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Submitting to His Will

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She strides purposefully down the hall. She has little time to work with today. She doesn’t have time to play games. She needs him to fuck her hard. She needs him to make her cum.

She knocks on his door, waits a beat, and he is there. Without a word he pulls her into the room, presses her against the wall and covers her mouth with his. His cock is already hard against her thigh.

He must have been thinking about her, about this, before she ever got here. Barely breaking contact with her lips, he pulls her shirt over her head, unhooks her bra, and cups her breasts in his hands. She roughly shoves his shirt over his head, desperate for his skin on hers. He presses his body to hers, pinning her against the wall, his chest hairs rubbing deliciously against her large round nipples, his hands raking through her hair, his tongue dancing in her mouth. He unbuttons her jeans, pulls the zipper down, slides them over her hips and down to the floor.

Her cunt is pulsing with need….the need for him to be inside her…fingers, tongue, cock…it doesn’t matter; she only knows in this moment that she needs him. He raises her arms above her head, locking his hands around her wrists as he kisses his way from her mouth to her neck pausing to bite her shoulder just hard enough to elicit a moan from her before continuing on to her breasts. He lingers here, drawing wet, warm circles around her nipples with his tongue, sucking them into his mouth before releasing them with a wet “pop”, gently blowing air across them before taking them between his teeth, biting at them until she is squirming in his grasp on the very edge of orgasm. He continues his journey down her body, trailing his tongue down to her belly button, circling it as she runs her fingers through his hair, thrusting her hips against his chest, desperate for his tongue to reach her wet sex.

He looks up at her with a smile and says, “No touching. Hands above your head, please,” clearly enjoying her torment.

He moves to her ankle now, trailing soft, slow kisses up her calf, pausing to nibble at the back of her knee before kissing his way up her thigh. He draws in a deep breath when he reaches her crotch, her pink cotton thong soaked through with her juices.

He looks up at her with a devilish smirk on his face and comments, “My, my my… someone seems to be very wet,” before running his tongue down the inside of her other thigh.

She sighs and realizes with a thrill he is in complete control of her tonight. He continues to kiss and lick her leg for what seems like an eternity before finally turning his attention to her neglected cunt. He licks at the fabric of her thong, running his tongue up and down her slit through the cotton barrier. She wants to rip the panties from her body, she wants to shove his face in her pussy and ride his sweet tongue, she wants to beg him to make her come, however she does none of these things. She lets him guide her with his will. She stands there, hands above her head, nipples erect and tingling, pussy painfully throbbing as he tongues her clit through her panties. Her body thrashes against the wall, her hips swivel and thrust against him, her breath comes in ragged gasps from her chest. She is only dimly aware when he finally moves the cotton to the side to lay his tongue on her clit. Her orgasm has been coming for so long, her pussy immediately begins to spasm as soon as his tongue meets her clit.

“Ahhhhhh, yes. Fuck, fuck, fuck,” she gasps over and over again her body shaking as her juices spill over his face in a rush of pleasure.

Her pussy still pulsing, he stands up and roughly drags her over to the bed. He throws her down face first and commands her to get up on all fours.

“You came without my permission, didn’t you?”

She is confused; unsure what he wants her to do.

“DIDN’T YOU??!!” he bellows.

“Yes, baby. I did. I’m sorry. You just…”

“Shut up,” he commands as she hears his belt being drawn from the loops of his pants behind her as she remains motionless on the bed.

He draws her head up to his mouth with a fistful of hair and whispers, “You’re going to take your punishment like a good little girl now.”

A fresh stream of juices flows from her pussy at the realization he is about to live out another much hoped for fantasy stored in the deepest, darkest recesses of her heart. The first lash of the belt is soft and gentle as if he is testing the waters. She slides her upper body down to the bed, her ass thrown higher into the air for him. The second strike is harder; a resoundingly loud thwack fills the air of the hotel room. She moans into the bed, enjoying the stinging of her ass. More blows follow, one after the other, faster, harder, stinging more sharply until she is wiggling her ass trying to escape the belt as he relentlessly assaults her flesh.

“Fuck that hurts!” she growls.

“I’ll be a good girl. I promise I’ll be a good girl,” she cries as her pussy pounds with desire.

She grips the sheets tightly, moaning into the bed over and over again, “Yes, yes, yes, that’s it. Do it, do it,” as he brings the belt down to meet her pink ass over and over again allowing her brief moments of relief when he pauses to rub her ass and admire his work.

Just when she feels she can take no more, when she feels ready to ask him to stop, she hears the buckle on his belt clink as he tosses it to the floor. She feels his tongue on her stinging flesh, soothing the throbbing pain. He plants soft, gentle kisses on each burning cheek before turning her over to face him.

He drives a knee between her legs, spreading them as he murmurs, “Mmmmm, look at that dripping wet cunt. You liked that didn’t you?”

She nods her head in agreement.

He presses the full weight of his body on hers, gathers her wrists in his hands and pins them above her head again as he leans in and hisses, “That’s because you are such a slut.”

Without warning he drives his cock into her pussy, her flowing juices allowing him to fully enter her in one thrust. He pounds into her with all his might, his cock painfully striking her cervix.

She cries out and he answers with,”Take it slut. Take my cock.”

He reaches out to slap her tits as he continues to slam his cock into her. Slap, smack, thwack go his hands across the soft flesh of her breasts. Her back arches, offering herself to him. She wants him to have whatever he wants from her.

He grasps her thighs, his thumbs digging painfully into the tender flesh on her inner thighs to provide himself leverage to pump even more deeply into her. The room is filled with the sounds of flesh slapping together, guttural groans, and frenzied panting. Her abused ass burns as it rubs against the sheets, her clit stands up erect and swollen, her pussy walls grip his throbbing cock tighter and tighter as another orgasm approaches.

“I’m…..going… cum soon,” she manages to gasp, wanting to make sure she has his permission, wanting to avoid further punishment for disobeying.

His only response is to place his thumb on her clit causing her to see stars behind her eyes as her gushing cunt clamps down around him, drawing his cum from him in wave after wave of orgasm, the room filled with his groans as he empties himself inside her.

He pulls out of her, his cock still glistening with their combined juices, straddles her chest, painfully trapping her arms under his knees. She is startled, confused, and a little frightened. His cock bobs in her face, smelling of sex, invitingly hard and wet. He swivels his hips and slaps her in the face with his gorgeous erection. She moans aloud. He reaches behind him to her pussy, wets his finger with the mixture of their cum he finds there and shoves it into her mouth.

“That tastes good doesn’t it, you slut? You want more of it, don’t you?”

She nods her head as she sucks feverishly on his finger. He wrenches his finger free from her lips, waving his cock just out of reach of her eager mouth. She mews with frustration, unable to lift her head far enough to reach him with his knees planted firmly on her arms.

He reaches down, stroking her hair tenderly, looks her in the eye and whispers, “Beg me.”

She continues to struggle to reach him on her own before acquiescing to his will.

“I want your cock in my mouth. I need to taste you,” she offers with eyes cast down.

“More,” he commands.

“Shove it in my mouth. I want a mouthful of cum,” she begs.

“And why do you want that,” he queries.

She looks at him, struggling to follow where he is leading.

“Come on, you know the answer,” he prods.

“Because I am a slut,” she answers her body trembling with delight.

“Good girl,” he answers just before filling her mouth with his swollen member.

He pushes his full length to the back of her throat as her tongue dances wildly around his shaft. He slowly begins to pump in and out as she moans around him. Her lips form a perfect “O” around his cock as he fucks her soft, wet mouth.

“Mmmm, god that’s so good baby,” he murmurs as he thrusts.

He places one hand on top of her head and pumps harder. She feels as if she is being smothered with cock. Her body squirms and bucks underneath him. He mercifully releases her trapped arms allowing her hands to fly to his cock, to squeeze and twist as she sucks him harder and harder.

“Ahhhhhhhh, gooooooood,” fills her ears as he floods her mouth with cum.

When his spasms cease, she lays her head back on the bed, gently stroking him as she holds his delicious cum in her mouth.

He looks down at her, cum dripping out the side of her mouth, lovingly strokes her cheek as he whispers, “Yes, swallow for me now. That’s a good girl.”

He watches with pleasure as she greedily allows her mouthful of cum to slide down her throat.

He lies down beside her, looking at her with an arm thrown across her chest, fingers lightly brushing her nipples.

“Was I too rough? Did I hurt you?” he asks.

“Mmmmm, yes you did hurt me, and I loved every minute of it,” she murmurs as she runs her hands absently through his hair.

“Let me see,” he says as he rolls her over to examine her ass. She hears a sharp intake of breath and a low, “Oh my God” as he examines her backside.

“Hon, your ass is still pink. There are welts that are going to leave marks,” he declares as he tenderly rubs her ass as if he can undo what he has done.

She smiles and replies, “Good, then you did your job properly.”

She smiles to herself as he leans down to kiss her ass knowing she would leave with what she came here for….his marks on her body branding her as his.

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