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Three’s a Pleasure

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You hear me come in the door and call out letting me know that you’re in the bedroom. Sitting up in bed, you wait for me to come to you. It’s late on a Saturday night and I was having a ‘Girl’s Night Out’ with some friends from work. Walking into the bedroom, I smile and stroll over to kiss you. Though I have a slight taste of liquor on my breath, I’m not drunk.

“Did you have fun?” you question.

I nod. “I’m surprised you’re awake,” I whisper against your lips as I sit on the side of the bed.

“I was waiting up for you,” you reply. You hand stroking the bare skin on my leg. For your thoughtfulness, I lean over and kiss you again and feel your hand slide higher on my thigh.

“I brought you something. But first, I have to tell you a little story. Tonight, we – Tonya, Stacy, Sandra and I – went to a gay club downtown. We wanted to be able to dance without being bothered. Anyway, we were all dancing and I went to get a drink at the bar. There was this woman standing there and we started talking. She’s pretty cool. We have a lot in common. She was a total kick in the pants… very funny and irreverent. It seemed pretty clear that she was hitting on me but I didn’t want to seem presumptuous. However, taking into consideration that I was in a gay club, I explained to her that I’m really into men. That, in fact, I have a partner who was, sweetly, waiting up for me,” I smile at you. “Somehow, during our conversation, I said that I’ve had moments of being intrigued by women… that there’s been curiosity in that area… that I’d kissed a couple of women before. But ultimately it wasn’t so much the woman herself, but a quality that I admired, that made me feel the attraction. She explained that she’s bi. She told me that she was currently between relationships and I talked about you. And well, one thing led to another and I can’t remember how the topic came up but somehow we ended up talking about a, well, a… threesome.” I look at you to gauge your reaction. Your face is carefully blank. “I know that, generally, it’s the ultimate fantasy for men but that usually the opportunity doesn’t come up. She’s beautiful and pretty open and awesome, so,” I say in a rush. “I brought her home to meet you.” I glance back up and catch your eyes, a look of nervous anticipation written clearly on my features.

You exhale and there’s a long moment of silence. I can’t tell what that means but I don’t want to coerce you or make you do something that you’re not 100% willing to do. So, I silently wait for you to process whatever thoughts you’re having and come to whatever conclusion you’re going to.

Finally, you look me directly in the eyes and ask, “Are you ab-so-lutely sure that this is something that you want to do? We haven’t talked about it before and I don’t want there to be any weird feelings or discomfort later.”

I think a moment, my eyes never leaving yours and then reply in the affirmative.

You smile, big time. “Okay. Bring her in. Let’s meet her.” You adjust the covers over your lap while I stand up to leave. We both sleep minimally clothed so I know there’s a high chance that, at the most, you’re wearing boxers only. I leave only to quickly return with a woman in tow.

“Jack, meet Melanie. Melanie, this is my partner, Jack.”

She smiles and walks over to shake your hand. “Hi Jack. It’s nice to meet you.” The whole experience feels very formal. Despite the fact that you’re currently sitting in bed, barely clothed and the knowledge that we all have every intention of touching each other thoroughly, there’s definitely a feeling of anticipation that lingers in the air.

You check her out, size her up. Though our coloring is similar, she’s nothing like me. At a rough guess, you’d put her at 5’8″. She’s sharp angles and thin lines whereas I’m voluptuous curves and muscle. She has straight dyed black hair that’s cut bluntly at her chin, an angled jaw line and large dark green eyes. Her skin is a bit darker than mine, more of an olive tone. What she lacks in boobs, she makes up for in the length of her legs. She’s very beautiful in the exotic sense. Silently you think that you’re getting the best of both worlds where fantasies are concerned: the girl next door and the bad-girl temptress. You also recognize that I’m not attracted to blonds and so the fact that she’s dark, doesn’t surprise you… since she is here for the two of us.

I watch as you shake her hand and make some polite reply back. I’m suddenly nervous and have no idea where we go from this point. You glance at me over Mel’s shoulder and can see my uncertainty. Mistaking the look, you ask me again if I’m sure that I want to proceed.

Your question breaks through and I’m no longer nervous. Laughing, I explain that I don’t know where to go from here… that I’m not sure what to do… what’s expected. Melanie walks back to me and cupping my face between her hands, bends over and kisses me on the lips. I realize that with my eyes closed, it’s not much different then kissing a man. Then I rub my hands up her arms and my fingers brush her breasts. I have to revise that previous thought… there is a big difference. I trail my hands along her collarbone and then down to cup her breasts in my hand, feeling their soft weight. I stroke my thumbs over her nipples and feel them harden under my touch. She feels so different from you and I’m curious to feel her body against mine.

Sliding out from under the covers, you walk over to us. Watching my tongue mate with Mel’s, stirrings of desire melt through you. Stroking your hand down each of our heads, you lean over and join your tongue to ours. I moan in my throat and somewhere in the back of my mind I think, that wasn’t so hard. Turning into your arms, I kiss you more fully, deeply. Melanie begins to slowly undress and with one hand you help her with the buttons on her shirt while your other hand cups my ass and pulls me into you. Somehow I end up sandwiched between you, kissing your chest, licking and stroking your nipples into hardness while you help Mel remove the rest of her clothes. Naked, she’s even more opposite from me. Her small breasts are crowned by even smaller brown nipples and her naval is pierced. She has a small butterfly tattoo on her inner thigh. For a brief moment, I’m assailed with an inferiority complex but that feeling passes quickly. As you watch Melanie’s skin being revealed inch by inch, you knead my breasts, causing my nipples to form hard pebbles between your fingers. Melanie reaches between us and as she unbuttons my skirt, her hands repeatedly rub up against your erection. Tantalizing in its briefness and the elusive quality of her stroke. Sliding her hands into my skirt, her fingers caress my lips then slip into my warm moist center, and then connect with my clit. With a deep moan, my head drops to your chest and my fingers clutch your biceps. You lean over and your lips connect with Melanie’s. You notice that she also has a slight taste of alcohol. You pull her closer against my back, which forces me into you, your erection rubbing against my belly. I reach into your boxers and stroke my hand up and down you, feeling your hot flesh. You swell even harder. As I lick your nipple like a little kitten, I barely notice when my skirt slides to the floor. And the three of us are removing my shirt and bra.

I turn so that my back is to you and kiss Melanie again. It’s a strange sensation, the feeling of my naked breasts pressed against another pair of naked breasts. Wrapping your arms around the two of us, you squeeze us closer and watch as our flesh blends together. Stepping back to watch as Melanie leads me to the bed, you slip your boxers off. Lying back against the pillows, I spread my thighs for the two of you. Opening myself up, I watch as Melanie leans into me and runs her tongue along my calf and up my thigh, pausing periodically to linger and caress. I sigh and lean back as her tongue finishes the journey and slides into me, tasting me. You watch the pleasure on my face and the movement of another woman’s head between my thighs. Stepping up behind Melanie, you stroke your hands down her back and over her ass. She wiggles against you and you slip a long finger, and then another, into her. Stroking her moist heat, you slide in and out of her. I can feel the half-humming/ half-moaning noise she makes in her throat as it passes over her lips and against my sensitive flesh. I open my eyes and catch your heavy-lidded gaze as you spread her legs further apart, roll a condom on and sink into her.

I hold your gaze and you begin smooth, slow strokes in and out. And then continue to watch as your eyes close with pleasure and my own head falls back against the pillows. I can feel each thrust you make into her because her face is pushed deeper into me. She’s sucking my clit, rolling her tongue over and around it and then sliding her tongue deep into me. Leaning over her back, our mouths meet and I kiss you with all the passion I own, showing you with my lips and tongue how much you mean to me. She reaches under my thigh and while working my clit, thrusts two fingers into me. It’s like an electric shocks runs through me and I know that I’m about to cum. A cry that’s almost a scream erupts out of me as my orgasm rolls through me. I have one hand gripping one of yours and the other buried in Melanie’s hair, as wave after wave of pleasure rolls through me. You open your eyes and see my nipples stand taller as my skin becomes flushed. Melanie lifts her head and rests her cheek against my pussy, pressing her face against my curls as you rock into her, gripping her hips and pushing deep. I watch you over her back. The way your body tightens with each thrust and the intensity of the look on your face. It’s a unique perspective, having the actual knowledge of how you feel deep inside me and watching those same moves from a distance. My mouths waters just watching you and I know that I’ll die if I don’t feel you inside me.

“Jack…” I whisper. Your eyes meet mine. “Don’t cum yet. I want you inside me when you do.”

You nod and after another few thrusts you pull out with a moan low in your throat. You lie next to me on the bed and we all shift positions. I move to climb on top of you but Melanie stops me.

“I want you to watch as I suck you boyfriend,” she says as she removes the condom and drops it on the floor.

I suck in my breath. The image that runs quickly through my mind swells my clit again. But, the image of her taking you into her mouth is purely erotic, much, much better than what I’d just imagined. She’s been wearing red lipstick and though it had faded from kissing us, it was still a sharp contrast against your skin. I watch as she swallows you whole. Her long nails surrounding your cock and her lips meeting her fingers. Pulling back and sliding back down you, swirling her tongue around your tip and then taking your so deep you can feel the back of her throat. Each time she pulls up, I can see your cock glistening with the moisture from her mouth. You reach over and gripping my thigh, you pull me over to you. I lean over to kiss you. This is a new experience for you… getting a blowjob and a deep kiss. It’s an awesome sensation and you want to capture the moment in your memory to dust off periodically and relive. I run my hands over your hair and my breasts are pressed against your chest. Straddling your chest, I press my clit against you, rolling against you, leaving moisture on your nipple. You feel cool air against your cock before you see Melanie appear over my shoulder.

“Slide down,” she tells me. And I do.

You’re hard and ready and slip easily into my body. I sink down onto you and moan, my head thrown forward. I begin to move up and down you. My fingertips pressed against your belly for balance. Melanie walks around the bed and sits next to you.

“She likes it when you’re deep inside her. Watching you fuck her is so sexy. Watch has you press into her how her breasts bounce with the rhythm you’re making,” Melanie whispers in your ear. “She’s beautiful.” I vaguely hear the words that she’s whispering to you. But, I know they turn you on from the way you thrust into me. I meet your thrusts and press down onto you. You can no longer keep your eyes open. My heat is surrounding you and when Melanie gets up and straddles your face, sinking onto your mouth, you know that you’ve died and gone to heaven. I open my eyes to see your tongue dart into Melanie for a taste and then come back to linger longer. I feel Mel’s eyes on me and look up to see her aroused gaze focused on my breasts as they sway with our movements. She reaches out and cups them. Her hands are much smaller then yours and there’s no way that she can cup me fully. She leans over and tugs on my hair, pulling me to her. My tongue meets hers as yours connects and sucks on her clit. I realize that she’s about to cum because her hands clutch my hair and she bites my lower lip. Moaning deep, she sinks onto you. I can see the muscles of her thighs contracting as she cums and with each cry she makes I come that much closer to reaching my own climax again. I move faster on top of you, moving with Melanie’s spasms.

With weak legs, she climbs off you and I lean down to kiss you. You taste like you… and her. I lick the wet places she’s left on your cheeks and then move to mate with your tongue again. I feel you shudder and hear you moan. Then I feel Melanie’s tongue as it follows your cock into me. As I rock up and down, she licks up the moisture I leave, swirling her tongue around you then moving to suck your balls. Your hands grip my hips tightly and you thrust hard and fast into me. No longer able to control yourself. I relax my muscles, lean into you and let you do the work. Moaning and reveling in each thrust that you make… pressed hard into me… reveling in the feel of Mel’s tongue as it strokes the two of us. With a last thrust, you spill into me and I’m lost… pushed over the edge with sensation. Together we experience la petite morte and slowly drift back to reality together.

Groaning, I roll off you and curl into your side. One arm draped over your chest. Melanie climbs up onto the bed and curls up on the other side of you. Each of us pressing our breasts into your side, pressing our cunts against your thighs and wrapping a leg over yours. You’re officially pinioned by two women. Sighing with contentment, you drift to sleep.


You awake to the early morning light streaming into the window and across the bed. It takes a moment for all the details of the previous night to surface and when they do, your eyes fly open. I’m curled up on my side, my back to you, sleeping deeply. Looking around, you don’t see Melanie and wonder if you’ve dreamed the whole event. You roll over and pull me back against you. I slowly drift to the surface and come fully awake with the insistent hardness of you pressed against my ass. Opening my eyes and stretching, I notice the question in your eyes.

Smiling I say, “No, you didn’t dream it. She was definitely here. But, we didn’t feel that it would be appropriate for her to spend the night so she left. Did you have a good time?” I reach up to stroke your cheek, a satisfied expression on my face.

You lean over and kiss me deeply. “Hell yah, Babe,” you whisper. “How ’bout you? Any regrets?”

I shake my head. “But, no way, I have no regrets. But I’m glad I don’t have to share you on a regular basis” I kiss you and then rest my head on your chest.

Pulling me close, we lay back and remember the night.

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