip, it would just be sexy and fun. That thought made me forget David for a moment, and I leaned in and kissed Curtis passionately. He started to fuck me steadily, getting lost in the kiss with me. Eventually I broke the kiss for a deeper breath, and David cracked the whip harder than ever before. I cried out, and crushed Curtis with my thighs. The leather strips had landed across the middle of my back, but their very tips had wrapped around my ribs and stung my side like fire ants.

I was immediately whimpering.

“Is this worth it to you, Emily?” David asked.

“Yes, Master.” It was still true.

“Fuck her hard, Curtis. Don’t stop until you cum.”

Curtis didn’t need to be told twice. His fingers bit into my ass and he pulled me into him, now using the leverage to really make me swing. David timed his whips to every fourth thrust, so I would start to anticipate them. That anticipation quickly turns to fear, so I was flinching before the blows even landed.

David covered my back with stings from the whip. I was sure he would have whipped my ass too, if Curtis’ hands hadn’t been there.

I could see that Curtis was getting close to cumming. He closed his eyes and drove himself into me. Sweat was running down his chest and his breathing was ragged. David stopped whipping me and let Curtis blow.

Eventually he stopped moving and opened his eyes. I smiled, and he kissed my cheek. It was a sweet moment, and David allowed it. Finally he said “Ok, Curtis, release her.”

Curtis pulled out and stepped back, sliding the condom off. He dropped it onto the pile of his clothes and looked at David again.

The distraction of Curtis inside me had mitigated my awareness of the pain. My back was agony now. David’s shirt brushed my skin as he reached up to unhook my wrists and I yelped and shied away from him. Curtis stepped around me to see my back, and softly said “Oh, shit.” It must have looked really bad.

If David was sorry about that he certainly didn’t show it. He turned me towards them, and told Curtis to put his hands under my armpits to make sure I stayed up. I appreciated that; I felt dizzy.

As Curtis held me, David undressed. He sat on the edge of his bed and said “My turn. On your knees, Emily.”

I knelt between his legs and took his cock as deeply into my mouth as I could. I wrapped one hand around his shaft and cupped his balls with the other. I forgot everything else and just focussed on his cock… how it felt sliding between my lips, how hard it was inside the silky skin… the taste of his pre-cum and the faintest hint of his shower gel. At some point he lay back on his bed and the movement of my hand became faster, my grip firm. My other hand was now wrapped around the base of his cock with my thumb under his balls, applying pressure to his prostate. I timed deep suction, swipes with my tongue and varying grip with my hand perfectly; David blew straight down the back of my throat. I milked his shaft and lightly kissed his balls when he was done. He loves that.

David sat up and kissed my forehead. “Your turn again, Emily. You’ve done well.” He scooted back on the bed, just far enough for me to perch between his legs. I had to sit with my hips tilted up; that probe was still in place.

“Curtis, why don’t you take care of this?” David lifted my left leg up and over his left thigh, and then my right leg up and over his right. I was once again fully opened up, legs wide, for Curtis. David gripped my upper arms, pinning me to him, and leaned back onto his elbows on the bed.

Curtis knelt between my legs and started to stroke me with his fingers. He looked up past me, to David. “Can I remove the probe?” he asked.

I heard the smile in David’s voice as he said “Yes.”

At first Curtis just played with the probe, twisting it as he licked my shaved lips and flicked my clit with his tongue. He rocked it as he started to suck my clit, and then he pulled it out slowly. Just as slowly, he slid his finger in. I was dripping; everything was slick. I looked down and he was just watching his finger sliding smoothly in and out of my ass. It was very erotic. We both felt my muscles tightening; another orgasm was building. He brought the tip of his tongue back to my clit, and made small circles. My orgasm was closer. I knew David was watching from over my shoulder. The heat from his skin burned the welts on my back. Curtis kept sliding his finger in… and out… and changed his tongue to a light feathery motion, side to side. His finger slid deeper. And that made me cum.

I cried out. If I’d been free I would have squeezed his head between my thighs, but David was still holding my legs open and pinning my arms. I rode it out, my chest heaving, squeezing David’s legs with mine as Curtis soothed my pussy with his tongue.

I was completely spent. The adrenaline, the pain, the orgasms; I had nothing left. David sat me up, and Curtis helped me stand. I leaned against him and he held me close and stroked my hair. I heard David start the shower. I knew cool water would feel good right now…

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