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Full Bowels

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We’ve been down the pub again with some of your stupid workmates and their tart girlfriends. After three hours we’re all halfway drunk and I’ve had enough of having my arse pinched and tits squeezed by boozy-breathed oversized rednecks.

I stub out a cigarette and give you the eye. You’ve been leering down the dress of your mate’s girlfriend at her pushed up tits. You’d be disappointed if you ever got her bra off, ‘cos they’d fall down to her belly button.

You smile back at me shamelessly and I mouth at you that I want to go. You raise an eyebrow and I mouth back that I have to go to the loo. You know that the toilets here are filthy and that there are always queues.

You pause for a few seconds letting me stew, then chug down the glass of beer before you. We stand and say our goodbyes, you getting a kiss from miss pumped-up-tits and getting in a good feel; me getting a couple of pats on the backside as I pick up my bag and move down the table.

We only live five minutes away but in the car I tell you to hurry ‘cos I really need to have a crap. That greasy rancid bloody food at the pub has gone through me. You laugh and put your hand on my belly, pushing and making me groan.

On the doorstep you tell me I have to suck your dick for a minute before you’ll open the door. I swear at you and stamp my foot, but I feel a little tingle of arousal and don’t protest much when you put your hands on my shoulders and push me to my knees. You rub your crotch against my face and I can smell stale piss in the denim. The tingle of arousal strengthens. I want you to pull down your zip and jam your dick in my mouth, taking control; but you hesitate wanting me to fish for your penis.

I win and with a curse you undo the top button, yank down your zip and reveal your cock. It is sweaty and rank from being cooped up all day, and I desperately want to get it in my mouth, though I continue the game and wait for you to feed it through my lips.

In seconds I have sucked all the day’s dirt off it and coated it in saliva. It is getting nice and fat as I slide my lips down it and nestle my nose in your thick pubic hair. You want action and put your hands on my head so that you can fuck my mouth. God I love this. You are now at your full 8 inches and my mouth is stretched wide to fit around you. You told me once that you’d never been deep throated before meeting me and at times like this, as you pull me back until just your velvety glans is between my lips then thrust forward till your balls slap my chin and I feel my throat bulge with your length, I wish you were even bigger than you are.

I am feeling pretty horny and the thought of a mouthful of your cum is making me work my lips and tongue urgently over your shaft. I push your jeans down so I can get my hands on your lean arse. I cup your cheeks and pull you towards me, getting you an extra half inch into my throat. You groan then laugh. Grabbing me by the hair you pull me back right off your cock and tell me I’m not going to get your jism yet.

We go into the bedroom and I head for the bathroom. You call me back and tell me to take off my clothes for you. When we are both naked you kiss and fondle me, then say you want to fuck me in the arse. I tell you I need to go to the toilet first but you laugh and say it will be more fun this way. I try to get past but you grab me and throw me face down on the bed. I struggle to get up but you plant one big hand firmly in the small of my back and land a few powerful smacks on my buttocks. I yell and swear at you but I am wet between my legs and I’m afraid you’ll hear me squelching as I squirm around on the bed.

You give me a few more stinging smacks and I can feel that hot glow beginning that you only get from a properly reddened backside. You ask if I’m going to be a good girl now, but I tell you to fuck off and try to push you away. You reward me with the kind of spanking that a girl often dreams about but so rarely gets. I manage to get a hand on my pussy without you noticing, I think. God, if only I had a cock in my mouth as well….

You stand up breathing hard and tell me to get up on my hands and knees. Snivelling, I obey, knowing that you can undoubtedly see all the wetness on my thighs and my swollen gaping cunt. Your fat cock sways upright and I know that you are as turned on as me. You have the KY jelly from the dresser and start coating my bung hole. I sigh as first one finger then a second push inside my backdoor. You chuckle and slap my crimson buttocks with your hard fleshy dick. I bite my lip to stop from begging you to fuck me. Then I feel the fat head against the pucker of my arse. One hand goes on my hip and, holding me steady, you push. I bear down to receive your cock and in one slow steady thrust you get the entire length inside me. It’s a massive invasion and my breath goes out in a whoosh.

As you start to rock back and forth I am almost painfully reminded that my bowels are already full and that I still need desperately to have a crap. Even so, it is real sexy and I ease forward onto the mattress, still keeping my arse high to receive your magnificent cock. I’ve never felt so full and moan each time you thrust forward. Having my arse fucked always makes me feel overwhelmingly oral. In the absence of a cock, I jam a couple of fingers in my mouth and suck between moans. My other hand is planted on my pussy and I can feel your sack rest against my knuckles each time you bottom out.

As you pound my arse you tell me that you can feel all the shit up inside me, how it’s all soft and how you’re packing it back up my guts. You tell me that when you pull out your dick there are long brown streaks along it and when you jam back in, it froths around my tight stretched anus. Sure enough I can smell my plundered arsehole and I suck even harder on my fingers.

Whether you can sense my orgasm coming on or not, you start smacking my buttocks again and I feel myself tipping over into climax. I thrash about and scream around my fingers, my other hand pressing on my clenching puss. I lose sense of time and place and give in to the waves that are wracking through my entire body.

When I come to, you are leaning forward on my raised buttocks, puffing and panting. I feel a couple of dying pulses from your cock and realise you have just spurted deep inside my rectum. I am hot and sticky with sweat and other juices and badly want to go to the bathroom. Your hands clamp onto my waist pinning me to the bed and tell me to be still. I beg you to let me up because I really have to go to the toilet now, but you keep saying just a minute. Then I realise you are pissing inside me.

A lurch of lust runs through me at the sheer nastiness of it. I ask you what the fuck you think you’re doing, trying to sound outraged and disgusted. You laugh and say that you’ve got about seven beers worth of piss stored up and figured it would turn me on if you gave me a hot piss enema. I tell you you’re a filthy sick pig but you just keep on laughing and pissing and tell me I’ll really have a worthwhile crap when you’re finished. My gut feels stretched and bloated and the pressure in my bowel is painful.

By the time you’re finished pissing I am groaning from the discomfort. But it is unbelievably sexy and I can feel my taut nipples grazing against the quilt and my little clitty straining. You slap my still-glowing butt and slowly pull out. I clench my arse to prevent any leakage and roll gasping onto my back to relieve the pressure in my gut. I can feel the piss sloshing around inside me and I feel weak in the lower body as I cramp.

You are standing above me, your long cock hanging down glistening and greasy with a mixture of shit, jism and urine. I see a couple of ropey strands of white semen and the odd brown streak and flecks of shit. There is still a drop of piss at the eye. I whine at you to help me into the bathroom but you see me eying your cock and tell me I’ve got to clean you off first. I try to hide my eagerness and you have to reach down and force my jaw open. But once your cock is sliding past my lips I can’t stop myself from licking and sucking it, savouring the earthy salty flavours.

I am getting carried away suckling on your pulpy cock when a gurgling in my bowel and a wrenching cramp bring me back to reality. I don’t think I can hold it in much longer and with your help I hobble into the bathroom and almost fall onto the toilet. There is a massive fart and I feel the enormous release as my bowels open and the rank brew of excrement sperm and urine gush out. Again the feeling is intensely sexual.

You lean smiling smugly against the door until the smell drives you out. The toilet is filthy and I can feel splashes of muck on my backside. I have a quick shower, but get another cramp and have to sit again on the loo. This is more of a normal crap, but it still feels a bit erotic and I clench and release my stretched arse a few times. You come back in and ask if I’m having a good time. You must see that I’m feeling a bit lusty because you walk over and rub your cock around my face. I don’t make any pretence this time and follow it around with my mouth open until I capture and engulf it. There is still a faint taste and aroma from my arse and I set about cleaning it more thoroughly.

You tell me what a slut I am and how you wish you had some more piss for me. I tingle at the thought. Your cock starts to thicken and my sucking becomes more sexual. Your hands go to my breasts. God they ache for your touch and I mumble at you around the cock in my mouth to squeeze them. Your cock is slow to come fully hard, but my nipples respond instantly to your rough mauling hands. You notice how pointy they are and grab each one, twisting and pulling them. I groan in lust and work feverishly at your cock, taking it deep deep into my throat. As you cruel my tits, I get a hand on your balls and return the favour, twisting and mashing them. Your cock jerks in my mouth and I hope that I’m about to get a blast of cum. But you’ve got other ideas and tell me you want to fuck.

Back in the bedroom I want you on your back so I can ride you and build an orgasm at my own rate. You play with my tits as I sit skewered on you, leaning slightly forward, grinding my clit on your pubic bone in a circular motion. I feel your cock deep inside me and I feel all liquid around its steely shaft. I’m not doing anything more than clench and grind, and you can stay hard forever like this. I lean down every now and then so that you can suck first one tit and then another. My breasts aren’t big, and with one hand squeezing it and your mouth on the nipple, you can completely cover one. It’s really nice and I sigh and coax you.

I am feeling like a long fuck and work my hips slowly, making sure I get lots of tit action from you. But eventually I feel my orgasm coming and urge you to bite my nipples. As your teeth nip and graze across first one taut nub and then the other, I am launched into a lovely deep seated cum that washes over me. I collapse forward onto you and my hips pump frantically up and down that hot rod embedded in my centre. I know I am mewling into your shoulder, but it is long moments before I regain control and lie heaving on top of you.

Now I want you to fuck me hard, driving that long fat pole repeatedly into my depths. You pull out, roll me onto my back and crouch between my legs. I hold open my puffy wet labia and tell you to go ahead and jam your dick in me. Instead you tell me you are going to fuck me in the arse again, now that it has been cleaned out. I get that familiar lurch in my gut and feel my face flush in anticipation. I get on my hands and knees on the edge of the bed so you can stand and fuck me, knowing that I’ll get a proper plowing like that. I feel you smear some cold KY on my crack and probe a little inside my pucker.

I look back at you as you get ready to grease up your cock and tell you in a slutty voice not to use too much. Your eyes narrow in lust and you barely coat the flared knob of the club jutting from your groin. Then you step up behind me, workmanlike, and I shiver in anticipation. As you bring your cock into position to butt-fuck me I sway away and you jab my buttock instead. You curse and I giggle, but again I move when you are trying to gain entry. You call me bitch and swat my backside. I tell you to think twice if I was just going to kneel there and let you bugger me. You curse and spank and then dig your fingers into my waist and bring your cock to my tight little rosebud. This time you get in and I make you struggle for every inch gained.

It is soooo good to have you penetrate my sphincter and as soon as I feel your grip on my waist ease I pull forward so that your cock plops out and, cursing, you have to fuck in past my clenching ring all over again. But once you are fully in me and I feel that thick cock deep up my guts, I stop any pretence at struggle and tell you to get on and fuck me properly. You get to work and I am not disappointed. Maybe it’s the lack of KY, but there is more friction and heat than usual. Your cock arrowing into my bowels feels like it is churning up my guts. My knees feel weak for a moment and then I regain control and start bucking back at you.

This is turning into a real fine fucking. I tell you that you are a sick pervert who just wants to demean decent girls and force them to do unnatural things. You call me a slut and tell me I only get turned on by base acts. I say you are hurting me and that you’d better take your dick out of my poor bottom. I tell you it is a nasty deformed thing that shouldn’t be inflicted on any girl. I go ow, ow, ow, ow, ow. You tell me that if I don’t shut up you will take it out of my arse and make me beg to put it back in. That keeps me quiet for a while and I concentrate on clenching my sphincter around the pistoning shaft, making you groan and buck harder. You tell me that I can’t make you cum any quicker and that you’re going to pound my arse till it’s so sore I’ll be crying.

I reach underneath and grab your swinging balls, twisting and squeezing and tell you that I doubt if you’re man enough to give a poor gal a proper bum fuck and that next time you take me to that wretched pub I will look around for someone who knows what a grown up girl really wants. You growl and start spanking me between each thrust. The loud smacks are really turning me on and I let go of your nut sack and frig my clit.

But I’m really into the talking now and say that if you were a half-way decent arse fucker you would have made me cum at least twice by now. You tell me that my arse is so slack from all the guys I’ve let fuck it that it’s hard for you to get any stimulation. I squeeze your cock with my ring and balls with my hand, making you yelp and thrust even harder. I tell you that I’ve never had a guy in my arse before you and you laughingly call me a liar and say how you knew the first time you saw me that I love taking it up the butt.

We are both panting and I am soooo hot. I am on the edge as you describe seeing me at the station that first day in a miniskirt and stocking flashing my panties at all the guys, and how you introduced yourself and within an hour had me over the arm of the sofa at your flat sliding your fat cock into my arse hole as I begged you to bum fuck me. I call you a liar and say how you virtually raped me that time and how I couldn’t sit down for days afterwards. You laugh again and claim that I pushed you down on the floor straight afterwards and sucked your shit-covered dick hard and aimed it back at my arse and rode you cow girl style. I am speechless at this outrageous exaggeration and can only reply by clenching my arse round your cock again. You say that it’s about time you brought home some of the guys from work to gang me.

Now I loose all restraint and beg you to really fuck my butt hard. You grab my hair and pull hard, making my head go back. For some reason your cock seems to go even deeper in me and in one, two, three thrusts, I am there, shaking and shuddering and crying out in orgasm. You release my hair and, with a rough shove, push me down flat on the bed. As I writhe and moan you go at me like a jack hammer, pressing me hard into the mattress, each thrust prolonging my orgasm. Finally, with a grimace and a shout, you cum and collapse forward on top of me.

After a few moments you roll off me and lie on the bed breathing heavily. I don’t move. I’m savouring the sensations in my body. Eventually I look over at you. You are asleep, your greasy cock lolling lankly against your thigh, the hair at your groin all matted with sweat and our juices. I resist a strong urge to crawl over and clean you off, reaching for my cigarettes instead. As I sit and smoke I try and imagine what it would be like to have you arrive home one day with some of those big sweaty guys from the building site all horny from your stories and ready to fuck me.

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