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She Helped Me Forget

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I walked up the sidewalk in the rain towards the lighted porch. The weather matched my mood. I had come home from my office on campus and found a note. “Sorry, I don’t think this is going to work our. I’ve gone back to Tennessee. Karen.” I guessed that she had gone back to stay with her aunt.

She had left me and I was stunned and angry and depressed and sad-and somehow lighter and freer. But I needed to talk to somebody and that’s why I was walking up to Greg and Rosemary’s door.

They owned a bookstore in town and I had spoken to them once or twice when browsing. They were also the teachers of the young adults class at the local church and they had told me when I visited the class a few weeks ago that they were always available if I needed anything. At the time I hadn’t really paid attention, but now I did need someone-someone who would just listen – and Greg and Rosemary had seemed like that sort of people.

I rang the bell and stood close to the door to get out of the rain. I heard a movement within and then the door opened as far as the security chain would let it. There was silence for a moment and then Rosemary said,” Oh, it’s you-I didn’t know who would be calling tonight.” The door closed and then re-opened a second later as she put the chain back up on its holder.

“Come in out of the rain— miserable night. I don’t usually keep the door on the chain, but Greg’s away at a bookseller’s convention and I feel a little safer with it on.”

I stepped inside and suddenly I felt foolish. I didn’t know these people and here it was already past nine on a rainy night and I was bringing my problems to them. Or her rather. With Greg gone I was even less sure that I should be there.

“What can I do for you?” she asked “Come in, sit down.”

“I-I just wanted someone to talk to and you said… No, it’s stupid, I’m sorry I bothered you, I’ll just be gong.”

“Nonsense,” she said. “Sit down on the sofa and tell me about it.”

I took off my soaked jacket and hung it up and went into living room and sat on the end of the sofa. I had never really looked too closely at Rosemary before. She had a kind face-late 40’s or early 50’s I guessed. She was wearing a modest, dark blue dress which buttoned down the front and dark blue hose and high heels. Is this how she always dressed at home, I wondered? She was about 5’4″-average height I guess with a comfortable looking rounded body. She had curves in all the right places, but they were soft curves-she definitely wasn’t a “hardbody.”

“What is it you wanted to talk about?” she said with a sympathetic voice. She could see that I was upset. I was sitting rather stiffly and twisting my hands together while I wondered how to start the conversation. I decided that the only way was to be direct. I had found out that anticipation saying something difficult is almost always harder than actually saying the words. Once you say something you often find a sense of relief.

“My girlfriend left me.”

“Oh.” She said this softly and very quickly. She didn’t say anything else, so I went on.

“She wasn’t there when I came home this evening from my class and she left a note-” and I went on to explain what the note had said, how I was completely taken by surprise, how I felt-angry and sad, but free, and scared to be alone. I must have talked no-stop for 10 or 15 minutes. Rosemary nodded and made sympathetic noises until I stopped.

“Do you feel better now, having said all that to me?”

I nodded in agreement.

“Let me go put some water on, — I’ll make us a cup of tea or coffee if you prefer.”

“Tea is fine,” I said as I watched her walk into the kitchen.

She came back a moment later. “It will be ready in a few minutes,” she said. She sat down on the other end of the sofa. “You must be really feeling low. I’m glad you felt you trusted me enough to tell me about this-something really personal. I’ve seen your girlfriend and she was gorgeous and seemed very vibrant and outgoing. It must be hard to lose someone like that.”

“It is” I would miss all the fun we had together, all the serious talks we had, all the shared work of cooking and cleaning-and the sex, which frankly had been exceptional. Karen had been a screamer and I had never known such tremendous orgasms before– either from a woman or for my self.

“I don’t mean to compare myself with you,” began Rosemary, “but I have an idea of how you feel. You see-well, I probably shouldn’t be telling you this, but since you trusted me I guess I can trust you– I feel the same way.”

I paused for a moment, digesting what she had told me. ” Greg’s left you?” I asked tentatively.

“”No, no, it’s not quite like that-it’s just-well, I suppose you could say that he has. He’s emotionally absent and, well, there hasn’t been anything physical between u for more than a year. When I try and discuss it with him he just insists there’s nothing wrong. I feel abandoned and… ”

I saw her lip quiver and her eyes were glistening. “I better go check the water,” she said. She walked into the kitchen again. I didn’t know what to think. I hadn’t expected a personal revelation form her. But I sympathized with her– as she did with me.

She came back carrying the tea on a tray. She set it down on the coffee table and began pouring. I noticed that the top button of her dress-as well as the bottom one were undone. This didn’t really reveal very much-just a bit more of her chest, not a sign of cleavage and her nylon covered knee when she crossed her legs.

“I’m sorry, I don’t mean to burden you with my problems, it’s just that…” She was obviously trying to contain her emotions and her lips started to quiver again.

I didn’t want her to cry-because if she started I would probably start too. “I think he’s having an affair,” she said quietly.

“I can’t believe that,” I said. “You’re an attractive woman and…”

“That’s not what men look for when they look for a sex partner,” she interrupted. “You should know that-don’t take this wrong, but you’re a man. They want something new, something different, something forbidden. Oh, I don’t know, he’s just bored with me and he’s at that convention and I suspect doing things to some other woman. I hate the thought.”

“I know what you mean-I can’t stand the thought that my girlfriend-ex-girlfriend-may be sleeping with someone else. But I still can’t believe that Greg would cheat on someone like you.” She looked like the tears were about to start falling and I put my hand on her shoulder, quite innocently.

She was sitting quite close to me on the couch and when I put my hand on her, she leaned her head forward and rested her forehead on my shoulder. Her shoulders were shaking and she was still trying not to cry. I moved my arm over her shoulder and patted her on the back. After a minute she looked up. Her face was just inches from mine. I could see the fine soft hairs on her upper lip, something which I found strangely exciting. leaned forward slightly and kissed me quickly and gently. She “Thank you,” she whispered.

I didn’t’ know what she was thanking me for, so I just nodded. She stood up suddenly saying, “I’ve got to go make sure I turned the stove off.”

That was odd, I thought, but that thought was short-lived because I was thinking about her kiss and how it made me feel. In a word, horny. The kiss had been innocent enough, but I remembered the warm feel of her body under my hand as I had patted her back and how soft and even inviting her lips had been when she pressed them to mine for just those couple of seconds. I felt my cock stir slightly.

About a minute later she came back into the room. I thought she had been gone a long time to just be checking the stove. I also noticed that now the top two buttons of her dress were undone, as well as the bottom two. She walked back over to the couch and sat very close to me. I smelled perfume-quite nice smell, but something that she hadn’t been wearing before. Now I could see her cleavage,; and when she crossed her legs this time I could see a lot more of her leg as her skirt fell to either side. My cock stirred again.

“David, I’ve been thinking. I think we could help each other to – to-to feel better.” She leaned close and looked me in the eye. She put her hand on my knee and left it there. “What do you think?”

“I’m not sure what you mean, Rosemary.” But I did. Because she had slid her hand up onto my thigh.

“David, I think maybe you do. You weren’t lying were you?”

“Lying? What do you mean?”

“When you said I was an attractive woman, you meant it didn’t you? It wasn’t just nice words was it?”

“No, I…”

“Well”, she interrupted, here we are, two lonely people in need of someone to care about us-and, and I think we shouldn’t let the opportunity go to waste.”

I couldn’t believe it. This woman was asking me to – do what? Pat her back? Kiss her? Fuck her?

“Put you r arm around me again, David. That’s the way. Now put your other hand here.” And she took my hand and laid it on her thigh. I could feel the warmth of her flesh through the silkiness of the stocking. “Now, kiss me.”

I didn’t need a second invitation. I leaned forward as well, pulling her towards me and putting my lips against hers. They were soft and warm and mobile and hungry as she expertly kissed me. I felt a bulge growing in my shorts. After a long time we stopped and both of us were breathing heavily. She had slid her hand further up towards my crotch and I followed suit, sliding my hand along her stockinged leg, pushing her skirt up a little as I did so.

Some years before my aunt had taught me that slow foreplay will give both of you more pleasure, so I took my time, nuzzling her neck, kissing her chin, licking around her ears, nibbling the back of her neck at the hairline. I had learned form this same aunt that you could make a woman wet and ready to come without ever kissing her below the neck. I took my time and was rewarded by her quickened breathing, the sharp intake of her breath when I hit a really sensitive spot, and the slow opening of her legs as my hand slid further up under her skirt.

I found her most sensitive spot-the indentation on the back of her neck where her hairline ended. I nuzzled and kissed it, sensing that she was getting very aroused by the way she moaned softly and tensed her hand on my crotch.

“That was so good. Kiss me again.” Again our lips met and this time her tongue darted out of her mouth and between my lips, just long enough for me to try and capture it with my tongue, but she had already retracted it. So I went after it. I poked my tongue out and in between her lips and she opened her mouth to meet me. Our tongues danced first in her mouth then in mine, then over the other’s lips. Our breathing got heavy and loud and our hands started doing things. Like rubbing and stroking and touching. Her hand was on my crotch now, rubbing my swollen cock and my hand was under her skirt feeling the delicious contrast between the silkiness of her stocking and the warm flesh of her inner thigh. She began making moaning noises. Soon we had to stop to catch our breath and I asked her, “When you came back from the kitchen you had unbuttoned your dress and put on some perfume. Was that to try and seduce me?”

“From the time I knew that your girlfriend had left you and I had told you about Greg and me, I knew I wanted you. Yes, I was trying to seduce you.”

“It worked,” said as I put both arms around her and pulled her close and started looking for her delicious tongue again. It had been a stupid question really-it was obvious that she was trying to seduce le, but I had wanted to hear her say it.

The next time we came up for air, she said, “David, I want you to make love to me.”

“Of course Rosemary, but, but I want to do this long and slow. I want to enjoy every inch of your body. I want to suck and lick and taste every bit of you before, before….”

I trailed off.

“Before you slide deep into my pussy?”

It shocked me bit to hear her say such words, but it also turned me on tremendously. I wanted to hear more. “Say that again,” I whispered.

“Before you slide your big cock into my wet and open and hungry pussy, deep inside my wetness, before you make me cum like never before and I beg you to fuck me over and over? Before you shoot your load of hot cum into my willing cunt and drive me to my first orgasm?”

This was driving me wild. “Yes, oh, God, yes, I want to fuck you until you can’t take it any more.” I got down on my knees and pushed her back on the couch so I could unbutton the last three buttons of her dress I spread it open and there was the most gorgeous sight. She had a just a slight tan and her bra didn’t cover her tan line. Her nipples were so hard I could see them poking out through her bra. Her skin was smooth and she had plumpness to her belly that made me want to kiss her into orgasm. I looked at her legs, covered in dark blue nylon, so sleek and trim and shapely, then at the whiteness of her inner thighs where she hadn’t completely tanned, then at her Venus’ mound, pushing up from her dark blue panties, then at her satiny panties which covered her treasure nest. Finally I focused on the wet spot that was slowly spreading on her panties, right over her pussy. I leaned forward so her mound was pressed against my chest, and my face was against her tits. I nuzzled and nipped at her nipples while she struggled out of her dress and unsnapped her bra, peeled the straps off her shoulder and finally exposed her boobs to me.

A lot of writers describing their sexual experiences make the mistake of exaggerating, giving themselves 10 inch penises and their women 40 or 42 DD boobs. I’m going to be honest. I don’t know what size bra she wore-and her tits were not huge. They were about the size of tennis balls, but oh, what gorgeous tennis balls! Her nipples were dark red and quite small really, but when I stuck my tongue out and licked them they got as hard a marbles. I took one ion my mouth and I could feel Rosemary simultaneously pushing her tit further into my mouth and stiffening with the pleasure of being sucked. I moved to the other side as she moaned her pleasure, taking her nipple deep into my mouth. My cock was about to rip right through my shorts and jeans.

I poked her nipple with my tongue several times and then began to kiss my way down her belly, around and past her navel, and down to the waistband of her panties. I played with her, kissing all around her waistband, sliding my tongue inside it, taking it in my teeth and pulling it down just a little. All the time my hands were roaming over he silky legs, up on to her thighs, where they gently stroked the softness of the inner part with my fingers, sometimes brushing against the wet spot on her panties and making her squirm. I started kissing the front panel of her panties, rubbing my face against her mound. I could see a few wisps off pussy hair sticking out of the leg openings and I wanted to stick my face and tongue into her hairy love nest. She pulled her panties to one side , exposing dark reddish purple pussy lips.. “Lick me”, she whispered.

She was wet but her pussy wasn’t open yet. I put my hands on her knees and gently pushed them open wider so I could get at her pussy more easily. I positioned my mouth over her cunt and with my extended tongue , I pushed one of her labia over to the side. Then, shifting position a bit, I pushed the other lip to the side. Back to the other side. In this way I delicately opened her pussy with my tongue. Each time my tongue touched one of her pussy lips , she shivered and said “ah!”. Her head went to the back of my head and tried to push my face into her crotch, but I resisted and continued to spread open her pussy lips, using only my tongue. I hadn’t even touched her yet with my fingers.

I was getting excited and I wanted more than just a little lick. I wanted to drive my tongue into her vagina and get a good taste of her sweet juice. When her cunt lips were folded well back, I put my tongue flat into her pussy and gave along slow lick. She rewarded me by squirming and giving a long slow “aaaaahhhh!” Nothing turns me on more than making a woman squirm with my tongue in her cunt.

I continued to lick her pussy for along time, not going too fast, just keeping her this side of orgasm I was listening to one of my favorite sounds in the world-the sound of a woman telling me how much she loved what I was doing to her interrupted by long “ohs” and “ahs.” I was caressing her legs while I ate her, running my hands over them, from the ankle up over her calves, up past her knees and onto her thighs. She was wearing some kind of Lycra thigh highs, the feel of which turned me on even more. She had gorgeous legs-slim ankles but nicely curved calves and slightly plump thighs. Her inner thighs were soft and fleshy and had just a faint trace of hair on them. The scent of her dripping cunt was the sweetest perfume I had ever smelled.

Then without warning she started to come. Her ass heaved up off the couch, pressing her wet crotch to my face, sliding all over it as she writhed her hips. He let out long “aaaaahhhs” as she bucked her cunt against me. I pressed my face into her pussy as hard as I could, pinning her back onto the sofa. She stopped heaving and sat there shivering and twitching while telling me how good it had been.

“Oh, David, I haven’t ever come like that before-what did you do to me?” she asked. “How can you make me cream like that with just your tongue-you didn’t even touch me with your cock-aah!” She gave a little cry and pushed my head away from her pussy. I had started to gently lick her gain, but she was so sensitive she couldn’t take it. “Wait, wait a few minutes, let me recover before-before-before you fuck me.”

I still had my clothes on, so I took the opportunity to stand up and quickly strip. She fixed her eyes on my cock which was standing at attention and reached out. Slowly she put her hands on my ass and pulled me closer to where she was sitting and opening her mouth. She looked me in the eye as she closed her warm mouth around my swollen member. I had a hard time holding back and as she moved her head forwards and backwards along my shaft, all the while looking into my eyes and telling me what I wanted to hear with them. What she was saying without words was “this is what I want you to do to my cunt.”

I wanted to drive my cock deep into her warm and willing pussy and I couldn’t really wait any longer. I wanted to shoot my load deep in her hungry cunt and if I didn’t fuck her soon I was going to cum all over her face. Nice,; but not what I wanted this time.

I gently pushed her face away from me and she understood because she got on her hands an knees on the couch, put her head down and her ass up, spread her legs a little wider and showed me her open and eager cunt. I knelt behind her and quickly slid all the way into her deep and dripping hole. She groaned with pleasure as I pushed all the way in until my balls were against her ass. I stayed like that for a minute, feeling the wet warmth of her vagina all around my dick, then I slowly slid almost out, leaving just the tip of my cock inside her.

At the same time I was rubbing her silky thigh with one hand which made me even harder and the other hand went up under her arm where I grabbed one of her luscious tits.

Then I slowly slid all the way in again. Then I slid out almost all the way, only this time I teased her pussy by rotating my hips so the tip of my cock was playing with the entrance to her pussy.

“Push it in deeper, deeper” she commanded.

But I continued to tease her opening, even sliding all the way out and rubbing my cock up and down along her slit.

“Put it in me!”, she gasped.

“Like this? I asked as I put the tip back into her pussy.

“”Yes,” she groaned, “only all the way in!”

“Like this? I asked and a rammed forward powerfully, feeling the hot sweetness as her velvety pussy tensed around me.. My balls made a slapping sound and suddenly I couldn’t play anymore games. I pumped in and out of her furiously, banging my balls against her ass a she cried out in pleasure and then I was squirting deep into her in a way that I had never done before.

After I came I stayed deep in her pussy, enjoying the warmth. I continued to gently massage her tit and slowly rub her silky leg. I leaned forward and kissed heron the back of the neck again and I heard the hiss as she sucked her breath in.

“You like that, don’t you? “I murmured as I continued to kiss the back of her neck.

“That spot corresponds to my pussy;” she whispered, “what you do to the back of my neck has a direct effect on my cunt-it makes me wet and open and desperately in need of cock.”

A few minutes later we were sitting on the couch next to each other, touching each other gently, kissing occasionally, and looking at each other with gratitude-and lust, it must be said, in our eyes. I told her that she was right, we were able to help each other. “Did I help you forget about Karen, at least for a little while?” she asked.

“Who?” I replied with a smile.

“I want you to stay with me tonight-sleep beside me in the bed.”

“Ok;” I agreed , “but we may not get much sleep.”

“I know-I don’t want much sleep. I want you to fuck me slow and gentle-make it last a long time.”

“And I want you to wear your stockings-they really turn me on.”

“Let’s go,” she said.

We walked back to the bedroom, touching and kissing all the way. My cock grew hard along the way as she stroked and fondled me. When we reached the bedroom I pushed her gently back onto the bed, knelt down, and began slowly licking her pussy again. As I probed her cunt with my tongue I caressed her legs slowly , enjoying the feel of her warm flesh covered by nylon.

As she wrapped her smooth legs around me and caressed my back with her feet, I took my time, pressing hard at the top of her slit to massage her clit with my tongue. Then I would run it down her gash to her love-hole and pressing as deep into her as I could, trying to fuck her with my tongue. She showed me how much she appreciated my oral attention by thrusting her crotch towards me just a little every time I hit a sensitive spot and telling me that she loved having a younger man eat her pussy and moaning deeply every so often. I replied that I adored her mature cunt and wanted to tongue her to orgasm. Which is what happened. It was slow building up, slow arriving, and slow in fading. It didn’t have the power of her first one, but this one seemed to be more intense. She cried out, then shook and quivered for along time.

I climbed up on the bed and we lay down next to each other. I snuggled her ass into my crotch and she reached between her legs and helped me slide into her willing and hungry cunt. I stroked slowly in and out of her . It was like fucking a tunnel of wet, hot velvet-so soft and giving. I caressed her tits and kissed the back of her ears as I whispered that I wanted to fuck her forever.

I stroked her, caressed her, kissed her, licked her, fucked her (gently), nibbled, sucked, fondled, did everything with my hands, my mouth, my tongue, my cock that I could think of. We both built towards another orgasm. “Baby, I want to come deep in your pussy!”

“Don’t you want to come on my face or tits?” she asked between her moans and panting.

“Next time,” I groaned as I began pumping my load into her eager pussy.

As I came she started her third orgasm. It wasn’t as strong as the first two, but we were getting tired. “Don’t pull out-stay there” she whispered. I stayed where I was and we fell asleep that way-my deflating cock still inside her warm pussy, her ass snuggled into my crotch, my arms wrapped around her,; my hand cupping one of her boobs, and my face buried in her hair.

I woke in the middle of the night with the table lamp still burning. My cock was now completely limp but was still inside her cunt. When I moved a bit, she woke up and said “stay inside me, please.” So I did. We both went back to sleep and the next time I woke it was because someone was kissing my cock. It’ next time ” she said as she took deep in her warm mouth-and I kept my promise – I came all over her tits as I promised her that I’d fuck her anytime and everytime she wanted me to.

“Greg’s not coming back for two days-let’s get some rest so we can start again.”

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