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I had just finished my last appointment for the day. My wrists were killing me. I loved being my own boss as a massage therapist, but 7 sessions in almost as many hours wreaked havoc on my muscles. I’d just opened my small office a few days earlier and already people were clamoring.

They were mostly former clients I’d worked on during my training. Before locking up and heading home, I decided to tidy up the changing room instead of waiting for tomorrow.

I heard the bell over the door chime to announce another potential client. I sighed, wanting to help but knew I was too tired.

“I’m sorry,” I replied, through the open door. “I’m just finishing up for the day.”

As I came into the reception area to possibly suggest booking an appointment for another time, I came face to face with the most gorgeous man I had ever beheld. A cop no less, in full uniform. He was much older than me, that was certain. About 30 years I was guessing. With striking blue eyes that crinkled in the corners when he smiled, tall physique, soft gray hair, short and wavy, and damn, the dimples.

Oh God, I thought, it figures. I’ve always been attracted to mature men and uniforms. Despite his age, he was so hot, so fit. I could see his biceps bulging through his uniform.

I caught myself staring at his chisled face and cleared my throat. He smiled and showed more of those deep dimples.

“Hi there. I’m Ray Comon. I’d heard that you had just opened your practice and thought I would introduce myself. Let you know I work the neighborhood, in case you have any ‘problems’ .”

“I’m Lisa,” I replied, thinking there was nothing “common” about this man. “It’s very nice to meet you, Officer Comon. I’m so glad to know you’re here should I feel I need help.”

He smiled and walked around my tiny office. There wasn’t really much to see but my massage table and chair, various oils and creams and my computer on which I kept client’s records. I stood back, thoroughly enjoying the view, his pants pulling against his firm thighs and tight ass as he moved.

He noticed the picture I had on the wall. One of myself with my son. “Handsome little guy,” he said, gesturing.

“Thank you,” I responded proudly. “I think so too.”

“Well, you must want to get home to your family so I’ll let you go,” the gorgeous officer said slowly, sounding somewhat reluctant. He handed me a business card. “Call on me if you need any service.”

I smiled to myself, thinking just what type of service I would love to use him for. “No family to get home to today,” I replied. “It’s only me and my son and he’s on vacation with his dad this week.”

“Divorced huh?” I nodded. “Yea,” he continued, “Me too so I know the feeling. It’s true what they say about the high rate of divorce when you’re a cop.”

“Yes I know,” I sighed. “My ex is one too.”

Ray seemed surprised. “Really? Who is he?”

I told him and he laughed. “You’ve got to be kidding me. You were actually married to that asshole?” Obviously Ray knew my ex. And accurately too. For twenty minutes we stood, comparing notes and laughing, each situation more ridiculous than the last.

Curious, he asked “What happened to end it?” he quickly added, “I’m sorry I said that. It’s none of my business.”

I shrugged, it was long in the past. “Too many extra marital activities on his part. I wasn’t enough or good enough for him I guess.”

Ray gave me a very surprised look and I realized what I had just said. I blushed, embarrassed. The conversation seemed at an end.

“Would you like a drink?” I offered, “Coffee, tea, bottled water?” Ray was so easy to talk to, I didn’t want him to leave.

He looked at his watch. “Wow, I’m sorry. I have to get back to my shift. Maybe next time. It was really nice to meet you, Lisa.”

More dimples. Oh god. I had to resist the urge to reach up and lick his face.

“Thanks for stopping in Officer Ray.” I extended my hand and he shook it firmly. For a split second I could feel myself grimace and he noticed it.

“Are you okay? I’m sorry if I hurt you. I guess I don’t know my own strength.”

“No I’m fine.” I assured him, flexing my fingers. “It’s just been a long day.”

He nodded and turned to leave, then paused. “Ummm…”


“I don’t know if I should ask you this but I will anyway,” he took a deep breath. “Would you like to have dinner or a drink with me after my shift…if not I totally understand. I mean I understand the age difference might…”

“What time?” I asked, smiling up at him.

He was a bit stunned but quickly recovered. “How’s 8:30 sound?”

“Sounds good.” He gave me his address and I noticed he lived about 10 minutes from me but in a better neighborhood.

Ray got into his patrol car and left with a wave and another toe curling dimpl–y smile. I locked up. The man was amazing. Drop dead gorgeous and a great personality. Even if the evening consisted only of a great fuck that would be fine with me. With starting the business and all I had little time to take care of … things. By the looks of Ray, I knew he could fit the bill. I had a ten minute walk to my house and threw on my headphones. I made it in seven. I was so excited, I practically flew.

Taking a quick shower, I slid into a black thong/bra set that I saved for only the horniest of occasions, covering it with a form fitting floral sun dress with matching sandals. As I did my hair and applied my makeup, I fantasized about Ray and all the wonderful things I wanted to do to his hot body. I could feel my smooth pussy tighten with anticipation.

I pulled up to the address at twenty after eight. Unbelievable house. I walked to the door and Ray opened it before I had a chance to ring the bell.

“Welcome,” he said, smiling. The dimples. Damn. The dimples.

He let me pass before him and closed the door. I found myself instantly pulled into his firm embrace from behind, his lips and teeth grazing my earlobe. My snatch started to moisten. He held me for a moment, then reluctantly let me go. I could have stayed in his arms forever.

“I’m sorry,” he said. “But I wanted to do that since I first saw you this afternoon.”

“Don’t apologize.” I said, looking up at him. “That felt wonderful.”

“Well,” he said, clearing his throat and rubbing his hands. “Follow me and I’ll see about dinner.”

Actually dinner was the last thing on my mind but I smiled as a familiar smell wafted through the air.

“It’s lasagna. Do you like it?”

“Mmmmm, yes. I love it.”

Ray looked over his shoulder. He noticed that I was staring straight at his ass swaying in front of me. He had a unique swagger to his walk. Powerful. Self assured. I loved the show. I was caught and didn’t care. I smiled slyly as my gaze traveled up his body to his face and I looked directly into his eyes.

He turned around halfway up the stairs and grabbed my hands, pulling me up into his living room. He directed me to sit on the brown leather sectional sofa. He went into the kitchen took the pasta dish out of the oven and turned off the heat.

He came back with two glasses of white wine and a dish of Italian cannoli.

“Fuck dinner,” he said, surprising me. “I’m ready for dessert.”

Placing the glasses and plate on the coffee table, Ray grabbed me behind my neck and pulled me toward him. He started to kiss me gently all over my face. My eyes, my nose, chin, jaw, and then he seemed to turn wild.

He devoured me, thrusting his tongue into my mouth to war with mine. I kissed him back with all the passion that had been building since meeting him. He grabbed the straps that held up my dress and pushed them down my arms pinning my arms down to my sides, pushing me back against the cushions.

He moved down to my throat and I shivered. “Oh God” I groaned.

That was my one true weakness. Any licking, touching, kissing, biting and I was finished. He seemed to sense this and dammit he didn’t disappoint. Running his tongue along the pulse in my throat, he began to lick and nip every square inch of my flesh. I wanted to touch him in the worst way but couldn’t move. My arms were still pinned.

“Please Ray. Please” I begged.

“Please what?” he asked, lifting his mouth from my throat, looking deeply into my eyes.

“Let me touch you. I want to run my hands all over you. I want to feel your cock. NOW!”

“Later,” he said as he continued to attack my throat. I was getting so wet I started to squirm, trying to maneuver his thigh between mine so I could rub my pussy against him. Without pausing, Ray grabbed an Italian pastry from the dish and pulled out some of the icing with his finger, rubbing it onto the tops of my semi exposed breasts and in between my cleavage.

Lowering his face, he began to lick it off, running his tongue sensually between my tits, dipping his tongue lower and lower under my dress. I growled in frustration. I was so hot but couldn’t touch him.

“Ray… please,” I begged.

“Not yet.”

I wasn’t going to be put off any longer. With great force, I pushed him off of me. I was surprised. Being a police officer, I knew he had the strength to subdue me if he wanted to. He looked at me, a smile lighting his face with a kind of evil glow. He grabbed me by both arms and stood up, pulling me roughly towards him.

The force he used slammed me hard into the wall of his muscular chest. He held me tight with one arm around my waist and bent down to grab a full glass with the other.

He held it up to my mouth and I thought he meant for me to drink but then he tipped the glass and I felt the cool liquid flow down my chin and neck, between my breasts, down past my navel and straight to my pussy. I shivered, enjoying the sensation.

Slowly, he turned me around, my back against him now. Sensuously, Ray slid his hand down to the hem of my dress and then dragged his long fingers up my thigh to my mound. I closed my eyes as he pushed aside the fabric of my thong and slid his middle finger along the slit of my lips.

I could feel his cock pressing against my back, straining through his pants. I couldn’t hold off any longer. I spun around in his arms and slid to my knees, my face directly in front of his crotch.

I looked up at him looking down at me as I undid his jeans and lowered the zipper. I could tell that Ray was a man who was always in control but didn’t seem to have any desire to stop me when I reached in and pulled out his hot pulsing cock. It was beautiful just like the rest of him. Long and hard and thick. He had shaved his groin which surprised me. I didn’t know older men were into that sort of thing, but I appreciated the gesture.

I grabbed a pastry from the dish as he had, and, looking straight into his eyes, I sucked out the icing and slathered it all over his gorgeous pole with my mouth. He licked his lips as I fully engulfed his prick. The icing and my mouth sliding up and down his shaft. I could feel every vein, every delicious inch of his cock as I sucked and licked and nipped.

As I ran my tongue around the tip, Ray wound his fingers in my hair pushing my head further and deeper onto his cock. It was so big it slid down past my tonsils, my throat milking the head. I lifted his balls and squeezed them against the base of his cock and he groaned, pulling me off of his cock by my hair, forcing me to stand and look directly into his face.

“Mmmm, that was good, baby,” he said, licking a drop of icing out of the corner of my mouth. “But I am not even close to being finished with you.”

Grabbing my hand, he led me to a room down into the basement. There was an enormous mahogany pool table lined with black felt. He pushed me down to lie face up, leaving me there. I felt like a sacrifice on an altar. Chills ran up my spine and my excitement rose. Juices were flowing between my legs, gathering in the crotch of my panties.

I wanted Ray to touch me, to fuck me, to make me scream for mercy, to ignore my pleas and fuck me harder. Suddenly the room’s main lights went out but a green ceiling light over the pool table came on. It felt like a spotlight focused on me. Like the one you see on old TV shows. The one they shine on criminals to make them confess.

A blindfold was wrapped around my eyes.

“Don’t move!”

I started to shiver. His voice was so strange, barely a whisper. But intensely powerful. Demanding. Just daring me to disobey.


“Quiet!” he hissed. Then I heard clinking metal. Handcuffs?

Oh god I thought to myself as I felt each one attached to a wrist. Cold and hard.

I went deadly still. The room was errily quiet. No sound at all. No movement. Was I now alone? I strained to hear anything. And then I felt…

Lips on my skin. Light kisses on my face. On my neck, down my breasts, my arms, my hands, my fingertips. Seductive, sensual. Licks were added to the kisses. Teeth were softly dragged along the length of my fingers.

I quickly overcame my fear and was becoming increasingly aroused. The bottom of my dress was lifted up to my waist and my thong removed. My legs were pushed apart. I felt Ray lie between my thighs. I’ve never in my life been in such a powerless situation as I was in now.

Slowly, I felt a cheek rubbed lightly against my mound. I held my breath and let it out slowly. I didn’t know if I was allowed to make a sound and I wasn’t going to ask to find out. I didn’t know the rules to this game. I could feel facial stubble scrape across my clit and I bucked up towards the source. It felt so delicious.

His hands held my hips down and encircled my waist as his tongue flicked quickly over my nub. I hissed as he pressed his mouth to my pussy, slurping up my wetness, sucking on each of my lips one at a time. My hips bucked as he returned to my clit. I felt him lower one of his hands and slide a large finger into my hole. Then two and then three.

Slowly at first, his fingers fucked me until I wanted to scream…It was so slow and then he picked up speed. Fucking me in and out faster and faster as his mouth and tongue worked magic on my clit. I could feel my orgasm building, pushing me higher and higher. Closer and closer. I wanted to cum so bad. I needed it. He took me so close to the edge and then backed off. I whimpered. I groaned.

“Ray, Ray,” I chanted, “Please, please.”

I felt a sharp slap on my thigh. Ok, no talking I thought to myself, flinching from the pain. As I quieted and felt my near orgasm receding, I realized he was still sliding his finger back and forth across my clit very lightly. Just to let me know he was far from finished.

I felt him get up off of the table and heard something metallic scrape from some distant spot in the room. He came back to the table and placed whatever it was on the table next to my head. The bodice of my dress was lowered to my navel, fully exposing my breasts.

I felt him slide the material down my body and past my feet. I was completely naked now and heard a sharp intake of breath. Of appreciation? Of disgust? I didn’t know. Suddenly, something hard and cold was placed against my clit and heard a click and then a loud buzz. Fuck… vibrating eggs.

I knew them so well. I had a pair in my drawer in the bedroom. I knew I wouldn’t be able to avoid cumming. I so wanted to when his mouth was on me but I knew if he used this particular toy I would cum much too fast. I wanted to enjoy it, make it last. I did the only thing I could think of.

“Ray, Stop! Please I can’t… Please!” He rubbed the vibe around and around my clit then slipped it into my pussy.

Ray lowered his mouth to my ear and whispered, “Dammit Lisa. You look so hot. You’re going to cum for me any minute, aren’t you?”

“YES! Please stop!” I screamed, trying not to move. If I moved even an inch, I would trigger a mind blowing orgasm. From many past experiences, I knew I was so fucking close. He rubbed my clit again and I clenched my teeth so tightly my jaw hurt.

“But do you know what?”

“What?” I asked, breathing heavily. I tried to concentrate on his voice instead of his hand as he rubbed me, pushing the egg harder into my clit.

“I want to fuck you so bad. I can feel your hot pussy tightening around my cock.”

I groaned. I wanted that too. I wanted it now. “Please Ray.”

“You want me inside you, dont you?”

“Yes, oh god yes.” I begged. “Please. I want you to cum with me.”

Suddenly his hand was gone and the blindfold was removed. It took me a moment to adjust to the spotlight overhead. Ray turned my face to his and blocked out the light with his body so I could look at him. His blue eyes locked with mine and he lowered his mouth to kiss me deeply. His tongue slipped into my mouth. I could taste myself on him. I was straining against the bonds. I needed to get closer.

“Wait,” he said, releasing my wrists. He started to rub feeling back into them. He bent down to kiss and lick each one. I moaned. It felt so erotic.

“Come with me” he said as he helped me up off the table, leading me naked, back up stairs, past the living area to a warm looking masculine bedroom. “Better?”

I looked at him, and he smiled. “Let me touch you, Ray. Please. I need you.”

He removed his shirt and stood motionless, waiting for me to make the next move. I ran my fingers through the wiry gray hair on his chest. His ribs heaved and I heard a sharp intake of breath as I accidently brushed against a nipple.

“Lie down,” I said, following him to the bed. I’ve been with men before who have very sensitive nipples and I wanted to experiment. I slid my tongue and lips along his jaw and chin, sliding down his throat and licking his collarbone. Some reaction but not much. Slowly I ran my tongue over one hard nipple. He arched his back and hissed through clenched teeth.

Oh yes. I have you now, I thought to myself. I moved lower, placing my hands on his waist band. Undoing his pants, I slid them and his jockeys down and off his legs, his cock standing stiff and straight. I ran my tongue over the tip and slid my lips down the shaft to his smooth balls. He groaned and wrapped his hands in my hair. “No Ray, not yet,” I said, removing them. I slid up his body, lying along the hard length of him.

I looked into his eyes and smiled. He looked up at me… waiting. “Close your eyes.” He did, but not before flashing his dimples, anticipation all over his face.

I raised myself up to sit on his hard abs, my legs on either side of his hips. I felt his hands coming to rest on my thighs. Slowly I ran my hands around his shoulders, kneading his firm muscles. Then I began to slip lower and lower, very slowly. Massaging his firm chest and pecs. Coming closer and closer to his nipples but never actually touching them. He groaned and I felt his large hands kneeding my skin urgently.

“Soon, Ray. Soon,” I whispered. “Just hold on.”

“Touch me Lisa. God, it’s so good.”

I smiled evilly, “Now you know the pain and frustration I was going through when you were touching me. It’s my turn to make you feel.” I wasn’t heartless though. I quickly flicked my fingernails over his nipples. Just once to tease.

“FUCK!” he groaned and bucked up off the bed.

I felt his 9 inch cock jump and harden even more if that was possible, poking me in the crack of my ass. I enjoyed his torture and gently pinched each nipple between my thumb and forefinger. He started to grab me by the waist and was surprised when I told him not to move in the same tone he had used with me earlier.

Immediately, he lowered his hands back to the bed, his fists wound tightly in the sheets, breathing hard. I bent down over him and sucked one flat nipple into my mouth, grazing my fingertip across the other. He hissed loudly, “Stop, Lisa! Stop! I can’t take anymore without moving. ”

“Oh no Ray,” I teased. “You’re a big strong man. I know you can take a lot more. Relax.”

He groaned and tried to calm down. E for Effort. I moved onto the other nipple. His chest heaved. I gave him a slight nip. That must have been all he could stand (the weakling) because before I knew what happened, he grabbed me by my waist, turned me around and pulled me into a 69 position down to his cock. His mouth dove directly to my pussy and started eating me out ferociously. I screamed. It felt so fucking good.

I sucked his stiff wood deep into my throat as he began to rub his stubble over my clit. I grabbed his balls, lifted them and lowered my tongue to his asshole. His hands wrapped around my ass as he held my hips still, scraping my clit over and over with the coarseness of his chin.

I could feel an orgasm building but held off. I wanted to cum with him inside me. I continued to lick his hole, angling myself so I could slip in my tongue, my hand jacking him off faster and harder. He threw me off of him and I bounced on the bed.

As I tried to catch my breath, I felt myself being lifted on top of him, sliding down his hard pole. He took my hands in his, entwining our fingers together. Looking into my eyes, he bucked his hips up and the sheer power of his long cock hitting the deepest part of my pussy made me cry out. I tried to close my eyes to thoroughly enjoy it.

He shook me and I opened my eyes. “Look at me,” he ordered in his firm voice.

Holding me captive with his gaze, he told me to ride him. I used his hands for leverage as I raised myself up and slid down on him. He moaned, and every time I slid down his prick, he thrust his hips up at me, ramming his cock deeper and harder. The fuck was exquisite.

On and on it went until he maneuvered us into another position (he must have played with action figures when he was a kid) Now I was on my back and my legs were resting on his shoulders. He began to slam into me, my tits rocking back and forth.

He wrapped his arms around my thighs, pulling me to him, ramming into me harder and faster then I’ve ever been fucked in my life. For an older man, he definitely had the power. His cock was so big, it filled me completely. Reaching up, he grabbed my breasts, holding on as he continued to fuck me, his feet gaining traction on the footboard.

My head thrashed from side to side, it felt so good. My hands twisted in the sheets. Suddenly, he let go of my tits and wrapped his arms around my thighs again. Using his fingers, he spread my pussy open. As he kept fucking me harder and harder, I felt his lips kiss the inside of my knee and his thumb pressed hard against my clit.

That did it! “RAY! OH FUCK! I’M CUMMING!!! DON’T STOP!!!”

I heard him groan as my hips started to buck wildly against his. My orgasm blocking out everything else. He came hard into me, groaning and shaking as he exploded. We both rode the wave together.

It was the most amazing sexual romp I have ever experienced or ever would. Finally, he released my stiff legs from around his shoulders and collapsed on top of me, Sweat dripping from his forehead and chest, his body heaving as he tried to catch his breath. I rubbed his back unconsciously as our heartbeats returned to normal and we drifted off to sleep. We both had a very exhausting day.

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