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Melanie and Jennie

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Jennie muttered angrily to herself as she walked. She stared straight ahead and her face was dark with rage as she walked quickly past the houses on her street. She saw no one which was just as well; she was in no mood at all to be friendly or sociable. She’d just had the worst night ever and she gritted her teeth every time she thought about Mark.

Mark was the guy who had asked her out on a date this afternoon. They met at the mall when she was there with Cathy and Melanie; he walked up to them and started chatting and he was so friendly. Despite Cathy’s flirting, he seemed to only have eyes for her and she had smiled to herself at the time, thinking that she had finally beat Cathy at catching a guy.

Like most girls in their late teens and early twenties, Jennie and Cathy were eighteen and Melanie was twenty, they all liked boys. Cathy though seemed to have some sort of manic need to always be the one they chased after. She would preen and flirt with them, making sure that she outshone either Jennie or Melanie with her outgoing personality. Where those things failed, she would undo some of the buttons on her top or raise her skirt just a bit higher to make sure the guys noticed her.

“I should have let her have Mark!” she said quietly to herself.

She sighed heavily as she opened the door and frowned when she thought she heard voices coming from the living room. She knew Mike would be home; in fact she had been hoping that Mike would be home because she really wanted to see him. She was disappointed that someone else was there. She really hoped it wasn’t her mother. The last person she wanted to see right now was her mother; and the last thing she wanted to see right now was a confrontation between Mike and her mother.

Her mother was Mike’s girlfriend, Debbie. They had been living together now for about five years. Although her mother had been friendly enough to Mike when he first moved in, her demeanor toward Mike after the first year had deteriorated.

Jennie wasn’t surprised by this. Although Debbie had never discussed her worldview of men with her, her mother never really talked to her about anything, she had seen her with the various men in her life. In front of them she was all smiles and charm. After they left the room, she was full of insults and comments about how stupid they were and how they were good for one thing and one thing only; paying the bills.

Debbie had taken to sleeping on the couch at least four nights a week, sometimes more. Jennie never heard them having sex anymore, which she thought was odd. They were both in their thirties and apparently healthy. Having sex once in a while would have been perfectly normal. They had done it almost every night when Mike first moved in. Jennie guessed that her mother didn’t like sex with Mike much; which also struck Jennie as odd.

Mike was a great lover. Jennie knew this because she’d had sex with him on three occasions; once in the living room after getting high with him, once in her bedroom after she’d had a shower and once again in the living room, this time in a threesome with Cathy. Jennie still got thrills from that episode. She’d never realized before that night that seeing another girl naked or touching her body could make her feel like that. Cathy had told her the same; that she couldn’t believe how sexy it had been. But the star of that particular show had of course been Mike.

He had fucked them both seemingly tirelessly, effortlessly moving from one to the other and orchestrating virtually everything the three of them had done together. Jennie grinned to herself as she remembered Cathy teaching her how to suck Mike’s cock. She had then shared the load of cum that Mike shot into Cathy’s mouth which gave Jennie tingles. Before her date tonight she had sucked Mike’s cock, partially to practice what she had learned, but mostly because it had turned her on immensely, feeling him shoot into her mouth this time.

After giving Mike a blowjob she’d had high hopes of having sex with Mark tonight. Mark however had turned into a complete jerk! His hands had been all over her from the minute she’d gotten into his car. She backed him off for a short time but he had taken her for dinner and then tried to get her to fuck him in the parking lot of the restaurant after they were done. She pushed him away again and he became angry, accusing her of being a cock-tease. He told her she had a reputation for fucking on every date and that he expected no less. She immediately got out of his car and stomped away, calling out names and insults to him as she went.

And now, here she was after a disastrous date and hoping that Mike would fuck her silly once again; she was really horny and needed to fuck. She sighed heavily as she realized that Mike was not alone and so wouldn’t likely be able to fuck her tonight, at least not until whoever it was with him right now went away. She took her shoes off and stepped into the hallway leading to the living room and then saw something that made her eyes go wide. Melanie, one of her best friends, was sitting on the couch with Mike. She was wearing one of Mike’s button-down shirts which looked huge on her, despite her voluptuous figure; Melanie had the biggest tits of any girl in her school and had a waist that tapered out to nice rounded hips and a nice curvy bum.

They were leaning closely together and Jennie watched in fascination as they touched their lips together in a passionate kiss. She slunk away from the doorframe to avoid being seen, her heart pounding and her breath coming in gasps. She was trying to make sense of what she was seeing and her mind whirled with the revelation.

“Was this their first time together?” she asked herself frantically. “Has this been going on for a long time?”

Unable to think clearly, Jennie crept around to the other doorway to the living room, reasonably sure that she wouldn’t be seen from that angle.

Cautiously, she poked her head in the doorway and looked toward the couch once more. She saw the two of them staring at each other, their faces a mask of lust as Melanie ground herself downward onto Mike’s hand which was lodged against her pussy. She had her hand on Mike’s cock and was stroking it lightly causing him to sigh and moan softly.

Jennie felt her nipples harden and realized then why people watched porn movies. Watching these two as they groped each other was making her wet and the tingling in her pussy was such that she slipped her hand down the front of her pants to rub her clitoris.

She watched as Melanie brought her cum-stained finger from Mike’s cock to her lips. Mike kissed Melanie then, his tongue brushing lightly against her lips on the outside. He then began undoing the buttons on Melanie’s shirt, exposing her full rounded tits. He leaned forward and took her nipple into his mouth and Jennie almost moaned herself as she felt the tingling in her own tits.

“We can’t do this.” She heard Mike say. “You’re so young and you were hurting because you lost your boyfriend. This isn’t right.”

“So this was their first time together!” Jennie thought to herself.

“I want to!” Melanie said fervently and staring him in the eye.

“But my situation here is so complicated,” he said. “Jennie’s mom is my girlfriend. We live together.”

“Jennie told me about her being away all the time.” She said simply. “She said she doesn’t sleep with you anymore; she doesn’t want sex with you. I do. Even if it’s just this once, I want you so badly!”

“But…” he began and stopped as she put her finger to his lips.

“It’s okay.” She said with a smile. “I need you. Right now! I want this inside me!” she said, wrapping her hand around his cock once more.

Jennie smiled to herself. She had in fact told Melanie all those things. Now she was happy that Mike was getting some action, even if it was from her best friend.

‘In fact,’ she thought to herself as she grinned, ‘between me, Cathy and Melanie, Mike seems to be getting an awful lot of action lately!’

Melanie leaned forward then and took the head of his penis into her mouth, gobbling on it with her lips and tongue. Mike groaned and looked down at her in amazement, his face contorted with lust and pleasure. Melanie cupped his balls with her free hand and gently kneaded them as she continued sucking his cock.

Jennie watched in awe as her mouth moved over his cock. She had thought Cathy made Mike feel good when she sucked it. What Melanie was doing right now seemed to be driving Mike crazy. His hips were moving back and forth as if he were fucking her mouth and his eyes closed as his head fell back. Melanie was moaning and sighing as she worked and she seemed to get as much pleasure out of sucking his cock as he was.

Mike cried out suddenly and Melanie gripped his cock with one hand to hold it still. She puffed her cheeks out and Jennie realized suddenly that she was funneling his cum to her cheeks, just as a squirrel fills his cheeks with nuts.

“So that’s what I need to do so I don’t spill it all over the place!” she said to herself.

After Mike had stopped cumming Melanie straightened up and gave him a steamy look, opening her throat to swallow his entire load.

Jennie, absorbing the sight in front of her was shocked when Mike leaned forward with his hands on both sides of Melanie’s face and kissed her, driving his tongue deeply into her mouth. She saw the white fluid coating his tongue from their kiss and saw the look of surprise on Melanie’s face. Jennie realized then that this was something new for Melanie too.

Mike smiled at the expression on Melanie’s face and nuzzled her nose with his.

“When I can taste myself in your mouth,” he said in a throaty voice, “it turns me on more than anything. It gets me hot knowing that we’re sharing the taste.”

Jennie gulped and began rubbing at her clitoris with frenzied need. Seeing this display was turning her on like she couldn’t believe. She needed to cum now! She unbuttoned her blouse and began kneading her tit as she continued to stimulate her clitoris.

Melanie slid off the couch to the floor and on to her knees with her bum facing toward Mike. She looked over her shoulder, her face glowing. Mike pulled his shirt off and then his track pants. He knelt on the floor behind her and reached down to her pussy. Jennie moaned softly, not caring now whether they saw her or not.

“Fuck me Mike!” Melanie said. “I really need it! Please!”

Mike reached down and put his hand into her sopping wet pussy.

“Are you sure?” he said. “You know I can’t give you what you’ve been looking for. This is all I can give you.”

“I know.” She said pleadingly. “I just need you to fuck me or I’m going to explode!”

Jennie nodded to herself. She was going to explode soon too and she knew it. She redoubled her efforts and was gasping for breath as she watched them. She worked her finger to her pussy lips and started sliding it in and out of herself and she started clenching her thighs on to her hand as she felt the beginnings of her orgasm coming.

Mike sighed and then pushed his cock to her entrance and then slid it in all the way. Melanie cried out and started bucking her hips and shaking. Her breath was coming in ragged gasps and she was trembling all over. Mike cried out and drove himself against her, gripping her hips with both hands and holding her tight.

As she saw them cum together, Jennie too had her orgasm. She was trembling and her pants were hanging low on her hips, her hand inside her panties rubbing at herself. Her blouse hung open and she was pinching her nipple between her fingers furiously.

As her orgasm wound down, she opened her eyes to see Mike and Melanie sprawled together on the floor, clutching for each other’s naked bodies and breathing heavily in ragged gasps

“Wow!” Jennie said, unable to hide her presence any longer. “That was some of the best sex I’ve ever heard of!”

They both looked up in shock to see Jennie standing over them, her clothes in disarray and her face and chest flushed bright red.

“Maybe I should have stayed home;” she said with a grin, “instead of going went out with that loser Mark!”

“Jennie!” Mike said desperately. “I… I’m sorry. I didn’t know you’d be home so early.”

Melanie was too shocked to speak. Her mouth was open wide and there was fear in her eyes. She knew that Jennie would be out on a date tonight and thought that she would have Mike all to herself all night. Now Jennie was looking down on them and, in her fear, she did not see Jennie’s aroused state.

Jennie smiled broadly and knelt down on the floor beside them. She put a hand on Mike’s shoulder and kissed him tenderly on the lips.

“It’s okay,” she said. “I loved the show I just got.”

Mike stammered and an assortment of emotions crossed his face as he looked at her.

Jennie kissed him again and pulled her blouse out from the waist band of her pants and pulled it over her head. She was wearing a white bra and she grinned again as she reached behind her to remove it. She let it fall to the floor and then stood to remove her pants as well. She slipped her white panties off and kicked them away and then reached down to kiss Mike once more.

Melanie, shocked and frightened by Jennie’s initial appearance, stared with open-mouthed awe as she watched her undress.

“My God!” she thought to herself. “She’s getting naked and kissing him!”

She felt more than a slight thrill as she watched the two of them kiss, their naked bodies entwining together.

After their kiss, Jennie turned to Melanie and smiled warmly.

“I wanted to tell you about this,” she said, “but I knew you’d think it was weird.”

Melanie nodded without speaking, her mouth still open with shock.

“The truth is,” Jennie went on, “we’ve had sex a few times because my mom is such a loser.”

“But,” Melanie stammered, “he… he’s your dad!”

Jennie shook her head and smiled again.

“No he’s not.” She said. “He’s my mom’s boyfriend. We’re not related at all.”

Melanie nodded again, still too shocked to trust herself to say anymore.

“Remember I told you that we got high with Cathy last week?” Jennie asked her. “We didn’t just get high. We had sex together too, all three of us.”

Melanie, already shocked at recent events, opened her mouth and eyes even wider at the revelation.

“It was good,” Jennie continued, “and I didn’t think I could get more turned on after that. I was wrong though; watching you with Mike a few minutes ago almost made me cum just by watching you, especially when you sucked his cock. I thought Cathy was good at that kind of thing, but you were… amazing, right Mike?”

Mike nodded excitedly.

“Oh yeah!” he said with feeling. “I’ve never had anyone make me feel like you did; ever!”

Melanie blushed and looked at the floor for a moment. Realizing that she was still naked, she crossed her arms over her chest and she felt her face burn with embarrassment.

“Don’t do that.” Jennie said, reaching for her hands and pulling them away from her tits. “You have beautiful breasts and I like looking at them. Please.”

Melanie flushed again but she let Jennie pull her hands away from her and felt her nipples stiffen as both Mike and Jennie stared at her. She looked at them, the apprehension plain on her face and bit her lower lip as she wrestled with the thoughts and feelings racing through her mind.

Mike reached for her and took her into his arms, snuggling her against his chest. She whimpered slightly and he whispered to her softly, telling her it’s okay. Jennie put her hand on her shoulder and kissed her on the lips, nothing erotic, just a tender kiss between friends, like the hundreds of other friendly kisses they’d shared in the past.

This time, Melanie felt another thrill go through her, a thrill such as she had never before experienced. She thought back to all those other innocent kisses they had shared in the past and realized that, despite Jennie’s intention, that this was a kiss designed to make her feel more comfortable, it was so much more this time. Feeling Jennie’s naked tits brushing against her and the warmth of her skin as she hugged her caused Melanie to whimper softly as the ecstasy cascaded throughout her body. Without being consciously aware of it, she returned Jennie’s kiss and put her arms around her shoulders, pulling her closer.

Jennie sighed and leaned into her, the two of them now nuzzling into Mike’s chest, and kissed her more tenderly. Melanie reached for Jennie’s hair and held her tight. Jennie reached for Melanie’s breast, cupping her left tit with her hand and softly kneading it. Their kiss became more passionate and Mike leaned back and felt his cock harden again as he watched the two girls kiss and caress each other.

Just then, the room which had been only dimly lit by the light from the TV suddenly got brighter as lights reflected off the ceiling. Mike sat up and swore.

“Shit!” he said quickly. “It’s your mom! Grab your stuff and get to your room right now!”

The two girls squealed and got to their feet. Hurriedly they grabbed for their clothes and then pattered up the stairs as quickly as they could.

“Keep your light off and don’t talk!” Mike called after them. “Let her think you’re asleep!”

Mike pulled his track pants and shirt on and lay on the couch to watch the TV. It had been tuned to the second hockey game of the night the whole time he and Melanie had been fucking. He heard the door open and then saw Debbie come to the doorway to the living room.

She paused in the doorway and looked at him, frowning. Mike turned to her and then turned back to watch the TV.

“What are you doing?” she asked irritably. “It’s late. How come you’re not in bed?”

“Watching the game,” Mike said.

Debbie snorted and shook her head looking angry. She disappeared and Mike heard her stomping up the stairs and then heard the bedroom door slam shut. He went back to watching the game, wondering whether he would sleep on the couch tonight. He certainly didn’t want to share a bed with her.

Once again he saw lights reflected off the ceiling of the living room and he stood up to see a car half in the driveway and half on the sidewalk. The headlights flashed twice and then he heard Debbie coming down the stairs once more.

He looked at her curiously as she came through the kitchen and headed toward the door. She had changed from the jeans and loose pull-over she had been wearing to a short skirt and a white tank top, her nipples pointing through the thin fabric. She gave him a withering look and continued toward the door.

“Got a date tonight?” he asked her with a snicker.

“Mind your own business!” she snapped, reaching for the door.

“Your daughter’s fine by the way,” he said calmly.

Debbie stopped and turned toward him, her lip curling in disdain and her eyes glittering dangerously.

“She’s in bed.” Mike went on. “She asked about you but I told her I didn’t know where you were; as usual.”

She frowned and raised her chin slightly, daring him to say anything more.

“So,” he said with a dry laugh, “are you coming home at all tonight or have you finally decided to stop pretending that we’re a couple anymore?”

She didn’t answer him; she slammed the door behind her and then he heard a car door opening and closing. He wasn’t sure if he heard a man laughing with her but he didn’t care. He smiled and went back to watching the game.

Upstairs Jennie was kneeling on the floor by the door to her bedroom listening to the exchange between Debbie and Mike. Melanie was sitting on the bed looking at Jennie as she listened.

“What’s going on?” Melanie whispered.

“Shhh!” Jennie hissed. “They’ll hear us!”

Melanie creased her brow and then got on the floor beside Jennie. The two of them listened to the conversation, such as it was, downstairs and then it was over. They heard the door slam shut and then the sound of a car driving away into the night.

“Did they just break up?” Melanie asked in awed tones.

Jennie shook her head in confusion and did not answer.

“Maybe we should go down and see if Mike’s okay.” Melanie said.

Jennie stood up and drew Melanie by the sleeve back toward the bed.

“No,” she said as she crawled under the covers, drawing them up to her chin. “I don’t think he’s going to want any company right now.”

Melanie looked at her uncertainly and then glanced at the closed door once more.

“Are you sure?” she asked with a worried expression.

“Just get into bed.” Jennie said with finality. “He’ll be fine. Besides, he’s watching the game. I’ve known Mike for a long time and a hockey game can bring him out of the worst depression, trust me!”

Melanie frowned once more and then slid under the covers beside Jennie. They both adjusted their positions under the blankets trying to get comfortable and settled against each other.

Through the many nights they had slept in the same bed before, they had never lay down face to face before; nor had they put their arms around each other, snuggling together and intertwining their limbs. Now they pulled each other close, both of them sighing and cooing contentedly as they nuzzled each other.

Melanie was still wearing Mike’s button-down shirt. Jennie had thrown her clothes into a hamper and was wearing an oversized T-shirt to sleep in.

Jennie put her hand under Melanie’s shirt which was unbuttoned to her navel and laid her hand on Melanie’s hip. Softly, she caressed the skin on her back and up her side until she was brushing the side of Melanie’s tit. Melanie put her hand on Jennie’s bum, squeezing and kneading it softly. Her fingers reached forward until they were pressing against the bottom of Jennie’s pussy lips.

They kissed, both of them reveling in their new feelings as they explored each other’s bodies. Although Jennie had kissed Cathy when they’d had their threesome last week, she was surprised to find that kissing Melanie was much different.

She had enjoyed kissing Cathy; she had been eager and even desperate as she returned her kisses, her tongue probing hungrily into Jennie’s mouth. Cathy had thrust her pussy against Jennie’s hand as they made out, impatient to reach orgasm as she ground against her.

Melanie’s style of kissing was completely different. Where Cathy had been desperate, Melanie was softly yielding, her mouth inviting Jennie’s tongue into it as she probed. Where Cathy had been impatient to cum, Melanie was compliant, shifting her weight to allow Jennie better access when she reached for her tit or her pussy. When Jennie touched a sensitive spot, Melanie would sigh deeply, closing her eyes to slits and whispering softly into her ear.

When Melanie took her nipple into her mouth, Jennie gasped as she moved her tongue against it. It was unlike any sensation she’d had. Neither Mike nor Cathy had kissed her there so tenderly. As Melanie moved her mouth down Jennie’s belly, she shivered, knowing what was coming. She tensed as she felt her lips kiss tenderly across her tummy and lower abdomen.

Even though she was ready for the sensations, she gasped and almost sat bolt upright when Melanie finally kissed her pussy. The touch was so tender, so soft and ghost-like; it made Jennie shudder with need and she groaned aloud.

Melanie had never imagined she would want to do what she was doing right now. Feeling Jennie’s naked body and making love to her was an experience she had never contemplated. Now that she was here, she found it hard to imagine that they had never done this before; it felt so right!

She covered Jennie’s pussy with her mouth and licked and nibbled at it the way she’d hoped a man would lick and nibble her. It never happened. The men she knew had never offered to do it and she had been too shy to ask. Now, licking Jennie, she put everything she had into it. She marveled at her taste. It was like hers but so different. She was listening to Jennie moan and sigh as she worked and she realized it was the same as giving oral sex to a man; Jennie was responding in much the same way.

The difference came when Jennie wrapped her legs around Melanie’s neck and pulled her close. By this time, Jennie was heaving and groaning, thrusting herself forward to grind against Melanie’s face and clutching at her hair. Melanie almost grew afraid because of the violence in Jennie’s passion. Jennie finally put both feet flat on the bed on either side of Melanie’s hips and growled and screamed as she came. She was pulling Melanie forward by the hair and gyrating her pubis into her face, smearing her cum from her chin to her eyes.

When the spasm passed, Melanie sat up and looked at Jennie in alarm. She was lying back and gasping for breath as she stared blankly at the ceiling. Her eyes were wide and her chest was heaving from the force of her orgasm. After a time, she blinked and then looked at Melanie in a sort of daze.

“I thought no one could do that better than Mike!” she gasped. “Boy was I wrong!”

She laughed a little between ragged breaths and then pulled Melanie close. She kissed her, her mouth closing over hers and darting her tongue deep into Melanie’s mouth. Taken aback by the ferocity of the kiss, Melanie gasped and melted into Jennie. They held each other tight, kissing and petting, touching and caressing each other. Jennie sat up in bed and leaned close to Melanie’s face.

“Now it’s your turn!” she said with a grin.

Melanie blushed and felt a tingle as Jennie gently parted her thighs. When Jennie brushed her lips against her downy pubic hair, Melanie shuddered. She felt her tongue lick softly up one of her pussy lips and she pushed her pelvis upward and moaned. Jennie grabbed her bum with both hands and then buried her face into Melanie’s vagina, covering it with her mouth and driving her tongue as deeply inside as it would go.

Not sure what to do, Jennie improvised. Thinking about the things she would like, she tried those. Mostly, Melanie responded to her touch with enthusiasm. When she exhausted her own ideas on what to do, she thought back to what Mike had done to her. Melanie responded with groans and moans through most of what she did and she found that Melanie’s excitement was getting her excited too.

She nibbled at Melanie’s clitoris, shoving the hood back with her lips and coaxing the little nub between her teeth. She flicked her tongue against it and grunted when Melanie gripped her with her legs. Melanie, on the verge of a very powerful orgasm, wrapped her thighs around Jennie’s neck and began thrusting. Gone was the softly compliant Melanie, willing to let Jennie titillate and tease her. Now she was grinding and shoving her pussy against Jennie’s mouth and nose, gasping and grunting as she neared her climax.

Jennie drove her tongue deeply into Melanie’s vagina and held on to her bum with both hands as she rode out this wild ride.

Melanie screamed out Jennie’s name as she came, her legs trembling and her thighs wrapped tightly around her neck, her pelvis held tight against her face.

Jennie pulled herself free of Melanie’s grip and knelt on the bed, looking down at her. She was curled up into a fetal position, her arms crossed over her breasts and looking to the side of the bed as she tried to regain her composure.

“Are you okay?” Jennie asked her.

Melanie nodded feebly, unable to speak. She glanced at Jennie, still breathing heavily, and then closed her eyes again, lying back on the pillow.

Jennie watched her, wondering if she really was okay. She touched her lightly on the shoulder and started when Melanie grabbed her hand and pulled it toward her mouth, kissing it.

Jennie saw then that Melanie was crying. She leaned down, putting her hand in her hair and stroking it softly.

“What’s wrong?” Jennie asked with concern.

“No one’s ever done that to me before.” She responded. “I’ve always wanted someone to, but it never happened.”

Jennie kissed her and smiled. She stretched out beside her and hugged her close.

There was a light knock at the door and Jennie sat up with a knowing grin.

“Come in,” she said.

Mike opened the door and walked to the bed and looked down at them with a smile.

“I thought I heard some noise,” he said.

Jennie smiled broadly and waved her hand in Melanie’s direction.

“Melanie had a problem,” she said slyly, “that I had to take care of.”

“Ah I see.” Mike said pulling his shirt over his head and letting it fall to the floor. “So, are there any other problems in here that need taking care of?”

Jennie gave him her best winning smile and threw the covers back. She pulled her own shirt off and reached for Mike, resting her hands on the waistband of his pants and tugged them to the floor. She took his cock in her hand and guided it slowly to her mouth, opening her lips wide and taking the head inside. She sucked on it with relish and then put her hand underneath to cup his testicles.

“I want this thing inside me,” she said huskily.

She lay on her back and Mike mounted her. He pressed against her with his cock and then he was inside. He sighed gratefully and began fucking her slowly.

Melanie had never seen two people fucking before. She realized then what it was about threesomes that made everyone, teens and adults alike speak of them in such awed tones. She watched as they moved, their hips coming together and then apart, their lips kissing passionately, their hands touching, caressing and holding and felt herself becoming very aroused. She reached for Mike’s shoulder and he turned to her and smiled. He gestured for her to come close and she leaned toward him. He kissed her wonderfully, his lips and tongue making love to her just as his cock was making love to Jennie.

Melanie turned to face Jennie and then kissed her, their lips and tongues meeting with barely disguised lust. She lay alongside the two of them as they fucked and was overwhelmed at the sensations. Even though Mike’s cock was inside Jennie, Melanie felt as though it was inside the two of them simultaneously.

Jennie moaned and sighed as they moved together. With Mike’s cock inside her and Melanie’s body snuggled against her, the thrills moving through her began to build up. She grunted and lifted her legs to wrap them around Mike.

“Fuck me Mike!” she said desperately. “Fuck me please!”

Melanie groaned and watched in amazement as Jennie’s orgasm approached.

“I want to see you make her cum Mike!” she whispered, leaning forward to kiss him.

Mike sat on his haunches and picked Jennie up bodily. With his hands on her bum, he lifted her up and then dropped her back down onto his cock. He was breathing hard with exertion and watching these two girls with wild abandon, one of them impaled on his cock, the other with her hands buried in her pussy. He knew that all three of them were going to cum soon. He laid Jennie on her back again and started pounding into her hard. She screamed in response and reached for Melanie to hold on to as the assault on her pussy continued without mercy.

Mike grunted loudly and Jennie wailed and the two of them started to cum. Melanie, sensing they were close, began to cum too. Simply watching these two fucking each other’s brains out had turned her on beyond belief.

Mike sagged to the bed and Jennie crawled to his side and they lay gasping and spent. Melanie crawled alongside them and Mike was stretched out between the two girls, both of them naked and sweating.

He looked at them with a smile and chuckled quietly.

“How did I get so lucky?” he said with a smile.

Jennie smiled too and hugged him closely.

“I think I’m the lucky one!” she cooed into his ear.

“I think we’re all lucky!” Melanie said.

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